Online Portal by AppFolio

2.3 (921)
31.2 MB
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Current version
AppFolio, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Online Portal by AppFolio

2.35 out of 5
921 Ratings
3 years ago, ryan c thompson
FRUSTRATING when switching between accounts
I use the tenant portal for both my apartment and my business through separate property managers. But Appfolio won’t let you connect multiple accounts. The first problem is that they were both originally under the same email address so it gave me no way to access my business property manager’s account as it only let me connect my email to a single property manager and would only open my residential account. After having to deactivate and reactive with a new email, by which the only way is to contact the property management and have them do it, Then there’s the hassle of Appfolio not storing multiple accounts in Apple key chain. This is frustrating because every time I log in it will suggest the password for the other account and save it with the email I was trying to use, or if I typed in the correct password it would update that and save the password for the wrong email email that is in the keychain. So then I’d have to go back and reset the passwords. PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO SWICTH BETWEEN ACCOUNTS. Just make it like any other app that you can select which account you want from keychain when logging in. Every month I have to go through this awful process of switching accounts, resetting the passwords,etc. It’s time consuming, frustrating and I dread having to use this app every month.
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2 years ago, Jim Grisham
Works well enough; no iOS notifications
The app has a setting option to enable notifications, but they never appear and 'AppFolio Portal' does not exist in the iOS Preferences 'Notifications' section alongside all the other apps on my phone that offer various push notifications. For a multi-year lease where the app is rarely ever opened (because there is nothing to see), optional push notifications would be ~very~ useful for things such as: - New Document Added - Payment Received - Balance due exceeds autopay amount (keeping in mind that some people may have multiple autopays each month, for example drawing from separate bank accounts for roommates) - Maintenance item response received --- Separately, it's not clear from the interface if older payments / documents / maintenance requests are hidden / removed. Even if the files are deleted, a full history should be available (e.g. by having an old filename and its upload date still displayed in grey, with an indication that the PDF is no longer available online). --- A messaging feature similar to the maintenance request, perhaps under the existing 'Contact' tab, would be nice as well (as would an option to submit in-app feedback to the AppFolio developers.) Finally, a tab containing copies of both the current ~and~ original lease (not hidden in a long unstructured list of other documents) would be quite helpful.
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8 months ago, ffflippy
Not able to get rent notifications
Having a hard time with getting rent notifications with this App. I know my contact preferences are correct because I get emails from maintenance requests, etc - but when it comes to rent notifications, I don’t get any at all. I have double checked my preferences and looked through my spam emails, and still nothing. All my settings are correct. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the app - it’s still not fixed. I’m frustrated because there’s no way to reach out to someone for help on this. Otherwise it’s a fine app that seems to work ok. But it’s annoying that arguably the most important notifications don’t come to me via email or push notifications.
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3 years ago, lilivie6
Every quarter my scheduled payment comes out later and later to the point where I’m being threatened with late fees. This time I figured that I would fix the problem and instead of making an early payment, I could fix my delayed automatic payment. I tried setting it to April 24 but for some reason, it would show up as May 24. I tried to fix this 3-4 times because I thought maybe I was being stupid or doing something wrong. I finally gave up and processed a manual payment. I figured that at least I can avoid the late fee. I could go back and fix the May 24th date to the correct future payment date. Instead, I was charged twice. Per their FAQs, I was to put a stop payment in to my bank which is going to take extremely long to process. All I want to do is send my money to where it’s owed. This app is a piece of garbage. I will be gladly paying by check from now on. Update: They reached out to me asking me to reach out to them so that they may show me how to use autopay after I’ve been using it for months. Their customer service is non existent. Do not use this app.
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2 years ago, KateriLeigh
Privacy!!! Sketchy
They collect literally all the data possible… Financial, location, purchases, demographic, usage, etc., etc. At first I thought, well that prob just means the app itself uses that info so they are disclosing it because obviously you are entering, for example, financial data and such into an app where you pay your rent. However, I looked into it and they don’t have to disclose those items under the Privacy tab that you enter yourself or that are used for app functionality and NOT to track you across apps or show you ads. So, that means the stuff they listed IS for those purposes, and is NOT just for app functionality. As soon as I figured this out, I deleted the app… I also wished there were a way I could pay my rent and make maintenance requests without using ANYTHING app folio related at all, but they make you. Also, there’s a $10 transaction fee every time you pay something, even your $39 water bill 🙄 Honestly, landlords (rather, “management companies”) using this app and app folio more generally are sketchy… Change my mind.
