OpenSky® Mobile

2.3 (604)
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Current version
Capital Bank Rockville MD
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for OpenSky® Mobile

2.34 out of 5
604 Ratings
3 years ago, SugarLove22
Good & Bad Points
A good card for rebuilding my credit. I started with a $300 deposit and several months later they upped my limit to $400 without me asking and without an additional deposit. Very good points for this card! However; if you’re on autopay each month beware! I made a manual payment this month over 2 weeks early on what would have been due on this month’s auto payment. The balance remaining wasn’t due until next month’s autopay date. But they went ahead on the 19th and took an autopay which didn’t clear my bank because I wasn’t expecting them take anything for a payment I already paid….and then charged me a $25 return check fee. I called customer service and was told they simply aren’t setup to reverse the fee. It doesn’t pay to make a payment early here because it’s going to cost you a lot more money in the long run. As for the app and all the users here having issues with this, it’s always worked fine for me. Maybe it’s different for various phone models, I’m iOS but it should be working well for everyone. I’d say bad app developers. And yeah, no phone number is on the app. I had to do a Google search to find one. Overall I’m not happy about being ripped off for a $25 check fee when I made my full payment due over 2 weeks early.
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3 years ago, Shonuff Shonia
Lousy App
I just began my relationship with Open Sky and the app is the absolute worse for starters. It may work one day and the next you will see nothing but a plain white screen for days at a time. That is not advantageous to ANYONE trying to keep a constant eye on their payments and progress. It’s also asinine that payments are not directly drafted and take 7-10 days to be drawn from your account which can still result in making your payments late even if you paid them EARLY. I read the reviews and far too many people have made these same comply. It is 2021 and there is no reason a company of this stature should be utilizing such antiquated methods. Unfortunately I will have to keep the card and use the actual website to stay abreast of my payment activity since the point of having the card is to rebuild my credit and use the card for X amount of time. Do better Open Sky.
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8 months ago, monsterousviciousgiganticD
I was VERY loyal to this company, I kept my secured card for years, I even submitted into a marketing contest “bragging” about the card and WON. I got several hundred views while it was posted and won, and give them lots of publicity! Well since I had the Gold card and the Secured card, they charged me with annual fees (super expensive) and they charged them at separate times of the year. And since I didn’t use the card, I wasn’t checking it every month to pay it off. They had charged me with an annual fee in January, and in April when I checked it, they had already upped it to almost $200 in fees. I paid it off immediately. They did not let me know the annual fee was coming in anyway whatsoever. But I paid it off anyway. And when I contacted them, all was good. Now I have a negative mark on my credit from this exact thing. I wrote them to discuss the issue about how they’re severely hurting my credit over an annual fee that was charged at different times on both accounts, I was not informed it was happening, and the cherry on top was how much I helped their marketing, and they DENIED me, seeing as I didn’t use the card and neglect it and that it was a simple mistake, they are LEAVING the negative mark on my account for YEARS to come simply because I wasn’t aware of the annual charge for 3 months. DO NOT USE THEM. WORST COMPANY EVER.
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3 years ago, TheDon111
Rip-Off Tactics + Alternatives are far superior.
This card has not helped in its primary function (Rebuilding Credit) - in-fact if used like a standard credit... you will waste so much of your hard earned money on fees one doesn’t notice upfront. For example: There is $3 monthly fee for paper statements, and here’s the kicker - there is ZERO option of going paperless within the open sky app. This is a wide array of fees to set up this account (in addition to your initial deposit), which are not spelled out Clearly and only found after you make your first deposit. Additionally, good luck getting the money you put on this card back promptly - you will need to wait 6-8 WEEKS to obtain a check which takes 1 Business day to send. If you plan on using this card - don’t spend on it more than 10% of your limit (if at all) and if you do- pay it off instantly otherwise you are going to get charged an outrageous fee (Interest) to use your own money. There are FAR superior credit building options available right now and for much less costs (SELF) and or completely free (Chime Credit Builder Card). As one who has used this card for 1 year now, I highly do not recommend this and I’d say don’t bother with OpenSky unless they shift their business model to something (anything) consumer friendly. The $3 paper statement fee will irk you for months, I assure you. Thanks for reading and may your decision be for your betterment of Credit!
