OnlinePianist:Play Piano Songs

4.4 (8.1K)
170.8 MB
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Online Pianist
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for OnlinePianist:Play Piano Songs

4.36 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
1 week ago, Snowy playzzzzz
Great but I would like some stuff to be added
I’m using the app right now and learning Carol of the Bells and it is great but when I tried to play another song I had to buy unlimited access. The only free songs were classics which to be fair, sound amazing but I would love to be able to choose at least 10 songs for free without payment but after I choose 10 songs the eleventh would needed to be paid for unless it was already free. The reason why I want this is because personally, the unlimited access is too expensive for me 😢 and might be for some other people. Another thing I would like to be added is, for songs with non English words. Such as Japanese and Korean songs. Other than that the app is great 👍 and I would totally recommend it to people who are very interested and would be ok with buying unlimited access.
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10 months ago, mila bear 5
I don’t like it. I LOVE IT
Ty for this app. It it really good for starter/beginners. I love it so much!! It is helping me with my skills now. I haven’t played the piano in a long time tho. But thank you for who ever made this app thank you so much. 🎹🎶🎼🎵. Now moving on to the bugs. So when I go on the app, it’s kind of glitchy. I’m trying to download it right now, but it’s taking forever. But I am so sorry 😢 . If you see this, please don’t get mad at me. (PLEASE RIGHT YOUR RESPONSE. 😊) but thanks for the app. Can you add so updates like to make a thing where you play very hard songs no one could play. And make sure you find IMPOSSIBLE songs to play. Only skilled players can play it. And maybe make a leaderstat that shows your rank and how many mess ups you have. And make a thing that shows the Best top 5 players. Thank You for doing this!😊😊😊 Good piano developer 🎹🎶🎼🎵. And maybe put a rank thing in the Leaderstats thingy majingy. And when it’s Halloween or any holiday, make a update with likes scary costumes. And the songs thing put the scary songs in the Halloween update. (Make a Halloween update plz)It is WAYYY better then simply piano. This barley has any paying things. I LOVE IT. But we had to delete it for a sad reason. We needed more space. But when we have enough storage, then we might be able to download it again. Thank you for your kind words. From The Reviewer
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2 years ago, aidualc_narud
Amazing till…
So I got this because I couldn’t afford simply piano. I love this app, I started learning He Is a pirate but then decided to try The Force Theme. I am exceeding in The Force theme and tried My Heart will Go On. Again they were both in easy except My Heart will Go On. But while I was practicing the chorus it said my ten minutes were up. Which is strange since on my moms phone I have the same app and it lets me practice for more on multiple songs. Why is this? And as it continues, I feel that 10 minutes is too little. Can we at least have 30 minutes? But anyway great app, however it doesn’t connect to your piano, it can only connect to a midi piano. Which I don’t have. Also I don’t like that after I do the lesson it tells me great job. I dont like that since sometimes I just let the song play to see how hard it is and I don’t do anything. In this case Simply Piano is better. But overall it’s a very cool app. Definitely would recommend since you can play all the songs as long as it’s in the ten minute limit. But again i strongly feel that this isn’t enough time. But this is getting too long. Sorry for all the reading, “ but I had to speak my mind,” Bilbo Baggins. Can we have some of those? Concerning Hobbits and Misty Mountains? Can we also have more Tobymac and For King and Country please. Thank you for reading this.
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4 years ago, costomer #383
Possible improvements
Hi Im writing this review because sometimes there is a glitch in the app we’re a song gets stuck on a difficulty and the app isn’t allowing me to change it. Sometimes I cannot change a song to the pro level. Sometimes I cannot change it back to beginner. I find it weird because when this happened I went to another random song in my library and the difficulty glitch doesn’t happen. I’ve also tried closing out the app and waiting a little to go back in but the song level is still stuck. (Also it is not because of the app saving what you normally play at because in those songs i play frequently at the same level, it allows me to change the difficulty just fine.) One other thing I think would be great to add is you can’t change the speed while the song is paused you can only change it while the song is playing (at least for me anyways.) also when you mute one hand you can hardly see we’re it goes on the keys and it doesn’t show the notes. I know you guys like to hear back from customers on how to improve the app. I thought this is something you would like to know. But I really do love this app and have been using it for a long time, I’ve even written another positive review for you guys a while back. Thanks for taking the time to read my review!
