PAC-MAN 256 - Arcade Run

4.6 (17.4K)
136.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for PAC-MAN 256 - Arcade Run

4.64 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
2 years ago, demarcus05!
I love this game!
I love this game because it fun but it needs more updates like map editor and more ghost I still love the game and my favorite power up is sonar and my hated power up is twinado and tornado! idea 1 for update. can you make map editor! idea 2 for update. can you make more ghost! idea 3 for update. can you make online mode! idea 4 for update. can you make more theme! idea 5 for update. can you make more power up! idea 6 for update. can you make a boss fights! idea 7 for update. can you make bonus coin for apple and ios too! idea 8 for update. can you make more fruit! idea 9 for update. can you add objects that you have to dodge! idea 10 for update. can you add the beam power up back on iPad and iPhone and ios because I been asking for this the whole time! reason 1 that I downloaded this game. I downloaded this game because it look cool but the higher the score get the harder the game get also all the power up look cool! will you make these updates? also can you make more pac-man game because I got 4 pac-man games and I can’t find another pac-man game that I like and I got one pac-man game on my nintendo switch and one on my pcs5 and I gonna to get 2 more pac-man game on christmas on my pcs5! (I like your game) also my favorite game is pac-man and I will give this game a 10/5 star also idea 11 for update. can you make more game mode! also I a pro at pac-man
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2 months ago, Vexmil26
I downloaded this game last year i think, and it is so much fun, and addictive too! The main plot is its pac-man but infinite because the game glitched (because old computers only counted to 255, going over that broke stuff) First of all, no pop-up ads (rewarded ads for coins is the ads). Second, they changed the ghosts for more difficult runs, AND they have 8 ghosts at once! The classic 4 being Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. But they added more ghosts from previous games! So Spunky, Sue and Funky, make a return, if you reach beyond a certain point, you see a new ghost. Glitchy! They all have different patterns in this game then they do in the other games. My favorite feature is there’s 20 new power-ups! my personal favorite one is the optic ability, it’s like the laser ability but it bends around corners and it’s really good for defeating the ghosts! i’m gonna list all the features here: Power-Ups, Themes, New ghost, Returning ghosts, infinite map, and achievements! I really recommend getting this game as it’s one of my favorites.
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8 years ago, Oisact
Fix bugs!
Once you've collected everything the only replay value is competing for 256 chains. I'm in the top 400 now and that's the only reason I keep playing. There are terrible bugs with the pac-dot chains. About 1 out of 5 times you eat a powerup it breaks the chain. I've lost many dozens of 256 chains because of this. Going the wrong way on the "fast" arrows usually breaks the PAC-dot chain. If the game lags at all then that breaks the PAC-dot chain. They need to have a better method of figuring out when the chain is broken besides timing based. However the powerup bug is the worst. Trying to level up all the power ups in this game is a huge joke. I have maxed out the main 3, but now that they increased the max level to 12 there's no way a person will play or pay to max out all 20 power ups. And that is one of the achievements - the final one I need - is having maxed out all power ups. It would cost hundreds of dollars if you actually paid for coins to do it. So they've really broken the cost / value ratio of this game, and that's made it impossible to get all achievements unless you want to spend an insane amount of money.
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7 years ago, The Spun One
Make the Ms Pac-Man version better
That’s because of all the Pac-Man collective, Ms Pac-Man was by far my favorite. Anyway, here’s my two-cents.... Have a paid version. I just want to pay and play the game. I gave up watching the reward ads because there are far to many of them, and they repeat themselves, and they don’t interest me one bit, and they are a waste of time. Fix the controls, I have broken more chains because my up swipe didn’t seem to register up and instead sent me in reverse! Have the ability to purchase coins. What happens when we run out? I paid for the coin doubler which seems to be working, but I spend more time chasing coin dots. Which, funny thing, seem to always lead to a break in dots, hence a break in the 256 chain. Annoying. The thing about Pac-Man the original is it was CONSISTENT. That’s what made it what it was. This is the most random situation ever. Yes the ghosts have consistent behavior, but when they appear out of nowhere, AND when they force you to make a turn towards, Oh, that’s right, a break in the dot chain you have been working hard at, that’s not consistent anymore. So you have received, in my opinion, a more then generous star rating. I gave it a go, but I think it’s time to go watch ads somewhere else, perhaps those ads might actually be useful!
