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User Reviews for Pages

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1 year ago, SpungyPanda
I like it.
I am a 3rd year software engineering student who had bought his first macbook less than a year ago and was excited to try all the new software that came along. I decided to try pages and see if it would beat google docs as it was the primary document creation software I used. However I can definitely say that I enjoy pages the most out of word and google docs. There have been many classes where I have to write in APA7 style and pages makes it really easy to indent the sources I find, as other software would, in my opinion, make it frustrating to line everything up correctly. With pages I simply press tab 2-3 times and then that specfic line will get a new indent whilst leaving the liens above and below it alone. It does take some getting used too as the UI/UX is different from the other software I've mentioned. However, pages has been the easiest to use in the long run and as all my other devices are apple products, it is extremelly easy to access my documents and share them around. I will say, however, google docs is still superior when it comes to working with other people, as anyone can use google docs for free. WIth pages you have to have an apple product. Pages will continue to be my go to for document writing as for me it has been the easiest to work with, simple, conice, easy to maintain, easy acces and great editing with my other devices.
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1 month ago, lavender hills
I love pages!
I absolutely love pages! As a pregnant mom with two young kids, it's the perfect way to get them distracted without having them play video games! They are both aspiring authros all because I got them pages, shocking I know! I'm writing my own book right now (working title: "The Plains") and pages really helps me with it too. Perfect offlne solution to my constant Tiktok scrolling! Also I'm really bad at spelling and grammar, despite being an English major! First of all I apologize for any of the at here, and second of all Pages is really helpful, because it tells me with nice little red or blue squiggly l ines whenever I mess up. (Docs and Word don't do that, do they? Idk, I don't really use them, but please inform me--I'd love your take on Pages v. Docs v. Word!) If I had the choice spelling and grammar wouldnt exist/matter (college students reaidng this: thesis idea??!!) but sijce they do, Pages really helps me make my work beautiufl! Ofc I'm screwed right now, since there's no spell/grammar check on this review thingie, but..I don't think I've erred all that much, have I? Anyway, the baby is kicking so I think I gotta take a break (my doula tells me that the baby will have lifelong neglect issues if I don't drop everything and tend to it when I notice it kick). Make sure to preorder my book when it (eventually) come sout! Also if any of you have agent suggestions I would love it! #NewAuthor
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1 year ago, BrianKann16
SUPERIOR Word Processor, but...
It isn't common that Apple creates a product that is inferior to their competition. But they have sort of become a victim of their own version of how Microsoft spent the whole of the 1990s in and out of court battles because they put too many locks, blocks, and restrictions on their software for others to partake in perhaps either writing enhancements to Microsoft's outstanding software or, for that matter, write software to work with Microsoft's at all. Apple has achieved incredible success since Gilbert Amelio brought Steve Jobs back ("temporarily") in about 1996 and subsequently with Tim Cook - and the Superhuman and underappreciated Jony Ive, who perhaps should have replaced Steve Jobs since the two were of nearly identical mind. But Apple's mistake is that STILL today, some 30 years after the issue was partly responsible for bringing Apple to its knees, they are no more interchangable and seamlessly cooperative with MS Office programs with their own iWork applications. How do I know? I have suffered professionally over and over and over because of it. Apple, PLEASE PLEASE fix this! You're SOOO sophisticated; please make your software compatible in BOTH DIRECTIONS with similar apps from Microsoft and Google!
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1 year ago, magicalgirlhannah
Love Pages - Could Be Better
Pages is a great user-friendly option as an in-between for a word processor and most design programs. The interface is simple and clean, and easy to understand and correlates nicely with my apple programs. However, some of the automatic defaults are silly and slightly annoying. Having it automatically force objects off the page when they are touching should already be turned off. When most projects have multiple objects, text, and images - it would be assumed I don't want all of them forced off the page when they are together. I think this setting should be automatic. Also - I've had a weird bug where every time I change a font, it takes 10 minutes to load. Plus, a bug where if I move page thumbnails around, it grabs the wrong page! I've had these bugs for a while, so I'm sad there hasn't been a fix because it's frustrating and not efficient to wait another 10 minutes to load a a font and grab the correct thumbnail. There are a couple of wishlist items that I think would be great: 1. Type on a path. The ability to have text shape onto the arc of a circle would be a game changer. My text wouldnt look so flat and boring. (2) Paste in place. I make a lot of templates and would like a better way to seamlessly have items be placed in the same place from page to page.
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6 years ago, rallx
Good but could be great
In many ways, Pages is a joy to use, but it lacks just a few small features to make it really great. Ironically, most of the missing features would find very broad use in academia and I had hoped today's event would be the perfect time to (re-)introduce them: (1) Line numbering--This is required by vitually all journals to which academics submit manuscripts, not to mention by lawyers and other groups, but Pages still cannot sequentially number lines throughout a documents. It is irritating to have to move the manuscript to MS Word just to number the stupid lines! (2) Non-contiguous selection--this was present in the "old" Pages but has not appeared since. It is essential in technical writing so you can set all your subscripts or super scripts at once (or efficiently apply italics, etc.). (3) Interoperability with other apps--Compatability with EndNote and MathType was hardwired into pages a few versions ago, but lack of open format and scripting access prevent much more capable, and more frequently updated apps, like Bookends from being nearly as useful as they could be (and as they were in the "old" Pages). There are other minor issues but these are the big three, at least for university-level academics. (And, yes, I have submitted these feedback requests multiple times!)