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4 years ago, Bt31
The new app is ok. A couple things I would like to see. First, the selection is not very good. Example, if I look for songs by Eric Clapton or Bob Seger, there is only one for each. There are many more examples. I use another app which is a sheet music app and looking at the same artists the selection is endless. Second, and maybe the above reason is why, but rather than pay a subscription for lots of songs I have no interest in, and I know it’s been a long time since it was available but the ability to purchase individual songs would be very beneficial to the user. Over the past two weeks I have purchased multiple sheet music pieces from the other app I described. At 3 or $4 per song it would only take a purchase of 15 to 20 songs to get your $60 that is charged for the annual subscription. Last, organization of my songbook is not good. The app used to put songs in order alphabetically and although there is a search option, the previous app was better in this respect. Also, the FAQ section is laughable. There is virtually no content there. The new “teaching” format in the app is very good. The ability to master portions of a song is a good tool. I have shared my concerns with the support group and have received excellent response. I appreciate the help addressing my questions and concerns.
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3 years ago, HappyCamper682
Great support! Great App!
I have had this app for a few months and have been daily practicing a song. After a recent update, there was a glitch on the finger placement numbers and I emailed customer service to let them know about the problem. Customer service emailed me back the very next day to let me know they would work on an update to fix the problem. The second day they emailed me to let me know they released an update. After I updated the app, the glitch was solved! Finger placement numbers returned on my song! Great customer service! I have wanted to learn an instrument but didn’t have the time or opportunity to go to a music teacher for lessons. This app shows you how to play songs in your own home and on your own time! I bought piano note stickers for the keys and a piano book to learn the basics. The stickers and book had me learning the basics but I was not enjoying what I was playing. OnlinePianist app lets me practice songs I actually enjoy playing! In my opinion, to enjoy playing the piano is the whole point of learning to play the piano. A big thank you to OnlinePianist!
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5 years ago, Lilaavage
Why so much money
Listen please write back I really like this game well not really a game but you know I like this app but it doesn’t give much variety it’s mostly kids song and old song and that’s not fun yes you have demos but that’s not enough some people don’t have money to waste on apps or some parent don’t let the kid I get that you want money and some people are buying form you but what about the others what about then I just think that there should have more free songs because I really like piano and I want to get better but that money problem isn’t gonna make me better and let me learn new song other than that I think this app is great it give you the notes and help you if your a beginner over all it has lots of song maybe add a little more but it’s great just that little problem get me annoyed so ya please answer I really need to know what you’ll say thank you for writing back but I can’t play three days straight because I am a busy person and I only have one day to practice
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5 years ago, Kingawesomness
(Please respond) Perfect for anyone and a question
This app, in my opinion, is the best piano app out there. Before this app, it would take me a month to learn a 30-second song. After I downloaded this app, I learned songs twice that length in 3 days. I have learned so many new songs and practice everyday for two reasons, 1) because I want those free songs and 2) because this app has inspired me to play everyday. This is one of the few apps that I am considering paying for. I highly recommend this app to everyone wanting to learn to play piano. Question: can you pay by month, or is it just by year? Because if it is by year, I highly recommend you have it so you can pay by month, because people that are willing to pay for it by years will still pay for it every month, but people that can’t use it all year won’t pay for the year, but they might pay for it for one month and that will increase sales a little bit.
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4 years ago, ItIzWednezdayMyDudez
Uhm what, excuse me?
So, I just got this app because it looked like a good piano app, right? It opens and I click a few songs, etc. Everything seems good, right? Then I go to the search button to look for some songs by Shawn Mendez, and they pop up. I click on one, and then it says I have to buy a subscription if I want to play any of the songs that are listed. Um, excuse me? So then I looked for a song by Camilla Cabello, and the same thing happens. And then I find out that there’s a specific section for the “free” songs. So I look, and all the songs are either ones I don’t know, are not popular, or are old classical music. And, I know that this app has to get income or else it might not be able to stay up, but can I at least have a few songs that I like without having to pay a subscription? If you can add a few more popular songs to the “free” list, that would be so so absolutely great! It’s not that this app is bad or anything. It’s a good app for learning to play the piano, but I need a little more motivation than just a few classical songs.