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7 years ago, 7000004
Amazing classical twist
I love Pac-man. I always thought the classical frenzy would be my favorite, yet this twist, is amazing. It starts easy and gets harder, yet in a more frantic way. The power ups, power pellets, fruit that Pac man eats and gets more points than normal for a duration, and 256 dot-chains that destroy all ghosts on the screen, are all incredible. Also it is cool that the PAC dot chains are 256 of them since the original PAC man had 256 levels then was supposed to end, although I don't know how anyone is supposed to be that, which made the original fun as well. If I could make one suggestion, although this game seems to be perfect and I understand if it doesn't get added, is I would love to see the ability to upgrade fruits. Thank you for reading and I love this game so much!
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3 years ago, lovemacbooks12345
Only good for what the original Pac-Man had to offer.
This game is somewhat fun and has great graphics but it comes with its downfalls. It is very glitchy. Times when the game lags and you grab that power up just in the nick of the time but it still kills you. Or how it constantly resets the theme to the original no matter how many times you go back to the one you purchased. Not to mention the coin system. It takes days of constant play to save up enough coins to buy a new theme and then it doesn’t even keep it set. The power ups go up in cost as you upgrade as any game is. However with how long it takes to save up it’s not worth upgrading because it only adds one second to the power up timer. And that’s only for some I upgraded one of my power ups twice and it didn’t even add length to the time it just added 5 points to the kill worth instead of time. Overall it’s a fun game if your playing for the overall principle of Pac-Man original. Which is to get as far along as possible while taking out ghosts along the way. If you’re looking to enjoy the little additives this game brings the classic game I’d say look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Sorenwulf
Great Game - Needs Update!
I’ve played this game since 2016 and still play it almost every day. Super-fun and addicting - especially if you like mashing up modern with retro like I do. The big problem however is that the game has not had an update in 3 years. I suspect that this might be why I cannot pause the game without a significant risk the game will automatically restart after I’ve paused it and all lose al my progress. Another glitch is the Twinado glitch. If you get eaten by a ghost while the Twinado power up is active, after you choose “Continue” and are on your second (and last) life the Twinados which were active at the time of you’re being eaten will still be active and will continue to be active for a significant amount of time even while you use other power ups. I really don’t mind that glitch, but really - should it be there? It’s. It’s been there for at least two years. My main gripe though is with the first one - the unreliability of the game pause function. So, please update and fix this game!
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4 years ago, slayyy.sha-sha∞
Great! But...
I am IN LOVE with all of the themes! They’re so unique and put a very artistic vibe in the game. However, the fact that each one costs 2048 coins is kinda annoying, tbh. First because watching ads to get coins would take forever, and i ain’t that desperate to get the themes (even though they are super cool) by watching the same ad over and over again. Also, maybe add a coin doubler as a power-up into the game so when we get more coins when we collect them. It would make a lot of gamers satisfied. And OMG, the PAC-dot chains r painful af. I get to a high number and i have to turn around bc a ghost is coming to eat me. Could i suggest a bit more dots please? Anyway, i know that the prices for the themes are high so more people can play this game. But, it could get people addicted to it just so they can spend hours getting coins and purchasing themes and upgrading their power-ups. So long story short, i would kindly ask for the prices for the themes to be lowered a bit. Thank you for your time. 🙂
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7 months ago, TirzahT
Good Game but Updates Needed
This is a fun game, a great throwback to the original Pac-Man. However, the app was updated very recently, and they didn't seem to replace any bugs. If you use the tornado power-up, die, and pay 64 points to continue the game, the power-up will continue to kill ghosts (I guess the tornado is invisible?) even though you're done using it. Before the update, you used to be able to see how many points a dead ghost was worth as you killed it (+45, +50, etc.), but that went away with the update. I miss that. Also, I can't see the game as well anymore with my phone in portrait mode after the update, so I have to play with my phone in landscape mode now. This is a great game, but I hope they don't wait another 10 years or so before making any more updates.