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4 years ago, Jai Vang
✨First impressions
So with my current moving situation this app was found very helpful. It was quick and efficient. I was quite surprised honestly. The app it’s self is nice and self explanatory. I find it pretty convent. Since I live with 3 other roommates, we can login into our own account and see what’s left to pay as a whole. (That’s is one of the main reasons why I like it.) Since I started using this app I wanted to explore what else they offered. The more I look the more I found. This app also provides insurance for you house if needed. Pretty good if your just starting off, I personally like it myself. Again this is my first time using this app. I don’t know if there’s a big bug but, we’ll see! (haha BBB) 5 stars for me!
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4 months ago, Bseblgrl3
AWFUL - did a slum lord build this app? NO useful functionality
This app was clearly not designed to be helpful to tenants. The ledger functionality is straight out of the 1920s with its archaic, layout and utter lack of any ability to download or export transactions or even provide additional insights on trends in utility bills. Pages takes forever to load, and why? The design is nothing that should take more than a second to appear. Good luck if your landlord uses the property maintenance function, which never seems to clear out when a ticket is handled. I have nothing good to say about this app at all. Total garbage. They obviously spent zero time or money on user testing so that’s how much they care about the people using this app. I would give it no stars if I could. I am offended these clowns charge a $2 transaction fee for this dumpster fire of an app - such a joke.
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3 years ago, fustrated condo owner
Privacy issues
My property management company is having us use the appfolio now. I made my first maintenance requests last week using it. I attached pictures of the items in question. I WAS SURPRISED & VERY CONCERNED THAT IT HAD IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my pictures. My phone did not ask permission like it does with other apps that ask permission for access to photos. I looked under settings /privacy/photos to see if it had asked to access my photos- it was not there! This needs to be FIXED. The next day the credit card that is used only on my App Store stuff & only one stored in my phone was hacked. My CC FRAUD department stopped over a $1000 in purchases. I would like to have some one from this app contact me.
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7 months ago, Steve Borden
Maintenance Howard Roquemore
Above and beyond I just wanna say thank you for the maintenance of Howard Roquemore when I called, they sent him right out to fix my fence and I submit a order for the back window was cracked and couple of days later he was here taking care of that problem and he asked if he needed anything else done while he was there and I told him about the lights in the front and I had the bulbs and I was going to put them up and he said no I got it I’ll take care of it so I just wanted to Thank you so much I appreciate what you have done..
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11 months ago, Tracy F2
$2.49 fee and my money hasn’t been withdrawn
Been using this app to pay for the last year or so and starting this month there’s a fee when there wasn’t one. It’s illegal to charge a fee when the service was free on the same lease. Also, starting last month when I paid on June 30, never had I had a problem with money being taken out. First two weeks of July I was told there was insufficient funds and was hit with two NSF fees totaling $100, there was plenty to cover rent. It would take a day or two for the money to be taken out of my bank account before but now it’s not being taken out and I'm hit with NSF fees and late fees despite having the money. Property management points fingers at bank and bank points fingers at property management.
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1 year ago, Showlatte
Can’t switch profiles
I use it for three different things - the condo I own uses it for the HOA, I rent it out and my property management company uses it, and then I rent a house out of state and my property management company there also uses it. The biggest frustration is you can’t switch between profiles, which makes the app useless because I have to keep it exclusively for one account and then bookmark the other links online to login. It’s just a frustrating experience that shouldn’t exist in this day and age with technology capabilities in switching profiles.
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3 years ago, summerlinNV
New version not working
The new version that was available one week ago approximately July 15, has blocked my account, and no longer accepted my password. I then hit reset password and reset email was never received. I did it again, still not received. I had to have the property manager, who is really an excellent guy, reset my credentials and I had to register all over again. My recommendation is that app folio test new version on iOS before they let people download the latest version.
