Pai Gow Poker Casino

4.7 (2.4K)
64.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pai Gow Poker Casino

4.65 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Gamingtildawn!
Great Game and Service
Love this game. Saves me money two ways in the casino by practicing on the app how to set my hand in certain situations and not spending real cash but getting the excitement of real gaming. Generous gifts and bonuses to limit the need to spend on in-app purchases. Had an issue with coins and the developer team worked hard to solve it and would not give up until we had a solution. Great game and shout out to the awesome service provided. If you play Pai Gow poker in the casino; you will love this app. Enjoy!!!!
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1 year ago, SpeedyZX
House hands are incorrectly set sometimes
The house should always split 2 pairs if no Aces are in the hand, I have screen shots where the house had two pairs and the put a King and another card. This is not how the casinos set the cards. The only time that 2 pairs stay together in the 5 card hand is when there is an Ace and when the pairs are 6s or lower. Please fix this to make it accurate. Since I downloaded this game a few weeks ago, I've had a Royal Flush twice, and after getting it, the game crashes. I see others that have reported the same problems. If this is a known bug, why isn’t this being fixed? Will we have the same issue if we have a higher bonus hand?
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3 years ago, tova gietle
Pai Gow
I played this years ago on my old computer. Had forgotten to load it until the ad popped up. Oh goodness this is the greatest card game ever. I’m an ill senior and I love this because it’s now on my iPad. Truly helps pass the time. Thank you very much
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1 month ago, canticumCordis
Most of the Way to Great
Well set up, a great way to play and practice without actually spending money to enjoy Pai Gow. After you set your hands, the game shows an overlay of what hand scores as what - Pair of 3s, Ace High, etc. The game will often display the wrong card as the high card in my hands, which to this point has not affected the result of my plays against the dealer, but is still a strange bug. Plays well, like it! Kinda wish I could drag my cards around to reorder them before choosing which cards I want as my two card hand.
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4 years ago, johnny51984
Very good but needs improvement
First of all I would like to start by saying that I like A lot of the other games you guys make like Caribbean poker , let em ride, 3 card poker and others this game can be a 4 or 5 star game the dealer gets flush straights and 3 of kind a lot more then player does it is hard to get those hands and when you do you do not have a great 2 card hand so it ends up being a push I really really like the game a lot but that is not realistic to many pushes and hard to win a lot I am writing this review because I really like the game and with minor improvements it will be the best Pai how poker game
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5 months ago, Tipster0909
Fun game, but changing hands is a downside
I really enjoy this game. But my issue lies in the programming I guess when they decide to change the high and low hand you choose to suit the game better. When I have two pair that would beat the dealer when one is each placed in my high and low hand and the game change it to a two pair high hand making it a push instead of a win for me, that’s a problem.
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5 years ago, Mr. Wonderful
The game forces you to pay for chips
The game play is fine. But when you do not have enough chips for your same rebet, it will ask you to buy more chips. However, you cannot cancel out of getting more chips OR get back into your game. The app essentially freezes and when you restart it the bet you had on the table is gone. Super frustrating, especially if you’re playing some high bets. I’ve easily lost 500k on this bug, but the developers don’t want to fix it because the only way you can properly get back to your game is if you buy chips. Buyers beware!
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3 years ago, MikeJens
Fix the dealer.
9/10 the dealer has two pairs a straight or a flush so you either lose or push then that 1/10 you’ll win off some high cards which is just down right dumb. Literally EVERY time. I get a straight it’s a push cause they have two pairs for the 10th time in a row. I get two pairs and they get a flush or a straight and a pair or somehow one card better high card. This game is rigged and annoying. You have a 1000% better chance winning at an actual table in a casino which is just annoying. Why can’t you make an app fun to play on the go?
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2 years ago, JAOMAHA
Fun to Play but Not Realistic
Any Pia Gow lover will enjoy the game but don’t expect to win many hands. The dealer (computer) will one up you 9 times out of ten for a push. Playing for five minutes, the dealer had a straight 7 hands in a row. When I would have three of a kind, the dealer would also have a higher three of a kind. Granted Pia Gow is mostly a game of pushes but it feels like the developers don’t want you to win many hands.
