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Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards
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User Reviews for Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals

4.61 out of 5
180.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Racecar 88
I’m a mother of 5 with my youngest is 25. My daughter-in-law and oldest son had a sweet baby boy William Elijah April 2022, tragically my daughter-in-law passed away 2 months later June 2022. With my 5 children and 5 grandchildren. I’ve always used Pampers, I absolutely love them. So of course now that I’m raising our grandson I’m still loyal to the Pamper family. I was so aesthetic when I found out about your app and I could earn points for all the diapers. “Boy” I set back and think about all the Pampers I’ve purchased over the last 40 + years and how much this app would of help me save money. Now that my husband and I are retired and our son’s is absolutely devastated, any and everything helps and appreciated. I hope all the new moms, dad’s grandmothers, grandfathers, and families appreciate the Pamper’s Club. I just started using it so not many points yet but we have years to go again. I appreciate your company‘s dedication to helping new families and all you do to make the best products on the market. I’m so pleased with the app as well as all your Products. Thank you so much. Forever dedicated. NiNi
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10 months ago, AngelaNIchole24
Where are the rewards??
I’ve been using this app for years with my babies who are now 6&7 and so when I had another baby it was only natural that I use this app because the rewards program was amazing, it really gave back! I was able to trade in for photo books and photos and and gift cards, food cards, and toys for the children and now since the New improved rewards “catalog” has come out it only offers coupons as the rewards I am so disappointed. Almost a year & a half latter I’ve been waiting for the catalog to improve but to my disappointment it hasn’t. Now with almost $50 in rewards earned I have no need for the the coupon rewards. My time of typing in the codes for all the wipes and diapers wasted. This is what I would call a classic “bait and switch” marketing scheme. I would NOT recommend this app because there are no rewards to be earned. $3 off coupon off a pack of diapers but only if you buy at a certain store, in a certain size, can they honor the reward. I’m very disappointed.
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7 months ago, AmbieAF
Love Pampers but new rewards are disappointing
I’ve been purchasing Pampers for several years as I have 2 kids. My son is 5 but has autism and developmental delays and GI issues so we’re still buying him diapers. I love the Pampers 360 fit as they are similar to pull up’s but stronger and more comfortable. I have been using this app for years and really liked it at first, though you got points for uploading diaper codes. You could use those points to get a gift card for stores like Target or Carters so they were great. It did take a little bit of time and lots of codes to earn anything but I loved being able to turn the rewards into money for clothes for the kids. The app went down for several weeks last year and the site said new exciting rewards were coming. Well sad to say all that came were coupons for more diapers. I’m already buying the diapers because they’re great and I keep scanning the codes. But I don’t want coupons for more diapers. Please offer better rewards like to Carters again! Or a cash option. I’ve got almost $60 and I don’t know how to use it if I don’t use the coupons. Guess I can’t. So was a great app now just a way to get some coupons….
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1 year ago, JacksMom1013
P&G does not like to lose
Out of all the major companies, Procter & Gamble is the stingiest. Their products are on the higher end, but for the most part remain comparable to its counterparts, but unlike other companies, Procter & Gamble does not like to let the consumer win. When they put out a coupon for one of their products, it is for a very low amount ($.50 off 1, $1.25 off 3, ect.) Whereas other companies will put out a few low amount coupons as well as some high value ones ($3.50 off 2, $10 off 3, $2 off 1). I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the chance to save or get back some money for something that I don’t have a choice in purchasing (lol). Just saying P&G makes you work harder then others to save less. Scanning and TYPING in codes and honestly the hardest part is remembering to do it and hoping my husband doesn’t throw out packaging before I get to it (I’ve learned to put codes into app as soon as I purchase the items)! I guess my point is… give us something unexpected. Put a little excitement in our lives. 🤣🤣🤣 Other then the financial aspect, the app is great. It’s educational, and also gives great tips!
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3 years ago, Nomorepampers
Worst rewards program EVER!!
Update: The new rewards system is awful. I’ve been using Pampers exclusively for the past five years for my kids. Every version of their rewards system has gotten progressively worse and this new one is by far the worst one of them all. Please heed the warnings of those of us who have spent years in this program. It is no longer worth participating in at all. I am deleting this app. Thank goodness my last child has started potty training. Soon, I’ll never have to buy another Pampers diaper ever again. The rewards program is the worst!! It takes years to earn thousands of points required for a decent reward like a toy or a book. By then, you could have just bought the book or toy yourself. The cheapest rewards are donating to a charity, entering a sweepstakes contest, $3 gift cards, and Shutterfly products which Shutterfly basically gives away every week for free. Also, every few years they change the rewards and points system in order to make it harder for you to earn a good reward. This year, they’re removing the toy and baby items rewards and aren’t rolling over the current tally of points giving us less than two months to spend them. Just don’t waste your time. It’s not worth it. If your kid doesn’t need Pampers diapers then buy another brand.
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1 year ago, imakeepitREAL
I can honestly say …
So far this app has not disappointed me. I can only speak from my own experience how great it actually is. My journey started in 2020 during the pandemic. My little sister gave birth to my nephew whom is now age 2 and i have been scanning and saving since so you can imagine how much i have accumulated. With that , this app offers TONSSS of information i didn’t expect or ask for. You can start at potty training and also learn tips from other parents as they navigate parenthood and lots of testimonials. The resources are endless. This app is an absolute must have and pretty awesome. I was sold at the continuous discount and unlimited scanning. I buy diapers for all my friends now and I make it my personal business to make sure they don’t go with out this app. PAMPERS CLUB IS one of THE BEST CLUBS Ive ever been apart of.