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3 months ago, KodiakBass
Ive had nothing but issues with this company and have never experienced issues like this before. I put in accurate banking i formation and my first 2 or 3 payment's went through fine. Then my payments kept getting returned and kept racking up late free charges of about 140 dollars. Called my bank and they stated they never returned it then called bank opensky and heard two different things from each agent. Because of this my credit score dropped 100 points and now I have to call in every single time to make a payment because they have no option on the app or website to pay your amount by card. Also I was enrolled in paperless billing and after a couple month they started sending me paper bills and was charging me 3 to 5 dollars for an envelope. One last thing they reported me for using my entire secured balance and that also knocked down my credit as well. I would not go with this company and when you want help they will not budge or give any assistance to you. Im going to be closing this account…just a terrible experience.
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3 years ago, Liberia12
This is the Worst secured credit card I ever used!
This is the most worst secured credit card ever, the customer services is horrible. I have two OpenSky secured credit cards, I pay my bills on time for the two cards I have, at the end of the month I check my credit score and only one payment is posted on my credit report after making two payment for two different cards, I called customer service and they told me that if the payment is not showing on my credit report the is nothing they can do about it, Even tho I made the payment on time it is still not showing up on my credit report. OpenSky said that they can’t do nothing about payment that I made which is not showing up on my credit report. They cause my credit score to drop 22 points because of this, I do not recommend anyone to get this OpenSky credit card. I got it by mistake, I didn’t do any research on the card I just got it because I saw it on credit karma and it was easy to get. I’m regretting my decision to get this card but it is too late to do anything about it and I’m screwed.
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5 years ago, Livbierman
Our company recommends this company, so I wanted to try it myself. The pros and cons are about even. Pros is there is no credit check and it does help you build your credit. Cons is that the app works most of the time but it has been a blank white screen for the past 3, so idk? And then I HATE the way payments are made. You make them on the app but they aren’t processed for like 10 days. It literally doesn’t even draft it out of your account as pending for like 3-4 days. I’ve never seen an app that was for finances that seems so out of date. That’s the one thing I really hate. I want to pay my payment when I pay it on the app not a week later. Definitely runs the risk of someone being late which would be quite controversial since it’s suppose to help build your credit. There just aren’t many functions on this app. Since I’m already a couple months in I don’t want to switch companies because that defeats the purpose of the age of the account.
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5 years ago, adeapples
Nothing but the best
Open sky helped me build my credit so good I got several requests from different credit companies but I rejected them till I finally got the best company that gave a huge amount with no deposit... now my credit score is going excellent. thank you open sky. My advice for everyone new to credit card is spend only 30% on your credit-card and pay it off consecutively for 6 months and watch how your credit racks up. For those with bad credit use this app follow my Advice it works meanwhile put your debts on monthly payments till it all get paid off. My gf credit was so low but now she thinks am an angel that help her build her credit back up with just advice and encouragement. While she paid off her debt without stress . Good luck
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4 years ago, dmtrcl
Was great until the app couldn’t keep up
My mother put me onto open sky after I graduated high school to help build my credit. I use to have to navigate the website the old fashion way to check my account, manage payments, etc... but then they finally set up an app! It was fine when it first started, made everything way easier to keep track of. Recently though the app has not been great. It’s like a game of Russian roulette, “will we be able to see our statement or will we get a blank white screen??” If they could just hire a better team to run the app with updates to make sure the bugginess is at least minimum or fixed right away, then I would be a lot happier. Gave them two stars because I wanted to be generous since I’ve used the company for so long, but if there’s other options with better apps, don’t settle for open sky
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3 years ago, 1Z54V84a
Easy approval
This card is the easiest credit card I have ever got approved for and I didn’t even have the money to fund my credit limit and still got approve in 30 second right after I submitted my application. I set my limit at $200 but will be finding it to $3000 and more if I can. I recommend this credit card to everyone. My kids will be getting their cards soon. I love this card. For the ones who have never dealt with credit before please understand credit and how it works before you apply for any card. Customer service is easy to deal with jus program the numbers in your phone. 😎 so for the most part this card is a 10 on a 1-10 scale.
