Palmetto Citizens FCU

4.2 (722)
3.8 MB
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Current version
Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Palmetto Citizens FCU

4.19 out of 5
722 Ratings
4 years ago, Mrjk47
A very modern update, but...
The new update is a major overhaul and improvement over the previous mobile banking app. It provides much more info and features that you can find with larger financial institutions. It really brought the PCFCU app into the current mobile banking era. BUT... unlike the online banking web interface, mobile banking does not allow custom views to be setup, so all of the accounts my name is on are listed in my default view. It seems locked on the assets/liabilities view. I have to scroll down through all the clutter to get to my main account. It is nice that i can do a quick-view of my main account balances, but it would be useful to have the same ability to set a different default view on mobile, like you can using online banking.
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2 years ago, Addled Adult
Usually works great!
The only drawback is that the edeposits don’t always go through ( typically because it doesn’t read the endorsement or something else with the check image). Otherwise, it’s very easy to use and helps me keep track of my finances.
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2 years ago, Evian Lawson
Great bank
I absolutely love banking with them and of course having the app makes banking even easier. I can pay on my credit card and car loan that are both financed with them without having to use external sites. Just move funds between accounts and sign out. It makes banking less of a hassle and much easier to keep up with. Every time I go into a branch I’m greeted with enthusiasm and helped with the greatest professionalism. Making the switch back to a credit union was the best thing I could have done for my banking experience.
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4 years ago, hayleelove
This app is making me switch banks
Palmetto citizens app was recently updated. The edeposit feature was the only thing keeping me from moving to a larger bank and closing my account here. When the updated the app this feature is no longer working. There’s a bug that takes you to a blank blue screen after you take a photo of the front of the check. Looks like some midlands tech computer science students made this app in a weekend. It might look prettier but it’s not functional. They shouldn’t have released this and gotten rid of the older more functional version without A/B testing..... that would have immediately shown the problem with one of the most popular features on the app. Palmetto citizens, you’ve lost my business.
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2 months ago, KaBoomFantastic
Honestly a great app
I’m young and a stickler for app interface quality as well as functionality. I’ve always felt like the app has a solid foundation and certainly works well. I can’t recall a time when I haven’t been able to do anything I needed and whenever it goes down for maintenance or whatever they always give plenty of advance warning so it is never sprung out of nowhere.
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8 months ago, Stjacqueline
No Surprise…a Great Bank Has a Great App
I am completely impressed with every aspect of Palmetto Citizen as a business entity. From the assorted offers in various essential life needs to customer service, I believe choosing this bank has been one of my best life decisions. The App never fails in availability or accuracy. It allows access to even the offers made for a plethora of services available. I remain a grateful customer!
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3 months ago, Ctt1955
I’ve been a member for over 28+ years, and not once have I had an issue (knock on wood). I was ecstatic when they came out with the app, as I can actively check my online account information! The few times I’ve visited the actual Bank facility, it was very clean and had the most helpful tellers. Thank you Palmetto Citizens for the care you give your customers!
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5 years ago, Theodore Henning
The app is missing key features that modern banking apps have, especially finger print authentication. On top of that, the app is clunky, slow, and the font is difficult to read. Authenticating is cumbersome. It’s almost as if the app is just a Segway to the banking website which of course is not optimized for mobile. Buttons need to be bigger and more touch friendly. The app needs to be better organized and simple for more robust performance. All in all, it lets you see your balance and transfer money, but it’s so cumbersome I’d rather just do it on my computer. Palmetto citizens is a wonderful Credit Union but this app needs an overhaul!
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2 years ago, Hotrod126
Great Banking App
I absolutely love this app. Banking at PCFCU has been great. I can proudly say that every associate, that has helped me at some point, were ultimate professionals. Traditional banks cannot come close to the rates or services offered at Palmetto Citizens. My relationship with PCFCU dates back to 1988. With the modern technology improvements they have made, I look forward to doing business with them for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Palancelot
Great when it works
When this app works, I would rated a nine out of 10. It gives me just about everything I need to be able to take care of my finances. However, more recently I find myself unable to access my accounts at certain times during the day, no matter what I do. Sometimes I think maybe my phone’s acting up, so I’ll restart the phone and it does the same thing. I’ll login, it will go to the choose account screen, I choose, then it’s a blank gray screen. I really wish it would work great, but at this stage it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, ottershaw20
Easy to use...