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1 year ago, JRnPasadena
Excellent App
This review is a correction/update to a previous review. I had some initial issues trying to access the app. As it turned out, the issue was due to my landlords error. With the help of Joe Saldana we were able to get the issue fixed. Now that I can access the app, i find the navigation intuitive and easy to use. I’m so happy that I don’t have to write any more rent checks. I can pay my rent with just a few clicks.
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3 years ago, Ptrick213
Clunky, poor UI, other login issues
Prepare to give your tenants plenty of excuse why they can’t pay you or interact with management! When it logs you out after you told it to remember you and forgets your login, then you can do a pw reset and it’ll send you an e-mail where you can hit a link to a page, and that page will purportedly allow you to enter your e-mail again and THAT e-mail will have a link or something to actually reset your password. But alas even the redundant e-mail that would allow you to reset your password never comes. Laughably stupid, slow, and unworkable. Guess the landlord’s not getting rent this month lolololololol.
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6 years ago, lizhuwei
Simple, Quickest way to pay Rent!!
Thankful my landlord choose this app/website to allow us tenants to pay rent this way. Just found out about the app today after I logged into my renter lease website where I stay at. The app popped up at the top of the website and I clicked it, read the content of your app and downloaded it. I’ll be using this from now on until or unless they Change their ways for us to pay rent again.
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4 months ago, smh_everyone
Extremely buggy
Same as the AppFolio portal on the website: frustratingly buggy. Tried to pay for our rent several times, and it kept failing despite correct card details. Reached out to the credit union and they said that the payment didn’t go through because a wrong expiry date was used. Yeah, no problem, EXCEPT that I had indeed put in the correct details, but apparently AppFolio kept using the old details from a saved card and wouldn’t override the card details! Made sure to delete old card information and made a payment again…another payment failure (I had checked the save payment method checkbox). Utterly ridiculous. One more try, not saving card details, now the payment APPARENTLY went through. Have had similar issues before with scheduling a payment. The transaction would be declined until I did a new, one time payment to be debited instantly. Why even have a function that obviously doesn’t work?
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2 months ago, asharachal
Mobile push notifications are enabled yet never receive one
Mobile push notifications are enabled under the settings and in iOS, but all this app does is send an email for something that gets lost in the abyss that is my email. I shouldn’t have to go to the point of making a totally separate email address just for this app’s stuff when any modern app that says it gives you a push notification has something in your Notification Center and a badge on the app icon (if the user allows it).
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1 year ago, BillNythonTheSiencePython
Sub par performance, sub par user experience
The app is clearly designed for ease of use on the management end. I have two units I am renting both of which use the AppFolio system. I can not switch between them on the app. I have to log out completely and find my emails with a working link to see each one individually. The payment system works as expected if you only ever use one card. $10 per transaction seems a bit steep though when you realize if you try to change payment methods you will hit twice the amount of tech errors you expect if you are already annoyed. There is zero ability to contact support via the app and if you do go through the hoops online good luck getting any answer other than “contact your property manager and see if they can figure it out” DUDE they are property managers not tech assistance.
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1 year ago, me445599
Incorrect accounts being charged
I have had to set up my auto pay with my new checking account multiple times and my old, closed checking account is still being charged automatically which rejects the payment obviously. I have no idea why it is still even able to access my closed account that I have replaced with the new account multiple times. This is deeply unsettling and causing so many problems. The overall tech and usability of this app is garbage. Seriously, the fact that these developers were able to fool any management into using it is shocking.
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2 years ago, Joe123664
Needs Improvement
The only things you can do is set up auto pay, make a payment with a VERY HIGH ADDITIONAL COST OF 3% or a minimum of $3.50 to pay your rent?! That's wild. How about accept my rent on time with no added cost?! That's if you use a credit card...if you use a debit card, even a lower cost to them yet that charges $10 per rent payment. Or allows you to request maintenance with just a plain old text box to describe the issue. I'd lile to see options to select an appointment time for the repair and maybe dialog boxes to select room or rooms involved in request. Could be 100% better app. I'm going to delete mine.
