#open: nonmonogamous community

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9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for #open: nonmonogamous community

3.67 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 months ago, Swizz1704
Has Potential
This app has great potential and i can see it. The software feels sloe and a little out dated tho. Its very slow and theres a bug where everytime you find someone out of range, it wont let you go to a different profile up until you up the distance up and thats a problem when im looking for people that are pretty close. And liven up the software, it looks like a 1980's website. But other then that i love the idea of the hashtags and the search bar and everything else. Keep up the great work😁😁😁😁
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7 months ago, Mrs.Rix
Could be so much better
The free version of the app leaves a lot to be desired. I live in the rural Midwest. The fact is there are not many people who consider themselves polyamorous or at least they’re not open about it. Not to mention, I am a black female, searching specifically for other black counterparts. The free version of the app gives you only 20 swipes a day. Typically, the options I’m given are older white males, and some couples sprinkled in. My 20 swipes are gone in the course of 15 seconds with no potentials for me. Now I know I could broaden my horizons, but at this point in my life, and after having a 19 year marriage, with a white male, I would really like to look for a relationship with someone of my own ethnicity… sue me. But in my search, I’m not even given the opportunity to see men that fit this description with such a limited number of swipes unless I pay for more. Even if my search ends on a black male, by the time my 24 hours resumes, that particular profile is gone and I am back to a catalog of non-black males and couples. The search does not pick up where it left off. It’s actually very frustrating. I feel as though if you’re going to limit the number of swipes that an individual has, then you could at least give more criteria by which the search can be limited to. But that’s just my opinion. In the end, the company has to make money and this is one way of ensuring that they do that.
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5 years ago, legadj
Best site for the open polyamorous lifestyle
I have used lots of these dating apps— too many to lust here. But for someone who lives in the open marriage/relationship community, there isn’t a better app anywhere to find someone who matches your lifestyle choices. You can even list your limitations so people are pursuing who “aren’t into what you definitely are not into.” Best of all, I found my current poly partner and I never had to pay a cent, like other apps that require you to pay a membership fee to either boost yourself, or even worse, just to see who likes you or who is a match. Save yourself a lot of money and time... if you are open or poly this is the perfect app for you.
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2 years ago, B-RadBear
Most specific and in depth dating app so far
Honestly the best app out there as far as ways to identify yourself, sexuality and relationship types. Profile options and freedom is great. Top that off with the lack of fake/spam accounts and the surprisingly amazing quality of those who end up on this app it’s Truly amazing. Obviously it’s new so there aren’t a lot of people on here yet but I highly recommend it. Would be a 5 star but location controls are awful. Once again I get it there’s only a few dozen people on the app in my area but I’d rather just run out once their outside my preferred area than seeing people all over the country
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5 years ago, SatisfiedCustomer#69
Very inclusive
What surprised me about #open was how many different options were available for gender identity and sexual orientation, and the sheer number of hashtags available for interests (and hard limits) was overwhelming at first. Those who are not familiar with certain non-binary terms might have some difficulty figuring out what they mean, so this app does require a bit of research on the part of the user.
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5 years ago, Devushka8
Nothing like it has existed before
I’m just so excited that a truly welcoming, inclusive place now exists on the internet for people who have alternative gender, sexual and romantic identities. It feels like a really safe place where you can assume that everyone is open-minded, honest and communicative, especially about boundaries and consent. I’ve met some wonderful people, one of whom became a really special romantic partner in my life and now a lifelong friend, so I’m forever grateful. There was a small pool when I joined as a beta tester, but it’s really been growing in the last few months.
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2 years ago, trollololollololol
I love it but
I feel like this app could be amazing however I also would love more ways of interacting with other users nearby rather than just on a match to match basis maybe you could do something like the FET app does and have a lobby that allows users to talk to each other without matching or have members be able to private message users they have yet to match with another thing that I would love to see is more filters for what you want to find and maybe a dark mode as the white screen hurts my eyes while I’m laying in bed at night swiping and reading peoples profiles
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1 year ago, ragoonzoo
Everything works well except….
While the app give you great option to identify your self and look for similar minded people. It completely fails since it has taken away location control. Unless you live a metropolitan area, the app is useless. How about I supposed to meet similar minded people when everyone is 200 miles away? Why don’t I just shorten the search range? YOU CANT, they’re explanation- “Covid has shown us distance doesn’t matter” That’s great but am I supposed to online have online relationships now? Will I have to travel 100 miles to meet someone. Everything works well except by taking away location, it severely limits the user. Delete immediate and use anything else.
