Onkyo HF Player - Hi-Res Music

3.4 (182)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Onkyo Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Onkyo HF Player - Hi-Res Music

3.4 out of 5
182 Ratings
4 years ago, reviewer11010011
Good but needs polish and bug fixes
The app has a great set of features and is easy to use. Volume seems lower than other apps with same source. The music stops as expected when removing Apple AirPods Pro from ears but has difficulty resuming once they are put back and you press the button on the pods to start playback again. Sometimes when trying to resume with the app in this situation it seems stuck. The play/pause button doesn’t update and toggle when pressed and the app must be force closed and reopened to resume playback. iPhone 11 Pro Max all updates installed.
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6 years ago, America's App Advisor
Thank You Onkyo! Five Star Quality!
If you aren’t aware - the latest update release note roughly translated to English means: made correct = corrected issues = fixed some bugs. Take a look at your most recently updated Apps, you’ll probably see something like this; ‘we corrected issue xyz and fixed some bugs’ Well, Onkyo is telling you the same thing, got it? Good. Now, I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I’ve never seen a single ad*, no sign of a mini-player, the UI is intuitive and my music library is organized and looks very sharp. Listening to your music precisely how you like is what this App is all about as the equalizer gives you an infinite amount of adjustment. So tweak it to your liking. side notes - • probably no ads because I’m on a VPN • excellent equalizer presets with the added perk of listening to presets from top musical artists • it makes perfect sense to me • do you know how to properly use your iDevice • don’t be afraid to explore the App I’ve been on an iPhone user since the first day the original iPhone was released for sale in the United States back in June 2007 or so. I think I’m on my twelfth iPhone or thereabout and I’ve owned more than 4000 Apps over the past 11 years or so.
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5 years ago, llihgdots
Middle management strikes again
This is a solid piece of software ruined by idiotic middle management who, looking for a feather in their cap, decide to add ads and ruin an otherwise perfectly useful product. I know the engineers didn’t do that. I, like many people, hate ads and will not tolerate them. I would be willing to pay a few dollars to remove them. But $10 in an in-app purchase that can’t even be shared? Absolutely not. Onkyo burns good will treating their customers this way while the original app had built good will. I own Onkyo hardware but when a company “pulls a Sony” I not only refuse to give them my money with future products, I become an evangelist against them. So, middle managers, do the math: you have received no payment from me, I block ads, and now I refuse to buy your product and persuade others not to as well. That looks like a loss to me.
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4 years ago, sandifop
Will Do Until Official Apple Support
[Updated 14 May, 2020 - This app used to support the Onkyo music store, which essentially paid for the music player app support and development. The music store is gone (in the USA) but the app is still here. Thank you Onkyo. I’ve tried six other “HD” or High Resolution players and the Onkyo player remains the best I have found.] Onkyo works well if one has audio files not (yet?) supported by Apple. It handles everything I’ve thrown at it (mostly FLAC, which Apple does not support and likely won’t) I was loving VOX, still do, but I do not like “subscriptions;” a model they have adopted for many essential features. I would rather follow the Onkyo model, which is pay once to access “High Definition” encodings. There are some things about Onkyo that bother me, but it is the dark UI design and my inability to see its on-screen widgets without my glasses. But that’s my problem so I won’t ding the app. Good enough to call good stuff. Enjoy the show.
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11 months ago, Albert Qiu Lei
One UI improvement is needed
when you shuffle your playlist, the song randomly jumps to another playing. But the Playlist UI won't scroll up or down to the song now playing. Keep showing the last one. If you really want to see where the song is, you have to turn to the CD cover page and return back to playlist the there it is. Please update this playlist auto scroll up and down function to this app. It will be perfect!
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6 years ago, Drew_2006
Awesome. Just awesome.
I’ll leave this short and sweet. There are some reviewers who have complained of a “serious” navigation flaw. I don’t understand how it’s “serious”, you just have to navigate back to your album page after you’ve CLOSED the app, which, to me, isn’t a “problem” at all. Bottom line: the sound quality is unparalleled in iOS, flat-out. Pay the $10 for the “hi-fi” playback for FLAC files, listen away, and never look back. I’ll never purchase another music player for iOS, because this one is that good.
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4 years ago, rzach
buyer beware
If you are not using itunes (i.e. you have moved to music) and you are planning to load a large number of flac or other uncompressed music files look for other players. If you do not not have a large iCloud drive to hold the fat uncompressed flac files then look for another player. Finally, if you are looking for application support then look for another player. I have found no e-mail address, no iphone and no FAQs for the app. The instructions to transfer files into your iphone assume that you have itunes. I guess Onkyo realized that music was quite different from itunes and added a file browser to download stuff from the iCloud drive. This works – but only partially. After a few downloads the application ceases to download and the only way to continue is to restart the iphone. When files are not completely downloaded or they cease to respond the app aborts. I do appreciate a few things particularly the possibility to see music organized by either composer or genre. And then, of course, you must be sure to have organized your metadata correctly.
