Oportun - Save, borrow, budget

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Oportun, Inc
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User Reviews for Oportun - Save, borrow, budget

4.74 out of 5
284.6K Ratings
3 years ago, RedAngels
Love this app!! BUT please bring back auto pay for credit cards!!!!
I absolutely love this app. I would never been able to save money without it. I have never been good at saving money myself but with the app taking out little bits of money I have been able to save a good amount of money. You can decide if you want to save a little or a lot and it knows if you don’t have very much money & it will only take out under $1. The algorithms are amazing at knowing when you can save more & when you can’t. 🌟The only thing I miss is it had a category to hook up a credit card & it would save every month for a credit card payment & pay whatever it saved to the credit card automatically. THIS WAS AWESOME!!👏 I was really getting my credit card paid down because it!! I know you can create a specific goal of saving to pay off a credit card but it doesn’t seem the same because I have to physically go in and transfer it to my card. I really wish they would bring that back. My brother turned me on to this app & I know he lived using that too. I would even be willing to pay more for that service. Other than that I have NEVER had any problems with not being able to get my money when I needed it, overdrafting my account, or taking more money than what it shows going into my savings goal. They are definitely on the up and up and I highly recommend them and have been using them since FEB 2020.
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2 years ago, Jecka_Lee
Best App for Saving Money!
I absolutely love this app. I downloaded it thinking I’d try it out but I was expecting to delete it like I have all the others. I honestly had forgotten about it until I checked my bank account and noticed I had a few bucks a day being deducted by digit. So I checked my digit account and was shocked that I’d already saved close to $100! I downloaded the app in May and between the rainy day account and the travel fund I started, I’ve saved almost $800! I don’t even notice the money being deducted since it’s just a few bucks a day. Here’s the best part - Digit let’s you set up a maximum amount for them to deduct daily but they do NOT deduct the maximum if you’re short on cash or if they notice it’s a time in the month when you’re usually paying bills. Sometimes they’ll only deduct maybe 50 cents or so. Also, you can tell them not to let your account get under a certain amount. I set mine to $10 and when my account dropped below that, digit transferred the difference using funds from my rainy day account. This is huge for me because sometimes I do get down to just a couple bucks right before my next paycheck. The $5 a month fee is worth it just for this feature alone. If you have trouble saving money or you’ve got a big goal to reach, give this a try. You’ll hit your goal without even realizing you’ve been saving money.
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6 years ago, uhlolwut
I absolutely LOVE Digit!
I discovered Digit back in March 2018 & I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical at first. A lot of the negative reviews made me very nervous to try it out when I first started out, but I’m a customer for life, now! Digit helps me make sure that I’m saving money, & I really don’t even notice the money that’s being taken out to be saved. I love how quickly I’ve managed to save money towards individual goals, as well as in general. It’s amazing how much you can save when your funds are being put somewhere that you won’t have immediate access to it. & if you’re concerned about withdrawing funds at any point in time, it’s an absolute breeze. The withdrawal minimum is really helps as well. I have mine set to $50, & they’ve never withdrawn money from my account when my balance is at $50 or below. They also won’t withdraw on weekends, which is always helpful because I can never get an accurate balance on my bank account until Mondays or Tuesdays. Also I could rave & rave for days about the customer service. They’re absolute sweethearts & they’re more than happy to answer any questions you have for them. They don’t make you feel stupid or under appreciated. I would & DO recommend this app to anyone who has trouble saving or anyone who just wants a little help putting some spare money to the side for a rainy day. I promise you that downloading this app will be something you won’t regret!
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3 years ago, MaddenGod5
Late Review but Much Needed.
Digit has been a part of my financial apps since before quarantine started. But being able to have piece of mind and know that my money is in a safe, secure space is amazing. I dislike the fact that you can’t withdraw same, next-day or weekends without paying a fee so I do suggest the Digit app developers look into it, but other then that: amazing. I’ve had 20+ Digit savings goals open at once, and closed them when they were no longer useful but the app is truly amazing. With the new updated interface allowing me to see my total saved money on the Home Screen is incredible, but I have a few gripes with some of the features: if I have a recurring savings goal, I think I should be able to make that an option and withdraw so my funds are available on the day I need them without many issues. I also think being able to have the ability to hold as much money as I’d like in one Digit account.. because if I have to have multiple it kind of ruins the convenience of the app. I also think that I should be able to set up a set amount the app takes from my account per day, per week or per month, since the amount is variable depending on the goal. Other then that the app has been wonderful, one of the best apps I’ve ever been able to use and it helps me with my financial independence.
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3 years ago, anonymous9900
Must Have App
I never review apps but this one deserves a good review. Digit is my all time favorite app and has saved me so much money in such a sort amount of time. The app is extremely user friendly and truly, once you set it up, you really forget about it. I love how the apps only takes out funds it knows I will not need and when it recognizes that my account is low, it automatically deposits some of my saved money back into my checking account. For only $5 a month, all of my money is FDIC insured and my savings earn a 0.10% savings bonus which is nice! Another AMAZING feature is the automatic Credit Card and Student Loan payment feature. Rather than taking money from my checking account and putting it into savings, Digit will automatically route that money to my Credit Card payment and Student Loan bills saving me hassle in the long run and shortening my repayment plan! Truly, I cannot say enough good things about this app and I recommend everyone give it a try. If the $5 a month doesn’t seem worth it to you, I believe they offer a free trial that you should take advantage of because once you get a taste of how much you can save, you’ll gladly spend that $5 every month. To put it into perspective, Digit saved me $1,000 in just a few months by slowly taking out $3 here, $10 here, etc. and I never noticed it missing from my account!
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5 years ago, Stupendous_Weeaboo
Great App!
