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User Reviews for Pages

4.62 out of 5
210.6K Ratings
1 year ago, patpaints
Pages— What it Can Do
See, for all my life I’ve been itching to write Warriors, Survivors, Wings of Fire, and Bravelands fan fiction. Pages helps me do all that and open up to new experiences! The one thing Pages can’t do is help the small amount of courage you have, but it can encourage you to write things and stories and reports, Pages is completely reliable! I encourage any readers to try pages, because I’ve seen people ignore this extremely fun and useful app. I hope they see sense in using Pages soon, because they will have lost a good app right there if they don’t. Pages lets you write anything (I write stories for my eyes only for fun not on the book form,) and lets you use bold, underline, crossing out something, and slanting the words as though the character was thinking it. Pages also corrects any error you may make, is printable, gives page thumbnails, you can center the text, and so much more! If you need an app for anything at all including writing, Pages is that app! Turn to Pages, and you won’t regret it! When any person that may want to be an author writes here and publishes it, it’s all with Pages’ help! They show true helpfulness by letting you write what you need. Now, if anyone doubts Pages’ greatness, go try it, and you’ll regret what you thought before, and, hopefully, try to spread the news of Pages to the world— Pages is not for one person, it’s for all!
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2 months ago, piza fun
I know not many will see this.. but please read
I will not lie, pages is pretty much my life. From writing Star Wars fan fiction, to my own little series, it has been very helpful. It’s not to complicated, but it’s not plain. I love all the templates you can choose from and all the fonts you can use. But there has been one little tiny thing that has driven me mad. Pages has been deleting some of my paragraphs. The first time this happened I panicked as it had deleted over 40 pages (size 11 words, .25 gap) of work. I was having a panic attack thinking I had lost 30+ hours of my time and imagination. THANKFULLY I had sent my document an hour before, so my friend had it and was able to send most of the pages to me. From then on I screenshoted my work before taking a break from writing. This didn’t happen for the next three months. I had started to think somehow I had accidentally deleted it myself, and stopped wasting so much space in my photos. Anyways, I got onto pages last night and noticed a chunk of my ‘ideas’ (for the book I am writing) was deleted. I started to rampage through my storage, searching for these lost ideas. My book is built on these ‘ideas’, without them I have no structure, and will have to rethink tons of what was lost. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, or if it is a bug, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this!! I am still stressed out from what happened. I hope perhaps there is a way to get my ideas back. Thank you for reading.
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1 year ago, Baalat Juanice EL
Awesome App, but one thing bothers me!
I love using this app! I’ve used it to construct my other 3 poem books, and I must say navigating between options to figure out how to do what was a task but when I figured it out it was dope. I’ve created 3 masterpieces that I won’t be putting out until next year due to Pages. It’s the only app I feel I can use to freely construct my books the way that I wish. I just have one small problem. I think you all could have a built-in book cover maker or even something we could draw or sketch a cover. I believe that y’all do and I just haven’t used it yet. I do have some ideas for a new book, and I plan on putting it together. I might try it out first but that is one thing it could use. The second is better don’t styles especially for book titles. A bit more diversity would be nice, and add a bit more of an eclectic feel to it. Other than that, I love this app! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful creation. I appreciate what all you’ve done with it thus far. It has been extremely motivating! ♥️✨
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1 year ago, #wordscapefun🤩
Good start
I have been using Pages for a long time now, and I think that it is overall a fantastic app. However, there are some glitches that are not helpful and using the app extraordinarily difficult to start. The auto correction is too extreme whenever I would type simple words such as because or table, it would put a red line under it, saying that I spelled it wrong. I would check all of the words that I got wrong using a dictionary, and I still got the same result. I had to fix this by turning off the auto correction completely, which wasn’t what I wanted to do because it’s some cases I do want the auto correct, but not in cases where it is that extreme. Secondly, the templates are super Jenkee. I cannot get a single one of them to work like they are supposed to. I can’t find a way to change the background on any of the templates, so I just had to start with a blank book. not to mention the pages have a weird gibberish title, Erna sempter and it’s not helpful because what I need is just a blank line with spacing and a chapter 1 where I have to delete so much that I don’t have any room to actually write a novel. starting with a blank document is the only thing that works well and even that Jenkee. If you could, please change these this would be a very good app and it would be just like word. I would appreciate it if these changes were made thank you very much.
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4 months ago, TheLabrynthMan
Terrible end of sentence sequence
One of the last updates to the app has resulted in an almost unusable on-the-fly editing. If I backspace to enter a period at end of a word at end of sentence, it highlights the word and suggests an incorrect spelling of some other replacement. If I enter the period, or any other entry, it deletes the correct word I had there. If I simply enter the period instead of backspace to avoid this result, I end up with a space between my last word and the period at end of sentence. There’s a lot of corrective measures you have to do to fix this which slows productivity and messes with stream of consciousness typing. If you’re not paying attention and doing all the edit manipulations it makes in error for you, you’ll end up with sentences missing the words you thought you typed, including having words in it you never typed in first place as well as mispelled words that their algorithm selects for you. Note that the whole thing is triggered by the backspace for the period. It’s designed to remove the space between the period and last word after you insert the period— after you’ve added a space. But the problem is no one puts a space between the last word and period as they type. So virtually every sentence you type is unnaturally expecting you to add the period after you enter a space at the end of a word. Whoever created that sequence clearly doesn’t write in English language.
