OPay-We are beyond Banking

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OPay Digital Services Pte.Ltd.
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for OPay-We are beyond Banking

4.24 out of 5
18.7K Ratings
4 months ago, facebook girl$
Excellent App But needs more improvement
I’d update the star rating and review itself once it has been taken into consideration. The app has wonderful features with a good Ui designs, fast and easy for transactions to other banks and more. OPay is one of my best banks actually but it still need more improvements. The in-app customer service chat is still sluggish I might just need to make a little enquiry about a transaction and won’t have to make a phone call. Secondly I think the Owealth feature needs to have an option wether we’d like to make our balance visible to our wallet balance or not and lastly kindly provide the service for purchasing evoucher on the mobile app as this bank is far better than not having this feature on its app and we won’t have to face petty problems from some banks which I wouldn’t like to mention their names :/ thanks.
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2 years ago, emeraldreal
Transfer now difficult
This June update make transfer slower. I see the transfer page UI was redesign. But it make transfer slower in a page. i have to wait for a name to be updated after i paste account, if i didn’t wait and jump to amount, I will still get distracted when name was updated for the account and the tab will shift down a bit. after a transfer is completed and I press Done, the transfer page we be come back with already fill previous transfer details, if i edit with new transfer details, I will run to an error, in other to do another transfer i have to goto home and restart again, it not like this in previous version. this two problem does not persist in previous update.
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10 months ago, 09133594663
Review and customers opinion
It’s very nice app and I love so much, it’s very good. But there is this saying going around that the money we keep in our app doesn’t last and we use it quickly for unnecessary things. my opinion is please can you people create a space where we put certain amount of money which we can’t touch only a certain percentage, for example as a student I know I get 40,000 as my allowance and I know that within 2 weeks I will spend it but I have a space place in the app where I can put that 40,000 and I can set how much I can use off it daily like only a daily withdrawal of 1,000 from that space And you make us able to open more that one of that space for instance if I get 40,000 monthly I can share it into two space where I put 30,000 in one and I set it to withdraw only 1,000 per day for my feeding And another where I put the remaining 10,000 which is for my daily recharge card which I can choose to set as 500 Naira per day How do you find my suggestion?
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1 month ago, jasmine@45
Opay is cool
I think the customer service should be more faster than it has been , secondly they should improve more on sending just like kud* , if transaction doesn’t go through on kud* it won’t say done and if it shows done it’s done unlike Opay ,Opay will say pending or something is wrong or tell you failed and later they will debit you and this happened to me when I traveled to Lagos and I got debit and it was late already when I got the notification I was already in Warri and can’t go back to the spot I felt bad losing my money and not knowing when I will visit Lagos again , I love Opay and I want you guys to work on it 🙏🙏🙏✍️Jay batima is the name
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2 years ago, Z33D4N
This is such a great and amazing app I don’t have any complaints yet and I hope I wouldn’t, the only thing I noticed about this app is that after a successful transaction either debit or credit there is suppose to be a pop up notification that will notify us if we’ve been credited, instead of us to keep going into the app and refreshing it before we know we have been sent some amount, please I will urge you guys to do something about it soon please…. Aside that I don’t have any complaints. Thanks
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1 year ago, wayneblaq
Best among banking apps 🏆 and beyond banking fact, Opay is my best & please you need to help do something about customer service you are better at Respond but so many papers work like printing out documents with emails even if the customer is complaining of just #2000 unsuccessful transactions can be very annoying, please because of this have left more than #11,500 unclaim not once doe but because it's minor till it gets to that amount but I never stop using because I prefer your services more if you later change I we change my review save
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2 years ago, badmus feyisara
Stay away from opay
I paid my salary into opay and wanted to disburse it to my expense account and savings which I couldn’t, it’s my first time using opay which I successfully upgraded to kyc 2 but couldn’t upgrade to kyc 3 because they kept declining my application without telling me the reason why. Called and called their customer service and what they kept telling me was I couldn’t send out because I didn’t upgrade to kyc 3 which the difference from the kyc 2 was just the money limit on the app. They told me what to submit which I did submit directly to their email and the reply they were giving me was ohh this this issue is escalated then after that the issue has been solved and still I can’t send out. Please be careful of this so called bank if you don’t like headache and frustration.
