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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for PAC-MAN

4.41 out of 5
54.1K Ratings
7 months ago, DJSkellt
Awesome and brings memories but the thing is.
6 years ago I played the game on the App Store because 1. So I don’t have to find a arcade with a 80’s classic Pac-Man machine. 2. Going to the arcade to play Pac-Man. So downloading it is so much better and easier and gave me so many memories even nostalgic ones too you even didn’t had to play on WiFi either. But which is weird in 2018 they removed the game for the Ralph breaks the internet of a Pac-Man crossover and I didn’t like it because it removed the main game, telling me to install it but now I’m happy it’s back then I haven’t played the mobile version in ages and I saw a big kinda cool modern update with a 50th anniversary, but it kinda removed most of the Pac-Man / nostalgic style of the game but now I’m now disappointed that you now have to play on WiFi and now brings ads so now and they really changed the game but Pac-Man team please bring the memories back please try to make it fun again for everyone please. 🥲
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2 years ago, Superlawkid12
Story Mode isn’t Great - Glitches and Design
Story Mode provides a great way for players to play countless mazes. In fact, this game is centered around Story Mode. However, I have found the mode to be quite frustrating at times due to a reoccurring glitch and poor decisions made by developers. Oftentimes when I complete a maze, a glitch occurs where players don’t receive a reward and the game prohibits them from advancing to the next maze. This can be annoying, especially when a life was lost or a power up was used to complete the maze. A few poor decisions are present here too. For example, some bonus stages feature 2 PAC-Men: one players control as usual, but the other mirrors your movements from across the screen. It is interesting at first, but becomes a hassle once players discover (a bit too late thanks to the game’s hints) that the mirrored PAC-MAN can be caught by a Ghost and lose a life. Playing with 2 PAC-Men indeed makes the game much harder to play. Also, Tokens (which are the game’s currency) are a non-renewable resource as they are only won by playing new mazes (they cannot be obtained from the same maze twice). If players need to by a particular power up using Tokens in order to fulfill a challenge requirement, players may be forced to skip the challenge and play the next couple of mazes to raise enough Tokens to buy the power up later. Personally, these issues caused me to enjoy the game a lot less.
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5 years ago, Coasterbuf
Used to be good but they ruined it. No mfi controller support anymore.
So I used to play this game daily. I loved it. It was near perfect and a 5 star game for me. Now it’s a one star. Why? Read on: When this game first came out, I found the on screen sliding controls were just horrible but that was okay as I bought a mfi Nimbus game controller to work with both my ipad and Apple TV. But mainly bought for this game. It worked great that way. Then for some strange reason in late summer/early fall 2018 they decided to rewrite the app in some way and strangely removed mfi controller support even though such support is still listed in the app description. Why? Who knows...they never answer that question. I got excited when I saw an update with “joystick” support, but that was merely a horrible on screen joystick, not support for a hardware controller they once had. So now the game is once again horrible to me and their customer support is equally horrible. They literally do not respond to my support tickets asking why this was removed and when will it be back considering it is still listed on app description. So I am done with this game until they put back hardware controller support that never should have been removed in the first place. RE: that developer response: why would support respond to me now when they didn’t the first two times? That is a DEAD END that goes nowhere.
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2 years ago, F'lip
Don’t waste your time.
This app is garbage. If you can get it to work, it will spam you with a microtransaction request before you even get to the first level. When you get to the first level, which is so simple a three-year-old could complete it in one try, you are constantly interrupted by aPac-Man character telling you how to navigate the maze like we don’t all know how touchscreens/controls work. I didn’t play past that. I immediately tried to find Classic mode. Well, guess what: Classic mode doesn’t exist anymore! It’s just this stupid story mode in this stupid cash-grabbing app. They’ve even removed the old classic version of Pac-Man from the app store, so unless you had that app downloaded before they removed it, you can’t play Classic at all anymore! Whoever owns Pac-Man now must actively hate the player base, because how else could they feel justified in treating us like nothing more than a bunch of piggy banks that will just drop a quarter every time they feel like shaking us down? This app is malicious in what is being done with it, in the ways it collects data and in the ways it tries to convince you to hand over your money in exchange for something that has no real-world tangible value. This company is not being run by people who care about you. Do not support them.