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2 weeks ago, Ella says hi
Good, but some really frustrating problems PLEASE READ
Pages is a really helpful app and it’s great way to be creative. It does have a few problems though. One of them is that it auto-positions things. Like, I want to move a text box to a very specific spot, but it moves it elsewhere because it wants everything to be in alignment. The opposite thing happens sometimes when I delete a drawing or a picture on a page where there’s a few other things. When I delete it, the whole page goes out of alignment. So weird! And very frustrating. I wish that there was some way to turn off the auto-alignment thing. Another problem is that there’s no easy way to add a page when you are in a document that is not a template. You have to select a page, duplicate it, drag it to the place you want to go, and then delete everything on the page. I think you should add a tool to add a page on the blank template. A similar thing happens when I try to delete one specific page. Sometimes, all the pages have connected text. So, when you want to delete one page, it might delete all of them. Then, I have to delete everything on the page one by one, and sometimes that thing where everything goes out of alignment happens. It’s a good app, but it has some problems that stop it from reaching it’s full potential. Apple, please read my message and try to fix these issues.
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1 month ago, Upset Apple Pages’ User
Let’s start with I’m 78 and not particularly tech savvy. But I’ve done a lot of work on my IPAD with documents over the last 15+ years. I’ve wondered for years why it’s so hard to open some documents on Pages and why when I get an external document I often can’t save it to Pages. But the problem that bugs me most is the difficulty of gettin page numbers on a document. If you can save your work automatically is it too much to ask to have a default page number in system and a simple one or two click turn off or alteration of the style? I’ve given up numbering pages most times as a result; or printing and hand numbering the pages. Yesterday I wanted to export a document to a lawyer and thought I really needed page numbers. I spent an hour, first on the IPAD help page and then on my IPhone help page , first ringing the instructions and then attempting to follow them. In both cases the symbols in the instructions one needed to find and tap did not appear on my devices when I followed the instructions. I kept randomly looking for them in other places or trying to find a place to add pages just hitting various options on my screens. Nothing worked. To say this really irritated me would be a very polite understatement.
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7 years ago, Snikpoh9402
ONE Problem and only ONE!!!
I absolutely LOVE pages, numbers and keynote. I have Office on my MacBook but prefer these over Office hands down. I have purchased so many of the template apps as well, that now I think I could open a business creating documents for others. The problem is that the rest of the world does not use these Mac apps. Most of the time, I have to send my masterpieces that I spend hours on back to the office where everyone uses Office, so before I do, I have to send the document to myself so I can see what changes were made in Office and then make it look as close to what I originally created as possible. There should be better compatibility between the 2. Many have complained about the font shortage. That is definitely a true issue, but my biggest complaint is the compatibility. When I import docs from Office to iWork there are also issues (background color or font color changes in keynote, drop down menus change in numbers, etc.) Please, please, please do something to improve this. I love playing with the templates and creating beautiful items that everyone thinks I'm a great graphical genius, but if the rest of the office can't see them, using/buying these apps is pointless.
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4 years ago, DabbleinApple
Buggy, iPad Pro 11”
I like the flexibility, the layout ability, and the templates. But, it is temperamental and buggy with simple word processing. I’m trying to use a book formatted document from a provided template. I pause here to say that it’s annoying to open a book template with an iPad in English mode, bearing an English title cover page, but with sample content totally in French...all of them. If I try to partially utilize the template’s formatting by altering the content slightly, the app erases it all and I have to totally retype it...negates the usefulness of the template. Tapping to place the cursor to modify text sporadically doesn’t work. When that happens, the only way to get the cursor placed correctly is to first tap into an entirely different place in the document and then place the cursor. The cursor placement method of holding the space bar and using it as a trackpad doesn’t work about 15% of the time with this app only. Text styles are annoyingly uneditable. Earth to app designers everywhere: While I appreciate your formatting suggestions, you need to recognize it is not your device, nor your document. Please do not impose your style on the rest of us by locking out alterations to a preformatted style. If, for instance, if I want sentence case instead of caps lock, that’s my call, not yours.
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7 years ago, Chicken_the_God
lag and keeps changing my formatting
Seriously problematic. I even reduced as many features as possible and it has a ton of latency on my iPad 4 (no that's not that old->fast enough to play vainglory no problem. no speed problems searching the internet). I have 1 page documents that have 2 columns and the latency is atrocious. It's a 1 page list! how can this have more lag than a touchscreen moba?! I turned off every bonus feature i could find and it still lags when i click to edit or copy paste...oh and did i mention this new update is reformatting my layout? titles are now somehow in the same row as the text and even after i fix it by separating the two-->but wait! i open the document and they are on top of each other again. This is ridiculous. oh and i'd edit this, but why bother---clearly its totally cool now days to just put things out there without quality control. and i may sound like that guy that's critical on everything--i'm not! I never give bad reviews! Seriously never---but this basic app has been giving me problems for months. i've posted on the ios boards, read every possible thing i could about the problem---nothing helps. I just want to cut and paste and click without waiting 3 seconds every-time i click to edit---and final i thought they fixed it! nope! 10x worse and with new and exciting formatting problems!
