Pancake Maker Salon

4.3 (31)
48.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ninjafish Studios
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pancake Maker Salon

4.29 out of 5
31 Ratings
11 years ago, Alsgirl1975
Fun game
I gave this game a 4 because the game is fun but the whole paying money thing is annoying but all games do it. They nedd their money!!!! So overall a fun game. A child would play it for a while but watch out for those pay money thing. 💸😕😦😱😖😭
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7 years ago, Minniebun
So many ads!!
My kids love this game, but they can't play it because of the number of pop up ads. It's worse than on any app I've ever had, and I paid the full amount to unlock everything just to get them to stop! Please fix this issue!
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6 years ago, munchkin 7
This game is fun and all,but then all of a sudden a pregnant game pops up and you have to press the the x.Well,IT is annoying
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2 years ago, Just read okkkkk
To much ads
Just the ads ughhh
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10 years ago, Tired to pop ads
Ads & more Ads!
My daughter loves this app, but she gets tired of so many ads that are always popping up and even when you try to close them they still direct her to the App Store. I went ahead and spent the $2.99 (I think, maybe $1.99) and bought the app so she could have more features to play with and hoping the ads would disappear but nope they are still popping, I really hope you guys fix this issue, if I bought the app she shouldn't have to deal with ads!! If you guys got rid of all those ads I would give this game 5 stars!
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9 years ago, Save don't
Best game I ever played
While downloading this game I had many doubts that this would be a dumb simple game. Opening the app I saw the AMAZING graphics, ( even better than gta 5) and the realistic gameplay. I became addicted to this game and I make almost 1000 pancakes a day. I have lost my job and my family due to this game but I regret nothing.
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11 years ago, AG Girl10
Give me an F-U-N what does that spell? Fun!
By The Cheerleader Terrific game but too expensive change that in the next update.
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7 years ago, KissesRN
Pancake Maker
This is one of the best games ever. But the only thing I don't like about the game is there are to many ADS. That's the only thing I think that is stupid about the game.
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10 years ago, Baby-needs-a-new-pair-of-shoes
Worst game ever
This game is the worst game I have ever installed ever. You get only one pancake batter and like no toppings or syrup or anything. You need to pay for 99% of the stuff LITERALLY! Worst game ever. I thought that this app would actually be the slightest bit good, but it wasn't good at all. I played this game for not even a minute and got bored. I would give this 0 stars anytime if I could. DO NOT GET THIS APP WHATEVER YOU DO!!!
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11 years ago, Bobo& scuffy
It's nothing to do with the game it's the ads are Really annoying... Every time I try to push something an ad pops up and I end up I the app store and I have to go out of the app store and go back to my game
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11 years ago, Mzymay may
Fun but need more mix open
This game is fun and all but I hate the fact that there is only one mix can you at least open one more like chocolate chips thx!!! It should make my day better!!
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11 years ago, David McDaniel
Opinion of 7 year old
This game is awesome. But you have to buy some things.
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11 years ago, Gamahoney
You think this game is great until they nickel and dime your kidto death. Be honest and charge up front . Don't let the kid get into the game and then need to BUY chocolate frosting for another 99cents. Then another decoration for another price, maybe $.99. Come on your only teaching how "bad" some vendors can be.
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10 years ago, Megan Loves Cats
Love it
I love this game Tom is soooo cute!!! I named my baby Tom Tommy. He is like my own cat. If he came to life I would have two cats Tommy and my real alive cat Rosie. I give 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!🐱🐱
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10 years ago, Mr. Spatula
Worst game I have ever had the misfortune of playing
This "game" is basically an ad click farm. It has a tendency to tell you to tap the screen, wait a second, and pop up an ad right where you're supposed to tap.
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11 years ago, Ubetcha2
Awesome game
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11 years ago, Tttowers
A little boring
It's fun for like 5 mins but then it just gets boring of corse you have to pay for most of the thing BORING
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8 years ago, Game play 4 fun 321
Paid to unlock but it didn't work
They charged me but didn't unlock all the pancakes like they were supposed to.
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11 years ago, Marina messura
Interesting and a bit boring too😒
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11 years ago, Ddharhgzgyfxj
I kind of like it and not like it . Everything should be unlocked !
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11 years ago, Yoga dog
The pancakes my dad makes look more appetizing then the pancakes on there. Plus my dads pancakes are really good.
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11 years ago, Erik_J_L
If you're under 10yrs old you might find this entertaining for 30 minutes. Very simple, very boring.
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11 years ago, jenni2001
The game
Okay game I wish that you didn't have to pay for more pancake batter
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11 years ago, Anny2cute
Most simple but boring as heck game that is not even worth to try playing so dont play
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11 years ago, Bearseal09
Alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of people hate this but I will give it a shot
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10 years ago, Lemon 50
It Ceps freezing it takes the can before you are finished . I hate it.
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11 years ago, Richard Gaylord
Not my favorite game a little boring but don't let me make YOUR decision for you.
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11 years ago, Abcdefghigclmnopq
I hate this game I hope you choose not to bye this game and I mean every thing is really bad
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8 years ago, HorseEmzy1324
I will not give 5 stars
It was not a fun app. To many ads and boring. And not accurate.
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11 years ago, Laguna beach babe
Freezes up. I deleted it
First time I used it the program froze.
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11 years ago, Gvytfuvyfrtcyxryfyf
The best game ever
Best game ever. I love this game so much
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11 years ago, Puppy luv 6
Fun app I like baking so this is great
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11 years ago, Whatever Kids
So this app is weird. But I appreciate the very soothing music that accompanies your culinary experience
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11 years ago, Br00ki3 c00ki3
It stinks
It is boring don't bye this game I would pick 0 stars if I could
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11 years ago, JJKOKO78148
Great game if you love when it crashes
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11 years ago, DrinkinIrishman
Pancake Maker
Not to bad just made one blueberry pancake mmmmmmm tasty!
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11 years ago, Cookie70134567890
It's great to make pancakes!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, Kendallpus
It is the worst don't get it
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11 years ago, Aavalo4
You need to buy most of the stuff. HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, icecreamsamich
I dont recommend this game. It is super boring.
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11 years ago, Lol omg ttylxox
I love this game so much.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, Lol selam peace
Stupid game
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11 years ago, Cheerleader for lms
Don't Like it it is boring
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11 years ago, Forever lonely12345
Keep freezing
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11 years ago, Cdgalvao
This app is rely cool
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11 years ago, MOOPY
Moopy rocks go bulldogs
I hate this game
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11 years ago, falinlawson
Darin Lawson
Best game
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10 years ago, Malvi21212321
Love grils with a girl?
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11 years ago, Milkerpooper
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11 years ago, Little EMAOKF
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