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11 months ago, KODAK DEE ZEE
Please refund my money!
I am giving it a 5 star yes it is worth it at some point but on the other hand I made a transfer of 25k to my parent into first bank account! I was debited but they never received it! I had to send same amount via UBA bank app! It was confirmed in seconds. I then laid a complain to your customer support via the app, it’s response was the transaction is complected but till date they never received it! Sapa de do me now abeg return my money o hmmmmm I am still hoping you get to see this review and respond to it! Thanks 👌
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1 year ago, 225 successful
Easy , Good and trustable to save
I appreciate the app since I have been using it for the past 4 and the half years now it been a nice app and it keep getting more and more upgraded being a paperless account ..I can refer as the best with all and good for young and old but I think it just make it easy for the young ones to get a way to save and receive money for them self😇🛟💰👩‍🌾 👍🏻not even the adult as well as it safe ,fast , just easy to use with a very tight security access
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2 years ago, bimboakinboye
Yes my account was locked and i contact them immediately so I was told to send email to antifraud which I do times without numbers before they answer me to send my wallet number and NIN ID card but still yet my account is still not working. I went to osogbo OPay office opposite Technical college but to my surprise they told me they can’t do anything about unblock my account that I should contact antifraud to do that on thee and. Pls my people stop downloading talkess of sign up on this App. Thanks
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8 months ago, Pablo Scott225
This Third-party app needs to stop stealing from customers!!
Please go to my transaction history on the 3rd of March I sent money to my Mom in her UBA ACCOUNT and she has not received it until today that's very bad, I have complained everywhere in customer service about it and nothing has been done yet, so I need my money to refunded immediately, I promise you that if you keep on acting like this, you will definitely lose all your customers and I will keep posting and commenting bad about this app on different platforms until I get a refund and you know what that means, this app was known to be fast and reliable for sending and receiving money, but I don't know what you guys are doing this few months
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4 months ago, rose benjamin001
Update bug
The app has been the best app so far and one of my best but this current update is making the app sluggish and slow, login problems after I press my login password if I click on login the it would just freeze and stop responding if I manage to get to the interface it would keep loading like I don’t have data this update is really causing a bug on the app pls want the developers to do something about it
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2 years ago, samcash exchanged
Bad temporary application
I regret being your customer I regret using your application you have know usefull you can’t help when someone need help you can’t even give a loan I use your application for eachother transaction I do all the time now I need an financial help from you but you insist of helping me to take a loan… PalmPay is more better than you stupid application PalmPay give me a loan even if it Small cause I don’t use there app currently I use once in while some time but they were more better than you I ate you I we stopped banking with you since you can’t help whenever I need your help I we only work and stay with the bank ready to help whenever you need them ok bye good day stupid app OPAY
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6 months ago, Ejemoski
Good App
I really thank the team for this wonderful app. It work perfectly fine and it’s very easy to use. I know some people might be saying it’s bad app, but let me tell you this, most of them doesn’t even have account with them and just wasting their time to write bad about someone else hard effort which is very bad of them. Karma await you all. Once again, thanks to Opay team, you people are reliable and wonderful. Love your team 😘😘😍
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8 months ago, GMGleam
Firstly you don’t even attend to reviews which makes one skeptical about writing a review. Just to let you guys know that deducting #1 when I’m ready to pay the #1,086 is wrong. Your customer service doesn’t even have an idea of what they are doing, just wasting people’s talk time. Your WhatsApp customer agent is even worse. I wish I could attach screen shots of my complains here for others to see. Worse customer relations ever. You can’t revert payment for more than a week! What is going on? CBN says all reverts should be done within 24hours of the transaction. I need a response as it is all your agents can’t even give same answers to the issues at hand. Sad
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1 year ago, Kaasurh