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6 years ago, Jmarie2680
Great app, could use better rewards
The app is great and easy to use. As someone who only uses Pampers products for my little ones, it’s great to have a loyalty rewards program. It’s easy to enter the codes and I like that it is codes versus uploading receipts or using a store loyalty card. Another diaper brand has a loyalty program that requires receipt uploads which, not only do I always forget to do, but it is time consuming and my receipts are often very long and full of non-diaper items that make it harder to find the diaper line items. Entering the codes on the packages is much preferred in my book. The only complaint I have is that it would be nice to have some different reward options. Coupons are nice but I already get them in my newspaper and can print them. I would love to see some gift card choices or a more diverse choice of actual items instead of coupons and discounts. Even the diapers themselves don’t seem worth the point values since I shop sales and use coupons. All in all, if you’re a parent with kids in diapers still, this is the app to have and the brand of choice for our family.
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3 years ago, 51harley50quinn
Great for Pampers Only Users
We’ve really liked the pampers line of products so I decided to try the entering the codes. Luckily I got an iPhone because it was no longer available for iPad and I stopped being able to enter codes on my laptop through the webpage. I don’t know if I did something wrong but it appeared more like it was only going to be an app available on Apple or Google play. Last year I earned $72 of actual cash to my PayPal account. This year though it looks like they switched from calling them points to cash but it’s technically not cash it seems to be points. There’s a statement clarifying no cash value to the “cash” in your rewards so that’s really confusing. If you dig around in the app, you will find the other items you can get besides coupons. I don’t need the coupons as I already bargain shop sales at multiple stores. I tried to link it to my Kroger account for more points but I am not sure if it ever worked. Overall pretty easy to use and they do provide some nice short parenting information about your child’s development.
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2 years ago, Dancer02aj
Rewards just disappear
Updated review: After their response I’m even more convinced that this is a waste of time. Yes I was disappointed when they switched to the new pampers cash and (instead of converting rewards) just deleted current rewards, but that was, I guess, my fault for not checking my junk email (because moms have soooo much time for that). The bigger issue now, that they neglected to even mention, is the fact that I had over $5 in the new pampers cash and it all of a sudden went down to $3. So now I’m loosing rewards. Did they think I wouldn’t notice? Because most times I probably wouldn’t, but I just happened to look the day before because I was looking at gift cards and then the next day some rewards were gone. So now I have to babysit my rewards?! I don’t have time for that. Thank you for making a moms life even harder. Original review: Not only did I loose all my rewards when they switched to their new pampers cash, a week ago I had over $5 and now all of a sudden I’m down to $3. With no explanation and no history of me ever having those rewards. Not sure if they expire or what’s going on, but if I just keep loosing rewards, what’s the point in taking the time to do this?!
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5 years ago, Simply Skeptic
2 1/2 years wasted
Well, I have officially decided the reward systems is not worth it. I am very sad to say that after almost 3 years and thousands of dollars spent on your product, I been saving my points towards a specific “gift” Pampers has yet again, changed their program! I had enough saved to purchase TWO matching rewards for my girls and then, BOOM, Pampers has just changed the program and reward values so 1) my products no longer exist and 2) so now and again at the bottom of my “savings” because the rewards values have increased exuberantly!!! It will now take me another 2 years at this rate to earn enough points for one of the lowest valued products! Shame on you, Pampers! NOTE: If you are a customer interested in adding the Pampers app and think you’ll have great benefits from participating in the rewards program, I encourage you, HIGHLY encourage you to read ALL of the reviews first and then decide if the time, money and effort is truly worth it! Every concern that a parent shared with the program, and the technical issues with the app itself were pretty much my EXACT concerns! I am disappointed, to say the least. I am giving 1star only because my 8 y/o enjoyed the challenges (and it was often many technical challenges) of scanning in the codes!
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1 year ago, NeedleQueen
Reward program no longer worth it
For someone using this App for nearly 5 years it was something that kept me using pampers brand. Not only were the diapers good for my kids but the rewards were nice to have considering pampers is a more expensive brand. I used to reward myself with things for the kids or myself or use it towards more diapers if I wanted….now however, all the gift card options are GONE! You can only get coupons with the rewards….all these rewards getting closer to $20 and my kids are now nearly potty trained and I’m stuck with coupons for more diapers. Not only that but they have to be purchased in store. I do most of my diaper shopping through on-line or pick-up orders to avoid running out and not having to lug all the diapers with my kids in tow. Pampers does not care about what their consumers want by removing the gift cards. Glad I’m nearly done buying diapers because I won’t be telling all my mom friends about the app unless you bring the gift card rewards back. I’ll tell all my friends to save their time from scanning pampers rewards for useless coupons and save their money and buy Kirkland brand.
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5 years ago, tmahurin
The App Works Well
The app itself works fine. Honestly, I would have given them 5 stars had they not changed their rewards system. I have had my daughter in Pampers her entire life (16 months) and I had been saving my rewards to put towards more diapers. They have removed the option to receive diapers as a reward, which is extremely frustrating as the rewards are given for buying that product. To remove the ability to redeem my rewards for more of their product (which is what I would have thought they would want) makes very little sense to me. I can now be rewarded with a nice USB instead, or some LEGO’s that my daughter won’t be able to play with until she’s 3+. If I could switch I would; however, I can’t because my daughter is very sensitive and their pure line is the only thing that doesn’t irritate her. I do believe revamping the rewards system has merit, but I think taking away the diapers reward option was a bad call. It’s disappointing because I do believe the quality of the product is wonderful, but this feels like a rip off to loyal customers who have spent a lot of money.
