Ouch! Lite

3.5 (22.7K)
10.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brandon Proulx
Last update
15 years ago
Version OS
2.2 or later
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User Reviews for Ouch! Lite

3.5 out of 5
22.7K Ratings
4 years ago, does this work iphone 3g
Really good game for iPhone 3GS, 3G 4 and maybe 2g
I play this so much on my iPhone 3GS and 4 I reccomend it
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8 years ago, Ppppppppppppoooigjtfhshyjl
If your reading this your amazing
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2 years ago, Quadnale dingle
It kills time
It kills time it is sooooo fun
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12 years ago, DCBeth
This game is a game that will waste your time. I don't even know how it got ONE STAR?! This game is a waste of time do not get it or you will bore your self so much. If you get this game and love it then I don't know what's wrong with you. DON'T GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! IT'S TERRIBLE!!!!!!
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15 years ago, Whralph
Great start
Would love this game if the sounds were improved. The character crashing sounds like someone punched a diaper. Some really good body crashing sounds would be great. Also shattering glass and the sounds of other materials found in the game. Finally would it be possible to pan out a bit furthur while the character falls? It makes the game frustrating to not know where the character is in relation to the environment.
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6 years ago, JavenHD
Please update this game. I miss it so much
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11 years ago, Gibberish man 645139991
Don't get it got bored after 5 minutes. If I could I would rate it 0 stars
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12 years ago, De'Antae Easley
Like this game
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13 years ago, Brookester1865
Piece of crap
This game suckz ... Don't even waste ur time wit this ugh it just dividers me
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12 years ago, Kathryn stanley
Hated it... So confusing and for losers with no life that would actually want to play this CRAPPY EXCUSE FOR AN APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, Fer_Raamirez
I used to love this app. Not optimized for iPhone 5.
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13 years ago, WhisperDan98
I frown upon it
HORRIBLE. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, Joshuaipodlover
Love it
App is fun in 2020
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13 years ago, Dewbe1
Horrible game
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12 years ago, Darby s long
Freak you freakin freak
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15 years ago, Somerandomjoe
Really guys
To all the guys saying they don't get this game, what's to get? Just fling the guy around and try to get as many points as possible. And if those morons keep rating this 1 star, no one will see this. I had to go down 5 screens to find this. If no one see's this lite version, no one will get the full version, thus the lite version and the full will be no more. So stop giving it one star just to joke around and really review this.
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14 years ago, FrankV01
I love this game - Brings back Memories!
A long time ago, I was introduced to a game of this style. I believe it was called stairs and it was developed (I think) by a college student. I spent many hours playing that game. This game is quite different from that first incarnation and I love where they took the idea. This game is great. It is free so it is at least worth giving it a try!
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14 years ago, husqy282120
Best app. evaaaa!!
I can't get enough of this app.. It's so fun to just throw him and watch him fly and get hit. It's great at passing time and also my favorite app. for road trips. This game will keep you playing for hours on end. I recommend buying the full version, though. It's alot more. So do yourself a favor and download the best app. on Itunes! Go Ouchman!
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15 years ago, sushi064
Great game!!
Really great game! But, it crashed especially after some downloads, and for some reason crashed the whole phone, I had to restart twice, and now all my apps don't work! Would've given it 5 stars if it didn't crash.
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15 years ago, Taylor Ehhh
This is so much fun but I want the full version and I played it on my friends and it rock could you put the full version on sales for a week for only 2$ or 1$ I bet you guy would make lots more money
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15 years ago, Soccer5stud
I like it but..
It doesn't save my high scores it just saves my score from the previous game whether it is better or worse also it crashes when I try to save replays, fix these and you get five stars
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15 years ago, V0LC0M2
Anyone else with this problem?
My game has a bug; Not able to fling the ragdolls one inch. I've deleted and re-downloaded it already, but no luck. Sounds like an amazing game though.
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15 years ago, Me cool
Ouch! Is Awesome
It so rocks but it needs a lot of changes. You can take a screen shot by pressing the square button and the power button at the same time
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15 years ago, Brettyoke49
Awsome game!
