OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

4.23 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 months ago, Amelia B 1987
On my way review
I feel that On My Way is a good way and a good incentive to help people to be focused on the road when driving, and to also reward them for doing so. I’m sure as they say that they’ve helped save many lives! That being said, actually getting rewarded for driving safe was a little tricky. I went through all the steps that I was told to do: Taking a video of my purchase of gas, making sure to say: “Thanks on my way,” on the video, and putting #onmywaydrives on my social media account and tagging two friends. I don’t EVER remember seeing instructions saying that I had to “make the post public,” or “submit the video on my social as well along with the hashtag.” But after several emails back and forth with On My Way, this was what I was told needed to happen in order to receive the $5 cash back in my Venmo. It would really help if there were clearer instructions. I almost felt like I was never going to see the $5, or that they were just going to keep telling me “do this and do that, and was going to lead nowhere. Fortunately though, after completing those extra steps, I did receive the $5 via Venmo today. That’s my only suggestion is to PLEASE add clearer instructions to the app so no one has to go through all that hassle again!!
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2 years ago, svcltch
Great App
This app is a great reminder to be aware on the road! I get back nearly $30 a week in cash from their rewards and I have recently redeemed a 2 airline tickets, 2 nights in Vegas reward! Fees were a little misleading but after all paid for it was 1/3 the cost it would have been without the reward. Love this App! Only took one star away because it can be glitchy sometimes but Jill at OnMyWay is amazing at helping with the issues!
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3 months ago, Popotron
Bummed about this
I was so excited to check this app out and thought it was a great idea! Unfortunately it’s quite scammy. I watched the welcome video and spent some time reading reviews and learning the app. There seem to be 2 ways to earn money- 1. Use your points to buy a part share of an NFT…. A notoriously scammy property that doesn’t translate into actual money for you (but might, maybe, someday, soon, if it’s luckier than all the other NFTs out there…) and 2. To work as the world’s worst paying influencer and make an entire video promoting the app while you’re purchasing food or getting gas, share it with your social media ppl, tag them and friends, etc. For $5. I have friends who get paid $100s or thousands to create and share videos like these, even simple ones. What on earth? Do you want to turn your socials into basically a space for ads? I don’t. They keep promising in the reviews that it will get better, so I’ll keep it for now. I don’t text and drive so I don’t need the app to force me to leave my phone, but if you need the motivation of earning pretend money, I think it’s good for that! I’m not sure if it will be useful to me in the future, but I hope they make it better or someone makes a good version of this app, because it’s a great idea. It’s just executed poorly, I’m so sad to say.
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9 months ago, Hdkksusudjsksuxhx
Good concept
I think the concept of this app is really good. Getting people to stay off of their phones by rewarding them with money. I have yet to be able to get the money. At first the app said it would get it into your bank account. Now there are “store cards” your money can go towards and you have to get an insane amount of money if you want it into your back account. I wanted to use the 250 card but it said I have to refer 250 people! 250 people!!!!! - This was a review I wrote about a year ago and I just not checked the app again and I have over 1000 and there is NO way for me to cash out that money. Only to use it on 5 dollars of mcdonald’s or starbucks. also, you have to video your order and shoutout/post onmyway to even get the money. not worth it. Update months later: i had over 1,000 dollars and they launched a new crypto/nft program and i put over 500 in it under the impression i would be able to sell my nft and get cash. this still hasn’t happened in over 6 months. they keep changing the date in when you will be able to do this. Update: still cannot cash out NFTs like they said i would be able to almost a year ago! i have like 1000 in NFTs and 1001 in on my way and can’t do anything with it!
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1 year ago, teaganmckenzie
It actually is a scam…
I never write reviews so that’s how bad this is… it’s not real! You do accumulate “cash” for miles driven but you can only redeem it on gift cards for junk the app itself is selling that always costs just a bit more than what the gift card is worth. Just when you’re about to give up on it, they’ll lure you back with new offers “coming soon” but they never actually arrive. And if you have questions about the so-called offers or promotions, the “real-time chat help” is a joke. There is no chat option even though that’s literally what they call it, the link just takes you to a list of articles. When you finally find a way to contact “helpdesk” they will just email you a link to that same list of articles! If you’re as stubborn as I am to get at least something out of the miles driven with this app, it’ll take about 10 years to cash out the thousand bucks (assuming that’s even still an offer 10 years down the line). But the app will drain your phone’s battery life in the meantime. I’ve held out several years for ANY kind of reward but I think I have to finally cut my losses and delete the app, they’ve sucked me dry.
