ORNL Federal Credit Union

4.8 (6.6K)
110.8 MB
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Current version
ORNL Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for ORNL Federal Credit Union

4.84 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
1 year ago, GenesisWho
10/10 would download again
This app literally saved me from getting my lil booty arrested by the police. How, you may ask? Simple, I just showed the police how much I have in my bank account without needing to call asking for my balance (which is negative 30 dollars by the way :p ). Again, you may be wondering what does that have to do with the police? Obviously it doesn't has anything to do with them but one day it will. And when that day comes I’ll be ready. You should be too, which is why I highly recommend you download the ORNL Banking app today. :)
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4 months ago, Enoonmaiih
Mostly good but I need help with an issue
I can’t get real-time debit card transaction limit/alerts to save. I can toggle the little switch to the “on” position initially, then it takes me to the option to choose a $ limit, but when I input the desired $ limit & try to press “done,” it doesn’t accept or save the setting. I experience this as the “done” button being “dead,” and the toggle switch goes back to the off position when refreshed. My debit card was breached this week, so while I appreciate the card lock feature working, I’m particularly concerned with the real-time transaction limit alert feature as well. In addition, I’m not getting daily balance alerts since Wednesday, despite the switch being on. Not sure if the latter is an app issue or something else. I tried to crowdfund some input and got one response from an iPhone user who was able to get debit transaction limit alerts to work. I use an iPhone 11 and the app says my device should be compatible.
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1 year ago, Your Home Girl Krista
ORNL is amazing the app needs work
I love ORNL I’ve used them for years I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but I hate the app changes, due to the lagging in the app and issues with it glitching showing false balances it has caused me major overdrafts. The first was a Panera delivery (I even have overdraft protection) while I had Covid and a broken foot. I was told I had to come in office to get it resolved. I love ORNL again they are amazing but the issue with the app glitching and being rolled out too soon was definitely upsetting. 10/5 stars for ORNL 3/5 for the app.. UPDATE: Once again I love ORNL but the app still needs some work. I’ve had some issues with it repeatedly and I would love to see the app made more user friendly, fixed and rolled out with no bugs or issues! I also would love to see the amount you’re eligible to send via pay a person upped to at least $500 per person vs the $250 that’s currently allowed.
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2 years ago, Crobo23
I despise the new app!!
The old app was nice. I could switch between accounts with no problems but now I have to log out before I can get into my second account. So I thought by using the link accounts would make it work better. Definitely not! Now I can see all of my accounts when I log in but the linked account balance is incorrect. It never updates to the correct balance. I’ve tried to unlink the accounts because I don’t like seeing my accounts with an incorrect balance!! I don’t know if anyone that would like that! I am unable to unlink the accounts so I thought I could delete the app and reinstall. Nope! That doesn’t work either. The account is still linked showing an incorrect balance! I am a Y12fcu member also but have always used ORNLFCU for everything but I am switching my accounts to Y12. They have a great app and I love its convenience and the fact that it works!! Curious if others have changed banks because the app improvement has really been an app disaster.
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2 years ago, Nadam11
The older version was better to me
Not a big fan of the updated app. I do not like the fact that I can not see what deposits are pending or what payments are on hold/pending because it only show the first few letters of the company name or whatever the company goes by during transactions making it very hard to know what’s coming in or out. Also, don’t like the fact that you can not click on any holds to go to another page to be able to see clearly what is pending. Also, my pay a person is not automatic from another ORNL account holder after the new update. So I’m back to sending through Apple Pay and cash app because it takes 48 hours through the updated app to send money to another ORNL user. I liked the older app much better the font and layout could be much smaller and discreet. I’m planning to find a new primary bank due to this.
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1 year ago, Pick yo toe out of my jelly
Too many changes
I have been a member of ORNL credit union since 1985. I liked it that the employees knew who I was when I came. I still like the credit union, but I feel like they have gotten away from the friendly hometown credit union. I do not like the ITMs. I would rather see an actual person at my branch rather than a different person every time I use the ITM. Also, I do not recognize a single person at the branch I use because they are always quitting. Is this a reflection on the workplace? I feel like they have sold so many things out and not kept them in town. I have no idea where my mortgage really is anymore. It started out with ORNL and now it is with someone else. Some things are better left alone. Bigger is not always better.