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6 years ago, GateGuruFanAgain
Mini-player overlaps category selections
I have really enjoyed this app for years now. I just upgraded to the iPhone XR and now the mini-player overlaps the Artist/Songs/Albums category selectors at the bottom. If I hit the category I want enough times, it does finally go to that category, but sometimes it is as many as 10-12 times before it happens and it is inconsistent. Please re-evaluate the location of the mini-player (which may not be necessary anyway!) or eliminate it. I am hopeful the developers will address this. Eliminate this and I’ll upgrade my rating to 5 star.
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4 years ago, NemesisIV
Love this app! Only one thing will make it better.
I love this app! I only wish it had the option to show the bitrate of the file. Like 24bit/96khz. I have many hdcds that we’re converted into flac using dBpoweramp and the hdcd codec. I would like to be able to see what bitrate the file is playing so I know its playing correctly! Thanks for such a great product! Edit: in the latest iOS version, the app stopped working with my 2016 Toyota Camry. It will not connect at all. Hope this gets fixed. Had to start using VOX instead.
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7 years ago, davekriss
Serious Navigation Flaw
I like this app a lot. Way better than iOS iTunes. But every time I leave the app then later come back to it, when I navigate backwards from the song I was playing, the player goes back to the Artists tab instead of the Playlist I started from. Then when you tap the Playlists tab, it always starts me back at the top of the playlist list rather than where I left off. This is a real pain! I was hoping this would be fixed in the last recent update, but it was not. Ugh!!
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6 years ago, RGB9999
Back to being my favorite app!
A few days ago I left a 3* review stating there was a major display error on iphone X in which none of the lower row buttons could be accessed. Seems like devs either took note or were aware of the situation as the small update that just came out fixed the issue. Really happy with the quick fix. Now if only the playlist creator was more intuitive the app would be even better!
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5 years ago, SD5555X
Latest update ruined it
This is hands down the best sounding music player for iOS; however, since the last update, there is no way to navigate back to the list of songs on an album or to the main menu of all your music. You have to close the app and reopen every time you want to go back and see all the songs on an album or play a different album - so annoying! At least I don’t have the banner ad or the mini music player everyone’s complaining about, which is why I’m afraid to delete the app and download it again. Please fix this ridiculous issue!
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1 year ago, Jimmysws6
Can’t add new song to a playlist in alphabetical order without creating a new playlist
It would be immensely helpful if the playlist ‘edit function’ allowed a drag and drop song option, or a re-alphabetize song option as adding new songs places these songs at the bottom of the playlist with no way to organize the new songs alphabetically unless a new playlist is created. Other than this issue, the app is very decent
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6 years ago, Weaktovisuals
The last update
It seems that an otherwise great app has fallen to a mild pollution of ads from yes you guessed it Google. Not enough their fingers are into everything but now your playing music on your fav music player has to have their crap in your face where songs were listed by the app. Was great now eh. Sorry Onkyo ya dropped the ball on this one and a few others recently with hitching up to these clowns.
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6 years ago, Alireza A.
Remove Ads for a reasonable price!
This app used to be free for iPod (basic option) and we had to pay $10 to play hi-res files. Now the Ads has been added to the free app and no way to remove it, except upgrading to hi-res that I don’t need, and paying $10 to just remove the Ads (for my needs) doesn’t make sense at all! Please remove the Ads from the free app as before or at least ask a reasonable price to do that or I have to say goodbye and leave 👋.
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3 years ago, Capt. Tuttle
Great if you can access the EQ
Really liked this app until a few days ago when it was upgraded to 2.14. I rely heavily on the EQ for being able to enjoy listening to music on the usual subpar audio that comes in most vehicles. I drive two vehicles that I have fine tuned with EQ presets and ever since I updated the app I cannot switch between the two because when I flip the phone to view the EQ nothing happens. Yes, I’ve made sure my orientation lock isn’t on. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
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7 years ago, Babsiphonenewb
Easily best iOS player but with opportunities
Absolutely awesome player. Here’s the good: Any/all formats just about. Sends converted to DSD via a camera USB adapter to outboard devices in DoP, such as my Sony RSX-GS9 head unit with ESS Sabre DAC. The sound is spectacular. Here’s the opportunity: Onkyo do please consider a landscape mode for the app and not EQ but the actual player. Several high-end car audio competitors and enthusiasts want to use this app for tablet in dash installations, except that means typically landscape orientation. Please! :)
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3 years ago, tarainfo
Does not support ODP on IPad Pro thru USB C
Although this app supports ODP on my iPhone and older IPad Pro with a lightning connector and an Apple CCK I cannot get it to export DSF files to a Mojo thru USB C of the current iPad Pro It just downgrades every DSF file to pcm even though the DOP switch is turned on I thought this might be hardware or iOS related but using another high res app , it works fine. I would welcome a solution
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6 years ago, ATurano
Updated review...
