Options Profit Calculator

4.7 (895)
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Ranjha, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Options Profit Calculator

4.68 out of 5
895 Ratings
5 months ago, John Graf
Incredible—but not for newbie
I got this when first trying options; it was inscrutable and I gave up. However, after trading about 6 months and reading a lot about serious option theory, I returned to this and now see it as invaluable. First it taught me how to visualize how value went up and down (and when to bail out!) with simple positions. Now I use it to noodle through multi-leg ideas until they look good, then do the trade when market opens (pro version lets you enter actual prices for your trades, including short positions for hedging). And then you can track the position and even plan further legs to enhance or repair. Amazing number of uses I’m seeing as I learn more about trading options.
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3 years ago, Jermaine92
Paid for it, but still very limited
I can't play with hypothetical options. When I attempted to create a position called 'Demo' and added the amount of shares + trade price, it causes the app to crash. It'll save; but it'll just crash the app if you try to open it again. Thus, there's no way to simply enter your own numbers without it fetching data for a symbol. The ticker tape is a cool feature. It just moves too slow for it to be useful. I wish I had the choice to make it show none moving indexes instead of my strategies. Tapping on the strategy brings up a quick edit menu instead of the P/L table. There should be an edit button next to the leg tile and tapping on the tile should open the P/L table. The all important PL table is nestled in a very small button in the upper right. I would love if the export feature exported the leg info (Net Debt, Aggregate Greeks, etc) in a plain text or CSV format. That would make it more useful. What I like about the other options app 'OptionsStrat' is that it automatically recalculates the chart as you move the strike slider. In fact, you can do quite a lot of changes to the expiration date even without having to tap any boxes > that open another box where you tap another box > etcetera. What I don't like about 'OptionsStrat' is the design that makes it near impossible to use effectively, and nothing is worse than a good app with bad design. So I stick with both OptionStrat and OPC for now.
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4 years ago, Hspmiydwry
This app is a must for any options trader
Being able to add multiple legs and complex options positions on an app is a must for any options trader. This app does it. It’s straightforward and easy to use, just go through the how-to. I had an issue with the paid version activating, I restarted app and it worked! Have had app freeze once or twice but maybe it is due to poor cell connection. I emailed the developer and got a response within minutes for separate issue. Very helpful. You can tell the developer is dedicated to making this a better app and will continue to improve. Hopefully graphs someday too. Thanks.
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3 years ago, MikeS1752
Fantastic app and my go to before every option trade
I purchased this app right around when it first launched. Since then this has been my go to app for setting and experimenting options strategies. Not only is this an amazing app to learn how different options and combinations will impact your p&l over time, but it is unbelievably useful in planning out real time trades. So glad I purchased this early when it was a one time fee for premium, I don’t think I would have subscribed for the upgrade as it is now. Highly recommend the app for anyone who wants to better understand and visualize options.
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4 years ago, Mwithiga
Great App
If you need something to track your risk for an option trade, then look no further. I downloaded this app because I needed something to track my risk before I got into an app, also I couldn’t believe the amount of 5 star reviews I was seeing. I quickly realized that this is one of those truly authentic app that does what it’s meant to do! I emailed the developer to ask a few questions and he replied to promptly! You don’t see that a lot nowadays. If you’re hesitant about it, I suggest you download the free version and give it a test drive... 5/5 for sure
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4 years ago, NSS200
Ingenuity at its finest !
This app is super reliable and the speed is unmatched. It was missing live data but the latest update fixed that! This is a really smart and ingenious method of finding profitable options. I was hesitant at first but have had absolutely no regrets since getting the pro version. Unlike other apps, you really benefit from the upgrade. It’s worth EVERY penny! The best part is the developer’s commitment to improvements which is made even more clear from the replies to individual reviews.