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9 months ago, Todd the builder
Works ok could be better
I use this app for all my paperwork and it’s manageable but not as easy to work with as I would like. I really don’t use the advanced features because every time I try to the results are so unpredictable and out of my control I just end pushing undo until I get back to normal. But the main reason I gave this app three stars is because every time they updated it gets harder to use instead of easier to use they take functions that used to be in easy to find areas that you would expect to find them and put it in an area you would never think to look in, and sometimes even make the menu practically invisible. You can ‘share” files from this all you like, no one‘s going to be able to open them. If you want anyone to be able to open them, you’re going to have to “” export them , good luck finding that menu ! 🤣There is a teeny tiny little arrow next to the name of your file at the top left-hand corner you have to click that to get the option to ““ export the document in order to put it into a format that anyone is going to be able to open. You think that’s bad ? Try getting it to add rows to your spreadsheet !
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1 year ago, VBD123
Improvements to Pages
I like most features, and Pages generally works well. I use it mostly on my iPad. Recently there has been a change to the “Find” function. The widget isn’t completely opaque, so it’s hard to read until I touch the widget. Also, in the past, repeating the keyboard shortcut (Command-F) would close the find function. That no longer works, forcing me to touch “Done” to close the find widget. The less Pages forces me to touch the screen, the better. I used to be able to toggle the Command key to cause the text cursor to disappear (I assume taking me out of edit mode). After that the up/down arrows can scroll in either direction. That no longer works. Now I must touch the screen to get out of input/edit mode. If I forget to do this, scroll the text, then hit enter, Pages zips back to the location of the text cursor and I have to manually scroll to find my place in the text. And it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to page forward and back instead of scrolling.
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11 months ago, J Mc in SJ
Convenient to have use my phone, but dictation is miserable
It is nice to be able to write something when I’m stuck somewhere waiting. That is the main value of having pages on my phone. I like not wasting time. I like that I can send a piece to my computer or wherever to edit it. Unfortunately, the dictation Siri provides is crap. There are so many corrections I have to make. I gave up making them on my phone. It is way too hard. I just repeat the sentence over and over until it’s mostly correct and save all the mishmash to delete later I guess I really should not have given the app three stars, but I think the dictation problem is not the app. I especially hate the way Siri creates contractions that are incorrect. Often the contractions completely invalidate my meaning or express the opposite of what I want to say. Also, there are several small words that Siri always screws up. I should have left this review as Siri heard it. Then you would have seen exactly what I am talking about. If you talk to text on an iPhone, you probably already know how bad it is.
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1 year ago, s_badgett
Need to FIX
I have been an iPad user since they were first released. In addition to my Macbook Pro, I use the Pages app on a daily basis. When the Pages app was updated to change the “export” and “email” function, my enjoyment of the pages app has unfortunately plummeted. Now, when using the Pages app, when I export a document (as a PDF), complete the body of the email and then send said email, it doesn’t always deliver. I am very familiar with the app, so I have been incredibly disappointed Very strange. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I did the same (while watching my “sent” folder) and said email did not deliver. The difficult thing is it doesn’t happen consistently, so to be safe when using the app, and exporting documents I write in the pages app, I now must copy the body of my exported emails, and resend (this can take 2 attempts, when the pages app w/email is not working in tandem with the export feature). Professionally, this has been challenging with my work. I have had to abandon the app, altogether. I am using Microsoft Word, regularly now. Thumbs down to all the recent updates to the pages app, that have now made it unreliable and inconsistent. As a life-long Apple customer, I have had to start the “break-up” process.
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2 years ago, Warlord65546765
Great App!
I love this app, especially because it allows me to write freely. I love to make books, even though I’m not even ten yet! It’s great that there is no age requirements, even though many people think that you need to be an adult to write books. The way that you can add photos, charts, tables, ornaments, and different text styles is amazing and easy! I love how it isn’t hard to publish books on this amazing app, because you can just tap a button, and it’s on Apple Books! People can have very organized text using pages, and that’s really helpful. Before I used pages, I had a bit of a hard time trying to do everything on notes. I didn’t have the proper tools or templates to write books, so I was never able to. I often tried to read my work, but ended up accidentally touching my keyboard and typing unwanted text. Soon I started using pages and noticed that it is easier to do many things on this app then on notes. This app makes writing easy, whatever age you are!
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5 years ago, omalansky
Unforgivably bad typographic controls!
As a former graphic designer who used PageMaker, InDesign and even Pages professionally on the Mac for many years, I was shocked when I downloaded Pages to my iPad for the very first time and saw how simple-minded its typographic controls are. Line-spacing, to mention an obvious example, can only be adjusted in 0.25-line increments, which is practically useless to anyone who knows anything at all about typography. Even TextEdit, the simplest of all basic word processors, can adjust line-spacing by tenths. Meanwhile, there are no tracking adjustments at all. Even Bean, another simple word processing app that offers better typographic adjustments than TextEdit, includes finely-calibrated tracking adjustments. These two features, tracking and line spacing, are absolutely basic essentials for any “desktop publishing” app worthy of the name. Pages for iPad gets a big “FAIL!” for these unforgivable omissions. It is nothing more than a basic word processor with a few fancy templates thrown in. I won’t get into the extremely mediocre font selection, or the lack of another feature as basic as default document layout and font parameters that are automatically applied to all new basic documents. I could write a book about how anemic and inadequate Pages for iPad truly is, but I won’t.