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2 years ago, dot hot tot
It was a good game a few years ago
PAC-MAN is really fun and all, at least the old version. The old version wasn’t ad packed and it wasn’t so much loading and levels. The fact that the developers packed it with ads for money is just so unexpected. I got excited to play this game again and now all I see in the game mostly is just loading an ads. After every single level you get a 35 second ad stuffed in your face, and there are also hearts (which is really dumb if you ask me) which deplete very fast after lvl 7. It’s just stupid…the game used to have no ads, no levels, it was perfect until now. And I have also noticed the ghost things cannot be outran once encountered, I think the players speed should be buffed and the hearts should be taken out of the game, the only reason the hearts were added (the hearts are your lives, only got 5 max) was to have another reason for people to watch ads, I don’t think the game is really fun right now because of how the developers also seem to try and make it complicated when not in a level. That could just be me, anyways it’s just ad packed. I think all this should be removed: -Remove all ads and only keep optional ads -Remove the lives -Give the player higher speed -add a difficulty option to choose the difficulty.
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12 months ago, Sophie_Carre
A disgusting corporate mess
I’ve been a gamer my entire life. And I’ve got this lovely, high quality iPad. You’d think I’d use it for portable gaming fun, right? Nope. I never do. And ‘games’ like this are why. Once upon a time, this used to be excellent. You could unlock tons of unique mazes and you had them in a collection, play them whenever you want. Simple, high quality fun. I had no trouble spending some money on it. But it’s clear that some useless, worthless corporate parasite got to this, as all of that is gone. You know how a lot of gamers laugh at the idea of mobile games? Yeah. This is an example of that. Nothing but micro transactions , “energy” meters, ads for junk you shouldn’t even consider buying, currencies designed to confuse you so you lose track of how much you are spending, stupid timed nonsense, and hey, ALL of those fun mazes are gone. Even if you spent money on earlier versions to get them. Seriously. Let that show you just what companies like this think of you, the consumer. To them, you’re just a wallet. Nothing more. This really is a great example of that. you wanna play Pac-Man? Go get emulators on your pc or Mac and play the real game. Or buy used copies of one of the MANY console versions. Because THIS one is just a shambling husk of what it once was.
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2 years ago, HelotNet
The controls are an exercise in frustration
Since the advent of “story mode“, the game is very much gone downhill. I liked all the extra mazes that one could acquire before that, but now ever since you put in “story mode“ – which, by the way, is a misnomer, because… What story? – but now, while I still have access to the mazes I had bought before, I can’t get new ones. Why? But, what I am really riding in for, is… Ever since the update from about a week ago – 10.2.6 – the swipe controls have gotten quite atrocious. Far too often, I swipe, the game doesn’t register it until I swipe a few more times, and then by that point, I have been trumped by a ghost. It’s getting very difficult to play. I don’t know what you did to the swipe controls, but please fix them.… Of course, what would be the best thing ever, is if you finally put back in Bluetooth controller support, like you’ve been promising to do for at least two years! You keep saying you will, hasn’t happened for at least two years. Very annoying. If you’re not going to, just tell us cell, but your customer service always says, “we’re going to!“
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6 years ago, Tygerlily2014
Great game!
I love this game. I love the fact that it never gets boring like traditional pac man can because there are constant challenges and new levels to play all the time. My only complaint is that it takes quite a while before you have enough coins to buy a new difficult level. One suggestion also is to be able to “skip” a challenge for a time/coin fee. I currently have a quest to earn 100,000 points in one game and Im no where near getting that. Also, if anyone can provide me with some info on how the “Don’t Eat Ghosts” challenges work, that would be great. I’ve got a quest to beat level 5 in the I Know maze without eating ghosts and I have several times without the quest being checked off. I can’t figure out if you need to not eat ghosts through the whole game (which is nearly impossible) or maybe do you need to beat the whole maze and not eat the ghosts on that level. Either way, I can’t get rid of it. Help would be appreciated 😊
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1 year ago, Trustthrocess(;
Love it but could use an update
First to start off it is a really good way to make the day a little fun so far no glitches. So the ads part were annoying but I just ended up buying for $2.99 so it doesn’t bother me anymore. As for the swipe feature was frustrating but I recommend setting the sensitivity to as low as possible that kinda made it more smooth for me. Story is okay I wish it was just normal with no special rewards to get stars that don’t do anything besides getting a higher score. As for the classic I don’t know why but on easy mode it it’s maybe 1 second the ghost become vulnerable, thought it was because of the mode but I would get ghost staying vulnerable about 3-4 second might be random or a glitch but all and all isn’t a fun game to me I don’t stress about little things and just have fun with it!
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4 months ago, NTX Agent
Needs a joystick
I’m a fan of the original and would prefer to see them stick to their roots. I don’t really care for the story mode or small seasonal mazes, but I can live with them. The biggest problem I have is the lack of a joystick. The screen control is fine until it isn’t. It seems inevitable that the screen will either get too oily/dirty to work well or be overly sensitive. I have died dozens of times due only to screen control not working like the original joystick. Knowing that I wouldn’t have died if playing on a console but I did die playing on my phone has led me to uninstall the game on several occasions. I’ve come back when bored, but I eventually encounter the same problem and delete the app again. Bottom line is the original game worked better and was more enjoyable. Too bad the big console won’t fit in my pocket. The fact that this does doesn’t necessarily make it okay that it is so frustrating to play. I can live just fine without it.
