Options : Stock Option Center

4.2 (1.1K)
42.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobile Interactive LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Options : Stock Option Center

4.16 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
7 years ago, !(O_O)?
It's not perfect, but basically it works fine. There are two issues that I really want them to be fixed. The first issue is the app closed automatically if I didn't use it for while. The second issue is searching option chain of SPX is way too slow comparing to option chain of other stock symbols. However, I like to use this app.
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4 years ago, Paul Clip
Not quite there
Some great functionality marred by annoyances: 1. I love being able to add a specific option to my watchlist but why can’t it chart it directly from the watchlist? Instead I have to go through a cumbersome UI 2. Way too many alerts that I can’t turn off and which bury the alerts I do care about. This is a deal breaker for me: When I pay $30/month for an app, I don’t expect it to constantly spam me with upsell notifications Fix these things and I’ll be back for more!
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5 years ago, Doc PI
No tutorial... trial and error learning
This app has some useful information for an options trader. The lack of a tutorial makes it a frustrating, trial and error learning process. I’ve tried all the plans a few times, but have discontinued each time out of frustration since I couldn’t figure out how to use them. I now have the cheapest paid plan, which is ok. I’m a very active option trader and would probably use the premium plan if I knew how to use it
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3 years ago, Demonslayer80
I would have given more stars but I’m still having trouble getting my email’s verified
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6 years ago, tranduan95
I use it every day all during day for quick real time action. Much info at fingertips. Timely updates keep improving following user suggestions. One of my most used apps if not the most single used app.
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6 years ago, robin slicker902
works well
This app is loaded with useful stock analysis tools and information and extremely for me to track everything I need. A must have for serious investors and traders, especially those who cares options.
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6 years ago, majontorn562
good job
Awesome app! Just started using it the other day and love the ability to track stock results live and jump to the charts and stock news all in one place. Takes me away from my desktop
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3 years ago, LOANSMART
Handy Investor Tool!
This is a really helpful resource to add to your toolkit. I like the intuitive interface, and the amount of features. I highly recommend giving this a try!
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6 years ago, Karima730
Awesome App
App has some great features. Easy to use. Provides useful info you need without having to refer to multiple sources. Developer is very responsive to questions and feedback.
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6 years ago, santaxfence452
Fast, streamlined, not bulky, and easy to use. Does all the basics right and dev seems highly responsive to feedback which is great. Looking forward to future updates.
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4 years ago, SEOguy123
Does nothing but try to Upsell you
Gives a lot of alerts and when you click through it asks you to sign up for a premium service If this version actually did something I might consider it. But the truth is it doesn’t and without showing me anything, why would I ever pay to upgrade? Find a different tool
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6 years ago, Chris Abbo2
the best
Fantastic tool. It’s perfect for stock alerts and real time stock trading. It’s also loaded with more detailed information. Rock solid app with no bugs. The premium plan is worth the money
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5 years ago, GizmoDan
Zero value without a subscription
This isn’t even a demo. It seems that everything is locked. How do you expect us to get hooked? I suspect that if I pay $30/month, most things will still be locked, wanting a higher of the 3 levels of subscription. And if you upgrade from one level to the next, no credit?
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6 years ago, sarahmain582
like it
I manage a hedge fund and find this app quite useful. I can be anywhere and be in touch with all the information I need to make informed tactical and strategic decisions
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6 years ago, xaloshorne62
it's good
This is a must have for the investor on the run, it’s user friendly and it offers detailed snap shots. Does an awesome job of keeping track of my portfolio
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2 years ago, Bob's Hit Sounds
Very Poor System
I have a pricey subscription but I won’t be renewing. It doesn’t perform as advertised. I can’t get prices on my options and it doesn’t retain any information for the assets that I’m holding. Do yourself a favor and save your money. Find a better program than this.
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3 years ago, doylekid98
Very good
Solid tracking
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3 years ago, Mbuck291
Great platform to view option activity on a daily basis with timely alerts
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6 years ago, Mohamed309
Waste of download
What’s the point of having all these advanced features if you cant even demo them without paying? Terrible business model. I would have bought a subscription had I been allowed to demo all the features but the app is very limited and doesn't allow you to do so.
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6 years ago, youlipp1
so good
The best one so far for me compared to quite a few I tried. It has realtime quote and powerful chart, and a lot more. Exactly what I was looking for.
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6 years ago, Collmyhill1
So many helpful info you can see in click! I love the design of combining charts and quotes. It does more than I expected. Nice work
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6 years ago, Fitch Ruth77
useful tool
This is a very useful tool for watching trades and frequent updates of stock market news.
