OneUnited Bank Mobile Banking

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OneUnited Bank
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for OneUnited Bank Mobile Banking

4.66 out of 5
8K Ratings
12 months ago, Scouting777
Not the best Banking Experiences
I have been a OneUnited Bank customer for about 4 years and rate them one stars. Their customer service reps the 800 number, is horrible bad communication between them. I noticed many are not educated about their products and banking policies like fees. I have been told wrong information many times with a bunch of apologies. They need a better automatic machine with their 800 number. It starts by asking if you are calling about a personal or business account. I pick personal, and then it goes into how to open an account, asking you if that’s all you need. They don’t assist customers with ordering checks unless you open your account at a branch, not online. They keep saying banks are not using paper checks anymore. I called to dispute a transaction; they transferred me around to seven different people who kept forwarding me around, and some promised to stay on the line with me but never did, so it was a headache. The customer service reps are very friendly but have a history of giving out wrong banking information. They put longer holds on deposits then other banks. It’s better to make deposits by a branch rather than the app.
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6 years ago, Strwbrychzck
It’s a start
I opened this an account with this bank last year with the intention to #bankblack. While the bank itself is a great bank, the app leaves much to be desired. Since I live 3 hours from a branch, I depend on online banking and this app. In order for me to put money into my account, I have to transfer my funds from my account through another bank to this account but in order to do so I would have to do it through the website as the app doesn’t offer transfers to and from outside accounts. It’s extremely inconvenient if you spend almost 80% of your time traveling like I do and can’t always sit down at a computer. My solution is to set up scheduled transfers to combat that problem. Also the user interface for this app is pretty basic. If you want to just check your balance and see your transaction history then this is the app for you. I did like that it supports the fingerprint. Because it takes 4 days to process a mobile deposit and three days for your money to hit your account when you transfer money and your direct deposit may not be there right away, I chose to end my relationship with this bank. If you live in the areas where the branches are (and there aren’t many at all) you may have a different experience. If you need a second account for a rainy day fund then this is the perfect bank for you!!
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5 years ago, strive for better
Well i really desired to bank black, but this is not experience i hoped for. Im no where near a branch so i use the app heavily. I expect that when i use the app that i can see what is currently in my account. With this app it was a hassle...all the time. I use this account to do everyday spending. So when i check my balance, I expect it to be up to date when i sign in...every time. Of my chase app can do it i know this app should be able to. There has been too many times i checked my account and see my available balance drop by 40 dollars in a few hours and i only used my card twice in a few days. So i cant keep up with my money like i want like i can with my chase app. This app needs to be updated for that reason.
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1 year ago, SMH! Poor service
Poor Customer Service
I opened this account because it’s black owned! I deposited a check ($50 Christmas present) and I never received notice that it didn’t go through because I didn’t add For deposit only at OneUnited Bank! I figured that out by checking the status everyday for about a week! I then re-deposited the checks after adding the necessary information! I also contacted customer service and was told they couldn’t tell me anything! I checked the status of the check re-deposit and it informed me I ability to deposit checks from the mobile app was blocked! I’ve had no problem with my direct deposit! I called customer service and was told a case was being opened and I’ve heard nothing and seen nothing about my check! This is ridiculous and extremely poor service! I attempted to close the account and was told I have to call! I’m so disappointed in this bank and truly expected more from the bank! Don’t waste your time banking with this bank! I now can’t deposit the check in another bank or take it to me mother’s (Christmas gift from her) bank and cash it because I don’t know what happened to it with this bank! Shame on OneUnited Bank! I can’t be the changed I want to see when the bank is giving such poor service!!!