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4 years ago, davseeeee
The real options profit calculator
First off it’s like to say I’ve never bought an app from the store until this one right here. This thing is amazing, if you trade options and are always on the go, don’t think twice about buying the FULL version. It is CONSTANTLY updated and the developer is awesome. Not to mention I’m sure everyone knows of the online competition, this app is far superior on accuracy. I have many 100%+ winners to attest for it.
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4 years ago, Darth phone
Amazinggggg app!!!! Highly recommend for all your options needs
Totally worth the pro version small price for what you get. Recommend this to all level option traders. Beginners to advance this app has it all. Responsive developer too. Excited for future of this app. Update: After using this app for a longer period of time, I can attest to the fact that it has gotten even better. Very useful for anyone that is into options trading.
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4 years ago, paulcuzo
Great app, easy to use
Downloaded this app because I saw your post on WSB and so far I love it. I find the UI simple, clean, and easy to use. Much easier than using the optionsprofitcalculator website that I had been using. Definitely worth downloading if you trade options or are looking to get into options. Only complaint is that it actually works as an Options Loss Calculator for my uses, but that isn’t the developers fault lol
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3 years ago, Carlose175
One of the best, with minor improvements.
This is my goto app for planning my options trades. Definitely worth it for any serious trader. I only rate it 4 stars as it seems it takes a while to update new option contracts that become available on the market. While pricing of options is accurate and fast, any new strike prices or expiration dates don’t show up right away. Ive seen it take a week or even two to appear. If that issue was resolved, it would be a perfect 5 stats.
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3 years ago, Ohfficial
Great in every way but would snappier info
Hi OPC, Love supporting what you do and just purchased the pro version as I want to keep supporting you guys. I do have a suggestion for two things. Is there a way to click on a stock name and the have a drop down of certain strikes? Then once I click on the strike, it can possibly go to a new page with the PnL chart and stuff? If that’s not possible, I was also wondering if On landscape mode, I’m able to see the PnL chart of the option prices without having to switch windows. That can make us information hungry traders spend less time scrolling through pages and have drop down menus loading information directly. Thank you for all that you do!
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4 years ago, Duck eeeeee
Great customer service
I was having a problem viewing certain strike prices for one of my options and I emailed customer service asking what the problem could be. They were very responsive and helpful with emails. Within 24 hours they ran an update and my problem was resolved! Highly recommend
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4 years ago, Madsexxy
Found out the hard way
It isn’t accurate. I set my position and it gives me projections with all the wrong deltas and thetas. Based on the app I’m down -220 but in actual life I’m up +80 and this has happened multiple times. I’ve sold positions because the projections tell me it’s a lost cause then stock rips a little and tells me I would be in the green but this app tells me I would still be in a major loss. Maybe I’m using it wrong but don’t think I am. Went from what I thought was helping to actually hurting me and forced me to get out of positions cause I thought I would lose money. The AGGREGATED GREEKS are off
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4 years ago, ScorpioNIQ AcE
Great App for Managing Options
I am an active trader and this is an app I highly recommend. I also had a few questions about the app and I got a very fast response. If your into trading and enjoy multiple different types of call/option spreads, this is the only way you need to manage them on the go!!! Absolutely love the profit/loss grid, very user friendly!!
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4 years ago, souskei
It will pay for itself 100 fold
There will always be a risk with options. This app gives you the ability to calculate those risks against your tolerance and show you exactly (mostly) where you’ll end up whichever way your ticker moves. Don’t go in blind! This app has seriously paid for itself 100+ fold. Thank you for a great tool!!
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4 years ago, TedBikes
Amazing app with tons of potential
What a gem this is. I would love to have the ability to order my strategies, either manually or alphabetical. Maybe this exists, but renaming a strategy would pretty cool as well. Otherwise, keep up the good work. I paid for the pro version within 30 seconds of using this app. Totally worth it!
