Panda Slots - Vegas Casino 777

4.8 (560)
333.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Joyvoo Ltd.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Panda Slots - Vegas Casino 777

4.78 out of 5
560 Ratings
7 months ago, SnowyWhiteWolf
Just started it like 5 mins ago
Just started like 5 mins ago. So I can rate it 5 stars until then if something come wrong. Or differently then I ll come back and rate it and make another review
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2 years ago, 4pepperew
I just found this game today and I can’t stop playing it
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7 years ago, cristacc1
Once you start playing you cant stop!!
Awesome apps cant wait to play it again!
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6 years ago, sassyclaws
Love this game
Very addictive. Love the competition. But like all games have to purchase coins to play at some point.
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5 years ago, CSatu
Don't start buying coins
I use to love these games. The games are good games but When I ran out of money I started buying more. Since then I haven't one once. They just want you to keep buying more. Plus two times I got charged twice for one transaction.
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4 years ago, xxxynot
Just started playing, so far it’s great.
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7 years ago, MarkV915
Yes this game is excellent all the very way. It is good in every way. Really fun too.
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6 years ago, 4488662
Oh hum
Let’s see, this one took 8.5 minutes to lose the original amount. Just another toopid waste of time. Go outside and play and experience the real world. These games are redundant and boring
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7 years ago, 4DogNight
Panda Trail rocks!
This is a real adult game, interesting, keeps you engaged, and I love the panda trail
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7 years ago, Chueyboy55
Lots of fun. Decent bonus
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6 years ago, Shesellscandy
Panda big slots
Good fun , but wins.
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6 days ago, ngfdxcbmiydcbko
My game is frozen since I connected to Facebook
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7 years ago, mArio504.
I would not recommend this game. It would advertise in the middle of playing a slot game.
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6 years ago, ppppllllloooooou
Update Version
Needs to be updated to support the iPhone xs.
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7 years ago, Drexx182
Good slot game
Good game
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9 years ago, Surfcatsd
Fun game
Lots of winning that makes me want to keep playing. One complaint, be careful when you go up automatically ups your bet. One time I wasn't paying attention and it upped it to 125,000. I lost it in one spin. I was bummed! But I'm still playing.
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7 years ago, Cutetpie40
Has A Lot of Potential
This game is fun and I love the auto spin, the ability to speed up the game and the graphics. However, there are some annoying things as well. 1. The game is constantly being halted by notifications to collect prizes about every 5 spins which defeats the purpose of auto-spin. 2. The notification to inform you of new games drops down about every 10 spins which again interrupts the game. If games will be available after every 10 spins, just make all the games available at once. 3. That music is annoying lol.
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9 years ago, What's the deal !
Good so far
I think this has the makings of a very good game. I also think it would be a plus if you would give a daily return bonus. It would only make myself and others play more.👍 In regards to the new update. Yes it's new lobby but exciting it is NOT. The old lobby I thought was one off the best I have seen. Now it's just like so many others.👎
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9 years ago, Janelle James
So far so good
I will keep playing until I run out of money and then I will delete the game. If it starts to get better I might buy coin packages. I am hoping that the games will get better as I level up and unlock more games. It has just started to get interesting and this is day three that I have been playing
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7 years ago, 1kanstar
Great Variety
Great way to unwind and maybe even win a time or two. Panda trail is always a fun little challenge and you get to try out different games at the same time. Go ahead and try it. You won't be disappointed.
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9 years ago, Welo 11
Money, money, money.....
So far, I love it! I can't wait to finish this review and go back to the game and win more, more, more. Seems to be more than fair so far, (time will tell). I'll review it again in a few days to give an update.
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9 years ago, Fishingpond
This is a terrific game. I love slots that allow you to stop the reals when you want to. The bonuses are fair, the slots are many to choose from. The graphics are great. I would highly recommend getting this game.
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8 years ago, tiaolga2021
Innovative but greedy
Initially it is really a nice set of slots but they are greedy. They seem to forgot this is just a game and we get nothing to enjoyment so what you out in in terms of money you should give back and allow it to last. Too bad I would have played longer if it wasn't for the greediness
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8 years ago, Ak.JAH
Double diamond review
Well I just started on this I want play part of one game and they won't let me go without this with you so far it's good fast yeah you can actually play the Machines
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9 years ago, Skerbalicious
Great game but..