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1 year ago, thepdxkid
Lots of potential
Like others have said, this app has promise. It’s just glitchy and lacks some basic features that would make it a lot better. I live in a very rural area so I didn’t expect to see too many users around me, but then it just keeps pulling people in from further and further away. I visited a very urban area yesterday and switched my filter to “proximity” and nothing changed, it just kept pulling from further and further away, it seemed to me like that feature didn’t work. I wish it showed how active a person’s profile is too.
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3 years ago, Idea dude
Needs work
I like the culture and vision of this organization focused on sex positive and being a healthy space. The OpenEd classes are great for idea development and philosophical conversations. Other apps could benefit from doing this as well. It’s a young app and not very well known, and in my area there aren’t many people on it. It is competing with mainstream dating apps. I’m giving it 3 stars for now because there is not a distance filter. I want to connect with people in person, and not continue to see people 500 miles away. I’d rather see that there are no potential matches available right now in my area, than see people a significant distance from where I live. Please make this adjustment. You cannot also see who you’ve swiped right or left on in the past in case you’ve made an error. For these reasons I don’t see this as a competitive app. Hope some of these issues are fixed.
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2 years ago, Philos314
Great idea and great app
I’ve used many dating apps. Being polyamorous on most of them is a problem. On #open it’s the norm. This makes it feel very inviting. The inclusivity and openness (pun intended) is refreshing and very much appreciated. Their options and language is a big part of creating space for people at any point on the non-monogamy spectrum. The setup of interests, limits, looking for, etc is very helpful and easy to use. I highly recommend this app.
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1 month ago, TelsescopeHF
I feel ripped off
I'm newly ENM and have been looking for apps that cater to that - #Open came recommended on several sites, so I decided to try it's out. For context, I'm straight man in my mid 30s. I liked a fair amount of women, then was told I was had "run out of" likes. I pair for a month of additional likes, only to immediately discover any users left were more than 3X my maximum distance. It's been almost 4 days and I have no new users in my area. Will probably use the app until my subscription is up, but I'm sitting here without no likes frustrated I invested time and money in a dead app.
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3 years ago, Ravisis
Getting there
This app shows promise. Its easy to use and has good bones. It could use better design. Switching between solo and partner mode is a bit clunky and will freeze the app. One feature that I think is needed badly is to show when the last activity was from another person. How do I know its not just someone that created their profile years ago and never logs in? Also would like to know how many people saw my profile, has anyone? Its hard to get a sense how “alive” the app is.
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3 years ago, Mother Nurture Doula
ENM connections
I’ve been on #open for just over 2 years and consistently find good quality matches, including 2 partners within that time. Love the option to view and undo my previous Like/Pass. I’ve been a supporting member since the option was introduced and really like the option to see who likes me, makes it easier & faster to match.
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5 years ago, Campst47
So far, so good
Enjoying it so far. Initial opinion is that I like the format. Most apps fail within the first couple of weeks because of no one in my area ever being online, so we’ll just have to wait and see. So far seems like most people haven’t logged in in 2 months or more. Besides lack of activity, this app has pretty nice potential. Just try harder to incentivize your users to log back in.
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5 years ago, dcbahr1
Not accessible to blind users.
This sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the introductory profile screen because the text fields to create a profile are not labeled at all. I have no idea what to write in them, although I’m guessing it’s something like first name, last name, email, etc. So, I’d love to become a part of the community, but not being able to fill in the intro fields is kind of a problem. Perhaps it would be helpful for the developers to look at how to label these for voiceover users so they can incorporate an entire new market of blind users into their community.
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3 years ago, Silidad
Could be easier to use
I love this app but it could be easier to use especially linking partner profiles with my wife and setting boundaries. It feels buggy with extra weird buttons but shows promise. Thank you for the reply. I eventually did figure out the problem and we were able to link our profiles. Love the app.
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4 years ago, Jamie LeClaire
The most inclusive, affirming dating app to date!
I love this app, I love the ability to have a partnered and solo profile, each with their own distinct bios and desires/interests, which are easy to alternate between. It’s refreshing to see an app that is inclusive from the ground up, kinky or not, poly or not, trans or not, this app is for everyone! They also take so many measure to ensure privacy and safety of its users, especially trans and nonbinary people!!
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2 years ago, FayLeeCO
Useless & not my people
The same profiles of people I’ve already swiped left on keep popping up again and again. Further, few of the app users bother to share much information about themselves. Many use photos of scenery instead of photos of themselves, which makes me wonder if they’re even real. Those that do use real photos and write something meaningful in their profile are usually just looking for sexual relationships, or if more, seem to lean too far on the kink scale for me. So, I’ve deleted the app and will look elsewhere for a partner.
