Paint by Number Coloring Game

4.8 (368.3K)
163 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oakever Games
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paint by Number Coloring Game

4.75 out of 5
368.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Alyssa@Ilovecats❤️
I Love This App!! 🖤💙🖤
This is one of the best PBN apps I have come across in a long time!! I use it all the time! One of the things I most appreciate is that I can turn off the music on some of the pictures, I’m the kind of person who’s always listening to music so this is one of my favorite features! I think the only few things I have complaints about is that there aren’t very many boys, and as a girl I would definitely want more pictures of boys, but even when I do find some they are always with a girl. I would like to have a lot more boys but by themselves. As well as some very emo and dark pictures of boys/girls, because I find myself scrolling through the pictures in search of the few emo pictures and can’t really find any that I want to spend my time coloring. And I love that style of art so when I can’t find any I get very bored. And why aren’t there any LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 pictures?!?!? There also needs to be more anime pictures. I would also love it if there was an easier way to get diamonds, because there is this picture pack, the Tarot pack, that I’m trying to get but it’s like 630 diamonds and it takes SUCH A LONG TIME to get the diamonds!! Thank you for reading my review and sorry if it seems like it’s full of complaints but I really love using this app!! 🖤💙🖤(Funny story about this app, I was using it when I had my first kiss with my boyfriend. P.S. my two year anniversary with him as my boyfriend is coming up!! 🖤💙🖤💙)
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4 years ago, I'm NOT Changing
This is the BEST Coloring/Painting App EVER!!!
Good morning!!!! This app is the BEST app that you could ever download if you like to color or paint by number. It has an option where you can get the special pictures for FREE instead of paying the in my opinion very pricey amounts just to get some coloring pictures (I think that any amount of money for a phone app is expensive, except for free!!!) This app does not just have just strictly the coloring vibe to it, it has the gamer vibe to it, where it has individual challenges, ie: “Inky Treasure Hunter-Color three pictures” (paintbynumber) and also challenges, such as grouping certain types of pictures together, such as ‘Mindfulness’ that if you color all seven of them, it tells you how many other players you beat. They also have different types of pictures- jigsaw, ‘regular coloring pages’, ‘special coloring pages’, in which you have to watch a video to get, as well as different categories- ‘animals, cartoons’, ‘food’, ‘nature’, etc. You can save the pictures you color to your device for you or that you can ‘share’ (they have the gamer badges if you send (‘share’) so many pictures to your family and trusted friends), and they have videos too of the picture It is also easy on your fingers to do if you have chronic pain, which I do. If you are looking for all-in-one coloring and gaming, this is your app!!! Thank you, and thank goodness for Paint By Number!!
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5 years ago, Rose_black_is_beautiful_
Love this app!!... but I have a couple of wishes I have.
I love this app. Especially since they added this new cool color thing. I don’t even know how to explain it!! If you download the app, which I recommend. You will see what I am talking about. Everything about this app is great! Before the update I felt like I couldn’t get a lot of hints. Hints is just something you use if you can’t find where you are supposed to color. For example, if I am coloring a fish and I can’t find where I am supposed to color for blue then I press the hint icon and it shows me where I am supposed to color. And then the update came and now you can do things in the app to get more hints!! It’s amazing. The only wish that I have for the app is having more black girls/women to color on the app. Being a young black girl myself, I usually don’t see a lot of people who look like me as a doll or as a top model etc. I really love my melanin skin and seeing it being put on display on an app is awesome!! Or anywhere for that matter. It’s exciting to see that our hard work to be respected has finally been recognized, not just overlooked. As it has been for many years. So as a customer I ask you or whoever runs the company, or sees this review please allow more light to shine on us. As I grow up I want to allow my kids and their kids to know that black will always be beautiful. Thank you!! Have a wonderful time enjoying life y’all.
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5 months ago, DeeDerDee
Very impressive
This app has great artists with a lot of variety in subject matter. I’ve loved coloring apps, but most of them are very time consuming requiring the user to decide what colors and shadings to use for every tiny spot on the page! Normally, I’m into that and have my favorite. But sometimes I need to pass time with no hard work, just tapping the shaded areas to see what colors someone else decided would look good on that piece of art. Within a couple of days I had colored 60 beautiful works of art....easily! Sometimes the colors surprise me and occasionally the photo realistic pieces are too good to be true, but I’m hooked and will visit this site when I need some easy coloring therapy. Update! Well it’s now 2024 and I’m still hooked! I go in spurts sometimes coloring over 100 pictures in a few days and then relying on other entertainment for a time. Christmas pictures are what lured me back this time and I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time to relax during what can be a hectic and busy time of year. I do see a lot of repetition in themes and sometimes I feel the color choices are not the best and too predictable, but I still enjoy the process offered in this app over competitors processes and it works sooo smoothly that I just ignore the repetition. I currently have over 5,600 in my library! That should indicate my degree of satisfaction.
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3 years ago, sharomel
V~A~R~I~E~T~Y !
I LOVE 💕 how this app, compared to the other coloring apps, have a variety of different options to choose from! I go through them a little too quickly though, as I don’t find any real challenge in them, BUT for relaxing, they’re TOPS! There are really cute ones (I just got finished coloring a chubby little owl 🦉) to some pretty looking menacing animals. It’s the “call of the wild” baby. Plus, there are sooooo MANY to choose from! Literally one night, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to see “everything “ you have and after 4 hours of just browsing, (yes, you read that right. FOUR HOURS! ) I gave up because my eyes were getting blurry. There were wayyyy many more to see and I couldn’t do it. The one thing that bothers me is the fact that with the main pictures being as small as they are, a lot of them are too light to be able to see WHAT they are. That’s the only gripe I have about it. If all of the outlines were darker, it would be much better to see what you’re looking at. Other than that, I absolutely LOVE this coloring app the best and thanking you for the opportunity to be able to color and relax. You’re doing a great job and please keep up the good work everyone!