Great app but i have a suggestion. Can you make it that whenever one wants to buy data or credit, it requests for the phone number again. Currently, it automatically puts the previous number and as a result, i have mistakenly done data twice to the wrong number. Please make it compulsory to reenter the number in future. I’ll really appreciate if this is implemented. Thanks
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2 years ago, Finestkash231
Well done
It’s been a good app and I relied on it mostly for my daily financial routine but it’s so unfortunate that they always don’t keep up to there cash backs promises. I haven’t got my airtime cash back and daily cash back in a while and I have contacted customer service nothing has been done. I updated my app everyday time and still nothing has been corrected. Kindly work that out and keep up with your promises. Thanks
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2 years ago, haymaximus
Good reliable but have to improve the security
I should rate this app 5stars cos it deserves it cos it’s very fast and reliable but the only part I don’t like is that this should always ask for password or pin to login but it doesn’t work that way everyone that has your phone can just get in the app without even asking for password pin or pattern it shouldn’t be that way
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3 months ago, Mightyofnic
The best
Opay is simply the best, but u guys need to work on your security especially using USSD to forget pin, its too cheap to guess and my friend as been a victim after he lost his phone and they used USSD to withdraw his funds. I tried doing the-same using USSD on my sim pretending like I don’t know my transfer pin and I realize with just a guess which anyone could guess i was able to make transfers
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3 years ago, Bab's mie
Security and transfer issue
Well you app is awesome, but please upgrade the app to use face or fingerprint to login the app just easily login and that makes the app insecure and and the account that was login same as the transfer issue when I transfer now the next transfer would bring out account number not found which is bad when I save my money for emergency issues and I can’t use it that’s bad that can lead me to close up my account and never use it again please fix those issues thanks
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3 days ago, Chi222t
Wrong transfer
You people are the worst bank I have ever seen. A customer can’t get help from his own bank and that’s a very unprofessional of you people. I have never seen a self-centered bank like Opay. I made a beneficiary mistake and my bank can’t even handle it even after going to the beneficiary bank and they said they need a mail from Opay and they can’t even do that. Is it just Festac branch or all branches are useless. My one and ten thousand is gone just like that. I’m withdrawing from using this bank and non of my business associates will use it to do business with me again, never…
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3 years ago, ghitfdklv
I try upgrading my account so I could receive higher amount of cash but it keep saying for me to upgrade to the latest version but their is nothing like upgrade their and now I can’t receive any money after from 50k and that’s not good I hope you people work on this really fast before people starts to close down their opay account.
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2 weeks ago, Ibraheemnoni
Kindly look into this request
With the rate at which people are using your app and services, I think it's only fair if you consider introducing "AJO" to your services. Be it daily weekly or monthly, where people will be randomly drawn base on amount and duration putting into consideration penalties for defaulters and also randomly removing and auto completing different circle as required for efficiency and sustainability.
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3 months ago, orere419
I’ve been using OPay for literally 2 years and still counting, I’ve always got troubles with my kyc upgrade. From the requirement needed to be successfully upgraded to kyc 3 I got them verified only the ID uploading. Each time I upload my ID it’s always being declined, you guys should pleaser work on your system verification process and stop declining our IDs.
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4 months ago, by F ever V scd
Simplicity in Bank transfer in Nigeria
You made transfer of Money very simplified in Nigeria. Do You know what it means for a small shop owner to have OPay account? When you purchase something even as low as 200 or 500 You’ll just pay with OPay and the great thing is that, it’s an instant reflection unlike other banks. Keep doing The good work.
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3 years ago, winterfelz
Lot of glitches
The app has been effective ever since until the last update done early this month, and everything on the app started giving me problems such as unable to make any transaction until I have to logout completely and login again before I can get each transaction completed, it won’t accept my card until I initiate a transfer and kinda getting complicated.
