Opendoor – Buy & Sell Homes

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Opendoor Labs, Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Opendoor – Buy & Sell Homes

4.76 out of 5
10.4K Ratings
5 years ago, nanap2
Open Door is the Way To Go!!
My daughter and her husband looked at a house listed by open door. We loved that we could go see it as often as we wanted as they were considering it. Nobody looking over your shoulder so you’re free to inspect inside the cabinets, toilets...all the places that are usually uncomfortable. They were listing their relatively new home as well at the same time and decided to check with open door on an offer and open door came in much higher than they were planning on listing their house through a real estate company. Within days, they accepted open doors offer, open door did the inspection, no repairs needed and their house was sold! 3 days, done. They put an offer in on the open door house, their inspector found a few minor issues, open door made the repairs the next day, sold! Open door is the way to go. Both houses done in under a week. Closing and Ready to move in within 15 days. Awesome
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5 years ago, merchantmaster
This app is so easy to use
I really love using the Opendoor app in my home search. The notifications are very quick and the links from the emails always work and take you exactly to what you’re looking for. Being able to easily unlock any home and tour it on my way home from work is such an incredible benefit for my wife and I given our lack of free time. On homes that Opendoor doesn’t own, it is helpful to be able to schedule tours of them and see easily when an open house might be with the tag displayed in the upper right-hand corner. Lastly, the map and directions features are great, highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Looksbusy
Great for browsing but poor quality homes and customer service
At first, I really enjoyed being able to see a house that was listed without bothering my agent to drive all over Atlanta to let me in. This concept alone is what make’s Opendoor “open house” concept awesome. In this market, agents are far too busy and gas cost way too much to bring them along with you on every single home search. Mind you, my husband and I have put offers in on 6 homes in the last year and all lost to cash offers and much higher offers even though we offered $20k - $50k more. Knowing an agent only gets paid when we close, we are careful not to waste her time out of respect. The more homes we saw via Opendoor vs the other homes, the quicker we noticed that most of the Opendoor homes were in need of a lot of work. Especially at the asking price. Some of these hime were so poorly made “market ready” that you could see where fresh carpet that wasn’t tacked down was laid over wet floors that dogs peed on. The smell was rancid. Another house had all the windows painted shut and the foundation was completely crumbing. Another house the toilet was running and when I inspected a bit closer found in the other side of the bathroom in the garage, the walls were wet with mold. Anyone who knows nothing about what to look for will find themselves buying a mess. At the end of the day, Opendoor would be better off just being a home touring company for a small fee.
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3 years ago, Radlman
This company sounds great at first but they definitely low ball you even if they say they don’t and try to give you “market value”. I could deal with market value and a 5% fee but they were way far off that. How low ball are we talking? Their offer was approximately 23% less than the estimated value on both Zillow and Realtor. It was about 5% less than my appraisal value for local property tax which is always low to avoid disputes with homeowners. The offer they gave was only about 10% higher than the purchase price of mynhouse nearly 15 years ago. There has been a lot of appreciation in real estate in my area in the past 15 years but apparently Opendoor was not going to see that. Finally, they used comps outside my jurisdiction, even though they were geographically close. I told them this lowered my value but that did not dissade them from using the same value. So much for “location, location, location”. I agree with the others—don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, CeciliaCLT
Bad app Usability; not personalized
The app is focus to make customers submitting an offer right at the instant. No guidance before clicking “submit” I found Very few opportunities for human interaction. An app is not the channel to automate home purchasing, for cars or other needs yes. I went to see a house and submitted an offer. The price suggested by them was misleading and my offer was declined. It seems they consider offers within their network. Low chances to make a smart decision based on real estate experts. Since I don't buy homes everyday, the 1st time is enough to not use Open Door again. The contracts are in their best interest, their lawyers at closing, etc. I lost the opportunity for a bad app experience. They suggested a price to buy directly from them, but the reality is that on those properties they own, they impose a bidding model. To developers, you need to have usability experience based on real customers.