Love the game, perfect in every way. The full version, 2.99, I think it's to much. The most I would pay is 1.99, but I would be hesitant. To be honest, for this game, i think 99 cents is fair. Well its you're app, and its your profites. ;)
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15 years ago, Bog
It's a cool game for free! It will get boring sometimes but after you go back and do it again, it's still fun! I think there should be customizable people though... (sorry for spelling if wrong)
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15 years ago, gokittycream
Best game ever
I AM ADDICTED!!! it doesn't even matter that it's lite you can get like unlimited levels using the share button. It's definatley in my top 5 favorite apps of all time.
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15 years ago, LAKERSRULE
Pretty Cool
hey its not the greatest game in the world but it does its job to keep you entertained for a good while you basically throw around a rag doll and try to inflict as much damage as you can on it it can be funny at times and the game has many features that expands the gameplay and replayability
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15 years ago, The Baby Slitter
Please help
I won't let me download I click the D button and nothing happenes please help  Where is my stuff also
Show more
15 years ago, Goatlick
This is a great app for when you have nothing to do or are sittin in a car! It has plenty of levels and heck it's just fun hurting that thing!
Show more
15 years ago, Orange kirby
Buy the full version!
I dare you! The full version let's you make people and places! Also there will be an update soon for it! BUY THE FULL VERSION!!! IT'S GREAT!!!
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15 years ago, 2Cool2School
Weird but good
I join the others asking for a price reduction on the paid version, please?
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15 years ago, Rolandofan12345
Great game!
The game is really great and everything, and you should get the full version. But, I feel ripped off. I bought the full version a few months ago for 3 dollars!!!!!!!!!!! Now it's only 99 cents? Big ripoff guys.
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15 years ago, NE Dude
Even tho
I do the same thing every time, I still have a blast with this app.*****
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14 years ago, Joe 301.2
If u put the full this app for free on march 4th or 5th I will get it and put a great review on it because I bet the full version is way cooler.
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15 years ago, cholt900
Dont listen to any one
if someone says that this app is boring anything else, dont listen
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14 years ago, Gome
Great game! So much fun and addicting. For those of you who do not have this game, you do not know what it is like to ram a guy with a car!
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15 years ago, Bat-Fan -_-
Great little app!
Hilarious app, will have you occupied for hours trying new ways to beat up the ragdoll :p
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15 years ago, warbird96
great game
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great when you want to kill time in the car or in an airport. I would definity buy the full version!!!!!!!!!!!
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15 years ago, Clusk13
It does
Hey guys in the full version you can make your own levels. I have it.
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15 years ago, Docseuss1968
I will admit it's fun at first but after a while no more new levels no new entertainment it would good if there was some more updates. If I were you I would buy this game and delete it an hour later!
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15 years ago, Ariel92
Live it :]
Nice i love this game i would totally buy the full version if i had money in my account ..:(
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15 years ago, iNANI
Can u make the app 9.9mb?
I can't download it to my iPhone cuz it's too large plz take like .7mb off if u can.
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14 years ago, Reiview master
1 thing
this app is great but the sensitivity is bad I would swipe and it would go a very short distance 5 stars when this is fixed
Show more
15 years ago, Emerica94
Lower the price to 1.99. I think it's cool and def. Want to buy but 2.99? Comeone more ppl would buy if it was 1.99. I would.
Show more
15 years ago, zak117
Lite version is good but full is amazing! You can download as many scenes as you want! 3 stars for lite 10 for full.I got full when it was on sale for .99
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15 years ago, Critical flame
Best. Game. Ever. Made!
I spend days playin this game. I bought the full version but it hasn't finished down loadin yet.... :(
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15 years ago, Mountain_Goat
Fun game!
Will buy full version when i have enough money.
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15 years ago, Guido5770
I don't really like this app but it does exactly what it says it will and for that it deserves 5 stars
Show more
15 years ago, Msebony616
I love it!!
I bought the upgraded version and I'm freakin addicted to it!
Show more
15 years ago, Musicmster
Best Free App
This is definently one of the beat Free Apps out there. If you don't have Ouch! Or Ouch! Lite, your missing out.
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