Palm Reader & Daily Horoscope+

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Palm Reader & Daily Horoscope+

4.31 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Chris Subie Lover
I like it
I was blown away at how accurate it was. First palm reading said exactly who I was. Said I would turn to corrupt ways and have had long periods of unemployment. Considering I haven’t worked in 10 years and was a dealer that’s pretty accurate. Also said in same reading that I need to keep trying and will find a dream job soon. I am enrolled in school and was thinking I’d have a great career soon. Literally hit on everything on the first reading. Blew me away. And you do NOT need to download that scanner app that it asks you to. It’s not a free app and you do not need it for this app to work. I just wish there weren’t so many ads. Like sooo soooo sooooo sooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo many ads. Like so sooooo sooooooooo soooooooooo many
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1 year ago, JessicaACOOL
Plastic Surgeon
This app is great and it surprisingly told me that I liked art. I think this app is suitable for telling your fortune in life. I really want to be a plastic surgeon when I grow up. I think I will of course in times have have some struggles and some success, although throughout my life doing this occupation. This app also said that my main goal in life is to help others. This app said that I was passionate about Mike successes and that I would succeed. This is a really good app if you want to know your fortune, so download it now! There are lotta ads and and popping five second, I don’t really like them but that might not be a complaint really, it’s still a good app tho!☺️☺️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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8 months ago, Baby.astro
too many ads
The amount of ads drive you nuts. They are long ads and one behind the other, so many that your phone freezes and you have to close the app and open it. Plus I really dont like how you answer questions about your hand on the palm reading section bc Obviously im not a professional, my lines may seem vague to what the question is and there are no examples, either way at the end of the question you scan your hand so idk why not do that from the beginning. I feel like my answers weren’t so accurate because i may have answered wrong. Also at first the hand i felt like the app was telling me to read was the right hand since the thumb on the drawing seemed right sided but once you do the scanning it asks to scan the left hand since the thumb is left sided… also a little confusing. But i feel like the overall worst part are the ads….
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12 months ago, 🥔Sasha Braus🥔
It’s alright
When I saw the app I thought oh, it can read my plam! When I made me account I was unpleasantly surprised that it in fact it couldn’t. In stead they give you pictures on how to do it yourself.:( The other aspects were as what they advertised. The app was easy to navigate and not hard to use. I like the fact they update things daily and give you advice for the day and the day following. As for the information itself is was pretty accurate. However they were a handfull amount of ads but what app these days don’t have adds yk? Over i’d say it is not that bad but I was really disappointed it couldn’t read my hand.
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6 years ago, JokiGirl
Good for the Bare Bones
I don't think this application is particularly helpful if you're looking for it to tell you about yourself. I feel this app is much more useful as a tool for those who want to know a little about reading palms ourselves. Granted, this not a 101, but it does give you a feel for the placement and look of each line and mount, as well as several variations of what most of these look like. It won't show you every variation (of course), but it gave me enough of a feel that, if I looked at someone's palm, I could probably place them at or in-between one dominant pattern or pair of patterns, and get an idea of what that meant from there. As for the meanings that are provided, I didn't think anything much of them. Overall, though, that wasn't what I ended up needing from this app, so I didn't much care.
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5 years ago, 😁☀️😁
It is so Accurate it is Scary
Once I opened the app I thought I was going to find a hidden fee to use the apps features. I was wrong. This app is totally free, but there were a lot of advertisements. These advertisements did become annoying after they continuously came up. I did however enjoy using the app and found it was very accurate and easy to use. A recommendation to the apps creators would be to possibly give more examples on what palm line was what. (Ex: heart line, I had no idea what that was and was lost when answering the questions.) Overall I did enjoy the app and recommend to people looking for a good app.
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5 years ago, brifix
Great app
I love this app but after the headline all the line readings below it won’t open. Each time I tried it just keeps telling me to make sure I’m connected to the internet but I already am. I deleted the app and am re-downloading it hoping that it fixes the problem but I’m pretty sure it’s something with the app that needs to be fixed. Aside from that however, I absolutely love it. There are little things that would make it even better but I think it’s pretty accurate and I enjoy using it to read not just my own palm but other peoples too!:)
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2 years ago, softball mom#72
Accurate; too many ads.
It seems pretty accurate, but the amount of ads is irritating. Not much bothers me, but all the ads on this app does! And no, it won’t induce me to purchase a premium subscription. It will make me not go to it much. Only if I have something else going on and time to waste. Or the ads will make me delete the app completely. This is one of the most annoying apps I’ve ever downloaded because of the ads. Can you tell I’ve been using the app for 90 minutes today? I’ve had it for two weeks; I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how much longer I’ll keep it.