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1 year ago, catchlite
Where User Experience Comes Last
I’ve tried to use that app so many times. They send me emails and I try follow the links but I’m required to answer question after question beforehand. Some of those questions start with an erroneous premiss like “Is this the house you’re trying to sell?” Uh, NO! …but the only option is to tap a button that says “That’s It!”. So I force quit the app, relaunch, same question. Who wants to take a survey every time you want to look at a house. Zillow, Realtor, ReMax and Trulia let you use their app. It’s no wonder Opendoor is having “troubles”. Their app is terrible. Not sure I’ve ever made it far enough to see what a listing looks like on the Opendoor app. I get sick of taking endless surveys and bail before seeing the house. The App ecosystem will be better when this app is gone. Maybe they should put the app in the hands of a user who isn’t an Opendoor Executive before unleashing this on the rest of us. Poor work, Opendoor.
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5 years ago, totnum
Don’t waste your time!!
This company doesn’t give you what your home is worth first off. Then they give you a full list of work needed and all these fees. They keep $12k “deposit” for any foundation repair damage and at the end the plumbing was supposedly affected by the foundation repair and it had to be fixed. What a coincidence that the plumbing company’s invoice was exact $12k with no detail of work on invoice! Also one of the charges on contract was to remove shed and bill stuff from back yard which we agreed to but then whoever they hired to do that posted FREE STUFF. PLEASE MOVE SO I DONT HAVE TO PAY MY GUYS TO MOVE IT (on social media) I asked multiple times for a detailed invoice from plumbing and no one could ever get me one. It took them a month to get back to me after many emails and calls to let me know everything was done at house and we weren’t getting deposit of $12k back. Do not waste your time. Use a real estate agent if possible unless you need to get rid of your house ASAP and don’t care what you get for it.
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4 years ago, stick to a realtor
Don’t Waste Your Time
OpenDoor is a waste of time. My husband and I found three homes on the app that were listed as “available to tour.” We pulled up to one home, it didn’t have a lockbox so we couldn’t get in. We saw another home in the same Snellville, Ga neighborhood that had an OpenDoor sign in the yard but we pulled it up on the app and it said “Offer Accepted.” We then found a house on the app located in Grayson, Ga. We drove to Grayson and pulled up to the house and saw a family pulling sports equipment out the trunk of their car!!!!! I called and reported this and was told, “This house is managed by a third party company so I can connect you with them.” I was extremely confused because I called OpenDoor to let them know there was a home listed as available on THEIR site but the rep was just trying to push me off onto another company?! We wasted 1.5 hrs of our time with this app with minimal assistance from incompetent reps. Save yourself the trouble....don’t use this app. I will be deleting it.
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2 years ago, Melisa Muller-Smit
Limit House Viewing
We flew to Arizona in order to look at homes to purchase. For the first couple days we LOVED open door because we could just pop into houses and get an idea of the market. Then all of a sudden we were BLOCKED from touring homes. We called once and they told us that the home requires a real estate agent. Drove to the next home and called again since it didn’t let us in and they said that it was just new precautions. After driving to the third house and clicking on the tour time and receiving an error message we were informed that we couldn’t enter another home because we were LOOKING at houses. We didn’t enter every house we looked at. Simply because we LOOKED at too many they told us we needed to get an agent. We have a real estate agent, but we can’t take up three entire days with her. It’s ludicrous that we couldn’t tour more than 5 homes over the course of multiple days.
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2 years ago, Kedallaf
Inconvenient for an actual real estate agent
I am a real estate agent and have shown multiple houses through open door. I have found it difficult to schedule showings and noticed their are some defaults and errors to the app. Sometimes instead of letting me schedule an appointment it says, build your offer. It also doesn’t give me an option as a realtor, it says “I am not committed to an agent” or “I am committed to an agent” and there is no option “I am the agent”. This is quiet frustrating when trying to schedule a showing quickly like ShowingTime from the multiple listings service provides. If you could please update this to have easier access when scheduling appointments and separate these features. Don’t automatically have this pop up about submitting an offer, have that a click button option.
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5 years ago, finepokwsop
Best home shopping experience you can ask for!
Shopping for a home can be stressful when you have to constantly bug your realtor to show you homes. And when you continue to see homes that aren’t for you, you can start to feel bad for the amount of time you take from the realtor. Opendoor allows you to go on your own, when you want. It allows so much freedom to view homes. I love how they go about the verification process. I wasn’t asked for an ID until I viewed one home. And in the end, it was all free! While I didn’t buy a home on opendoor I loved the experience. Thank you Opendoor!