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5 years ago, Toxicful
Good, but minor problems, and one big thing.
This is an overall great app, but it is too expensive. I know about the every three day free song, but I think whenever you get the app you should be able to pick any three songs. That way it wouldn’t take me that long to get the song I like. Please add in the feature I mentioned. Also, can you make the songs sound more... I don't really know how to describe it, but it sounds... different from my piano. Also, can you add an extreme with much harder notes? The HTTYD was a little simple. One more thing. I waited 6 days to get a new song, but there was no search! My ‘free song’ was not even pickable. You should at least add a feature where you can pick which song you get. I frankly didn’t even like any of the song options. There were only nine. Other than that, I’m glad someone’s took the time to make an app like this, but it is the one thing( the not being able to pick the free 3 day song) that has stopped me from giving it 5 stars.
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5 months ago, ❤️🤩😎😊🥰
I like the game it’s really fun and I like that even if you mess up it’s still keeps going and you can kinda just follow along with it and it’s just like also fun because it doesn’t like whenever you mess up it doesn’t stop you or it doesn’t go to any ads or anything it just keeps rolling along so it’s easier for that but the only thing I don’t like about it is that my thumb keeps accidentally slipping onto the pad where it keeps pausing it and it gets really annoying. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it but otherwise the game is really fun and I think you guys should play whoever doesn’t have this game. I think you should download it it’s really fun.
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2 years ago, MeS+J
Great way to learn songs on the piano
I have used online pianist for about a year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It provides a ton of songs, many of which are not on other piano apps. The main difference between online pianist and other apps (such as Flowkey or Simply Piano) is that it does not offer courses; this app only provides songs. However, if you are not interested in learning scales and other music theory through an app, this is the perfect app to use because of its large library of songs and its relatively low price. It also offers some free songs. So if you are concerned about the app’s effectiveness in teaching a song, you can try it for free for as long as you want (or like me, until you want to play the premium songs).
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2 years ago, Ray the fifth.
Things I think would change everything, for the better!
Hi, I’m writing this review because it looks like you actually take advice from people. I’ve had this app for a very long time now and have recommended it to a couple of friends, I currently have the premium version and am happy with the pretty fair prices you give, this being said there is just one feature that I think if you added would make this even better! I’m not a developer so I don’t know how hard it would be but I was thinking that I’d you added a feature where we could chose to have our main piano play one of two ways (kind of like in the newest update) you can have them allow it to play continuously and you follow along, and the option have the notes for the song stop and wait for (using the microphone) it to hear the notes. All I’m saying is I would love to see if we could play songs at a stop and go pace, without having to slow it down so much. Allowing people to enable the microphone so it can pick up if you’ve it the notes and continue to progress when it hears it being played. Please consider this thank you.
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1 year ago, d Serb cfjvd G bch
Good but…….
The song option is great but I don’t appreciate you have to pay for almost every song!! A new song every day would be great. With the touch piano, sometimes I like to run through it first without playing it but it forces me to stop and start over☹️. I would really enjoy a version that lets you learn sheet music to help you be a better pianist. I love worship music and would love to have more of it in the app. Otherwise it is a great app that I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks for listening to my report I hope you will do something about it.😁👍❤️ P.S. The subscription is also very expensive for one year and I would gladly get the yearly subscription if it was half the price or more.
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7 years ago, RobGS1
Plays a lot of awesome tracks you wouldn't expect
Very nice app! It gives you a huge selection of tunes from your favorite artists. I thought it would just be a bunch of tracks I've never heard, but the selection is actually pretty updated. You get free tracks every so often as well. The app is very easy to use. If you have a piano in front of you, it's very easy to use it and follow along. The colors and teaching style is interactive so you don't feel like you're reading a book. The only issue I had with it was that the tracks listing are cramped together and the "add" button is kinda small so it's easy to hit the wrong one. But that's just a minor issue. Overall, it's an awesome app and teaches you how to play your favorite tunes. And there are a ton of them.
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4 years ago, Sebmiguel04
This app is AMAZING for learning and playing your favorite songs!