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2 years ago, JUNi25AM
Transfer to Bank is now POROUS
Apparently couple since couple of days now I’ve been having difficulty making transfer greater than 999 to any accounts I just have to do any amount I want to transfer in multiple of 999 due to the upgrade on the account I don’t know why that should be or what probably should have happened
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1 year ago, God will judge you people
I can never use this app again they’re wicked and helpless
Good thanks 😊 for all you have done ok god will actually judge you people I received a money from one my uncle to sort my sis hospital bills on my way to the hospital to let them know the money is complete so they can continue or go ahead taking care of my younger sister you guys locked my account I called customer care many times they are unable to help also Alhamdulilah at last may her soul rest in perfect peace but actually I can forget what you people have done in my life god will judge you guy’s inshallah
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2 years ago, SHUBBY 11
Opay is the best
Opay is the best online banking have been using I love opay because it’s make everything easier for me because anytime I make a transfer with my opay wallet even in my area they know me anytime I make i transfer when I bought something they we told don’t worry we’re going to see it you can go. That why I love opay, the no1 in Nigeria 💗💗💗💗
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11 months ago, Oxford333666
Problem unsolved
I have a question to ask OPay, why is it that if transfer has been made, the receive will not see the funds and you people will not get the funds back to the sender?? This is very very bad. Other banks will refuse the money back if they got your email as soon as possible 💔💔 I have made transfer twice not received and not refund 😡😡😡 Be careful with this app, if you are us it, be it on your mind that they will not solve your problems when issues come up 😡😡😡
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11 months ago, Lordxally
Bad customer care service
The app is nice and all but, the costumer care service is very poor, they take forever to respond to you, now I’m even scared if I’ve given my information to the official email address or not, I’ve checked and confirmed it is the correct one and I’ve sent messages so they could update me on the process still nothing till date. I wish everyone costumer care service can just be like that of Quidax. They have the best and most responsive customer care agents. I’ll rate them anything more than 5 star if possible.
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1 year ago, Apple Boy30
Pls return my money
Opay your app is okay but you guys are wicked and you refused to return my money. I lost my phone and my sim card and am unable able to retrieve it. So you guys ask me to do an affidavit and my NIN with Nepa bill and I did so too. I went to your office twice with the cost of transportation and u told me u will return my money to me. I sent the message again including my affidavit and NIN to your Antifraud more than five times but all my efforts are abortive. If you don't want your company to collapse and you guys don't lose ur, entire family members pls return my money
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1 year ago, YelloDML
Sending and saving money
I love opay not just because sending money is so easy and convenient, and also the savings is top notch,like save box that alow you to withdraw every quarter of the year with cool interest also target that let you meet your goal with interest or you pay fine for not meeting your goal, I love you Opay ng
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1 year ago, truthpays
OPay is criminal , the customer service is slower than tape worm and they claim bonuses which they don’t provide. I got my OPay card and was told I will be refunded after activation and first use . All done yet no refunds . I opened a complaint with the brainless live chat on series of occasions and up to a month plus now , nothin has been done Customer service is the pooooreeest , they take years to reply a single message and the chat suddenly disconnects. I advise you not to use this app. They are not serious as I myself am considering switching to kuda or other platform
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2 years ago, Vessyviable
Well so far so good I have been enjoying OPay. The only thing there I don’t like is splitting my money sometimes I may fund my wallet with 45k and do one or two transactions before I know some money will be in Owealth while some will be in my balance. It gives me serious concern because it prevents me from sending money in in whole rather sending in pieces. It is really crazy. They should work on that idea because to me it is a no brainer.
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2 years ago, Blinkxx_Osha
Rubbish service.
Y’all mad for making this app. I know I’m so stupid for using this foolish app. I started having issue since I updated the foolish app, so I can get new stuffs within the rubbish app. It’s unable to login again. I deleted the app and downloaded it again; but still the same. I just sent money to the app to use it get myself a Drug for my health...now isn’t working again. See if you don’t want to get your app reported. Better solve this issue before I broadcast your rubbish app to everybody. I regretted for using this foolish app 😞 😞
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10 months ago, victhor18
Login and log out
The app login feature is very bad and unsafe. After doing transaction on the app most people just press home button and continue with daily activities, whereas the Opay app is still active and open for any intruder to use making the user vulnerable to unexpected use. User don’t have time to press three or four button for them to log out but rather after a set time the app should automatically lock itself The login feature needs to be addressed because putting biometric doesn’t solve this
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1 year ago, PalmPay Guru
Fast and rapid transactions!