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1 year ago, Leafpool da gamer
This game is a great one. I love a few of the different themes, especially the classic 80’s one. Everything about it is spectacular, from the ghosts to the power-ups to the fruit to Pac-Man. The only thing that is really annoying is when you’re just going in a straight line down the maze, and then you have to option to go left. Sometimes, the game will just automatically make you go to the left even though you didn’t swipe it. And if there’s a ghost, the game has killed you for no good reason. Anyway, I recommend getting the game, it’s a nice boredom-buster and you can play it pretty much anywhere. Goodbye! 😃
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7 years ago, Test ees
Great game. Got some bugs for sure
This is a really great game for a quick visit to the throne room, or easy to squeeze in a quick play while sitting on a bus or train. The main bugs that bug me are receiving a phone call, or sometimes even a notification, pulling down a text for a quick reply, or pausing and locking the screen for a moment, or any number of things can cause the game to reboot to the main screen and you lose your current progress. Another bug is that often when an ad plays, there is no way to close the ad and continue your game or receive your reward. Even if you click the ad to install whatever app it is advertising, when you return to the game it is still either locked into the ad or will reboot to the main screen.
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4 years ago, Salem & Harvey
Multiplayer like on Steam please!
This rating is coming from a connoisseur of the Pac-Man series who has played every variant they can. I’m really enjoying the game, perfectly combines a rogue-like with the classic risk vs. reward gameplay of the best Pac-Man games. The IAPs are reasonable and optional, not pay-to-win. I play on iPad Pro and it looks great with every theme. Swipe controls are responsive and the gameplay is paced perfectly for them. I’m only withholding a star on my rating because of the excellent Steam and console versions of Pac-Man 256. I would love to be able to play local multiplayer like in those other versions of this game. The Pac-Man game in Apple Arcade also bafflingly omits local multiplayer and this game could fit that gap. I realize it would require controller support but even 2 player like on Crossy Road would be a blast.
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7 years ago, Sev153
A whole new PAC-MAN experience
This game is like a modernized PAC-MAN. It has 3D maps, and cool power ups you can use to defend yourself just in case your stuck in a corner or need a ghost out of the way. I really like how there's many themes to chose from and that they added the classic 80s pac man theme. But as always, every game has its annoyances, and in this one, the thing that annoys me most is that most of the times once you get over 1500 points, there are too many ghosts that get in your way, and sometimes it's impossible not to get stuck in between 2 ghosts and have no where else to escape, so you have to accept it and just take the loss. It would be nice if you can make the game get harder around the 5,000 point mark. That would make the game much more enjoyable.
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5 years ago, Anna Marie Junior
The best app ever
You can do everything for you I was just love this game so much when I first got it in my tablet got down shut down I can barely do anything on it in the game but now he’s so much better that’s what you can do anything you want on the game you should have more games like this instead of just one just one just one won’t do enough next 5678 or nine Devon been gathering data be there for me to and you get to it the next week I have a couple days of that weekend to go and get it my dad is doing a. It would be a fun time if there were any a. There is was no one there and I have cannot a life I and I have a Twitter day to a day week
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6 years ago, pls dont take it
Excellent Features, Experience, And Graphics!