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1 year ago, Bill.Mazzoni
It's a versatile app, but has many weird, non-intuitive quirks
Back when MS Word announced their intention to move to a subscription model, I decided to turn my attention to learning everything I could about Pages. Surprisingly, I found that the most commonly needed features work quite intuitively, and also have keystroke shortcuts. However, I've found Pages' implementation of "Styles" to be so frustrating to use because a style still doesn't incorporate ALL of the settings you may use to configure that Style. When you save it, you may find that a very critical paragraph element you wanted to remain 'attached to' that style needs to be manually configured all over again, for each new occurrence. One example of this is any "bullet" or "list" setting, including their indents. You can't attach those features to a style, for some reason. Another example is attempting to insert a Section break without automatically jumping to the start of the next page. There as a number of irritating 'quirks' in this app that make it less then ideal. Nevertheless, I continue to use Pages almost exclusively for word processing, and seldom regret saying goodbye to MS Word.
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1 year ago, Juicing skim
Beats Word!
I go back to MS Word 5 (or earlier). I transitioned to Pages early on, slightly favoring it. Apple has done a great job of adding features without it becoming bloatware. In almost every aspect, Pages is better. Easier to navigate, find options you use (nothing is hidden in submenus under submenus), and most importantly for me, drawings are soooo much easier to do in Pages. I write a lot of documents that require the creation of my own drawings, including a 500-page textbook. Word is awful in that respect. Although Pages doesn't have as many built-in images (something they could work on), editing them is a breeze. Things just appear where you want them, whereas Word continues to struggle with page layout (acts strictly like a word processor) when adding images. One thing I want to see Pages implement is more user preferences for defaults. I HATE that every time I insert a shape (e.g. an arrow), it automatically does it with automatic wrapping. Can I please change my defaults for this and other options when inserting things (e.g. text boxes)? Otherwise, a great job, Apple!
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2 weeks ago, Clue1019
Are you ready for the big leagues?
Years ago, before Windows became the dominating operating system and Microsoft took control of the personal computer software market, Word Perfect was the gold standard for word processing on a McIntosh computer. Then, Microsoft made an agreement with Word Perfect so they would stop making their program available on McIntosh computers. From that day on, Microsoft Word dominated the personal computer word-processing market. With the resurgence of Apple with the launch of the colored iMac, computers came the need for an alternative to Word. Although Apple Pages is not perfect and cannot replace Microsoft Word in a corporate environment, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use word-processing program that does not require a subscription. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and PDF document formats. In making Apple Pages, developers have struck a balance between the abundance of features in Microsoft Word and the ease of use. I work in higher education, and the big term on the street is accessibility. This spring, I undertook writing a lab manual. You were completely in Apple Pages, making it ADA-compliant. I can now say Apple Pages is ready to compete with the big leagues.
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5 years ago, pjh139
was 5 star right up until 8.1
I need to note, I’m an author. This is the equlivent of someone coming in and destroying something at your work for 3 days and now you aren’t going to get paid for those and have to redo. That’s why like Crowley, “I’m having a moment here." I just lost 4 hours work because the new install locked up and ate the later file. Somehow it’s now the file I started working on at 12 noon instead of the file I saved at 2 pm, 4 pm. I went to save before the new OS upgrade and it locked up spinning uselessly. I couldn’t even open force quit to get out of it. It locked up the entire computer. I couldn’t even restart the computer. I did have app store open and I told it to restart and install from there. And now when I went to open it at 5 pm after upgrading my OS, it’s back to the 12 noon file. All that work is GONE. I’m livid. DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPGRADE. It’s buggy as hell. Pages continues to lock up. I lost the entire day this time. When I used revert, it told me that I had saved yesterday at 9 pm. It didn’t count the saves I personally did today at 11 a.m, 1:30 pm, 5:30 p.m. and at 12 a.m. Instead it wiped all that work out with NO copies to revert to for today. An entire day this time. Again the LAST update is buggy. DO NOT UPDATE. I’m moving back to Libre Office at this point, I’m tired of losing days worth of work. Label this as DNU
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5 years ago, Emerald-Peri-Belle
Hopeful at first, but sadly not functional
Having recently gotten a new MacBook Pro, I was excited to find a new version of Pages after so many years using the ’09 suite. And while the program is very nice looking and doubtless has many good features, when it came time to do actual work with it, it failed me. I was editing an 80+ page document of both text and images, a project that Pages ’09 handled just fine with no lag issues, and was unable to make even the smallest changes (copying and pasting from another document, changing font/size, even clicking on a block of text) without getting the spinning ball. Things that should have taken 2 seconds took 15+. (I’ve seen other reviews say similar things, so I don’t think it was because the file was converted from ’09.) Ultimately had to use my old computer/go back to ‘09 to do the work. What I’d found to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to Word is now much less functional, fine for short projects and flyers and that sort of thing (I suppose; I’ve only used it a few times) but useless for longer form work. Very sad. ’09 wasn’t broke, and the fixing made it worse instead of better. Will have to look at other alternatives until it improves.
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1 month ago, Mitchel David
Can I swap Pages for Microsoft Word? Almost certainly.
