Optum Bank

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Optum Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Optum Bank

4.76 out of 5
51.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Kympulsive
Have yet to find the value in this app
I can download receipts to the app which is awesome...but it’s not attached to my account so it’s pretty much a worthless feature. I have a camera on my phone and can download pictures to an email just as easily from there. I can’t send receipts in the app or attach them to my unverified purchases...which is, by the way, all of them because even though my doctors are all in a multi-disciplinary clinic with over 100 locations in my community, you don’t recognize them as a health care provider. Come On! I know that you can provide better customer service than this.
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5 years ago, Eramz
Good app, but needs improvement
This is a pretty decent app, and better than many out there for larger financial institutions. However, it still has room for improvement. My main issue with the app is the ability to upload receipts via iphone/ipad, which can be cumbersome. The app limits you to uploading receipts from your camera or your photo library (no pdf's-unless you screenshot them and then upload the screenshot, or unless you uplod them via the regular desktop website). The other issue with this functionality is the fact that when you are creating an entry and need to upload multiple documents for a qualifed expense - say for example a receipt and visit summary as support for the expense- it does allow you to upload mutiple pages per entry, but when these are displayed in the receipts gallery, they will show as two separate thumbnails/entries. This is frustrating because soon your receipt gallery gets cluttered with so many thumbnails. Please fix these two issues, and will definitely give it a higher rating. Allow uploading of PDF's and other documents via the share sheet functionality or the Files app on iphone/ipad-do not limit this option to only photos Allow multiple pages to be stored under one entry/thumbnail in the receipt gallery (if I have a receipt, a visit summary, and a prescription from a doctors appointment and I want to upload them to have support for my qualified expense, I do not want to see three different thumbnails in the receipt gallery)
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5 years ago, Watup Gee
App and desktop won’t transfer funds to investment acct
Ever since I set up my account, I click “transfer funds” to try to move funds from my HSA to the investment accounts Optum offers. Several radio buttons appear under “Transfer” with only the first button “use HSA to purchase funds” being highlighted. Neither the app or the desktop version allows me to choose any other radio button and get a confirmation color change, but there are changes that occur to the page with each attempt to click other radio buttons. I scroll down and enter the amount to transfer which is confirmed by the dollar amount turning green. However, when I click the transfer button, a red box appears stating I have to “select an option”. It will not allow any other radio buttons or anything to be clicked on. The other buttons don’t work so there are no options. Therefore no money can be transferred. I called customer support who sent me to IT support. IT support told me not to use the app bc it doesn’t work right. The desktop does the same thing....got no response. Called again and the recording stated “if you’re calling from a rotary phone...”. Maybe that’s the problem. Optum is worried about rotary phones when they need to worry about online banking web design. Seems like they’re way behind the times. Looking to get out of this ASAP. I heard there’s a music device called an 8-track player Optum. Maybe you’ll be the first one on your block?
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11 months ago, drinkm0rec0ffee
Warning! This provider makes gross errors and support stinks
Optum has some of the worst financial institution support you will find. They screwed up a funds application to other tax year form. They can’t read their own form. Most recently they advertised a link to Schwab brokerage which I set up but as many others have noted in these reviews, they don’t actually allow transfers. I got no clear answers when emailing their support. I then picked up the phone to talk to Optums support live. I got an extremely rude person who kept talking over me and then abruptly put me on a long hold. I asked for a supervisor but they said there weren’t any working today. I would encourage others to file complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Unfortunately my employers benefits coordinator has selected this as the only option but I will be looking into alternatives. The updated app more prominently displays the link to Schwab Brokerage. What’s even more confusing is I closed the Schwab account. Optum replied to my CFPB complaint blaming my employer for their broken app. Pitiful. Do not recommend! Update: worse actions occurred. I filled out a form for a partial funds transfer and Optum EMPTIED MY ACCOUNT! They then blamed my employer. Absolutely horrific company. Do not do business with them!!!!
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12 months ago, RacerMan2000
Found old version more functional
While I’ve never been an overall fan of the Optum app design, and often find myself fumbling around to find functionality, the new version 2.0.0, 2.0.1 seem to be missing some functionality that existed previously in some of the 1.9.xx versions. In 2.0, when I go to reimburse myself for an expense, I don’t see the options to select who the service was for which was in the previous version. Perhaps the service recipient isn’t necessarily required, but it can be useful if you are looking through history. Also, if you submit a reimbursement without a receipt, there does not appear to be a way to associate the receipt with the reimbursement after the fact, in the old version you were able to go to Expense Journal and add or associate the receipt after the fact, where in the new version you can add a receipt, but not associate it with a reimbursement or payment record. Hopefully these were perhaps overlooked functionality in the redesign and get fixed/added shortly, but as of right now, I find myself missing the previous version.