App is very good. However, the new ios software upgrade to 12.1 isn’t compatible. The bottom selection of Songs/Playlists/Albums etc . is covered up by advertising and unaccessible. Contacted Onkyo many times but never responded. Unfortunate - seems like easy fix. ******Back to normal now. Took little while but appreciate the fix Onkyo.*******
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6 years ago, MashaT22
Why should people who’ve already owned this app be subjected to ads? This doesn’t bode well with loyal users who’ve made your app popular. I’d understand showing ads to new users and requesting an optional IAP to get rid of them — but it’s truly unfair and a money grab to do this to those of us who’ve had your app for years. I’m considering deleting your app for this reason alone even though it’s a stellar app — there are plenty of amazing HiFi iOS app options that don’t impose ads on current users. Please rethink this decision ASAP or else you’ll likely lose many users.
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2 years ago, terrible apppp
I previously left a one star review that said I could no longer access my stored music on the app. I contacted Onkyo and they got back to me quickly with the solution. This is the best solution for playing hi- res music stored on your phone. Invaluable when you don’t have net access.
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9 months ago, Looking for peaceful music
Sort of but not great yet
I bought the Onkyo Hi Res player a while back, and it seems as though they’re just really not supporting it in English. Anyway, I reached out to the company and they directed me to a user manual in Japanese which I had to translate and even so it’s not useful because it doesn’t mention current iOS.
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2 years ago, Boogie66
Advertisements on the HF Player that we had to pay for?!
I started out using the free version years back that had advertisements. I paid for the HF version and was free from the ads. Now with this latest software update, we’re seeing ads on the paid HF version of the app? Why?!
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7 years ago, Gp123456zxc
Can’t figure out how to shuffle a playlist
The sound from this app is amazing and transfer from itunes was a breeze Interface is s bit clunky but you get used to it Major down side is for the life of me I cannot figure out how to shuffle a playlist ; if that were possible this would be a ‘5’
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6 years ago, MI State fan
A good app needing a tweak
Overall I like the app. It does enhance the listening experience. The one major issue I have with it, is the “assumed” navigation of playback mode. The experience could be improved a lot by putting the controls for play straight through or shuffle on the initial screen or use a simple pull down window.
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4 years ago, jgax360
I paid for this app, less than a year it’s free! Got ripped off!! What next!
Use to be great app, in less than a year it’s not so good anymore. NOW added ads!!!!! I paid for this less then a year ago because I did want ads. How about a refund! Would be a better app without the ads and higher number off starts. Guess they are okay being average.
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7 years ago, Turnathought
Great when it works
Unstable in ios 11+, often requiring a reboot of iPhone X. The eq is unparalleled but difficult to use as the size of even the zoomed-in landscape view is small compared with one’s finger when trying to set an eq point. It would be a great improvement to allow direct text input of frequency and db offset, either on the ios device and/or import an eq text file. Album view in playlists would be a great help, allowing easy retrieval of whole albums when one has created a playlist in iTunes with just hi-res audio files. That being said, the sound quality is great.
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6 years ago, dsds74
This app made my Bluetooth headphones usable for music. The EQ customization is awesome. I just with I could ADJUST OVERALL GAIN of the audio signal. Even at the lowest volume, it’s too loud on my headphones. I know I can push the entire EQ curve down to reduce overall volume, but the curve is already bottomed out and I still need lower gain.
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6 years ago, jdmcderm
Display Flaw with iPhone X
I too have an iPhone X and normally love this app. Recently, the now playing banner covers the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, making it impossible to toggle between views for album, song, playlist, etc. please fix ASAP and restore a great app!
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5 years ago, rallycar27
Switched over from EQu
Had been using equ for years. This app is a huge improvement and the price is right :) Overall good interface and really like that the app is currently maintained.
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6 years ago, Kedeia
Fix it!
iOS12 has screwed up what was a great player. First I couldn’t see the artist, playlist, song options at the bottom. Now with the update that cured that, there is this annoying fizzy pop in the right channel over and over. I’ve checked my headphones across three other devices using three other players and it wasn’t there, so it’s definitely from this player. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, chungster007
Did onkyo abandon us?
