Pacific Premier Bank Personal

4.8 (2.8K)
99.5 MB
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Pacific Premier Bank
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pacific Premier Bank Personal

4.79 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Hanalei 96714
I want to thank you all for putting up with me since I moved to Kauai and still only have you as my bank. The Torrance office branch are great and for sure great asset’s to your team! On to a new year and yes I will open up a little account here on the island . It’s about time but keeping you as my main bank. Thanks again! Paula
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4 months ago, Mangia Mr
So happy to bank with Pacific Premier
PPI is not a giant corporate bank. It is not a puny family run operation. It is a relatively small, friendly bank where the tellers recognize their customers and everyone works together to make banking work well and run smoothly. The online service reflects those values and characteristics. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many changes as the online operation grew with increased opportunities and services. Of course this brought more complexity. But the fundamental character is maintained. As I found I needed help to understand new options online I knew I could count on personal, careful, caring assistance which I have found at the bank and on the phone. I am truly so happy to be a PPI customer.
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1 year ago, CyndiStraw
Mistreatment of customers
Don’t get caught in an online SCAM at this bank bc they treat you like a criminal and close your accounts and cause you further pain and shame. I had to go through further humiliation bc my mom still has accounts there. She had to close and reopen her accounts bc my name was associated with her accounts which was a HUGE MESS having to fix all the auto payments and even had to take my 88 y/o mom to stand in the sun in line at the Social security office to fix her check from them. We ended up calling them from the social security office bc the so-called manager never gave her a receipt with her new account number on it! I hate this bank and had banked there for over 50 years but when I take my mom to this bank and they treat me like I’m a criminal. IF IT WAS SUCH AN HUGE MESS I’D SWITCH MY MOM TO ANOTHER MORE ACCOMMODATING BANK THAT TREATS THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH MORE RESPECT!!!!
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2 years ago, GsmKsbshsknsnebakll?'yvig
Nothing ever works right on this app
Ever since Pacific Premier took over my local bank (Heritage Oaks Bank), I’ve had to deal with this awful app. I update my apps often, so that’s not the issue. The Touch ID often won’t work. Every time I log in it wants to take me through the steps of how to use it. Whether I tap on the “Skip” icon or the “Later” icon, it just keeps popping up over and over again. There is no option to put in a memo for yourself when you transfer money from one account to another to help you remember why you transferred it (this is an option in the Chase app). It is just not user friendly at all amd it’s very glitchy. It’s always been this way since I began using it.
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1 year ago, LC in Peoria
Great Bank
Pacific Premier Bank has all the conveniences of a modern bank, but with the friendly service and attitude of an old fashioned small town bank where they knew your name and cared about you. I’ve been with them for years and I highly recommend it.
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4 weeks ago, Cascade original
Seeing is in the eye of the beholder
Overall I’m happy with Pacific Premier Bank. Their online website doesn’t easily show past transactions past five entries. The app works well, but the print is lite and small. This barely works for people past the age of 55. I feel they could make a few rather small changes and the user would have a much better experience.!
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2 years ago, vwmonster760
Depositing mobile checks
Depositing mobile checks with pacific premier bank is so easy, they cut out all the hard work, thanks pacific premier for making my life that much more easier!! I would definitely recommend there services to anyone!
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4 years ago, Daja_Jada
Quick and easy banking access
This app makes it very easy to check my balances, make transfers, make a check deposit, and schedule bill payments where every I am at! It is a easy to use app without all the complications I’ve see from other banking apps.
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2 years ago, frustrated customer 2026
Long wait time for phone help. Wait was 20 min when told wait time was less that 3 minutes.
Long phone wait time
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2 years ago, Nomore4me002
On a regular basis this app does not work. It doesn’t recognize that the facial recognition is activated constantly. The app just stopped working again for the umpteenth time. You can’t get any details from the checks that have cleared or deposit detail. You have to go to the website to get this information. What is the point… oh I know… just checking my daily balance >:(
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5 months ago, SadBizMan
Take over Nightmare
The good old friends of the past are gone as once again, Fullerton community bank, formerly Fullerton savings and loans, then, Opus Bank, then, Pacific Premier… The robotic nature of this new group is beyond comprehension and customer service is so far from there service model. it’s hard to fathom, all the good people have been replaced nobody’s kind… Just a bunch of robots in the banking system, obeying somebody behind closed doors…
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5 months ago, King Walkabout
Mobile Deposit
Easy to use. Quick response.
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6 years ago, Go Sideways
Functions Don't Work
Has a great look, but you cannot even pay a bill off this app. You have to go to a browser. I even called the help desk and they said it doesn't work. All its good for is transferring between my accounts and review balances. Not really a banking app if you can't pay a bill or write a check. I didn't even try to deposit when another reviewer said that doesn't work either. TOTAL CRAP!
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2 years ago, Aaacpa
Personal checking
Cannot access deposit picture of checks on mobile banking. Only three months history at a time when searching.
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5 months ago, Rumors Dcho
Not only does this app crash almost every time I use it I can not send money through Zelle unless the person receiving it requests it well at least until now I can do anything on this app all it does is CRASH I’m going to a different bank this one is a joke and I’m not laughing when I can’t pay my bills on time
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6 years ago, Relics_71
Not all functions work for me
App is easy to navigate and has a nice interface, though check deposit within the app has never worked for me. I have even tried to get help at my local branch without any luck. Please fix this for a higher rating!