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4 months ago, GenPlayer
Needs major improvements!!
This game can be fun at times but it seems that every time I win any hand, I get dealt at least 3-4 Pai Gow hands immediately after. I hit major losing sprees which is wildly unrealistic. I’ve come to just expect that if I win a huge hand, I’m just gonna lose it all and more on the following 5 hands. Sometimes I’ve only stayed alive because of the level bonuses. It would also be nice if you had different variations of Pai Gow
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6 months ago, makana717
Great game
Just wish there was also a face up option
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1 year ago, modestodave
Not in real world.
Game is ok, but it’s obviously rigged towards imaginary house. I would not be at a real Pai Gow table like this for more than minutes. I am keeping track of bonus payout hands (straight or better) and the house in this game hits at about a 4 to 1 ratio. In other words the dealer had a straight or better 4 times for every 1 bonus hand I am dealt. Pai Gow is not designed to have that huge of advantage in real life.
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3 years ago, trust8365
Great mobile alternative
The house option is pretty cool especially when playing quickly and usually realistic. Id like to see higher hands once in awhile. Im not sure ive received higher than a full house
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3 years ago, ncmtngal
Pai Gow
Love the game. However, after 10 hands or more, an add pops up for other games. If you exit out, it freezes. Have to delete Pai Gow, then go to App Store and reinstall. Why?? Lose all your winnings….start from scratch. Not nice.
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5 years ago, brad_418
Good but some flaws
Overall the gameplay is good. Have noticed that sometimes if I have a straight, but also three of a kind that the bonus is paid as the straight instead of the trips...
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5 years ago, ATJR34
I did enjoy this game until I played it longer. There is no way an actual dearer would have hands like this game does. If I get a pair of aces the dealer will get two pair. If I get three of a kind the dealer gets a straight. I played twenty hands and the dealer had five flushes, two straights, four three of a kinds and five two pairs. Come on make it more realistic!
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3 years ago, Anthonyryan_3
Flaws in the hands you choose
Anytime you are given a joker and you want to use it in your low hand it chooses it as a high card instead of a pair. You should be able to specify which card you want to match your joker to as well if you want to use it in you high hand.
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2 years ago, Fix for happiness
Fix Joker
The game does not seem to consistently know how to apply the Joker value to player hand to make the best playable hand. There’s some issues with correctly calling some hands as well. Assigning Queen high when there is obviously a King supporting her.
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9 months ago, Evanstt
Rigged not to pay royal flush
I’ve had a royal flush twice in the last week or so. The first time after I set my hand and touched split the game crashed and shut down. I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but it just happened to me again tonight. It’s not much fun to play something that won’t allow you to win big hands.
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5 years ago, Kimme0461
Update 2
Cards need to be arranged in order or allow movement of cards by player
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4 years ago, Wacoed
Logging in as guest right now. Ads are annoying. Despite the fact that the app cannot do math properly I may have been interested in upgrading. But, absolutely no help in guest mode to define how. So decided to set up an account. only way to do this is through facebook. Sorry, I am not a supporter of Zuckerberg and his disregard of privacy. so, two reviews in one!
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3 years ago, PommyOz
Paigow is the best app ever!
I play a lot of games on my phone and Paigow is my favorite. I’ve learned so much about the “house way” - and even the ads aren’t too intrusive! And it’s FUN!
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4 years ago, hfteushdt
Pai gow
Just wish it wouldn’t auto adjust my hands.. I set them the way I want them and then it adjusts it to the way that the dealer would set it. Lost so many hands that I should have won because of the auto corrects the hands.