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1 year ago, Single female buyer
After being able to self tour and visit homes for two years I was denied access. I am a single woman. I am not sure if their target demographic is different from mine however, I was denied access to self tours abruptly. Their excuse was that my phone number was not verifiable. Completely false; I use my phone number every single day, as well as, that being my contact number on all of my bills, utilities, and mortgage payments. Ladies, if you are looking to purchase a home, perhaps a rental property steer clear of this company. I believe they are targeting dual income families. However that is no excuse for discrimination against women! A woman may want to purchase a first home or a rental property and build a life of financial independence without companies like open door, discriminating against them!
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5 years ago, Kawaii Senpai Christi
Amazing to see a house
I see people leaving bad reviews due to buying houses on the app but just by first using the app, it’s honestly absolutely MAGNIFICENT. I really do love it. I haven’t checked out the rest of the app because I just downloaded it while looking at houses but it honestly makes life so much more easier. Just download it, put in information, and done! They let you look at the house with out having to contact anyone and having to make annoying conversation with a realtor. You get to check it out with yourself and your family peacefully.
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3 years ago, Phillium1441
The future is here!!
As an agent myself I am looking forward to seeing the continued growth of platforms like this to support real estate transactions. I welcome these changes and these platforms are undoubtably the future of real estate. Specifically the OpenDoor app has a very refreshing and simplistic interface, I’ll look forward to seeing this company evolve in the coming years! Highly recommend you check out the app as either a consumer or real estate professional, this company has a lot of unique value to offer!
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2 years ago, TomTomMuri
Started okay but then took a turn
The concept of the app is very efficient. Touring homes privately at your own time and no pressure is the best form of freedom when touring a home. Yet, if by there standards you view to many homes you get blocked from touring privately. The one feature that makes this app and concept stand out ends up being unavailable to the user, just by using it more then what the people behind this app believe you should. My instructions to clear this issue were said to be “ get a agent with you to tour”. So, the best feature this app provides of a private tour at your own time. Is now not a possibility. Good idea and good concept but counter intuitive precautions.
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6 years ago, alyaknatasha
Great Concept, but...
The concept is amazing. It takes the hassle out of contacting your realtor and waiting on their response 🙄 setting a date to go view the house, not to mention them trying to sell you something you really don’t want. But anyway the app makes me sick sometimes. For instance I’ll. click on a house and it you take a minute or two to display or doesn’t at all or I’ll click on a house and another house i have previously looked at will show up in the place of the house i want to look at! It’s frustrating sometimes especially when you’re out and about!
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1 year ago, treycantstay
A loophole to offload faulty houses at full price
$25k+ in damage repairs so far. Bought a house from open door full asking price (they were not willing to negotiate). Had it inspected. After moving in we discovered the studs were like graham crackers you could crush in your hand from termite damage and it had live termites. It has cost us over $25k to repair so far (not finished) and since open door never lived in the house and the damage wasn’t visible or disclosed to them by the person they bought it from we have no legal recourse and are just stuck with the mess. If we’d bought it from the previous owner they would have had to disclose it or risk being sued, but because it went through opendoor they muddy the waters
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2 years ago, jeparleenglish
Always has problems and not intuitive
I can never schedule a tour myself, no matter how many times I update and refresh. I always need to contact customer service. And when I contact them, they set me up for a tour. But when I get to the house, I still can’t unlock it. And they say that the house is not available for tour, and I need an agent….even though on the app, it says available for self tours. Customer service was so unhelpful and even the chat is slow to respond. Just use an agent. Even the competitor apps are more cohesive and reliable and intuitive. I can’t even see a list view of homes on the map so I have to tap and zoom in and out and hope I saw all the options.
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6 months ago, pyro_element
Great support
Just recently moved to Texas and was in the market to rent a home. I was low enough to look through other means and came across a property owned by opendoor as someone was trying to rent it out. The app instructed me on what to do directing me to a representative who took down the information and made sure it won’t happen again. Thank you so much for being so detailed in the app and when it’s time for me to buy a home, you’ll be my first stop where ever I am!