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1 year ago, ~Alibye~
Stay away from this card
I made a payment for the entire balance so I could have my card payed off. I had the money in my bank account at the time I made the payment. But instead of taking it out in a couple of days while I still had the money, it took almost 3 weeks just for them to take the payment out. So by the time they finally took my payment out, I had other bills taken out of my account so the money was no longer there. So I ended up getting screwed over in the long run. If they would’ve just taken it out in a couple of business days my account would’ve never been overdue, it would’ve been paid off and I wouldn’t have an even worse payment history. So I suggest not to get an account with them.
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4 years ago, BusinessGirl1
BEWARE!!!!!The Worst Credit Card EVER!!!!!
I experienced the worst customer service with a CC company I’ve ever had. Please be careful dealing with this company and if you can get a card with someone else I recommend that you do. I changed the billing date through the app which they accepted but charged me a late fee bc I didn’t pay my bill on the original date. I’ve NEVER heard of such. I was told by the telephone rep the only way to change the billing date is to call in. I’m confused, why does the app allow for you to change it if it’s not really changed! So now I have a late fee. I have never missed a payment with OS and would’ve never changed the date if I knew this was going to happen. Totally MISLEADING! I can’t close this account bc that would hurt my credit. I was trying to help them earn a little interest by not paying it off bc normally I always pay the account in full. I’m going to pay the small balance I have along with the late fee and then I’ll NEVER use the card again. SO NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE OR THE DING TO MY CR!!!! Oh and by the way I have 8 major other cards with high credit limits and they’re all paid. I opened this account when I was rebuilding my credit. For the people who are reading this and need a major secured CC , take my advice. Discover or Capital One, you’ll thank me later!
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1 year ago, RayceB808
Good place to start
I started with a $300 deposit limit, they will take about 2-3 days to process a payment (pull directly from your account). If for any reason the money isn’t able to pull you will be charged a $25 return fee. If your payment account denies them more than twice it’ll be blocked. Reporting is VERY slow (in your favor) as soon as you use your card and or miss a payment it will be reported to the bureau ASAP. When paying your bill or waiting to drop card usage it can take up to 2 weeks before you see any change. In my opinion I’d use the card for SMALL purchases if you absolutely have to. Keep usage low and find a different credit card to use frequently.
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4 years ago, InigoM
Card and app- works as expected.
Had an account for over a year and a half now. Just raised my review to 5 stars from 4. In the past, it seemed to me that it took them a few days to post payments. No longer the case. Used the app to make a payment yesterday and its available on the card today. Can’t ask for much better. I don’t recall ever having a problem with the app. The process to increase your limit (get permission to send in more money to secure your credit line) feels a bit cumbersome and took 7-10 days all told, but that’s a relatively rare occasion and not a big deal. EXCELLENT card to work on, establish credit.
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3 years ago, likethecity00000
AVOID!!! They will take your money & ruin your credit!!
Please pay close attention to all of the negative reviews here & they are plentiful! This company took my money but never sent me a credit card. They can’t be reached by phone, email, or chat & you are required to snail mail correspondence even for a lost or stolen card!!! When I contacted them by snail mail about not receiving a card, their response was to charge me ANOTHER annual fee (I have a balance over $100 on a card that’s never been received & their own automated system admits has never even been activated). They reported negatively on my credit, I have a “late payment” & am over 30 days past due & I’VE NEVER RECEIVED THEIR CARD!!!! Is this the very definition of fraud & scam??? Their negative reports to the credit bureaus have dropped my credit scores over 50 points. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID
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5 months ago, Xaigaa
It helps build my credit
I was skeptical with all of the negative reviews for OpenSky every where including on the app but thankfully I’ve had zero issues and I’ve been using this credit card for almost a year (December 2021 makes 1 year) and I love it! It’s been helping be build up my credit a lot! and I make sure I make my payments at least a week in advanced so that it’s on time. I can use my card any where and I make my payments with my checkings account which was easy to do. Update it’s 2024 and I’m still using it and loving it.