This app is great and easy to use, and I have learned most of the songs I know using it. It has many features that allow you to more easily learn songs and are quite useful. It also has a wide variety of songs, much larger than many other piano song learning apps, such as Yousician. This app has allowed me to really improve my piano skills while also learning how to play some of my favorite songs, so I highly recommend it. Aside from the usefulness of the app itself, the customer support is very good, being quick to respond and trying to resolve the issue as best they can, and listening and considering thoughts and feedback.
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7 months ago, Rockshow1/DaveyDave/Luv
OnlinePianist Technical Support
The OnlinePianist Technical Support Team replied to my customer support requests about how to use the app using a midi cable from my keyboard to the app via my iPad. Yoav Tenenbaum and Adam Cohen both provided excellent customer service by replying to my inquiries and helped me to get up and running with the app using a midi cable. I was told that they are always here for any issue I might have which I appreciate. I am looking forward to using the app more. I expect that if I have more technical support questions, I will not have a problem receiving assistance. Thank you OnlinePianist Technical Support Team! The app is innovative and useful. Respectfully, Dave Wray
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3 months ago, TheJman711
Almost a good app
There’s a lot here to get excited about but there are so many annoyances it makes the whole thing almost unusable. The apps buttons are terrible at finger tracking, making it impossible in some situations to flip it to wait mode to play the song at your own pace. There is no actual way to turn off the app’s piano sounds and the volume on it is ridiculous to the point you will not be able to hear your own piano over it, especially in MIDI mode. I’ve tried doing this in the settings and it does nothing. Only way to get it to not play the loud app piano is by yanking your MIDI cord and plugging it back in before every song you play. And then there is just the annoying red flashing words anytime you pause for 2 seconds to try to figure out hand placement.
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1 year ago, E.6.R
Worried. but turned out good
I download simply piano it didn’t let me do the whole song without having to pay “the free trial” I looked everywhere in the App Store I downloaded another piano app and it didn’t even let me look at the songs again it said “download the free trial”😑 so I looked on a another piano app but instead of just downloading it I looked at the reviews there was BIG amount of bad or okay reviews hardly any good reviews so I didn’t download it but then this app comes in it looked really good so I download it hardly asks for you to download the “free trial” so in the beginning I was worried but it turned out good 😊😀😁😉🙂🥳👍🏽
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1 year ago, DiligentElZee
Highly recommend
I downloaded this app, because I saw it has Family Sharing, which is a plus when you’re not the only one in your family that plays the Piano. Me, my dad (who doesn’t use it too often) and my brother are extremely satisfied with OnlinePianist! However, when the subscription renewed this month, the system didn’t register that I’m also supposed to have the premium option. But this error was quickly resolved thanks to the WONDERFUL support team, who reply quickly and in non-complicated ways. I’m very satisfied with the support and the app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, xxxCocoBeanoxxx
Why is it so EXPENSIVE?
I was online trying to learn to play one of my friends favorite songs to cheer her up and came across this apps account. I started to play it and it was helping me a lot but then it said in order to continue, you have to download the app... so I wasn’t going to but I really wanted to learn it. So I got the app and it seemed ok at first but then I’m looking for the song I was trying to play and it said I had to play almost 60 DOLLARS?! That is way over priced and in the beginning, it only lets you choose 3 free songs to play, so unless you have a money tree, then I probably wouldn’t spend $60 on this app.
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1 month ago, Hello ♓️❤️❤️
Please respond!!! Great app but…
It’s an amazing app! I have been playing piano since I was almost 6 but I stopped lessons because I moved and I’ve been looking for a free app to learn more! I’ve learned a bunch of songs and I’ve only had the app for 3 days! I recommend downloading this! I have some suggestions. It would be nice if the app heard a piano playing the keys so it would know if you got the keys right and it would tell you. Also, I can’t find any song I like that much on here for free. Could you add popular songs on here? Please and thank you. Bye! Edit: also could you add “IDK you yet” by Alexander23?
