Ouachita Valley FCU

4.8 (1.9K)
104.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ouachita Valley FCU

4.83 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 years ago, NursePhyllis
Long-term Customer Satisfaction
We love OVFCU! We’ve never had a problem and have ALWAYS received great service. We are now using the app and love the convenience. The ONLY complaint I have is that I have had trouble in the last few months getting money from the ATM using my debit card. My husband’s seems to work fine.
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1 month ago, fruad at its finest
I got a refund from my car insurance and they only mail checks
And Ouachita valley keeps failing my mobile deposit and I currently live 3 states away!! And I’m financially in a tough situation, my engine block cracked due to a bad cold front and I really really really need this money! I’ve tried making contact but y’all are constantly closed and I currently work 24-7/ doing 10 hour shifts and I just got my job but I have no money, please update your Zelle cause that future should of been added a long time ago but hasn’t been… it makes me want to switch over to one of the bigger banks like chase and capital one.. cause they stay ontop of these issues. With 24-7 customer support which ouchita valley doesn’t provide… only on a strict work week schedule which is like 8am to 4 pm so user beware
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4 years ago, Valleygirl50
I will be much happier with the app when it can alert me that my checking balance has dropped below a range I have set. Otherwise no complaints about what the app does offer.
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3 years ago, beaux2014
Not user friendly
I have downloaded this app. On my IPhone several times and it will not open. I have never had this problem with my other bank apps. If I can’t use banking on my phone. I will have to withdraw my monies and put it in the bank so I can pay my bills. I do not want to call the bank again about this problem. Also I don’t like having to change my password all the time.
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1 year ago, 57 hamp
Thank you
Thank you for serving the community and me. We appreciate it a lot my family and myself keep the good work up.
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6 months ago, NecieNe77
Security Questions
This app is convenient but when asked security questions. It asked questions I didn’t chose. I have been calling for two months to reset my question. Can you please fixed the issue. Thank you so much.
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3 years ago, Armee01
Rejecting checks hassle
If you don’t endorse the check a certain way Ouachita Valley, won’t accept funds therefore leaving fees, problem for elderly citizens. It’s wrong.
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4 years ago, Snowman2609
Site reliability
The only problem seem to be the site goes down. No explanation. When I call to inquire I usually get sarcasm.
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5 years ago, Little Huey
I really like the courteous people there
The app is great I work out of town and sometimes the company don’t direct deposit so the app works great for me
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5 years ago, funbug2009
Checks arrive continuously to recipients late however funds have been withdrawn prematurely. I would not recommend this third party company. I think paying a fee for checks would be the best alternative to using this company
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2 years ago, Iphone11 i hate this app
Not a happy camper
I have been downloading this app several times it will not act right. I haven’t had a problem with any other banking app but this one. I don’t know what the problem is, and the bank doesn’t see anything wrong on they end. So can you fix this issue
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3 years ago, cooper63/21
This app does not work, something has to done, it’s horrible!!!!!
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6 years ago, Selinagonads
Trouble logging in
This app is garbage, it keeps denying me access at random points through the day even though I am using the correct log in and password. When it works it works great, but having it constantly reject my login information all the time is completely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, maddyson soto
I do not recommend this app
The bank is amazing but the app is ridiculous it locks me out every other day never fails I have to either keep calling or log in the website just to fix it I have officially deleted it today.
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3 years ago, Grandmaw713
Always there when you need help.
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2 years ago, bj71220
Great App
Just opened an account today! App works great!
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9 months ago, ethanlnelson8
Not good
App doesn’t work a lot of the time, and there’s no option to deactivate the card if lost/stolen. I’ve had quite a few problems with OVFCU over the years, and I’m tired. Definitely finding a new bank
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1 week ago, Nana sha sha
Transferring money
Would it be possible to ad a spot for description or why this money was transferred.
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6 years ago, Newmanak
Love the update
Loving the new Touch ID option!!
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5 years ago, angel666angel
App made me update to the newest version and now it won't work on my phone. There's always a problem with this app before I had to update it. I wish I could give it a minus stars.
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6 years ago, Whitapooh
My app never works, it’s always down & it literally never lets me log in even though I’m using the correct login information. This app is sooo frustrating I HATE IT!! 0 stars..
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5 years ago, Too_Handsome
Great Financial Bank
Great Service
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1 year ago, WOScotty
App keeps crashing
The app keeps force closing and won’t open after the recent iOS update
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5 years ago, Dell413
Thump Print
The quick sign in option never works!! The app just closes itself out every time I attempt to use the thump print sign in..
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3 years ago, BigwillymacspaZZatron
Constant issues with this app.
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5 years ago, t_bambam
Not working
New update is not working. Shuts down while trying to log in
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4 months ago, Los💙
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6 years ago, Jrd78220
Would give a 0 star if I could but oh well. Nothing works like it should. Absolute worst banking app EVER!
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5 years ago, DaisyMaeMe
Never works for me
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11 years ago, Tran💋
Love the convenience!!
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10 years ago, rknight1984
Needs more functions!!
The only thing this app is good for is to check to see what has CLEARED. There is no way to see ANY PENDING transactions that have not posted to account yet. Also there needs to be better notifications on transactions. For example when I use my debit card, I would like to receive a pop up notification on my phone as to where, when and how much spent immediately. My old bank did this. That was a lot easier than trying to keep up with so many receipts while waiting for them to post to account.
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11 years ago, Trouble for 2
I have 2 accounts but I am only able to access 1 from the app. The convenience for the one is great but I still have to go through the whole browser process to access the other.
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7 years ago, Slightly above below average
Works okay sometimes
This app supposedly has the ability to deposit a check with your mobile device. I've tried, and tried, and tried, but it never works. Also, app frequently goes down.
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8 years ago, NOLA Nerd
This app didn't allow me to log in even though I can access all other account information online. No one seems to know how to fix the problem and the ladies and the branch were extremely nice but had no clue. No stars but you have to select at least 1.
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11 years ago, tracyann318
🔮my wish's
1. To be able to deposit funds into the ATM without filling anything out especially an envelope. 2. To be able to deposit your check without having to go to the bank at all :) 3. To be able to order an extra card if I wanted to give someone access to the account other than myself but not adding this person to the account. Other than that. I love ovfcu!
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8 years ago, AnikaNikola
Errors ALL of the time. I can't access my bank account at all right now nor have I been for the past week. It was working OKAY before that, but it's also lacking on functions.
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9 years ago, Soupchick13
This app will not allow my password even though I use the same exact password on the mobile site. Please improve this!
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10 years ago, Shut down corner back
I love it except it's not appearing in my ipad App Store not even in the optional (iphone tab)
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6 years ago, Jtgdsg
Best banking app
Everything works as it should direct deposit an fingerprint password has saved my butt a few times from over spending when the bank is closed or the website is down
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3 years ago, Varials
Great Bank, Mediocre App
Most of the time the app works as intended, but occasionally it will log me out of my account and force me to sign in, type in my security code, and re-enable Face ID. I believe the app isn’t fully updated to support iOS 14, as I haven’t had these issues before updating my device to iOS 14. Minor annoyances: The startup splash page doesn’t look good on iPhones with notches, as the image is low quality and there is a lot of empty space. It makes me app look cheap, and somewhat sketchy.
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