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5 months ago, cwwman
Customer service
I love the customer service and all the people who help me out. And I like how I can be verified by my voice.
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4 years ago, Bbbuzby
Online Banking
Does what I need it to do. Check balances, pay bills and transfer funds
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2 years ago, appuser87543
Substandard App, and getting worse
This app is unreliable and is getting worse. They do not seem to test this app properly before release, so updates break things that worked. Support is practically nonexistent - they will note problem reports and promise to follow up, but never actually do anything. Totally unacceptable for a banking app.
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5 years ago, car to low
Money transfer doesn’t work
Money transfer feature doesn’t work in the app even after I set it up on their website. Transferring money on the website works just fine though! This app is only useful for checking your account funds.
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2 years ago, joyce jerge
On line bank and Santa Barbara bank
The page is very efficient and the banking people in Santa Barbara are helpful and fantastically capable! Thank you. Joyce jerge
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5 years ago, kelhively
Terrible App
The only thing this app use to be good for was to check my balance. Now, I can’t even do that. I can’t even log in. Keeps saying it can’t recognize my device. Not impressed with this app at all. It’s extremely frustrating and has me considering a move to a different bank
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4 years ago, ORT D.Point
Handy functionality for general banking needs. Good user interface.
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1 week ago, smaaby Sue's
Easy to use
It makes life easier and boy do I save gas
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5 months ago, saved bu grace
cool option to take a pic, bc I can’t drive due to surgery.
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1 year ago, Chanceeeeeeee
Can't login
Problems logging in.
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2 years ago, 175clydell
Great service
I always get my questions answered very Promptly.
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2 years ago, Caspertheolight
Slow opening
The app takes about 5 minutes to open, which is really inconvenient when you need access to your information in a pinch.
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5 months ago, diannecan
The folks there are extremely helpful and polite.
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3 years ago, cuboidcrayfish
Please update
Good grief this app. needs major overhaul and update. It’s the 21st century and yet this app cannot do simple tasks like login consistently. Please pull it together for your banking members and fix this pathetic excuse connecting us with our finances.
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2 months ago, Fishfarmen
Way to go in reverse?
Used to make deposits on my iPad. Nope now I have to use my phone. WHO thought that was a better idea? Every upgrade from every company is a downgrade
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2 months ago, Sigxbill
just ok
i dont like that cell phone text is the only option for 2 factor authentication. i much prefer email, but PPBI doesnt make email an option
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1 year ago, mocolleen
So far so good
Work well with them
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2 years ago, otterRain
Melissa in Cambria
Melissa in Cambria location is an amazing employee. Your company is truly blessed to have her
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2 years ago, Lyla wing
Best bank!!!
I love my bank! Pacific premier provides the best service!!!
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2 years ago, Pocketlife user 123
Pacific Premier Bank
Service is excellent. Mobile deposit is difficult to use.
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2 years ago, tbcostello
The app is very basic and lacking features that I have to log on via computer. When I am out of town traveling it is very inconvenient.
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2 years ago, ridingdawave
Zelle has disappeared from the App, please fix this ASAP !
I have been using the PPBI app for several months without a problem. Suddenly, this week, Zelle is no longer an option , which was the only reason thatI needed this App. I tried calling PPBI customer service, only to be told thatZelle “should” be in the App. Please put Zelle access back inti this App immediately ! I will happily update my review, when Zelle is restored
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5 months ago, Seniorcan
The folks at my branch are so very helpful and polite.
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5 years ago, BCboneless
Should be called balance checker
No functionality to the app, it’s never updated, you can’t use with the latest OS on your phone. One step up from completely pointless.
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2 years ago, zone13
Imports wrong user info at sign in
The app imports data that replaces your user ID making the user delete this and enter the correct user Id it’s a big time waste .
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4 years ago, errorgalore
Errors galore
Over half the time I try to open this app, it gives me errors and unavailable. Not a very reliable app for banking if you can’t access your acct when you need to.
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4 years ago, g8 food
Does the job
Checks all the boxes I need it to.
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5 months ago, Spin 85
Pacific Premier
Best bank in my life as was their predecessor Opus
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11 months ago, DRJEFF6868
Lack of facial id
When upgraded to iPhone 14 pro no facial id is available only Touch ID which isn’t supported. No problem on iPhone 12 or 13
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3 years ago, BBobJimmyJam
iOS face ID
I setup Face ID and it works once. The next time I go to log in it asks if I want to setup Touch ID or Face ID all over again, over and over.
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4 years ago, KJDee215
Never works.
I have to uninstall and reinstall this app just to sign in EVERY TIME. although I’m not a fan of BOA I may switch just for the convenience of an app that works some of the time.
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4 years ago, 1Groupie
This app doesn’t work. It’s the worst banking app I’ve ever encountered
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2 years ago, Mkelleyp
This app is bad! Check deposit is a waste of time! Fix your app!
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3 years ago, Thin-skin
PPBI online support
Your system fails to address IPad operation with a landline phone. Now what do we do???
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