I really enjoyed playing this game until I found out that it really isn't free. They give you X number of credits to play with and at whatever point you have lost those credits in order to continue to play you have to buy credits. To me that means the game really isn't free as advertised. I am sorry but I am not going to pay money just to play a game on my iPad. I have many games to play that are really free to play.
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8 years ago, SlotSuhaSiddiqa
Awesome Slots Game
The Panda Slots game is really awesome game I really love this game. This kind of game is good for spending boring time. I play this game with my kids to have. I also love the theme, music and the background of the slots. I can recommend this game to my friends to play and have fun. This is a sponsored review.
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9 years ago, Hawger1
Really do like this slot! Thank you! Really entertaining and fun. Sure like extras and bonuses. Cannot have enough!!! Thanks. I am very happy with the upgrade to PANDA Slots. Very good bonuses and entertaining. Keep them coming! Thanks.
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7 years ago, ceec14
Panda Slots
I don't have a lot to say about the games because I just started playing but I like it so far. I do think your overall payouts should be more....
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7 years ago, Jen in Fl
Great Game
Great little game. Easy to play for a few minutes or an hour. Many different game styles to pick from. Daily bonus coins are free. Updates keep the game fresh.
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9 years ago, Gramtray
Deanna06 80
The game is fun and you get in bonus games a lot but if you don't start players with one million or at least 500 thousand than we won't stick around long because are credits go to fast to experience all the games you have to offer. I have only played one and my credits are almost gone.
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7 years ago, AZDBACKFANinPA
Nice game
What a wonderful, simple game with plenty of different slots to play, and plenty and plenty of bonuses! If you haven't played it, you have to try it!!!
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9 years ago, Gma1&4
Fun game!
I love playing this in the casino and was happy to see it finally online. So, thank you. So far it is pretty fun to play and it lets you win quite abit unlike some others I have played. We're here to have fun, right!
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9 years ago, AfroBabyLuv
This game app is just perfect. Winnings are plentiful and keeps me going. Graphics are beautiful as well as sounds. Bonus games are fun. Very nice site. Have never complained. Just simply perfect!
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9 years ago, Lucia7345
Fun App
Have only been playing for a short time so I can't state if you actually win any jackpots. It has great graphics and enjoyable to play so far.
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9 years ago, JCD7
Quite Different and Rewarding
So far, game has been interesting with different combos and a great bonus reward even if you do not do well in your picks.
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8 years ago, Vern0629
Decent game
Nice payouts. Cute and fun graphics. We will see how long this lasts though. The pop ups are a little annoying but other than that it's a fun game
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8 years ago, Newgranma
Panda Slots
Fun to play. Sometimes you can get a big win an keep playing. Good graphics! No ads is a plus!
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8 years ago, Sphankhac
I just start to play few first levels it's good games now. I'll try to play more higher level if still good I'll keep it if it's bad I being delete. Beautiful graphics
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9 years ago, Linda lu. Lu
All first not a fan after a few levels it is one of my favorites. So stick with it payouts are good
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10 years ago, ask4amie
Panda slots
Great graphics, fun to play until you get to the high levels, because it rarely hits anything. I reloaded it and started at level one again.
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9 years ago, Samchalon
Panda slots
Interesting challenges with big rewards. Like hugging a big Panda while sleeping in your air bed with the air con on full blast. Your dreaming you are with the angel in Heaven.
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9 years ago, monsoon hill
Best game ever
This game is intense. The pure adrenaline will rush through your veins as you watch the prizes and you try to grab as many as you can. Plus the panda is just amazing!
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9 years ago, Vakbren
Awesome Game!!!
I really love everything about this game!!! It is very fun to play in every way. It has great graphics and colorful characters and exciting bonuses❤️
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7 years ago, VegasNel
Very Entertaining
Really very different slot games with many different bonus offerings. Lots of fun to play.
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8 years ago, Kl panda
Pop ups
Pop up ads are ridiculous. Game is boring.
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9 years ago, CrazyMe2
Panda Slots
I'm liking this game, didn't think it was going to be interesting. But it's just my first day- will wait to see how far I can go with it.
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9 years ago, PatriCoMiles
The panda slots
Great graphics, especially the excited Panda, Kudos to the person(s) who created this exciting and fun slot(s)😎
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8 years ago, 1darlin
Panda slots
Loved the old game. Not too crazy about new format but still Like To play. Love that there are no pop up ads.
Show more
7 years ago, Sudokuloco
New player
Just started this game and I am loving it already!
Show more
8 years ago, HeavyD52
Panda slots
Fun games! Takes a littl to long to get to new ones though.
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