The features are incredible! I started playing this at 12:45 am and it was amazing! The experience is cool! It was a fast type of game. Once you move a direction with your character, it moves fast! And the graphics are awesome sauce! Love the graphics ❤️! Though the game seems buggy and glitchy, the game is actually not glitchy or buggy! Awesome game! And next update can you add like a sonic theme though, please. I like this game but I also like sonic games. And if you can add a sonic theme can you add a sonic character to the sonic theme. Other then that, I rate this game 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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2 years ago, player375659147
love the game other than…
I love this game. so much fun to pass the time. but ads come up when I click free gift. that annoys me. please delete the ads for free gifts so I don’t have to waste time on watching a ad just for a free gift. other than that this game rocks! please read my review I really don’t like these ads that come up randomly if you fix them that would make me feel so much better also sometimes the ads don’t work and I can’t claim the gift. fix these bugs and dislikes with the free gifts please! other than that I really like the game! thanks guys! 😄😀😁
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1 year ago, Anwidapotato
Love it, five stars, but…
Everything about the game is AWESOME, but tbh, There are just a few minor changes I’d recommend. First of all, please make more themes. Also, if you could make a way to make the game more gradually become more difficult, that would be great. And, I’m not going to lie, but I hate that after a while, there isn’t a way to get more power ups. I’d greatly appreciate if you created more power ups. Thanks. Finally, please include a greater frequency of the power ups in the game. That’s all. Thank you and please take these recommendations into consideration.
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4 years ago, The crocket launcher
Best game ever, have suggestions
This game is great, it brings back pac-man but adds more, I love the randomness, and something keeps bringing me back. I do have some suggestions for the developers, first I think you should add a “Dictionary” this would say the characteristics of the power ups and the ghosts, also I think you should make buying the other styles (with in game currency) less expensive because it just re-skins everything not having much an effect on the game. I hope you found either of these ideas good and I hope that you could implement them.
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5 years ago, DuskRenegade
No reason to hate
This game is just flat out, good, clean fun. I don’t know about when it first came out (I see some reviews are a few years old) but they don’t make it too hard to get coins, so you never feel pressured to spend money on coins, and you’ll have a blast playing through trying to beat your friend’s scores and leveling up your power-ups. Can get pretty tricky at times if you aren’t actively thinking ahead, so there’s a fair bit of strategy at play here besides mindlessly munching dots. Happy to have gotten this game, and free too? As a new york Jew night say...SUCH A DEAL
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7 years ago, Player: Shadowheart38
Love this game
I just downloaded the game and I'm already hooked, the game has a simple concept like the original game but I feel like it's more fun since there are more power ups and that makes strategizing a key player in this game, I did find a glitch though, I had just unlocked the giant so the next one I needed was the tornado, so I was playing a few games to get more coins and suddenly I saw a tornado power up even though I hadn't unlocked it yet, so I touched it and it used the tornado power. I know this isn't a bad thing but it is still a glitch that needs fixing.
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7 years ago, Prexella
This game is super fun! There is so many different power ups to defeat the ghosts. And there is always some sort of challenge to complete. The only thing some people might not like about this game, is the fact that you only have one life each game. But if you watch an ad or pay a certain amount of coins you can continue on. After you have used that one " continue," you can not continue on again. This was the only thing that might be a problem, but other than that it is a great game!
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3 years ago, Da Buffalo
Great game buuuuut…
It’s a great “endless” game to play…the power-ups keep it fresh and challenging, which keeps me engaged and coming back. However, the only, but MAJOR, downside is the ads (that I haven’t paid to remove 🤷‍♂️). More than a few times, a full-page, countdown-before-it-can-be-closed ad will pop up in the middle of a round, essentially killing me and sometimes causing me to close the game in frustration. Ads between rounds are absolutely and completely acceptable (unless the player paid to remove them), but I consider “ads in the middle of play” a dealbreaker. That’s something that absolutely needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, PROdigalCJ
This game is so awesome so you should add some more ghost more power ups and make it a lot harder also be able to do it online and fit wicked bosses but make it in the range of iOS 9.0 because that was the last update on my iPad so I can't get higher so please please update it this game is so amazing the classic one I love basically any pac-Man play just put a in front of me and I'll play it also make it a lot easier to get new maps also put a new Maps
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5 years ago, WriteOutdoors
Good game but needs a little help with some stuff
Hello! Fellow gamer nice that you are reading this review! Anyway, this game is really good but the game has problems like anything! You get your prize after you watch a video which stinks. But you only get to redeem once. And I think this REALLY stinks. But it is super addictive and I can't stop playing it because,well, it's super addictive. I, would not necessarily recommend you get the app. But if you like okay apps that are free and addicting then this is most likely your app. Thanks for reading my probably boring review and maybe you will get this app that would be better with changes! So, yeah, you rock!!