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5 years ago, Phantom1958
Suggestion please respond
This is a great app and I love it however I have a few suggestions first make a icon to have the sheet music in the top right or something (if there is one please tell me how to get it) also make the free 3 songs be pickable from the catalog and if you don’t won’t to do that do it with your starter song also in the catalog its kinda hard to see/heer the song on demand so when you click play make it play just audio and be able to click to see the video part to lastly if you add a song to the faverets/front page thing it should turn dark to see your songs easier thanks for listening
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5 years ago, katleenlima
(Please Respond) Question about the 3 day free song reward
I love that people receive a free song if they visit the app at least once a day for three days, but it would be a lot better if it was possible to select one song instead of being shown a list of songs, because today is my 3rd day visiting the app so I earned a free song but I would really like to learn how to play this one song but it is not free, I wish that I could choose that song as my reward instead of having to choose a song that I don't even want to learn/ have interest in. Is it possible for this to become a possibility?
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3 months ago, 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣
I LOVE THIS App but there's a problem
This piano app is really really good and it helps me a lot with my piano and no ad's 😆but there are a few problems, like songs when you first log into the app you can chose one song but if you want to try another my phone will say " sorry there was an error with the purchase" and then I can't any song at all And when you don't have a piano and your using the app to play it sometimes the note won't play. But yeah this is all the thing that are bothering me with this app but can you please fix these errors
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4 years ago, Ddog1010
New Update
I was using this app for a little bit to try it out and I loved it! It was super easy to follow and definitely user friendly. My app automatically updated and it is not easy to navigate. Many of the features that were there prior to the update are now hidden and not as easily accessible as before. I really wish they hadn’t changed the layout of the app, otherwise I would definitely give it five stars. If this is your first time getting the app, then I highly recommend using it, however for those of us who have had to experience this new update I would ask the makers to maybe change it again, or make a user guide in order for us to understand how to work this new version.
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3 years ago, Cassie1130357472
Expensive but worth it for me!
This is my second month on the yearly plan- it’s expensive but if you’re doing this instead of taking lessons it’s a great way to learn the songs you want to play without the hassle. I’ve also used the service to purchase particular songs that they did not have available in the catalog- which is a great feature. The songs came quickly and were great quality, with great customer service . Highly recommend, you don’t have to pay for the pro version I just prefer it.
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7 years ago, Kelia Harrison
Excellent App, Awesome Features!!!
I had some favorite songs I just couldn't figure out their chords and right fingering. I checked online for the notes, but unfortunately, I'm not a music guru, I couldn't fathom the expertise in those notes, so I check the App Store and finally stumbled on this app. One amazing thing is you can reduce the speed of the song being played in order to score the right chords and play it better, the sustain is awesome, the transpose wowed me! I'm overly satisfied! I recommend this app to everyone who has an amazing song you just wanna play in the most accurate ways! Thumbs up!
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7 years ago, Ambeenicole88
Super helpful!
This is a really useful and user friendly app for learning new songs to play in the piano! I love that there is a free library of songs, as well as songs that you can purchase! It's really neat because you get a free tune on the days that you log in. I love that you can slow down the tracks to make sure that you don't miss a note. The only thing I would like to see added is a feature where you can actually hit the keys on this app itself! I think that anyone learning piano or trying to broaden their set list would greatly benefit from this tool!
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3 years ago, TacticalCombat
A great resource for learning music
I have been using this app for months and I absolutely love it. There is a huge variety of songs to learn so there is a little bit of something for everyone. The music library is very diverse and at the same time there might be only 1 song by a particular artist you’re searching for. Songs get added very frequently and you could give them a suggestion in the support section on the app. Some stuff I would like to see is the ability to change the song speed when paused, and be able to go above 100% song speed. This app helped me learn a lot in a short amount of time. The different difficulty levels and song speeds definitely help when trying to learn different songs. Their customer service is also on point. They were quick to respond and very helpful when I reached out to them via support in the app.
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1 year ago, Miss simsism
Perfect until…
I was just learning how to play a song and the out of nowhere it started to be weird like glitch and stuff and then when I refreshed it, it was not working at all. It only kept saying “ oops, something went wrong!” Or something like that. At first I though something was wrong with the wifi but there wasn’t. I also just started playing 1 song after that, that was at. I was a little frustrated cause it was the perfect app and I really like how it tells you to play step by step and stuff. But I think it’s just me but I would really recommend this app if it does not do that to you. But either way, please fix that!!
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4 years ago, Joseph. Ewing
Get this app!