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1 year ago, Txtn833
Fabulous Customer Service
I’ve been using OnMyWay for about five years now. I’ve been collecting miles quietly for ages. And I’ve never had any issues with the app. It always counts where I go, it’s never slowed me down, it’s so good. Recently, I did contact customer service because the app began interfering with my maps service. On Apple, a blue bar appears around the current time that you can hit to go to your directions. OnMyWay began interfering with that interface, so I left them some feedback in an interview. They said they’d get back to me and I figured that was as far as they would go. THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM. AND THEN. EMAILED ME BACK TO TELL ME. I was so impressed! I felt so listened to! It wasn’t as if I had yelled or demanded a fix in my email - I was just leaving some feedback. But they really went to the stars and I was so touched by it. Long story short, wonderful app, wonderful people, wonderful life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Bethanylovescats
Don’t waste your time with this app
They give you 5 cents per mile of distraction free driving. I think it’s a great thing to get rewarded to do what we should be doing anyway. The problem though is that you can’t cash out on your earnings. They used to have “marathon” cash deals, but those were often unavailable, and you had to have over $5,000 of OnMyWay cash and refer over 50 people. But now all they have are discounts for items, which you have to pay for yourself. They’re supposedly launching a crypto program, but their promised launch date has come and gone, and it still hasn’t launched yet. There is no phone number to call if you have an issue, they’re reachable by email only and a response takes days (if they respond to you at all.) I’ve been trying to reach out to them regarding their crypto program, but they seem to be ignoring my messages. I currently do not recommend this app to anyone based on their customer service and current offers. If my issue doesn’t get resolved soon with them, I will be deleting my account. If something good happens with them, I’ll update my review.
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9 months ago, chaqunta
At first I was liking the app now I don't like it at all because you earn so much on here just to be told that you have to pay for your things first with your money record a video and then post the video on social medial which isn't any one business how you get your money then you have to send you video to on my way just for spending your money and then when you lost it to them your not getting paid what you spend your only getting paid what they give you just for your driving I think this is a big scam after all then not only that you have to wait 24-48 hours just to get your money and some time when you clip the coupon they give you the coupon expire in a week so it's all just a scam of using you to drive your own car and spending money that you earned for driving this app is not useful at all and I'm about to delete the app plus they give coupons of places no one ever go to and gas stations that aren't even located well names the same as the gas stations in your city and it's very overwhelming I wouldn't refer this app to any one cause it's a scam
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1 year ago, Joker poker face
You won’t get paid for sharing your data that they are taking. You can see how much money is added as you are driving but if you want to cash out the money that you have earned, you can't. They give you options to use the money you have earned on cheap worthless things and you still have to use your money to be able to purchase any item. It is like you spending your earn money in their store because they do not want to pay the money to you and you still have to pay cash money to complete any purchases. Even though you have enough earn money, they want you to use you cash also. I want to be able to cash out the money I've earned to pay bills and I can't. They won't give you the option for it. I have asked them to delete my account and they told me to wait three days after uninstalling the app. I checked after months and my account ccwas not deleted. I wonder what are they doing with our information. They have gotten more then what they are willing to give. Which is nothing for it.
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2 years ago, Spangken
Great idea but poor application
I like the idea of the app. I’ve had it for about two years and have accumulated over $2000 in on my way cash. They’re have just not been anything worth redeeming the rewards for. It’s was all modern merch gear which is a cheap brand that breaks and no cash out offers, gift cards, or even options to donate to a charity even. Now with the new update they’re aren’t any offers for you to redeem the on my way cash for which kinda makes the point of the app unless. You now only offer a true direct shop, some free stuff for uploading a video, and referral items. So what’s the point of having an app that pays you for driving safe if you can’t use the so called money your earning. I get the idea and think it’s a great way to encourage people to stay off their phones while driving, but it is being presented and implemented poorly. Would like to see some more improvement as you go forward
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9 months ago, Jaclynn7
Not worth it for consumer
I started with this app years ago when you could actually earn on my way cash and then “cash it out” directly to your bank. The twist was that you had to have at least $200. I was right under $200 when the business decided to switch it to NFT. I waited MONTHS for that transition to happen just to find out I couldn’t “cash out” the entirety into crypto. I have almost $400 in OnMyWay cash and I’m told the only way to “cash out” is to redeem awards. In order to do that you have to use your funds first, record a video “shouting out OnMyWay”, and then wait 24-48 hours for your money back. AND you can only use it on gas or food, nothing else. AND you can only do one food and one gas offer a week. In order to get my full $400 that’s taking me like 2 years to earn I would have to record 80 videos which would take me over a year to get back. Absolutely not worth it for the consumer.