Upon swapping Apple's Pages for Microsoft Word, I was initally skeptical. Over time, however, Pages has proved to be nearly interchangable with Word with small exceptions. As A writer who regularly interfaces with PC users, I am delighted Pages gives me the option to save files as Word documents. This allows me to send Pages files to editors that can open them seamlessly in Word. One function present in Word that I cannot find in Pages is the ability to add line numbers to text. Otherwise, I user-friendly interface of Pages allows me to find my way around without too much hassle. The command prompts in Pages are like kissing cousins to Word. Clicking "format" to open the formatting pane is often a pain because the format pane overlays the text of a document, rather than appearing as a ribbon on the top menu or on the side, this can be annoying but tolerable. Bottom line: pages is suprisingly interchangeable for experinced Word users to make a swap in their preferred program for everyday word processing.
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6 years ago, alaskanfrog
cheap imitation of MS Word...
I really hate this version of iwork. it's not backwards compatible. any document that's opened and updated works and looks like crap. there is no way to change the header so that the first page is the only one that gets a header. this version of iwork is the worst idea apple has come up with for word processing. it makes fat documents that eat up gobs of megabytes and storage. it's slow to respond and has a whole crap load of bugs that have not been ironed out. apple does an amazing job with putting out glitz, glamor, sparkly glitter and dazling commercials about their products. but their products don't live up to the hype. they are also much more spendy and expensive than windows based programs that do the same thing, but are easier to work and actually function far better. apple has been sending out updates for the mac desktop owners. with every update my computer is getting slower and slower, and buggier and buggier. It now takes my mac almost 7 minutes just to boot up, and things aren't loaded properly when its done booting. It takes over 4 minutes to launch firefox and 5 minutes for my email to launch for the first time every single day. With every new software update my computer gets slower and slower. They are trying to force me into buying a new machine, which I won't do...
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1 year ago, befofsf
why isn't it as good as/or better than microsoft word?
pages, vs microsoft word, seems really unweildy and stubbornly non-user friendly. changing simple things like the font or letter size takes many more steps than is really necessary, and nearly takes a tutorial to figure out how to write the simplest letter. just wrestling with formatting is enough to make me swear like a sailor. repeatedly. it's shocking an apple word processing program should be actually more difficult to use than a microsoft version. and when I bought a new macbook, microsoft was no longer available for free, only pages. I couldn't even access my old microsoft files because the version I was using was "too old," which I only found out too late to update it. if the latter were free, I'd change to it in a hot new york minute. I hated having to change over from a program I'd used happily all of my mac life. being a grad student and writer, as well as a prolific letter-writer, I want a word processing program that is easy to use, intuitive, and straightforward. pages is really none of the above--it actually reminded me of trying to use Wordperfect in my benighted PC days, before I came over from the Dark Side. the best thing I can say about pages is that it's free--but it's axiomatic that you get what you pay for.....
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7 years ago, Christopher P
Nice Facade - fails at the actual work
My latest attempt to migrate off of MS Word to Pages is a disappointing failure. This app looks *so pretty* and lists lots of capabilities, but who wants to spend their time identifying bugs, searching support pages, trying workarounds?? When working with a 30+ page document and using Sections, the application would seemingly re-write the Section breaks randomly, making a complete mess of headers and footers in the process. I carefully recreated a new document suspecting the previous one was corrupted. Same annoying, frustrating result. I just want to write my documents. Instead I spend my time trying to figure out if I did something wrong, or if the app is doing it. The app is doing it! Besides this, it seems to just give up and crash occasionally for no apparent reason. Autosave and versioning is nice, when it works, but I lost a couple of important pages in one crash. Gone. And no folks, the iPad version isn’t any better or any more stable! I tried to use it instead. Different issues, but same crashing. People may say, “What do you want? It’s free!!” Free?? My time is worth more than this. I want a stable app that doesn’t trash my work. I want a stable app that I can depend on and trust. I want the kind of quality I came to expect from Apple (and Claris) twenty years ago. Where is it? Wake up, Apple!!
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1 year ago, Mehmet Ozturk
Happy Professor
As many of my colleagues, MS Word was my standard software for word processing. I have used the word for many many years until one day I decided to give Pages a try. That was a turning point for me. Not only I realized that Pages could pretty much do everything that MS Word did, it was was much much easier to use. As I learned the Pages more, more I fell in love with the software. For example, I love the way Pages deals with floating figures - a nightmare in MS Word. Then, one day, I discovered the equations in Pages. I write a lot of equations in my work and how a software handles equations is important to me. I have to say that I never liked equations in MS Word. I have discovered that Pages is using LaTeX equations...At that point I was completely hooked to Pages because I am a LaTeX user and LaTeX equations are as beautiful and smart as equations can get. Frankly, I could write the same everything for Keynote as well. I have converted all my old power point slides to Keynote. Life is good.
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4 years ago, GoodOldMonkey
Easier to use than Word, but way less capable
Pages is still my favorite word processor, mainly because of its clean, attractive interface. A lot of people — I'm thinking Windows fans — seem to go for a cluttered screen full of clashing colors and inscrutable icons, but the Word interface gets me so irritated I lose track of what I'm trying to write. Next to Google docs, Pages is the least distracting to use, and it can do most of what I want. But less than Pages '09, and waaaay less than MS Word — which can handle vertical right-to-left Chinese text, insert images in a mail merge, define multilingual styles, and a heap of other things that keep making me go back to it. Luckily, it's free if you go for an Office 365 account with 1 TB of cloud storage, which is a better buy than Apple will ever offer. But I never use Word for work I can do in Pages. All of the digital giants seem to pride themselves on giving you less and worse than they easily could, and Pages is no exception. If Open Office ever gets a decent interface, they'll get my business, but for now, Pages is the best step up from Google Docs for the user without special requirements.