Have been using Palmetto Citizen’s app since it was first introduced and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a member of this Credit Union or thinking about changing their banking. Of course their employees are more than helpful if there is a need to do business with them in person.
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4 weeks ago, Gilbert SC
Nice & Easy…
The app works great, it’s quick and provides access to all my accounts allowing me the check status in seconds. Transferring between accounts, making payments, it’s all fast and easy right at your fingertips!
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1 year ago, TalleyMarkk
Great App, Great Credit Union
Very easy to understand and I really appreciate the ease since the latest update the biometrics grant access faster, and I also noticed a few subtle changes which were great as well. Love this credit union I have no complaints.
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1 year ago, Disappointed1234456789
The new update
They made changes to the mobile app that lock your mobile account if you are one day late. No notifications were sent prior. Why have a grace period if you aren’t going to honor it? Making payments more difficult doesn’t help. After posting this the bank did respond asking me to help them troubleshoot the issue. I tried that prior to posting this. Let’s just leave it at this: they were less than helpful.
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2 months ago, Love, Grace, Forgiven
Dr. N. Perry
Thanks for being here for us. Have been a member since 1969 and loved how you have always been there for me in need. Always a friendly helpful staff. I use the Lexington office. Please don’t change your way of dealing with your customers.
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9 months ago, Mtn Priss
So easy to use!!
I’m able to check my accounts and transfer between them and now use the mobile deposit feature, very easily!! Am thankful for the app!!
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1 year ago, Byars007
Don’t even think about it !
PCFCU is the most unprofessional organization that I have had the experience of TRYING to deal with ! Their customer service is non-extant ! It is impossible to get in touch with them by phone within what anyone would think a reasonable amount of time ! Their online services are unreliable or non-existent ! I will be moving my accounts to under my mattress ! It will be better than what I have experienced !
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2 years ago, Tjhotmomma
I love this App!!!
I love that I can do everything that I need to do from my phone!!! I haven’t been in a branch in over a year!! This makes it so easy to transfer funds, pay bills and just keep up with transactions!!
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3 years ago, Mr. Taterman
Thanks for the convenience
I have had the app for a couple of years now, and really have no problem with it (except when we were getting out 3rd stimulus checks). It opens easily, I can find what I’m looking for, and I’m good.
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4 years ago, SardiNation
The new PCFCU app is horrible! I love Palmetto Citizens but the new app falls short of what you would expect for mobile banking in 2019. It lacks stability, looks antiquated and is not intuitive. I’m disappointed that PCFCU took the route of trying to reinvent the wheel (by developing its own app) instead of licensing an app that has already been proven. I would have preferred to see my credit union stick to what it knows how to do best (offer financial services to its members) and outsource the app to a reputable vendor.
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2 months ago, Soob4
I love the set up of the app. I get frustrated with having to constantly go back in for the thumb security. I’m knocked out of the system and have to through the whole process again and again. It’s almost 15-20 times yearly. If that is fixed it’s definitely a 5 star.
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2 years ago, SE Branch Patron
Long time user
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years. It was a life saver during the pandemic, and now I still use remote deposit. I find it easy to use, and I am a senior citizen!
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3 years ago, DogMomSC
Love this app!
Helps me keep up with instant account updates. It is very intuitive! Wish we could see credit card payments within the app instead of going to different site.
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1 year ago, evancowboyrn
Truly user friendly
This app is by far the least complicated fully functional banking app. It has been a great value to my business
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6 months ago, Jonesoopsie
Love this bank & App
In these uncertain times with the banking industry I am so very proud to be a part of a bank that puts my worries at ease. And being able to do my banking through this app is the icing on the cake.
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1 year ago, patsme
Bill pay
I would love to be able to pay my bills without being charged for each transaction.
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8 months ago, $Golfsmack
App is great
I love my bank. When I started banking with them over 6 years ago, my credit was really bad. I took the advice the lady gave me, my credit is now phenomenal. Thanks PFCU!
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2 years ago, LYKSP
Those who rate this a 5 have obviously never used another institutions app. We are coming from another bank and we utilize mobile banking and mobile check deposit often. The experience we have had so far with the app is just down right embarrassing and ridiculous. Seriously considering leaving just as fast as we got here.
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1 year ago, nduehenkd
Good but….
