Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (1.1K)
18.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alan Cushway
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor

4.72 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
5 years ago, ( '')> <('')
Weirdly impressive
Alright so I downloaded this app with super low expectations, but I was proved wrong. The interface is super simple and the process is relatively straightforward. You select a background photo and and a foreground photo. Then, you can erase whatever part of the foreground that you don’t want and position and size it where you want, and flip the image across the y axis. Finally, you can adjust the opacity of the foreground. You can do these steps as many times as you want. That’s literally it. I really like it but I have a few requests: Please make a way to adjust the colors/brightness/saturation on the images. It’s a little frustrating when they look wrong. Second, it would be nice to add a blender tool like a blender brush or a smudger brush. The harsh line isn’t very nice. These problems aren’t really too bad and right now I can fix them using another app like Snapseed but it would be nice to not switch apps. Also as a side note, I’m a high schooler with no interest in photography/editing. I just like putting my classmates/teachers heads onto other people’s body and I like adding people into photos when they miss and event or something. I do it all as a joke because it makes me laugh and it makes other people laugh too.
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3 years ago, Joseph_Joseph
Very nice, confusing, but it is free to use.
Dear Overly, You have an excellent app. I recommend that it become more clear to the user, that it can be used as a free app. I initially thought you can only use it with a subscription. Not until I then read your reviews, did I see that your “developer’s” responses said that most of the features are free and other responses showed how much you cared for your customer satisfaction. I went back and yes it is free to use. Somehow I had a screen shown to me that asked from me to choice one of two payment modes before “continuing”, so that mislead me and I walked away. Your tutorials are graphically excellent and easy to understand how to use the functions. I need to spend more time in this but I came back to remove my prior comment and give you this comment. I thought it was excellent care on your behalf to reply so courteously to many of the comments posted. That is what sold me. I came back and got the yearly subscription, it seemed like a great value for a regular guy like me. This is a great app. Thank you. Regards , from Southern California
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4 years ago, ssratsrst
Fine I guess
Well the need more stuff like you can type what you want also I want to add more pictures at a time can it be more like pics art or something please change the game an update it very quickly this can’t now that fun up date all of this in the game please Not that big of fan of overlay🥱😞
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2 years ago, 1427383
Honestly it’s awesome
I was nervous at first but there’s no ads, no annoying things, it is genuinely easy to use and I like it a lot The only thing I would ask the designers is if they can make the erase button have ways to make the point thinner for more detailed erasing
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6 years ago, wa-9W_9J
Pretty Cool
I wanted to see if it had more abilities than the app I was previously using. It actually works in a totally different way, with the same idea in mind. I've yet to see everything it has to offer, so I'll reserve any further remarks till then. But so far it's pretty cool.
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10 months ago, Revan1123
Why Monthly/Yearly Subscription? Do One time Fee
I wish they would’ve made it a one time fee to keep. To pay monthly or yearly for something I’ll use once or twice a year just doesn’t seem worth it. Great app. Powerful to use, yet easy to learn. Just pricing is a little off.
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1 year ago, Wow. What a great game
Still my ‘go to’
There may be other Apps doing the same or similar functions, but Overlay is still my ‘go to’. It’s fast, simple, responsive, and a cheap lifetime subscription makes this an absolute no-brainer.
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5 years ago, hockeyskates
Actually very, VERY good; free version is not hobbled
Worked great on MANY photos I've overlayed, and happy that I can do this on my mobile device rather than lugging out a larger machine. Can use the free version (it's not hobbled) but decided to purchase to support the developer! Opacity of the overlay is a great touch!
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6 years ago, 45dp
Overlay Cut Out Photo
Great App. Exactly what I was looking for. The only feature it doesn’t have yet is the “Feathered Feature” (to soften the edges on the cut photo to blend into the background photo). Discussed this with the designer of the App and it sounds like we might see in the near future.
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6 years ago, Strappergirl
Love it!
There is a glitch when you change the background picture, I have to close it out and re-open. Not that big of a deal. I still give it 5 stars
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4 years ago, iturbe777
Keep the free version, don’t pay.
I was using the unpaid version for a while and decided to pay for the full version expecting to get more features. You cannot save the work you did, only the picture you used. It does have filters but adds those setting even apply to the areas you deleted. Other apps are better if decide to pay for it.
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3 years ago, Martin The Fourth
A very easy to navigate and high quality app. I have used it many times to edit pictures together and create fun edits. Would recommend.
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4 years ago, ttttttttooyou
Wow. This app has the best step by step instructions that are “real time”......the instructions appear at the exact time you need them instead of in a reference manual. Very intuitive. Highly recommended.
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11 months ago, JPFSILL
Picture in Picture
This is a very easy to use program, it did a wonderful job. Try it,
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8 years ago, Abi1233
Designing business card....great help
It reay helped me big time when i was designing my business card....it helped me to blend my store on the back ground while my contact is on the front. Thanks
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6 years ago, SS3Panzer
Just Great
I finally found one that is user friendly and does a great job and is really flexible in mixting different photos it does a professional job Thank you
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5 years ago, 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓯𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻
Good but has a lot of adds
Every time I’m editing a pic and then I go off my phone for a sec and it turns off an add pops up. But other then that the pics are really good and my picture turn out perfect.