This app is awesome! The part where is scans your account and saves for you is phenomenal, but you can also manually move funds as well, which is great! In doing so it makes saving mindless and easy while also letting me organize my funds for any large purchases or financial obligations with ease. Withdrawing from digit is simple and easy! You can do it two ways, the first takes a couple days for the money to hit your account after withdraw and that is free of charge, which is awesome! The second, if you need the money ASAP takes only a couple minutes to hit your account, but cost you a dollar. In my mind it’s a dollar... who cares, the total value you receive from the app vastly exceeds the 1 dollar charge for that option or the 3 dollar subscription. Made a whoopsie and over drew? No problem, digit has your back, turn on the overdraft protection in the app (even if you never overdraw your account, it’s a good option to have on), and if it happens digit automatically withdraws from your rainy day fund to cover down on the overdraft, no excess fees. Over all, the app is designed to help you out in as many ways as possible, with financial goals, bigger ticket purchases, financial obligations (rent, mortgage, car payment, etc). High 5 to the developers, you guys a really taking a step in a great direction to help people, keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, TranTracy
Great habit to have when you’re a college student
I’ve been using Digit for a year or so now and I really love it. I have the credit card paying feature on and it’s pretty great. It is like a nice little extra payment to my credit card bills on top of what I already pay. I also love the texts that I get every morning about my account balance because it helps me be more aware of my spending and budget. I love just being able to open the account and be happy that I saved $x without even realizing it. Even if they take little amounts daily, when it accrues, it can be a nice fund to have when you least expect it. I think a lot of these new reviews that give one star are pretty unfair. Most of them seem like communication issues with their bank because I’ve never had much issues. Also, I think $2.99 is fair for the service they do. People can’t expect everything in life to be free. If what you’re saving is not or barely $3 a month, then I think that’s a personal finance issue that you should be focusing on, not the app charging “unfairly” but that’s my opinion. The only thing I would say could use improvement is if they can update my checking account balance closer to real time because sometimes it’s delayed and shows either yesterday’s balance or something.
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2 years ago, KenjiLop
Not sure this is the right way to save $
I am aware of behavioral finance and study savings for a living. I use other tools like Mint to save money and don’t have to transfer funds from my bank account. I tried digit for a month and watched as it took money from my account to my rainy day fund and a few goals I set up . On the positive side - it was easy to do this. On the negative side - I’m not sure how their algorithm works- but it seemed random. Maybe it eventually learns your habits- but the lack of transparency is a definite drawback from a learning standpoint. In addition- by the end of the month I had a large dentist bill and because digit took my funds - I went under the limit I set for my account. Digit to its credit did start putting funds back from the rainy day finding- but not nearly as quickly and then the next day started drawing again , which does not make sense. Although my experience wasn’t bad- technically everything worked as advertised- It all seemed too complicated to be practical. The app could be redesigned just to take a preset amount of your paycheck and then return it if something unexpected comes up. It could also offer custom options to help the algorithm succeed in learning your habits and when large bills come regularly to avoid taking too much out at the beginning . It only works maybe if not seeing you have the money will stop you from spending it- but you can do that for less than $5 a month.
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2 months ago, cant get my dogs medication
taking $300-$600 out a month
i have used digit (oportun) since 2018. when i first used it i was super broke and it helped so much. it wouldn’t save too much that it hurt me but enough where i met my goals. id have anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 in it! now im much older and i make more money. ive always had a savings through my bank and used digit for small random goals (christmas presents, tattoos) the past 2 months oportun has taken up to $600!!!!! a month out. we’re talking $20 DAILY. this is insanity. yes, i’ve had to set daily max goals. but i have about 6 goals. so now they take $6 a day out. that’s still almost $200 a month. i DONT need that much taken out. before the buy out, it would take the amount out every few days, maybe once a week. now it’s DAILY??? every single day i wake up to a charge. there’s no way to set an overall daily/weekly/monthly. you can’t see what u previously have set as ur daily goal, u have to reset it every time. this is such an incredibly huge over sight i can’t help to think that it’s intentional. digit has helped me save for so much stuff. i’ve reached so many goals with it. i love that it’s out of sight out of mine. ive been using it since i was 19. im going to have to learn how to budget without it at this point. id be fine putting only $100-$150 a month in but im unable to actually set it correctly. i’m disappointed. anytime an app you love is bought out, just start looking for a replacement. i’m switching to rocket money soon. rip :(
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3 years ago, pppppppppp72
5 year anniversary, ILYSM
My 5 year anniversary with Digit is coming up and I will never give this app up. I highly recommend this app to anyone just starting their savings journey who needs a little extra help (college students, fresh grads, etc) or seasoned savers looking for another spot to park some extra funds. I like to joke that it “steals” my money, but in the best way possible. It swipes little by little, change you wouldn’t notice, and saves it for you. This app has saved me on rent and bills more times than I can count. It sends daily texts about my bank balance which helped me notice a fraud charge and get it handled immediately. The saving algorithm really knows my habits and my bill schedule and never takes more than I can afford. It adapts to pay changes and surpluses in funds to take a bit more or less when needed. You can pause savings and take your money out in seconds if needed. The interface is simple and easy to understand. In the future, I would LOVE to see it add a bill calendar feature to see when my bills pull so I can quickly see what’s coming up soon. overall, this app has been a true lifesaver and my best CYA tool.
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3 years ago, Britany Headbanger
I am sad…..
I am disappointed that I will be emptying my accounts through digit and deleting the app. I loved digit, I would always tell people about how great it was and how much it helped me save money. I loved especially the feature they offered to save up for you bill payments. I had one set up for my phone payment and it was perfect! I would slowly save up the money for the bill day by day and with having several lines on my phone plan it was nice to be able to not have to pay one lump sum. I noticed an email today while looking how to contact support because I can not access my accounts through the digit app, that stated they would no longer be providing the service to help pay your bills. Unfortunately that email was from a month ago that must have been in spam. (I check my email every day and was searching for digits contact support) so now I am paying a lump sum bill that I was not expecting to pay in full. I wish they would have texted me or sent me a notification on the app about that. What really makes me upset is that while this app does amazing at saving my money back for me, you are now required to pay a service fee of $5.00 a month. Which was worth it to me until they removed the bill payment feature. And to top it off now I can not even access my account that I have all of my savings in. 😓
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4 years ago, Hotmomma92
Inaccurate info
So I have never left a review before, but when I decided to use this app, I was very specific and did as much research as possible. Everything seemed to go well. Nothing suspicious. A few months down the road and I had a feeling I should check my deposits. Sure enough nothing was accurate, my bank account showed digit withdrawing not one, but TWO deposits from my account! One was always around $20 and the other was usually a smaller amount under $5. And both were named differently, but BOTH came form Digit. And this was daily!!! Like no! That’s not what I asked for! Even after I put a limit after seeing this, they continued to pull those amounts out under the two slightly different names. The fact that I took my bank account off too, and I’m unable to go back into my account and look at my statements with Digit now is very wrong. And no actual phone number to contact Digit! Only email. I emailed about a week ago, And I have to hear a response on what happened to my money. I doubt I will see that money. But please save yourself. If you live paycheck to paycheck like I do, you will lose money. I’m still missing about $100 that should have gone to my credit card payment as well. I took a screenshot luckily of everything that was supposed to come back to me and go to my CC. And my CC payment is not posting on the date like they said it should. Even though I transferred it before I closed everything. This is wrong and I want my money back. :(
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6 months ago, Pepe553
Update: Good Bye! Had to Leave!