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4 years ago, CNeuend
Full Featured and Elegant
Ever since I got my first Mac over ten years ago, I've enjoyed using Apple's Pages far more than Microsoft Word. That made it all the more frustrating to have to use Word for its fuller feature set, especially after Apple updated Pages a few years ago to work more seamlessly between mobile and desktop environments, removing many features in the process. Ever since, Apple has been steadily adding back features, to the point that now Pages, not Word, is the full-featured workhorse that I love to use. Mirror margins, opentype typography features, and now even drop caps mean that there is very little I have to do to finish off complex projects. Drop caps were added with the latest update (Pages 10), and it was worth the wait. They work much better than in Word and result in beautiful documents. There are a few things that it would still be nice to have (and I'm sure we'll get them sooner or later), but over all, Pages is all I need, and all I want. Thanks, Apple!
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1 year ago, Boisepiper
Love This
While writing medical school applications, my university based subscription to microsoft word expired (of course). I had thought i lost all my work as microsoft wont even let you copy a document without a subscription. You can only view it. Fortunately, I was able to find a work around by opening the word document on my iphone, copy its contents, and paste it into a Pages document on my mac using universal clipboard. This saved me big time. First, pages is FREE. I love that it comes standard on apple devices for free. It is definitely a slightly simplified version of word. But this makes it easier to use and completely sufficient for most word processing needs. I also love that the pages document saves in real time to icloud. Thank you pages for being there when I need you, being free, easy to use, and sparring me of the ginormous headache of having to rewrite all my essays. I will be deleting my microsoft word app soon and solely use pages.
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1 year ago, Anand Mathew
Creating Documents Made Easy with Apple Pages App
As an avid Apple user, I was excited to try out the Pages app on my iPhone. I must say, I was not disappointed. The app is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy for me to create documents on the go. What I particularly love about Pages is the wide range of templates available. Whether I need to create a resume, a newsletter, or a flyer, there's always a template that fits my needs. Plus, the formatting tools are so intuitive that I can customize the layout and design of my document without any fuss. Another aspect of Pages that I appreciate is the real-time collaboration feature. I frequently work on projects with colleagues, and it's great to be able to share a document with them and see their changes in real-time. It makes the whole process so much smoother. That said, I do have a few critiques of the app. For one, I've noticed that it doesn't offer as many advanced features as some other document creation apps out there. For example, I sometimes struggle with formatting tables in Pages. Additionally, I've had a few compatibility issues when trying to open documents created in Pages on other devices or with other software. Overall, though, I'm really happy with Pages. It's become my go-to app for creating documents on my iPhone, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and easy-to-use document creation tool.
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1 year ago, IBBacon
More like a Shuffle than an Upgrade
It does indeed have potential. They’ve added some interesting new templates. But the downside is huge. Many useful things have been removed. No inspector, for example. Many items I thought missing, I’ve located in the dropdowns. So far I’ve located a solution to most of the many problems I’ve run into. Perhaps the biggest flaw is the “manual” or the help files. No simple backwards compatability. For the most part I’m quite disappointed. Overall I find it pretty shoddy work from a company I’ve been boisterously supporting for over two decades. Almost as disappointing as iCloud destroying a Numbers file I’ve been working on for over ten years. (Never trust a cloud! Back up your stuff and keep in on your own drive/discs, etc). Lastly, I must say although Apple's going downhill faster than Ivan Origone, they are still miles ahead of the Microstuffed garbage. Why do so many people use that crap?
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5 years ago, EveryNicknameIsTakenUGH!!!1234
Dumbed down, bug-infested version of the original.
Pages 3.x (from iWork ’09) is a fantastic piece of software. I used it for some serious desktop publishing (large documents with complex layouts) and it worked beautifully. But starting with version 4, Apple started dumbing it down, removing some features, and breaking others. Current version is a bug-infested mess that lacks critical features and has a totally broken layout engine. And if you try to import an older 3.x document, it effectively corrupts the document completely; sometimes the layout gets totally messed up, other times the fonts are wrong and the text is purple. I tried using the latest Pages to update an older doc and ended up throwing my mouse against the wall in frustration. It’s horrible. I tried inserting images into the doc, and they’d be placed in bizarre ways, sometimes anchored to the page, other times flowing with text; sometimes appearing on a different page, or causing corruption of surrounding layout. Facing pages (where margins are different for the odd and even pages) seems to be a missing/broken feature now. I gave up and went back to the old Pages 3.x.