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2 months ago, MyrtleMae invite rvD7U4
Used to love this app and I still want to but…
As much as I enjoy the images and the relaxing nature of a coloring app, the powers that be seem to have forgotten what people who use these apps Use them for. I play this app to RELAX. If I’m trying to relax, I want to focus on something simple (like the colors) and not be distracted by anything else. That means I am already trying to shut down the mental cacophony of work issues, personal issues, and other self-talk that is hard enough to control as it is. Until recently, this app was great for just exactly that, however it seems that the makers have given in to a trend that has caused me to delete other apps in the past: intrusive ads. I can understand the principle of using ads to make it possible for us to play games for free and I’ve got nothing against ads that come up when I am going from the pic that I’ve just finished to start another one, or voluntarily watching an ad to get a free hint or something like that. But when ads pop up sporadically and disrupt gameplay, the game isn’t fun anymore. Lately, there has been an ad for Candy Crush that pops up right in the middle of an image that I’m coloring, disrupting the flow, and the only way to clear the ad is to close to app and restart it. So far, it’s only the Candy Crush ad (and I hate Candy Crush), but if this trend continues I will have to rethink whether I want to keep this app or not.
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3 years ago, paxtyn b
I love it but I am kind of disappointed it did it before
OK so as you saw my tile I said I love it but I’m kind a disappointment I’m disappointed because you should be able to search pictures and you were able to before you may not of knew that but you were able to before and I really think you should add that in if you never did if that was a different app for me if I just had it since I have it on a different device it may be different but you should add it on here you should edge search and I do love it but also I’m disappointment because you should be able to you know color how do you want to color it and draw your own pictures and draw your own pictures so then you should add a thing that says you can draw your own pictures and you should be able to color them them without it telling you how to color them sure like maybe into age thing and if it’s under four if it’s under four years old you should make it so they have to click on the right thing but if it’s for but if it’s for like eight-year-olds or 20-year-olds sure just let them go freehand it because you know we’re gonna try to make our best work I’m gonna be at eight-year-old but I can talk I can so I want to say because everybody should be able to say that so I love the game love love love love love it just add it in please read it now please👏🏾😁☹️
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5 years ago, Cutefox18
I absolutely love this app. It’s a bit frustrating at times when I can’t find the color, but that’s on me. I love how all of the pictures are fun and they are beautiful pictures! I also love how you guys allow the players to sorta communicate with you guys through Facebook and take their opinion on things. On Facebook though, most game companies pick the majority of the answers, but the other people should also get what they feel is more comfortable for them! The game in settings should have some sort of thing that says “Picture Modifications” for example. Sometimes when my colored pictures are doing the fast forward color process, sometimes the black outline glitches out, and it gets this sort of effect where all the lines in the picture are perfectly straight and they have a white outline. I actually like the glitch because it makes the pictures a bit more different. In the options the game should have like the outline color maybe, and the highlighted area color as in a greyscale form. This was more of ideas to make the game better less than a review. Anyways, I’m addicted to this game now! It’s great and if anyone planning to download the game reads this entire thing, I say you should! ❤️👍
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3 years ago, fhfuiuuyguhfugv
I am so Calm . And I thought someone was going to copy my work
This game is amazing and even some of the pictures like when you touch them like it is just music and it helps me concentrate on some homework also some other stuff that I do and I sometimes sneak my iPad downstairs to do some little calm stuff and I wear my headphones and I love it I just love this game it’s such a great game I deleted it but then I got it back because it’s I couldn’t stop just like thinking about it I always wanted to do art but since I deleted the game I haven’t been doing some like calm stuff and well I haven’t been like drawing that much I haven’t been doing A lot of stuff and plus this game is the best game in the whole tire world and if you guys do not like this game then just delete it for me it’s the best game in the whole intire world .One day I was just you know just hang around with my dad because it was father and dad stay because well I don’t even like on Thursdays my dad and me hang out and with my mom I only hang out with her on Sundays and Saturdays because those are the days she does not have work and plus one day someone was go onto FaceTime me but I didn’t FaceTime you then I know these are a lot of words but please say something to me. 🥺
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5 years ago, ClawdeenMe22
Lack of Diversity and also technical issues
So firstly I want to say that I really enjoy paint by number, it’s a very relaxing app that helps me keep my mind off of the sudden passing of my brother. My grandmother and I both sit together and do our separate PBN pieces to keep from being sad. However, I only give two stars because with a beautiful art app like this there’s no reason not to have a multitude of diversity when coloring pictures of people. There’s most Caucasian people in the pictures, an Asian person here and there, a black persons speckled in on occasion by that’s about it. The one Native American picture I see and the girl has blonde hair and pink-white skin???? Also I hate how there’s times when you’re looking for a space to color and just cannot find it so you HAVE to use a hint, and it’s the teeny-tiniest little area you’d never have been able to see! Or when an entire number is only ONE SMALL PART! Not to mention the blue area symbolizing where the colors go is sometimes SO LIGHT it blends in with the white background of the picture and you can’t see it! There needs to be more diversity, more transparency in what you’re supposed to color and less tiny hard to see areas to waste hints on.
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4 months ago, Knotty Fox
Great fun!