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3 years ago, Rebol101
Contact us
Lost my card, need a replacement. Doesn’t seem to be a way to do that on the app. Went to the contact us section and it gave me an address to mail a letter??? It is 2021. Do not have a telephone icon next to your contact us button if I can’t call you. Mailing a letter?? Is it 1705 and I need to make sure Aunt May down in Louisiana has enough salt to make it thru winter? “My Dearest Abigail, it has been a lonesome few weeks, your word is all that keeps me going. I eagerly await The Open Sky mail carrier who comes once a month to get your sweet nothing’s into my heart”. I need a new card!
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4 years ago, Staboogie031
Do not use this card!!
Ok so first if you forget ur passcode you have to call the company to reset it, the app doesn’t give you that option. Then you can only pay with checking or money order I’ve read lots of reviews that payments are showing up 7-10 days LATE . Spoke to their customer service they said “oh no, those people are paying late n you have to make sure you have money in your account” ok numnuts I’m pretty sure they did. She said some BANKS will release money later so it’s their fault not open sky’s outdated tech. I got this card they kredit karmas recommendation BUT I think they should take this card off Cuz what I’m reading is they wind up making your credit worse and their app is part of the problem and they DO NOT listen to customer complaints or suggestions. Try to get another card if you can
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3 years ago, Noahldavid
Decent credit card for first time users
I’ve had this card for awhile now it’s not terrible just difficult to make payments and up your credit limit. First, for payments always make them on Monday’s with this card cause it takes 5 days to process and reset your credit limit. If you do this on a Friday it will take 6 days for everything to clear. Always keep your usage low cause they randomly send the credit bureaus and update monthly, under 10%. When upping your credit limit it’s easier to call and wait on the phone than doing it on the app! Also very hard to send in money because you have to wire transfer money or a check not everyone has that! Wish that was easier to raise the limit by adding it to your statement. But overall it’s not a terrible card! Just had its flaws and diffendly isn’t a Capital One Secured card or a Bank secured card. I would only use this card if you’ve been denied for other secured cards. They will approve anyone!!
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12 months ago, fatjacksparrow
Don’t do it.
Opened this card with a deposit— used it twice for gas. Ended up closing it down, two months later due to fees eating up my credit balance. They continued to charge fees even after I closed it. Then, they would report to my credit late payments, report the next month a on time payment, then report late payment the month after. To be clear— I had closed the account. The balance was fees they continued to charge, which ended up being $150 over my deposit— over my “credit limit”. They intentionally misreported information in order to rank my credit. I lost 67 points in 6 months dealing with this “secured credit card” and their shady shenanigans. Don’t do it.
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2 years ago, Ritika Ghosh
Shady company with fraudulent claims ! Beware!!
I had not even officially received the credit card for this bogus company and they charged an activation fee, two rounds of late fees and put a delinquent remark on my credit, all within like 8 weeks ! Please BEWARE of their ridiculous practices !! I made sure that they closed the account, got all my securing amount back and took the derogatory remark off my credit today after a half an hour wait. The wait I imagine was partly due to being seriously seriously understaffed and perhaps a huge hesitation to actually own up to their shady practices and close down my account! I will do business with you NEVER!Banks like these should be severely regulated and cease to exist! Period .
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2 years ago, another victim of theirs
Scam credit card company
Do not take their card they are the worst they overcharge on everything literally everything the customer help departments are super lazy and rude eventho I tried my best not raise my voice or be provoked by their not caring about a single thing and not answering any of my questions they kept switching me from one department to another and it’s just a big scam I’m sure of it after I deposited $ n got a big scam on return I strongly do not recommend these guys to anyone save yourself the hassle and get a normal bank credit card instead of this actually even a prepaid Walmart card is better than this horrible service these guys are providing for the nobody cares about customers
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4 years ago, drose is reborn
My first credit card and my first payment
Bro I’ve been reading all the reviews and I’m canceling asap I got charged with a late fee becus they couldn’t take my minimum $35 payment and idek where is Open Sky is or anything about them I wasn’t my idea to get a credit card from them in the first place I wanted to get a credit card with my bank which is BOA thanks mom for putting $300 down and helping me for nothing to get scammed by a rinky dink unknow 2.8 star review company... I’m getting a credit card from chase or BOA after they take my payment which might not even go through becus their 3-5 business days idek kno if u get a refund of your $300 if u cancel but if not idc wasn’t my money it was my moms 🙄
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3 years ago, Smc_Dap
App doesn’t doesn’t work.