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3 years ago, cookemon
Card game
Enjoy playing
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1 year ago, Sir Lindselot
Errors sometimes
Twice already when the player has 3 of a kind and dealer has a straight it gives the dealer the win. But in the payout, it ranks 3 of a kind higher than a straight so it should be a player win. Frustrating
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3 years ago, nodumbbsne1
Love having statistics But when there are multiple ways of divinding your hands it will generally do it one way and give me no option to do it my way. Am i doing it wrong?
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1 year ago, Yawnfest!
Let me buy it
Make an annual paid version or I will stop playing because of the constant interruptions
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2 years ago, Dhardg
Joker card doesn’t be edit player but does for dealer?!?
Something wrong with the Joker, multiple games played when I have the joker it doesn’t improve my hand to the best available but always does for the dealer…
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3 years ago, jrtkt
Too many commercials. I’m not interested in zombies or gore or Treasure being burned up or basically any of the nonsense that interrupts the game!
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3 years ago, MNiebuhr
Game works well but..
Payouts are unrealistic. They're controlling each hand so you have to buy more coins if you play the bonus. Not cool!
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2 years ago, JackieStarFinder
Too many commercials. I couldn’t stand being interrupted.
I listen to other programs while playing and the commercials interrupt my listening experience. Too many commercials.
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1 year ago, Goodluck74
I tried contacting the developers but couldn’t. The “gift’s” Icon in the game doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, i heart pai gow
Luv the game not the ads
Too many ads
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4 years ago, spacecadetcharlie
purchased no adds TWICE and still get ads
great pai gow game. horrible purchases. game lets you buy no adds for $1.99 multiple times and it still shows adds. even purchased for my wife on her phone and same issue. developer please respond.
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1 year ago, $kidmark
Rip off
I was enjoying the game, until I bought some chips and they were not added to my game. No response for the developer either. Play the game for free, but buy chips at your own risk.
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11 months ago, Mochimaui
Paid for no ads but still have ads!
I paid the upgrade for no ads but the game still has ads!
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2 years ago, Bmay44
“Convenient” crash
Played the game for a while. Liked it a lot. Worked perfectly, no crashes. Got a royal flush with the fortune bet and the game conveniently crashed right then. Seems like a scam and will delete
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5 months ago, GCali
Decent app but has bugs
Often it labels your hand wrong. I also lost a hand I should’ve pushed. Have screenshots of both.
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3 years ago, Ninerdude2
Too many ads. Too frequent and quite annoying
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2 years ago, Peachepam
Pai Gow Poker
Just like in Las Vegas. I find myself up at 3:00 am playing
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2 years ago, Ryan - Hudson, WI
Love it, but too many ads
Love the game and I would give five stars if there was an option to go ad free. Cannot figure a way to do so. Waaaay too many ads.
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4 years ago, fix the engery
Not reading hand properly
The game keeps thinking straights are flushes. It’s happened three times so far that I’ve noticed.
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1 month ago, DealMasterMike
Dealer wins constantly
Why does the dealer win like 10x in a row? It’s crazy. How come hands magically appear with all four jacks or kings when the odds of that are slim. Game isn’t that random and doesn’t give you any chance.
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5 years ago, rich-b48
Bad programing
When i have a 8 high straight with a pair of 6’s for two card hand and the dealer has a 5 high straight with only high cards for two card hand the game gives it a draw
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9 months ago, Alex-DF
Awful app
Mostly of the time you’ll lose or you’ll push with dealer which is same as losing cause eventually your money will decrease.
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1 year ago, newbie00-
Needs to fix this game
My chips count is messed up, when i win it doesn’t add up in the count then takes the bet out of my chip count
Show more
3 months ago, Hoop o fooman
Strange odds
When I get a pretty good hand it always seems like the dealer get a bonus type hand and I get a Missouri a push.
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2 years ago, jvjr4
Need faceup version
Need to include an option for faceup paigow to reflect most of the tables that offer Pai gow on the LV strip.
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1 week ago, MBone1st
You cheat
Just got cheated, took picture but don’t know how to display it
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2 years ago, 1luckytrger31
Too many pop up’s
Too many pop up adds ruined the experience otherwise great app
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