After using my brain all day, I find it grounding, or calming, to not have to think a about anything. I don’t want a puzzle to figure out. I don’t want a timer or a battle.I just want to relax my mind… give it a break. I enjoy the repetitiveness… I find it soothing. The only complaint I have, is that being an artist as well, it’s a real bummer when I start on the main subjects (usually animals) and the artist has the wrong colors for that animal. The markings that make them distinct are gone. This is a broad example… most animals in nature are light colored on their underside, especially fish and many birds. It only takes a minute to pull up any animal on the internet and just take a look at them. Wow. Sounds like a huge complaint, but it’s not. Just a lack of referencing the subject. Thanks for all the great fun! I had given this app a 5 star review earlier. I changed it because all the animal pictures (the ones I enjoy most) have turned into kiddie/ baby pictures. All the animals have smiles and cartoonish expressions. What happened… so disappointing. There’s enough coloring books for youths and toddlers. You should have left it the way it was. I’ll be looking for something more adult after I finish my saved pictures. They are the last good/realistic pictures you had. Bummer
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4 years ago, Holo Sohma
The updated version
They changed the layout so now everything is rather small as far as in the different menus and it’s not an option to set it back to the old layout I’d like that fixed because a not even inch sized preview of the pictures is not exactly helpful or even tolerable since my eyesight isn’t bad but I still have to squint to try to see small details on the preview pictures. I have an iPad mini maybe on a regular iPad it’s more decently sized but on here it’s annoyingly small. The daily page the pictures are even smaller and even the unlocked today’s picture is half the size of the main pages pictures. The daily picture you unlock is the one thing you never expected to be a reused picture but they’ve also done the reusing for the “new” daily picture you unlock every 24 hours. There’s diamonds to unlock themes and to unlock a whole theme is 300 plus diamonds. You only get them as progressive rewards so 2 times a day one for painting 5 pictures and one for doing 10. After you get none. Unlike locked pictures there’s no way to get the individual pictures in a theme which you can pay for the individual pictures but there’s no way to watch an ad for one. So on top of looking lazy by reusing pictures in a suppose to be new daily group of pictures instead of just not having one picture makes them seem not to care about what they put out but still want you to put out your money for them.
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5 years ago, I will always love him ❤
Love it.. but... believe there’s a glitch
Always enjoyed coloring.. it’s relaxing and I could do it for hours.. I’ve colored hundreds of pages.. couple weeks ago, I did the iPhone update.. 13.1.1, it did it’s thing, no big deal.. then I realized that when I would go into the app to color.. I’d scroll through and find something, usually there’s a ad that appears... nothing unusual.. but all of a sudden after the ad is finished, it tries going to the color page, but my screen goes dark.. I can still see the app is running, but it just won’t do anything.. I close the app and reopen, still does the same thing after each ad. I understand that when Apple does a update there’s always a second update to fix bug and performance issues.. so thinking that was the problem, I downloaded update 13.1.2, still doing the same thing.. I’ve checked in apps to see if the app needed updated.. nothing was there.. I thought maybe if I uninstalled the app, it might reset itself and work.. turns out I lost ALL my colored pages.. over 400 pages colored.. GONE. Which is a bummer, but being how much I love to color, it’s not a issue.. I’m not sure what to do to fix this. Anyone else have this problem? Or any ideas how to fix it.. would be greatly appreciated.
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1 year ago, Dubbed luv
1. These sre BEAUTIFUL pictures, they have everything you can imagine while all being appropriate, cars, bikes, black people, white people, sports, instruments, and they are all GORGEOUS!!! 2. I’m not sure why a lot of other reviews are saying that there is an abundant amount of ads, maybe cause it was a long time ago, all I know now is that as of now there is a perfect amount of ads, one before and after a picture, which is completely normal and reasonable and there is still an option to pay for no ads. 3. I personally love how many categories you can choose from, if you want animals you can pick that one or just… let’s say dogs you can pick it (although I’ll admit: I really do wish there was a search button). One thing that isn’t really a problem so I still rated 5 stars is that there are pictures that I really want to color, you need gems for. I know I can pay for V.I.P, but my parents don’t allow me to, so l do hope that they limit it down even though it’s an understandable amount. If you guys are looking for a color/paint by no. Game, I HIGHLY recommend this game
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1 year ago, Cockatoo_Gray
Fun App, False Advertising
The actual coloring in this app is great, the pictures are pretty and the colors are good and the process of coloring feels very nice. But, I downloaded this app after getting an ad for it in a different game, and that ad promised “No annoying ads.” This is blatantly false. I’ll put up with some amount of ads, I get it. The special pictures that you have to watch an ad to color are fine, if I click on one I’m agreeing to watch the ad. The obnoxious ones are the random pop up ads that take over the whole screen at random without any agreement or prompting from me. It’s incredibly tacky to have both unavoidable random pop up ads *and* ‘watch this ad to get a reward’ ads. Not to mention all the ads are the kind that have fake X buttons that only open the app store instead of closing the ad, and if you do manage to hit the exact single pixel that is the real X button, it just takes you to a different screen in the ad and forces you to do it all over again. Half the time I have to close the app completely and restart it because I can’t make the pop up ad go away. This is the definition of annoying ads, so either change your advertising or change how ads work in this app.
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3 years ago, Eyewhy22
I have tried several coloring apps, and this use to be one of my favorites. The daily challenges and collections offer something different. Also, there is a wide range of options for the most part. Animals, mandalas, famous paintings, landmarks-all of these and more means you’re not stuck coloring the same subject matter all the time. However, one thing repeatedly upsets me while using this app. Where is the representation for your users? Take the “Dream Wedding” theme for example. Every couple shown is young, white, able bodied, and heteronormative. How can this be described as a dream if it only paints a picture of one very small section of society? This collection is certainly not the first time I’ve noticed a lack of diversity. There have been many instances where this app has whitewashed things. I am not trying to make something meant to be creative and relaxing into a political statement. I am simply pointing out the opportunities missed by being so limited. Exposing people to different ways of living and different ideals of beauty opens a person up to so many things. Curiosity, understanding, knowledge, and the ability to have an open mind are all beneficial attributes to society.
