Oregon State Credit Union

4.8 (5.8K)
46.9 MB
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Current version
Oregon State Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oregon State Credit Union

4.78 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 years ago, RubJewel
Amazing customer service
I have gone through a lot of banks and I I end up switching because of bad service but I am here to stay with OSCU, they have been outstanding and have helped me all the way through I am not so great at times keeping up with what I have spent and overdrafts but this bank has done everything to help me sort things out and keep from it being a financial burden and it’s been my error… just can’t say enough! Truly the best bank!
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1 year ago, Junga Beast
Most Recent iOS update makes this app unusable!
The newest IOS update is horrible and unusable as a consumer! The buttons were fine as they were before, as I used them nearly every time I opened the app. Now that I’m missing the “view accounts” and “make deposit” buttons, I no longer have any use for this app. I do not need a button to take me to an external TurboTax link, nor do I need the first/main button to be your physical locations. Also, the “secure messaging” button is completely broken and opens up to a black screen. That leaves only two of the five buttons are functional. This update is horrendous and makes no sense from a consumer standpoint, as these weren’t needed changes. I need to be able to easily see my accounts and make deposits with the app. It is imperative in today’s technological climate that banking apps work as intended, and the most recent update broke any usability the app had. If the mobile app cannot be fixed I will unfortunately have to seek my banking services elsewhere.
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3 years ago, igolden12
Great app… with a few issues
First of all, I cannot express enough how helpful the OSCU team has been to my wife and I. We love the personalized service that we get from OSCU, and the app as been a huge asset in managing our finances from home. There is, however, an issue (currently) with the iPhone app that I think is worth mentioning: there really should be an option to clear notifications (and little red numerical badges) WITHOUT having to click on a link to a promotion. As minuscule as it seems, it’s somewhat uncouth, inconvenient and possibly even unethical to force members to follow a promotional link that they may or may not be interested in simply to clear the notification. I really appreciate all that OSCU does for us and I will continue to use their services regardless. But I do think that this issue is worth mentioning. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Anne-A-Bell
Everything you need!
Great functionality. I can do almost anything from the app. Even order a new debit card which surprised me! I love the ease of being able to transfer money around my accounts, pay bills, and ease of information. Also quickly can move to official website for other features. My favorite part is that the routing number is in the home page. Cause for some reason I need that more often than I’d ever think.
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5 years ago, EZEMPIRE
First Prize!
I have had more positive experiences with Credit Unions than Banks all together but Oregon State Credit Union wins first prize! I’ve been with them over twelve years and there have been some changes in staff but almost all of my experiences were awesome! With people like Craig, John, and Maricella and the way they treat their customers.... It’s no wonder this place has the positive energy you feel from the minute you walk in the door. They are friendly, efficient, and I trust them with my money. Lol
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2 years ago, TheUPSdriver
Customer service
Yes, I love the customer service at OSCU credit union. Friendly and so willing to help me with any questions I have. Even some of my dumb questions. They really make you feel like I your a member and owner of OSCU. And when I call with my questions they make sure I am who I say I am. SECURITY!!!! Oh my gosh, now that is a good feeling. With what is happening now a days scams. Good job on that part OSCU. Thank you, thank you.
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4 years ago, Leidie1756
Albany Oregon
Albany Oregon is the best people I could Albany Oregon is the best people I could ever bank with , They really care about their customers when I walk into either branch I feel like they are my neighbors and friends. ver bank with , They really care about their customers when I walk into either branch I feel like they are my neighbors and friends. I it the people
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5 years ago, siberianhusky541
Overall easy to use app.
Only two items keep it from being perfect for me. The ability to copy transactions from the account details would make it much easier to submit reimbursements and the ability to monitor multiple accounts. My wife and I pay our mortgage and bills from a joint checking which I can transfer to from the app but nothing else.
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5 years ago, MSDOSpromt
Great app
I liked this app a few months ago. Reliable, easy to use but somehow lately it just doesn’t log in. Says,”cannot show your information. Please try again later” or something to that effect. Sometimes I need to transfer money between accounts right away but can’t because of this message. Whatever it actually means. Fix that and I’ll give 5 stars because I love the app.