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3 years ago, JW Mama
The app itself is so frustrating to use. It takes a long time to process after it scans, if it scans at all. I get an error after every single scan or type in. The history no longer shows anything so there is no way to verify if the items were actually added to my account. For the amount of effort I have had to put in over the last few years it definitely did not pay off. I will say that it was nice to get a little reward or gift when the app actually worked right. Now it is just so frustrating to use that it doesn’t seem worth it all. I have emailed twice with my concerns because I can’t imagine I’m the only one having problems but nothing has seemed to change. This has been going on for quite a while and I was hoping their update would correct the issues but sadly it hasn’t. I honestly think I would have been better off not knowing about their rewards because it just causes frustration with the brand that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I would suggest keeping the bar low on your expectations and you may have a better experience.
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8 months ago, House of Charlita
I’m asking myself why I spend the time
I used to think it was nice to earn coupons for diapers that I need to buy, but it takes soo many scans and typing in all the codes. At first the scan worked for the diapers but never the wipes which are the worst to type in cause they’re hardly printed well on the package, and especially for .05! But now the scan is not working for the diaper codes making me type those too. What a waste of time! Fix this now. And then I “redeemed” $5 I earned. It never showed up in my rewards to actually use it, but it shows that I redeemed it in the history. So where is my coupon?? Again it takes so much to earn a reward and then I can’t even use it it just disappeared. And where do I even go to complain about that. I started using this mid 2022, and have read reviews about the old rewards program where there were actual rewards like books, toys and gift cards. WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE?! Fix the app, get better rewards and give me my $5!
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5 years ago, Inkrotam
Love the idea
Love the idea of earning rewards for all of the pampers diapers and wipes I buy, however, the apps ease of use could be better. Pampers needs to make the wipes scannable- it’s a pain to type in each individual pack of wipes on the app. Also, “instant rewards”- I click on them, but where they take me in the app and what I’m receiving from it, is hard to follow/unclear. As a first time mom, I don’t have time to keep clicking in hopes of getting a reward. Feels like click bait, which is not a good feeling when again, you’re a mom trying to keep afloat and also save your family some money. Overall, I scan my diapers, but actually getting anything from the points I earn, could use to be improved/easier/more straight forward. Not to mention, the shear number of points to actually earn anything is exorbitant and the prizes not very helpful. Example- I get coupons for diapers in the mail or the store is having a sale, and you can’t use the sale and a coupon, so the coupons from the pampers app points are a bust. Better prizes at realistic point values. Diapers and wipes are not cheap, reward your loyal customers accordingly.
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1 year ago, baby.katie.kat
new rewards catalog 👎🏼
pampers has always been my go to brand when it comes to diapers, wipes, and easy ups. the brand itself is easily a 10/10. BUT when it comes to the app i'm so upset. i loved how we could scan/type codes and get pampers "cash" and could get coupons, gift cards, different items, etc. but they recently redid their rewards catalog. at first, i thought that was pretty cool - i thought there would be more gift cards and/or products added. NOPE. now all we get is measly coupons. they removed A͟L͟L of the products and gift cards. 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺. yes, coupons are okay for saving a SMALL amount of money. but we don't have a choice when it comes to buying diapers, etc. bc babies NEED that stuff. i always looked forward to saving up my pampers cash to get a gift card to use on me or my children. it was a nice little reward to committing to pampers and entering the codes religiously. now, doing that is basically pointless bc the "rEwArDs" aren't even rewards and not really worth it. saving $1, $2, $3, $5 isn't rewarding. 👏🏼𝗯𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴👏🏼𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸👏🏼𝘁𝗵𝗲👏🏼𝗴𝗶𝗳𝘁👏🏼𝗰𝗮𝗿𝗱𝘀👏🏼
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2 years ago, MBASAK😎
Pampers SWADDLER brands the best
To me I totally believe that brand names ARE important especially if they ARE BEST IN QUALITY. Pampers is just that! There are other brands that are similar and just as good, but, I don’t think they have what pampers has. SOFT COMFORT. Now, as an adult I CANT SAY, I’ve used them myself, but I CAN SAY, I’ve used many brands for my children back then & they were fine. This time, I HAD to stick with pampers for the sake of soft comfort. Baby was getting cut between his groin area from the other brands. I think they had plastic like material that would run and cause him to bleed. When we switched back to pampers, it stopped. Then I realized that the elasticity on the pampers brand are soft material like elastic. And the other brands are more hard material or soft PLASTIC elasticity. I don’t know if that made any sense but if you look good enough, you will see the difference in the diapers. And that’s why I say… PAMPERS ARE THE BEST YOU CAN GET. But… it has to be PAMPERS SWADDLERS! NOT THE CRUISERS OR PAMPERS REGULAR. MAYBE PAMPERS PURE IS WAY BETTER, but they are pricey. SWADDLER is good enough for us & so we stuck with that.