The app is fine but is experienced a lot of issues sometimes connecting to your account. Has bugs it needs to fix
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1 year ago, ashnicole88
Great App.
Palmetto really makes banking easy and their app really helps. It literally has everything you need in it to see balances, makes transfers, etc. 👍🏼
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7 months ago, HappyAppleGuy
Finally an app the whole family can use, INCLUDING my 87yr old dad. Grateful for the hard work you did making this work so well and easily. Thank you!
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2 years ago, 1970tonyp
Not even close to modern
Attempted at least 20 times t mobile deposits check into my account. Did everything the app asked and then some. I have determined that it would be easier to perform cardiac surgery blindfolded than to mobile deposit funds. Oh and try linking outside accounts...yeah...not happening.
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1 year ago, Flava Sava 83
It is the worst app i have! It logs me out sometimes immediately, or only after less than 10 seconds. Not sure if i can stay logged in longer than that. If you don’t want money transaction to disappear after having less than $100 un checking you have to take a screen shot for them to stay. Completely dishonest!!
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3 years ago, Annamp85
Not the best
Not amazing but manageable. I had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do the app and now it is easier. I still have a hard time adding anyone else to the account and that is frustrating to my husband. I am the only one with access. The two times I tried to add him It just was too confusing.
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1 year ago, Lrush2371
Better app
App is working much better than previous version. Easier to use and no problems with access.
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6 years ago, T.Duckett
Good app, but....
I can't see my pending deposit from my job. I have to wait till 5 pm when it's in to see much I have. Please help!! I called and asked the bank what's the problem? They say they're working on fixing it
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2 years ago, sceagle
Great improvement!
The mobile app is so easy to use; it is better than any of my other banking apps.
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1 year ago, MoodyMom:-)
I have used this banking app from the beginning. I find it to be user friendly. No problems!
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5 years ago, jgmof3
It’s ok
You can sign in to almost every app with your fingerprint by now. I really don’t like having to put my pin in especially when in public, if needing to check my balance quickly. Please update this app so that you can sign in with your fingerprint.
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3 years ago, Max scrubby
Great app
I am grateful for being able to bank on line with Palmetto Citizens. It’s easy and simple to deposit checks and keep an eye on all activity. Thank you for a great app!
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4 years ago, Carolina-Agent
Great improvement!
I love the new app. Very much like “big banks”. Love the quick access to my credit card. Keep the upgrades coming!
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6 years ago, amberkin26
Not too bad
Needs to have a way to take a picture of a check and deposit it that way. Notifications for when money has been spent would also be nice to have. New upgrades coming soon!!? 🤔
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2 years ago, Cathe.rin.e
Can’t login
Since the new update I can’t login. It says my I formation is incorrect I go to change my password it says I can’t change it to old password so I try it once more before I actually change my password. Change my password still can’t get in. Fix this I need to keep track of my money.
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5 years ago, Bull_Crap_
Not Good...
Please fix this app! I have been a faithful user, but now it just spins and spins and takes forever to process transactions. Most recently it transferred my pay check TWICE to another account because it shut down during the first transaction. PLEASE fix all the glitches immediately!
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2 years ago, Resse1qt
Great app
I love this app , it’s easy to use . Not hard at all, everything you need is at your finger tips !
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4 years ago, MATTANDRADE5
The worst app ever
I never have reviewed anything in the Appstore. Have had an iphone for over 8 years... I am taking time out of my day to tell you how bad this is when you have multiple people on a joint account who use the app. Basically, only one person can use this app on their phone. The other is consider a Palmetto “Second Class” Citizen.
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5 years ago, Tymanesha
It’s Alright
Could use a fingerprint to sign in instead of pin. Would like to be more organized like the Wells Fargo/bank of America app. Would like to see my transactions and would like to be able to maneuver through the app easy and pay credit card bill easily.
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2 years ago, poopysatan
All around great
I think it’s all around great and user friendly! Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, MSFloyd63
Lots of glitches
Love the credit union...their app...not so much. Very glitchy, it needs to be re-designed and updated. When I need to take a look at my accounts I expect the app to’s extremely frustrating to not be able to get the info I need in a timely manner when I can’t get to a computer. Please update this app!!!!
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4 years ago, SoraOath
Great App!!!
This is a wonderful app. It does everything I need it to do and I’m loving the new update they did a few months ago.
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