I just signed up for a card and not only does the website not load for me, but the app doesn’t load as well. I’ve called customer service and spoke with a supervisor and she said they’d take care of the issue. It’s been a week at least since then. I was able to access the website through my phone once after that but it no longer works. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work. My phone is updated, tried different computers and browsers, all kinds of stuff. Nothing. What’s up OpenSky???
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4 years ago, tymbrandon
Opportunities is for those who want it
Open Sky owned by Capital Bank is one of the best credit rebuilding opportunities anyone can have. Other banks that offer credit cards aren’t subject to approval due to many other financial factors, but open sky pros outweighs it’s cons as far as service quality and payment duration. Getting approved by them is 100% guaranteed and i would definitely encourage young teens and adults from 18 through 24 to apply here before trying other banks. I’ve been with opensky for as long as i can remember and never have encountered any problems or issues with their product or services. There app is more than 200% responsive and simple to use, easy to navigate through and user friendly. You guys have to give this an opportunity.
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5 years ago, duigeijdy
BEWARE- credit will be ruined
WATCH OUT!!! Just because the default payment account gets changed doesn’t mean it won’t switch to that take money from the new account! They will still pull from previous set account- you have to change the settings in multiple places. They’ve cost me HUNDREDS in bank fees because of this setup using my old account when I set up a new default! Now they are claiming my account is OVERDUE, after they took my monthly payment days ago. They are ruining my credit. I will be paying entire credit card off and closing this account while reporting them to BBB. The ONLY way to contact them is to write a letter in the mail- no email or phone number.
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3 years ago, aspen.nichole
Great for building credit.
I got mine with a $200 limit. I payed my entire bill before my due date every month and my score went from nothing to 689 in just 3 months. You get a $3 paper billing fee and a $35 yearly fee. But other than that I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them and just upped my limit to $400. I highly recommend for just starting in life and building credit.
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7 months ago, Horsegal94
App not working
Up until the last two weeks everything has been great. The card does as advertised. However after the last app update 2 weeks ago, my app no longer works and when I go to sign in it says wrong or not found. I did reset all my information and still I can’t get into the app. I logged in from a web browser and can get in fine. I deleted the app. Restarted my phone and installed it again and still have the same issues.
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4 years ago, the-exception
Stone Age
The reviews that talk about payment delays are accurate. Its absurd how long it takes to process a payment. Also. WHY IS THERE A “CONTACT US” TAB WITH A PICTURE OF A PHONE, AND NO PHONE NUMBER???? I have to dig on a search engine to find the number, then calling and actually getting a person for YOUR issue is yet another challenge. Anything that isn’t paying them money is difficult to access. Then of course you can wait almost 2 weeks to receive a payment...makes no sense. This could be a good company. They must update this app and improve customer service! And customer service visibility...stop hiding!!!! 👩‍💻
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5 years ago, askeptic
I applied for an account March 9th and deposited $300. I have received a single email receipt but nothing else since. I am unable to sign in and apparently the only way to contact this company is by regular mail despite their very efficient website that could process my credit card payment within minutes yet somehow they can’t maintain an email account for customer service? That alone is extremely suspicious and combined with their failure to do anything other than take $300 from me will force me to conclude I have been a victim of wire fraud if I am not contacted by a representative within 48 hrs. After that I will begin filing complaints with all state and federal authorities.