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4 years ago, @jamboy75
App needs major upgrades
Hey y’all just an update. The app is needs some serious UPGRADES! In today’s world if your app is that far behind you lose out on customers. You can’t wire transfer someone unless they also have an account. Just one of the many flaws I found in the app. Also they have a $10 maintenance free for your checking account and $5 for savings. I really want to support them but I may have to go back to my old bank. Also they say that have partnering banks or credit unions do your research in your area things have changed and they may not be the case in your area. Case and point on the app it’s said there was a Credit Union who will place my money free of charge no issue to my account. I get there and they quickly told me know that not the case they didn’t even allow it. It’s 2020 they even make you download 3rd party app like zelle, Venmo etc. why aren’t those app built in with a quick link. It’s very annoying. The fees are what got me. Like I said I want to support but the app is lacking so much I don’t think I can for long.
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2 years ago, Thumper9063
The App Needs Much Improvement
For starts, I have no complaints about this bank since being a member in Oct. 2020. I get paid 2 days early and never have issues with my deposits or transactions declining. Now, this app needs a MAJOR upgrade. I hate to compare the app to others such as CashApp and Navy Federal, but this app is not functional for bank accounts, in my opinion. With other bank apps, you can easily access your debit/credit card settings and change your notification preferences, freeze/lock your card when needed and report it stolen. I find myself searching through this app for several minutes on end with no success finding what I’m looking for. Another issue is most links in the app open the website, not other pages within the app. I love this bank so this feedback is given in the hopes of a huge app remodel and upgrade that would greatly improve customer experience.
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2 years ago, DJ-DIGIT
Love the idea of the bank and improvements but..
Good bank with developer issues: who’s idea was it to implement a badge notification for news items? Who’s idea was it for the news item to open in the main browser instead of in app? What about the items you’ve read but still show unread? Please fix the bugs. I have none of these issues with other banks. 1. App icon shows 6 unread notifications- news- please remove the news as a notification item. Especially when it hasn’t updated much since 2021. After clicking on said news it still comes back to 6 unread again leading you to think their was a transaction or something. 2. Occasional login issues with FACE ID 3. No Zelle support 4. Systems tend to go down during the weekend 5. Lack of app updates, only 3 updates this year? Really? 6. Bugs don’t get escalated 7. Mobile website has issues. 7. Can’t easily lock your card. 8. I On the plus side- great bank, customer service, accounts and good future possibilities.
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3 years ago, Kidd ward
I hate it...they watch your account spending
I already hate this bank like every transfer or anything I purchase they block my card for no reason at all and then I have to call them in yell at them because of it they have no reason why they do it but only will day it’s out y’all ordinary like why is y’all want keeping a close eye my about my money I received SSI each month only deposit that’s going inside my bank account I take out money at a ATM to pay back a friend after the withdrawal I tried ordering wind stop my debit card was blocked from no reason I cannot even enjoy telling my friends family about this bank because they see what’s going on and just always tell me to leave OneUnited bank because of it for example no Mickey D’s cik fa lay in&out burgers chicken wings etc I hate this bank seriously I’ll never enjoy this bank at all or even say happy things about them ...they block my card every 2 transactions I make on it and saying it a fraud alert!!
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2 years ago, Little Thug 55
OneUnited Bank
OneUnited Bank is a Black-owned financial institution that offers checking, savings and certificates of deposit accounts with low or no monthly fees. The bank provides online accounts and serves customers in-person at a few branches in the Boston, Los Angeles and Miami areas. The bank’s mobile apps earn high app store ratings, and customers have access to more than 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs. However, its bank accounts have average to low interest rates. Best for: Customers who want checking and savings accounts with no or low monthly fees, make only a few savings withdrawals each month and want to support Black-owned banks. Pros Black Wall Street Checking account has no monthly fee. Access to more than 35,000 surcharge-free ATMs. High mobile app ratings. Free overdraft protection transfers. Cons Savings account has steep excess transaction fees. Average to low rates on savings and certificates of deposit. Customer service not available on weekends.