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3 years ago, hi hi hisjdndhndksowne
Awesome but...
Ok! This game is so fun and really artistic. Some of the drawing are just so unique and pretty. Long story short, this game is awesome. I have been playing this game for about two years now. I’ve gotten a town of artwork done and love reminiscing on all of them. One thing I do usually struggle with though, is finding really tiny parts to color. Sometimes, these spots are so minuscule, I literally can’t see them. I don’t know if my eyes are just bad, or it’s the game, but that’s a mini problem. Another problem I often am upset about is that you need Jen’s if you wanna color certain art. Why? This is an art game! You should be able to color whatever you want. And what’s worse is that they make those paintings really expensive and really pretty. I’m still very upset about this and wish it would change. Lastly, why do you have to watch ads to get hints? I mean, I’m mostly upset about this part because I just wanna color, and sometimes I can’t see certain parts! It’s really annoying, and sometimes I think that you make some parts so small that you try and take advantage of people by making them watch ads... no offense. But anyways, this game is really fun, but I think these issues should get worked on.
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4 years ago, ADD thats wassup!!!
Addicting but frustrating
Ok so one day I was just like oh well ima just color a lil pic but then that’s when it started glitching😞😞😞 I was so frustrated with it so I deleted it but when I re downloaded it, it had redone all of my pics!! The way it glitched it was like it turned off and on. 😒 Anyway when I I wanted to color it again it did it again and I got soooooooooooooooo mad at it!!!!! Another problem that I have to deal with would be that some of the spaces to color are just like wayyyyyy to small to even touch like I was like oh well I see it so ima press it so when I did it wouldn’t let me so I had to keep pressing and pressing until I zoomed in closer and then I was able to press it😒. Another problem is that there’s not enough like pictures to color like there’s not enough that interest you in it!! It also gets kinda boring too like when the adds take FOREVER to load!! And the adds are just like wayyyyy to long to wait for I’m like oh u know ima just color this really pretty pic but the add is for like 50 seconds or like 20 and I’m NOT a patient person so I just turned my phone over and turned on the tv to watch it until the add was over! Overall, I like this game cuz it’s fun and really relaxing to do especially when you have nothing to do!!😁😄
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4 years ago, KitKatKittene
Surprisingly Good
I’ve never been very fond of ‘relax and chill’ games like these, but this one surprised me. The pictures are very intricate and detailed, with lots of vibrant colors. About 6 or 8 new pictures come out every day, with the addition of daily pictures. The developers are obviously putting a lot of effort into this and it’s paying off. The only things that bugs me is sometimes when I am watching an ad to get a hint, it does not give me the hint, so I have to watch another to get the hint I already should have gotten, but I haven’t had that problem in awhile so that just shows how the developers really are on top of the problem as soon as they can. I have looked at the other reviews and lots have people have said that their game was crashing, I personally cannot add to this, because I have never once crashed out of this game. But another thing is with the shaded pictures, they just sometimes look really photoshopped, like someone drew something for a rough sketch and just cropped a bunch of fabrics and textures and overlayed them with colors to make something. But overall, very good app, 10/10, would recommend.
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2 years ago, trust me. please
So much potential ruined by simple details
I enjoy these paint by number apps, and I really like the touch and hold to change colors feature that seems specific to this PBN. I absolutely love this app, but it’s ruined by two problems, specifically. 1.) There are so many ads. It’s very frustrating when I’m trying to find something to color to relax, and ads are just shoved down my throat. I get that they’re necessary for profits and all of that, but good god it’s so excessive. And I am not going to pay for a SUBSCRIPTION that makes the app ad-free. Make it a one time purchase. Subscriptions to get away from forced ads are ridiculous cash-grabs that just tell me that I as a user am not more important than the small monetary gain that the company gets from making me involuntarily watch multilayered ads. 2.) I can’t play my own music while I’m in the app. I like to listen to music/podcasts while I’m getting ready to go to sleep, and I also like to color a picture or two before bed to relax. However, my audio is cut off immediately after opening the app. There is no option to stop this from happening. These two details have made me switch to a different app altogether. If they were improved upon, I would think about using the app more. Very disappointing, tbh.
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3 years ago, its so hard to find nicknames
This app is AMAZING!!!!!
So why is this app amazing. It’s amazing because it’s really relaxing and not many adds. And also another thing you can get special pictures for freee!!!!! You have diamonds that you can spend for them witch when you download the game you get 200. Or you can watch and add. I think this is great cause I don’t know who would want to waste money on special pictures, I mean I know they are great in all but still. Another thing is adds there are barely any adds unless u want a special picture or one just appears. I have never had an add while coloring pictures ever. And they have wallpapers you can even save the picture. But there is a watermark aka ( logo) you can remove that by diamonds or an add. I think this is really convenient but when you do save them and use it as a wallpaper you can only see half of the picture. I still would recommend doing the wallpaper ones tho. I love showing my friends all the amazing pictures! You should really get the app!!! Thanks for reading have a great day!
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3 years ago, Howard's Man
The colors are gorgeous and easy to find. The spots I cannot find where my color is to go but can’t find. I simply continue on with the puzzle to the end of the picture. Where the lack of colorless space shows up easier. There is a extra big problem with your program than others I have tried. You do not let your clients screen get larger for more than two or three seconds. This inhibits their ability to find the lost spaces they are looking for. If your thought was to put up a barrier so that your consumer can not use the extra picture width. You did an excellent job. My encounter with the game was perceived as an enjoyable experience until!!!! Your idea to hide some spots from your clients so that you may get and give a few dollars to each other is the way of the world nevertheless it isn’t the way of the home. Enlarging on this thought, if we cannot find the spot hiding from us. You expect us to watch a commercial I know it’s an old fashion word but appropriate. All so your sponsors can get a bit of attention and cause your patrons stress. My experience simplified, it was an comfortable and enjoyable experience until the end. My review’s I like to make enjoyable with maybe a thought or two for improvement from my outlook. Your’s however, is not so good.