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2 years ago, RachWill510
Kind of pointless
The idea behind the app is great but it’s honestly kind of pointless. The “rewards” you can redeem only allow you to redeem small amounts of your earned cash, and the earned cash can’t even be redeemed for actual cash as advertised. You need to have like 10 referrals in order to redeem any cash the prizes are cheap and would normally only cost you probably $30 if you bought them somewhere else, but if you buy the “prizes” through this app you get a $50 “gift card” to use and then still have to pay more for the remaining price of the item + shipping. With the latest update, I don’t see any way to redeem money for any kind of prizes or anything. So the idea is cool but as always with these kind of gimmicks, too good to be true. Over two years I’ve “earned” $1600, but it’s basically worthless…
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2 years ago, firearm72
Well, I at first liked this app beings it stated an in the videos. Thanks “On My Way” and people stopping here and there getting all kinds of drinks and foods for free or in a matter of speaking that is. Due to the fact that “On My Way” paid out. It doesn’t and in which case is really getting to me, or as well annoying my as well. I was or could figure it would be a lot better and payouts to your PayPal account. However it gives that choice and option to do so. But nothing STILL almost a month or better and I am NOT very happy on or with this app as also, you have to stay off your phone as well. Granted I am also an Uber driver and times I am not ubering. I only get a chump change in which nothing ever comes to your account. What’s the purpose of having this app made or useful if your not getting paid in your PayPal account if it’s asking for your PayPal account. Very sad app.
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2 years ago, BigBenBugsy
Not a scam but is it worth it?
I’ve downloaded the app by looking for ways on passive income websites and this is my take. The app allows you to earn redeemable money for a few cents a mile. Worth it for passive easy money, but the gas/food redeeming is only by recording your order, saying where you live or at, posting it on social “that has to be used frequently and tagging two other friends, and talking in your car or out side the place for 5$ off or $ .50 a gallon off. They need to get rid of that requirement or rules to follow to be worth it. Also we’re is when is crypto coming to the app and what are the requirements. I read it in a response to a review. Also the merchandise is the quality of wish items you get what you pay for in my mind.
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2 years ago, jsager15
I love this app. It’s a great way to save money. It’s a little tedious that you have to take a quickly video and I’ve had a little trouble linking it to the post on my social media sometimes. But they do pay you out through venmo or paypal. This isn’t a scam. I’ve received money back each time i got gas. You get .50¢ back for each gallon of gas. So if you get 14 gallons of gas then you get $7 back after you post the video on your social media, and tag two friends. You can also use the money to get free food somewhere or buy items. You just have to post a video to your social media account and fill out the redemption form on the app.
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2 years ago, nicoleia14
False advertisement
As I was reading the 5 star reviews I thought hey maybe I’ll give it a shot but then I realized every “bad” comment this apps gotten the creator simply says it’s fake and from a competitor so that right there says a lot because most people would take criticism especially while trying to sell a product much more professional and me as a potential customer/member it doesn’t look really good. anyways I say fake advertisement because I signed up to get the $100 and if you read it says you can qualify to get the money sent to your Venmo or PayPal but no where on the app does it come up for me to be able to get my money sent to my Venmo. It also seems like you have to do a lot more then just “drive safe” to be able to redeem this money. I was reading the reviews about submitting videos? That defeats the whole purpose of “getting paid to drive safe”
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2 years ago, danksthesith
Promised crypto and rewards raffles still not here
I have used this app for a few years now and accumulated a good bit of cash, which, as others have said, includes no real way of using it. They have been promising a crypto cash and raffle coming this summer, but we are almost at the end of the summer and still no word or updates about these two services have come out. Without a way to redeem these awards I am beginning to think this company just wants to track your location rather than do anything else resourceful with the data. I do hope I am wrong about that, but if I see nothing new in the next few months (before official start of Fall) I will no longer be using this app. I will gladly come change my review if I am proved wrong, otherwise this app is just becoming questionable at best.