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3 years ago, CHNL BK
Very basic app, needs improvement
This is not a very robust app, and lacks a lot of functionality provided with other banking apps. It also has alerts/notifications to get you to look at other products and content that you cannot turn off or even dismiss without clicking through to every piece of content/article. I want to support this bank but it’s pretty frustrating—there is also a $1,500 limit of what you can spend per day which is not realistic for big purchases/bills/travel etc. Apparently this is to “protect customers” but you can’t change this per account, and you have to call in on a case by case basis to have it waived before you can make your transaction. This is apparently the same deal for even business accounts. I really hope they make some serious improvements!
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3 years ago, azibo chris
Not Good
i put $50 on the card they kept telling me low balance low balance low balance OK I could not put anything else on the card I’ll turn around and deduct $10 off my card and make it $40 on my card how dare you take $10 from me not let me knowEvery time I try to go to the information about what are you saying to me me you’re sending me information it never goes to just go around and around in circles and not let me know what’s going on so you just took my $10 not let me know the low balance means I need to put some more money in there he just took my money but I need to put some more money in there just take my money off the card that’s not right I should’ve been informed if I do not put more money in account you will take some out and I just took my money and not let me know upfront before you took it
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4 years ago, tau23
Black owned bank for the win
With everything that has been going on as of 2020, I wanted to find a better way to support my people, being that I am African American / black. One United bank has provided a great place for me to place money and hopefully support my community. At first I felt the app and bank was iffy but I had to question myself if I am judging this company harshly because it was black owned and I was. As the first month everything is smooth and connects the way I need it too. I plan on staying with them for many years.
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4 years ago, Mr. FreeZZe
Good, not great
Update: October 2020 The stability of the app has improved and the app allows you to accomplish most of the bank functions with ease. I am happy to see OneUnited continuing to add functionality and making the bank more user friendly. More ATM access and the ability to deposit cash is the only thing we’re missing. The app works well most days but will randomly freeze and not allow me to access my account. The locations function can use some improvements as it has taken me to closed or removed ATM’s on several occasions. It would also be nice to view check images on the app. Overall, the app is functional and will allow you to check your balance on the go.
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4 years ago, Bee3k
Terrible App and Online Banking
App is outdated in comparison to all the other banks I’ve used. Unable to reset my password due to annoying callback feature that never works. I can’t access my account when I need to. I wanted to support the bank black movement, but I will no longer be able to do so. No 24/7 customer service, which is a major inconvenience. If OneUnited doesn’t have 24/7 customer service at least make sure you have a reliable App or online banking capabilities. The App = FAIL, Online Banking = FAIL, Customer Service = FAIL. Make some major improvements and I might return. Until then, I’ll have to bank elsewhere. I’m embarrassed that I’ve recommended this bank to family and friends. Cool debit Cards though
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2 years ago, _Gyasi
OneUnited Mobile App
This app has the potential to be better. For starters, when you click on a feature on the app it takes minutes before there’s a connection. Some of the features are duplicates. There’s no notification for debit card purchases. The stores in which you receive cash back needs to be updated. Over 90% of OneUnited account holders are black. Black people are more incline to shop at urban stores. Customer service is not available on weekends and there’s no feature to lock or unlock your card. The app needs to be better designed. For the younger generation it needs to be user friendly. There’s more to say but I stop here for now.
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3 years ago, Husane twan
App froze!
I can only see the first screen once I log in and nothing works but the logout, it like a sreenshot, you only can just look at it but not access anything.. Help plz because I have pride in this movement so don't let me down black bank, the media is waiting for a fail with anything that's dealing with black..;) Update: it let me use other features this time when I logged in so I’m satisfied, I didn’t update nor did I uninstall and reinstall so maybe it was the weather so currently I’m happy:)
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4 years ago, Ouma L
A good start
I just started using this bank. VERY happy to do something for our community. I’m sorry to see some of the negative reviews. I know the phone app isn’t perfect people but let’s build from here. I am disappointed that I can’t seem to initiate outside transfers from the phone app. Have to go to the website. But I want to support this bank. White man’s system has no respect or interest in us. Let’s just support each other and I’m confident they will improve over time. Much Love
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5 years ago, Eanupe09
Great Improvements
I’m really happy with the improvements you’ve been making to the app. I’ve been with your bank almost three years and the experience has consistently gotten better. Customer service has always been excellent but technology struggled to keep up. I’m glad to see Apple Pay is now available and advance Direct Deposit is here. Those two alone put you on par with my local bank. The only thing left on my wish list is Unity Visa integration within the mobile app. I hate using a third party website.