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2 months ago, youdecideone
Wrong wrong wrong
My better half is a Capricorn and so I was trying to check out compatibilities and such but when I entered him as a Capricorn and then myself……or ANYONE else all that was included was info for Scorpio and whomever! I don’t care about Scorpio when I’m trying to see Capricorn! You don’t even have the correct dates for Capricorn listed! As well as Capricorn seems non-existent because I went through each one thinking you just had it in the wrong place but nope……Scorpio is in there twice! I hope with this update that is fixed…..perhaps I’ll change my review if it is.
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1 year ago, Murkfury
It’s OK
So I actually kinda like it! I get curious about myself but there’s two things I don’t like 😥😥😥 so the first thing is these things keep popping up on my screen😥 last one I keep getting ads every time I go in one so the game is a little bit annoying but I also kind a like it? for some reason. even though there’s ads I I still kind of like the game so I still play it but I just don’t really like it but I still recommend playing it It’s pretty cool though
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5 months ago, unicorngirliscute123
It’s ok
I was so excited to see this app read my palm, because my friend reads my palm and she is only a beginner so she doesn’t know that much and I want to be a palm reader too. So I got this app and it’s nice how it makes an account for you and I clicked and one filled out the questions and then it said take a photo. So I did, it said it didn’t catch the photo, I tried every single angle but still nothing I just hope next time it works, but I see other reviews and they say it works so yeah but it is a good app for you to see your future.
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3 years ago, mybabesbabe
Constant ad pop ups
I would have rated it a 5 but those annoying ads. Constantly popping up, it really gets annoying. But once I actually wasn’t interrupted with ads and read everything it said, I was actually surprised. 98% of what it said was true. Freaked me out a bit but it actually was an eye opening experience.
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5 years ago, Not good one bit
Very accurate!! Should try!!
This app is GREAT! It is VERY accurate!! If you are thinking on getting it you really should! The only problems are (and no app is perfect) it doesn’t really explain how to do it. I mean it does but it’s still kinda hard. (for me at least🙃🙃) Sometimes it’s hard to understand the question it’s asking you. Overall it’s a great app and I 100 percent recommend getting the app! Great job creators of this game and keep up th great work! 💖💗😀😀
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4 years ago, idk112233445
Wow really accurate
U should buy this app for sure, no adds. And it’s just really fun. Creators I only have one complaint is that it won’t let me watch an add for additional readings. If u could fix that that would make it awesome. Other than that everyone reading should get this app. I like never write reviews even for Roblox but this app deserves one. So I would say a perfect 5 for this app and I hope you add on it and make it even better!
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5 years ago, HewoItzMe
Ads will NOT CLOSE
So I was doing the mount of mercury and about 3 seconds after I clicked it an ad showed up, it was a watch for 5 seconds and close, so reasonably I waited 5 seconds and clicked the close. To my surprise the ad wouldn’t close, so I waited until the ad finished and hope for it to go away. It didn’t so I closed the app and re-opened it, I tried again for mount of mercury and another ad (5 second watch until close) and tried to close after 5 seconds, it still wouldn’t close. At that point I reset the app and the pattern repeated. So I deleted the app and I refuse to get it. Would not recommend.
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4 years ago, Cookie cup
Amazing how true it is
After I did the palm tests, it was SO true how it described me and it was amazing and I was so surprised that it actually worked!!! But one thing is that when I was supposed to choose how my head line looked it was actually two of the things combined so I wasn’t sure which one I was supposed to pick 🤔 because my head line started from my life line AND was forked.
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5 years ago, coolcoolcoolcoolslayyyyqueeenn
I think this is a great app especially because I’ve learned a lot about my self that I never new just by using this app! It shows you both goods and bads in life but it tells you what good you end up doing and bad which is good cause at least you’ll be expecting something, so yea I HIGHLY recommend you use this app because it shows a lot and it will warn you and aware you of the amazing future that’s ahead!!!
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1 year ago, zhshh the jcc
This is so accurate! When I was on name secrets,I was looking at the negatives, yes,I will admit it sometimes I am foolhardy! And it said I was sensitive! I am so sensitive! It told me about my love life, and it was so cool! And it kept talking about my intelligence and responsibility, like I am part of the special kids class! And I am a reading level S in second grade! And! It was freeeeeeeeeeeee! Download now!
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5 years ago, Writer reveiwer
It feels as if This app is very close in contact with me, It’s very accurate, Every Reading I’ve done was Fully accurate and I extremely recommend getting this Amazing app. It might sound weird but this app has gotten me exited for what’s to come, I hope you Try this app, It’s Amazing in many way’s, If the creator Is reading this -Probs not- Then Thank You For making this App. Astonishing.