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1 year ago, Carlinal47
Conclusion: Stick to MAME
I have mixed feelings about this app, as much as I love Pac-Man, and I’ve stuck through years of updates and visual redesigns to know what they really got. It’s a little saddening. 1. There’s no Ms. Pac-Man. I know she’s owned by a separate company but they should’ve worked things out. The Sanrio event was the closest thing to her. 2. Terrible ad usage. A $0.99 has always been the best option. And why use microtransactions? 3. Mediocre level design. Hit or miss, even with the events, as cute as they are. 4. THAT control glitch. I call it a “stutter”. Stuttering in this game is so bad it’s responsible for an entire star being removed. 5. Confusing interface, especially since you cannot buy anymore mazes with in-game currency. They should’ve been available both for tournament play and for fun/practice. 6. Reliance on Wi-Fi. The original arcade game and your maze collection should not be enclosed behind an offline connection. 7. “Original Game” not original. Main point is the inferior extra life score and arguably lazy detail and sound design. You only have 4 lives total no matter what and that’s it. If this is what Bandai Namco brought for their most popular arcade title then I’m beyond grateful Dig Dug, Galaga and Mappy did not receive the same treatment recently. With Q*bert it’s even worse. Whether you want to have this app is your call, but if you use MAME then this app is not all that interesting.
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1 year ago, yesyes7878
Ranking each mode from worst (4) to best (1)
4.Story Mode 3.Tournaments 2.Adventures 1.Classic Story Mode is monotonous and long, but at least it’s a good way to earn toxic. There are three tasks to do in each stage and beating them all gives ya more. But there are so many stages, and that’s why I don’t like it. Tournaments are limited time events where you compete against players around the world for a high score, and depending on where you ranked among them, you’ll get a great prize! But the tournaments go on for a long time, so you’ll have to check in a lot in order to make sure you don’t lose your place. Adventures are limited time events themed around holidays, that are much shorter than Story Mode and lets you have souvenirs if you 100% them. Lastly, Classic is just normal PAC-MAN. 10/10, incredible, fun. Overall good game, but it could be better.
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5 years ago, HP Fan 💕
My mom said she grew up with PAC-MAN being her favorite game when she was younger. Ever since then, at the arcades like “Dave and Busters” PAC-MAN has been my favorite too. This online digital game is a perfect make over of the old-style popular game we all used to love. The different levels make it even more special, with cool titles like “Sushi” “Sugar Rush” and “Dino”. You get coins all the time, so it’s easy to get the payed levels. I love this game! My only question is, though it’s not a complaint, why do you have to be an adult to play? My daughter loves PAC-MAN and wants this game on her iPad. I know you can get the younger one, but Regis one seems kid friendly. No complaints here, but just wondering. My daughter has already downloaded the other one, but why not this one too? Anyway, this game is amazing. Can’t wait for more cool levels to come out! 😄❤️
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6 years ago, kriskris2017
I just downloaded this game two days ago and already see that the tokens are going to be an issue. It stops you from advancing even in the game itself. Once you stop the game, it gives you a time limit to earn one token at a time completing tasks before you can unlock the next level which is frustrating when you have an allotted amount of time to play. (Like during your lunch or a break in the day). Especially because you can’t complete these tasks until time has elapsed. For example you cannot complete task #1 until 15 hours has passed. Or you cannot try this task again for another two hours. So frustrating will probably have to delete this game because I cannot play it out will. #Sad
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2 years ago, juat default
Overall… just okay
Ok so the game itself is okay but why is it impossible to get gems? Devs could you please respond because it is getting very annoying I have everything thing to upgrade accept gems so I just wanna know how to get them. So back to the game it has ALOT of ads usually their pretty short but sometimes they seem very long. But what really lowered it was the controls I have lost so many lives to the bad control either I swipe out of the app or It won’t move so I think they could maybe idk add buttons instead of the useless little joy stick thing. But the game is at the same time interesting with the events sometimes because you can get free skins so overall I would say a 3 it’s not bad but at the same time it could be a lot better. ( also might rate based on if devs respond to see if they really read what everyone is saying)
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2 years ago, simp4u‼️
When I go browsing for games, I go looking for FUN and CREATIVE CLASSIC games. I was scrolling on the App Store then I saw pac man! I squealed so loudly as I immediately downloaded the game!!! I was so excited because pac man is the most classic and cutest game of the century! I’ve always wanted to play pac man!! When it was finished downloading, I was so happy! I played and it was really fun!! If there’s one thing that I LOVE about the game, is the….✨MUSIC✨ AHHHH I LOVE THE MUSICCCCC!!! I love this game so muchhhhhhh!!!!!😍😍😍 if there is one thing that i DONT LIKE about it, is probably the ad breaks. You can purchase a pass on ALL ads which is really cool! ( I DID AND IT MADE THE GAME 10x funner) this is an awesome game! I’m only 11 but I love this game! I’m sure not every 11 ur old girl would love it like I do, but it’s great!<3✨🏝🏝🏝 Gotta go! Claim ur Cherry’s!!<~100:✨💕🍒🍒
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6 years ago, RocketRG
Very poor control of movement
The game and the boards themselves are great, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to simulate proper arcade joystick control of PAC-MAN by using swipe screen or button control. If you’re an expert Pac-Man player, you need to be able to move Pac-Man quickly and accurately. Without a manual joystick, on the harder levels, where you must move quickly, it becomes impossible to do that. In other words, when you swipe left, sometimes Pac-Man moves down or in another direction instead, and then you die. This happens every time the game doesn’t record your intended move correctly.... which for me is SEVERAL Times EVERY game. And swiping to make quick turns just does not work with the high degree of accuracy that you need to clear the expert (Elite) levels. If you try switching to button control, it’s not much better. Nothing can simulate a manual joystick.
