OTC Network

4.8 (32.3K)
36.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
HI Technology Corp
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for OTC Network

4.85 out of 5
32.3K Ratings
6 months ago, charlies_daughter
App functioning PROPERLY NOW!
When this was first rolled out, I downloaded the app, put in my info. It functioned PERFECTLY AS IT SHOULD. I could scan products to see if they were eligible for my OTC Benefit. I didn't even have to call after finding out how to do this. Shortly thereafter, I was locked out of my acct. I worked with a support person. They almost insisted that I was doing something wrong. I had already tried all the fixes, I entered my birthdate incorrectly the first time I tried to sign in on the website rather than using the app. This was when I was locked out. 3 or 4 months, we emailed back-and-forth, tried different things but it was never fixed. I understood from calls to customer service that the problem is with the app. So for nine months now, total, I have had to call to get my balances, I've had to call to see if products were covered. I can say now that it appears to be working again as it did in the beginning and I appreciate all the hard work that went into it. Ease of use has improved greatly.
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6 months ago, dollfXse
The app makes it much easier to check the items before you hit the cash app but I find at Walmart the app says yes the item is eligible but when I get to the cashier, it says no it’s not eligible. I find a lot of Walmart brand items are not eligible once you reach the cashier and I don’t understand why, I guess it’s what you call a work in progress otherwise I really find using the app so much better thank you
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6 months ago, Dog. The bounty Hunter.
The best thing Biden has ever done
The food helps all of us older people get healthy meals and I think you all so much for putting that together but I lost my benefits and void and they shut me down but I got my benefits back and I am getting my food again starting January 1, but again, I think all of you forgiven us older people and elderly to card food
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5 months ago, tlpops
The OTC app is probably the most responsive and easiest app of all. I appreciate very much my benefits and the ability to use the system without any hiccups. We elderly oftentimes have issues keeping up with the newer technologies but the folks at OTC have done an excellent job with their part of the system. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Bill7255
They’ve made this app easier than the previous apps. Easy to access both my wife’s card and mine also. Appreciate being able to scan a product to see if it is a qualified item!
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7 months ago, popper ram
App update
Update the otc app today but when I try to put in card information ( it’s WellCare) insurance it’s a message saying card number is not recognized. I tried several times and same thing happens
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2 months ago, JB’sReview
Fixing what’s not broken
Why oh why do you fix something that wasn’t broken developers and InComm? The app worked fine - until you “updated” it five days ago! Now NOTHING works. Stores? Nope! Product scanner? Nope! Your support is also a joke. The email address came back undeliverable. You call the number and are told they have to transfer you 2 or 3 times. Does ANYONE know what they’re doing? PS: contact your insurer and tell them to fire InComm for offering such a lousy and frustrating app.
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4 weeks ago, Jazzy lyn
My benefits center otc
I’m so disappointed. This App worked perfectly until I updated. Now it doesn’t work at all. Can’t contact the developer and Apple say “to bad” they have nothing to do with it. Any one can put a App in their store good or bad - work or not Apple doesn’t care. I thought the Apple store only had legitimate apps but apparently not. I was told by Apple Rep the apps could be legitimate or not. Very sad 😢. Wish you had negative stars. I would give both app and Apple negative 5 stars.
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2 months ago, Mitch@Law
My partner had a hearing exam and and received a pair of replacement hearing aids — all at a modest cost of $500 from a university speech and hearing clinic. The OTC card was to be used for payment since there was far more available funds for this. Payment was twice declined. The reason ultimately given in response to calls to CONVEY OTC was that the university was not in their system. No one including Convey OTC employees believes that the people was provide hearing, dental or vision services must be in a network. They refused to honor their obligation.
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5 months ago, Tony Michigan
Outstanding program
My life style as improve since this program began, I started buying healthy food and vitamins, and Boy do I feel better can’t see enough for the program glad to be part of it Sincerely Tony McComb
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2 months ago, BigD729
Scan to Pay missing
This was a great app until the last update, now the scan to pay has been removed making the app useless to me and I’m not able to get the items I need on a daily basis. Very poor customer support when called, if they would actually read the reviews they would know something needs fixed!!
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3 months ago, -34sd
It makes shopping easy
With this app, I no longer have to guess if the product is on the list. I use to to check. I like it and you will too.
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5 months ago, Gwkbuick
Invalid card
Used the card twice no problem. Used card third time at the same store and card came back as invalid. The app showed $103 left on card. The transaction was for only $38. All purchases were scanned with the app and came back as eligible.
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3 weeks ago, Firemann59
Partly Works
It will show purchases and balance but there is no “Scan to Pay” link to pay with my phone. According to the FAQs there should be a Scan to Pay link in the menu. I found this the hard way while in line trying to make a purchase at a retail store.
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3 months ago, MorenaSxxxy
Scan to Pay not available
Since the upgrade scan to pay is not available. It says the OTC network app is down and undergoing maintenance. Love to use this when I’m out and about and just need to pick up a few things. Please fix this as this is very very helpful.
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6 months ago, gabrielinah
Love it but
I just wish it would never approve of products with the scanner and then when I go to pay some products that were green lighted are not approved
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6 months ago, S E Jr.
Body/hair wash
I would like to know the brand of body and hand wash that is covered in this plan. I would like to see you add a 3 in 1 daily clean shampoo,body wash and conditioner for men like (suave), please reply if you have one or why you don’t. Thank you!