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2 years ago, plumpmau5
One of my favorite games on the app store
Pac-Man 256 has a brilliant simplicity that makes it easy to learn and difficult to master, just like the original Pac-Man. Unlike the original, however, the randomized layouts and mixing and matching power ups keeps you coming back to the game. Sadly, I think this game’s developers have mostly moved on from this game, as it seems like it hasn’t been updated for years. Though I don’t think it really needs much in terms of updates, other than bug fixes and security/quality of life patches. It feels pretty complete to me in terms of gameplay. My main complaint is that the game’s screen resolution has never been updated for newer iPhones. That and its reliance on ads, but as far as free games go, the ads are very light here. I would really love to see a “Pac-Man 256+” in the Apple Arcade. Would recommend for anyone looking for a good free “time killer” game.
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6 years ago, SpideyIsAwesome!!
Great game, but....
I freaking love this game!! The endless gameplay of PAC-MAN is insanely fun, and the power ups are a great edition to the PAC-MAN universe. The ghosts have specific powers to discuss, and the Crossy-Road type feel is cool. All this is great, but there is one annoying thing about this great game: the option to watch an ad to revive or earn a reward. I love this feature, but it never works! I hit the button, but nothing happens. On the reward option, the tab disappears when I hit it. I would love it if someone fixed this. Otherwise, great game!!!;)
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3 years ago, AJ is awesome1125
Awesome game! However there are some issues.
Awesome take on pac-man! I love the game and think it is good! The skin packs are cheap for an app, believe me some apps charge 5$ for a different version of a character. And the glitch is awesome. The ghost AI makes the game hard though as there can be 10 ghost chasing you or you can get cornered. The last issue is the coins you get from boxes are pretty random, so you can get 24 coins for a hard challenge, and 124 for watching an add. There could be a limit or something but other than that it is really fun and I can play it for hours!
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4 months ago, Disney baby 293
Get this game!!!
PAC man 365 is the best when you want to get a different level. I’ve been trying to get the 80s level and I’m close. The game teaches you to never give up on what you want. One more thing, if your not saved, you consider it. I am telling you your life is going to change big time. Your life is going to be super joyful and with lots and lots of happiness. When you’re in trouble, don’t worry because God won’t give up on you! Jesus is real!
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5 years ago, x1jett
This is ASOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!??.?.?321drop it ba ba bam grand slam dunk and the game of thrones season two to get us out in our first year ever so I can play for sure but it’s a great app that has some sort yet interesting fun hope you guys are having an excellent time at dallas life we love was like for your birthday weekend to come home with a boyfriend Anderson day you could be happy if you’re not busy or something else tttttt would make me feel stupid because I’m going through everything anyway right away from my mom
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5 years ago, merrdog12
An amazing review this game is great 👍🏿⬇️
I like cereal and potatoes oh yeah I also like chocolate milk and most of all I like cheese and this message is on behalf of snarf I go toot toot on a flute I go toot toot on a flute and I though we could go ghost hunting. NO!!! Why I give you chickens one more chance to make a decision oh and your so old on your first birthday your friends didn’t know how to make cake so they just got a rock and put a straight stick on it because they also did not know how to make fire I must go now my says it’s hungry
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6 years ago, Mister Happy to See This on ITunes
No pay option to remove annoying ads
This game has some cool twists on the old formula, but for some reason the devs decided to interrupt the fun replay buzz of trying to improve your score by forcing you to watch the same excerpt of the same stupid ad of the same product you’re not going to buy over and over and over. Which I guess is understandable for a free game, but the problem is there’s no way to buy the game to get rid of the ads, which is enough to make me delete the app entirely! Why can’t one of the in-app purchases be an ad removal option? Quite obnoxious.