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10 months ago, BLMarsh
Doing a little to much
I am a die hard PAC-MAN fan, bought the game on every platform that I own. I purchased this game for the iPhone several years ago, was thrilled it was available for an iPhone, to take with me on the go, all was good until the huge update. Apparently someone wanted to make the game, franchise with collectibles, and different game styles, that made this game a serious issue for me, number one, to much loading, PAC-MAN is a simple game to run, and play, if my phone has poor connection to service, game has trouble loading up, next to many menus, I just want to open the app, and play, not search for a particular style of PAC-MAN, all that should be an option, for people who want this. I’m fine with just my CLASSIC MAZES, I hope you can update this issue, separating the CLASSIC from all this other content added. Give us our regular CLASSIC MAZE PAC-MAN for the iPhone. Thanks for reading, Levar
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1 year ago, ChrisMuha1997
Used to be a good app…
This used to be a good app, but now with the new user interface and the story mode that erased the original Pac-Man that this app used to be, it is disappointing and frustrating. it is impossible to play the original Pac-Man from what I can see, because they force you to play story mode from first opening the application. There is no way for me to restore purchase from when I purchased the full version of this app to remove ads some years ago. They need to keep story mode but bring back the original Pac-Man, and have a clear way to get to that. That would make this app much more enjoyable because I would be interested in playing story mode if I could play the original Pac-Man once again, without having to do any extra unlocks or play story mode etcetera if that is why I cannot access it.
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12 months ago, Calilife415
Nostalgic reminder
It’s pretty cool to bring Pacman back through apps. Although the controls of the game are awful they purposely built so you can lose. Whenever I lose knowing Pacman could’ve made a turn when I controlled him, I leave the app all together. It’s kinda ridiculous as if some kid would want to purchase lives. They could’ve done well enough since this game is nostalgic, but the developers were too greedy and messed up. The game also asks if there are any issues but they don’t list the obvious with what’s wrong. I just play this when I’m bored. Although there’s so much room for improvement, I don’t mind the arcade idea or any of the new stuff but the control issue is annoying.
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4 years ago, grmaclu
Give me stressless Pac-Man!
I have so many glitches in the new version, that eventually, THIS 62 year ole gal may have to decide NOT to reinstall the game, in my MANY attempts to reset the game (I have to uninstall and reinstall ), when it gets stuck in the chocolate challenge reward and allowed me to collect as many points as my heart desired, as long as I want to sit there and tap on my screen. Crazy thing is, it pops up randomly.... I don’t play the chocolate challenge to prompt the rewards for it!!!!Some challenge😒 FYI: the points are still waiting in my bank for you to take. And where the heck are my crowns???? Come on guys.... it’s covid season. I work on the front lines. You don’t owe me an thing, however my pac man is a huge part of my downtime/decompress time!! I love my Pac-Man, and would settle for the old version if you can’t fix my game, make my challenges work, and tell me if there are new guidelines to collecting the darn crowns!!!! Please don’t harm my Pac-Man spirit!!!
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3 years ago, Acdcgamer
Good, quite buggy right now though
I’ve had the app before and it’s worked fine, the issue now is that with the 40th anniversary event gone. I finished it, and I see that I have the pac album complete, but the pac-trail doesn’t load up, it’s acting like it’s locked, but the account memory is supposed to be saved right? I did and completed the adventure mode within the limited time event on one IPad, but I won’t load up my rewards like the pac-trail on the other. I fear that I’ll loose the pac-trail if I try to remove the app from the other iPad for space. Could you guys please have a look and maybe make a patch for getting the pac trail and pac album across safely from one device to another for a single account on two devices please?