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2 years ago, Chess teacher (part time)
Smooth app
The OSCU mobile app does all the things you want it to for mobile banking, and it’s pretty to look at! If the devs are looking for suggestions, could they add the account settings from the browser version to the mobile app, so you can show or hide accounts?
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4 months ago, Sister mari cherri
Oregon State Credit Union is all I have needed in banking for decades. everyone is polite, understanding and helpful through any kind of problem or question I’ve ever had. They have the lowest interest on loans. the highest interest for savings always more than any other regular bank on the market. thank you
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2 years ago, Happy in Corvallis
Great app
Great app, easy to use with mobile check deposit, card controls with real time alerts, travel notifications, money management, bill pay and estatements. Plus much more. Well designed and not cluttered! Like the new “more” tab layout.
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6 years ago, Meshell ;)
I love everything but...
I sure wish OSU credit union did bank to bank transfers or account to differ patron account within the same credit union. It would make bill pay more efficient and faster for sending money securely instead if check by mail.
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4 years ago, Lizzy:3
Not working
I normally don’t have issues with the app, but it’s not opening now. Was working fine yesterday until today when I tried checking my account. Has their been a new update? Or maintenance?
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7 years ago, (denied nickname)
Pretty darn good app for small credit union
Able to do mostly everything, balance transfers, check balance, bill pay, etc. wish I could deposit checks in the app, and wish I could transfer to outside institutions. Can't transfer to other institutions at all with OSU CU :(
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3 years ago, Japalsr
High Five !
People have always been kind and curtesy in their exchanges with me. I have continually observed that same kindness of manner in their exchanges with others as as well over these past few years. Especially during the Covid-19! God bless our Newport branch!
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2 years ago, SienaJackson
My only complaint is it takes longer to tell when iTunes comes out. It’s a great app otherwise.I love the app, but I wish the list of items on the accounts page was written a bit bigger.
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1 year ago, Dallas OR
Very Happy
I am very happy with OSCU, there customer service is superb . If I could change one thing it would be the timing of purchases being posted. It takes too long.
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6 years ago, Steviej75
Wish it did more
I wish I could change a bill payment on the app. The only thing I can do is cancel it. Being able to photo deposit would be nice too. But Oregon Credit Union is behind the other institutions when it comes to Technology. Even their ATMs are out dated. So the app isn’t much a disappointment.
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1 week ago, Mentha Spicata
Featured Promotions dammit
Always a red attention thing from this app even when it's not on. If there's a way to turn this off, it's not easy to find. I ignore it but I don't want these "featured promotions" always calling for my attention. I really did go through settings to try to turn it off. If it's that hard to turn off, pisses me off. STOP IT. Do an opt-in!!! Otherwise works ok.
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5 years ago, Ashley112911
I love banking with you. The only thing I would change is the amount of transfers for each month. Lots of banks allow unlimited and I would much rather have that over the 6 currently allowed.
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6 years ago, Scrubbaroony
Use it a lot
I don’t need to do anything complicated but if I want to pay off my visa in the middle of the night or just transfer some cash it’s simple and always works. So far, great app!!
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7 years ago, 60221023 peter
Great app
I use this app to pay for most of my bills and rarely have a problem with it. It would be nice if you could edit payee info to reduce redundant recipients if they change dba's or accounts
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2 years ago, Mitch 51 47
Customer Service
We have had nothing but great customer service when banking here, and getting loans.
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7 years ago, happy, sort of
Almost Good
App works great, mostly. However when using bill pay, balance is not reduced at time you make the payment, but only after the amount clears later. You still have to keep track of outstanding payments separately from the app. Bummer.
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6 years ago, asdfgvryinv2345
Love the new check deposit option. The only thing that could be fixed is that it’s down more than I’d like lol
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5 years ago, EasternOregon
Depositing funds unsatisfactory experience
Takes too long to acknowledge that a mobile deposit has been made. 2. Takes too long to make funds available after deposit even though the deposit was a check from your institution! OS Credit Union to OS Credit Union should be quicker!