***Update to November 25, 2024 Review I wrote the review over a month ago. Tried working with Oportun staff to fix the issue, but they continued to give me the same instructions on how to connect. I’d remove the account, then reconnect. It didn’t work. Staff was responsive, but the connectivity issue continued. I just don’t have time everyday to go through the process. Sad to go, Oportun was a good app, but it’s just not working with my BMO bank. Hopefully the issue will be resolved someday and I’ll give it another try. Until then, so long! Been using Oportun (formerly Digit, formerly Hello Digit) for over eight years. The feature of the app to auto save from my own has been my preferred service, even after it started charging me $5 per month for the service. It has helped me save for vacations, Christmas, and other surprise expenses. My bank switched from Bank of the West to BMO. Since the switch, Oportun continuously loses the connection with my BMO and I’m having to reestablish the connection EVERYDAY. I love the app, but I can’t keep this up much longer having to log in to my bank account through the Oportun app. I even created a daily reminder on my phone to go through this tedious process. I don’t mind paying the $5 monthly fee, but it doesn’t seem fair for me to work this hard to use your app and still have to pay. Please fix the connection instability between Oportun and BMO! I don’t want to delete it.
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6 years ago, Becky sue.
Love it!
I love this app, it’s saved me over 5K without me even having to break the bank. Yes they have a monthly fee, but you save a lot more and they give you every 90 days 1% of what you saved. So it’s almost like you’re making your fee back. But, the one thing I don’t like is the algorithm they have for saving money. I had $800 in my actual account where they take it out from, the entire time I had this app (Jan 1st) they haven’t taken out more than $5 each time for all three accounts I have, so more than $15 a day. That’s fine, it’s usually never more than that. But today, for some odd reason, they took out $24 for two accounts and $18 for one. LIKE JESUS! I had my car payment go through and some others that haven’t been taken out of my account but I thought it was fine since they have never taken that much out of my account. For now on when I have my car payment and anything else that is a large payment I’m going to have to suspend the savings for a couple days till they can take my payments out, or just manually take out the savings. It was freaking crazy to see that be saved. And I can’t put it back into my account since I get paid on Friday and it takes multiple days to even get the money when you withdraw it. So watch out on that y’all. I was shocked!
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3 years ago, RUSerious3745
Kind of sketchy
I had been using this since 2018. At first everything was great. But ever since they started using Plaid to connect the account. (Which as a consumer, I feel they didnt need because everything worked fine before hand) now every other day digit has issues connecting to my bank (which BEFORE plaid it never had an issue.) Ive reached out several times and they obviously dont care because they gave me the "it will fix itself in a few days". Or "you can take all your money out and reset it up" First of all, Its been two weeks and this has not "auto fixed itself" Technology doesnt fix itself sometimes it needs a human touch. And the bank is not s weird off brand either there are so many of them. So they are expecting me to put my life on hold because they decided to fix something that wasn't broke. Customer Service doesnt really care, you are just a number/ email. Which is sad because this use to be such a great tool until plaid came along. Response to the developer: I have no issue taking funds out of my account, that is not the issue so don't try and manipulate the conversation!. This is not a complaint about not accessing funds. This is a complaint about the on going issue that plaid creates while trying to put money into digit. Must I repeat what Ive already said above? I have already heard your unhelpful stock responses you've learned in your training.
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5 years ago, Mreeves336
Useless and Under/developed
UPDATE: I closed my account and they’re still taking money. I even screenshot Ted the conformation. Your bank likely offers the same service for no more money. Digit makes you wait several business days for money...completely defeating the purpose of a rainy DAY fund. You pay them monthly when you can just pay your bank whatever you pay them anyway. You want a monthly fee but can’t offer instant transfers??? NO. Great concept but in someways, the app seems under developed. The biggest issue is you don’t have an instant transfer to bank account option even though you’re directly linked to my bank account. The reason people save money for rainy days is to be able to access the money on the same rainy day. Not three business days later. You can’t cut off the text messages that send your bank balance to your phone every day without cutting off all text notifications. For many reasons, I do not want my bank balance, as someone holding my phone has already seen that text message come through and that is embarrassing and invasive. In addition, the boost feature is weird and under explained. I’m not trying to boost to get to any goal, I just wanted to save more money. I should be able to do that without having to go through some cliché feature called boost that barely explained and has one sentence in an article under frequently asked questions that was hard to find. This app needs some work.
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5 years ago, falloutmommy
Zero stars
If I could rate this app zero stars, I would. I signed up for digit and was skeptical that I had to enter my bank account info before I could even see what the app was about. I’ve used other financial apps in the past without it being an issue, so was I unpleasantly surprised when I get my account set up and the first message I get is that they’ve already made a withdrawal from my account without me even having set up my app preferences yet! I decided to remove my bank account and got a message that my saves would be refunded within a few days. Except I never got my money back. So I try to log in to the app to see what I can do and it won’t even let me in without entering bank account info. Against my better judgment I enter account info in for an account I don’t really use and usually has less than $100 in it. BIG MISTAKE as the app then makes ANOTHER withdrawal from that account. I look around and find the “close account” option. Again, tells me that my money will be returned to my account by the 12th. It’s now the 14th, still haven’t gotten EITHER of my “Saves” back into either of my accounts and because I closed my account the only way to get into the app to contAct them is to ... you guessed it... enter my bank info and create a new account. I tried texting and keep getting “your account is pending closure. To reactivate sign in at ”. Literally theft. Don’t waste your time or money on this app!