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1 year ago, Juggalettestoner
Bonus points for the OG puzzles but
I was super excited to find the original pac-man on an app, but within the first 10 minutes of playing became extremely aggravated because numerous times the way I swiped on the screen just simply didn't register. I am assuming this is because you have to swipe DIRECTLY on the joystick, and apparently have to have INCREDIBLE accuracy when doing so. If the direction you swipe isn’t dead on the joystick, forget about it. Multiple games were lost right off the bat due to the aggravating movement controls. Extreme bonus points for having the OG game available, but so far the movement controls are less then sub-par. I’m gonna continue to play simply because I love pac-man, so I will update my review if the movement control issue is a user issue VS an actual game mechanic issue😂
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6 years ago, unhappy_app_customer
“Give me more money for my 40 year old game you already bought from me”
Paid $4.99 each for iPhone and iPad versions of PAC-MAN Premium. Now they don’t work because PAC-MAN “needs to update his mazes”. It’s been the same maze since 1980, buddy. This new version promises I will continue to enjoy the “same PAC-MAN Premium experience” but now with ads, apparently. “Why did Pac-Man Premium close and why? The reason the game closed is because we wanted to create a better and more engaging experience for all our PAC-MANiacs, as such, we decided it was time to focus our efforts on a single, unified PAC-MAN version. This was not an easy decision, but with your continued support, we hope to build the best PAC-MAN game. As you might expect, these new and exciting plans came with a downside and unfortunately, the PAC-MAN Premium version was removed from the Apple App Store on January 15th, 2018. On the same date, January 15th, the game servers were shut down. After this date, players only had access to limited features that were available for offline play. We strongly recommend (if you haven't done so already) that you transfer your Premium account to the other PAC-MAN version, which can be downloaded for free here: Download PAC-MAN, as soon as possible. As a Premium user, you will continue to enjoy the same PAC-MAN Premium experience once you transfer your account to the unified, free version of PAC-MAN.”
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3 years ago, ryzxin
For the Pac-Man fans
Go play pac-man elsewhere. I saw ads within the first minute of the game. I didn’t even play a single match of pac-man yet before the ad came up haha. The first question that was asked is whether if allow relevant ads or not, it had nothing to do wi the gameplay. This is clearly just an ad machine to make money instead of a proper game made for pac-man fans. The devs should be ashamed, but then again, why would you expect a quality game from the App Store? It takes a lot for someone to break the cheesy freemium mobile game structure and make something that’s actually fun and worth playing. The developers here didn’t achieve that. They just took our beloved pac-man and made this mess of a game to trick you guys into watching ads of other games so they can make money. They could have easily made money other ways, but they’ve sold their souls and this is what we got. Thanks but no thanks.
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5 years ago, FJ Thomas
Worst Pac-Man Ever
You think the Atari 2600 Pac-Man was bad? Then you haven’t played this abomination. The touch screen controls are abysmally imprecise and Pac-Man often goes in a different direction from the way you swipe. The maze designs are not only terrible, violating every tenet of good Pac-Man level design (full of dead ends, gimmicky levels themed around shapes and words that don’t allow for any natural flow of movement), but several of the level sets recycle mazes from others. And since the game is a micro transaction-filled nightmare like nearly everything on the App Store these days, it’s pushing you to bypass the very slow grind for coins and pay real money to unlock these dismal mazes... so they should at least all be original, right? Not in this game! There have been some improvements from previous versions, especially making all of arcade Pac-Man free and introducing the checkpoint system for it, but the game is still a broken, twitchy mess and a disgrace to the franchise.
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4 years ago, GridironBeast23
Great! but retirement pop-up adds are annoying
This game is GREAT. I mean, who doesn’t love pac man? You can play classic, colorful mazes, do tournaments, and complete daily challenges. However, I’ve only had it for a few days and I’ve started to notice that some of the adds that pop up after you’ve finished a game can’t be exited out of. I’ve had to close the app, reopen, and be forced to lose progress. If the developer sees this PLEASE FIX if you can it’s REALLY annoying and makes me not want to play at all. It’s really a shame it’s literally the most classic arcade game of all time. Also please don’t send a bot and say “Thank you for reporting this...” I get that adds create revenue for the business but could you at least give us the ones you can get out of?