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2 years ago, ArchieBop
A No Brainer!
I love using this app! Something that is socially conscious and that has rewards??? Sounds like a good deal to me! Texting and driving is an issue that is so important and needs to be a bigger movement as it causes so many horrible accidents every day. I think that to have an app on your phone that reminds you every day to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel is amazing!! And as someone who drives often, it is nice to know that I am gaining OnMyWay cash and contributing to saving lives. I don’t feel like driving is a waste of time anymore because I know I am doing something great and getting rewarded for it too!!
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1 year ago, CDiett
Free opportunities
So I got the OnMyWay app because my son told me I could make money just driving around. So I got it ensure enough I make money just driving around. Every week I fill up my tank I create a short video and I get paid five dollars. it’s a little bit of work, but so is scanning receipts and clipping coupons and all of that. I would like to see them be a little more lenient on how you can spend the money. It is pretty specific about what you can get at each business. Other than that, if you’re interested in saving some money here, and there is definitely worth while.
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2 years ago, alip199622
Best App Ever!!!
OnMyWay is the best app that I have used thus far. It helps me stay off my phone and refrain from answering text messages, checking social media channels, and going on the Internet while I am behind the wheel / on the road with other pedestrians. Rewards and discounts available on the app are unmatched. I have redeemed all the restaurant deals as well as two product deals and am so happy with what i’ve gotten. The luxury hotel brand sheets are smooth as butter and such an amazing deal for the price & the activewear set is made of such great material. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you OnMyWay! Saving lives while being rewarded what is better.
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11 months ago, Jafulton
Cash Back has changed my opinion
I’ve kind of left this app on autopilot and ignored it for several months after that the “$” earned really aren’t much redeemable. But I checked it recently and found they have added cash back offers that can be used regardless of your app cash balance. .50/gallon off on up to 10 gallons at many national gas chains. $5 cash back at various fast food/quick serve restaurants. Just a quick 5-10 second video and the the cash was in my Venmo account by the end of the day. Not bad for a program that doesn’t cost anything to participate in.
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2 years ago, MelodyGems5
Saving lives gaining perks
I’m glad I took a chance to start using this app and I’ve been sharing it with my love ones hopefully we all save lives on these roads I know it’s very important to put your cell phone to rest while driving or At least put it on a windshield carrier and out of our hands with this wonderful OnMyWay app you earn while saving lives plus giving perks I’m use to putting up my cell this just makes me want to do it quicker I listen to music while driving and keeping cell phone closed period those who work for OnMyWay are on point saving lives
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4 months ago, DallasRenee
Worst app I’ve tried - if I could rate it a ZERO I would!!!
Trying to use this app was a TOTAL waste of my time!!! Even though I had a balance of almost $1000 to be able to get any of that I would have to download another app to make video with, which wouldn’t download for me & that’s the ONLY way to utilize the app - just simply RIDICULOUS especially when there are sooo many others apps that work better, easier… UPDATE: now they respond to my review that they don’t know what other app I’m talking about - well, that would be the Vimeo that it told me I had to use to make the video that you’re required to take to be able to get your money from this app - so now you know what app I’m referring to that wouldn’t work on my older model phone!!! I stand by my rating and review - this app is RIDICULOUS!!!
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2 years ago, lacrev40
Not worth it if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of posting a video on your social media and tagging at least a couple of friends in it. I think I can understand wanting a brief recording of where you’re at. But I wish they would just have you upload the video onto their own platform instead of posting it on other social media and tagging friends in it. I don’t even share much of anything personal on social media anymore for various reasons and I’m especially against the idea of violating other people’s privacy just to get extra cash. One suggestion I would make is to add an option for the quick cash out instead of making it really a cashback app like Ibotta. They’re not upfront with this, either, which is yet another thing that bothers me.