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4 years ago, vyrn2012
Receipts no longer show!!
This app is absolutely horrible!! Optum Bank is conveniently asking for a March 2019 receipt almost a year later. But, go figure, the optum bank app that encouraged receipt upload will no longer show any of my receipts. The app just spins and looks like it is loading and nothing ever happens! So, now I’m going to have to call my medical provider to ask for another copy of the receipt that is already saved on the optum bank app. This issue needs to be fixed or you need to update the app to communicate with the website so we can view our receipts on the website. Also, why can’t you submit a receipt request on the app? It doesn’t make any sense to have an option to save your receipts to the app but then when optum bank asks for a receipt you can only submit this on the website. If the app allows you to save receipts then there should be the option to upload that receipt to optum bank in the app when requested. Instead we have to take a screen shot of the receipt from the app (assuming it ever loads-see complaint above), then email the receipt to myself to save to my computer to upload to the optum bank website.
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9 months ago, SH9607
Frustratingly inadequate
As other reviewers point out, this app has functionality limitations that create a horrid user experience. You can only upload photos from your phone’s native photo app; it can’t access receipts saved in a document storage tool like Google Drive. That’s a royal nuisance for anyone who organizes their receipts for future reimbursement. The lack of a batch claim process for pharmaceutical receipts is beyond infuriating. Nothing says poor UX like having to submit hundreds of individual claims for pharmacy receipts that are a couple of dollars apiece. Combined with the document storage/access problem outlined above, this makes the app unwieldy and essentially unusable. I’m forced to submit reimbursement claims via the browser, rather than the app. Why did they even bother?
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5 years ago, raven027
Investment Account Transfer Not Working
I am unable to submit transfers of funds from my HSA account into my HSA investment account. The error is on the “Transfer Funds” page. I am not able to select any of the “Frequency” options. I click on one of them and it gives me the “Transfer Amount” box but I can not select “Continue” it gives me the error “Select one of these options”.... This same error happens on OSX Safari, and Google Chrome sometimes. The other times Chrome just doesn’t even load the account login pages. It’s 2019 please update compatibility to Google Chrome and Safari both desktop and mobile versions please. I just called customer support to submit this error and was told that Microsoft Edge browser was the only one that is supported 100%. This makes it tough to conduct business when I only have a PC at home and I’m out of town for work or not at the house.
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4 years ago, wmbanker
Horrible app, archaic.
Coming from Health Equity this app is way behind in advancement. Glitchy and never seems to update. I’ve had the same “needs your attn” receipt request for months on this app that never go away. The only thing it seems to be good for is checking balances. I called in to customer service and the experience was even worse. Was told all the receipts were cleared and there were three more added I can t even see on the computer or app! Was told they would email their team for a fix and it never happened. Uploading is a nightmare on the app and on the computer. On the app no PDFs allowed just pictures from camera roll or live. On the computer PDFs do not upload correctly. Like others have said the receipt file get overloaded and nothing gets done correctly. Please fix these issues. I hope my employer reconsiders Optum in the future.
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4 years ago, What's up here
Confused with this bank
I have an HSA with Optum that has been in effect since 2008. I opened an MSA account this year. I have been told that my HSA has been converted to an MSA. How did they do that?? There are different rules for these two types of accounts. I am unable to view or access my HSA on the website and can only see and access the MSA. Some serious work needs to be done to their website and internal procedures if they are going to offer both products to the public.
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2 months ago, Jo D.
App crashes when submiitting a reimbursement
I have reported this to customer service over a year ago and this still is not fixed. This seems to be THE major use case for this app and it is just plain broken! On iphone (with latest OS) using the app (most recent version), create and save a receipt in the receipt folder by taking a photo of a paper receipt. Then navigate back to create a claim by choosing "Pay Myself". Select the dates of service. Now when you attempt to add the receipt from the receipt folder, the app crashes. Reopening and reattempting yields same result. My only alternative is to abandon the app and use the website. This is very annoying. Please fix this high priority bug!