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6 years ago, henyskye💙
PAC man
I like PAC Man a lot!! It is super fun to play with but there are 3 downs to it. The mazes are super fun but they cost coins and you run out pretty quickly so I think the mazes should be free to play. The swipe or joy stick is super delayed, which makes you lose much of the time. Some times when I swipe to the right it goes up and I die, so that should DEFINITELY be upgraded. Lastly, the ghosts should turn red when they are about to turn back after you eat a big pellet because when they are blinking sometimes I go to eat them and they turn back to a ghost but I never know when it’s gonna happen because although they are blinking there is no clear sign that they are going to turn back to normal at the exact moment. 💗💗💗
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4 years ago, SuperSegaSonic
We need more!
Pac-Man was my very first video game I ever played so I obviously think thank you all for putting it on the App Store. But don’t you think we need more than just Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man? And I’m not saying we need more Pac-Man games, I’m saying we need more games like Galaga, Dragon Buster, The Tower Of Druaga, Sky Kid, Rally-X, and many more. A lot of people would possibly love to see them up on the App Store. I’m saying we need the games that actually made Bandai Namco possible. Now for the Pac-Man app. The app is great, I love it. Please read this in consideration that you might wanna upload some of the games I suggested. That’s all I’ll say and I hope this reaches out to the developers. I’m outta here.
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3 years ago, aveholder
Please please let me save my progress
Hello if you thinking about getting the app let me tell you something now this not going to be to long BUT this is how I feel about the app enjoy... Hello point number one... I don’t like how you can’t save ANY of your progress like if you got to stage 3 in classic (it’s the classic pac man it has that older feel) it won’t save it you if leave AND IT SUCKKSSS bc I do that I will get to the 6th stage and I will have to do something ( like feed my Dogs) and I will have to leave!!! This is my main and big problem with the app it’s really good apart form the whole save thing and idk what y’all talking about with the controls the touch screen is great and I use that fine and my screen is kinda bad well I said that this wouldn’t be long buttt here we are well thanks for reading!! -Avery h
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5 years ago, Roskolnikov
Nausea or Nostalgia ?
I purchased the Premium/original PacMan for just that; I understand the drive (profit) to sell mazes and ‘tokens’ as well as the drive to have a unified app.... how about this.. 1. Don’t ask me to open a ticket (seems that this is your reply to any negative feedback and you know it is just to make most go away) 2. Give us an option in settings to turn everything but ‘classic’ Pac-Man off... while in classic mode, give us the option to turn it (the ‘new’ content) back on.... telling me my premium features are now free doesn’t undo the mess you have made of an iconic game. Developer suggests taking it outside of this forum... while I am complaining, swipe control... brings out the OS swipe from bottom menu a bit too much, maybe an option to disable this during play?
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4 years ago, Ex keeper
Stopped working
March 28, 2020.....stopped working. Loads forever and eventually tells me to update. Removed the app (several times) and reloaded. No change. What did you all break? Also, like someone else mentioned, the newest version is not as user friendly than the previous version. Looks nicer but much harder to navigate May 13, 2020. Still no real fixing of the game. I’ve been collecting coins for the Chocolate tournament for weeks. Half the time I come into the game it just goes to a window for me to claim those Chocolate coins and is in a constant loop with that window with no way out but kill the game. On the times that I can actually get in to play, eventually the Chocolate window is back up and the fun times are quickly over. Right now there’s only one tournament to select from and that’s been for weeks. So totally frustrating for a game that used to run smooth with no problems.
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5 years ago, Julie blumberg
More Levals
Hello I absolutely love this game. I would like it if there was more free levels as I just started playing. I love PacMan so more levels would be nice. I also wish there were some free elite levels and free challenging levels. If you could add this that would be nice. I personally think you should make a big update adding more levels and get rid of some of the classic stages. Just more levels would do good for the game. And more people might play. Other than that this is a good game so if this review gets posted when people browse seeing if they should get this game I think you should and this is overall a great game. Thanks P.S The original review was posted by my son.
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3 years ago, Jennie36
Great game but needs better attention to bugs from the developers!
I don’t usually write reviews but I am this time because I’m fed up with this game crashing on me every time I go to play a tournament!!! It happened directly after the last update for the game (a week and a half ago). I’ve tried contacting support with a claim but I’ve yet to hear back from anyone! I used to play this game every day but I can’t now because it wants to stay stuck when I select a tournament to play in. It’s aggravating to not be able to play at all! I’m not sure what happened during the update and I wish I could fix it. If they would contact me back and let me know how to, I’d really appreciate it. I just want my app to work correctly! I gave it 3 stars until it gets resolved.