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7 months ago, BeanieRobert2001
Not saving enough
I’ve been using this app since 2016 and used to love it. It has saved me so much money and I relied on it for setting goals and setting aside funds for when I needed it. Lately, it has not been saving enough. I have more money in my bank account now than I have ever had, and it takes out such small amounts that it’s not making any progress towards my goals. My last 4 goals did not save enough at the date of the deadline. I contacted their customer service months ago and they said it was a known issue and they would fix it. To be honest, I did see a fix for a few weeks, where it was saving a lot of money for me, and then it continued to save 10 cents here, $1 there, when I have a few goals that are ending soon and I’m no where near my goal. I emailed them again and was basically told to just set the deadlines for sooner than I need it. Even doing that, I’m not going to be meeting my goals. It simply is not saving enough, despite there being more than enough money in my account to transfer. There are other reviews and social media posts about this same issue. I will be looking for a new app to replace this one because an app that is supposed to save money, now with a monthly fee, but isn’t saving much for me is not worth it. And it’s a shame since I’ve been using and relying on this app for so long. In the meantime, fix the algorithm! Make this app useful again.
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4 years ago, No1MournsTheWicked
Helpful and easy to use
I’ve had Digit for over eight months now, and could only be happier if it had just one more feature: to show if I’m ahead or behind my goals. Any time you create a goal, you can select a particular amount and an optional target date. It predicts how much you’ll need to save each day to meet that goal on time, BUT there’s also a tool for a maximum daily amount if you don’t want it to be regularly taking chunks. You can manually add amounts when you’re ready, and can withdraw at any time, with a $.99 fee for immediate transfer or free overnight transfer. I’ve been on three trips now using Digit to save up and really appreciate how easy it makes to save. It’s also satisfying seeing the progress bars approaching the goal. I just wish there was a marker line to show if I’m ahead or behind schedule on deposits to make the goals on time. For example, I have goals that predict needing to save $5/day, but I set the maximum daily amount to $1, and make manual deposits of $25 or $50 on paydays. I’d like to be able to compare the current amount to the benchmark for where I should be given the goal date.
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5 years ago, Audri94
Having issues for the third time...
This app isn't really for people who live paycheck to paycheck due to how much money they take out of your account. When it's good, it's really good, but when it's bad, it can be really bad. So I've had this app for about a year and a half maybe two years and it's been decent. Even if I tell digit to 'save less' it still takes too much money out of my account. Last time I chatted with customer service to ask why digit was saving $15 or $19 from my checking account in one lump in one day and the representative told me that it's because digit senses a paycheck coming which baffled me but I stuck with the app. I set a daily saving limit of $10 and at the times something told me that I should set the bar lower but I didn't listen. Imagine my surprise when $10 was taken out of my account THREE DAYS IN A ROW. In case anyone is bad at math, that's $30 over the span of three days. You might think, hmm, I guess you bought something that caused the app to save $10 for you everyday. I paid my rent which should've rounded up my change to the next dollar, not take $10 out of my account for three days. I'm tired of this. Instead of having nearly $80 in my account until my next paycheck I have nearly $50. I have Qapital as well and that app is not nearly as hard on my checking account as this one is. I'll be deleting this app.
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5 years ago, Sidpierson
Does not let you delete app!!
I downloaded digit in May (2018) of last year, and it was a good app. But, I deleted my categories of areas that I wanted to save in order to get the money back, and then closed my account in August 2018. It never stopped taking money out of my account for the ‘categories’ I created to save for. I have multiple bank statements proving this as well as a text from August 14th from them saying I closed my account. Granted they did say it takes 90 days total to close the account, but it has been way way past 90 days. I checked my bank account just now and still saw that Digit was still taking out of my bank, and I have no way to re access my account with the Digit app because I deleted my account as well as the app and when I try to re-download the app and log in I have to make a brand new account. I’ve even tried “re-activating” shorty after and when I did none of the money that was continually taken out of my account was there nor were my created ‘categories’. Occasionally, digit will deposit some of the money back, but not always, and not always the full amounts and lately I haven’t seen any deposits of money back but still money being taken out. I have tried to contact the company through their online app help, and a website as well, but neither time did I hear back. It’s just annoying I have absolutely no idea how to completely stop the entire process.
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3 years ago, Gnarsly
Decent app for savings
Digit is overall a pretty good platform for automatic savings and paying off debt. The interface is pretty user friendly and simple to set up. You can set multiple savings goals and with your credit cards linked you can automatically set aside money and have that money sent on a set day to help pay off your cards, which is probably my favorite feature. As far as savings goes and it’s claim for analyzing bank activity and adjusting accordingly I’m not so sure. Digit is very aggressive when it comes to savings. I don’t have a whole lot of money in my account, trust me, and before I set the max limits it was pulling anywhere from 15-60$ daily to my 2 savings accounts and my credit card. After setting my maximum limits at $10 now it literally just pulls $10 for each almost every single day. Even days where I make big payments like my mortgage you’d think with it monitoring bank activity and smart analyzing it wouldn’t pull from my account that day. Nope still just pulls the max amount. All in all the app isn’t bad though. The transfers are easy, the credit card bill pay is great, and it’s nice to set aside some money for some savings. If the app had better analyzing and wasn’t so aggressive I’d probably bump it up to 4 stars but as it is now I have it at 3/5.
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5 years ago, Hulia71
Lies about promos
Last week they offered a promotion offering $100 to subscribers pending they get 3 invitees to to join and have their 1st auto withdrawal by the following week. On the first day of the promo, I got 3 friends to join. On the second day of the promo, I got one extra to join. They in turn each invited 3 or more to join to benefit from the promo and of course easily save money for a rainy day. IRONICALLY, NONE (including myself) had more than one of those joiners experience an actual auto withdrawal, within the next 7 days that the promo lasted. How convenient. I wrote to Digit at least 5 times trying to inquire as to why my joiners, all of whom followed through entirely on the sign up procedure, have not had their first auto withdrawals. I received ONE response back from ‘Courtney’ asking for my invitees names and phone numbers, which I promptly provided, saying she’d look into it. NOPE, never heard another word! And AGAIN IRONICALLY, one more of my invitees had their first auto withdrawal hours after the promo ended. I would have rated this app five stars, even ten if I could, but now I’m just embarrassed that I spent as much time as I did trying to communicate in emails and giving Digit the benefit of countless new monthly fee paying members by association. Never again. I’ll spend my next little bit of free time trying to find a similar app who doesn’t make broken promises and telling my friends to do the same.