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3 years ago, Crucifiction machine
This is probably the most useless app I’ve downloaded in a long time. And it’s definitely the most useless app I’ve used for the lifestyle. Can’t send messages. Didn’t see any messages. Can’t search and a whole lot more. I went through and liked every profile i saw. Not because I was interested, but because I figured there is no way I liked hundreds of people and not one person sent a message. Never saw a message, couldn’t send messages to others. Good thing it’s free. You won’t be out anything aside from wasting your time.
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3 years ago, J_Gomez
Needs work, love the concept though.
Really wish this app would get bigger it has potential. I wish direct messaging was available for premium users. That would be nice. It’s so Hard to match with people who they hardly can find your profile. Or at least allow us to see who likes us. I paid for that feature and nothing would load for me kept asking me to pay when I already did.
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4 years ago, SleepyExcited
One of the best (if not the best) dating apps
#open is chill and quite literally open. And the Play Nice rules rock. It’s very comfy for queer folk like myself, love the polyamory levels here (even if we don’t click, it’s nice to remember I’m not alone being polyam) and, though non-sex Ace, I appreciate the sex-positivity and kink positivity, and the consent and safety culture. Run by people who care. And I look forward to seeing it grow and build
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2 years ago, Badlandswolf
Just one problem
Not everyone has access to a working cell number so they can’t make an account here. My partner’s phone is currently not in use due to needing to pay phone bills so she couldn’t make an account here.
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3 years ago, QuietPerson
Good idea…difficult interface
I like the idea of this app, as it fits my philosophy of relationships. However, as a visually impaired person, I find the interface crowded, busy, and error-prone (I keep hitting wrong buttons, and things scroll by too quickly for me to take time to read). More actual text and fewer little icons to decipher would be really helpful.
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5 years ago, Kings R Us
Good problem to have
Ah, there are so many wonderful and unique people on this app! A relief from Tinder and other sites that cater to mainstream relationship models. The problem is that I want to like most of the people I encounter, some to date but others to befriend. Apps like Feeld allow you to pass without permanently rejecting someone, and Bumble states your intention to pair as friends (BFF). It would be nice to have an option to like someone with the intention to befriend them. I don’t want to mislead someone by swiping right. Take your time, prioritize the other important updates. Love the app so far.
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2 years ago, Wonderjar
There’s potential, but…
You have covid as the reason that there is no distance filter, but covid isn’t the only sickness people can pass to each other. That won’t change. I downloaded this app to make friends who can actually be a part of my social life, but I can’t use it if I’m only being shown profiles of people who are 70+ miles away. I’m sure a lot of users agree
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2 years ago, Creator333
No way to tell
I read that this app has been in existence for two years yet it is rarely known. I can’t tell if the profiles are current or even active. There is no new people in the vicinity appearing and once you leave a distance range you are unable to come back. It just keeps extending. That’s what others complain about and it appears true. I was excited finding it but it doesn’t look like it will grow.
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3 years ago, DeeLovesYoga
I’m looking forward to more people in our area using this app! We use a couple other apps but this one is the most progressive and slick. The paid version is reasonable unlike many of the other apps.
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3 years ago, wotmi
Not enough users
I love the concept, but there just aren’t enough users in my local area. Most people in my feed are 200+ miles away. The user interface is not the most intuitive. Still, I hope it takes off, and they continue to make improvements.
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2 years ago, Sister JayRedd
It’s ok
There’s not really attractive ppl. They’re all hundreds and thousands of km apart. No exaggeration. You can’t message bcuz I’m not sure if you have to match first but no one is ever active or the app doesn’t work. And there should really be a verification process to avoid bots. Other than that, once I finally figured out how to work the app… it’s ok.
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3 years ago, harperswoods
Used to be better
I used to enjoy this app, even though the number of users in my area was somewhat sparse. It was convenient being able to see everyone in the grid view, but now that’s hidden behind a paywall. I can’t quite justify the cost for this one yet. In addition, the app is still buggy and kept shutting down on me. I’ll consider returning if they can find better ways to monetize the app.
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1 year ago, Cletus1rn
I’ve used dating/FWB apps for a while. This one has a lot of potential, especially with all the customized, hashtags. But after a few weeks, I’ve yet to get a match. I’ve used dating apps enough to get a feel for how often I get a match—usually at least 2-4 per week. Zero. Makes me wonder if the app works. Or if it’s intentionally holding off on matches until I pay for it for a few months.
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5 years ago, SRQchick
Great start
Once this is up and running, I can see the potential. Would be helpful for newbies to get to see some examples of hashtags to be used. I updated my profile three times after reading others’ profiles.