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5 years ago, RARA23$$
I really appreciate one United. So many bad reviews but I’m sure they gave most of you second chances. I have so many bad things too say about the white owned banks that’s negative it’s ridiculous, like they way they became the bank they are today. I personally would recommend this bank too anyone who needs a second chance. One united handles all situations in a Pragmatic way, realistically everyone has too grow and start from somewhere.
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4 years ago, Kyreeah
It’s A No For Me ..
I wanted to be apart of something beautiful which is black owned business. But it has been a disaster .. The overdraft fee is more than any other bank I’ve had. I received 2 in one day because my account had been overdraft because I Lyft to work. But that’s not the problem I’m ok paying the fee.. It’s waking up with no direct deposit which I have never experienced with any other bank. Even though OneUNITED says you can get paid up to 2 days early and they make your funds available as soon as your employer post them. LIE !!!! Here it is Friday payday and my daughters birthday and I have no direct deposit it’s still saying pending on actual payday. Soooo it’s a no for me. But on the plus the bank cards are beautiful :)
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2 years ago, FBJrealtalk
Banking with quality
So far so good every other bank I have use for over 25 plus years or more have taken more than they have given.! I am looking forward to making this my new primary bank and cutt off Wells Fargo and Santander bank they always find ways to hold your money so you get charged with the overdraft fee so I’m over it with them
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2 years ago, Ayrica111
Nice and simple app
I absolutely love that I can click details and it shows my account and routing number. This is the most efficient bank app I’ve ever used. With other big banks, you have to go searching, high and low for just the account and routing number. I have to say this is very intuitive app. Great job designing the app!
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2 years ago, Drake Fountain
Terrible Bank With Terrible Overdraft Practices
I would run as far away as possible from this Bank! They claim you will get you check two days earlier but it will only show “pending” in your account and released on the same day you would get paid! False advertising at its best! They also are terrible with overdraft practices. I switched banks and had a bill try to post to this account and they did not allow the overdraft but still charged my account a ridiculous amount. They will approve small amounts $5, $10 ect. And charge $30 a charge no matter if it goes through or not!
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2 years ago, chi dos
One United Review
Proud to part of the largest African American owned Bank in the United States but definitely need to get caught up with other big banks that offer features like the ability to lock your debit card, Zelle built into the app & instant debit card alerts. Aside from that, I’ve noticed certain transactions do not show up in the check registry & they either debit then credit and go back & debit the account again days later so you’ll certainly have to keep up with purchases otherwise, they’ll “get you” ! You’ve been warned!
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2 years ago, MRDerer
I opened this account up a year or so ago with the website because I wanted to bank black and didn't think big corporations needed anymore of my money. Transferred money once or twice, became super frustrated with this app, and basically left the account alone for a year. I logged in today only to see $15 left in my account when I previously had at least $100, looks like they took $5 out every month for fun. I called and wow, roboticr customer service that really couldn't care less. Hopefully they enjoy my money, guess I'll go back to the big corps, very sad.
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2 years ago, Ang68743379
Do not bank with them
Do NOT bank with this company. In a attempt to support black banking I used this bank as my savings account. When I went to use my card to withdraw funds during an email it did not. I call over the course of 2 days with people telling me nothing was wrong with the card. After a request for a new card, after being promised it would arrive in 7-14days. It has now been over 30 DAYS I have nothing. And I can’t even have them do a emergency external wire. This is a horrible business and even worst practices. Trust someone else with your money.
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Great idea to support banking BLACK but....