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5 years ago, Sue from p'ton
iPad Pro document organization weird
I LOVE PAGES. I USE IT DAILY. I ENJOY SMART ANNOTATION BETA. YIPPIE! But... For some time now Pages on my iPad Pro does not organize my "recent" documents accurately according to date. Now Recents includes documents from 2018 and just 3 from 2019, only one of which I opened yesterday. Notice that I add to 3 (THREE) documents daily. I have figured out how to find these by going to Browse for one, but for the third document I have to go to Browse, select iCloud Drive, select Pages and select a particular folder and then am able to find the document. Immediately after I close Pages, these two searched-for documents retreat into Browse again, so if I want to see these two documents I repeat the little Browse searches identically. Previously Recents actually included all recently used documents. Why? This problem occurred with my iPhone X for a few days, but an upgrade to iOS 12.1.2 fixed it. I have been not-so-patiently waiting for the correction to occur on IPad Pro on which I have upgraded to iOS 12.1.1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS. I BEG YOU!
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4 weeks ago, Enthusiastic_Eyerine
Anonymous Anomaly :)
This is the best writing platform I’ve probably ever used, and I absolutely LOVE it! You can change the fonts, document size, and so much more. Wether you like to write for fun, or for work, I completely recommend this app. As an aspiring writer myself, this is super useful. There is only one issue I have with the app at all, and that’s only occasionally. Just a few times over the many years I’ve used this app, all my data on it has strangely been lost. Luckily, the last time this happened, the things were returned to normal in a few days. I hope that this issue can be solved if it hasn't been already, and I am super grateful that my documents came back that last time! Despite this one problem I’ve occurred, I still completely recommend this, and if you are worried then you can save copies of your writings to another platform. I don’t often give things five stars, but I say this app has more than deserved it. I wish anyone all the luck in the world with their writings!
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1 year ago, Mippy36
This is great for writing
I love pages and have literally created 100’s of documents. I write stories and this has been the only app that has worked. I would like to be able to change where the word count starts in my document as I put my background, and character info in the same file, but I’ve bee able to make it work. I was able to create a template and use it but it’s sort of annoying that you can’t get to it from a icloud. Overall the ease of writing is great, it’s not a distracting format, it would be nice to have the ability to look at a specific page or notes on a side menu while I’m writing, but I’m able to navigate to my notes page with the table of contents. Putting a description on the file would be awesome too. I’ve tried most of the writing software out there, scrivener, living writer, and a ton of others but I find this to be the easiest to keep everything in one place. I can open it on anything and not lose my work, look at past versions etc, share it, and read it on my kindle app. It doesn’t work that well with the accessibility function of voice over as it will stop after about three pages and then you have to scroll through to find your place and keep reading but most people don’t probably use that function. I find listening to my story helps me find errors. I’ve been able to add pictures, drawings, and use my apple pencil to write in Pages. This is a powerful app that work well.
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1 year ago, dwinosam
Overlooking options
Hi guys, I tend to use a USB keyboard when working on my ipad. I just realized that if I want to insert something as simple as a page break, I was never able to find it. Turns out that the options for this are attached to the virtual keyboard and it doesn’t show up when using a USB one. So I have to turn it off to pull the virtual keyboard, select the option and reconnect again, all for a a simple function that should be in the regular main menu. I have been working with pages since it launched on the MAC and always appreciated the level of detail in formatting options and convenience and I must say it has become quite counter intuitive and reduced in the app. I use my ipad as my main device now and think that with the new processors and 15 years later we would see a radical improvement, but it’s disconcerting when the apps from that time are better and easier to use. I wanted to send nothing but constructive feedback with the best intentions as I always thought apple was in the smart path of thoughtfulness rather than making everything trendy and minimal to a fault. Thanks
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1 year ago, Stone!!!
Me and my friend has been writing a movie for two years and just a few months ago did I discover pages. We had been using Apple Notes, but it was becoming harder and harder to use especially as the movie progressed. One of my friends who has an iPhone 12 told me it took up way too much storage and it slowed the whole app down. I knew I had to do something or else the script wouldn’t last and the movie would have to be forgotten. I started looking and almost had my mind sent on using google docs or even Microsoft Word until I was scrolling three my phone and found an app wig a pen. I tapped on it, and it turned out that this app had everything I was looking for. The collaboration form was THE BEST. On other apps I’ve used when people can work together it always goes slow and people end up deleting each others work. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that pages is an amazing app and I’m glad I stumbled across it. I love all the cool features!
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3 years ago, itsjohnny!
Literally amazing
I love the app, and I use it to write my books. I do have one idea, though. I think you could have a grammar assistant, similar to Grammarly, but free. When I write, sometimes I do get off track in my tenses (for example, I would write “I said” instead of “I say” but not notice it), and it would be sUpEr cool if Apple had a software IN Pages that helped you with that. For example, you could have different settings like “change tense” added to the “More” tab. What these settings would do is present a question asking what tense you’re writing in, you answer, then it reads your document and highlights all the errors in it, making suggestions for changes to make. You would also have the option to ignore or accept the change, since you could be in a flashback and need to be in the past tense, but the rest of your document is in present tense. I think that this would be a great addition to the app and make it all the more worth using. Thank you so much for reading this!!