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5 years ago, Ere I am
Best options app I have used
This app provides a great view of essentially all possible outcomes at one time. Fast. Smooth strategy entry flow. Great update to show/hide legs can be used as a way to compare as well. Reasonable price. Responsive developer. Works well on iPhone and iPad for me. Update: now even better with ability to refresh leg data!
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4 years ago, Jr2760
Great tool for learning about options
I just started learning about options trading, and this app makes it really easy to understand the risk vs reward of different positions. Highly recommended! Feature request: it would be awesome if it was possible to overlay the line charts of different strategies for the same stock in one view.
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3 years ago, Sfab346
Utilitarian and Perfect
This dev doing the lord’s work for us retail apes. App is clean, simple, and quick to use. Perfect for obsessively gaming out all of your wishful thinking or making unwise spur-of-the moment decisions when you should probably be sticking with limit buys. Thanks for your efforts, friend, and may prosperity be with you!
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3 years ago, Ldine21
Please undo the recent update!!
I really like this app but whatever update they decided to do that requires you to upgrade in order to have multiple strategies, it really needs to be undone. This app already costs $40, why should people have to pay more for something that was already included just a year ago??
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4 years ago, Corey550
Changed the way I look at Spreads
This app makes it convenient to understand how a spread’s value will change by day and how much of an increase is needed to hit my goal. Was teaching a friend about options and he didn’t feel comfortable until I shared this app with him. Keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, Latenightfix
Great app!
I am enjoying this app. The pro version is great for tracking my break evens on options and planning my exit strategy. I had an issue with a new update and customer service responded to me instantly. They helped me get back up and running.
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3 years ago, IMMUGILD
Works well
I’m still learning how to build strategies but I had to ask support question and got responses back one time in few hours and the second time with in minutes… nice to know someone to contact!!!
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3 years ago, Scanner784
Love it!
Great app. Makes it easy to calculate Theo prices. Convenient to set orders pre market for morning bell and just wait for fill. Would like an option to be able to delete all strategies instead of having to manually delete each one. Very time consuming when you have a ton of calculations and have to confirm each deletion.
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4 years ago, Ryanwong2012
pricy & apps crush & not accurate
I bought it two months ago for $14 dollars forever, at that time apps is good use and accurate, then since I recommended to a friend this app raise 3 time price and get crushed. Should not buy and recommend to friends.
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2 years ago, Chief KK
Excellent tool
I think every options trader needs this app in their toolbox. I’ve had it save me a couple times by letting me see how a strategy might play out. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
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3 years ago, Mmproietti
App is Amazing
This app is awesome!! I always wanted to keep track of my option P/L and now I can in a convienant app on my phone. Would definitely recommend to anyone serious about options! As well it’s great for beginners, the interface is easily explicable. GREAT APP!!!
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4 years ago, Balcora
Too much haptics
I love this app, it’s incredible for quickly helping you chart an options strategy. I use it all day long — but the one thing that drives me crazy is that the developer added a lot of vibration on every single button tap. I’ve never seen a utility app vibrate so much.
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4 years ago, Vinoth Chinnakonda
Calculations are not accurate
Options profit calculation a month before was good. For last 1 week I see the calculations are totally wrong. I compared with couple of my broking tools. Also in try to remove weekends and market holidays from the chart.
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3 years ago, srcbrain
Best options calculator!
I have one paid app on my phone and it’s this one. Does a better job calculating positions than the analyze tab in Thinkorswim and the product support from the developer has been great. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Jaoewn
Great App and Responsive Developer
Beautiful app that allows you to calculate your option plays. I emailed the developer about feature suggestions and got a reply back within the next hour. Can’t go wrong with a developer who cares about his app.
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2 years ago, Livinglegit24
Exceptional, worth the buy.
I use this and the Unusual Whales options calculator but find myself using this more times than not. Price target feature is amazing, highly recommended.
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3 years ago, Nika_trd
The best app for options
Thank you for an excellent customer support and fast response. This is really useful app for anyone who does options. Very easy to use and very accurate. Thanks again!!!