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4 years ago, CoKie Kola
Many bugs - no way to submit issue reports
There are a number of issues with the way this app and platform work and the “help” button and website only contains tutorials no place to communicate issue reports. This is a shady practice to avoid dealing with users. Many bugs are simple items that could have been resolved with simple user testing or allowing users to submit issues. Some Bugs include: - user interface makes it easy to inadvertently making double payments and company puts this burden on user and will not refund payments, only credit account - if credit is used to make new payment, payment does not appear in “past payments” - maintenance requests include a “next” button as the first option after completing a form that serves no purpose other than to delete the request - app does not request permission to access photos before accessing them, I didn’t think Apple even allowed that anymore
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10 months ago, Sac Reader
Money greed
If you all think the $2.49 is a ripoff that App Folio is now charging, where I live there is also $25 to $50 extra added to our rent here each month. The owner says it’s for the gates and the lights outside our apartments. We all know it’s just extra money for the owners each month. Many people are living in hard economic times, but yet the owners of apartment, condos and houses, etc, are being greedy charging extra money. We can’t depend on our city council or the State or Federal government to help because they are rich themselves and don’t know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck.
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12 months ago, IhAtethisApp3
Terrible company terrible app
All you get from appfolio is problems - like your accts being mysteriously deactivated , not being able to log in because you’ll often get “invalid email or password” when neither is invalid. Don’t bother getting the app, it’s as bad as their site but at least the site won’t take up room on your phone. Also, don’t use appfolio at all if you can help it- shoddy site/app, errors like charging you extra when you don’t owe extra, basically non-existent customer service so if you’re having a problem you’re kind of on your own.
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3 years ago, jskamelia
Bug needs fixing
I am a property owner in a condo building and our association just began using the AppFolio system. One frustrating bug with the iOS app occurs when one opens a document. There seems to be no way to then close the document and return to other sections of the app … no “done” or “back” buttons. You are stuck. In order to go back and look at something else in the system, one must close the entire app and reboot it. This is very inefficient. Please correct.
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2 years ago, BBH1935
App is Worthless
I signed up to receive documents from my HOA electronically. The are uploaded to AppFolio for viewing. If you use this App & open one document, there is no way within the App to close that document and open a second document. You cannot even get out of the document to close the App. All I found to do was force close the App and reopen it every time I changed documents. How stupid is this? What a waste of time! I am deleting App & I will just use regular browser. BTW - I am using IOS version on iPad & iPhone. Whoever developed this App must have been asleep at the wheel! Yikes!
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1 year ago, LuhBluBell
Does not work
This app does not work as it should and doesn’t have any management. It doesn’t store the correct account information. I’ve put in my account for ACH 2 different times and once it said it wasn’t an actual account and the other it came back as NSF when the funds were indeed in the account which resulted into late fees and if it does it pulls out the payment later than the day it was scheduled to resulting into late fees. I had emailed the contact email on multiple occasions from 2 different emails and haven’t received a response back.
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2 years ago, YDNACK
Horrible app need a MINUS star rating.
I mistakenly had this app pay my rent through a credit card. DON’T do this. The charge is OUTRAGIOUS and trying to switch to a debit card is almost impossible. Now the app tells me that I will be charged through both accounts. Trying to deal with the local management company is no help. Been told I have to go through my portal account which does not let me do this. Will dispute payment through credit card company and hope for the best. My advise-send your own payment by check to local management company.
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5 years ago, freediverx01
Useless app–like the website, yet somehow worse
This “app” provides zero benefits over using the corresponding website. It has exactly the same design and features—essentially a web view embedded within an app wrapper. In fact, it’s even worse than the website because it takes longer to load and loses any information you enter if you switch over to another app before saving/submitting, forcing you to restart the process. It’s apparent that minimal effort was put into “developing” this app and that its sole objective was to claim that they offer an app at all.
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5 years ago, DarinQSullivan
Unforgiving eCheck setup results in $25 fee
Unlike most payment setups that perform small transactions to confirm account authorization for a checking account, Appfolio attempts an all-or-nothing transaction. If your user enters one digit incorrectly they’ll be charged a $25 Non-sufficient funds fee. To make matters worse, neither the app or email alert sent to users makes the error clear. Instead it states only that insufficient funds were available. Since the app removes the erroneous account data, despite using the option to save it, there’s no way to verify that account or routing numbers were entered incorrectly.