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4 years ago, bryanmn
Don’t bother for options calculator
Enter in all the data and then they throw the pro package in your face. No trial or anything. Why would I buy this if I don’t know what it even does? I want to do *1* theoretical calculation. I’m not a normal options trader. I’m not paying $25 or whatever a month to do *1* thing once ever. Thanks for wasting my time.
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7 years ago, Spank4190
Charged for two months when I never even signed up. Watch out with them
Until I’m repaid my $64 for charging me too much which I never even signed up for I will write this one star and tell everyone not to join based on what happened to me and I still have not been email to from them.
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3 years ago, mfats123
Subscription Reqd. For Most Basic Notifications
This app lets you think that you’ll be able to use it for free, even the most simple tasks, then asks you to sign up for their exorbitantly priced subscription at every turn. On top of that it’s littered with ads. Don’t use this.
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6 years ago, tico1998
Subscription price outrageous
I had this app on my phone for a total of 5 minutes. The subscription price to use it is ridiculous. I use several paid services and this is by far the most expensive. Will stick with the others.
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4 years ago, Jewel101
Very useful
It has a lot in one package. More charts would be nice.
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5 years ago, The reviewer 7623
Dose not work
It was working fine but for some reason when I check the prices of options they don’t come up it just says none are available but it says that for everything.
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6 years ago, bimco88
Option not Available without Subscription
Options is in the name of the app but not available without subscription.
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4 years ago, penopoppers1224
Every service wants an additional fee
Want to try a feature? pay for a subscription. Oh wait, that’s not the right subscription, you need to upgrade. Repeat. The $29 subscription doesn’t get you anything of value.
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4 years ago, Bealcu
I didn’t pay
I tried the free version which offers nothing, from reviews the paid version no better, if theyd offer a week of the service at a rate that was acceptable to check out it platform
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6 years ago, Jmdragon63
Does not allow you time to check out before it takes you monthly charges
Does not allow you time to check out before it takes you monthly charges
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6 years ago, j.colout
Great app!
I like the very complete scanner app option. Subscribe is very easy!
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4 years ago, Arussa
No Demo .. No Trust
A simple free demo for a few days would be helpful to assess this app. Unfortunately, the price point is too high just to trust them give the few comments posted, which could be from them.
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3 years ago, jajajaja98
Don’t understand
This application is not well developed, many notifications and when you click it, nothing is appreciated. money wasted badly. 200 dollars thrown in the trash. totally sorry to have paid.
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7 years ago, thedon245
Signed me up didn’t even renew
For advanced plan when I didn’t even renew and it was not set on auto renew. To change subscription options is a tedious process. Should be able to do it right through app not iTunes.
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4 years ago, JBMotes
No value unless you pay for service.
This isn’t a free app with in app purchases, it’s an advertisement for a subscription service. Don’t waste your time unless you want to sign up for an annual subscription
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2 years ago, Chatbluff
A 3 to 5 Day Trial?
There's very little to see how accurate or complete your app information is, why should I pay you just to see 5 seconds later it's a con job?
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3 years ago, gregholzhausen
Please don’t buy this application.
This site is the worst. It never works and cost me money all the time. They have to many issues.
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4 years ago, petroboom
Removed minor feature from free version
Was great , used it for almost a year until they removed showing open interest from free version. Pretty useless now
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4 years ago, Mike Milt.
Pricey and no refunds
Can’t see much of anything without buying a subscription. Subscriptions are very expensive with no cancellations (or refunds?). Don’t have a clue if their data is worth anything. I’d steer clear of this one.
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6 years ago, Pk 1243
Can’t view historic options
If I want to see option price for a strike prices for last 3 months or even 5-10 days you can see it. The chart doesn’t load.
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4 years ago, structurallysoundsystems
Offer a Free-Trial
I’m not going to subscribe unless I can do a trial-run for a week or two to see if its worth it. A lot of other potential buyers agree with me.
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4 years ago, Jayvenka
Everything that can be useful is paid
This should categorized as paid app. Not worth the time as everything is locked as subscription. Why is it marked as free app????
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5 years ago, 7wilson77
Don’t need another advisor
Just want prices without all the add ones the cost a lot and I don’t want anyway. Is there such an app?
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4 years ago, cloves2020
Nothing to See without a Subscription
Nothing to see as all sections require a subscription. This developer also has another app with similar preview. By preview I mean no preview.
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3 years ago, moonwalk2005
App is totally unusable without a subscription
Nothing to test functionality with the app without subscription - all options are “pay first”. Dissapointing.
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5 years ago, drphone55
Can’t test service
No way to test the product. Should offer a single stock, not changeable, for a free service to use and evaluate the product.
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7 years ago, Wcgolfer
Nothing works without paying for a subscription
Nothing works without paying for a subscription
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4 years ago, lk823
No need to use if you have to pay for most of the features
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