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5 years ago, Wbonnie
Password change and stuff
One thing I don’t get is the password change. So I need to know my current password to change it? The point of changing a password is mainly because someone forgot their current one.
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6 years ago, NWPete1111
Must-have app if you’re a member.
Deduct one star b/c would be nice if you could manage your recurring transfers. And do deposits in app, instead of having to use Sprig.
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3 years ago, dumb!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!
Always “updating”
I don’t normally write reviews, but seriously it the only thing this app is good for is checking my account, the extras, like applying for a loan, eStatements, update contact information, ETC. are always updating it been like that for over a month
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2 years ago, Oliver Romero
It’s good however I don’t see why you guys can’t show us our card numbers on our account we should be allowed to see both front and back.
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1 year ago, all has so Jed do
OSU credit union
This app has been nothing but helpful and informative
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9 months ago, Meat Jacoozi
No way to turn advertising notifications off. These notifications are bundled into the actually relevant account activity notifications and cannot be dismissed as read until you click through to their website. Super tacky.
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5 years ago, dumb founded
Slow direct deposits
Got finance for a teardrop in 2016 tried to get a loan from them in 2019 and no luck they denied us without knowing the blue book value for the teardrop they financed us for we had the Equity in the trailer Other banks I can get direct deposits 1 day earlier thank OSU they have a slow system Good luck!
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4 years ago, Vinmanx4
Customer service
At the Monmouth branch where I do business the people there are the best.
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6 years ago, xxxxxxxxccxxxxxxc
Oregon state credit union is amazing ! I love this app, it’s so easy to use. I can quickly find the information I need.
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3 years ago, Moinanoro
Domoina Andrianoro
That bank are very friendly and always help
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2 years ago, ammojansen
Not user friendly
I am so tired of calling to get my loan paid because the app does not give any easy option to do direct transfers. The debit pay is not “eligible”for the auto loan I have? It is ridiculous and way too difficult to pay.
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2 years ago, demosduarte
Worst customer experience
Never have I ever received such bad customer service with any financial institutions as them. Either on the phone, email or through the app. Nothing is straight forward with them. I’d shop around carefully before applying.
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5 years ago, ColleenSue42
App doesn’t work anymore
I’ve used the app for years. Today it said I didn’t have the latest version and it wouldn’t work. I deleted it and downloaded the only version available and it still said the app was old and wouldn’t work. It’s super frustrating.
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7 years ago, Mikey's Orc
Pros, Cons & a side note to this app
Pros - 1. Easy to use 2. Clean interface 3. Very convenient Cons - 1. You can't edit a Payee through Bill Pay in this app Side Note- From what I read from other reviews on this app you need to have a 3rd party app to deposit checks with your phone. I don't know if this is true because I haven't deposited checks with my phone before.
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4 years ago, Jamsfkl
Was happy
Really liked this app until my mobile deposit got rejected and it never notified me until I dug into my history to see that it got rejected and then there was no reason listed for why it got rejected.
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7 years ago, Kalani Allen Abadilla weir
Won’t let me confirm account
I can log in but when it says it needs to call my number to confirm, it says that it doesn’t work. I can’t even choose the texting confirmation. I used to love it but now I can’t even get into it to check my balance.
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5 years ago, Little Scottish girl
Great app, I use it daily
Great app. I use it all the time to keep track of my account.
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7 years ago, Queen Laurel
Love the app. Couldn’t bank without it! Wish we could photo snap deposit checks.
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4 years ago, OregonMorgan
Update is Terrible
Worst update yet. Still cannot read my balance on my ‘quickbalance’ widget, and the new font for the transaction history is horrendous.
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7 years ago, Dognose Media
Gets worse with every update
This used to be a good app. Now it’s just terrible. It’s very slow and has errors almost every time I use it. Every time they update it it gets slower and clunkier.
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4 years ago, mxpixie
Always great service at the branches as well as on the phone .
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4 years ago, Mavman342
It does what it does
No nonsense easy to use application
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3 years ago, WRB81
Would be better if it had a widget for iPhone!
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