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12 months ago, Jillian Cynthia
Can Never Access Rewards
The Pampers app is easy to use and I enjoy earning rewards. The problem is, the app never lets me spend them. When I first downloaded the app, there was the option to earn gift cards to many companies. I patiently built my rewards, but when I had over $25 and decided to redeem my earnings, all of the gift card options were gone. Now the only available rewards are coupons for Pampers diapers. This would still be useful, but I often can’t access those either! My rewards keep accumulating and end up just sitting in the app, because when I elect to convert the money into coupons, the option I select is no longer available or there is basically nothing listed. Today, my only options are $3 off of a shipment that takes 4-6 weeks to arrive or entering $1 for a year of diapers & wipes contest. Diapers are expensive and I was hopeful this app would help me offset some of the cost, but instead, I can look at my rewards but never spend them. Please improve this app for hardworking parents looking to spend their money smartly.
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7 months ago, MAXAR RE
Better before the rewards were nerfed into coupons
I have been a faithful user of Pampers and this app since Jan 2016. The main goal of collecting points for me, as a dad, was being able to exchange the points into gift cards for Home Depot, eBay, Chili’s, etc. that was all done away with in 2022 when Pampers converted the rewards into mere coupons to be used on purchasing more Pampers, BUT ONLY AT PARTICIPATING RETAILERS. The best part: most retailers have no idea they are listed as a participating retailer so the staff at Walmart, Kroger, and Target look at your coupon like it is from outer space and their systems won’t usually take them. When you do get a coupon to work, it is usually negated by the “manufacturer coupon” already available in the Target app. Also, Sam’s Club doesn’t accept their coupons and the coupons don’t lower thepurchase price to the Sam’s price, so why bither with coupons at all when it is such a monumental hassle? Please bring back the gift cards for Home Depot and other places or I will start buying Aldi diapers at 1/2 the price of Pampers and most of the quality.
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3 years ago, Xoloitzu
Terrible Update!
This past year, Pampers Club decided to change the way their reward system works. Before, you scanned codes and accrued reward points, as well as cash back offers. I had racked up a couple thousand rewards points. The cash back offers were random, but made me continue choosing Pampers over general brands because the prices evened out with them. The new update to their system completely stripped my account of my year long saved points (points I was saving to redeem at my child’s 1 year birthday,) before I could use them. They then took away the cash back system and offered a pseudo “cash point system” for scanned codes. It’s basically a new shirt on the same old man. The “cash” you redeem isn’t redeemable for actual cash, it’s just the same old point system they just gutted. Not only did Pampers take away our points we saved, with little notice to use them, they then took away the cash back incentives, just to reimplement the old reward point system again. Absolutely worthless for me to keep purchasing the product when I can get cheaper and comparable products from general brands.
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3 years ago, ItsMii
Will no longer be participating in rewards program
I had read the previous reviews of parents who stated that once you earn enough point/coins etc. to purchase something nice, Pampers change the rewards program and you basically lose everything you’ve earned. I just had to see for myself. I basically had been earning coins/points diligently for almost 2 years when BOOM Pampers come through and wipe those points out, changes the program, & act like you’ve never spent a dime with them. It really makes consumers feel under appreciated and under valued. I bought boxes and boxes of wipes and diapers and basically lost credit for every dollar I spent. This new program makes it to where I have to now work my way back up from the absolute bottom. None of my previous points rolled over to the new program. Not even an incentive to acknowledge that I have been supporting Pampers and this app for almost 2 years. But I refuse to work my way up from the bottom again so I will no longer be participating in this rewards program.
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2 years ago, EmilyAvis
Ok but can use improvements
This app is ok, and if you’re a parent with a diaper wearing child, it definitely makes sense to have. Why not get perks for using diapers and wipes. My problem lays in the bonus offers. Periodically the app offers bonus offers (ie. 4x’s rewards for diaper codes) however, unless you have push notifications turned on, you will never know they exist bc the bonus section is never updated, and even after receiving a notification you will be unable to find the offer in the bonus offers section making it near impossible to take advantage of these offers as they only take affect if you “activate” the offer. Perhaps they should lessen the offer or the time available and offer it to all users without having to frustrate their users trying to hunt down the notification and multiple attempts to even have it show up in the page where it should be reflected. I have not attempted to redeem my earnings, so I cannot comment on that portion of the app yet.
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2 years ago, MGB2021
Almost a five….
So I did really enjoy when pampers offered to send cash to PayPal so you didn’t have to just spend it on pampers you could spend it on diaper paste or baby wash but now they give you coupons that’s nice and all the gift card options of course can be used the same way it was just nicer to be able to have it in PayPal instead of having to wait to put it on A Virtual card but overall it has helped me save so much money and easy app to use and straight forward. my daughter is 6 and i have always pretty much been an exclusively pampers mom with her until potty trained and my son is 1 And he has most definitely been exclusively pampers. Good job!!!! But if u bring the cash back option to PayPal or cash app or any of those options it would most definitely make it a 10 star review in my personal opinion but I do understand why it has been put towards gift cards or money directly off pampers products!
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5 years ago, Oicorr
Could be better
I wish they would change the amount of points rewards cost or increase the number of points you earn. Just like many other low rated reviews state I’ve bought my now 2 year old son nothing but pampers products and have always redeemed my points and with the points I have collected as of now all I can get is a $10 gift card, a $10 toy or a $7 cup/bowl. Typically reward programs are made to show appreciation for loyal customers. This program offers you $5-$10 rewards after you spend $100s of dollars. You get anywhere from 10-27 point on wipes and 36-40 for diapers. Prizes are for the most part 2,400-6,800 points. Gift cards are exchanged from point to cash 1,000 = $5 and 2,000 = $10. You can enter sweepstakes that are 50 points per entry but chances of you winning anything aren’t high and 50 per entry is pretty high. When you barely get that much after buying a $30-$40 box of diapers. It would just be nice to make prizes more possible to actually be able to redeem. Good prizes only seem realistically redeemable if you have multiple children in diapers in your house.