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2 years ago, freddie money
Waste of time.
This app and company used to be so much better. I loved that while exploring potential new towns I could check out homes for sale to see what was available without wasting a realtors time. However, when I was ready to purchase suddenly my account was flagged and I was no longer able to look at homes. This was in a matter of weeks. From people I have talked to this has now become their practice. After a day or two of looking you are flagged and cannot tours homes without a realtor. If that is the case, what is the point of self tour houses. The ability to tour on my schedule was what drew me to opendoor and now that option is gone. So disappointed in them.
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5 years ago, S-WangA
Works great as of January 2019
Went to 3 houses and very surprised as I had never tried it before and didn’t know it was so easy! I would like to say thank you to the sellers for graciously allowing us inside their homes alone. So I suggest that the app include a small message before entering to the users about respecting the property or for the owners to say something and be honest. They can say “Serious buyers only” or certain conditions they want in their buyer. So far all houses have been nice and clean and lovely.
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3 years ago, trider006
The Future is here
I am a first time home buyer who is still in the process off landing a house in this crazy market. I am using OpenDoor Homes as my Lender and it’s so easy to find and make offers. OpenDoor has the option to use an all cash offer where they use their cash power for the offer and then loan it to you at no additional cost. My realtor Trevor seems to work 24/7 and is always a text or phone call away.
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3 years ago, s ike
My fiancé and I went to go look at a house and the first house was the experience we expected then every house after that we wanted to look at they gave us a “touring assistant” we just want to look at the houses as advertised unbothered. It seems that they just want to apply pressure to get you into a house. After the first experience we were excited to explore homes for the future, now I don’t even want to use this app anymore. We cancelled an appointment this morning because we were going to be too late and had a second showing later today that was cancelled by them! Waste of time and falsely advertised.
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2 years ago, SuperSwagPocket
Users Beware
Incredibly painful and unpersonal experience. All correspondence is inconsistent and generic. For instance, after a severe weather event a house I was interested received substantial damage. Two months later and they hadn’t even put the for sale sign back up. When I messaged them asking if they were aware of the damages they sent back an faq copy/paste about the price being based on comps. Also, they pretty much force you to use an agent to submit the THREE pieces of paper required to submit an offer. If you want to try negotiating the largest purchase of your life with a robot that isn’t local, this might be the platform for you.
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3 years ago, Excel Queen
Easy to use, just take your time.
Cool that I didn’t have to call my RealEstate agent to go back with my husband to look at it after I had seen it with my RealEstate agent. Also, cool that the door recognized my phone app & automatically opened when I pressed the icon on my app. Also nice that I can look at houses on my schedule (to what is available on OD) rather that call my RA & make our schedules match.
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6 years ago, tristanseth
Don’t want to waste time? Look here!
The idea of this app is great. We were looking around for open houses and couldn’t find many that would fit our schedule. Next thing we know, we see a blue sign that says OpenDoor. No pressure from agents breathing down your neck. Go in on your time, say what you want, and leave. No nerves at all. Easiest way of looking at a house I’ve ever seen. Now, please create an app for iPad! Thanks :) Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, josborne31
Missing features
The app is lackluster. Opendoor is frustrating. Selling to them was easy. Buying through them was terrible. The different departments within Opendoor don’t communicate with each other. And there’s never clear definition of who owns what, so I was frequently left with the direction to call someone else. After closing, I continue to get notifications for house searches in my area. I’ve asked to unsubscribe multiple times. Two star rating for the easy sales process and for one specific financial representative.
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5 years ago, samdashgrande23
Makes the process of buying a home so much less stressful
The map feature is the most useful, helping me figure out what homes are near me and when I can tour them. I’d like to better understand my mortgage costs associated with the property but I guess that’s what my loan officer is for. Overall, the app is fast, easy to understand and allows me to easily share links with my spouse. Loving it so far...