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12 months ago, Mheitzer3177
Used to be great
As I was saying, this app used to be great and had actual rewards that were worth it. They used to actually have cash out via PayPal as an option where $500 and $1000 were rewards. After quietly and diligently being safe to collect for years, I log in and see that even though I was halfway to the $10,000 “OnMyWay cash” $1,000usd cash out option that it’s no longer available and only for trash items like a free whopper or travel farces that you have to come out of pocket for taxes and everything else involved when going on vacation. Stop pandering for sponsors and bring the cash out options back, until then - I’ve uninstalled and have less of a desire for road safety. (Not really, but you catch my drift. Don’t take away cash incentives for corporate sponsorship.)
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1 year ago, Aderight
Total Trash
This app boasts that you can earn OnMyWay cash and then use that for rewards. But most the rewards are just basic discounts or maybe a free item, which wouldn’t be that terrible if that were it. But you also have to share that you got the reward on social media and submit proof to OnMyWay that you did so, sometimes even requiring you take freaking videos. In other words, OnMyWay cash is worthless. You get a discount on a crappy product or a free whopper at Burger King or something in exchange for hassle and marketing for them. Just total trash and false advertising with strings attached around every freaking corner. This app is a perfect example of how NOT to do business. Deleted the app today because my over $3,000 of OnMyWay cash is worthless.
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10 months ago, healTHCare719
Non transparent
I found this app on a blog post about making some extra money. Seeing as how I already refuse to use my phone while driving I thought what a great way to make some money and spread awareness. But then I signed up and after not seeing anywhere you could potentially cash out I came to the review section. All I see is this Jill commenting about how they have Starbucks McDonald’s ect. And that it’s not good? No that’s not good. Great concept but until y’all can get the sponsors with capital to support actual cash outs to PayPal cash app and ach it won’t grow like it should. I’m glad you have so few lives saved but it could be tenfold if you actually allowed people to cash out even if on my way cash was .50 on the dollar.
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11 months ago, Ennia_L
Great app!
I’ve been using this app for a while now, a few months! I’ve earned money driving to and from work. It’s so easy to earn money for not using your phone. It’s also so easy to get cash back deposited to your venmo or PayPal. I’m really enjoying this app so much. Thank you for creating this. I use Costco has and that’s about the only gas I use, I love the fact that they recently offered to get cash back at this place too. But this app has a lot of options for getting cash back.
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2 years ago, Mowmama57
Getting Cash and Helping to Save Lives…
I always keep my OnMyWay app open. If I’m on the phone I don’t get to track my miles which means I don’t get to earn money. Sometimes the reception is not good and my miles are not recorded but that is not the apps fault. Already using it a couple times for cash back on gas purchases was awesome. My brother believed it was a scam and I showed him my Venmo account and showed bothEntries of four dollars for the 2-8 gallons I purchased. I drive a small car only holds 8 gallon. thanks again OnMyWay.
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3 months ago, matterpootter
Good incentive for good driving
Heard about this app from a family member so thought I would check it out. I just got my first $5 Venmo, woo woo! So yay, it works. A little bit of a process to go through to get your money each time but I understand the background process. Just make sure your follow the instructions of posting otherwise they won’t pay you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or it’s a scam, it means you didn’t follow the instructions. Thank you OnMyWay, great concept for good driving behavior.
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9 months ago, gator 1982
Not sure what to do
I have had this app for roughly 2 years and at first I thought it was a great idea. The problem I have is that I do not have social media, it's something I don't need in my life, and I don't take videos. I am for the most part, a very plain person, I was excited when the on my way crypto was announced because we were supposed to be able to cash out for money earned. The instructions are very vague. I have over 200 NFT's and 40 fractions that I have no idea what to do where what's the prices are at how to access them and how to sell them I am starting to think that the crypto is just a farce and we will not actually be able to cash them out.
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1 year ago, t6220
It was cool but now..
When I first got the app I couldn’t ever find the offers to actually cash out my money that I accumulated. However they had deals to buy items using the cash but always needed your information for it instead of just being able to simply buy the item. I’ve updated it and nothings changed they got rid of the item deals so now all I have are food and gas discount stuff but you still got to jump through a hoop with that too. Just bring back things to actually use the cash on or be able to cash it out. Without any of that there’s just no point in having the app in my opinion cause you just watch your amount go up but can’t use it on anything at all.