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3 years ago, Summer/ Silly
Omg! I love this game!
This game is amazing!it’s really fun and I think there is only one problem. Every time I got a new high score it is almost impossible to get past the ghost and idk why, but other then that this is a really fun and cool game. A few days ago when I didn’t have this game I noticed that all my games were boring and they weren’t really fun. And the first thing that came to my mind was pac-man and once I got the game I am now really happy!
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7 years ago, GTastee
PAC 256!
Really fun game when you need a quick fix for enjoyment. All of these reviews i've seen are making it out to be a sit-down, play for hours type of game... i don't see it that way. It's a TV show in the background whilst giving you something to do in the commercials type of game. However, it's fun because you can take it with you wherever you go, and a fun thing to do when you have time to spend. Well worth the download.
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5 years ago, NobodyUnoe
Broken on Apple TV
Becomes unresponsive to controller every time you sit down to play. Sometimes faster than others- it cascades. Additionally, there are often times when Pacman gets a will of his own and magnetizes to the ghosts, taking turns and steering, killing himself deliberately, and you aren’t even touching the controller! Apple TV version is treated like abandonware by the developers too- you can’t file a bug report for this platform at all. Very frustrating... I hope that they see this so their techs can fix it!
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5 years ago, 🌙Pink Moon🌸
This game is so much fun. It’s just like the ones in the arcade. I’ve never seen an app so much fun that takes away a lot of my battery because I play it so much! My whole family loves playing Pac-Man it’s such a classic game and I like how the developers didn’t change it so much it’s actually the exact same thing as the original PAC-Man. The developers did in outstanding job. This might be the only game on my phone thanks a lot for making this game.
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4 years ago, andromedalars
Great, updated experience. Needs ad removal IAP.
PAC-MAN 256 is an excellent, modern reimagining of the classic arcade game with potential for endless hours of gripping gameplay and exhilarating action. Very fair prices with not much potential as a wallet sinkhole (very good thing). My only request is to please, and I truly ask please, add an option to remove ads like the original PAC-MAN app does. I haven’t been getting many ads after matches lately, but I would certainly buy an option to remove them permanently. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, Lemans89
Great Game.
This game is an enjoyable version of Pac-Man. Nice power ups. Good twists. Good old school graphics. I have been able to enjoy it free for a couple of weeks. Controls are ok. Every game can benefit from improvements and feedback so here it goes. Controls are only ok. The load out screen when you loose a life takes to long. I would like to enjoy it longer before the difficulty level rises. I could just need practice.
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6 years ago, lll777lll777lll
Ads are inappropriate! Game is fun.
A warning to other parents out there. I deleted this game because the ads are inappropriate for my children to watch. This is definitely not a 4+ game as is stated on the app homepage. I would love to see a paid feature so that I could remove the ads but it is not there. Deleting this app until as ad free version is available. The game itself is very fun to play and I like the additional cool features. It’s unfortunate that there is not a paid version because I am not comfortable with the ads that are played and cannot control those because those are not even available to turn off with parental controls.
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4 years ago, Gaheheha
Personal experience
The game is pretty enjoyable, it’s might get boring after a little while but you can’t deny that’s it’s a good pastime. The only downside of the game is that whenever you die the intro of the game replays back every single time which gets annoying the more you play it. I honestly see potential in adding more power-ups to the game they could make the game more diverse, maybe new game modes if possible? Thanks.
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7 years ago, Bubstry
Super fun!
I had heard about this game a while ago, but never downloaded it. When I did though, I played the game and was instantly immersed. The power-ups are unique and well thought of, the environment of the game looks retro, yet new at the same time, and I love that they base the game off the Pac-man level 256 kill screen. I give this game a 10/10. To anyone who wants a portable Pac-man, get this game. You will not be disappointed.