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1 year ago, Modern Disciples
UI Choices are well intentioned but not well implemented
One of the things that sets Microsoft Word apart from Pages is it's integration of every option into the closest available clickable space. Pages fails in this regard because it has many of the same options as Word (some options are even better implemented than Word like the specific presets for headerings,subheadings, etc), but it hides some of the more essential options in the top drop-down menu bar. I really like Pages, but it often feels cumbersome to move around the menus. I wish some of the options would just be on the upper menu bar inside the window (not to be confused by the opaque menu at the top of the screen). This would make it dramatically easier to move around and would help when doing a side-by-side windowed mode on a laptop. The formatting menu just takes up too much precious real estate. Fix these issues and this could be a top-notch competitor to Word. I just don't feel like Apple is doing anything unique to make me want to dedicate all of my resources to Pages when Windows does everything better.
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4 years ago, sunnylovesparis<3
Download ASAP If You Want A Great Writing App
Hi, As a 10-year-old author, I need to find a good writing app. And here is where Pages comes in. it corrects your grammar, can change the text background, give you different template options, and most importantly, provide a good writing area where you can edit and work on your book. Highly recommended. Merely one comment: could you please bring back all of the fonts, including Adobe Garamond Pro and Adobe Calson Pro??? I love those especially even though they were on Microsoft Word a long time ago. Because people should use ALL of those as options. Please do not choose over the majority. Choose over all. I'd also like it if you could click the words and you would provide synonyms for them because I hate having to look up "synonyms for kind" which wastes some writing time. Besides those mere ideas, this is an amazing app and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good and experienced writing app.
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4 weeks ago, jgreg520
Far Superior to MS Word For Day to Day Use
I've been using MS Word for more than two decades and have never cared for it. It's just what I've been stuck with a work and school. Now I just need a word processing program for general day to day use. I'm not in need of any high end functions, so I haven't explored them all. However I do a lot more writing of various types than your averabe person not doing so for work or school and it far exceeds my needs and as with most Apple software, is fully capable and full featured in spite of it's easy to use and minimal user interface. I can easily export as a PDF and rarely have to share documents for editing, so I don't know about cross compatability with MS Word, nor do I care. I just really glad I do not have to use or pay for MS Word anymore, good riddance. I am extremely pleased with Pages for my needs. If I were about to undertake writing a novel, I wouldn't hesitate to do it with Pages.
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3 years ago, B. Holstein
Great for ADHD. Can't work without it!
I have ADHD and Pages is the only word processor I can use. Microsoft programs truly raise my cortisol levels. But with Pages, the interface is clean and uncluttered. In this latest update, the menu melts into the background, which has improved my workflow. Love the side-by-side windows as well. Admittedly, I'm not a power user; I primarily use Pages for writing syllabi and creating relatively lightweight instructional handouts. I love that I can easily save templates to create visually consistent materials for my students. Truthfully, I've observed improved student performance (and fewer emails, haha) when using Pages to create course content. Many of the critical reviews here bring up valid points regarding missing or clunky functions. In that regard, three or four stars is a realistic rating. For my purposes, though, the ADHD-friendly aspects of Pages more than compensate for operational shortcomings.
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1 year ago, smallerdemon
Best of Class Personal Use Word Processor
In all enterprise environments, Microsoft Word is the default word processor. I am guessing that Google Docs comes in a distant second. But I am reminder of one of the funniest memes about word I have ever seen: "gotta respect the longevity of microsoft word. nothing about it works and it's still the standard. want to move an image? go to he%%. edit a pdf? edit your expections. ignore a spelling mistake? [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. that'll be $150." Pages for your daily word processing and regular document making is a great application. You can write great list, make great tables, create great graphic centric flyers, etc. It has great, standard features, is avaialbe on all Apple mobile devices, had a great and easy to use interface. There's zero reason to install Word on your local computer for non-enterprise related word processing activities other than habit, and habit is not always your best indicator of good judgement.
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1 year ago, leiterside
Great Word Processor, But With Notable Ommissions
This word processor is excellent. Straight forward and capable of handling mosst everything that an academic or business person would need, except it has a few things that it should do, but, inexplicitly can't. For example, outlining feature is unusable. In elemtary school I was taught that outlines are numbered: I., A., 1., a., i.... etc. Apple can only outline with these numbers: 1., 1., 1....etc. Or A., A., A. etc. It also has a function that will convert wrting to ePub/Apple Books format, but it can't handle ordinary book numbering. One wonders if Apple engineers actually use their own products. Apparenlty not. The good news is that it's "free," and you can manually number outlines, so, in the end, it doesn't matter. Apple should hire some ordinary users to test their products before they release them. The outlining issue, and others that I've encountered should be very easy to fix.
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1 year ago, beebsss92
improving so much
If you cant get mircroft products, apple's pages is a great replacement! Its even easy to use on your phone let alone a tablet or computer. I did have some difficulties when creating one document but thats most likely user error due to not being tech savy anymore. I do wish it was a bit easier to understand all the tools but I am still getting started on using it all again, and I'm 30, but havent used all of this since a few years after high school. I had to put this review because i couldnt believe the rating of 3.6 but then i saw most of the reviews were years ago. So hopefully I can help get it to a proper rating for 2023 since it deserves a much higher rating in my opinion. But I'm also not a person who uses it everyday so maybe my opinion isnt as accurate but I like using this app and think its doing a fine job!