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1 year ago, Ssgg221
Limited functionality, confusing, and awful service
On its face the app works fine, but it apparently limits a lot of functionality and information (compared to browser access) in a way that is materially misleading. I use it for my HSA and it pushed me to investment through a 3rd company without telling me that in-house mutual fund options were also available to me. To top it off, Optum Bank’s customer service is atrocious. Agents aren’t the least bit knowledgeable or helpful. Got hung up on once when I asked for a supervisor, and then inexplicably transferred to a random health insurance company (not even mine!) a second time while holding for some basic info. Why my employer uses this poor excuse of a bank for our HSA is beyond me.
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2 years ago, Caserooni
Just a reminder, this app is a nightmare.
I notice 91% of the reviews in the last 8 months are one to two stars. This app has been making me miserable since I signed up for an HSA three years ago. Let me log in? No, wrong email. Yes, it’s the right email. No, you’ve never used this app. Yes, please accept my password. No, reset it. Ok, fine I give up and I reset it. No, not that one. Reset it again. Check your email. Again. Try your old password. No, you can’t use a password you’ve used before even though that’s the password we said is wrong. Still want to check your balance? No, just give up. Want to turn on Face ID? No, also, your password is wrong again now. Don’t worry about your balance, just assume, also we hate you.
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2 years ago, Kevin 72638393
Slow, Clunky, Buggy, Always broken
From one developer to another - we can do better. Ive been using this app for a couple years now. This app constantly has at least one major outage or bug going on. Lately, it's the investment part that is a hot mess. Sometimes the investment dashboard takes 4-8 mins to load - and that's on a brand new iPhone 13 Pro with a 200 Mbps down connection. It's one of the slowest and buggiest apps on my entire phone. I'll be moving funds out to another HSA soon. The only reason I put up with it now is for convenience of my employer's payroll processing directly to it. Beyond employer integrations, it is sub par and barebones in almost all other areas. Dissapointing. Employers probably only use it because it's cheap and part of UHC.
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5 years ago, LoveTheP
Archaic technology, glitchy and very frustrating
I have used this app to manage my FSA funds and the experience has been super frustrating. This is unacceptable considering that I am relying on this company to access funds for medical necessities. I have had to submit receipts multiple times because the app and website continue to show claims as missing my receipts. The camera is difficult to use because it has an automatic crop function that crops out important information unless you disable it. Also, the information on the app does not match their website information. Very frustrating. There should be fines for this kind of incompetence on the part of app developers, especially considering that some people depend on these funds for timley medical care!
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5 years ago, HockeyMom75071
Great concept if it worked
This app is horribly unreliable. Just updated five days ago and it still doesn’t work properly. The navigation is clunky and not at all intuitive. It gives you no option to make contact with the organization. It gives you an error messages constantly. Very, very disappointed in this application. The real problem is that we have deadlines to submit receipts, and this app should be the preferred way to do that. But so far out of the five times I’ve tried to use it, it’s only been functioning one of them. And even then it was impossible to see a confirmation that it had actually accepted the receipt. This needs to be addressed because this is a huge hassle to the clients of Optum’s Flex spending programs.
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4 years ago, MacCanard
IPad version doesn’t work
The iPhone version of this is pretty good, which is why I give it 2 stars instead of 1, and currently the only way I can actually access my UHC HSA account. The iPad version doesn’t work because the Captcha doesn’t show and so login fails. The web access to Optum Banlk also hasn’t been working. I tried with FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and kept getting the same message of “temporarily unavailable” for seven days in a row. Optum tech support apparently is baffled because they haven’t gotten back to me with a solution. I haven’t tried transferring money yet. Given some of the feedback I’m reading, I’m nervous. Kinda useless to have an account you can’t access or use properly.
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2 years ago, iamdshah
Works great and fairly easy to use
To get 5 stars I request the developers to fix an issue with investment balance —> performance results —> “use graph button” section. I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the issue is that there is no graph button on that page. I am, as any other investor would be, interested in knowing how my individual investments are performing as well as overall investments. I can see the overall performance, but not individual performance. Other than that, the app works great.
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1 year ago, JohnnieRons
New version makes things harder
The older version of this app worked just fine, but they came out with a new version which no longer appears to let you go to your expense journal. I don’t see a way to view all of my outstanding (unpaid) expenses other than looking at all of the receipts (useless). Now I have to use the web app to reimburse myself. Disappointing.