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4 years ago, miAh2000.8
Love the app but too many ads
This app is SOO amazing! I really recommend it for people who like to color, like me! I play this app everyday, even though I haven’t been playing for that long. I just started playing and I already colored over 70 pictures! But about that.. the ads really get on my nerves. I hate ads, very much. They either appear before I color, or after. Sometimes it gives me ads before and after I color. Which is really annoying. Even though ads aren’t that long, some of the ads don’t even have the little X to go color or color something else. I have to refresh the app all the time I don’t really want to do that. And some are just all the way, far in the corner to where I can’t even touch it. Please add less adds. I guess you guys just have ads to promote other games, but some of the game ads aren’t even what the real game is. But overall, I love how challenging this game is. There are little spots that I can never find/see, but that’s is kinda the point of the game and I love that. I wish I could give this game 4 and a half stars but I can’t. So I will give 4 stars total. :)
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2 years ago, Yogeei
One of My Favorite Coloring Apps
Hours after I left this 3 star, there was a Bennie Buatsie update and 14 additional pictures of hers dropped. So I’m upgrading my rating as I said I would. I really do enjoy this app. Out of the 5 coloring apps I use, this one is my 2nd best. There are 3 Artist that keep me coming back… Bennie Buatsie (her illustrations are incredible), Esther Luntadila (love her Trendy Belle), and Karibo Princess. Their beautiful work represents me and who I look like and relate to. The only reason I don’t give this app a 5 star rating or pay for a subscription is because I only see one or maybe two pictures from these Artists a week (not from each, just from one Artist). I check regularly and get so excited when I see their work (especially Bennie’s) I’ve already painted everything they’ve put out. But I don’t see enough representation for me to subscribe at this point. I do paint landscapes, animals or food etc. However, I believe more than one picture weekly could drop from these Artists….but whoever makes that decision is choosing differently.
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3 years ago, cherry blossem susu
100 stars out of 5!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING APP
*******************************************************************I really love this game so much and it’s super enjoyable and the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!!! It’s fun to color in all the pretty pictures and it’s relaxing but I love to color in lots of pictures in the section called,” special”. I love all the,” special” pictures so I mostly color in all of my favorites. But I’m running out of special pictures. I want to explore more pictures. You know when your out of pictures in the section, where you wait for 2 seconds for more pictures to come up, well, I colored in all of the pictures that I want to color in, but, I colored in ALL of the pictures I want, infact, ALL of the pictures I wanted to color in that I ran out. I love coloring pictures. Please make a ton more pictures. I love my sweet, precious, pictures. Since I can only give 5 stars for a max when rating, I meant to put 100 STARS. I really enjoy this game, infact, I played this FOR FREE! ****************************************************************** - -Cherry blossem susu😵‍💫😋🤪👍🐶🧁
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4 years ago, Reviews made by Wolf Girl
Paint By Number - Review
This game is absolutely stunning! It is fun to do these colorings, especially the "Special" colorings, because I am a fan of fantasy creatures. I know you put all efforts to make this game great. I don't mind adds, unlike most people, because it's a way to make profit and they are only 30 seconds long. The adds that appear are NOT the developer's fault. Those who complain like that don't understand how adds work. Keep up the good work, I know life might be tough sometimes and criticism isn't of your favor, but don't feel discouraged. There are many rude people out there. I wish you best of luck to make this app Game of the Year! Edit: I have one suggestion: More ethnicities. So I myself am white, but I see a lack in people who are black, muslim, and asian. Yes, white people are beautiful, but other ethnicities are just as beautiful! They deserve the coloring styles that white people do. I just feel that it's unfair that so many people in colorings are white, but other ethnicities aren't. Sincerely, RandomBird
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5 months ago, Juaaanitooo
Ok ok hear me out.
I love this game so much but something I just don’t like about it that I put in One star is because I remember going into the app just so you know drawing pictures having a really fun time but then all of a sudden when I go to draw a picture or color in a picture it kept on sketching and I waited two hours to let it say sorry sketching failed. I don’t know if this is a glitch and just one minute ago it kept on sketching and sketching and sketching and sketching and then I thought maybe the app just needs time to you know do it’s thing so I deleted it and then I’m going back to download it and what do you know? It kept on not downloading and I noticed I can write a review and read it so don’t be mad at me just chill I love the game that I want to get it back and I can’t so I think you might like it it’s really fun and I will write another review if it starts to work again, sorry to the game but please fix this problem because I don’t know if this is going on with other people or all that stuff I just really want to make this game more fun for people and I’m not saying this game isn’t fun, I just want you to change that problem. This game is really fun! I’m not trying to be mean but yes please fix this problem and please read my review. Ok bye !
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5 years ago, Queen of the animals!!
I love this app!
This app is wonderful! It’s super relaxing and fun. When I’m bored I play it for hours and I never get bored. If you need a fun app, you should definitely download it, it’s worth your time. This is only the beginning. When I’m watching t.v. I personally like to be doing something because my hands just like to be busy. This app helps with that because my hands are constantly moving in order to color the spaces. Just really quick I’d like to say, no, I am not one of those robots who just write reviews to make an app look good I am a human. Clear? Okay. My final thing is that this app constantly has new coloring images. Don’t even worry about finishing all the drawings, the next day or maybe even in a couple of hours there WILL be new things to color. So if you need a coloring app and you are reading my review, this is worth it! Sorry for the length of this review, I have absolutely no cons. By the way I had to wrap this up fast so this is just the tip of how good this app truly is. If the producer is reading this, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! 😁
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5 years ago, Smashley425
Great app, but...