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2 weeks ago, Rescue Flyer
good word processor, falls short for book writing
Yea - reads MS word docs of any format and age for my older friends. Have been unable to reorder the templates to find some most favored ones I've created. Indexing for a writer isn't nice; citations for professional papers leave much behind. Entering mathematical formulae or engineering notation is too tedious to attempt. The voice entry, not truly part of Paages but is within the OS, dumbs down technical or precision terms including medical, latin quotes and French words to something just silly. A simple correction for reversing two letters, for spelling would be far better. Siri doesn't know how to interact with Pages very well. AI - we should be able to spice previously used saved paragraphs, text blocks, formulas, etc by now. Alas, not yet. Even writing memoirs and splicing in pictures needs some direct simplification - suggested scaling, L, R, centering. There is a need to at least draw on a subset of photos on the computer tagged for use in my writing. Help rarely does the job when called upon.
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3 years ago, scottcald
Application good; App Store policies bad
I’ve used Pages since it was released. I’ve liked it though its changes etc., However, I have an older machine that’s hit it’s end of upgradeability for OS at Catalina. Had a document that wouldn’t open, it said Pages needed updating, or I could just not open it. It takes me to the AppStore where I’m told only 11.2 is available on that only runs on Monterey. The older version of Pages ran just fine on Catalina, just for some reason I couldn’t open my document. Apple used to direct us to the latest version that would run on our OS. Apparently that is no more. Now, for this machine, I’ll be required to use Word, OpenOffice or some other application that to be honest, I don’t want to use. I also don’t want to use 2 different things, so I’ll likely move everything to whatever solution I come up with.
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2 years ago, OutoftimeKat
Once Upon A Time, Pages Worked Great...
What is that old saying? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke? I do not understand how you people could make such a mess with what was once a well functioning writer’s app. All I can say is that Apple has been going downhill for some time now, your products were once top of the line and well worth the money I had spent on them. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same any longer as Apple now seems to care more about lining their pockets than their customer’s satisfaction. Tsk…Tsk…We ALL know that with every ‘update’ there are more bugs, more problems, slower system, so on and so forth… Just so you can force your customers into making another yet another purchase with a big, fat price tag. I wonder when you will finally realize that all you are forcing your customers to do is to seek out a different company and spend their money elsewhere. Very disappointing. P.S. This app won’t even download onto my newly updated system and is completely unusable, forcing me to work on my book using my phone and even there, I am terrified I will lose all of my work. Thanks Apple!
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2 years ago, bluethooth_headphones
It's a nice app!
I am 13 years old, so I don't use it for work, but I still like it! I discovered Pages recently. Before I found out about it, I was using Google Docs, but I think that this is better. One thing that I think should be a little better is that it's kind of hard to change the font and the size of the text because it's too many clicks on my mouse. On google docs, I just had to highlight the text I wanted to fix, then press two buttons. On Pages and even keynote, I have to press like 5 at max. BTW, I think that other people who have given this app and all your other apps/productcs 3 stars or less don't know how to use them because I am 13 and look at how I am doing! I am a young teenager! If I can do it, so can they. I think apple did a good job when they made their app. Just please fix the thing I mentioned before because I want it to just be two clicks like on google docs rather than 5 clicks. Thank you!
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5 years ago, JohnH8203
PLease create a reference tab for citations
I am wrtiting this review hoping the developers will see it and make approproate changes to this otherwise wonderful application. I left the Microsoft world many years ago after using iWorks suite and getting used to it's simplicity. The work flow was just faster and more intuitive than MS Word could ever hope to be. Just recently, I was tasked with creating a training manual for a medical facility. I had all the materials I needed however, when it came to citing my research, Pages showed a fatal flaw. I could not get an MLA style in-text citation. I noticed in MS Word, there is a reference tab and you can choose the style of citation. The program will remember and recall it for you. It also places it in a bibliography for you. In any University paper, they will ask for in-text citations. Footnotes, are no longer acceptable as the only form of reference to research materials. Please make reference tab with different styled citation ability, MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.
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1 year ago, user1234xyz
What were they thinking?
I'm still giving it five stars, for its clean simplicity and many features I like. But I'll add that...In their rush to create a post-PC world, Apple has taken one of their better desktop products and dumbed it down into a device app. Gone from Pages are many important features needed by business users and those attempting to create legitimate documents. Imagine a modern word processor where you can’t adjust character spacing, can’t bring styles from one document to another, and can’t hyperlink the Table of Contents entries to pages within the document. Apple, you need to be adding features to Pages, not taking them away! The goal of allowing users to edit the same document on the desktop, devices, and a web site is admirable. But not at the expense of making Pages a pretty toy.
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7 years ago, Mac faithful?
Compatibility for medical, scientific writing lags
While I really appreciate the layout elements of Pages (compared to Word, which is a mess when trying to layout pictures and diagrams with text), Pages always suffers when new versions come out or when new versions of plug-ins or interdependent programs come out. It was always my understanding that Macintosh was the hardware of choice for academics and publication. I am an academic and I’ve used macs faithfully since the very beginning. However, I’m plagued by this decision because I use adjunct programs for bibliography and scientific referencing (ex. EndNote program) when I do my writing because these programs take seasons… if not years… to catch up to version upgrades of Pages. So what’s the point? Why can’t I get both: layout and bibliography?? Why do I have to go back to Word to get the bibliography but at the same time lose all possibility of integrating figures and diagrams with my technical writing? I tried calling EndNote and Apple about these compatibility lags, and they both blame each other for lagging behind… Really??