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5 years ago, J. Bird Man
Great concept but crummy company
My wife and I loved the concept but after looking at one house, the app locked us out from trying others. The company is frustrating enough but even the app won’t show you the house you’re trying to look at on the map. We were pretty thrilled to go looking for houses but the Opendoor company made what was supposed to be a pleasant afternoon into a frustrating one. Nobody from the company even answers the phone through the in app phone number. We’ll be using a different company to shop around and discourage others from trying Opendoor. Just want to save you all some unwanted frustration. Thanks!
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6 years ago, TheLangleys
Love it!!
Love Opendoor even more now! This is the new way to look at homes. We loved how we can just unlock the door as we walk up to it. This is absolutely amazing. Very flexible way to look at as many homes as possible and feeling no pressure in taking our time and walking around to look at the house. The cool part is we can just email or call Opendoor to make an offer at anytime. Keep up the great work!
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5 days ago, maka357
Marie to landlord
I would of like to see you and give you money now for the property. I didn’t like that the door was in lock position and I couldn’t lock up the place. Don’t know if hear works. I didn’t see the oil tank don’t know how the heat works. Some rooms don’t look like there is heat in it. What kind of stove was that. Wood stove or pellets. Thank you Marie Arden
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4 years ago, mellyloxe
Horrible experience buying a house
The whole thing about open door is the new paint and new cheap carpet they put in every house. If you ever noticed there’s not a lot done and the cheap work they do as well. I get it they make it look nice for buyers and then the problems start. We bought a house off them and let me say we retreat it so so so much. Let’s start off with the bad experiences we had with the house. The inspector passed it but little did we know a few months in a nasty smell was coming from the floor come to find out there was a leak and the floor had so much mold so much for a new carpet right ?
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5 years ago, AG62516
Very very disappointed in this company. My husband and I visited a house with our child. I sat my daughter down so she could crawl since she was squirming...about a minute after setting her down I saw 3 FLEAS on her legs! We left immediately and found 4 more on my husbands legs, 2 more on mine and 3 in my hair. we were in the house less than 10 minutes. When I called to inform them of the issue I was told a ticket was submitted and “they were sorry that happened to us” We are now having to pay to have our home treated because I am continuing to find new bites on my body. proceed with caution when viewing these homes.
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5 years ago, Yadira Ward
wish there were push notifs
I recently purchased a home for my parents using Open Door. The fact that I was able to gain access to the house easily and FaceTime them to “show” them around from their out of state location was so helpful to them in making a decision.
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3 years ago, Phoenix Zoo
Poorest purchase experience
Never ever tried to purchase a house via OpenDoor! They tried to purchase house from owner and immediately increase the price without doing anything! Which inflated the markets. I tried to purchase one from them, but they barely respond your questions. After I get my loan approval, and thought we can close in advance. It turns out there are violations in the house and they never disclosures or tried to address it. We have to wait until the closing date to cancel the contract, a huge waste of time!
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5 years ago, DZ1262
Would give 5 stars if it could go landscape
I want to view the properties in landscape so I actually could take a better look at them with my wife. I normally stream my phone to the tv so we can look together and because the app doesn’t turn it makes it hard. I only want it to turn for the pictures. I get it that it isn’t good design for it to turn for regular details.
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5 years ago, Rocco805
Opendoor uses scare tactics. I used a realtor and got $125,000 more.
Open door tried to rip us off by almost $125,000. Open door bought a house next door for a greater value than they offered us, that home was smaller, ugly, and very dated, and they offered us way less. We ended up working with a local realtor and got way more for our house in a short amount of time. Waiting 3 more weeks for $125,000 more was worth it. Opendoor used scare tactics and terrible assumptions of fees on both sides of the transaction. It was cheaper to work with a realtor and we netted considerably more money. Opendoor is terrible.
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1 year ago, Sara 245678484$3)
Open door makes it way to hard for buyers to schedule a tour which means less traffic for sellers
You have to download the app to schedule a tour from online and then go through a questionnaire, be bounced back to log in over and over and then when you finally get in you have to find the house you saw online because it doesn’t even take you there once you have an account and try to re-open from online. Terrible product experience that reduces leads.