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2 years ago, fdssrrrjk
Critical design flaw !?
I am one of those people who choose to hide the balance of my savings account in the app dashboard. I have just noticed that if an account is hidden then it’s functionality is also blocked within the app. Specifically , I am not able to make a transfer between savings and checking within the app if the savings account is hidden from dashboard view. This just seems like a design flaw in the app itself. I can’t believe that I’m the only person who would want to hide the balance of an account and also need to be able to still use that account. I hope this can be resolved in an update soon. It’s super annoying and it just doesn’t make sense why a display preference would block functionality and use of the app.
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2 years ago, Kristina0151
Great app!!!
Thank you so much for the new app! I know myself and a few other members that weren’t able to log on previously are now happy that we can with ease! You guys do a great job listening to what your members need and follow through when addressing their concerns. I know this app is new so I am sure a lot of members may be struggling with the change, but change is always hard. I know whatever bugs the new app may have will quickly be addressed and resolved. Thank you ORNL for continuing to be the best credit union 👏🏻😀
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1 year ago, Winkel111
A major improvement
The ORNL FCU mobile app has been plagued by issues for years. I can’t believe that all the problems with the app freezing up after logging in have been fixed after all these years of agony! I can now check my account balance and transactions without needing to force quit and restart the app several times. Amazing! Thank you for working hard to find that bug and fixing it!
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1 year ago, ORNL member
I have no choice but to find another Credit Union
This newest update not only did nothing, but it actually made things WORSE. Even though there is no drop down to seamlessly move from one account to another, now, we have lost the ability to transfer funds into our other accounts, rendering this app useless. We have been dealing with these issues for a year, since the roll out of this new garbage platform. Seeing as ORNL would rather ignore these issues than address them(yes, I contacted ORNL about these issues), after 20+ years, I will have to move my business to a credit union that takes online banking, and their members seriously. Seriously a sad day for me, after such a wonderful, professional relationship.
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2 years ago, Nellysarah
OKEY FIRST OFF ALL, this app is just the worst, the management is also the worst, I had to switch this bank bcz scammers always still money from me , and the bank won’t return it to me!!,it doesn’t have any security on it , the only reason I’m I’m still using this sh**t it bcz I got my car payment over there , I’m trying my best to get done with it ,as soon has POSSIBLE!!, so I can live this what so called a BANK!! Like right now I have been trying to logging into the app for like 2hours now , and it telling me I’m putting the wrong information, I called costumer service, we been trying to make it work, and it Still, not letting me log in to it , i just have to go to the branch in person, and pay it form there,😡😡😤
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1 year ago, Billiam47
Updates never improve it
Worst mobile banking I’ve ever used. As others said, have to log out to switch between accounts. Always wants to log into the wrong account when using fingerprint or face recognition. When I want to log out, sometimes the button is there, sometimes it isn’t. Today I got an email from the credit union saying I have a notification in the “statements” section. There is no statements section. Not sure how much of these problems are ORNL’s fault or app developer’s, but due to a couple of factors I’ll use this account for a little while longer. Otherwise, I would close my accounts there today.
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2 years ago, Magnetwife
Available balance still isn't working - it's showing my actual balance, holds clearly appearing underneath but not reflected in 'available'. Confusing. Face ID isn't always working and hard to find where things are. Setup was crappy - never said it had to be main member SSN so several attempts there before I could get that straight. The old app just kept saying error, if emails went out I didn't receive them but could be on my end. I had to delete the old and then download the new. Huge amount of lag the last few days and the Digital ID reminder only has two options - set up or remind later, no option to 'pass and stop reminding'
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1 year ago, ORNLFCU for life
My Credit Union ❤️
I have been with them for all my financial needs both personal and business for over 30 years. We have invested through them and I have gotten car loans through them as well. They are the only place you need to cover all your financial needs and their customer service is top rate.
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1 year ago, flustrated over it
Great design but Account information is never correct
Wish i could give this app Half a star —-Old App when it showed pending it was already deducted from the available so you knew exactly what you have in your Account Now somedays and some transactions are deducted and some not even tho they show pending its hard to know if you have Money or Not and then when you pay that bill it comes back Then you get an Overdraft fee on top of that where it said you had enough to pay it then all of a sudden the pending transactions were not deducted from the Total Available This needs Major attention
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1 year ago, pmoe54
New update
With the newest update, they got rid of the “Bill Pay” button from the main screen and added “Credit Score” button. Now to get to bill pay, you have to first, figure out where they put it and then it takes 3 screens to get there. I am sure most people would use the bill pay more often than credit score. This change makes no sense.