This is my favorite coloring app. I like that the colors automatically go to the next color once you finish with the previous, that it lets you know how much of a color is left, overall progress of a picture, and that you earn hints rather than that annoying hint icon popping up while coloring. I don’t mind the ads, they are what keep the game/app free. Overall a great coloring app with a lot of variety and more pictures added daily. The only downfall is that currently I cannot use the app as every time I choose a picture and watch the ad, as soon as the ad is finished, I get a black screen. I’ve checked and I am updated to the latest version and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling (all that did is lose all the pictures I’ve colored and hints that I had saved up although they may come back once I reconnect to Facebook). It started after updating my phone last week. I’ve contacted PBN and promptly received a response which I appreciate, but nothing has happened to fix the issue. I really hope it gets figured out soon because I’m kind of addicted to Paint By Number and as it is the app is useless at the moment. I will update my review and rating once the app is fixed. Thank you.
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4 years ago, gkvluludaisy
Amazing app but some issues
I love this app! It has kept me busy all of quarantine! Unfortunately though, recently I have been having issues with the app crashing and lagging. It’s really upsetting to me because this is one of my favorite apps. I love this app though because I can color as many pictures as I would like at once! It also has something for everybody. For example there are many different themes for pictures such as food, people, animals, and many more! I also love that there are detailed pictures and not very detailed pictures. That being said, I do wish there were more detailed pictures, because sometimes when I finish all the detailed pictures I find my self bored with the not very detailed ones. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who enjoys coloring and can be patient, may not recommend if you are patient or like coloring things how you like. Overall this is a great app and I recommend! Also if the glitches I mentioned are fixed I will come back and change my review to 5 stars. Have a nice day!
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1 year ago, Shrektheboy
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5 years ago, -Your Glad Painter Rayssa
Why Paint By Number Is Good For Me
This game has me ADDICTED! Everyday I try to color one and it helps me with stress, I would recommend this amazing game because it helps with stress and sadness and madness and all those mixed emotions, This game is awesome for ages 8 and up, you just gotta color the image by the number, I also like the fact that they give hints just in case you need help and how they put light blue with blue dots in the sections you have to color, I love this game and hope that when you start playing, you feel the same. But I also want to fix some things like for the Non-Special ones, some colors don’t go together and they look Bleh, try to make them more pleasing colors and try to make colors that would look good together because sometimes for example, I colored a dress dark pink, then I had to color other parts a beige brown. Those colors didn’t look good together, so if you have the time to fix that, then I would appreciate it, your the only app that I would like to play everyday!
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3 years ago, Cute old lady
Please fix
Ok, I totally love this game but have to take away 1 star for their sorting order. The game continuously adds new pics in each category but instead of being the first options available the pics are scattered throughout the hundreds of pics available. Finished pics should be at the bottom and all uncolored pics should be at the top. The current sort order is a real drawback if you are like me and want to finish all the pics in certain categories. In fact I find it to be a pain. Other than that, I really do love this game. Just removed another star because the bonus category was the only one that had uncolored pics at the top. Just went in and found them all at the bottom. Not only that, every time I complete a pic it brings me back to the top. I have several hundred completed pics in this category and have to scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the 10-15 that are waiting to be worked on. Having to scroll through hundreds of colored pics to find available pics is a total frustration. Please, please, please make this simple fix.
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4 years ago, Stranger Things #1 Fan
App is really great!...but there’s a glitch
This app is really fun ever since I downloaded it I couldn’t stop playing on it. This app is very fun and I think it is a lot better than any color or paint by number games I’ve played. I just have a few issues with it. The first one is I keep clicking stuff to color and then I go into it and it messes up and the colors aren’t aligned with the design. And then I zoom in and it suddenly aligns with the drain but it does something really weird. I can’t explain it well. Then, I zoom out again and suddenly it’s not aligned with the design again! The second issue I have is sometimes I will color something and then when I am done with it I will get an add, nothing unusual about it, then when the add is done, there is no X to get out of it. I can see the tip of the X but every time I try to click it to get out it does not work. The only way to get out of the add is by exiting the app. That may just be a problem with my phone, though. Those are the only issues I have with the app and I still love it :)
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4 years ago, HR763685
One of the best!!!
When I found this app I dang near cried. I had been looking for a long time for a descent coloring app but everything had to be subscription or payed for which is ridiculous. Then I came upon this one and it’s been a true blessing. On average I color 5+ pictures a night and not just for the bonus you get but because it’s fun, it’s free, and it’s actually therapeutic at least for me. Stress be gone when I dive into one of these pictures and the majority of them are quite beautiful!!! So if you are on the fence about getting this app I think you should give it a try because once you see how gorgeous the artwork is and the sheer diversity of pictures let alone the number of them that are all free well I believe you will make this one of your faves if not your absolute favorite. There are some pictures that need unlocking with jewels but those are quite easy to earn from coloring all the other pictures so give it a try, I’m pretty certain you’ll be happy you did.
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5 years ago, CarrieS695
Fun and relaxing
This coloring app is calming and relaxing. I like the range of pictures you can “color.” There is a wide range of difficulties, from very simple pieces with just a few colors to exceedingly intricate pieces with over 70 different colors. Some of the things I like are that you can stop in the middle of a project and come back to it without loosing your work to that point. You can ‘play’ by finding all of one color at a time or by coloring in sections at a time, going between colors. And if you cannot find the last small bit of a color, which can happen in very intricate pieces, you can get a few hints. You can get more hints by coloring more pictures or coloring a certain number of pictures in each category. One of the biggest draws for many people are the semi-photorealistic or 3D pictures where instead of just colors you are coloring similar colored sections of an almost 3D picture. These aren’t my personal favorite, but many people love them.