I love this app so much! Thank you guys so much! The new update took me a little bit to get used to, but I love it. I am exited for future updates and see how you guys make it better, though I don’t know how it can get much better than this. Thank you guys so much! If you are reading this and you don’t have this app, you should get it. It makes playing piano very easy, especially if you are looking to learn certain songs, because this app has everything! Thank you developers for working so hard on this! Please don’t ever stop working on it! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Add mate
Please help
I’m not sure if it’s just me, or anybody else. I bought the subscription, purchase went through, etc. I’m still on the free trial, as I bought the subscription around 5-10 minutes from writing this. I clicked on a song, which mind you came with the subscription, and it just gave me the “buy the subscription” add. When I clicked get subscription, it just said “you are already subscribed” so basically I can’t even play the songs I paid for. Edit: fixed my app! Not sure why, but I had to restore my progress.
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4 years ago, #hate this game
Not Enough Free Songs
I think this is a great idea for beginner pianists to learn to play and grow, but I think you should add a couple of free soundtrack songs, like from Disney or whatever. Because most people don’t know the songs you have for free, and like I only listen to movie soundtracks and stuff. And I think you should make the subscription a lot cheeper. I mean who’s gonna spend 80 bucks on an app, that’s just my thinking, and I know some people will, because it’s cheeper than most piano lessons, but I would still like it if it was a little cheeper and easier to afford. I just don’t think you have a great enough variety of free songs if the subscription is going to be that expensive.
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1 year ago, South Lady Kakashi
PLEASE READ.I was trying to find an app were I can play some songs for my family. At first it lets you pick out any song that you can play. Then once your done with the song it has it saved so you can play it any time you want. Thats a part I do like but here’s the part I don’t like. First of all you have to buy all the good songs. Which for some of younger people who don’t really known Beethoven’s music it’s kinda confusing. Not saying Beethoven’s music is bad but seriously how are we supposed to know what the song Gnossienne is. If you could at least try putting in a couple songs for free that we all know that would be nice thank you.
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3 years ago, Tost56
Love it, use it, learn it
I love this app. When ever I see a playable piano I pull up this app and play many songs and it’s so easy to use that you can have some do the left side while you do the right or vise verse. I really haven’t seen any bugs or glitches. If you new to piano and just want to learn a few songs by memory this app is great for it. On top of that you can practice switching keys and such from using, so it is sort of a warm up app as well. I love it, I use it, and I learn from it.
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6 years ago, TonyJAlvarado
Absolutely Great App!!
It’s an amazing app! I do not play piano but I have been learning through this app, improving my all around skills and muscle memory. Only complaint is that the catalogue categories are very broad. Maybe by genre to break it down more? Also, I’m there’s a lack of classic rap but besides that, I’m in love and I have the yearly subscription. Only way to improve of course is improving the music choices which y’all do regularly. Perhaps add a feature where we can suggest song for y’all to try and add? I thank you for your time!
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5 years ago, toxic romm
Very epic app
From a pianist point of view ... I love this app so much. Before I had this app, I used to take lessons, and they were fun, but after a while I stop doing those lessons and when I went back the same person wasn’t there and it was someone else. My piano instructor was great and helped me understand the fundamentals of piano and helped me play a couple of songs, but when he left I kinda just stopped playing it. So thank you for making such a great app. It’s helped me regain my interest in this again. Thank you
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2 years ago, lovinIdol
Great app!!!
Got the 7 day trial and then I decided to get the premium service. I love this app. Love the layout of the app. Simple for a beginner like me who knows the piano keys but can’t read music and who just want to learn how to play songs. The catalog has a wide variety of songs also! I have tried as many as 4 other apps and this was the best one. I had some questions and the team got back to me quickly which was great! So, I would recommend this app! You will love it too!!
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4 years ago, jcjcjcjc959595
I paid for a subscription that I cannot use
I previously wrote a bad review because I was frustrated with the lag time between paying for a membership and actually getting access to it. But overall I enjoy using this app very much. For me on an iPhone closing out of it can be hard I have to lock my phone then open something else to close out of it but aside from that great song selection, love the anime songs on here. I’ve been having a ton of fun learning some of my favorite songs.