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3 years ago, ojsmom87
Needs more additions
As an owner under payments, if there is a credit on my account and something needs to be paid the app needs to offer (the first 2 you have) bank account, credit card, (add this) ANDDD a radio button to APPLY CREDIT. If youre choosing not to do this, then there needs to be a way to click a radio button & have credit returned to the bank account listed in saved info. Thank you
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2 years ago, Nice bidder
I have had nothing but problems with this app. When I download documents from my property manager, there’s no way to close out, or print, or send the document. The only solution is to DELETE the app from my iPad, and reinstall it. BUT, this is IMPOSSIBLE because when I go to the AppStore it knows I have used this app and it only allows me to OPEN it. BUTTT, when I click on open, it DOESNT OPEN AND THE WHEEL JUST KEEPS SPINNING. WORST YET. WHEN I TRIED TO INSTALL THE APP ON my MacBook laptop, the App Store doesn’t even have this app. I think it’s very poorly designed with very little developer support.
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1 year ago, B&HF'd 2023
Tenant Customer Service Nonexistent
I had no issues with the app until this month. For some reason it decided not to work and I received a 3-day notice for nonpayment of rent. The app is not working, I cannot access my account. I contacted customer service which referred me to my management company which referred me back to AppFolio. The only messages I’ve received from AppFolio refer to changing my email not addressing my issues logging into my account and why all of a sudden my rent was not paid! Desperately anxious to have this issue resolved.
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3 years ago, Rocketman5519
Problem with viewing documents
When I open PDF and other documents in the app it works ok, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to close the document to get back to the app menus and interface. The only option is to close the app and restart it. Most apps will show a “done” or “X” to close an open document. I tried all types of gestures too, but nothing works. Is there anyway to do this? Very unintuitive.
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11 months ago, gloriaveronica
My apt complex rental office is no longer our rental office and i can not access my new acct
I am so confused because never had an issue with a website like this before. My rent is gonna be late . The email is wrong and can’t fix it. How can I change the email on the new rental office website ?
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4 years ago, blackbyrdie213
Great way to pay rent
I’ve been using this app for about 3 or more years. It was simple to set up. A few clicks of buttons rent is paid. When I had changed the bank account to pay rent it was not a problem. I like I have a running record of repair requests. I’m glad I don’t have the stress of mailing in a check anymore.
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4 years ago, Iaswifey
Used to work (edited)
I was liking the app fine but it has stopped working for the last month for reasons unknown. No update needed so I don't know the problem. Can't get in at all it just keeps saying there's an error UPDATE: the developer reached out to me very fast and helped me fix this issue! It's now working prefect again!
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2 years ago, K. Kap
Not user friendly.
Last month the app tried to triple charge me for my rent. I hit delete on all the payments it had added. This month I woke up and it double charged me rent. There is no way to make sure your auto pay is gone. They told me it was because I had two set up still but they should have been deleted. The app also double charged my gf who has a completely different property management company. Costumer service is trash so we have to wait three weeks to get our money back.
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11 months ago, LivJaxn
capitalism and its consequences
i could be wrong, but i don’t remember being required to pay a transaction fee for echeck. that’s exactly why i use echeck. i completely understand why some companies charge transaction fees for card payments (communication between the bank and company), but charging for a check is just greedy. there’s literally no reason for it. i’ve also noticed this app hasn’t had an update in a while, and it desperately needs one. it’s been extremely glitchy and slow lately. with all the transaction fees we’re suddenly being charged, you’d think the company would have plenty of money to fix the bugs. i don’t believe there’s been a statement on why we’re being charged either. is this being enforced by corrupt banks, or are the higher ups just pocketing it?
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11 months ago, lifeisatrip
Questioning their Purpose
Appfolio is an app that’s supposed to help property managers receive payments through their portal. If you have questions or need assistance, you have to read their FAQ page. There is no interaction with anyone. The only number they have on their website gives you automated responses and directions. The purpose of the company is to serve their customers and clearly they are not if they can’t be reached live. They have added new fees as well. Just avoid using this app and find other methods.
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6 years ago, Lisamack
Love This App! ❤️
I find this mobile app to be user friendly! extremely convenient way to pay monthly rent, especially using/chose the monthly re-occurring less thing to do each month! it’s also an amazing and easy way to request any maintenance issues...❤️ this app!