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9 months ago, 🆂🅻🅾︎🆃🅷🆈🅱︎🅴🅰︎🆁
I enjoy writing stories, and Pages is the place to do it! It has all the tools you need for not just stories, but resumes, flyers, informational articles, anything! There are different templates you can choose from, and you can write on your computer AND phone. I would like to suggest that you add more of a “fictional story” type template so that you can view it on the computer as if it were a book you were reading online! There are templates for novel writing, but, maybe I don’t know how to access it, but I wish you could view the story and maybe flip through the pages as if it were a book. And make it so if I wanna look back at chapters, I could just tap on it, without all that scrolling! (I initially used Google Docs, which had that ability, but I found Pages easier to use in general) But overall, amazing app, just wish there were a couple of changes. I know this app will be excellent for anyone who wants to write ANYTHING.
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1 year ago, Eccl1213
Fantastic Program
So I am not sure why pages gets so many bad reviews. This is a fantastic word processor program. It might not have all the “full desktop” features as Microsoft Office on PC has but the truth of the matter is few people need or would ever use all of the features Microsoft office has. Pages has worked near flawlessly. It is easy to find the features you need and navigate through the app. Very stable and looks good. This is all I use anymore for any kind of writing or longer notes that I have to write. I used to own a surface pro and used PC my whole life before coming to iPad and I can tell you I don’t miss Microsoft office at all. The only thing I wish pages had (and this would include Pages on Mac) is the ability to have both footnotes and endnotes on the same document. Being forced to select one or the other is annoying however in practical terms, writing papers in college only usually requires one or the other.
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3 years ago, Vandaris
5 Star App... Until Now
I bought a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (current gen) with the Magic Keyboard to write my novel on Pages. I have used Pages on my MacBook Pro for years. The iOS version of the app has gradually gotten to be almost as robust as the MacOS version, to the point that I purchased this iPad and Keyboard to be my exclusive form of writing while traveling. However, the most recent update (Version 11.0) has made this app unusable. The input lag from both the Magic Keyboard, and the onscreen keyboard is so incredibly frustrating, that I felt compelled to write a review — as I can no longer write my book. It takes anywhere from a second to three seconds for the screen to catch up to the keystrokes I pressed. I have quit and restarted the app, the iPad, and am running the most recent versions of all software. Very disappointed. Will revert to 5-stars / write a glowing review of the app once this bug is fixed.
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1 year ago, Some minor errors. 🥲
I like your content and how organized this app is it’s just there’s some small minor errors in my opinion, which are just a small suggestion, which is when you capitalize a made up word in most writing apps, it acts as a title, which doesn’t add the red things underneath the word, but this app doesn’t have that which makes me a little bit sad because I want to be able to make a made up word like a name, without it, being underlined with red, which can get kind of annoying. And a error is whenever you try to change the size of a word or sentence maybe even the rest of the story or what you’re writing about it glitches and doesn’t let you change the size and less you do it like 1000 times so that’s just like a little error that I’m hoping you guys can fix it. I’m not asking for much here. I’m saying you guys app is a good app. I’m just hoping you guys can make some miners movements, you don’t have to that I just suggest it thank you for listening to my comment. Thank you. 🥲
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7 years ago, Icosace1022
Can’t create new documents on the iPhone app version
I don’t use this app very often and in fact mainly use it to make memes every now and then, ergo, I can’t said much about how great the app is. HOWEVER, I will mention this one complaint that has stopped me from being able to use the app on my iPhone. The app never stops loading a new document when I select one, after pressing the plus sign. After deleting and reinstalling the Pages app several times, and even getting to a place where I had Wi-fi, it still didn’t allow me to create anything new. Also, it wouldn’t let me open a document up I originally made; I thought I could just open up an old and delete everything and rename it later, but the app couldn’t even open something that was old. Eventually I gave up and just downloaded the app to my iPad, and it worked fine. Although, I don’t take my iPad everywhere, of course, and would appreciate it if you fix this problem with the iPhone version. I have no idea myself on what’s going on, maybe the loading is taking forever. Hopefully you guys can figure it out. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Thalesian
Track Changes Barely Useable
When using track changes, it creates a pop-up window asking to approve or reject a change. So if you are in the middle of typing a document and the text happens to move where the cursor is (magic keyboard) keyboard inputs are stopped and the pop up emerges. If you are trying to place your cursor to make an edit, pop up emerges and cancels keyboard input. This makes it exceedingly difficult to edit documents in collaborative projects as keyboard inputs randomly get turned off over pop ups asking you to accept or reject the changes you are currently making. The closest analogue I can think of is the old days of internet explorer where pop up ads would jump out at you while trying to type an email. It just creates an incredibly disruptive UI when the user is trying to focus on editing a document. Please disable these pop ups - anyone using track changes can figure out a long-press solution. But people are much more likely to be working on documents with track changes than just reviewing them - the latter takes longer than the former. So please change your default use case scenario for this feature.
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2 years ago, SilverStar-Burst
No more grammar options?
I updated this app a couple days ago, and now it seems to be missing any suggestions for fixing misspelled words. For instance while re-working an old doc from years ago, I discovered a typo where it said “likeable” with an E and had a red line. So I clicked on it, and all the other options show up like Replace and Define, but no alternative spellings. I also backed up against it and still no options for spellings. This was happening on another doc/different word last night too. Very frustrating to get no spelling options now when trying to write. I fixed “likable” on my own, but there are other times when the grammar spellcheck comes in handy and I’m so disappointed that every time I update this app, I get more issues. To the developers: please, do not ask for more info or a video of the problem in operation; I’ve described it clearly and there’s no reason for you to ask. Never mind that once you developers get that information you disappear and are never heard from again.