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1 year ago, Srfree
Apple products become more complex & less efficient
Pages is NOT a step up from previous programs, but a step back. Programmers developing word programs do not seem to understand MOST of the people using computers are NOT computer geeks and cannot easily find things that should be extremely easy to find. For example, I have been using Pages since its inception. I never have been able to figure out how to set Tabs. This is extremely frustrating. I go online for help and the directions do not work. Whoever writes those directions apparently knows no more about Pages than the average drunk on the street. My 1st Apple product was the II-E computer. When the PowerMacs came out, I got one; then the E Mac (I think that's corret). I'm on my 2nd MacBook Pro, which I really dislike for many reasons, including Pages being problematic. I have started giving thought to getting a P(hnoy) C(omputer) to see if, maybe they now are better than Apples.
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1 year ago, Coop0012
The Superiority of Apple Pages Over Microsoft Windows: A Powerful Writing Tool
Apple Pages is a super cool writing program that is better than Microsoft Windows. It has a really easy and nice-looking design that makes writing fun. You can use it on different Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad without any problems. It also lets many people work together on the same document at the same time, which is great for school projects or working with friends. Apple Pages has lots of helpful tools to make your writing look amazing, like adding pictures and making things bold or colorful. It also keeps your work safe with special protections. Overall, Apple Pages is the best choice for writing because it's easy to use, works well with other Apple stuff, and has lots of cool features to make your writing look awesome!
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1 year ago, Brailey68
Pages is an excellent alternative to Word
Pages offers a simple & intuitive interface, making it easy for users to create professional-looking documents. Collaboration: Pages allows real-time collaboration with multiple users, making it easy for teams to work together on the same document simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for businesses & organizations that need to collaborate remotely. Compatibility: Pages is compatible with both Mac and iOS devices, making it easy to access & edit your documents from anywhere. Word, on the other hand, is primarily designed for Windows & can be challenging to use on a Mac. Design tools: Pages comes with a wide range of design tools & templates that allow you to create beautiful & professional-looking documents. User interface: Pages has a cleaner & more intuitive interface than Word, making it easier to find the tools you need to format your document. Cost: Pages is free to use for all Apple users, whereas Word requires a subscription to Microsoft 365, which can be costly. Pages is an excellent alternative to Word for Mac & iOS users who want a word processing software. that is easy to use, offers powerful design tools, and is compatible with multiple devices.
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3 weeks ago, Devante Javon
Change from Microsoft Office
Since I have exhausted a product key for Microsoft Office I can no longer use the Office Suite as usual. Due to the change of products I wonder I should use them in different ways than just thinking of this as a Apple version of Microsoft Documents. How can the work I completed on Microsoft Documents inform how or why I am using Microsoft Pages and can't afford to purchase the Microsoft Suite on Apple Store? I would question Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer. Why can't I listen to Apple Music & afford Apple eaphones? I would question Tim Cook after thinking about the great company he gets to lead after it's founding CEO Steve Jobs. I have been searching for full-time positions and most of my interviews were at technology companies who may either understand or be working to addressing some of these issues.
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1 year ago, @cool-fox667!!!
works well for books and reports! 1 bug however...
I LOVE writing books and stories, so when i got a computor i immeditly pulled up pages. I have noticed that when you press 'add page' that some of your text sometimes moves to the next pages wich is really annoying because then you have to move the text back to the proper page. ANNOYING i also made pro and con lists and fun slideshows on here it works well for that but i still recommend keynote for slideshows. one thing that is really helpful is the word count you dont have to count all of your words if you need a minimum, (i have done this!!). the share feature is really helpful, and pages makes it SO easy to change the fonts. It also fixes mispelled words, (Which i CLEARLY NEED) (sorry for that btw) i hope this help someone!! (and uhh if you fix thta bug... well itd be a five star review)
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1 month ago, Cybin
Pages: Great alternative to Word and others
Pages has developed considerably over the years into a really good product. The only issue is that there are some features that were provided in earlier versions that were removed and would have made the current version much more robust. Even for long documents, it remains simple to format and make the document look like you want it to look without having to spend your time reading manuals, looking at videos, and contacting support. Keep it up Apple. Always keep this as a core application with your systems, keeping it simple and sweet. Thank you for not following MSWord and providing powerful word processing to the masses without demanding so much economicallly and having to authenticate the app everytime you want to express something in words!
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3 years ago, sudoku_player
Buggy compared to Pages '09
I used to use Pages a lot ... like every day. I must exchange files with MSWord users. But I cannot use this new (or any recent) version of Pages. I instead rely on version 4.3 (Pages '09) due to the inability of the current Pages versions to import and export certain MSWord files correctly (for example, MS word files using custom styles). It is just amazing the version 4.3 of Pages handles those MSWord Styles with apolmb while the newer verions of Pages remove the styles, so you can't revcover them by exporting a .doc from Pages and reopening it in MSWord. The old 4.3 version of Pages is superior to MSWord (I have version 16), and I hating MSWord more and more every day. I just wish the the current version of Pages would import MSWord documents with custom styles correctly as did Pages 4.3. Wouldn't it be nice if Apple were to only improve a product when comimng out with a new version thereof insteaad of adding some new features at the same time that others are removed?