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3 years ago, Connor Bowling
I am really impressed
I turned 18 a month ago and I’ve been trying to save money for things I want to be able to do. The only problem is I could not find the time to do transfers at my bank from day to day basis on areas I felt safe putting money in without taking to much out. Sure you have to wait a business day or two for the transaction to go through but it is worth it. I am amazed at how easy it is to go to the help area and read more to learn about what goes on and could not be more happy with my decision. I don’t care that it cost 5 dollars a month for automatic savings it is going to be worth it in the end and I look forward to using the app. Also for anyone that is concerned about what goes on in the app just go to the help center and it has categories for pretty much any question you have. So even if you are scared to try it don’t be I personally feel safe knowing that they can protect my money and my bank account. I highly recommend for people that are just now starting to get into the adult life and need help saving and learning. I hope you find this app as useful as I do.
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2 years ago, RickGiovengo
Dangerous service! Will steal your money!
My dad was using this service as a rainy day fund for him and his wife up until his sudden death. The funds were withdrawn from a joint bank account that was shared with his wife. In his will, he left everything to his wife. This company has gone out of its way to keep the money for themselves and not debtor the payment like they should be in this case. Even after a letter from an estate attorney, a copy of the will, and many other legal forms, they are still requesting things like Letters Testamentary. This is something you have to petition the court to do. Filing fees and publication for this can be $180-$500. The funds are not worth the price of what they are requesting, especially not leaving out the most expensive part, doing a probate on the will that can cost over $1500. So in turn, if you stash let’s say $3,000 in a service like this, if you die and you want your spouse to have that $3,000 for something like debits or the funeral, they will have to spend around $2,000 to get it back, netting you $1,000 in return. Most of the positive reviews about this company are from living individuals just finding ways to stash their hard earned cash. This company is dangerous and I highly suggest you do not do business with them especially if you want your funds being returned to you, your estate, or your loved ones.
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4 years ago, Lots of ads but, it's good.
I’ve saved a lot!
The app is great and very straightforward! Very User friendly; if you know the basics of it. I didn’t know about the subscription fee yet, I should have read more but, I was okay with it. The value and services it gave to me is another favorite. You can set how much you want to save or stop saving. It lets you know how much was withdrawn or deposited into your account within 24 hours through text message. You can text it back to stop saving for certain days in the actual app, that’s if you’re running low on funds; which is great! The coolest part is, if you let the app know a certain amount your bank account should be and, it falls under that, the app will start taking funds you’ve saved to put back into the account to help from falling under that fixed amount you’ve set, even being overdraft to keep your money on track. I’ve never had a issue with it holding on to my money. It takes 1-2 business days to get the funds back and it’s longer when processing it on weekends because of the banks automated systems. It’s been an great saving app for me.
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6 years ago, acrylicchick
I downloaded digit a couple of months ago, and not only did it help me save money but also helped me keep track of my spending. It texts you every morning with a clever greeting, followed by your checking account balance and how much you spent the day before. It really puts into perspective how much you truly spend every day, which personally made me realize how much of that was unnecessary. I’ve been much more frugal and responsible with my funds thanks to digit. However, I do have one complaint. When you finally decide to withdraw your savings from digit, it takes FOREVER for it to go back into your checking account. For example, I tried to withdraw money on Thursday, it is now Saturday afternoon and it is still pending. I have no access to that money. I understand that banks are closed today, but digit was able to take money from my checking account yesterday (Friday) to add to my digit savings, so why couldn’t they have completed that transfer? It’s upsetting because I use this money sometimes to get me through between paychecks, and to not be able to access it when I need it feels like someone else is in control of my money. Other than that, GREAT APP! With some more work it will be awesome.
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3 years ago, josieeee228
I’ve had this app since 2016 before they even started charging for it and I was more than happy to pay the subscription fees once they began to collect the 2.99 a month. I’m pretty good with saving but this app takes it to a whole new level. It’s so nice when I’m taking a look at my financial standing in my regular bank accounts and then I remember to look at my digit account to see that there’s all this money that I’ve had out of sight and out of mind. It really takes my saving to a whole new level and I don’t even have to think about it 😊 this would be great for someone with less discipline with saving too. You just can’t look at the app too often and you’d be surprised how much money will accrue in just a few months time. I love the student loan feature that they’ve added as well. I’m still in school so there is more flexibility for when I’m paying for it but it’s so nice that I can look and see that I’ve paid hundreds towards my interest and i don’t even miss the money paid since the increments are so small. Genius idea that I’ll gladly keep around forever!
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6 years ago, bjerriana2
Horrible experience
I recently downloaded this app , and thought that it would be great to save for a future car. The app itself is difficult as hell one minute they want you to set a minimum so you won’t overdraft! OVERDRAFT IS THE WORD! This app is totally insane I saved 89 dollars for my first save on my car right? But then the updates or completely slow. It’s takes very long for my information to be updated......So this is what made me unlink my bank. So everytime I spend out my my account, it takes about three days just for it to update with them so when I saved that 89 dollars I first thought I overdraft my self because me spending out my account didn’t update with them yet so I’m like they don’t know what I have in my bank yet . But all along, they make there app look so slow so they can take your money. For example.... say your last update with them say you had 50 dollars in your checking, then you spend 10 and put the rest in your savings with them, that don’t update with them until a couple days later so they a say o well you don’t have enough money in rainy day to save.......MORAL Of the story is my account is currently 58 dollars overdraft because when I requested my savings back they charged me 2 return fees for my own money back so I’m getting my bank and the police involved cause they refuse to take it off my account.....this app needs to be shut down
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5 years ago, sharonyas
Fund taken after closing and got insufficient fee!!!!
Oh money still got taken out of bank even the balance below the setting!!! And got bank overdraft fee. How do I save? I have never written app review. But I’m very upset that I got fund taken out of my bank account even thought I unlinked my account within 15 minutes after opening the account. My plan was to not take my money out and unlinked the account. Now, not only I have to wait for the refund (if they would bank into my account) but it cost me overdraft fee in my bank because I got charged after cancelling it. I transferred all my money out because i didn’t want digit to withdraw and it still happened. Next I had to go to Digit website to close this account. I cannot do anything on the app unless I link my bank account, in other words I am giving permission for digit to take my money as they think is best for me . It’s not an app for someone who wants to control their own money. It would have been nice to allow customers to navigate the app before forcing people to link the bank account ... then we can decide whether we like it or not. So if you are not sure what this is about (I’m still not sure), then don’t even bother using this app. I learned it like a stupid after linking my account and got slapped with fee by my bank. How is this Savings??? I just lost $35 bank fee plus Digit withdrawal for now reason
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6 years ago, The Busy but Honest
Steals from your account!!