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3 years ago, ssjsami
Amazing app! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Great app! I really don’t know what I would do without it. The support on this app is amazing and the interface is extremely well laid out. Thank you to all the developers for your continued support on this amazing app!!!
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4 years ago, ACEasdf
Amazing support!
I had questions and sent email to Isa (the developer)... I received a response within minutes and my questions were answered along with helpful suggestion. Can’t say enough about the fantastic support!
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3 years ago, Joefrumdabrnx
Excellent tool
Use it daily. My go to app before making purchases on the go or even when I’m sitting in front of my PC! Great support for developer. Questions answered quickly!!!
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4 years ago, Jmartin024
Great app for trading options
A nice app to organize your option positions and view potential profit / loss over time. Solid update includes a line chart view to see option growth.
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8 months ago, Precision Shipping LLC
Works when it wants to..
Lags behind the market quite a bit more than any brokerage and doesn’t always have the Greeks right… sometimes all of them are just 0.000 one moment then something not even right the next.. Would love an update.. ya know, since it’s a paid app.
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3 years ago, PregnantPickle
Must have
This is honestly the only options app with a clean UI that lets you edit all greeks & IV that’s worth the price. I got the pro version in March & I’ve used it heavily, sitting at 8k -> 95k for the year. Big ups to the devs
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4 years ago, Gremlin232
Excellent App
This app is perfect for deciding what trades to execute and gives you the visualization on how the trade will play out and when the best time to exit is. I’ve been using it for months and directly attribute it to my success in over $80k in profit.
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3 years ago, Reviewdork2020
This is a MUST TOOL For OPTIONs Traders
If you like to play options! This tool will increase profits and winning percentage! I don’t trade without it, and recommend to my community of over 250k — Developer did an Awesome Job !!!
Show more
4 years ago, Sjlarowe
Nice tool for any options traders
Something that would really make this stand out a screener. Like I trade SPX/SPY put credit spreads pretty religiously. It’s my bread and butter. Say I wanted to see other tickers where I can find my target of say $0.05cr. and only risk a $100 wide spread, and then adding a probability element, you have a ##% probability of making/losing money. I think adding a feature similar to this would really push this higher. Keep up the good work, came across this scrolling through Reddit
Show more
4 years ago, ...thisguy...
Perfect app with quick service
The developer is on top of this app. If there is any issue, the developer will respond rapidly and squash any errors you have. Definitely recommend to anyone trading options.
Show more
4 years ago, Teri Ma
Options Galore
Very easy app to use. Simple and effective at seeing what you want for options. Quick response from the app creator if you have any questions/concerns. Highly recommend!!
Show more
2 years ago, GilbertoGetz
Seems good but not iPhone SE friendly
Seems like it could be useful but when you click on the P/L table, it has a pop up describing the method used, which for iPhone SE users takes up the whole screen and the button to advance to next screen is hidden.
Show more
4 years ago, separatrix
Incredible Job
I’m getting my teenage kids into options trading. This app you created is so helpful for them to understand the risk and profit payoffs. Thank you! Please keep up the great work!
Show more
3 years ago, slide%
Options calculator
Had some difficulty at first. Deleted and reloaded the app now it works very well. Excellent customer support. Really helpful when doing spreads.
Show more
4 years ago, DIdiW
You NEED This!
Easy to use once I got the secret move (swipe left to remove )! I think it may change my life... Try all kinds of spreads with ease and figure out which plan works in seconds!
Show more
4 years ago, Louwho707
Beautiful App!!!
This app paid for itself on the first day I used it. Did a side by side test today w/ 4 calls from this app, and 4 calls using my regular method.... the app outperformed my choice substantially. Thank you!!!
Show more
2 years ago, ronlobo
Must have for any options trader
Easy to use, straightforward, fair price and the developer is super receiving to feedback and responds within a day - top!
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