Your transactions are always fast and delivers to the recipient account in seconds which is something other banks lacks But I’ll like to add that you ensure that your failed transactions complaint from customers be attended to and rectified the same way your transactions are fast Nice work Opay 👍🏽
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5 years ago, Chrisphemy
Useless app
I wish there is something below 0 to rate this app. I am using the app for a purpose. I tried making transactions for almost 3days without any success. The customer service(very poor) told me the site is under maintenance for over 5days?. I tried to transfer the money back to bank account since the purpose has failed. Guess what? They won’t let me, telling me the details are incorrect. The same details that was correct when I paid in. Please avoid this app if you have something serious or urgent to do because it will fail you when needed most.
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7 months ago, Iam_Joeboi
Number Best
So far that I’ve used Opay, it’s one of the best finance apps in Nigeria. This Opay Bank is sweet and simple to use… not like the others apps where your money will be disappearing 🙄. But Opay is different.. but sadly it still can’t transfer money to other African countries nevertheless Outside Africa. Like America, Europe, Asia e.t.c… So I’d like to say they should work on that.. Thank you 😊
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2 years ago, chisflow
Fastest app for all transactions
I love OPay Your deposit are safe and also you earn interest on them They are fast and reliable OPay guarantees you many ways to save money for future use OPay still grants you cashback on every transaction you carry out on the app All transfers on OPay is free of charges and so much more Download and enjoy
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2 years ago, rexpam
Opay as been on a slow level since few months the app isn’t good like before and the creditMe feature are taken away from the app and got replaced with Okash that did not give out a loan the loan feature is not working at all, I’ve been using kuda and palmpay I was allowed to use the loan feature but on Opay nothing works even the app is not good at all despite all the amount I have received on my Opay going to 2 years and I did have access to creditMe or any loan
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5 months ago, gwill265
People’s preferred FinTech app
Mobile banking made easy. No hassle with electricity purchase, renew cable subscription with ease, 24/7 Customer service, Non stop rewards and giveaway, less transfer charges. Opay beat all existing/old banks hands down. I’m also looking forward to FX exchange, transactions and investment on Opay. Well done.
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3 months ago, Rockiecutie
Opay is the most efficient banking system in Nigeria so far. Since it’s birth; Opay offers timely, ache-free, dependable banking services which is far better than any other bank’s transactional and investment system both online and offline. Other banks in Nigeria should learn the definition of what proper banking services should be from Opay.
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2 years ago, Babyboi Reggie
Credit Alert
Please i would like to be having credit alert not only debit alert from you email I mean when you transfer you get an email that Transfer successful but when you are sent money we don’t see any alert please review it
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5 months ago, Ricchovo
Decreased Account Tier
Hello, what’s with the new update? Opened my app was unable to make any transactions and you guys where asking for my NIN number in which I did provide and there was an error message saying the information doesn’t match and that’s I previously used in Upgrading my account to tier 3 and you people forced me to downgrade my account to Tier 1 before I could make any transactions, please you guys should fix your stupid app, this isn’t the first time I’m having issues with your service so try and fix this
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1 year ago, Thomy_wa
We need Face ID working on Opay with IPhones
You need to activate OR make an update so the Face ID can work on Opay here on our iPhones it’s so stressful typing our password everytime we need to log in or make a transfer make that work please!!!! Giving a 5 star cause it’s a cool app that’s what you’re just lacking!!!
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9 months ago, iamjohnleylafrosh
Slower to load and connection lost
I don’t think I’ve make the right decision by making an update seriously…ever since I updated this app yesterday I’ve not been enjoying it at all..not at all It’s just been whack…i will on data it will be slow on only opay and faster on other apps..what could be happening and if i use hotspot it will still be fair…I don’t know the problem between you and airtel….please do the needful on time. Thank you
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5 months ago, PeterPetrine
I’m not enjoying your services this days, can you imagine I had to downgrade from tier 3 - tier1 Why? Because there is no place for me to input my nin number just so I can continue with my transactions……and till now if I click on where to input my nin, instead of bringing out where to input the numbers it will rather bring out verify your face with your ID and then it will say contact customer support Like it’s really frustrating and the customer service are not evening doing anything about it
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1 year ago, Danny_krus
The best mobile money app
You are the best i recommend everyone to use this best mobile money operator The best mobile money I can recommend but I don’t receive notifications for credit alert or inflow of money to my account any more on my iPhone pls work on this please
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