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5 years ago, Madebydesign
Love this program
I used pampers rewards through both of my daughters diaper days and it is an amazing way to get rewarded for buying pampers brand. I exclusively use pampers with my first daughter so I racked up points like crazy and redeemed them for potty seats I still use to this day almost 4 years later! I am doing the same with my two month old and I’m excited to see what I get this time. The only cons are you have to type in the wipe codes instead of being able to snap a picture of them which is a pain because I go through so many wipes I may not get to them right away and codes get harder to read, and typing them is time consuming. Also the rewards aren’t the best ever, so it could use better trinkets for lower point rewards, it takes almost three years just to get something you can just buy in store or a coupon you get in the Sunday’s paper every month. Besides that I’m just happy all that money I spend on diapers and wipes doesn’t go unnoticed.
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3 years ago, AnnoyedAtUpdate
Pampers deleted all points during switch
Update: After contacting Pampers directly, I received an email response and they again reiterated that all old points were “retired” during the update, but they had attempted to contact users “across multiple platforms” of this upcoming change. (Then why did none of us know?) They reported that they would compensate me for my thousands of lost points with $5 in the new reward cash system (yep, you read that right, a whopping 5 bucks). However, a few days later when I logged back into the app, nothing had been added to my rewards. I’m utterly disgusted and fed up. I will be deleting this app. Although I loved Pampers products, this rewards system is a complete waste. *********************** There are many very mad parents after Pampers decision to switch from a points system to a monetary system, as with that switch they DELETED ALL accrued points. My son is 3 and I had thousands of points left that I had been saving. This is completely infuriating and I no longer have a reason to use this app. Years of scanning and saving down the toilet. 😡
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1 year ago, Chelsey30
They're good but I'm disappointed with Pampers Rewards!
I really like Pampers, especially the 360 diapers! I have 3 kids and as soon as they started walking, regular diapers became a nightmare to put on! I love the 360 kind because you can just pull them on like a pull up! It honestly made things so much easier. Now my kids have mostly outgrown diapers/ pull ups except at night but we do still prefer pampers. I'm not a big fan of the wipes though and I am a little disappointed with Pampers Rewards. They use to allow you to spend your points on gift cards and so much more but recently changed it to where you only can get coupons with your points. Honestly the gift card option was the only reason I started doing pampers rewards to begin with!! I would really like it if they brought that option back. Pampers is pretty expensive compared to other options I could go with so I'd appreciate something a little more than just a $10 off coupon!
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6 years ago, AndreaB2018
This app is ok but could be a lot better, like you could just take pictures of all the codes and not have to type them in! But since you have to type in the wet ones (witch you use more of) they could make it write in capital letters so you don’t have to keep hitting the caps button on every letter. Also I feel like it takes forever to get anything on this app and the stuff they do give you for a few hundred points is stuff you can get anyways, smh! If you just go to that web page your self. I feel like this app is just a waist of time really for what you go through to get anything on it. Also I don’t know about others but I’ve some how lost a bunch of points a few times now and when I write the support about it they did nothing to fix it witch pisses me off because it takes so long to get all them points. My daughter is 7 mo. And I put in all her stuff and the only thing I’ve gotten is $3 off pampers and a free magnet off shudder fly witch when I tried to use it it didn’t work! So in my opinion can say this app is a waist of time and a joke.
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5 months ago, 1234frust
Scam and terrible customer service
Pampers rewards is a scam. I spent months scanning in and TYPING in codes and redeemed them for a coupon ($25 off which tells you how many codes I had to save) only to have the app mysteriously stop working before I could use the coupon. For roughly 6 weeks I was unable to open the app. (Every time I got an error saying something about a slow connection which was total nonsense because everything else worked fine and I tried multiple networks) I even tried reinstalling the app multiple times. Finally, yesterday, I tried again and the app opened immediately. I tried to get my coupon so I could finally use it, and it says it expired a couple days ago. What a coincidence! No access until the coupon expires and suddenly it works. I wrote to customer service and they told me “tough luck”. Unbelievable. It’s a one time use coupon and I didn't use it because I couldn’t get access to it. I’m deleting this terrible app and am considering switching diaper brands. Toilet training can’t come soon enough.
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11 months ago, Dieseltech82
Disappointing and Dishonest
Pampers Club HAD great rewards. A parent could redeem their points for gift cards to many major restaurants and retailers. Then one day they started bragging up their new rewards that would soon be coming out. They were going to be even better (so they said). The new rewards finally came out and guess what they were! Gift cards for groceries? Nope. Movie tickets? Nope. Even more of the already great gift cards? Haha, no way. How no more gift cards but instead $2 off a purchase of diapers. Seriously? This was the new, better rewards? Turns out I’m they were just leading parents on so that they’d not redeem their points. Saving pampers big $$$. If that’s not bad enough they get on here and claim that this is what the parents wanted. Read the comments on any of their social accounts and you’ll see that’s not the case. Cool, cool. So now Pampers lie AND gaslight parents. They had every right to change or even do away with their rewards but it was the dishonesty that disappointed me and then to not even be remorseful that they do their own customers like that- lame.