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6 years ago, sargeant link
It’s a mediocre app. Downloaded it for curiosities sake and was pleasantly surprised by its simple efficient interface. The illustrations were a plus. BUT every time you open another part of the app a pop up for a dating app with live vid of some half dressed girl appears with no option but to wait 5 seconds to skip it. I’m sorry but not everyone in the world is so doggedly desperate. And how can such lewd advertisements appear on an app with a 4+ rating? They don’t even give you the option to not watch it! Conclusion: has potential but ultimately feels like another money making scam.
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2 months ago, Marshmallow Melodi
So accurate!
I used the app and it was so accurate! They said that I get nervous easily and that is so true! Plus, they said I will face some really sad problems and that is true because, my sister is soon going to leave for college and I have been crying a lot lately about that! Plz download this app it is AMAZING!❤️
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2 years ago, hazel l bailey
Not super accurate
It told me I was a “selfish lover” and I “don’t care for people around me,” yet all I do is help people and am pretty selfless. The only thing it was pretty accurate on was the fact that I don’t have super clear ambitions. I would give this app three stars, but the selfish lover thing made me realize it wasn’t as accurate as I thought it’d be. Then again, this could be something deep down inside that I probably ignore. Plus, I’m also not that into astrology or anything relating to it.
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6 years ago, MommaOfMayhem
Good app
I like this app a lot. You get about half the info before you have to pay and there are no pop ups. They could use a few more options for types of lines in each category to really make this app great. It reminds me of this great palmistry book I once read and can’t find anymore. Tempted to pay to unlock the whole app (and I never pay for anything)!
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4 years ago, $$Animal town$$
So accurate
This app is amazing. I feel like the app can see my soul and not in a creepy scary way. When I did the palm readings and learned about my birth tree, flower, and all about my birth it knew that I was kind, caring person. I would recommend to anyone to download the app. You will get to learn about things you don’t even know about yourself.
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6 months ago, Muffinsqueakers
Accurate, but too much ads
This app told me my personality based on my zodiac. Every trait it said was 100% true. But the only thing I dislike was the ads. Every time i go to a new trait, for example: Birth Month to Birth Day, it gives me a long ad I cannot skip that repeats over and over. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
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1 year ago, lady lion 123456789
Omg i love it
This game is so relaxing it describes me perfectly in every reading I will never delete this game I just love it so much you don’t have to pay for your Palm to be read like when you go to a person to do it I just love this game I definitely think you should download it
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4 months ago, Tapoutboy23
It is a really good game because I get to know all about my zodiac sign and about my family and friends zodiac sign thanks for the app and I don’t know what the title stands for but I just put some of my name/ nickname because I don’t want to put my full name but every one it is a good app in my opinion
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5 months ago, kaydn.a
It is amazing
Most of the things they were telling me were true! I thought it would be a boring app that just gives information but it’s not. It is very accurate. 10 out of 10 I highly recommend. :)
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1 year ago, apwolfbrynn
It’s great but
All was going well with the app until my friend got a profile and her marriage reading said the same as mine this app had already been getting annoying because of all the ads so I decided to delete it p.s. it’s kinda phony
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2 years ago, hhf up tchjzeuftv at
So at first I was like “ meh this is ok.” Until I took a deeper look and realized how good this was it was hard at first but I officially found out what zodiac types I should be friends with ( I’m a Gemini) and I found actual nice friends who supported me ( I’m still friends with my other friend she’s a Virgo.) TYSM for making this app!
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5 years ago, corallilacdream
Genuinely good app
Most of the apps out there have fake good reviews and are actually bad, except for this one. I am in love with this app. Obviously I used it on all of my friends and family. They love it too. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a great palm reading app. Just a disclaimer, it doesn’t ACTUALLY read your palm for you.
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2 years ago, G.Rucks
Informative but…
SO MANY DANG ADVERTISEMENTS! The advertisements for OTHER palm reading apps was so unwelcoming and presented themselves every single time I did something else. The ads alone are going to make me remove the app. *update* I was contacted by the developer that they have to have SO MANY ADS so they can get revenue. -excellent to know their stance. My assessment? DONT DOWNLOAD unless you love ads because you’ll get one between each step you try to do. I removed a star of the rating after the contact I received.
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4 years ago, Amazing game very addicting!;)
Very accurate!
Unlike other apps like this, it’s totally free. Yes, a lot of advertisements but it’s totally worth it. I’ve always dreamed of going into a government type of field and when I did the career category, it said exactly that. It’s scary how accurate it is and I definitely recommend this app!!
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5 years ago, knkillion
Unusable, Immediate Crash
I attempted to leave this info via the form submission on your website, but it wouldn’t send. I just downloaded the Palm Reading app and it crashes immediately upon tapping “Get Started”. I have a crash log if you’d like it, but I’d need to attach it via email. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iOS 13.1.3. I was looking forward to messing around with this app :( I hope you know the source of the crash. Sorry I have to leave a one star but the app is unusable and I’m unable to reach the developers.