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3 months ago, DaKimbo1989
Submitting Payments
Where is the best place to submit app feedback? As a user, I’d want that available somewhere. I’ll add here for now but would strongly encourage you to add something in “Contact Us” instead of here in Apples App Store. When submitting a payment, the payment date defaults to the next billing cycle. It would be nice to have the default payment date to the present day. I missed a payment rushing to submit a payment and found out I scheduled a payment a month out! Thus, missing my due date and being charged a Late Fee. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Netta009
Love it !!! 🤓
I just recently opened a card under them and within a few weeks my credit score jumped 31 points!! Can’t wait to see what it has in store for me when I pay my payments on time😁.. I never been happier!! As long as you keep a minimum balance and keep it low and you don’t use majority of the money on the card and just pay it back on time before your due date you’re good to go 😎
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3 years ago, ShawMR
Horrible credit card
You can have money in your payment account and it will still bounce and return payment. Balance is due on the 3rd, statement comes out on the 6th, and it takes 5 days for payment to be processed… like who does the scheduling for this company… I’m guessing they are there just to take your money because it definitely hasn’t helped build my credit any… just about to close the account and take the lose so my credit score doesn’t get damaged by these people anymore. Horrible company, horrible policies…. Just horrible in my opinion and experience with this company.
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3 years ago, Nadine T-G
Customer Service Representative
No good on menu found Customer Service had no phone number at all what if lost and stolen or ask question as new 1st time enrolled this Open Sky’s Login and have balance is confused need call Customer Service found on Menu Customer Service not showing phone number to call about lost and stolen OP card and questions before pay or not payment or depoist for first time Customer. It will hurt risk of rebuilt credit scores.
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4 years ago, kratoss92
Worst credit card company ever.
My account was hacked and it took them four months to tell me anything. When I originally called they told me it would take a week to get a new card out three months later I’m still waiting. Their employees are not trained on how to actually handle things. If that were the case I wouldn’t have to keep calling and doing extra things because the first employee didn’t know how to handle my situation. While I was waiting for my card they still kept charging me even though I didn’t have the product in my hand. I would not suggest this company to anyone don’t use this company at all.
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4 years ago, idontwanttorepeatmyselfbut
Been on hold for almost 2 hours
Terrible customer service!!! I have been calling almost everyday for two weeks and have yet to get anyone on the line because after being on hold 40 minutes I have had to hang up and get back to work or answer an important call and twice was simply disconnected when it said I would be connected to an agent finally. Today I a determined to get someone on the line and that has left me on hold for over 1 hour and 25 minutes as of now!! Including the 35 minutes I was on hold my first attempt to call today I am on track to be on hold with for over two hours!
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3 years ago, MaxTheMinnow
Non-Functioning App
Clicking on this app opens it to a white blank page. How am I supposed to make a payment if there’s nothing on the app page? I also tried to make a payment on the website, but it has no login feature. Please fix these bugs. Otherwise, I will have to hold the company liable to pay for any and all charges/accruals made against my credit card account.
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6 years ago, J_M_
Love the new app! It was somewhat of a hassle logging in through browser and having to answer security questions EVERY SINGLE TIME! Now all I have to do is look at my iPhone X and bam, logged in! I’ve also noticed that I check on my account more often by having this app. That’s a good thing. Helps one stay on top of things. Love being able to make a payment through app also! Thanks! 👌🏼
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6 years ago, pablorey
What a well done app
I don’t do this often because just no. But this app is absolutely worth taking the time to review. If you have this card, use this app. If you don’t have this card, get it so you can use the app. It’s set up is so simple and absolutely perfect for what you need to do. Please don’t ever update or change this app. You literally hit the bullseye right out the gate.
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3 years ago, Rich Jew
Impossible to make a payment
I got this card thinking it would help my credit, but it was so difficult to even make a payment. I trued to make a payment and they said the account was closed and our lie detector determined that was a lie . Not only didn’t it not go that but they said I had to get a letter from my bank saying it was open . I just closed the account because they made it so difficult to make a payment. Not sure how they stay in business with those kind of practices. They got to to get it together over there.
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8 months ago, NewDaddy08
App Broken
Application was updated 10/31 and now it doesn’t work. It either says communication error or invalid login. Spoke with customer service twice and there isn’t any technical support for me to speak with. Customer service is issuing a ticket with the issues I described. However, they said it could be 7-10 days for a response. I never had any problems with the app until now. I hope this issue is fixed soon, otherwise I will look for another credit card company with better support.