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6 years ago, leahnmiami
I love it!!!
This a wonderful coloring app. The pictures are absolutely amazing and it’s a great way to pass time. I like that you can color without having to buy a subscription. I do have one issue though which is why I rated four stars instead of five. The pictures are so detailed with such small parts that you cannot see the numbers within the spaces even if you’re zoomed completely out. I just spent a couple of hours on one pic that should’ve taken way less time if all the numbers were visible. I literally had to watch ad after ad to complete the pic which got to be very annoying. I would like to have a way to accumulate hints instead of the one ad one hint as it is now because many of the pics have the same issue with the missing numbers and it would be nice if you didn’t have to watch so many ads or touch number after number to find the correct place to color. Fix these few bugs and I’ll change my rating to a five. Other than those few issues I would highly recommended this app.
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4 years ago, loves some things
Great game but....
I like this game it’s very fun but I have realized that the is no black people im a black girl but if you add more you get more stuff and more players I just don’t like that there’s all whites I like everything else. I have one more consurn I have no idea how the jigsaw works I am new to the game and you should mabye put some instructions because I had no idea how it works I would also want to suggest that you can make a badge icon because you can only get to them by like getting pictures done so I just would like to see them Also the hints they are not easy to get and i think you should put something on the corner and you watch a video then get a hint and one more thing i like some of the pictures but the thing is I can’t enjoy them that much because there’s so very tiny spaces I can’t see very well and so I have to use a hint and for me personally I like saving things in every game you save stuff like fashion designer games I save a lot of money so I would love it if you just fix those but the quality great and it’s a good game but needs some work done
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3 years ago, fat lil chicken nugget
Very good app but severe lag issues
So i have looked at some other reviews regarding this subject. When i first downloaded the game, on my IPhone 7 it ran perfectly fine, that is, for an hour. Until it started to lag, really, really badly. So i closed the app and restarted it, thinking it could be better. But it wasent, and it got worse. So when i had enough of it. I closed the app and went to watch some YT. However, i found out that it wasent just the app lagging, it was making my ENTIRE phone slow and laggy, it never did that before i downloaded it. So, i deleted it, hoping i would have better luck next time… i just got a new phone XR and re- downloaded the app, i thought that because it was a newer phone, it would run smoother, but after 20 minutes of using the app, that same exact thing happend, now my phone cannot run properly because of the app. I really hope you can fix this in the future because its a really really good game and it calms me down whenever im having an anxiety attack. Deepest wishes to you all! ❤️
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3 years ago, hanging_with_my_gnomies
This app is literally THE BEST for calming, entertainment, and getting in a relaxing coloring mood! There are soo many pictures so i don't have to worry about running out of things to do and they keep adding new stuff every day! :) There are even some lovely pictures you can color to music with! There are lots of variety of pictures too, like theres nature, space, animals, characters(my fav), quotes and more. Also after you finish a picture it goes in a place where you can easily find them again or re-color them if you want. Also a spot for ones you just started so you can go back and finish them. Its free so there are ads but its totally worth it! The only thing that I would say to add to this app is that it would be pretty great if you could search for a type of picture you want to color, instead of scrolling in a some categories. But other than that this game is a big 5 stars! :D
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3 years ago, RedGallo
There is so much to say about this game I can set my drawings as my profile picture like my Lock Screen and Home Screen amazing right?!?? I love coloring and to draw in real life I am very good at it to. I love to draw dogs cats all animals it’s so fun you should get it and you will be so amazed by this game. I love so much how calm it makes me feel if you like to feel clam this is the game for you! I love how realistic some of the coloring pages look those are the ones I really love to set as my profile picture.I love how it has ever different kind of things to color like dark things, kawaii things, animal things, nature things, so many I love it so if I ever change my style this coloring game got me covered to change my iPad Home or Lock Screen. That’s is why this is the best coloring game ever made in the world download it now and start having fun and be clam!!!!!! Don’t ask how I took the time to right this all in time.
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4 years ago, lLinaaaas
Great game but a few small problems
So I got this game like three months ago and it is soooo my favorite game on my phone!!! It is so satisfying and calming and is a great way to spend my time. However, there are a few things that make my game experience a little less enjoyable: first of all, when I tap on a pic to paint, it either lets me do it immediately, or I have to watch an ad to get it. Sometimes when I watch the ad, it doesn’t let me close out of it, and I have to start all over with the game. Also when I am painting a picture, an ad always comes up at the bottom of the screen, I can’t close it, and it makes the whole game lag and I have to close out the game after like every color. So could you please at least make the ads at the bottom closeable if not getting rid of them? I so do not wanna have my game crash but I don’t want to pay for no ads! It would be nice if you fixed those issues. Otherwise you have created the best app ever and I am enjoying it so much even with a lot of ads!!!
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4 years ago, titanium emoji
Good, but.......
I think that Paint by number is an amazing app!! I love the artwork and how you can color it, but I wish you didn’t charge as much, as it costs about 69 dollars per year if you want the full version. I feel like advertising it as a free app and then putting in a bunch of ads is kind of frustrating, though most of the coloring makes up for it. I just ask to lower the price to buy the full version because I would definitely buy it if it wasn’t so expensive. And I know that you have other alternatives like paying 6 bucks per week or something like that, but still I think it’s really expensive. I suggest you make the app an app that you pay because you already have the really good reviews, and an amazing app, but I feel like making people pay 5 or 6 dollars for the full version would be better or when you buy it would be better. Thanks for consideration!