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7 months ago, Nard703
Another dysfunctional finance app
It's bad enough getting a reimbursement approval from Optum in a reasonable timeframe but now we have to deal with an unreliable app with a very odd receipt upload interface. It's difficult to understand if you have uploaded an image or if you have attached it to your reimbursement request. Either way, the experience needs work. Optum needs better support to respond sooner. I have had a reimbursement for myself sitting in approval purgatory for three weeks now. Think about this for one second, I am asking to get my own money back and it's taking 3 weeks. you start to question the purpose of these FSAs. Who is accountable here?
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1 year ago, MrsK1rby
Update was a downgrade
The app used to be incredibly user friendly. I could take screenshots of receipts on my phone and submit to the expense journal on the app on my phone. Now with the update that they say is supposed to be better, I can’t even see the expense journal and I definitely can’t submit expenses for reimbursement. I don’t have enough on my hsa right now to reimburse all our medical bills so I pay them on a credit card and submit for reimbursement when it has accumulated enough. Now with the update I can’t see any of it and have to actually login to the account on my computer.
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7 days ago, Highlightsgiggling
Viewing Receipts
Open app, go to Receipts, receipts are listed with most recent first (desirable). Add a new receipt. Go to Home, go view Receipts, receipts are now reverse sorted with the oldest first except for one just added. Cannot re-sort receipts unless I exit the app completely and reopen. But there’s more… if i now open a recent receipt to view or edit, once I close it to view the list of receipts, they’re reverse sorted again with the oldest first. Also during this process, the app crashes when going to Receipts. Can you check into this odd behavior?
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6 years ago, Tchgeek
Great App, some login and Touch/Face ID options would be nice.
Very useful, easy to use app that is essentially a pointer to mobile website content. The quick access to balances and receipt logging is very handy to have right on the phone. My only criticism is while the app does have Touch (and I assume Face) ID enabled by default there is no prompt like other banking apps have to enable such feature. This means the user has to always remember to log out if they want to renter a password each time they open the app.
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5 years ago, ehcnalava
App can't transfer funds to invest, but neither can website
I have tried at least fifty times to transfer funds from HSA cash to investments. App radio buttons don't work. So I tried the website and they don't work there either. Support said to enable cookies. I guess their app is not an app, just a mobile website interface since a true app does not use cookies. I tried Chrome, Safari, etc. Cookies are enabled. No go. I finally gave up and rebalanced my portfolio to one fund so the other funds would quit losing money. Optum, this is a sad fail. Update: apparently Optum has fixed these issues but it was too late for me - I had already closed my account. I recommend the Lively app instead.
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3 years ago, ATL news junkie
Touch login issues
The app is fine once you get into it. Several times over the last year I’ve had to relog in with the user name and password because the touch login would not allow me to. No other banking app I have requires this. It must be a security feature and is a pain in the hindquarters for the user.
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2 years ago, Scabbled
2002 called, they want their app back
Slowest app I have ever used. It's like using an old DOS system, it's processing, processing... and heaven forbid you want to switch from your HSA to your investments- it keeps flashing one screen, then another, then bars sweep from left to right, just like something is really happening! But it's not. Every second time I use the app I need to re-login with my passcode, so faceID doesn't work. It doesn't remember my device, despite clicking "remember me" each time, so I have to answer security questions... Ugh. Not bad for an app if we were in 2002, but these days? This is hands down the worst app I have used.
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5 months ago, p23brian
Current version no longer works to pay bills
Going through the steps to pay a bill the app first asks for amount then asks for payee. When it displays the list of payees it uses the payee name rather than the payee nickname as it has in the past. My wife and I use the same provider with different accounts. This results in two payees with the same name but different account numbers and different nicknames. Since neither nickname nor account number can be viewed when trying to pay a bill there is no way to identify the correct payee. This app is now effectively useless.
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2 years ago, ecbuddies
I absolutely love the app
I have this app for my sons daycare. It’s so easy to use! So easy to submit claims! That’s what I love about it! And you get your funds pretty quickly in my opinion! Definitely wish to be able to continue to use the app as long as am able to!
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3 weeks ago, Nics620
Can’t upload receipts
For the past few months, the app simply chooses to not upload any receipt documentation, from either of the places I could upload (submitting my claim or to the receipts folder). Doesn’t give me an error message or warning, nothing is wrong with my files. Just go to the add receipt icon, select my pdf invoice/receipt, and nothing. Absolutely infuriating and there is no purpose in even attempting to use the app over the website at this point (the website is also frustrating to use but at least you can upload).