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4 months ago, Jackal 42
Sick Frustrating Joke!
I moved to this apartment in August after selling my house no problems except the management Whitten remove an extra charge that I’ve been begging for since December. Why am I paying for pet rent when I don’t have one?????? and now all of a sudden I can’t even logon because I get sent to an apartment that I left in 2022. How does that happen? I’ve changed my password a dozen times and it keeps taking me back showing that I owe nothing and that my lease expired two years ago.
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1 month ago, Happy Ring Finder
Cannot toggle between folios
Other people have posted the same concern which is not being able to pay rent for both a home and business on the app. It does not allow a person to select which they want to pay and so I cannot use the app for both business and Home. I have to go through a link every time to pay rent on my home and I use the app for my business rent. A user should be able to select which rent they want to pay.
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5 months ago, reported profiles
Bad on tenant end, do not use pay in person!
I had an auto payment set up and these past few month have been strapped for cash so I had to take off the auto payment but the app keeps turning it back on even after I deleted the auto payment. I’ve had to pay a NSF fee of $50 2 desperate time and get chard 4 different payments of $1 or $2 along with the fee for paying online that is $3.50. Just get a money order from the bank and pay in person.
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11 months ago, shya2128
ANYTHING for a money grab that costs them $0!!!!!!!
What don't you recommend about AppFolio? Of course, anything for the money grab that all businesses are starting to do. 2.5 years of at least *ONE* free payment of rent option. Now its not optional anymore. If you want to use the app to pay your rent you pay a $2.50 fee. Ridiculous & its sad. As if rent isn't already enough, it doesn't matter if its .72¢ or $3. Its the principal behind it. This country is spiraling downward & these money hungry businesses dont help a d*m* thing. Pathetic & I will do everything in my power to not feed into it by paying. Let do some quick numbers. Just my apartment complex alone would pay near $1,000 a month to simply pay rent. Out of the THOUSANDS that use this app... you do the math. Its like Netflix in home living form. Scum.
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10 months ago, Kellyreev
New pay options
I was happy to see new pay options show up. However, when Applepay was added it was no longer possible to use my bank account. Since it is $2.49 to use my account but is $9.99 to use Applepay, I presume that the app developer makes more off of the payment options. I will happily go back to writing checks if it means I will save $10 a month. If this is a mistake and not a way to generate funds, you need to fix it. If it is then this app stinks.
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5 years ago, Kijrahi
Convenient but has an annoying bug
I love that I can use this app and not have to go to the website, however, it’s really annoying that it has a scrolling bug. Sometimes when I’m scrolling in the app, it just stops for a bit and I get stuck. The waiting time before it fixes itself is variable, too. I really hope you fix this as soon as possible.
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1 year ago, skarthik_be
Unreliable App
Because of this app, I became a defaulter for the first time in my life. The autopay option doesn’t work as expected. The accounts doesn’t show the details clearly. I trusted the auto pay option in this app which didn’t work and didn’t notify me as well. I will never use this app anymore. I would suggest using the web version or make a visit every month to property office to use check for making the payment. I don’t recommend this app.
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2 years ago, porgeirr
Why won’t you let me pay
I’ve been using this app for well over a year now but just recently it has been refusing to take my card and insists I have the wrong banking info. Even when I reset the card multiple times the answer would always be the same. That you address information doesn’t match my bank records, yet when I called my bank they said the app withdrew my money?.?? I’m so confused and tired of my rent being late because of it 😐😐😐
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3 years ago, Rnrockssocks
Basic Features Missing
This app allows you to view PDF documents from your organization, however, once you’re finished reading, there’s no way to close the document and go back to the app. The PDF viewer has no close option, so you are forced to close the app and go back in to read the next document
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2 years ago, Jakeelsnake
Tenants pay when the app crashes
We had automatic payment set up. It was working for a while. One month we noticed it didn’t go through, so we did a one time payment option. Saw the pending charge in our account and everything. The next day the charges disappears (like it was rejected by the app) and property management blames us and charges a 200$ late fee. If at all possible don’t use this app and just mail your check in
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