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4 years ago, ronbon55
Lots of cool features and no $$$ scams make this a long awaited welcome site for us in open relationships looking for friends with benefits. Wish there was a way to send a message without have the other person liking my profile at the same time. Or at least have a way to see who has liked you.
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5 years ago, ALSG79
Not quite
Some of the users are questionable at best. The app seems to be saturated with unicorn hunters and single men who are convinced this is an easier app to get laid from. The biggest issue is now these banner notifications are showing up advertising condoms and the like. Just, maybe don’t interrupt my day with that crap. No more notifications from this app or maybe I will just uninstall it and save myself the trouble.
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2 years ago, rebel645
Awesome app for ENM
This is the best app around for ENM and poly connections. User base is very large. I’m a single male but connected with a couple the first night. We’ve now been texting for about a week and planning on meeting up. This app is awesome!!
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2 years ago, Varitz
Great idea
Love there being a dating app for polyamorous people and the search function for people with similar interests, but almost all people are hundreds of miles away, please add the ability to limit profiles to those within certain radius.
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3 years ago, gl0wrious
Not much excitement
Like someone else mentioned, the app interface is pretty barebones. Its almost too plain. It doesn't make me want to figure out how to use it or even pay to figure it out. The fact we cant see who likes us until we pay for it is a bummer, at least show a few profiles to reel us in.
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5 years ago, j_p5647
About time!
#open is a fresh and new way to enjoy internet dating. With a simple to use interface and the ability to find exactly what you want, it’s the perfect new dating app.
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2 years ago, ScottOrnott
Filters needed
I’m a premium member and I wish there was a way to filter out profiles that aren’t mutually seeking me (e.g. couples with a straight male looking for single females, and I’m a single bisexual male) It’s disappointing to read a profile only to discover they wouldn’t even be interested in you.
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1 year ago, shhsueueiwiwiissisi
I feel eh about it
I’m giving this a two stars because I like the app but then the only problem that I really have is the contact never gets back to you in my bio does not show up which I am trying to get in contact with someone but unfortunately nobody contact me about it
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3 years ago, Jocko43
Great app!
Women are beautiful, definitely does not disappoint!! The app itself is very easy to use, I’ve actually met some really cool people on here. Highly recommend it
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7 months ago, aiymaSnikies
Just like all the other dating/Chat Apps
1. You can’t see who likes your profile… unless you pay. 2. You can’t chat with anyone…unless you pay 3. You can’t change your location… unless you pay. 4. You cannot view other people’s full profile…unless you pay But supposedly this app is free? Rigggght….Uninstalled annnnd Deleted
Show more
5 years ago, Zdbell2
New community
I’m excited to see this community grow, as it really sets itself apart from other dating apps. Everybody who’s on here understands the concept of non-monogamy to a some degree, so there are no surprises and no judgements!
Show more
11 months ago, RandomNickname00
Account Issue
It signed me out. I tried to sign back in with my number. It said my account was suspended. I had a friend check to see if my profile was still up and it is. Emails to the “support” email address go unanswered. At this point I want to delete my account. No one answers “support” emails. Very user unfriendly. Absolutely avoid this app.
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3 years ago, TillLux.com
Great app when it opens
Wonderful app. Started strong. Nice layout. Actually can make it happen. Then it became like the other apps with the freemium feature. But still great Now it just shuts downs or won’t get past landing page It’s a nice change from lifestyle apps. More people. Hope they fix it
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2 years ago, dancing2myowndrum
Overall ok but ....
It’s great that we now have an app where poly etc people can weed out the monogamous types. But it’s very white 😞 I date all races. No racial preferences here but being that it’s so white and the whites only want to date white. Where does a polyamorous black man go? I’m kinda screwed no? Not very happy with the user base. Sorry
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2 years ago, KINGBDoc
another dating app with no memebers
good concept but you cannot set a distance limit... you can set every other limit tho ;) when you run out of profiles near you it just gets farther and farther away the first day I was looking at people 70+ miles away after swiping ten minutes the interface is a little choppy too. cannot zoom pics or see them without text over them the tag system doesnt have a set list so people just write anything so matching a tag requires correct spelling and matching terminology
Show more
5 years ago, Sunkisst219
Outstanding concept and execution
Seamlessly jumping between solo to partnered profile mode makes this app sensational! Brilliant concept with the hashtags. Finally, an app to provide a sorting solution for the community you are looking for!
Show more
1 year ago, KimMichelle1120
Do no waste your time
I got the app tried the free version and no one messaged or liked I paid the subscription hoping that maybe messages don’t without subscription and still nothing happen no matches likes or messages I couldn’t even start a new chat with anyone. Waste of money and time.
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