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2 years ago, Asiago!!!??
New app
It was not easy to get the app on my phone. Had lots of problems and even after talking to ORNL customer service three times they told me to go back to the bank I did that and they could not help me help me . So I called . customer service for the fourth time and again they cannot help me and told me to go back to the bank and let them do it. Finally got it and very very disappointed. Not a good change
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9 months ago, TN OWNER
Daily check in 5 min
I ck activity almost daily. It’s a morning routine. Clicking thru my bank and card apps to check payments, deposits and balances. 5 minutes. We also use auto-pay/transfer, I can ck that too. Sure beats old days snail mail statements. App gives up to the minute view.
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8 months ago, Fette-man
Love everything except…
Really good app! I would love to see a more efficient bill pay system. The one-week delay on sending out payments is a bit excessive, and I have no intention of paying for expediting. I have another app that gets payees their money within three days at no charge. If the payment time was quicker, I would use it more and give the 5th star.
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3 months ago, Worship my Savior
My favorite credit union for 50 years of membership 🌻
I have had 3 car loans and 1 mortgage over the past years. My loans were affordable and payments were made through automatic withdrawals every month. The loan service made my banking so easy and saved me time as well.
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2 years ago, NInja Squirrel One
Freezes up constantly after recent updates on iPhone.
About a year ago the app worked fine on my iPhone. Now after several updates that were to improve functionality and performance… I might as well drive or call the bank because the app constantly freezes and has to be rebooted. And it’s not like a lot of people don’t have iPhones. I was speaking to a clerk about it at one of their local locations and he said it was causing all iPhone users issues. Thanks ORNL it’s nice to know I’m a valued customer.🙄
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8 months ago, no-comply
Double verification
While I appreciate the extended security measures from both the website and the app, it is a little monotonous for myself and my loved ones to engage in our activities with ORNL. That aside, they’re amazing. If you know people that don’t bank with them… change their minds!
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1 year ago, kayes pokey
I’ve been with this credit union for more years than I can remember and I have zero complaints. Other than when they remodeled my branch I’m very satisfied with their service. Employees are extremely helpful and professional and friendly. I expect this to continue.
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2 years ago, y2kdiablo
i love the new update! especially the option to lock the card when it’s not in use. i wish i could receive notifications for purchases via text/app and not via email because i do not check that very often.
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2 years ago, Frannie124
Normally, I do not do well with change, but I will have to say that the new ORNL app has been a game changer for me. I can see all my information at one glance. Easy access to all my transactions. Thank you for making this transition so easy for this electronically challenged 75 year old.
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2 years ago, Jimiholscher
Update is failing miserably
Read comments for most recent!Always great when they make you upgrade and the app is worse, won’t show balance or any other account information, wonderful thanks👍
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2 years ago, Squadd.Gawddess
yes but also no
the new update is cleaner but some features seem to be taken away. I would like my deposit/withdrawal notifications to be text, only option is email. they also seem to have taken away the option to send money with just the recipients phone number which was VERY convenient and used often
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2 years ago, Dragon456799
App continues not to function
I had constant trouble with the previous app. Today my password must be changed because I’ve tried to repeatedly log in and finally got an error that the system is having difficulties preventing me from logging in. If 25% of the time the app doesn’t function and 25% the digital ATMs aren’t working, my only option is to go into the credit union to make a deposit. It’s ridiculous. I’m switching to TVA credit union immediately.
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1 year ago, hannahbanna13
Love this bank
Ornl is great! All my issues are always resolved and the security level on my account is awesome! I feel my money and information is safe! I do wish they had a loan program for low credit!
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1 year ago, fhcreyhv
Super easy to navigate
I love the app because it has everything but an atm right in the palm of your hands it also makes it so much easier to make sure bills are paid on time.
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2 years ago, ORNL account holder
Freezes when going to account details
I love the new app when it works.. when I try to log in to the account details with my Touch ID it freezes 75% of the time and does nothing. If this gets fixed then I will definitely update my review because I do like the new interface a lot!