Digit is setup on a bills only account of mine and bc the algorithm and timing of digits withdrawals is so slow and random, it has accumulated multiple over draft fees. The first time it happened I just chalked it up to me not monitoring the account well enough with a new source taking from it randomly. Digit refunded the money and recommended options on how to avoid this from happening. I followed their advice and yet again with the timing of Digit and the randomness of the withdrawals it happened again. This time I looked to close the digit account to avoid yet another situation and the only option that’s clear is texting PAUSE. I would look for a way to close the account several times and texted pause several times to avoid using the app then ended up uninstalling. It stopped taking money out of the account for some time so I thought it was over with it... I WAS WRONG!! It was taking money out of my account in the background and started causing more overdraft fees and started using the “Saved” money to cover those fees so I never really saw it until I inspected my account further. I talked to several members of the Digit team who will not assist with refunding over $100 in overdraft fees and the money used to cover it. Each of them refuse to reimburse the money back before closing the account. Save your time and your phone storage by NOT INSTALLING DIGIT!!!
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6 years ago, Non traditional
Pleasantly Surprised
I have only been using Digit since last month and it has already saved almost $350 from my checking account! I would see the withdrawals from my checking account, but otherwise I put the app out of mind. I decided to check the balance today and was pleasantly surprised with the amount saved already! The savings is the best feature about this app, but there are two more impressive features worth noting. First, it sends me a text every day telling me good morning and most of the time it’s in a different language. How fun! The text also tells me how much money was in my checking account the day before, and how much is in there that day. It includes a link to view recent checking account activity, but I have not used that feature as of yet. Second, Digit has a low balance protection feature and I set mine at $25. This means that Digit will not take any money out of my checking account if my balance is less than $25. But I found something else out yesterday. Digit also transfers money from the app to my checking account if my checking account balance drops below $25! Love it!
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3 years ago, 513reviewer
Easy way to save money
A couple reasons why I used this app to help me save. I was trying to tighten my budget and save for a last minute trip. This app set small amounts of money aside for me and it wasn’t really noticeable. I also like the fact that you can set balance limit on account digit withdrawals from. When your account gets too close to a balance you set Digit will not withdraw anything. You will even get a message, “if I withdraw anything today your account might go below your safety limit”. I think it’s called a “safety limit” Con: you’re charged, I guess an “administrative fee” for each account you set up. Example, if you have a vacation fund or a Christmas fund you are charged per fund $5 monthly. Most banking institutions have vacation and Christmas funds you can deposit into already. I was trying this out because I wouldn’t have the easy access to the money. It worked and I was able to reach my saving goal in 5 months without feeling a strain in my daily living. So for me short term saving goals are best so your fees don’t amount to much
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6 years ago, MartyMcfly23232
Ok so I downloaded this app yesterday and was trying to budget money for my college debt. You have to link your bank account with this app but I thought it just did simple analysis like mint does to suggest how much to save. This app did not have a pop up window or agreement when I was budgeting so I was unaware that it would actually take money out of my account. I was over drafted an insane amount of money. I contacted my bank and they told me to first contact digt. So I emailed them saying this was obviously a mistake because no sane person would overdraft that amount of money. They said it was against their policy to do so and there was nothing I could do. There is but they of course didn’t mention it. They use ACH instead of a debit or wire charge. You can call your bank within a day or two of the charge and block it. Be careful though because these companies will change their name slightly and charge you again. When I told them I knew about this they suddenly were telling me to contact them ASAP and not contact my bank to discuss “options”. So basically when I told them I knew the loophole to the system did they try to help me. I blocked it anyway and closed my account. I don’t expect them to tel customers about ACH charges but why not mention those options in the first place. Your company only mentioned them under threat of bank interference.
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5 years ago, mareahpowers
Bad Experiences
I’m pretty disappointed with the app. I downloaded it, but I was skeptical. I liked the concept of Digit. However, I’m in a situation where I have little “disposable” income, so the idea of saving bit by bit seemed like the ideal way to save for me. I set the bar at $50 for account protection, so the app wouldn’t “save” if my account balance was below $50. Easy, right? Not really. The app, in my case, just randomly withdrew arbitrary amounts of money from my checking account, without consideration of my paydays and when/what bills were due. It would be anywhere from mere cents to $10-15 each time it saved. Eventually, I just paused the saving before it started to charge me the monthly fee to scope the app in order to see if it was something I’d keep. I never pressed play on the saving again, but it continued to withdraw from my account in the name of savings. The savings were just $.50 withdrawals, so it went by unnoticed. It took out $20 one day, which I did notice, so I checked the app and saw it was still saving my money. I closed my account and was assured that I’d have my money back the next business day, yet my bank just posted the transaction as a withdrawal from my account. There’s nothing set for me to get that $20 as far as I can see. If you want, try this app, but I’d be weary.
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5 years ago, srmu22
It’s Alright
It’s an okay saving app. It takes away seemingly change almost everyday. How much it takes out depends on how much is in the account, which I like. There’s two things I don’t like. One, you can only connect to accounts to it. I would like to be able to connect my checking and savings account so whatever it takes out of the checking, it would automatically be transferred to the savings. It would’ve been more convenient and I don’t trust having my money in an offshore app. However, I could transfer it back to my checking account and manually transfer the money into the savings. Another thing I didn’t like was the monthly subscription. I wasn’t aware that there was subscription; it wasn’t made known. After a month, I noticed $3 taken out of my account and realized it wasn’t part of the money saved up, so I disconnected my account. I find it kinda stupid to be charged $3 for having my money being taken out for savings. Others probably don’t care, but I do. Overall, I did like the app. It texted my everyday at the same time about my balance and how much it took out sometimes. I ended up saving $20 the past month, which is a plus.
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4 years ago, vhghuhhv
must have in your life!!!