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6 years ago, Mehnaimehjeff
Fun but not flawless
It is a fun game, but it is not near as hard as the original. You move at about a third of the speed you would be moving at an arcade machine, therefore making the game kind of easy. I hope you can add a mode where you move at the original speed, because I love PAC-MAN and I would really like to have a more authentic gameplay. There is another bug on the IPod Touch where the joystick glitches out and leads you in random directions. The ghosts also can sometimes, but rarely, go through walls. I was trying to get to a power pellet, like most usually do, when a ghost pulled a very “Interesting” move. That was on the first level. Unacceptable. It is still fun and I love it though.
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4 years ago, Rygel Fievel
Why update map selection screen?
I’ve put up with having to scroll through a few pages of maps in mission mode but why did the developer decide that it was a good idea to change that in v8 so that you have to swipe through every map rather than an array of maps. And if you didn’t know if the map was in each of its skill level, you have to go through it again for each skill level. Is it so hard to implement this like in tournament mode so when you select the tournament, it automatically goes to the map? No more hunting down maps and just go directly to the mission. The fact this has been the behavior since the beginning is a big oversight and still not corrected. Fix this and I don’t care if you have to swipe multiple times before it moves on the next map.
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6 years ago, sharericks
Was a great game, but...
I have always loved playing this game, from the time I had it on Atari when I was younger, to having it on my Kindle, To now having it on my iPad. However, there are some major issues going on with this game. I have recently lost about 85 tokens I had left from a recent in-app purchase. I have tried restoring my purchases, but nothing happens. I have tried restarting my iPad, and that doesn’t work. I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and still nothing. All of my crowns for completing mazes are still there, but not the tokens I have purchased or earned. And when I complete a challenge or a maze, it says I have earned tokens, but the token counter still reads zero. I recently let the ghosts eat me, so I could try the resurrect feature, which would normally cost tokens, and it said an unexpected error occurred. What gives?
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5 years ago, Pink.Stars
Some frustrations since update
I had some issues with the previous version but they were quick to fix the problems when they happened. I feel as though this version frustrates me more, I was so excited thinking that some of the things would be fixed but now it’s annoying to play since the toggle disappeared and you only get one way to direct Pac-Man. When I slide my finger up or down it goes right or left. :( and the ghost eats me. I like that you can pick and choose your tournaments based on how much energy you have. But the “toggle” needs work and it’s one reason I don’t play as much. :( Will change review once things have been adjusted.
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6 years ago, AlAngelMa
Do Not Like Game After New Update
I have been a big fan of pac man, since forever. My son got me hooked on this game. I used to take him to the arcades & we played till it closed. We always went home broke. I have a lot of health issues & stay home, very boring. My son added this game for me & I loved playing it. But after this new update about 1 month or so ago, it’s terrible !!!! Now they don’t give you any chance of extra plays like the other one. Some friends & I feel like this updated system is forcing you to buy if you want to continue playing. That’s Very Sad, because I know myself & others do not have money for that. But I do want to say ; “Thank You So Very Much” for letting me enjoy a little bit of time playing before the new update.....
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2 years ago, Thor Roche
Annoying to play
When I downloaded this game I expected it to be the normal arcade PAC-MAN game. When I opened the game it instantly tried to make me watch an ad for 10 coins. When I got into the first level it was a straight line with a U shape. The level lasted probably less than 10 seconds because I reached the other side. Immediately after I beat it I had to watch an ad. The most annoying part of this game is the swipe to move. You must swipe in the direction you want to move. Whenever you swipe down it does the thing where it moves the app downwards and then you have to re-swipe up to get the app back on screen. This may not do this on older phones with the home button but many people like me have the new phones. This game is very annoying to play and it not what I wanted when downloading a PAC-MAN app.
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6 years ago, 1-Man
First of all, the in app purchase of full mazes in the Lite version does not in turn register on other devices where they want you to pay the same $4.99 again! Secondly, their design of the joystick is so pathetic and inauthentic, monkeys could have done better with no effort. Idiots, a joystick should always spring back to neutral (as with the original arcade game and all such)! Also it should be simple and an exact replication of the original without all the gaudy GOOFY romper room red arrows and such which NOBODY is looking at anyway as the game is played! If you are going to offer an authentic simulation of the original classic then GO ALL THE WAY MORONS! Don't screw it up on the joystick! You can add whatever newer innovations you want as OPTIONS! You stupid monkeys got it right on your Galaxian 30th, so why screw up here with the most popular arcade hit of all time?! Sloppy no taste Morons!
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5 years ago, AK ace
Bought it and now they wont let me play it
Bought this game several years ago and it was awesome. Today my kids wanted to play and it came up with a “select your age” box and when my kid said he was 11 it locked him out of the game and suggested he download some Wreck it Ralph BS. First, I already paid for this game and expect to be able to keep playing without having any ad ware or other garbage. And telling me to get another game that has nothing to do with this game is just slimey. If they do not restore my original purchase and fix the age garbage I will make a formal complaint to Apple and demand my money back. Developers need to be taught that, when I buy it, I own it. They cant just “decide” to “upgrade” me to a version that has ads and expects me to pay to play every game. What is this new “energy” crap! Fix this or give me my money back. BAD DEVELOPER! No cookie!