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2 years ago, SajaKooks
Not really the way to go
In my area at least it’s well known to stay away from opendoor homes as just about everything is misleading. From limited self tours to extremely fake/misleading photos. One for instance the house looked fully renovated. We get there, house on the market 80 days. Extremely high price and the whole place looked like it succumbed to months of neglect and possible hobos. THIS IS IN AN ULTRA RICH NEIGHBORHOOD. unfortunately opendoor properties are not properly maintained nor are they good in assisting buyers with offers. It’s ok to peruse but that’s it.
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4 years ago, Keira Zulauf
we love our new home
We found our home while going on a run in a new area. We fell in love with the area and saw a home with an "Open for showing" sign in the front yard. We downloaded the app, went in, and then we made a fun adventure out of it and started running to all the other Open Door homes in the area.
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5 years ago, Марат Горшков
We had a lot of question about the this new innovative process, Julie Freed, my agent was able to return my calls at the drop of a hat and gave me the all information I required. I was also was put in contact with a Closing Manager, Shanda Conroy, who was able to help me with scheduling my walk through and late close out.
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5 years ago, Ümran Kurutluoğlu
Like it!
I've purchased homes before and i do a significant amount of online shopping and i have a teen aged child who 'meets' people online. The business model makes sense to me where everybody benefits. Tour agents paid hourly and buying agents don't come in until you found something you like.
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4 years ago, aggrivated2day
False advertising
Drove out of town and Tried to go in three houses today. None of them would let us in. You get a phone number to call when it doesn’t open and the lady on the phone, who sounded like she was at a party with all the noise in the background, informed us you have to have a realtor with you to enter the homes. I’ve used this app many times without a realtor and never had a problem. There were signs in the yard stating the home could be opened with the app from 9 to 6. False advertising. How is this legal?
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4 years ago, 174728818282
Had to spend 15 minutes setting up the app to try to get into an “open” house only to have it tell me it couldn’t unlock the door at the address I was at. You have to give them basically all your info including a drivers license scan and then they tell you they will sell your data unless you fill out some opt out form which gives errors and doesn’t work. The only thing that works about this app is data collection, everything else gives errors, highly recommend avoiding
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3 years ago, mcleand21
Total Waste of Time
First, Chris, the Opendoor assistant, didn’t book the correct tour time. Second, when we told Chris we were at the house for the tour, he told us to call the real estate agent so she would give us the tour. She had never heard of Opendoor and had no idea there was a tour scheduled, so we drove 25 minutes to not see the house. When I told Chris what happened, he never responded. Chris just wasted our time and did absolutely everything wrong. I will not be using Opendoor again.
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4 years ago, Kam Lamp
No negotiation
The concept seems more targeted to those trying to sell there house vs buying. Working with open door to buy a house through them has been hard as there is no negation. Three offers and not a single cent reduced from selling price even though we offer more and more on the house. No negation in closing cost. Firm on there number and no help from them as a seller. Not to mention the length of time the house has been on the market. And no answers on the potential damage on the property.
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5 years ago, AZASH11
The app is crap
The concept of the app is very cool but it's not usable. It constantly freezes and unsaves my favorites. It tells me there's no listings and then suddenly 20+ populate. It will route me to a JSN error (coding error) at least 1/15 minutes. It also clears my filters randomly ugh. If they spend a few dollars on the app, it would really make using the service more convenient. Especially since they're charging a huge service fee to sell my home.
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3 years ago, Mvrferrer
I visited a few of their properties years ago
I went to a few of their listings years ago. One of them I had to write up a report of the property and I never heard back Last year I downloaded the app again and it said all the accounts made prior didn’t exists. So I made one again , thought that shady. Now I downloaded today and it won’t get passed the log in screen. It’s probably a fraudulent company just collecting our data and selling it.
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5 years ago, Sarieeeh
Super user friendly
The app is pretty easy to use and straight forward. This really is the new way of home buying - being able to unlock doors just from the app and write offers. I really can’t think of a better way to be purchasing homes.
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3 years ago, allikkk
Cash backup offer
Please don’t fall in into their cash backup offer you will end up in having no realtor no seller to contact They all will eat their share and leave you alone wandering around to sought out your closing and if you’re a first time homebuyer like me and everything is new for you I would say just do your closing directly with the actual seller with your mortgage I made a mistake please don’t repeat it if you’re a first time homebuyer Thanks
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