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1 year ago, The Centennial
Not at all designed with user in mind
Stupid setup: if you are paying a few bills from the same 1 hospital, you can’t see the new payee name you have just entered and paid the 1st of its bills. You have to reenter it again, get another phone verification and the whole 9 yards before you can pay the 2nd bill. This is but 1 of the many bugs. More often than not, a payment you submitted months ago is still shown as “submitted” in status, in red, instead of paid. Was this app built by a teenager?
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4 years ago, Drewbaker
Continual loop to sign in
So incredibly frustrating that I type in my credentials AFTER using Face ID. Click on Remember me. That doesn’t work. Go to settings to try to save the option to logon with Face ID/ fingerprint. It’s gone. Several times I have used the correct credentials that worked the day before then breaks only to find out waiting for a couple days the same credentials work. No idea how you can have such a poor user experience that seems to be trying to keep me from logging in at multiple attempts. Terrible. Just terrible. You have to try to be this bad. Can’t be an accident.
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4 years ago, JayyGeyy
Provides Basic Functionality with Room to Improve
Overall love the functionality of the app, with some minor complaints. There’s a layout issue that even shows up in the screenshot on the App Store, where the top border doesn’t correctly align with the top of the screen. +1 star if that gets fixed. The other complaint would be that whenever you do anything with investments it pulls up a mobile site instead of happening in app. +1 star to correct that.
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4 years ago, RN2012
Used to work, hopeful they will fix it
For the majority of the year I used this app with no issue. It was a little difficult to understand but a big part of that was I had never had an FSA before and didn’t know what I was doing. I think it was September 2020 it started asking for my password every time, my fingerprint would no longer work. The last few weeks (now into November) I cannot even log in. It freezes and closes and will not progress. I can log into the website with no problem. Hopefully they can fix this as it was super helpful before.
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8 months ago, Hsudhsgdjfifjfh
Cancelled my card
App works fine. But the bank arbitrarily decided to cancel my debit card without telling me. I should mention I’ve only had the card for a month and have funds in my account. So there I am, at the pharmacy, going to pay for my prescription ms for the first time with my new card and it’s declined. Call customer service and all I get is they were so concerned about my security they decided to cancel my card, upgrade their system, and then send me a new card. Not to worry, my new card will be here in a week or so
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5 years ago, Qball25
Glitchy again
Tried to input my name as patient but there were no options for patients. Just a blank screen that said “done”. I had to cancel and go back two pages then do it all again. Finally let me select the family member who received treatment. This app has been clunky since the beginning. I stopped using it and only used the website for awhile. I started using the app again last year as it seemed that the bugs had been worked out. This update is a step backwards
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10 months ago, NettaBaby17
Login issues
The app is great when it works for the most part. Every time that I login with face ID, it says that there’s a login error…repeatedly. And there’s no option to turn it off and manually login instead. I’m then forced to remove the app, restart my phone, reinstall the app before it works again….so I have to use the browser instead. Please fix this. It’s a nightmare.
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6 months ago, Balah27
faulty, limited functionality
I’ve repeatedly tried to use my healthsafe Id to sign in and it only works on the website on desktop. I tried updating, re-downloading, etc. But it doesn’t work. Or works inconsistently. I also thought it would allow you to essentially use the FSA balance directly for approved products or manage reimbursements and I’ve been unable to do that. Pretty much as useful as a doc that lists your balance.
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5 years ago, bob_biet
We apologize for any inconvenience
I hate this phrase. I’ve seen it too many times. Attaching a rcpt to a claim should be easy but there are no clear directions. I figured it out by doing it wrong 1st. I am finding this FSA account and app more frustrating than ever. In part that I now must submit rcpts for every transaction, which I didn’t know at the beginning. I didn’t have to with the plan we had the yr before but it was a different company. I mean really, it’s an imaging center & a Dentist office - is it that hard to figure that it is a medical claim & I’m not buying bubble gum with it. 🙄
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2 years ago, Hilton Rules
Consistently frustrating experience
I get hives every time I want to submit a request for refund. The app just purely littered with bugs and the experience is glaringly bad. I always find it odd, that when the developer sees consistent critical/constructive feedback that nothing is done about it. Even the website has “temporarily unavailable” on a consistent basis. UnitedHealth is a Fortune 500 company, and Optum is your highest and fastest growth unit. Yet it’s just perplexing that Optum Bank provides an extremely unfriendly app. Thanks for listening to the feedback.