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1 year ago, MawMaw Byrd
Absolutely love the Rewards Program and find it very easy to use and navigate on the App. I’m a stay at home MawMaw of 4 little ones and Pampers Brand diapers, training pants and baby wipes are the only brand my family uses. Pampers Brand has had us covered from Newborn day 1 through Toddler potty training. Cruisers 360 are amazing at fitting snugly and taking care of even the smallest gaps and were the cure to some overnight leaking issues. That said…. I am disappointed in the Rewards Catalog updated version. I looked forward to using the Reward Cash I had worked so diligently to build up, for Gift Cards for retail stores to go towards buying new books, crayons etc for my grandchildren. Diaper and wipe coupons are life saving at times and very much appreciated but in this case we really looked forward to picking out our “Rewards” and using gift cards purchased with Pampers Cash to help pay for them.
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1 year ago, Desdemona S.
App is useless without gift card rewards option…
I’ve been using this app for a long time and it was actually something that helped out a tiny bit financially with the gift card rewards. The gift cards are the only reward I was ever able to redeem as I always had issues getting any coupon to work at Walmart or wherever I happened to choose (even with asking for help through the app I was never able to redeem a single coupon). Now the app’s rewards are nothing but coupons for one type of pampers and one type of pampers wipes - neither of which I can use for my son rendering the app completely useless now. We use pampers cruisers 360 which there are never coupons for and pampers baby clean wipes - which also never have any coupons. The app has become completely useless sadly which is extremely disappointing, especially considering I spend over $80 a month on pampers diapers and wipes. After over a year of using the pampers app I will no longer be using it after they’ve taken away the gift card rewards.
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5 years ago, CalyandAshley
Disappointed in the prize update
I would have given 5 stars because I have been using solely pampers and this app for over a year, but I’m greatly disappointed in the new prize updates. The number of coins you need to get something is outrageous. They have also upped the type of prizes, which is nice, but by the time I get enough coins I won’t need that item any more. I like having smaller prizes for less coins. A few months ago I got personalized address labels for a good price, but now you can’t have that type of prize anymore. Even the sweepstakes are 50 coins to just enter. That’s a lot of diapers and wipes to purchase just to have your names entered. I get they were trying to make the app better but it’s totally not worth it. We buy so much product from them, the least they can do is be more fair with the prizes and also add the option to get more diapers! I am thinking of switching. I recently had to use Luvs and they worked just fine for my son, and are much cheaper!
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3 years ago, Karaburger
Not worth your time
This app and rewards program are not worth your time. The scans never work so you have to manually input almost everything and the wipes codes are often hard to read. I’ve been a rewards member for six years and when they changed their program over to a monetary system they zeroed out my points. When I messaged customer service and asked if something could be done, they told me that they gave their customers plenty of notice, even though I cannot find one email from them warning me about the change. They said that bc I had so many points, they would be willing to credit me $10 of Pampers Cash. While I do appreciate their response, I feel frustrated that six years of buying their products for my three boys is worth only $10 in their eyes. I can’t believe I wasted my time trying to read those stupid wipes codes, lol. We are switching over to a more affordable product. I’d rather have no rewards program, never have to save/scan stickers or receipts and pay significantly less up front.
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2 years ago, Mary62035
Watch for Data Deletion
I have had an account for 2 years with $25 in rewards. The app has been installed in IPhone and I’ve been scanning codes. Went to rest my password on the website and my account cannot be found. I’ve talked to multiple people and it’s just gone. No one can find it even through I’ve cashed in rewards in the past. Very scary that my data just disappeared and there is no trace of me in the system. Plus no one can give me a good explanation of what happened. Account data should not just disappear!! Beware!! Addition based on developer response. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have already contacted support twice and they could not locate my account. Everything you suggested they also looked at. It blows my mind that no one can find my data. I’ve even redeemed rewards and my account still cannot be found. I have been shouting from the mountain tops to all of my mom friends and in my mom groups not to trust Pampers. Again account data should not just disappear without any record of it!!
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4 years ago, Court6Babies87
Pampers app review
I wish the codes on the wipes actually scanned I absolutely HATE that. I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed that issue it’s a huge pain to type them all in. Just tedious. Also I wish they had better offers honestly. Particularly on the Lumi monitor. You can get 20% off without even using your pampers codes so it’s basically pointless. Literally you can get it via online codes or even using your baby registry coupons. I wish they had better deals for that and also for receiving coupons or vouchers for diapers. The amount of points needed in my opinion is absolutely absurd. And trust me we go through A LOT. App needs some work. And could definitely use better rewards for us loyal pampers parents. This is our 6th (going to be having our 7th babe here in a few months) and we use nothing but pampers always have always will. Hope you take these things into consideration pampers. Thanks.
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4 months ago, Jadeess
It was good
I’ve had this app for about six years and three kids, for the first four years it was all right, the scanner didn’t work that great, but I could manage. They used to give out gift cards for your rewards points. And then about a year ago or right around the time I had my last kid, they change that system. Now you can only get coupons for more diapers. That is not helpful to me because the store is already have those same coupons and I can’t stack the coupons. got close to $50 and nothing to spend it on. I guess I’ll just keep scanning and saving us until they switch back over to gift cards. Coupons are totally worthless to me. Update: someone responded and said I can use the cash at retailers, but obviously they didn’t read my comments above, I can’t stack the coupons. It is a wash. It’s easier for me to use the coupons from the retailers than it is to use the “pampers cash“. I’m not going through all that trouble.