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2 years ago, tiffanimw
Cash Offers
I had forgotten about the app for about a year and accumulated hundreds $. Even though they only let you redeem small amount of offers per week, they DO actually pay out. Instructions on the offer you activate are easy to follow. One thing I would really like is to be able to redeem just cash balance offer without ties to products or coffee. I hope they bring it back without asking for amount of referrals x $ deal way out of reach! -Tiffany
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1 year ago, kingkai_
Great Idea, Questionable Execution
I rather enjoy the concept of getting paid for driving safely. I’ve had this app for a few months now and been accumulating some earned money. With this earned money you get paid with rewards and deals. My only problem is the fact I can’t outright receive the money that I earned! Despite that they want your PayPal/Venmo information. I don’t understand the purpose for asking for that information if there isn’t a direct cash out option. The deals is cool but there were times I needed that money instantly and couldn’t use it because I could only redeem it for other select things. Feels like a waste
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4 months ago, Clutch5473
Worth it to stay off the phone
The only benefit to me is staying off of my phone. It’s not a scam, but the “rewards” aren’t very useful; there is no Citgo within 750 miles of my house and I don’t need a Sam’s membership in addition to Costco, we don’t eat out often enough and zero desire to film and post it 250 times to use the OnMyWay “cash” I’ve accrued, and I’d use it for the NFT but with no activity and only 1 owner in OpenSea it’s doesn’t seem to have any value, but it is sold out anyway. The travel deals are decent, just need to talk enough people into at least downloading the app and registering.
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2 years ago, KatherineFXCK!
Great IDEA, very poorly executed
The idea of people earning money while driving and not using their phone is wonderful! But what I don’t understand is/ what are you supposed to do with the “money” you earn? You can’t use it in their little “shop” thing (which i’m sure all these products are earning the company who made the app kickbacks and money), you can’t cash any of this “money” you make out… so it seems pointless. I’ve had this app for YEARS now and at first I loved the idea of it but now after “earning” the supposed $800-something dollars… like what do I do with this? Because to buy the items in the app it wants a credit/debit card. What’s the point of the earnings that you make???
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2 years ago, fuzzylumkin
Money you can’t use..
So they have cash deals. In order to redeem them you have to go buy the item like gas or food up front, film yourself doing it, tag them then they send you a rebate via venmo. They DID have some stuff you could redeem your money for in store gift cards, but none of it was enough to actually get anything for free, usually it was a fraction of a very overpriced item that was sold only on one site. Probably run through the company. Now it’s all just discounted items, that you can’t use your earned OnMyWay cash for, and you can’t get without paying out of pocket. Basically it’s just a money scam wrapped up to look like an honorable way to help people.
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2 years ago, smlindsa
A clever solution to a problem
The app is a great way to incentivize not texting and driving. It’s fairly straightforward; just make sure that you submit the social media post and upload the link within a short period of activating an offer; after a period of time the offer may expire. A nice app though - and consider using multiple offers in a single social media post to avoid it seeming too spammy for friends.
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2 years ago, wergchbf
Great App! Quick Payout!
I’ve been using OnMyWay for a few years now and I could honestly say it is one of the easiest apps to use and earn passive income. They are always coming up with new deals. It doesn’t require a great deal of effort and you normally see a payout in about 24-48 hours. Anytime there are issues the support team responds quickly to resolve them. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a way to make some side cash.
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1 year ago, Dirtycanuck
False reviews don’t be deceived
It’s amazing how many false reviews are on here and many of them name “Move It” and talk about a moving company which has nothing to do with OnMyWay. There are definitely bots or fake accounts leaving all of these positive reviews and it’s deceiving. This app doesn’t deserve its current 4 star rating; there’s so much false advertising and false hope in using it. You get absolutely NO rewards in exchange for OnMyWay having access to your personal information; beware of this scam and protect your info, do not download this and scan in your ID/drivers license to use (they ask you to do this when you set it up). Huge waste of time and a SCAM!