I have seriously tried every single savings app, i have one of the worst and i mean WORST spending problems of anyone i’ve ever met making it horrible to try and save money and this happy literally just changed my life. I needed to save about 1,600 and i put in all the info on the app and kinda just forgot about it, (to be honest i just didn’t think it’d work so i left it alone). Then just now literally as i’m laying in bed checking my bank transactions i see that Digit had taken from my account. So i go to the app and it had a balance of like $215 or something and i realized that was my savings. every day Digit takes a little money out of your account and it takes an amount based off what you have in there and what your expenses are and puts it away. it also gives you how many days until you reach your goal (mind was 44 day) but i mean 6 weeks that’s not that bad when it does it all for me. it feels like i just wait 6 weeks and then my reward is $1,600!! i highly suggest this app if you have a savings problem, i’m excited to see how this works out.
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6 years ago, Kidd_Sly
Second chance?
I’ve been a formal member on this app. Saving little by little, saving big amounts for my own savings. unfortunately, it’s very hard to know if it’s been transferred or not, also taking money even if you’re under. I’m under more than I saved making me lose money. I have to withdraw all my cash out of the app and it still couldn’t cover my debt. I’m not saying it’s an terrible app yet they could’ve just let the member know “clearly” that it finally went though or let them know that it’s still pending before they purchase anything. Nonetheless, it just takes forever to put and withdraw money on this app, easily making you go under. Updated: I still believe this is not a terrible app to save money, I just assumed everything will be instance. To any newcomers on this app, make sure you Always check if you’re money finally makes it to digit BEFORE you purchase anything pricy, and don’t be afraid to only add little by little, the key to saving money is not just putting large amounts into it, but to keep putting anything little constantly- which actually, Digit does that for you. No problems so far. I’m giving this app a second chance :)
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5 years ago, July-Caitlyne
Budget efficient
I've been using Digit for months now. Primary reason is to help me save- which it does. I put my bill money aside into the goal accounts and it auto withdraws when I need it- although withdrawal time frame takes 1-2 business days so you may want to withdraw sooner then the payment date of which you are saving for. I see people upset bc it "takes money from their bank account" but thats how it helps save. If you read the rules of it- it transfers the money from your bank account to your digit account so the money doesn't go to them- it goes towards your savings. There is a monthly fee for the app after the first month of $3 but thats just about it, I believe. I love using this app to help organize my finances & my rainy day savings just keeps going up! Very well comes in handy whenever I need it since its just an extra savings with no purpose other than when you need it. If you know how to read about the app before you download & get into it- I would highly recommend the app so you know how it works. Otherwise you'll most likely get confused.
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1 year ago, Yuzza306
The changes are not great.
Have been with Digit for a very-very long time. Way before they even started charging their users to save money. When the app was super simple and EZ. I deleted the app a few months ago just to catch a break and manage my money on my own, but now I've come back and redownload it and there are tons of changes... No daily account updates, I'm receiving a debit card I'll never use, longer wait times for transfers, several different accounts that I don't know much about. What's going on? I understand rebranding will help to keep your business alive, but make sure to read the feedback from your users(especially long time users). I'm going to keep the app for another week or two just to see how it works, but it just seems like another form of Cash App, which I already have... I will continue to let time pass by, but I probably won't keep it for long if there are no real changes being made here. I personally don't like that some bigger company took over a small-based app. If I'm paying more to support the service, fine. But I'm paying more to give back to the bank and some random business. Not cool at all.
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5 years ago, chris-croft
Amazing and helpful
I love Digit. It had helped me so much. Not only to save money but to kill my credit debt. I never realize when it’s taking money and just recently I’ve been terrified of how my credit debt has been looking because I work paycheck to paycheck so I can’t afford to pay off my debt. But because Digit automatically saves me money, it saved and paid $123 to my credit debt and I didn’t even know it had saved that much money! Digit is literally saving me without my knowledge. I need a good credit score because I’m trying to move as well as trying to buy a car in the 🤞🏼hopefully🤞🏼 near future! And I will be honest, I have pulled a LOT of money from Digit. I probably would have had over $1,000 saved if I wasn’t so stupid with my money 🤣 so I say get Digit and IGNORE IT if you’re bad at saving. It will help and it’s totally worth it in my opinion. I currently have $153 in my “Rainy Day” savings and will use that to help with a deposit when we move, and by then I should hopefully have at least $200 saved up ☺️ thank you Digit for saving my life and my money.
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6 years ago, iamseanlavin24
It’s a good app but it does have some flaws
From what I have gathered from this app for using it a couple weeks it is a good idea. It sends you texts messages telling you your balance, you can set several goals for yourself even by a certain date, withdraw anytime and you don’t even have to go the app for your bank account to see if you’re low or not. However this is what I DON’T like. If you have several goals it takes a couple cents out which I get, have some money in it to start your goal. However from my eyes it takes a couple cents out every couple of days which I don’t like. I also see that is a recurring review when it comes to this app. Another point, I have a college fund goal, I just recently got half the money I needed my plan was to put that half in the app (which I still will). I put all the money in my bank account. I thought maybe I could right away put it into the app, NOPE. I have to wait till the bank opens in the morning to do it. Now I don’t have a problem waiting in the morning to do that but I think I should be allowed to do it right away. So that is why I am giving it 3 stars, some things have to be fixed but I will still be using the app.
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5 years ago, F34RI355
Why doesn’t the service evaluate your balance?
I downloaded the app last month with the intention of using it once I had an ample amount of money in my account to save. I disabled the saving services and one of my gripes is there’s only a 30 day maximum to turn off their services, why not have an unlimited time? When the service turned back on I never received a text when I have previously received SMS notifications. Then the service started saving money when I didn’t have anything in my balance and accrued 3 overdraft penalties because of digit. I received a notification through Mint about the first two and contacted Digit’s customer service and they helped pay back the $60. What I didn’t like is instead of directly wiring the money to my checking account, they gave it to me through the app and I withdrew from there. Another thing that made me upset was instead of suspending the service to prevent this from happening again the service continued to withdraw money from my checking account with no balance. They only allow for instances for 2 overdraft help so I took am out $30. I’ve since unlinked my bank account and deleted the app. The idea is nice and the app works for what it does, but it needs to improve its algorithm for analyzing accounts before withdrawing money in case you have none.