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6 months ago, JEMetcalf
Rewards Are Now Practically Worthless
Mom of five here, including a newborn and two-year-old who is still in diapers. I’ve used Pampers Rewards since my nine-year-old was born. Back in the day, Huggies had a similar rewards program. But eventually they changed the rewards structure, making it harder to earn with less incentives. At that point, I stopped using Huggies and was using Pampers pretty exclusively. We used so many diapers, it made since to be earning for gift cards, Shutterfly merchandise, etc. I was a little horrified to open the app after saving $30 in points for a giftcard only to learn that this option had been discontinued. The only rewards now are relatively small amounts ($2) off Pampers products. The plan was for that to make at least a tiny dent in Christmas buying. These discounts really stink, especially since coupons (sometimes better!) are so readily available. While the app itself is functional, there is literally no reason for me to continue using it - or buy Pampers brand diapers at all at this point.
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2 years ago, Kristina Davenport
Happy but unhappy
I am a mother of 4 my oldest is 12yrs, then the ages literally go 3,2,1 so as any mother knows my other 3 are in diapers and it is not easy especially being a mother that works full time and going to college full time for my LPN degree and my babies father (and husband) working full time as well. We have our hands full I love the pampers app the only thing that I can complain about with it is that they started sending the coupons in the mail instead of me just being able to scan them off of my phone at the store, and I used a $5 coupon a couple months ago but it took $10 out of my rewards, I have tried to email the rewards team but never heard anything back. But besides them two issues I can’t complain about anything else.
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6 years ago, Tammysuetilton/jaypuzio
The points reward system is way to high
In order to earn the points you obviously must purchase a pampers product. Well Walmart has a box of parents choice diapers size 1 of 416 count for a little under $37 & pampers size 1 diapers the highest count box I have seen is 125 & the price is a little under $39. The parents choice diapers are just as good as pampers & you get 3x’s the amount for $2 less. The points you receive for spending that kind of money isn’t that high & when you use the points it’s 2100 points for a 32 pack of diapers. Do you know approximately how much money you have to spend to earn 2100 points??....over $1000. That’s truly insane to earn only 32 diapers. For a company that makes as much of a profit as they do I would think you could earn a larger count package of diapers. Definitely not worth the time to type in these large point #’s, they are like 16 numbers & letters a piece. So not worth the time especially with a newborn. You can just spend the $37 to get 416 diapers at Walmart that are seriously just as good.
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1 year ago, Unhappy in Cali
Great Product and Rewards
Hello, My Daughter just had a Premature baby Nov 2022 that is 5 weeks early. She was lucky enough to get to come home. I bought Pampers and joined the rewards club. It works only if you buy the small bags. If you buy the big boxes newborn that has 174 diapers there are 3 huge bags so you only get $.60 towards the rewards. They penalize you for buying the big boxes. If I buy 5 small bags for the same price you get way less diapers for $1.00 rewards. If this doesn’t change this will be the LAST bag/box of diapers I buy. I called the company, they don’t care. She said they have an offer when you scan 5 bags you get $2. That would cost me over $100 to get 5 scans. They act like you get all this rewards but you don’t. This isn’t what they are saying it is. On the box it says save up to $500 but it isn’t true. Don’t waste you time or money with this program . It doesn’t work. They don’t care. HUGGIES HERE I COME! If you want to change my mind Pampers then contact me. But I’m sure I won’t hear from you.
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2 years ago, Tmcq17
Less happy with changes
I’ve been a big fan of this app, and tell all my friends & family who use Pampers that it’s worth using. However, I’m not thrilled with the most recent change, which seems to affect how I can access the Pampers coupons. Previously, I could have them instantly emailed to me, and would do so as I was in the store or before shopping so I could use them right away. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to redeem some points that I had been building up for a while, and the only option was to have them mailed (slower and using more paper?). I went on the app to check this morning because I realized I’d never gotten them and the estimated delivery time says 30 business days! Disappointed in this step backward, much less convenient for busy parents and such a long time to have to wait to use the rewards.
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3 years ago, Seraphimcaduto
Great diapers but poor customer service and app
Short story: Great diapers but very poor customer service and buggy app. Long Story: So Pampers decided they would get rid of the point system and not leave any notice in the app, which is VERY customer friendly right? There was no notice in the app and only one email that contained the notice buried in the email, that’s not ok. Here’s a thought for you Pampers: put the fact that you are invalidating thousands of points in the title of the email! Was this action (and the questionable notice) legal? Most likely. Was their implementation of this transition customer friendly and make me want to keep buying Pampers? Not at all. The transition could have been accomplished by simply assigning value to the points and converting them to Pampers cash. On a related note: there was no transfer of my existing cash back to the new system and all existing history was deleted, so that was a lie , a failure or sheer incompetence. Awesome Pampers! /s Thank you Pampers, I highly doubt I will buy any more of your products, not will I recommend them based on this garbage. This is very difficult to say because the diapers are the best we have used overall. Specifically about the app: The scanning portion of the app has been buggy and the QR code’s have only helped slightly. Overall the app is time consuming when you have to manually enter the information and the long load times when you switch in between parts of the app.