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2 years ago, Raven_Darkh0lme
It wont allow me suddenly to proceed to process
It wont allow me suddenly to proceed to process for gas $0.50 cents back a gallon of gas promotion. I have done it prior to this at least five or six times, now it’s telling me an error message or some sort that I must first download the OnMyWay gas app? Which I am rather confused about? Because then I go and click on it or the link and it states the same app so I’m kind of going in a circle here now I’ve missed two weeks of filling up my tank not being reimbursed the amount I should be in inches just putting me or sending me off into a huge circle here? Please help!! I really was enjoying this app an entire lot! Thanks!!
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2 years ago, Bebesj4
It does pay!
It’s good:) …a bit of getting used to when they have you take like 6 steps to submit a request…and you need a Venmo account to get paid, but they follow through on gas and starbucks (which is all i’ve tried so far). Don’t be disappointed when it’s not immediate. YOU pay for the gas or the Starbucks yourself and later they pay you the $10 or $5 through Venmo. Worth it!
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2 years ago, jmcollins80
Love this app!
When I first heard about this app… I thought it was a very cool idea. It has definitely kept me from using my phone while driving. My husband won’t touch his either… he says”I can’t, I’m making money right now” 😂 I do love having this app and I love all the bonuses and extra perks that come with it. I’ve gotten lots of cash back just from the gas perk which is super good right now with gas prices!
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3 months ago, DianneJP59
Fast payment thank you !
I just started out at On my way!, and had a great time scoring points while driving, this app is great, I like the discounted travel points and rebates on food, also the discounts on gas and most every restaurant I go to. Once I got my post correct I immediately received 5 dollars it’s pretty easy when you get the hang of it, support is awesome in helping with posts for rewards.
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1 year ago, Criplinonu
Horrible App
I had a referral from a co worker and said it was an app that pays you back. I later got more information from them and said all the details I needed. I thought that this was going to be a great app with a great idea. I decided to give the app a chance later on in the day. However, when I downloaded the app, it was no what I expected. It asked you all sorts of stuff and it doesn’t want you to pay yourself back. This app is not great and do no recommend making an account with them. You don’t even use the money they give you to redeem to yourself. This app is a waste of time and I implore you all to not download it.
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2 years ago, C. Cowher
I love the idea of the app, and I’ve used it for years, but there’s so many flaws. They make it seem like you get paid as you drive safely, but in reality, there’s no real payouts. You get to “cash in” using “deals” to buy things that are unwanted. I started using my coins with the new crypto feature, which I loved in the beginning, but went to log in and look at my coins, and all of them disappeared as if I’ve never used the app. What a waste of time and effort. Edit: This still has not been addressed nor fixed. I request the deletion of all my information that has been collected as the app refuses to let me do so. Do better OMW!
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2 years ago, bbazaz
App pretty cool but pointless!
Its a great inventive and easy to earn. App works well i suppose as intended, the only issue is u cannot spend the money u earn. U cant even redeem it for items listed in there app , the only thing i can use is 5$ once a week for the pick six . Kinda a waste of time. Maybe theyll that u exchange for crytpo and withdraw it, but i cannot seem to find any info on this other then crytpo the 21st lol.**** updated When it cones to claiming mcdonLds or free gas you have to post a video of yourself at the place and post on your social media to redeem. Lots of people dont wanna do that
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2 years ago, katisarat
Great app with good customer service
I have been using this app for about 2 months right now. I have only ever had on issue with the app. The issue was they accidentally sent my payment to the wrong account because of a misspelled name. They were very prompt about getting it fixed and have sent me my payment. This app is awesome and I am very impressed with the customer service.
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2 years ago, JOH Review
Not Worth It
Don't even bother downloading this app. Not only does it take a long time to accrue currency in app to spend, but they also recently changed what you can use the money on. Now you're limited to McDonald's, 50 cents off gas a gallon, or a discount on food at a local restaurant. Here's the fun part though, in order to claim these rewards, you have to shout them out on your social media page EVERY TIME (they also want it to be your "main social media page"). Garbage app, garbage rewards. Don't get your hopes up for anything good. The only good prizes come from referrals, but I can't comment on if those will get fulfilled properly.
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11 months ago, Peter_The_Piper
Everyone should be using this app!
Everyone needs to at least try this app one time. If they do, they will absolutely love it just like I did! You do not have to dedicate all your time just to receive little rewards. You just keep doing what you have always done, and this app runs in the background. Paying you for what you would be doing anyways!
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