This is probably the best player in the Apple store by far. But we need an update please. Maybe fix the error message for iPod cause everytime I open the player the error message pops up
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6 months ago, Jfhfhdeb
Does not function as it used to
This player worked beautifully and easily till something changed a couple of years ago. It’s virtually useless now. Cannot locate HiRes songs loaded by iTunes, has become so convoluted that I quit using it. In the search for a replacement.
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5 years ago, Matdotcom2000
Choosing music from Landscape
Choosing music in Landscape!!!!!! Landscape!!!!! Landscape!!!! Landscape!!!! I have owned and used this for years and I would love to choose songs from Landscape MODE!!! Please! Turning the table and turning it back to choose songs is a pain! Landscape Mode!!!
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3 years ago, solty34
needs a new design
this app has great feature but i am hoping for an app redesign for ios 15. i hope it gets rid of the seperate area for music as in one for ipod and the other for hi res, one area for the music would make this app better. also a widget would be nice to just click the widget to access the last album that was playeed or even the eq. this app provides amazing soung quality but a few design tweeks and it will blow everyone else out of the water!
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1 year ago, td351
Unable to restore purchase and no English customer support
I’m unable to restore purchase of this app and going to app support leads to a foreign language website where I’m unable to submit a request because I don’t speak the appropriate language. More money wasted on something that I can no longer use as intended and paid for!
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5 years ago, arg245
No Gapless Playback????
Seriously guys, at $10 for the full app you’d think this app would have that BASIC capability, but it doesn’t. Ruins the experience for some of my best music. It’s a shame, because in every other respect, this is a fine app. But no gapless? Disappointed!
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3 years ago, Lilsheep23
Great App; please add iPad support!
Best music player APP for iOS. If they would make an iPad version and Continue to support the APP they would have a grateful throng of dedicated followers.
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5 years ago, ripncny
Replay Gain needed
This is the best sounding music player I have tried and also the crossfade is also very good compared to other players. I would give this 5 stars if it had replay gain. $5 would be fair just for that feature alone.
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6 years ago, jabman1
Slightly confusing, but good overall.
Sounds and works great, but I sometimes lose my place in the UI and it takes me a moment to get back to where I was.
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7 years ago, leland
Deleted it
First I would like say this app improved the sound through Air Pods. I was awesome! However, I grew frustrated at the effort one has to add music the politics of DRM free I realized it was not worth it!
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7 years ago, zerreitug.cire.e
Great app, but it could be an Epic app if we could cast the music over our home Wifi via Google Chromecast. This is my only complaint, thus the deduction of one star. Hopefully this can happen in the near future. :-)
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6 years ago, Apps1024
Add support for iPad and more earphones
The UI of current version for iPad is terrible, was wondering if you can fit iPad large screen for better file management and operations. Also, only Apple and your earphones are supported, is it possible to add more, such as Sony? Thanks!
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3 years ago, Shadethegrey
Nice clean interface
I'm a big onkyo fan. This app is nice and clean, works well. I really, really wish it would support carplay. Please onkyo, please add carplay support!!!
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2 years ago, KeithNboulder
All music missing
Used the app a few days before going camping…went to play music at camp and all my music is gone …just greyed out of the songs …any ideas?
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2 years ago, Because I said so !!!
Solid app
Had it for more than 4 years still use it pretty much daily.
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8 months ago, FAMM20
It just doesn’t work
I have an iPhone 15 pro max and the DSD playback doesn’t work. Plus the software indicates it’s in beta. I want to request a refund (as I purchased the full version to play DSD) and their website is in an Asian language that I don’t even understand. Do not buy this pice of garbage.
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4 years ago, S5641
EQ request
Sound quality is excellent and it works with Dragonfly. I’d like the ability to adjust L and R EQ indepentently. I have modestly reduced high frequency perception in one ear, easily solved with EQ. Audioforge App has this but sound quality isn’t as good as Onkyo.
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6 years ago, jh633
Just one thing missing
We all are using this app to listen to hires files like Flac etc in 24/96 and above and for that we use an external DAC. I use this on my iPad and iPhone 7+ and connect dragonfly red as dac at the lightning port. The this missing here is the capability to rotate the screen. It is frustrating to have the screen laying on the side cause the bottom of device is busy with the dac. Otherwise fantastic app. Cheers! JH
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4 years ago, mellamanick
Used to be great. Now very buggy.
Really was a great app, but navigation is now impossible. Many screens are dead ends. Once you open them, the only way to get out is to reset your phone. What happened to the back button?
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