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1 year ago, Rusttie
Pages works really well
My only problem with Pages, so far, is in the using of the template. It took several attempts at using a template before I was able to control being able to arrange and enter the information as I wanted to, rather than as the rigid format that the template required. Once the template setup was no longer the best format for my use, rearranging or changing it was tricky and highly unsuccesstul at first. The instructions from the help dropdown menu are usually extremely accurate and easy to follow.. Occassionally, I had difficulty with getting the help I wanted, but once I figured out the computer "lingo," things tended to go well. Obviously, being a computer whiz helps, but for the rest of us who aren't there yet, working with any program can be daunting at times.
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1 month ago, marvel28
Needs access to meta data
I'll go back and refrence papers I wrote years ago, but don't date. Instead I'd like to easily access, with a file open, when it was first created, and subsequent dates/times it was accessed or editted. You can't seem to do that with Pages and from a writers perspective that is very anoying. In the digital age to have a document I wrote and NOT be able to look up when I created it seems like a no brainer. I can find this information, BUT I have to search for the information with shortcut for a specific file, which is even less helpful because I don't remember file names and until recently didn't utilize the TAG tool. I prefer Pages to the other options because it's more streamlined and user friendly. I can still export out in a file type that is readable to others who don't use pages, so it's fine.
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3 years ago, L V-J
Favorite thing that happened... but
So, just to start off, Pages is the best thing I can do on my computer. When COVID 19 first hit my mom had me basically do writing prompts on Pages. It was very fun, and after a while, I grew used to Pages. Then, in a journal (not a diary) I started writing a book. I did not like how the book went, and my hands hurt so much after writing, so I restarted the book on Pages. It wokred great for a long time, but resently, I could not write on it because it said my computer needed an update. After many trys, I never could get my computer to download. Finally, I tried iCloud. It worked PERFECTLY! But... when I went into other documents, they worked... but the book did not. BTW I started using Pages at age 9, now I am age 10, and almost finished with a book.
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1 year ago, Froglover1995
Excellent Word Processor
Several years ago I made the switch from Microsoft Word to Pages. While I was a bit anxious about the change at first I soon grew to like Pages much more. It is extremely intuitive, the layout is clean and simple, and there are no hoops to jump through to create things. No constant error messages and formatting issues that are inherent to Word. As a teacher and graduate student I probably use Pages more than any other application on my computer. I do a lot of writing for my work, but I also appreciate just how easy this software makes it to create graphics and posters as well. The best part about it is that it is free and everything backs up to iCloud so I have my documents on all devices. I could not recommend this highly enough.
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7 years ago, TonyC55
Pages 6.2 represents 1 step forward and 2 steps back
Pages 6.2 introduced linked text boxes and allows editing of super- and subscripts in the iOS version. This builds on the introduction of Latex and MathML formats for equation editing in 6.1 and suggests that we are moving back to the the outstanding, feature-rich characteristics of Pages 4.3. However, version 6.2 has broken Endnote citation formatting in which in text citations no longer follow the format chosen under the edit menu although the endnote Bibliography does. Come on Apple - you have a reputation for attention to detail which seems to have slipped with Pages. While pages remains the best application for creating documents that fluidly combine text and graphics on the Mac, it remains a frustrating struggle for many students and faculty in academia to produce technical documents using Pages. Just a little more attention to detail and meeting users’ needs would help enormously. Use us as your beta testers to determine whether releases are ready for primetime.
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7 years ago, StretchTSP
Sorry Pages, you lost a client
I have always used Pages since buying my first mac many years ago. I wrote my first book on it and it was great. Loved being able to export to word for my editor. (who uses word). I started writing my second book on it, and it was great until I had to put it all into one document. I am in the final stages of editing and I cannot edit anything. All I see is a colorful beach ball spinning every time I try and edit a word. Significant delays and often long enough to where I have to shut down. After numerous blog searches, I see others who have had the same issue with larger files sizes…and NO SOLUTIONS. I have updated everything, no result. Everything else on my mac is fast, as well as smaller pages files. So guess what - now I have to go buy Word so I can meet my deadline (as it has taken numerous hours trying to find solution, updating and editing at turtle speed). Bye bye pages. Was great when you worked.
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3 weeks ago, Rebecca Jacobs
APPLE Wins Again!
My husband was a committed Mac enthusiast from the time the firt Mac came out, but I veered away saying Windows was the way to go. Then he bought me an iPad and now I am the enthusiast! It is amazing how well the "basic" (installed) software is better than anything Microsoft can program. It isn't weighty and it is easy to use. I am working with a friend who bought a new computer - Windows version - and it came with absolutely no software. She has had it for six months and can't use it because she won't give in to the Microsoft annual-fee-software. Apple will be my go-to computing system for as long as I can afford it. If you don't have an Apple phone, iPad, or Mac please try it! It is easier to learn than anything Windows or Microsoft can create because it is visual!
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1 month ago, DavisWendell
Speech to text and text to speech
Using speech to text on Pages with Apple computers increases my writing speed by three times (3X'S) and then with text to speech I can read what I wrote for proofreading as well as being able to increase my reading speed which I read with dyslexia 69 words per minute when reading traditionally but with text to speech I read at 405 or 487% increase in reading speed. Apple is the only computer system that allows you to have an iOS that works with any platform such as email, text messaging, using Safari and using the reader view, reading pages or a PDF document with a one stroke which is default at option plus escape. Then it starts reading to me once I turn it on in settings > accessibility> spoken content turned on.
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