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4 years ago, Oh So Much Fun
Coin drought
The game is very fun, but coins are little hard to come across. They are without a doubt the most important aspect of the game considering you need many of them to buy new levels. Of course you get a few by beating new levels that you just bought but that is a very slow process. The missions barely help either because some missions will require you to eat ghosts or pellets from mazes that you haven’t even unlocked yet. The app apparently says that you can watch videos to change to new missions but they never work as the app always says that there are currently no offers available. It displays the same statement whenever you try to multiply your earned coin count. Please make your app experience better by making coins more easily accessible. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Preston cg
Greatest influence in pop culture!
Pac-man first came out in the early 80’s and has since become a video game icon. With odds that beat Mario to the world’s most famous video game character, if not the most famous character of all time. (Maybe I’m getting a little to ahead of my self…😅) My point is, I just think it’s so awesome that they put Pac-man on the phone now. Instead of having to go to the arcade, you can now just simply pull at your device and gobble up some ghosts. You can even play “Arcade Mode” without internet. (This now literally my favorite thing to do in a restaurant) I’ll see you all when you hopefully download this game!
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2 years ago, RSNR_GU_2016
Controls are very temperamental
I used to love this game before all the improvements made through updates. However, it has become very difficult to control on a touchscreen since updates have been released. Depending on where you swipe, will determine if you can control pac man. Swipe too close to the maze and you won’t be able to move. If you swipe too close to the joystick, it also won’t move. This is something that needs to be fixed. You should be able to control pac man no matter where you swipe. I’ve tried changing the control type and it still does the same thing. Please fix as this is one of my favorite games.
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3 years ago, Yipikiyae
Ruined it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my favorite games ever and they changed it to this horrible story mode!! The reason I loved this game was because they let you have a little door to the past and be able to play the original, classic, and one of the most fun games ever!!!! I excepted that they wanted to attract more crowds thru the other versions of the game and even story mode but forcing us all to play story mode makes me so sad that they had gold and instead of keeping it they grounded it up and threw it down the toilet drain. They shredded up that door to the exciting marvelous original game and ruined one of my favorite parts of my day and got rid of being able to have a little bit of friendly and fun competition with my dad to be able to spend time with him a little bit more.
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5 months ago, hxhdhshduuhd
Good game- accidents and glitches
I think that people shouldn’t be hating on pac man just because of some little glitches it’s probably just the players phone or iPad. And just because some of the devs mad some mistakes don't mean that it was on purpose everyone makes mistakes once and a while that doesn’t mean hate the devs or the game people that are hating on a little game such as pac man or Mario etc. we as human beings need mistakes and a little restart of the game we are playing it gives us challenge and a little anger we also needed as well as sadness those are the key details to life
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3 years ago, 🍄NintendoFan023🍄
Love This Game So Much.
This is one of those games that inspire me be to become a professional video game developer (which I feel like I already am since I created 540 video games on the programming website). This is one of my very first video games I played and I was addicted to, along with browser games, console games when I was very, very young (like 2 or 3). I still play this game to this day, and it’s still very addicting. Thank you so much Toru Iwatani and everyone else at Bandai Namco for making my child and making me what I’ve been for years and still on going, a gamer.
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3 years ago, club80d
love it
As an avid player and self proclaimed pro at arcade versions of pac man and mrs pac man, I love this game. Sure, using finger touchscreen controls aren’t easy or convenient, and the complexity of all the different games and bonus features are overwhelming (I’m still figuring most out), the graphics and gameplay are spot on to the originals.. and best yet, the newly revised boards and such are not only very cool, they’re also improving my game - I know that I will do even better at the arcade version whenever I get back around to it. Note, my Mrs Pac-Man arcade game high score is over 406,000 (currently)!!!!
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3 years ago, DA Seibel
Fix the controls
As many other reviews have mentioned, the controls are poorly calibrated. I’m having fun with the game which is why it’s not one star. I don’t mind the new levels which depart from the 80s version that everyone is complaining about. The graphics are cool and it keeps the 80s charm. But man, these controls are BAD. The swipe misreads the gesture about 30% of the time which is unacceptable. This shouldn’t have even released without fixing that. Also, devs, if you hate yourselves and you want this game to die, please leave a canned response below telling me to follow a link and leave feedback elsewhere. Nothing says “we don’t care” quite like a brainless response that clearly shows that you didn’t read this.
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