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1 year ago, Ava and Kylie
I began using Pages, when I was younger, as a way to send and write funny messages to my parents. Then I began writing, a story I started with Goldie the Goat. It wasn’t a complex story; set in Stokey Farms at a petting zoo. A young goat 🐐, Goldie, became interested in her neighborhood, and began enjoying the company of a different friend: Get Going, a black-and-white goat. Blueberry and Blackberry, Goldie’s sister and brother, had warned her about this goat, but she ignored them. Then, one day, after discovering a pig called Mo and a rabbit named Fluffy, Goldie quickly realized that Get Going’s friendship wasn’t as true as she’d expected. Later in the story, we find that Get Going is pregnant, but thanks to a scar from a terrifying attack of an emu, she’s too injured 🤕 to give birth. Luckily, (spoilers ahead!) all the buds dress Get Going’s wounds and help her with her son Get Up. It was a messy story, but I started doing Warriors, Bravelands, Wings of Fire,
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8 months ago, juan el conquistador
13.2 for Ipad Freezing hourly in IOS 17.0.3
Regrettably Apple evidently has not found a test that mimics normal usage, such as opening the program and typing for few minutes. In this case as I am typing as it starts to suggest the next word (the word suggestion is halfway gray) the app completely freezes and none of the controls function. After I switch out of the program, and come back, the app is either still frozen, or has exited, and I have to reopen the document I was working on. Sometimes it has retained my typing but most of the time it has lost some of my work, and I have to re-create it. Unfortunately this app is no longer viable for serious work given the fact they have not tested it. I have a very weak internet connection and the freeze may be getting trigggered when the app is trying to do some kind of fetch related to autocomplete word lookup. Though this does not seem likely because it is engineered for standalone use, there is no telling what will happen when the fetch function hits an elaborate TCP/IP stack, and whether it is set to handle timeouts and failures at every step of the way.
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7 years ago, Kaiser Soze is my nickname but they say someone else is using it.
Utterly devoid of even a sliver of value
Each time Apple has issued a new release of Pages for iPad, it has gotten slower. So long as you stay strictly in a typing mode, without repositioning the input location or highlighting text, it works just fine. But if you need to make a change a sentence or two back, the wait for the application to respond to this is sometimes greater than fifteen seconds. I don't understand how people who are supposed to know something about software can do this kind of thing. Don't they even bother to try and use the thing they implemented? I just do not get it. I've checked the amount of free memory, I've closed all other apps, I've rebooted the iPad. The problem is in the app. When you reposition the insertion points, the software takes a hike, no doubt due to some bug, because there is no possible way that anything that it might ought to be doing should take that long. Apple does not test their software. Apple honestly does not know how to develop software. They don't understand the crucial role of requirements documents in the design process, and they do not make any more than a token effort to test it before releasing it.
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8 months ago, cthewills
Love w a little frustration
I do love this app. I’m able to be organized and for the most part figured things out. I do wish that making a graph didn’t automatically change your document from phone-view document to what’s likely a 8 1/2” x 11” page layout. However, I kinda understand. Currently, what I don’t understand, is why when coming out of the document you were last in before leaving the app you are brought back to the main Cloud folder. And when moving a document into another folder, it doesn’t bring you to the folder you are currently in, and instead takes you to the last time you moved folders. So, say I want to move a document deep in my crochet folder to another within it, but when I select it and press the folder button, I am brought to a folder in somewhere within my plant folders. I don’t get it. Perhaps no one anticipated someone having as many folders as I do, lol.
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1 month ago, P a d .c f sss no
Good…but some problems
I would give it a star, but there are some problems. First one is on. It literally just closed out on me second one when I was typing it it does this really weird thing where it like pauses and then goes back pauses and then goes back. it’s really weird and then when I said Thundermans, I said sundermans and I really don’t like that so if you could fix that, that would be a little bit better because I said the Thundermans, but thought I said that and it got me annoyed because then I had to go all the way back and then I had to delete it and it’s just annoying and I need a little things so I can go back to be able to buy to be able to delete it and it’s like just weird and if you could fix that that would be much better. I would’ve also gave it a five star review but it’s just not the best thing in the world. It’s like it’s kind of hard to type up and stuff but otherwise it’s pretty good. I’m gonna give it to star I wish I could give you a higher rate, but I can’t right now. I’m so sorry.
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4 years ago, Grinandbaritone
New problems that are time suckers
I love Pages and use it for writing almost exclusively. In one of the recent updates there was a change to how you move the cursor, and it is beyond frustrating. I want the old version of the cursor landing where I touch. This new version makes it impossible to split to words if there was no space between when typing without spending time moving it around with the space bar. The space bar thing is cool but not at the expense of being able to touch the screen to move the cursor to a precise location. Then sometimes it chooses a word, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes I can it to pop up the menu with select and select all and sometimes I cannot. I use this on an iPad Pro and find myself frustrated on a daily if not hourly basis. This same thing applies to text messages and emails. I simply find it most frustrating in Pages because I use it so much. I would have given at least 4 stars and will amend if they this is fixed. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Doubletap2008
Good app, really. Saying it is useless is WAY too harsh.