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11 months ago, Ntibbals
Digit was great, Oportun, not so much
My bank account disconnects so frequently it’s hardly ever connected. I think it’s disconnected more times in the last two months and it in the last five years. When I used to make deposits manually with Digit, it would take 1 to 3 business days. Sometimes I’m looking at a week now before even seeing it hit my Oportun account. Same goes for moving it back to my bank account. Thank god for the “instant” feature. I’ve never used the feature where it automatically pulls from my bank account, only because my bank account balance varies greatly from week to week, and I almost always have a plan for nearly every dollar in that account. So I’ve always had the savings on pause, and manually put however much I want it in each week. Now, I’m often finding that I’m hitting maximum limits, and the process is so incredibly cumbersome to manually deposit, five to six different, seemingly unnecessary screens. It used to be all on one screen. Select the from account, the to account, and the amount. It’s really crazy how many screens it goes through. I’ve started looking at other services. Hopefully I can find something that works better.
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5 years ago, Blimpeys
Great beginners guide to finance !
Digit has been one of the easiest and convenient to use to help me learn how to budget really fast . Because I pay for college out of pocket, saving up for tuition without killing my spending and trying to cut all expenses was way overwhelming and frustrating. I set up a “rainy day fund” and a travel fund, rainy day was for tuition and travel fund is to save for any field trips / business trips for work and for 3years budgeting became very easy! I’d have to check my bank to make sure I’m not overdrafting every month, but it made a great job determining how much to save every week! By the time I had to pay my tuition every 6 months I didn’t even dent my bank account and it was so relieving that I had money left over to still eat out or treat myself. :) Now that I’m close to graduating I’m realizing the only the only thing I missed out on was accruing interest and building credit but now that I’m in my mid 20s I’m gonna start focusing on that. The savings bonus is not enough to make up the monthly fee anymore, but I finally graduate university without any debt and that was totally worth the initial cost. Thanks digit!
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5 years ago, danny97!
So I was not aware that my account would be AUTOMATICALLY drafted from my account! Currently, I am receiving multiple ($35) overdraft fees because this app took RANDOM amounts from my account which was already I. The negatives! Granted, when I downloaded this app and read the reviews, I was interested because I had finally found a way to save! I DID transfer $2 out of my account when I got my pay check to see if it was legit, and I was. ONLY A FEW DAYS LATER, Why do I see different amounts in different accounts on the Digit app, THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE! Now my account is even more in the negative with the overdraft fees to come! I really feel scammed! How can I get texts with updates but was not notified of the petty amounts being transferred without my permission! If I could rate this app a 0 I would! Here I am, a struggling college student ON MY OWN, trying to save and be responsible & this is what I get in return! I am telling everyone I know that has this app to delete it! I will be posting it on Facebook as well! Then the nerve to not have a customer service number?! You might wanna check into that while dealing with people’s MONEY! Even if it is only a little bit. Lawsuit coming soon if I don’t get an assistance on getting my money back. Period! Sincerely, an unsatisfied, more broke, scammed customer! 😡
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6 years ago, Twalker81
I used to love this app and was even fine paying the monthly fee but they took money out of my account 3 different times earlier this year and made my bank account go negative. I contacted them and they refunded those fees and gave me the recommendation of setting a limit. So that is what I did. If my Bank account had $100 or less Digit would not take any money out. I also put a pause on my account in September and they still took money out in September and made me get 2 different bank fees and then again this month as well and I ended up with 2 different bank fees. So I contacted customer service and explain that I set the withdrawal from my bank account limit of $100 but they still took money and gave me 4 fees since September. I asked for these to be refunded and they refused to cover these fees which stated they always would. The advice I was given was set my withdrawal limit at 300. So I canceled my account. And the money they withdrew has still not be refunded. I feel this is false advertising and I did all the recommendations I was told to do and they still refused to over the bank fees stated in the agreement that they would and still not received the money they took the last time that caused 2 bank fees. I have contact customer service and nothing. I will no longer speak highly of digit.
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6 years ago, FL Homeschoolie
Not perfect but works for me
I have used Digit for one year now and have saved over $1200. This is huge for me. I’m a spender not a saver. I like how it takes out a “random” amount of money because I don’t have to figure out a set amount to take out which may or may not work for me depending on the week. One problem I have had is it has gotten a little over excited a few times and saved a big chunk, over $50, which is usually when I’m stockpiling money to pay a big bill coming up. After contacting customer service (which has been great) I was told I can pause savings when something like that is coming up until after the bill is paid then I can unpause to resume saving. I haven’t used this feature yet as I decided to stockpile in an account not accessible to Digit instead, that’s been working fine and I haven’t had any scary surprises since then. They do take out money more than once a week which can be unnerving. Overall though I’ve been very pleased with this app and it has worked wonders for me. I will continue using it.
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10 months ago, Trezur
LOVED THIS APP until brand name change
Swore by this app & tried to have a few of my friends download it that wasn’t good at saving. I’ve saved $2k in 2months w/o even realizing it just by the small amounts each day that it would take. I noticed some reviews say they didn’t like how much was taken out but you could “adjust” the maximum amount you would prefer a day & they had a “pause” button if you needed to stop getting money taking from bank account when running low but it was usually pretty good with being mindful of your balance. I loved this app & had it since 2018 but unfortunately I am now deleting app in 2023 as they changed to Oportun. I don’t like it at all even though a few NEW features were added, it took away the joy from just saving for “rainy day” or personalized things. Them adding the segment to “Set aside for bills” feature doesn’t work well at all & then they make you have an account within the app & I no longer see the option to transfer money to my actual bank like it did when it was DIGIT. Sad to let it go but until it goes back to the way it was…..I’m done with it. :(
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4 years ago, Quake0317
Not worth a monthly fee anymore
I’ve used Digit in the past and just recently signed up for it again since I like the automated savings it offers. I’m not the best with saving money, so it’s really helpful for me. Back in 2017 when I signed up they gave you a 1% bonus, then when I recently resigned up it was .50% and then just a month later it dropped again to .10%. Of course with dropping to .10% they’re still keeping the same monthly fee. I know they need to monitor what the Fed does with the central rate...but they also charge a fee for their service so I feel like they should keep that in mind when adjusting their bonus rates. At a .10% savings bonus there is literally ZERO value proposition with Digit currently. They want you to pay $60 a year for automated savings, with basically no bonus at all, which is ridiculous. You’re better off currently setting up recurring deposits to an online savings account (even though it’s not the exact same as what Digit does) that offers a much better interest rate. Update: You have to save $4,000 a year (and keep that balance) in order to get $1 as a bonus (4 times a year) according to their website. They say on average people save $2,500 a year, which be $2.50 a year in bonuses. Know that before signing up!
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