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4 years ago, Jtown1387
Doesn’t function for its primary purpose
Uploading and tracking receipts is not intuitive or simple at all. The flow is frustrating, the language is confusing, and I often get error messages just trying to load receipts. I also have claims rejected for very simple and straight forward submissions like a copay. The messages I receive in the app version are not consistent with the mail notices, and it’s unclear why the desktop version of my account isn’t consistent either. Overall, I don’t enjoy Optum as a service and it’s technology is frustrating
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3 years ago, patrickmconroy
Useful and nicely designed for HSA
I came here to review just because I appreciated the non-invasiveness of their rating prompt so much. The app asked me if I enjoy it and when I answered “yes” it just thanked me and didn’t ask me to rate. My only gripe is that Betterment doesn’t seem to open correctly - I want to put in my investment options but it doesn’t want to link correctly. Otherwise this app suits my HSA needs.
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5 years ago, McCreacray
Couldn’t get to work
I love the idea. I loaded it but couldn’t get it to launch in a week of trying. Today the sign in screen finally loaded but it would not recognize my log in and password. I can’t imagine I need a separate registration for the phone vs a PC so I finally gave up and deleted the app. Maybe some updates will get it working better and I’ll try again.
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6 years ago, Jrdavis0338
Needs one adjustment
I absolutely love this app!! It’s so helpful for keeping track of my medical expenses. Plus I can’t pay my doctors straight through the app! I do wish when you paid something or at least made a payment it would show that somehow. I’m currently having to completely delete entries and redo them when a new bill comes in. Or am I doing it wrong?????
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5 years ago, SofMo
Does not work 99.9% of the time..
Does not work 99.9% of the time from login. I’ve had this app and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and that has not improved the errors. I did, however, a month or so ago receive a message on the app to uninstall and reinstall due to updates and it worked a few times after that but hasn’t since. “Error: there was a login error.” This error persistently is received upon login after spinning for several mins. Please review and fix. When it works, it works!!
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2 years ago, # 2
Payment with app
Would be great if you could add the option for retailers/doctors to take payment with the app. Either to show the full card number for them to manually type in (just as if the mag stripe wasn’t working). I see the option to see the last four of the card but not the whole number. Or for those with scanning devices (ie Target/CVS).
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3 years ago, Limited Languages
Slow contributions shown on the app
Don’t know why it would take a month to show my contribution on the app each month. My paycheck would show the deduction this month, and this app wouldn’t show the contribution until next month. Besides that the app has good layout, and it’s easy to navigate. Just hope it could fix this problem and could show my contribution sooner. Thanks
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7 months ago, Firefighter1488
Suspended for using my card
I would give zero stars if I could. I got an email saying Optum Bank had suspended my account because I used to card. They asked for emails of my receipts. I sent them all in. I’ve only used the card for my medical expenses and to get new glasses. That’s exactly what this card is for. Last year they kept $375 because I didn’t spend it in time. Now they’re trying to steal my money again. I don’t understand how they can keep me from spending my own money?!
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2 years ago, Krntxn
Worst Updates
The app always requests full log on details no matter if you ‘save’ it. It always requests validation regardless if you ‘save’ the phone details. It takes forever to log in due to all the hurdles to log on. When you’re finally in the app, it doesn’t display all the details you need. Submitting receipts should be easy but it never verifies if it has been received/sent anywhere for you to reference. The prompts keep telling me to submit receipts. This app is awful.
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6 years ago, DMBFan88
Decent app but a few features don’t work
When going through the investment menu section, none of the page back and forward buttons work in the the top right corner. Also, if you try to enroll in the investment section, the required agreement check boxes don’t work. It is unfortunate that in under 5 minutes playing with the app I came across 2 navigation issues.
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3 years ago, Bconfident
Very slow at tracking deposit activities
This is not a modern banking mobile application application! I have made three deposits across two days and the application still does not reflect even a pending or inflight deposit. Additionally it took over 24 hours to receive a confirmation email for my deposits. What’s up OptumBank? Come into the modern area. I am only using you because my company has chosen you. This is my only financial app that does not properly track money! Proceed with caution folks.
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