I don't get it. Some people seem to hate this app so much, and it is really getting on my nerves. A lot of them are comparing it to more advanced apps on the computer. OF COURSE those are going to be better. But really? Why is everybody complaining so much? My experience on Pages has been great. If you have an iPad or iPhone and are an aspiring author, then Pages is a great app to create stories and even future books. You can also use it to write things for school, though yes, it is not the most professional app. It has some flaws but overall is exactly what it says it is: an app to write and store documents on. Whether those documents are fiction stories, or your own biography, it will be useful. It also has templates for flyers and brochures. Yes, it is not perfect. But it is free and should not be receiving all the horrible reviews. It is several steps above Notes, if any of you have the app. Maybe some people have had different experiences then me. This app has had barely any glitches, and the ones it had were easily fixed by closing the app. To Pages developers: THANK you!!! I love this app, since I hope to be a writer someday. I would die without it. I store all of my ideas and stories on here, and I even use it to print out reports for school.
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3 years ago, Marc11vvchn czsdg
Better than Microsoft Word
I’m a junior in college and I use pages for every document I need to create. I can say I use this app more than most and I’m pretty experienced with it. I love how integrated the app is with all of your devices. Anything I start on my MacBook easily appears on my iPad and iPhone. I mainly write up documents on the Mac and then use my phone to send my document to my professor. I love this feature and many more which is why I can’t stand using Microsoft Word if I had too. The only thing that is left to be desired is a more easier export of documents on the MacBook. I find that it’s easier to export and send documents on my phone that it is on the MacBook. You can still do it on the MacBook but it’s more cumbersome and a little more time consuming. Overall great app highly recommend you give it a try.
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1 month ago, abcdbl
Working with Apple Pages
I have always liked Pages It was easy to use especially when I created newsletters. I believe that there is so much more you could do with Apple Pages than with a word document. However, the last year I have found it more complicated and less friendly. I admit that I am a 70 yo senior. I was considered an expert with the computer before I retired in the early 2000s. What is sad is not the loss of my skills but the poor job by computer companies to not make computers easier for all. They think they are making them bigger, faster, and better. I believe all they have done is made them more complicated. Someone like me who has been only an Apple user will have more difficulty in transitioning to other products. I will also give praise to Apple Support. I wish all those whom I deal with had half the service capabilities as Apple does.
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1 year ago, 12656lillian
I am so thankful for this app
There are words that cannot tail how this app is help me. Please help me to study the Bible. Take good notes. Write good letters. I’ll be able to get my thoughts together. So thank you very much for the creator of this app. I use it on my phone and I use it on my tablet and my computer so thank you very much. God bless you. This is a scripture to share with the person that takes these apps and reads them and you may share the scripture with anyone you like. Thank you again. Psalms 33: 18– 22 Look! The eye of Jehovah watches over those fearing him, Those waiting for his loyal love, 19 To rescue them from death And to keep them alive during famine. 20 We are in expectation of Jehovah. He is our helper and our shield. 21 Our hearts rejoice in him, For we trust in his holy name. 22 May your loyal love rest upon us, O Jehovah, While we keep waiting for you.
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4 years ago, WolfGirl07_YT
Would highly recommend
So, I don’t understand why people are so mad about lag. Most of the time, it has to do with their iPad being old, and I can confirm that since I use to have pages on an older iPad and it did lag, but it was the iPad not the app. I have an iPad that is from 2018, and the app works perfectly fine for me. I also really enjoy the fact that in pages, you can pretty much make a book/essay/something else with multiple people! When I do that, I FaceTime my friend and at the same time we discuss what we want to add and take away from the thing we are writing. So, in all, pages is amazing and the only way that it could not be good is because the iPad/phone the person is using is an older version. So for someone else that is going to get pages, if your device is old, or more then 4 years old I would get a newer device.
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6 years ago, dreamn.jane
I love this app!
Although I haven’t yet used Pages’ complex templates, it has worked very well for documents of more basic to moderate levels of difficulty such as lists, outlines, handouts, posters, and letters. Notwithstanding, in creating these documents, I have made use of a number of the more creative features. I sometimes add the pre-made shapes that can be altered in a variety of interesting ways. I add rather sophisticated drawings to personal letters just for fun or to illustrate something I’m writing about. The wrap-around feature works very well when using these and other features available within the app. When creating posters I can take advantage of the many font choices, colors, sizes, and layout features to make them as lively and fun, or sophisticated and sedate, as desired. I find Pages to be fairly intuitive but am able to quickly access user guidelines when needed for further instructions when needed. I sometimes, but not often, run into problems; these, however are usually corrected without much difficulty once I become more acquainted with a particular feature I’m using. All in all, I am very pleased to have discovered Pages and look forward to discovering other ways in which I will be able to use its other document types and features in future.
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1 month ago, Treetee23
This is excellent
Compared to Microsoft Word and all the other office types of places I can use to create documents, I find pages a lot better. Just to feedback, though, make all files accessible with pages, even HTML files that were originally downloaded from the web, so I can export it and save it as a word file, in pages. then people can open it using Microsoft Word and elsewhere for those that don’t have it, but overall, this is excellent. you know what would also be cool? Maybe add some kind of AI spellchecker feature, like a little version of Grammarly, or something like that, this way if in case I need to write a research paper, and I want it proofread, there could be a button where I can have it proofread by this AI assistant on Pages, and it would correct my work, that would be fascinating
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1 year ago, JiminELP
Word Processor
Excellent productivity program for everything from writing a diary to composing a book. It has wonderful formatting tools and allows me to easily switch from English text to Hebrew and back. By using content types for headers, body or inserting tables it is easy to generate a table of contents where the page number is a link to that section of the document. What started as my Bible study many years ago evolved into a document of over 400 pages, essentially a book, and that’s just the Books of Moses, so the ability to create the links makes it easier to navigate through the document to make additions or edits. The only knock I can think of is the number of lines on a page will vary slightly due to some auto formatting even though the font type and size are consistent.