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2 years ago, Wrecker Rollback
Can’t update app.
I will have to update my phone to download the new app as it requires 14.5. Older phones will not update past 12.5. Thanks just want people need right now spending money for no reason.
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2 years ago, TnMia#1
New mobile is getting better!
Worked fine initially, but then began freezing. After giving initial low rating, have changed my mind, as additional updates fixed issues. Now working well!
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11 months ago, 23242;253
Trouble logging in
Once you put in your information it onces you verify the account over and over not sure what is going on .then it lets you in .
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2 years ago, Agrl2nv
Needs constant updates!
Someone really should constantly be updating this app. It’s no surprise to me that the app is constantly messing up just as much as issues with this bank. Can’t login without it freezing as soon as it reads your finger print, can’t deposit checks on a regular basis because it’s down, freezes when trying to switch between regular and savings… junk app!
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3 months ago, JR Case
Unusable transfer limits
I opened the account with the intent of making it my main banking portal. Unfortunately, when I tried to transfer money from another account, it denied my request because the daily limit is only $250. This is unusable for my needs. Too bad as it seems to be a solid credit union other than that.
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2 years ago, CupO'Noodle
Won’t Log In
Whether I type my password manually or use Touch ID, it accepts but won’t change from the snapshot screen. It freezes and won’t allow me to click on anything. I am forced to use the website which makes this app useless except for checking balance until this is fixed.
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8 months ago, ajoh37
Almost Perfect
The app is mostly great! One complaint, I would prefer being able to easily access the Bill Pay portion of the app without having to dig for it - that’s the reason for the 4 stars and not five!!
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1 year ago, Poorapp1011111
I’ve never had a single problem! Love the help the Madisonville branch offers and the excellence in customer service they give! Never had a problem with the app either
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2 years ago, Sway6187
Junk app
Your new update for this app is absolutely junk half the time you can not load in an the other half the time you can’t use any of the function. This app does not allow you to deposit checks like it’s says it does it always kicks them back saying something went wrong. Ready to close my account because of this. Fix your crappy app
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2 years ago, grandma ford
The care they give!
I have been a member since I was 18 years old. Now I am 73. They have been their for us every step of the way. They even reimbursed $500. They have been wonderful. Thank You ORNL.
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2 years ago, Stop changing what works!!
Hate the new update!!!!!
I absolutely HATE the new update!!! It doesn’t work half the time and it NEVER remembers my device. The double verification is so annoying!!! The layout is much harder to read due to the color changes and I’ve had nothing but problems checking my account since the update. The ONLY upside is the ability to see a larger amount of account history.
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2 years ago, b4ttl3broxxx
If it aint broken, don’t fix it
The new app is allot more complicated now than it used to be. I even had to change my password just to sign into it. Oh and it looks like you cans use the quick check anymore which that was the main feature I used on it. The app also doesn’t give you details on transactions as of right now. Should have just left it alone
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6 months ago, Jski806
Best Banking Experience
I am a long time customer of O.R.N.L. and I’ve seen them grow through out the years and they’ve not ever surpassed expectations !!! The App for the Credit Union is likewise as exceptional in its simplicity and ease of use.
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1 year ago, zeeryp
5 Star bank
I have had ORNL since my son was 17 he is now 50. They have been courteous and helpful since day one. Never once has anyone not been kind! I recommend ORNL to everyone 🙂
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1 year ago, Rhon713
Not 100%
I would write a five star, but the only issue that I have with the app is you can no longer delete a payee without calling to have it removed. other than that the app is great.
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8 months ago, NickQ4
ORNL Mobile app
I like the view of the accounts when you first open the app and the clean layout of the account transactions.
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2 years ago, Huntmuff
New isn’t better
This new version of the app awful. It may look better but it doesn’t work well. Many things changed that were easy to do before and a hassle now. On pay a person it now takes days to send and receive money. Before it was immediately after it was accepted to payee. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Bev98765
Best Credit Union
You guys are Awesome at every level! Customer service is outstanding, and attention to the details is even better than that! Thank You ORNL
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1 year ago, user name thats not taken
Very good bank
Banking with ORNL for almost 10 years, never had any issues and the app also never had any issues.
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