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7 months ago, Tripp3235
Great game but last update broke ghost score
Love this game I’ve been playing it forever. Really wish they would add some new themes. However, the latest update now seems to have broken the ability to see the score when you eat a ghost I like to see how high I can get after I’ve taken one of the powerpills and now it no longer counts or gives the score after you eat a ghost. Playing on Apple TV.
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7 years ago, Cerebral Nonconformist
PAC-Man Fever
PAC-Man is back & sporting an all new look. With a field of little white balls scrolling from the top of the screen; an endless scroll of lefts, rights, & warp zones, unfolds before you. Power Pellets are not the only offensive tools; cherry bombs, a freeze that will slow down the ghost, the laser will blast them away, even around a corner, and more. Lest We forget, when PAC-MAN consumes 256 white balls; magical things happen (spoilers). A great game to spend as much or as little time as you have, binge eating your way through PAC-MAN 256.
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12 months ago, ZackCock
I started playing this game on my kindle everyday when i was 5-8. I was bored one day so I decided to go to the play store then i saw this game, i’m playing it right now but i didnt get ahead too much because on my kindle i had all the maps and power ups but now i only have half the power ups and no maps. 5 stars.
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3 years ago, PumpkinKing456
Pac Man 256
As a huge fan of Pac Man, I admit that I haven’t played many Pac Man games. This is on of the few I have played, and it is great. Based on the infamous level 256, you as Pac Man have to avoid the ghosts and also stay away from the glitched text. It sounds complicated, but it is a simple pick up and play experience that lives up to my nostalgia. Overall 5 out of 5
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4 years ago, Alana the Ostrich
Ok so it is cool and stuff so you should get it. But this weird glitch just happened. I had the pyro power up, and was going around and killing some ghosts, when I saw Sue. Right before I killed one of them, that one made a different expression. It was like, it’s eyes when completely blue, and they were like looking outward, it was weird. I closed out of the app. I’m not sure what even happened. >UPDATE< I opened the app again and played and now Sue is missing. ??????
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7 years ago, White__Rice
Pretty fun little distraction
Title says it all. It's a quick, easy enough little fun distraction. The scoring system is simple enough (more points the more consecutive pellets) and the power-ups add to the games variety. Getting a 256 combo is pretty funny (clears the screen) so that's a neat addition to the game. Haven't spent any money, probably won't, but the ads are entirely optional, which is nice (and most are for the console version of the game itself) It's PAC man, just in an infinite maze format.
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2 years ago, kdkdkfkrk
Nice game, but..
I wanted to download this game, my mom said she will and also she said “this is the only game, don’t ask for anything else.” Then I got a little bit sad and mad, since these updates are broken: impossible to find the bomb, ads not working, not able to get 2048 coins, since we all know that pac-man’s favorite number is 256, it was named “PAC-MAN 256” and then I started to get away with the glitch, these stupid broken updates needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, .Rocket
Pac-Man is really good that you eat ghost and it saves the underworld he will eat food and also eat ghost he protects the other characters from the world he eats food to like cherries and then he there is a glitch he tries to watch out for it if you touch the glitch you will die I love him he’s really good and amazing and he’s super Duper good I like him because he also saves on people and he eat Food like cherries and apples
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4 months ago, NOTFOUNDCOKE
APP icon looks a little blurry!
Thank you for adapting to the latest equipment and finally playing happily on 15Pro. Although there are still some pop-up windows with wrong size, it is also recommended to update the application icon. It looks a little blurry. I wish you happiness and money.
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2 years ago, %#@#-@%#
pacman but more fun and better and 3D
this is... u know the title. and the fact that you have run away or eat the ghosts while trying to run away from a glitch and i bet that this is the last game the creator of this game makes because theres a glitch and btw the glitch reminds me of pibby glitch and i love the power thingys
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