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6 years ago, TinySam_SepticTim
It's really easy to use and it is really fun! I keep making some pretty cool Stranger Things edits. I suggest cropping out what you want on a different app, though, so you can be more precise.
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8 years ago, Sh1379
Must have app👍🏻
I love taking pictures of my toys and putting them in different environments and this app is one of the best apps out there that helps me do it. 😄
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6 years ago, annue bonney
Great for wallpapers.
This app is really good if you want to make your own wallpaper. It lets you pick your background and your main picture. Get the app!!! It’s free. No trouble!!!!! 👍😁💜
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4 years ago, pastyFaceSharkBait
Worked great for a month
I really liked it for a month. Then it got super glitchy and wouldn’t access all the features and oddly it was always requesting to be ‘allowed access’ to read and write from my settings
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7 years ago, Ello gahvnah
Does exactly what I need
I like making funny photos with people's faces placed on other people's bodies and vice versa. Not in a weird way, I just think it's funny. This app is awesome.
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5 years ago, Iphylaa
Awesome !
I hardly comment on apps but this is worth it. Thumbs up to the producers ! Would like effects and write ups to be added. Worth the time
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6 months ago, Melanie0033
Merchant refuses to cancel subscription despite requests
Hello! Great app. Don’t need it anymore. There’s no option to cancel the subscription on the app, and customer support doesn’t even acknowledge my request to cancel the subscription. Don’t download unless you want to be chained to this app/payments for ?? period of time.
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7 years ago, Fjjuvvffhj
Very awesome app. Make you think before you even can see!!!
Very awesome app. Make you think before you even can see!!! Thank you so much!!!
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5 years ago, *All In.
“Overlay is the Very Best!”
“You have to have this to produce the works of art that are actual masterpieces to awe people at the beauty of your imagination” (Overlay never change it, ever!)
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3 years ago, CorrupteDylan
I wanted to put multiple photos on top of a single photo and I could only overlay one. Why ask about buying the subscription when you first load the app!? Why can’t I find an app where I can overlay multiple images. The ads are annoying. 👎🏼
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6 years ago, 😉 at
Confusing and boring
At the Beginning you don’t even know how to start the game, and you have to pay to do those over laps. I would say this game is a rip off. Also this is my opinion but, it’s boring, l meAn all you can do is overlay, there is no like exciting or cool thing about it.
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7 years ago, Snowball01308
This app is literally the BEST!! You get your background and you can also save the characters you photo shop in the background! GET THIS APP
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5 years ago, cathieirene
Many options missing - no opportunity to edit background layer as other apps allow.
This app has possibilities- but falls short of several others. Don't invest money here.
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6 years ago, Monte Weathers
Old maps
I use this app with images of old maps and google earth. I can slide back and forth between old and new. Just wish I could save it in the interactive format.
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8 years ago, Dream!!♥
Helped me get away with a couple things. Best overlaying app ever. Very helpful! Gives you tips/ tricks if you're not used to editing apps.
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7 years ago, razechik
Love this app
Don't know if there is a way to make and save transparent background photos to iPhone photo library. Everything else about it, I absolutely love!
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7 years ago, Freed ffefhj
Best app!
all the apps i’ve used from this guy are the best and usually have no watermark, and the ads arent super annoying!
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4 years ago, Tinkerink
I downloaded the app not expecting this to be that great and to my shock it’s really rather great! I’m shocked how impressive this app is. It’s perfect for what I need. Love it!❤️
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8 years ago, Sjmaz
A good app
Nice and simple to use. I love it. It has some quirks, but they go away when I start a new overlay, rather than keep changing background or foreground image.
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5 years ago, nanafla
Thank you.
It’s easy to use and it exactly what I have been looking for..
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6 years ago, Bennyinphoenix
Super easy to use
This was very easy to use, especially for a beginner like me.
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7 years ago, Matthew.Sellers
Just Amazing
This application is simple to use yet very powerful. Thanks!
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7 years ago, USBclip
Low quality photos
It’s a good app thats easy to use, but when you’re ready to save your image, it instantly degraded the quality and makes it very fuzzy
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8 years ago, R32K
Awesome App
Must have this app. It does exactly as expected. Great to play with and easy to use!
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11 months ago, Ayeeffkay
It’s easy , quick , fun , and most of all..
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8 years ago, Sandwich 738
It's a wonderful app that is very easy to use and very fun
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5 years ago, Mattstar69
Ad before I can even begin?
Any created to cut out photos that will only save with a transparent background unless you upgrade tells me what the developer set out to do with this app and it’s not what I want to support.
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8 months ago, BCQP support
Not working
You click manage media & it won’t load the media after selected
Show more
5 years ago, tatj11
Terrible!!! This app is really bad!
There isn’t even an option to crop a picture. This is a really crude and horrible waste of your money and time. Does not work properly, and is not worth the time.
Show more
4 years ago, 756411
So easy to get great results the first try!
Love it
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2 years ago, bogeyw
Photo quality deteriorates
When the overlay is complete and the new photo is uploaded, it becomes extremely blurry.
Show more
7 years ago, Kathryn222
Very good
Does what you need it to, and well.
Show more
2 years ago, GFT3000
Extremely user-unfriendly
They also make it really hard to cancel your trial subscription. Don't download.
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