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3 years ago, E1L2L3I4
Good but there is some problems
Ok I like the app but there are some issues. DOWNLOAD THIS APP first of all. just be aware of some problems. 1. whenever you tap on anything inside the daily horoscope section the app shuts down. 2. All the sections having to do with relationships and romance only show heterosexual relationships. 3. When you choose female it gives different characteristics than male, but when you chose the “prefer not to say option” it just recognizes you as a male, 4. There is a glitch in the career section. It’s says day of birth is a Friday but I was born on a Thursday.
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5 years ago, annabearrrr
I love this app. It’s everything I need and want but without all the extra unnecessary stuff the other apps have. It’s all about palm reading, gives good accurate readings IF you do it right and really study your palm. Also, it’s free and the ads are not intrusive at all. Thanks
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4 years ago, fernando the sheep
Not true
We all know (should know) that this stuff isn’t true example: i was testing my mom on this app and it said a bunch of true stuff buUtT i did it in a different way and it said the same thing and I am not like my mom at all. Also for me it always says my HUSBAND will be wealthy and will break up early in life and stuff like that, I am not into boys so please change it and just say you will be married to him/her or just married cause there are a lot of gays out there that are probably offended.
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7 years ago, TheWallFlowerx
Needs improvements
Sometimes it would get the predictions pretty accurate but other it was way off biased on what I know about myself. I also thought that the directions were a bit hard to follow. This was especially true when my lines followed either none or several of the options they gave.
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2 years ago, LeviVaughn
Some confusions
So I thought it would scan my hand and see these results but I only saw the things that would tell me about the results it didn’t show me the results but at least I know all the things about my name
Show more
3 weeks ago, mom3aurora
Pop up adds
I like the fact that it’s for free. I wasn’t expecting that. I can’t stand the pop up adds. They are so bad that you can’t x them out, you in fact have to close the entire app and start from the very beginning. So that’s a bit frustrating. The results I think are a bit generic. I don’t think they are truly reading your palm. So I think taking your picture at the end is just for show.
Show more
5 years ago, lexit2019
Prepare to be amazed
I can’t say enough good things about this app, the readings are spot on and very specific. Way better than any of the other computer run palm scanners. Easy to use and there are no in app purchases. I love this app, and would recommend it to anyone.
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5 years ago, Beyond furious.
I like this app, it guides you along and lets you analyze your own hand and seems to be pretty accurate. The levels that are locked can be unlocked by watching adds. I’ll take that over other more expensive apps.
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2 years ago, elise1233458374749836
So at first I was bored and was just downloading random stuff,(This was a week ago). But then some of the stuff it was telling me actually came true! I was shocked, and I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or not but this app is amazing 🤩
Show more
5 years ago, whosjosey
Ads prevent readings.
Had to keep restarting the app after each click because an ad would never fail to pop up and make it freeze. You can try to click out of them allll you want but they’re not going anywhere. I finally got through one section after a half hour of trying, for only TWO SENTENCES. I understand the need to place ads as a means to profit, seeing as how it is free, but NOT if it comprises the ability to actually USE the app.
Show more
3 years ago, Cmerck
Awesome app!
So, I got this and I learned a ton about myself! I don’t believe the palm reading part, but I believe everything else in this app. Such as how I’m a libra and stuff. And I had used this app on other cousins and friends to see their good traits. GET THIS APP!!!
Show more
4 years ago, munihorn
I love this app
I love this app it’s amazing I love reading about my self and all of it is pretty accurate but there is a lot of add which is a little annoying but over all the app is pretty good and there is no in app purchases!!!
Show more
5 months ago, Traycie143
Ok app
I was kind of sad to see that this app doesn’t have a lot to offer. I did like, however, that this app does not include any subscription unlike all the other apps I tried. I don’t think that this app is very accurate, but I would say that it is worth a try if you’re ever feeling bored.
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2 months ago, galaxydestroyer69
Serves its purpose great, far too many ads.
The app overall is excellent, you can choose which specific lines you want to know about, and much more. The big downside is the constant ads.
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7 years ago, Kore area
I️ was just looking to get a free reading (even though I️ don’t believe in this crap) so I️ wasn’t gonna pay for it like you have to do for all the other apps and to see a real palm reader (idk what they’re called) and this gave me (FOR FREE) all I️ wanted to know.
Show more
4 years ago, rstheoneandonly
At first I looked at other apps like this one, and they all had a fee to use it. But this one was free. It was also extremely accurate. I was surprised that it was. I had a great time with this app. I recommend it highly.
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