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1 year ago, Princessbritt3
3 for the effort
The idea of this is there but honestly as a parent every single thing is expensive! I got excited to learn that this app and program existed, just to in the same breath find out I’m getting pennys on the sims for each pack of wipes or diapers… no I’m not expecting equal value but dang we could at least get a dollar starting point. Or just something more than .05 standard!! Just feel it could be more rewarding. It’s not like this is outwardly announced as a thing. I had no idea of it until I randomly read one of my boxes(after going through 3 enormous boxes). So you’re still racking in all the cash, but also actually allowing parents to benefit from all the money they’re spending. And again I understand we are as is, it just takes 30 boxes/packs to see the benefits. Which seems excessively greedy from you. Starbucks rewards work better and their drinks cost less.
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1 year ago, ffiuutv
Changed rewards
It’s kind of pointless now since the only thing you can win is diaper coupons. Don’t get me wrong diaper coupons are nice but the fact that it is now the ONLY thing doesn’t make me care much about collecting the points. I was saving for something now all the rewards are gone. You also can only use the coupons online at Walmart. Having littles online shopping is important. I also shop through apps so I can avoid the germy store but can’t use the coupon unless I go in store. This change really devalued the reward points. It also says you get 40 cents for size 4 but if you scan 3 in a row they then give you 30 cents or only 20 cents. Why did you guys change it so you can’t really win anything. Stupid considering it takes so long to save them up. It’s also not easy to input the wipes codes bc they are really long. Anyone with an actual baby isn’t going to sit there for 3 min to type of 17 letters and numbers.
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2 years ago, diaper mommy
Cheap rewards for expensive diapers
Other rewards programs give more points per purchase . The 5 cents I get for buying 19 diapers lol 14 dollars is like a slap in the face. No one will ever get more than 10 bucks in gift cards/ coupons unless they have 5 babies in diapers and the money to buy pampers and even then they probably don’t have or want the app to get rewards…..I love the concept my son is very sensitive to diapers and when I can’t drive 25 mins to get ones we normally use pampers swaddlers is the only other ones he can wear. So I buy them frequently and he’s a year now and I’ve only gotten a 5 dollar gift card for dunkin lol in a year….. could be so much more enticing to buy the more expensive ones if the rewards weren’t 5 cents…… just my opinion…
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6 years ago, SheilaB34
Never received the reward
I’m just another busy mom who was excited to get the chance to save a few bucks now and again since I was using this brand anyways and coupons for diapers are hard to come by. It took a few months to get to the points needed for the first coupon reward (500 pts for 3.00 off) I had just bought a box of diapers so I thought “ok great I’ll just use it on the next purchase surely it’ll be in the mail by then”. That was 8 weeks ago. They don’t give the coupon reward by email either, they mail it. It didn’t get lost. It was never sent. And apparently I’m not the only one not getting the reward that was earned. Sure they make great diapers and I’m sure have no trouble with sales but to promote a rewards program to loyal customers and not give the reward reflects poorly on the brand. As a busy mom who barely gets 15 mins to myself a day to even use my phone much less find time to enter codes, this ended up being a waste of time. If you’re not going to give the reward, stop offering them.
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3 years ago, TheRealC83
Good Idea, Uber Ridiculous Points Value
The points they give you for buying Pampers products is a great idea. But the points they give you for scanning products is a joke. For example I bought a size 2 168 count box from Sams. This is the biggest box I’ve ever found and cost around 45$. After scanning the codes in I got 72 points. I thought maybe that would be enough to get the 3$ off coupon by itself, but no not even close. At that rate I would have to buy 9 more 45$ boxes for a total of just over 400$ just to be able to get a 3 dollar off coupon. And to get a free box of jumbo size bag of swaddlers that has 20-30 diapers in the bag it’s 2223 points. Do you know how much you have to spend to get enough points for a $8 bag of diapers? It’s 1,389$ that is a complete joke. It comes out to a .0006 cent per dollar you get for the 1400$ you spent. This is the cheapest “loyalty” program I’ve ever seen. I really hope they take a look at this and reevaluate their reward program. I’m pretty sure Proctor and Gamble can afford to help parents out a lot more
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3 years ago, EllieGal89
New reward system is a rip off
I was introduced the the pampers app and reward system during my pregnancy and stocked up on pampers diapers and wipes. Love the brand and now I had loved the scanning system and the rewards with cash back and linking to PayPal. Being able to get cash back for it was amazing. Whatever I got back would just go back into buying more diapers and wipes for baby. A month after having my baby they changed the app and you can no longer send your cash back to PayPal. You must buy from their catalog which is awful. They have nothing I’m interested in. And they only offer coupons for their brand which is the only real thing worth it if you need more for baby. It’s too complicated and aggravating. They said they went based on reviews from customers which doesn’t even seem logical. This system was easy before. Why fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with. I feel cheated out of a good thing before it even began as a new parent.
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5 years ago, Cerin25
Rewards aren’t “rewards” anymore- disappointing!
Suddenly the app cannot be updated and is no longer compatible with the device I’ve always used with it (Samsung tablet). It will no longer open. It also does not let you enter codes on their website. Over the 3+ years I’ve been using the app, the rewards have extremely decreased in value. The top rewards used to be tricycles, wagons, etc. Currently the “top reward” is a rug that you can either save your points for years for or go buy elsewhere for $30. Most of the “rewards” now are entries in sweepstakes or discount codes that you can find for free elsewhere online. Very disappointing that I have saved for long long and can no longer get anything decent. On another issue, the one time I brought up an issue of the wipes packs with the printed codes being consistently unable to be read, customer service was ineffective and didn’t do a thing to appease me (issue in question was worth 10 points aka minimal). Pampers rewards has really gone downhill.
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