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3 years ago, ~R.M~
This app is the best piano app around
I am a experienced pianist and I downloaded this app to learn my favorite songs. From what I have seen, you don’t need a membership to learn your favorite songs like other apps. But, I have noticed a glitch. Every time I redo any step, the song is delayed and it really throws me off and I can’t seem to fix it! Other than that, I really recommend this app because I know the developers are hard workers and will fix the glitch :)
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5 years ago, Myles503
Best app for learning piano ever
This app is great for learning piano I’ve been using it for so many years now and I’ve learned so much about piano and techniques to play my favorite songs. I’ve purchased multiple songs and they are all of excellent quality one of the songs I had them put on the app for me is “I want you back” by the Jackson 5, Go give it a listen hear for yourself how great of a job they did on it. The Developers are super kind and helpful. I can’t wait to see what they do next with this App!
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4 years ago, Mywaye
Amazing App with great support
I have had my premium account since September 2019 and it is amazing. So many songs to choose from and a simple way to learn to play a song. My 8 year has only been playing piano for a year and this app has been a god send. I had a problem with accessing my account and I sent in a support ticket. Less than 12 hours later my account was fixed and they even gave me some extra time on my subscription. Great app, great experience.
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6 years ago, nikrey06
There is one crucial thing it is missing
I do love this app and the program online, I upgraded to the premium because I love it so much, however it’s missing one thing that I deem to be very important. When you click on the lesson button and you get ready to play, the song starts with the first chord or note already being played. There is no time whatsoever to prepare your fingers to start the song. One thing I would LOVE to see added is at least one measure counted without the song starting so it gives me and my students a chance to get their fingers ready. Please add this crucial feature if you can!!
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2 years ago, Get gg rekt boy
This is such a fantastic app
I truly can’t recommend it enough. I’ve always struggled immensely with sheet music so this app provides a great alternative. I have already learned songs such as Clair De Lune, Arabesque No. 1, Raindrop Prelude, and I am currently learning Prelude in C# Minor. On top of a great app to learn piano, the support team is incredible and is quick to give feedback and responses to any questions or suggestions. 10/10 app, would highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Musical29
Lost $60 (Please Respond)
Hi the app is good but the reason I rated the app so low is because to use the app for a year it cost $60. That is way to expensive for a piano app. The second reason is because I tried to cancel the subscription for the next year but when I pressed the year subscription to cancel it charged me $60 for the following year. I was meaning to cancel the app entirely but it thought I wanted to pay again for the following year. This app was bought and we accidentally payed for the year version which costed $60. I would like to get my money back for the following years subscription. It was unclear whether it was meaning to cancel the subscription or renew it. Please get back to me. Thanks
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4 years ago, GalaxyPhoenix86
A bit frustrating.
I'm sure that this is a good app, as I've seen videos of it and have even tried to access it myself. But it costs money to pick the songs you want to play. Literally. I would rather watch ads to unlock songs for free than waste my time on apps that cost the money. Not everyone wants to pay so much. Maybe a paid option that unlocks certain features such as downloading or something would be more acceptable? Because a person can't even ENJOY the app and play songs because it just costs money for everything. Those who have $50+ to spend on an app can have fun with it, but not those who can't pay for it or would rather not.
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2 years ago, 123456789279456@8edpjihmr,)(0
I had to do a song for a project that was due in one week, this app helped me find the perfect song with its large variety of amazing tunes. It helped so much and made things so much easier to learn. I got an A on my project and it’s all thanks to this app! I 100% recommended this app of you need to learn piano, or you just want to learn a new song, or learn a song in a very short amount of time for a school project.
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12 months ago, nootnoi
Some possible improvements
In my opinion this game is way too expensive like the only song that I can play that sounds okay to me is it’s corn and the other ones don’t sound very good to me so maybe you could add more songs that non subscribers can have for free like maybe a few fnf songs or some other songs that sound better than the ones that non subscribers have. Thx
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3 years ago, orndjfj
Great App And Customer Support
I wanted to request a few songs and one of their workers was really patient and kind, also very understanding! Their app is great for people who need to learn the keys on a piano and for those who dont want to use sheet music. I recently showed this app to my grandpa (retired pianist 20yrs ago) and he said he would give it a try when he picks back up the piano. Either way, this app is a great help. Thank you guys!!
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