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3 years ago, Krazykat719
Great except...
Just a couple complaints! The number one being that while I love that pages has a very easy-on-the-eyes layout that’s pretty easy to follow, it’s not student friendly AT ALL! I hate having to use Word to get my college assignments formatted correctly because Pages doesn’t allow room for things like MLA8 format or even APA or Chicago style. I would use it so much more if I could format my essays properly, but I can’t on Pages. My second qualm is with creating a document on my phone. Why does it change all the fonts and sizes and color only when I’m on my phone? I don’t ask for it to be bigger and I want all my texts to be the same size, but Pages on my phone automatically changes it to something completely different that I can’t change. Now I have to type something on Google docs instead of Pages on my phone.
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4 years ago, Skye2blu
Pages Works For Me
I use Pages constantly as my main word processor. I love the Newsletter templates. I alter them a lot but it gives me the basic lay out and nice color ideas. I find it very user friendly. I’m just doing basic documents and newsletters but Pages works great for me. The only trouble I’ve had is getting my cursor down to the next blank page at times. I figured out if I type a letter I can move that down and access the next page. It’s annoying but the other features: changing style, colors, using text boxes so it’s movable, columns, templates, types of type built in, adding pictures you can move around, wrapping text, etc. tons of features. It’s really excellent. I used to use Pagemaker for years and Word just never cut it for me. I find this little app can do everything I need and more. Adding; NEEDS A FORWARD DELETE BUTTON.
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1 year ago, Ravens house
Great app!
I use pages for writing short stories and I find it easy to write many different files for story notes, character lists, part 1, part 2 etc. It’s easy to open and close files, or I can have a split screen on my iPad to view two files simultaneously. The thumbnail panel is very helpful because I can move from page 50 to page 25 in a snap. If I need to find an earlier detail that I may have forgotten, I can use search and locate something by referencing one word. I can turn stories into a mini audio book by dictating what I’ve written. Another helpful thing, is highlighting and creating footnotes, to remind me of things during rewrites. I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the capabilities this app has, like adding shapes, graphs, or pictures. Extremely helpful app!
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4 years ago, reviewer057
Several Basic Operations Missing or Flawed
The following needs to be improved before Pages for iPhone will earn 5 stars from me: Inability for me to either modify Basic Templates or allowing me to create my own templates. Because of this, I am forced to tediously redo template parameters for every single document I create. The ability to do this is available in MSN Word for iPhone. Since the issuance of iOS13 and its revisions to on-screen cursor operations, I am constantly frustrated by the following: 1) the inability to easily position the cursor within a word or between two improperly conjoined words, and particularly within words highlighted by the program as mis-spelled and 2) the difficulty in selecting a group of words because I am unable to move my finger away from blocking the view of my selection while I’m making it. These problems don’t exist for me in either Notes or most other iPhone apps where I find the new cursor operations a real improvement over the old.
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5 years ago, Agent Green Fox
This is still a work in progress.
Alright, there are a tremendous amount of complaints about this application. Keep that feedback coming in so developers can remedy such flaws you may stumble upon. Although, what most people fail to appreciate is the simplicity the developers have created in this application. They have created a way to construct beautiful documents with minimal experience needed by the end user. By that, I applaud you! I would also like to point out the extremely helpful “Pages Help” guide within the application settings. Finding a solution in the “Pages Help” section are easy to sift through the categorized sections, providing simple instructions, and are written in simple language that anyone can understand. Nothing is perfect, though this application is a huge step forward than Microsoft Word when comparing simple user interface and functionality. Thank you developers!
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1 month ago, LancerKind
Annotations with Pencil is hard
I love Pages in all other ways, except for: 1) when I use it to annotate documents in a freehand manner. This is my major use of iPad and pencil. I find that working with Microsoft Word is far easier. However, I really want to do it in Pages because Word isn’t very reliable about file safety. Meaning it’s easy to lose work with it. Getting Pages into annotation mode is too difficult. And when I put it in that mode, I can only use a highlighter. When I change from highlighter to pencil, the made switches back to drawing so that when tapping the pencil to the surface, it inserts a text box instead of drawing freehand on the document. 2) this version (2024) is really hard to work with. When I type and then want to backspace to fix a typo or add punctuation, the selector selects entire words and they get deleted. I find that this version destroys my document as I try to correct things. It’s horrible. I’m sorry but I’m being direct. I literally can’t believe that someone thought this was good functionality.
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5 years ago, Flightlessbird64
Great app! Here’s why...
I began to use this app as a writing tool when google docs malfunctioned. I saw that it was already downloaded on my phone, so I kept it and began to write my books in it. I can’t believe how amazing it is! You can write books, letters, school reports, and even resumes! I’m in the middle of writing a book called The Masked Four, and I’m still working on the title. I could jot anything down in this app on a blank page, and I haven’t experienced any glitches. This writing app is a must-have, and it helps your spelling and it’s always the app I come to when I want to write my books. I hope to print and publish these books someday in the future, and it would mean the world to me if the developers supported that. My author name is Heather Soukie, and I’m looking forward to writing more books! Thank you! Five stars all the way!
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