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5 years ago, AnonymousTraveler
Great app but not working anymore
I love this app. It’s great for passing the time, isn’t overloaded with ads, and the pictures are pretty aesthetically pleasing. The one thing that’s driving me up a wall though is that when I’m using this app it’ll turn off audio from other apps (music, podcast, etc.). Sometimes it goes minutes with no issues, then other times two seconds after hitting play my audio fades out again. Because it’s intermittent even on the same picture and the sound fades out as it does with video ads I’m wondering if it’s somehow connected to the banner ads at the bottom of the page. This only happens with this specific app. It would definitely be five stars otherwise, but I just don’t enjoy trying to relax with filling out pictures if I have to do so in silence. Edit: Something must have changed recently because now every time I watch an ad the screen goes black when the picture is supposed to come up. I know this is a great app because I’ve been using it for a while, but this really needs to be fixed. It’s unusable right now, at least with the pictures I’ve tried. 😞
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3 years ago, super tangy
You have restored my dream of becoming a painter
This is was made specifically for me because it had all the things I wanted! Cars because I’m a fan of cars, and painting! I have to say this is a phenomenal game. Before I downloaded this game, back in 4th grade people said I’m a nerd because I got the best grades in my class and that all I would care about is math a rocket science. This nearly completely shattered my dream of becoming a painter. Until I saw your add, I saw your could paint and color by tapping the assigned number. I quickly downloaded this app and I saw a light of newfound confidence. I have been on this app for more than a week and I’ve already been coloring cars, animals and so much more. I really do recommend this app if you either like coloring or want to become a painter one day just like me :D! But as I was saying overall great game, and thanks for restoring my dream in becoming a painter. Cheers! -Michael
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3 months ago, Ladybirdsong
Great Coloring App only needs one improvement
I’ve been using Paint by Number Coloring App for over a year and I truly enjoy using it along with one other coloring app I started at about the same time. One category I use the most is the Zentangle. Frankly I’m surprised the people who created the Zentangle technique hasn’t brought suit against you as I believe their name ‘Zentangle’ is protected by copyright laws. The one improvement I referred to is that after enduring the advertisements which come up regularly we are rewarded with only 1 credit. The other coloring app I use gives 2 credits for watching an advertisement that runs only 30 seconds whereas Paint by Number’s advertising runs a minimum of 1 minute & sometimes more. Really? Plus the other coloring app lets you mute their commercials’ sound without having to silence your phone’s ringer. Come on, what’s that about? In spite of this I enjoy using your free app & I appreciate it availability. Thank you…
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1 year ago, hanchewy27
Amazing Game!! But I have a request.
This is truly an amazing and fun game and it was built and designed really well. If you are stressed, bored or even have nothing to do and you enjoy coloring and doing paint by numbers than this is definitely the best choice for you. This game has wonderful coloring pages that you can do and it also lets you get hints by watching adds. If you don’t know what hints are they are the things that you can use if you don’t know where you are supposed to be painting. I do have one request for the game… that request is that they add a sports categorie to the other amazing categories. I am requesting this because I personally don’t do any sports but I enjoy watching sports and watching my friends do sports. Another thing that I am asking is that this app adds more sports pictures because while I have had this app I have only come upon one sports picture and that’s all. The only bad thing that I have to say about this game is that there are so many Adds. I get Adds when I click on a picture to color and when I finish a picture and want to go color another picture. But to end this off Other than the Adds this is an amazing and wonderfully designed game that is very fun and makes the time go by faster. I hope that this stuff gets put into the game and that everyone enjoys playing this game.
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4 years ago, KenziePig13
Love this app so much!😄
Me and my friend both have this app and have agreed it’s amazing! I’ve only had it for 3 days and have already done over 50 pictures, super addictive. Everything about it is very nice. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and gorgeous and make for great wallpapers! I love how there’s so much different stuff for you to paint so whatever your into this app has it. The colors are amazing and so cool! I also love how everything is sorted into categories so you can find things easily and quick, like me I love to do the animals and there’s a category for that which is really nice. I love how there’s new pictures every day it keeps you wanting to play it even more! There’s really only one thing that upsets me its that I know that you can buy for no ads but the amount of ads that pop up is pretty annoying, but other than that it’s amazing would recommend to anyone!
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2 months ago, GhostedbyBluee
I love this app so much and it keeps me regulated and it’s like therapy for my emotions. The only thing I’m not liking is the fact that, when I color all the spots of one number, it no longer automatically goes to the next number. I have to click on the next number to start the next color. It wasn’t like that last time I downloaded this game. I had this game downloaded on my other phone, but that phone is broken, so I downloaded on this phone now. That’s how much I love this app. But other then the fact that it no longer automatically goes to the next number, this app is perfectly perfect. Well for me it is, others may not like it but I love it. I just hope y’all can bring back making it to where when you’re coloring one color and your finish that one color, it automatically goes to the next number without me having to click it. That way it’s still simple and easy and enjoyable.
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2 months ago, MagsandSoph
My second choice
I love the color by number games. They are relaxing and enjoyable and often feature beautiful artwork. This is my second choice of favorites. The only reason it has second choice is many of the pictures I would like to color cost me. There are, however, free coins available by watching videos. and if you want to get clues or need a clue to finish a picture, be prepared to watch 60 second video and just lots of videos and ads. This would be my first choice if the videos were a little shorter or would change up now and then. But 60 seconds is a really long time when other sites have 15 seconds or 30 second ads. And the biggest reason this is so problematic is because it's very easy to accidentally touch something that send your app into an ad. The pictures are lovely. Something for everyone.
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