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5 months ago, boooobehr
Helps with over the counter items that are too expensive
I love Myyyy OTC cause I can get items I needed and didn’t have the money to pay for them because of prices True help for senior citizens
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5 months ago, Jimviking
OTC benefits
I’m always grateful for my UAW benefits and the OTC card and app just make it simpler to use. It’s worked very well and allowed us to buy our products everywhere we are. Thx for your continued support well into my retirement.
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2 months ago, Len719
Scan to pay
I see there was an update a week ago but I used to use scan to pay at the register. It’s no longer available. Why was it removed. This was very convenient
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5 months ago, Wigginb
Allergy sufferer
Being an allergy sufferer this time of the year it really comes in handy when you have an attack over the holidays and really need to function for family.
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6 months ago, JOE_TEOCAL
I can surely indicate this new OTC Network card since June 2023 finally provides the accurate benefits always Previous ones were troublesome indicating acceptable to purchase, but when at the counter they were denied. That caused me to keep returning them to find ones that would be covered. Many times not being able to buy what was needed. This new OTC NETWORK corrected all those issues and not a single issue occurring! Thus why I rated it a 5 and very deserving!
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3 months ago, mr steevo 125st
Fabulous Stress Relief
Now I don’t have to have the cashier rescan my groceries to find out what food my otc card covers…Now I just scan the product and see what groceries are covered before I get to the register….😊 Stress Reliever
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5 months ago, Butchie 5
Necessary Items
It would be nice for those of us that have incontinence problems to be able to have them on the OTC list!! Thank you
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2 months ago, Ms Brenda J
Having this allows me to be able to afford to get my vitamins, bandaids, Tylenol cold medicine and so much more that I couldn’t get with out it. I’m on disability and a very tight budget so I am so thankful for this true blessing
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6 months ago, *TCK6
It takes so much time and effort to find a store that has the product (s) that I need…..and have been purchasing on the OTC card for years…. Some stores don’t approve a product that 1) has been accepted many times in the past, 2) that they approved previously …..
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3 months ago, Dbhdvj
OTC Card
Thank you so much for this. I never heard of this so by the time I found out it was $60. I can’t thank you enough this really helped me get through the month of March.
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6 months ago, amalindi
I don’t shop many places but when I do the card works and the scanning option is helpful.
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5 months ago, jptlmcj
Hope it works.
Hope this will work this year. Never could get last years card to work. We shall see!!
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6 months ago, Ou33C8f
Love the App/ Benefits
It is a wonderful benefit to us all who receive this credit for your services rendered. It is also a benefit to us who come in for services to maintain our health. Thank you 👏🏾😁
Show more
5 months ago, Fiasco Gem
I have received my card but my benefits is not available who should I get in contact with about this matter ?
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3 months ago, Redboat97
Great benefit when you learn how
I have the OTC through my insurance coverage. I have learned how to access my account and how to determine what products are covered allowing me to enjoy the full benefit of the program.
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1 week ago, Bargina
It doesn’t let me sign up for the app because it doesn’t accept my health benefits visa card number. I would like to have a scanner before going to check out to find out the items I picked will be accepted. Why does my Visa card not accepted? I wish my card will work. Please, I beg of you to fix this issue so I can use the app. Thank you 🙏
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5 months ago, Youna 2023
OTC review
I’m very very satisfied with my OTC spending account and App , I’m very thankful that I can shop from home I don’t even have to go and shop for , very convenient so thanks alot
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6 months ago, wigawiga
I hope you return back the option of shopping on line , for elderly !!
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6 months ago, Pappy84$@
I love this card. I can’t believe how convenient it is and with the price of groceries today you can’t beat it. I just wish more stores excepted it.
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6 months ago, ShEiLa BuCy ^.^
Love it
Super easy to use. I don’t feel like white trash because I don’t have to pull out a card and have it okd by the cashier. Thanks
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1 month ago, Eddy Boy Papa
I like OTC because it's fast and convenient when you're doing shopping. Thanks for your service ,
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2 months ago, vlallave
Oh what a help !!!
If it wasn’t for the otc help I’ve would be going through some tough times ,due to the little amount I get from snap. OTC the best !!!
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3 months ago, Marsh Granny
Excellent Availability. Love being able to see what amount is available without having to call.
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5 months ago, HatTrickPatrick88
OTC program is great!
The OTC program is easy to use for my healthcare. I scan products at Walmart and it is easy to use. I totally enjoy my benefits.
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6 months ago, cramyouj
Good App easy to use
Very informative gives you the information you need
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6 months ago, ROYAL HEAT
Thank you
This is like one of the best things that could happen in my life I thank God for this. This is the kind of assistance I needed
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2 months ago, Fruitport 1967
Quick and easy to see how much you have left on your account.
Show more
5 months ago, SerenaML
The app is the best way to go because sometimes the card don’t work
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1 week ago, Zweinb
Nice benefit
App very easy to use. Easy to scan products to verify that they qualify for program.
Show more
3 weeks ago, Kiannykylee
Many places
They have so many places, you can use, in all United States
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4 months ago, what ever what ever ever
Rate and review
Easy to get to. Easy to keep track of your amount you use.
Show more
2 months ago, Gang tugjksksk
Scan to pay
I would like it if they would bring back, scan to pay. Or make it possible to use the card with ApplePay.
Show more
5 months ago, Palivera1
The card is a good addition to our life after retirement. It allows us to buy medical supplies and food.
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