The app closes out unexpectedly when trying to view other selections besides your balance. I’ve also had several notifications come to my phone saying I needed to check my messages when attempting to do so once again the app closes out after I logged in this app is only useful to view your balance needs to be updated and yes I’ve removed the app from my phone three times just to be sure it wasn’t something on my end and still got the same results it’s annoying and disappointing.
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4 years ago, MsLisaT
Mobile app
I chose to start a account to support Black Owned especially in these times . My only issue is that the banking app isn’t giving me all the options it should. Heard from an employee about my issues , did what they said and Nothing ! Tried on different electronics and still NOTHING ! Still can’t do a automatic monthly transfer, can’t clear feed notices . Basically all I can do on this app is look at balance! A little disappointing to say the least .
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3 years ago, Concerned Audiophile
The App Needs Some Work
I have no problem banking Black and always strive to keep something in the account but the app leaves much to be desired. It sends me notifications that I can’t clear because the News Feed never opens in app and the message icon always reads no messages in the last 7 days. Why not just let me see all applicable messages? They definitely need to look into the news feed to check for bugs as it either hour glasses or crashes the app.
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3 years ago, Jerilyn05
Im unable to get access to my funds from an atm and the customer service number is the worse. They hang up after a certain amount of rings and the wait for support is waaay to long. This has to be fixed before I remove what little money I have left with this bank.
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3 years ago, Mobutta98
Annoyed w/ News Feed
For many months my news feed continues to stay in buffering mode. I will receive a notification that content/message is there, but when I open the page, it buffers amd I cannot close it unless I close the app completely. I’m annoyed because I cannot clear the new feed content/messages and I cannot turn my notification off for other reasons. Help & fix it.
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4 years ago, monee317
App needs an update
My notification says that 4 things are pending in the app and won’t go away. When I go into the app, under the “More” tab, it says the notifications are under the “News Feed”. When I click the News Feed, the app then cycles and kicks me out
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4 years ago, MrIowa
Service and quality
I’ll be honest as a Black Latino I find it quite thrilling to have a black owned bank as my financial institution but the customer service I’ve received from OneUnited has been less than adequate compared to other companies I’ve banked with in the past I think if the customer service was better I’d be more inclined to give a higher review but one time I was on hold for twenty minutes and it really seemed like the rep took a nap before helping me or getting back on the line with me and even after the 20 minute hold she still had little to no information or solution for me
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3 years ago, heldksnd
Not it, yet
I wanted to support black business so I got this card so I can put some money away on the side. For a business that’s primarily use is online then the app needs to be way better. It’s super glitchy and looks too much like a computer software forced into an app. The majority of the use for this bank is online so the app needs some serious upgrading before the bank can be where it needs to be
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1 year ago, aerieevontice'
Wanted to love this bank/app
The app isn’t user friendly. I wanted to use this bank and just cancel out all of my other bank accounts but this app is highly frustrating to use. I’ve also attempted to activate my card numerous times and the automated system continues to tell me that my card cannot be activated at this time and to call back before abruptly ending my call. I’ll be moving my funds from this bank and continue to use other banks.
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2 years ago, Danielle0303
The worst bank on earth
Let’s be clear I’m black and was so excited to switch from capital one to a black owned bank. Never again. You can’t lock your card so if you are low on funds they charge you $37 every single time a billet tries to pay a bill and the money isn’t there. O and guess what I been with this bank for 4 months and my check never came before the 1st. It comes on the 1st exactly. Customer service is a joke please don’t bank here if you like having your money not being stolen by them.
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3 years ago, Stones Of BLMZ
Love the app, love that I am able to support black Buisness and say that I bank black!
Only issue I’ve had which looks like it was Resolve with this last update, was that newsletter notifications would get stuck and freeze the app when checking the latest, and considering that’s the only issue!? We golden!!