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3 years ago, SaltyDawgy
Terrible Company
Don’t trust this company. They literally will ruin your credit, harass you, and then “charge things off” after you pay in full. Good luck of getting a hold of anyone EVER! If you have a bad month and miss a payment, they 100% will harass you with multiple calls a day, ding your credit report *EVEN WITH YOUR SECURED MONEY IN THEIR ACCOUNT*… they do this because they charge you late fees on it, they consider your $200 UNDER the fee amount so they write the fees off as debt and you’re screwed. If you’re struggling with credit, avoid these scammers at all cost.
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5 years ago, 404BENZITO
Worst Finance App Ever.
You’re required to activate your card with this app. You activate your card, but you haven’t really activated it. You don’t know that until you get declined on your first purchase. They automatically charge you $3/mo paper statement fee. You have to contact them directly to go paperless. App has an option but won’t actually change that option. Don’t even try to make a payment over the phone unless you expect to pay a ridiculous fee. I was told to close account would take at least 30 days. Feeling set up for failure. Thanks OPENSKYCC! 🤬
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4 months ago, dcvbjmkk
DO NOT USE OPEN SKY CREDIT CARDS! I made a payment, they took the money from my account then REFUSED to release my funds to my available balance. I spoke with 3 different people who “couldn’t see the payment” after hours of waiting on a supervisor she says she can’t release the funds even though she sees the payment. The lady then hangs up and emails me saying they closed my account! WITHOUT REFUNDING MY MONEY! I had to contact Wells Fargo (the account I used to pay Open Sky). Wells Fargo informed them what they did was illegal and WELLS FARGO RETURNED MY Open Sky payment!
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2 years ago, Quick thinking jimmy
Negative - 4 star review!
This is actually a Negative -4 star review… It took over 20 mins just to update my address…. It’s 2021 why did it take me 20 mins to update my address? Because you have to jump through many hoops n weave your way through red tape… how about a update address icon on your 1980’s app 🛎 🛎 🛎 so customers do not feel open sky is as mindless and ignorant as they come for wasting critical time of ours…Update that radio shack era app so it’s easy for your customers not easy for you simpleton’s. The king 🤴 has spoken.
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4 years ago, Ansauder
When it works..
App is great but only when it works. Half the time when I pull it up it has just a blank white screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading and it never seems to change. I like the convenience of using an app to pay my bill each month but lately it’s been more of a hassle as I have to log on through a computer instead due to the issues.
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5 years ago, Thesebastardsstolemy money
Card came in 5 business days!
Got my card in 5 days and they mailed it on a Saturday! Earlier than the 7-10 business data I was expecting. Also they allow 50% for cash advances as my other secured card only allow 1-3% as cash advance. 👍 nice! Looking forward to Re-establishing my credit with this card .
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2 months ago, ZC2324
Not what I expected
I’ve been loyal, paid my balances down to nearly zero every month. 10months in and still haven’t seen the increase they promised after 6 months of on time payments. There’s really no benefit here. Build payment history, barely to honest. The app is so outdated. No option to make an expedited payment. All payments take half a month to process. With all of the fees they charge, I’m sure this business is lucrative enough to have a better platform but they don’t.
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4 years ago, Milo RC
This company is apparently stuck in the 1980s. The only way to make payment is via ACH. Which would be fine, except for some unknown reason, OpenSky rejects the payment from the bank even though the bank authorized the transaction. They do not accept payment via card or check. If they reject payment on ACH twice, you can no longer use that account for payments and your only alternative is money order. Meanwhile they are negatively reporting to the bureaus. Save yourself the heartache and use First Premier or a more reputable company.
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6 years ago, CaribbeanKing365
Great so far.
This app is long overdue. Which is why I expected quality and that’s exactly what I got! It looks like time and effort was taken when developing the app. It’s not like some apps that just gives you a web version. There’s also Touch ID capabilities which is great. You can basically do most things in the app without being directed to a web browser. Great job OpenSky!
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