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9 months ago, FrqtUsr01
Great service
The reps are knowledgable and most are really nice. Even the app has improved. Hopefully they’ll consider better nationwide branch access and online business service. 24 hour support would be great as well.
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4 years ago,
Like most of my fellow African Americans; we wanted to “Bank Black” to help support our community but this app ain’t it. I use the app a lot because no one has time to call and be placed on hold forever! This app is very disappointing, was working ok, now I can’t even clear news feed; keeps giving me notifications but when I try to open it, it loads forever then the whole app shuts down every time. I do not have this problem with any of my other apps not one!!! So it’s not on my end. Fix it!!! Thanks
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3 years ago, xKiingSiimba
Needs a lot of updates and is glitchy
I think that this app can be updated and become a great app... I believe the ability to “authorize” your card for digital wallets by connecting to the app should be included, and also it freezes.. a lot. Besides that, I love the bank and customer service and the features that are available to me ! Bank Black!!
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4 years ago, XPBrittPX
Bad Customer Service
All around just bad customer service ! Charges pens past 7 days , well after the merchant has cancelled the transaction. I work for a REAL bank and know once it’s 7 days and it’s still pending it’s not the merchant it’s a system issue with the bank. Customer service wanted a letter from the merchant proving it was cancelled , unnecessary! Charged OD fees for transactions that had already cleared and more than enough money left in my account . Two days later charged 2 OD fees and negative in my account . Their excuse , read the agreement !
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3 years ago, NA3TREY
Worst Experience Ever
This bank puts a 30 day hold on gas and hotels. They only release these holds if you call the establishments to get control numbers. They had about $500 of my money tied up on holds for about 2 weeks as I called repeatedly to have these holds released. I NEVER have these issues with Wells Fargo or BOA. I wanted to bank black but after this experience I am closing my OneUnited Account and sticking to main stream banks who know that $50 worth of gas doesn’t require a $150 hold for weeks on end. SMH
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4 years ago, Grammy Jackie
Horrible Customer service
This has been the worst experience ever!! I was recommend this black owned bank by a close friend and thought I would try to support my community. Well, it has been 2 months since applying for a checking and savings, receiving an ATM card BUT no account setup. What happened to my $$ drafted to find the account?? Customer service says it is there can’t figure out why not processed. 2 months! I have called for weeks and NO resolution. This is like non other!!! Do I recommend this bank???? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
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3 years ago, EddieEddieEdEd
Haven’t let me down yet.
At first I was skeptical but this has turned out to be great! Customer service is exceptional and move very fast. Way better overall experience than these big banks. I love One United.
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3 years ago, WebBenz
The feed on this app doesn’t actually show it just keeps spinning and at that point I have no control of the account. I’m hoping for a update to fix all the issues.
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1 year ago, amc0525
I love supporting a bank that supports my community
I love supporting a bank that supports my community. I have direct deposit set up and I can see the money in my account on the app a day or two before my official pay day.
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4 years ago, leleWN
Change in banking info
Love the bank but I believe the app would be alot better if notification could be automatically sent right after each purchase. The place and name of purchase with amount that was spent and now new balance. Thanks in advance And thanks for a great banking experience❤️
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6 years ago, batmanhoeft
App works great. Love this bank.
Been banking with OneUnited for a year and a half and it’s been a great experience. I bank online and the app makes life really easy. Also, not many people can say their bank is black-owned and has a central focus on racial justice and progress, so that’s pretty awesome.
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1 year ago, S Eliza1
App doesn’t work in some countries
Traveling in Brazil and trying to access my account and the app isn’t accessible. Contacted OneUnited vía FB messenger bc you can’t just email them (seriously!) to learn when they’re updating their app only to learn it DOESN’T WORK AT ALL in some countries. Love to support BankBlack but get it together. People need to be able to access their accounts especially while traveling and shouldn’t need to carry around a computer to do so
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5 years ago, S.Ande.
Why is there always a message notification every time you log on? We should only get a notification if there are new messages, not every time we log on. Other than that, nice app.
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