Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

4.3 (272)
80 MB
Age rating
Current version
Flipline Studios
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

4.26 out of 5
272 Ratings
2 years ago, Cap'nRed
A classic but one major problem…
The game has an issue with saving your progress, I just lost an in game week of progress because the game just seems to save when it wants. Honestly it should be that after every completed day after you get paid the game should auto save and I don’t know why this isn’t included in a paid game.
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7 years ago, JRCraftGamer32
Love the game but kind of need a improved
First of all I love this game, I’ve been playing the computer Version since 2012, and now on mobile I am on day 201, it’s a lot of days and I still have fun but it makes it gets kind of boring when Papa Louie is always the first customers, if you get Switch him with different customers and show him every once in awhile that will be awesome, like the Cupcakeria it shows him everyone once in a while, also add the Donut, Pie, Cheese, Sushi and many others, but keep up the work and make sure Papa Louie isn’t always the first customer =P
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2 years ago, PatrickUKnow
A timeless classic
I’m 28 (29 in July) I’m one of the last or a generation old enough to remember the days pre smartphone when computer games was king. The papa Louie pizza game was one of those timeless classics and those who enjoyed that game will no doubt fall in love with this one too. It even adds features the game on PC didn’t have. I’m happy they brought out to the mobile realm. I got a few of the papa games on my iPhone and will be sure to get more haha. Hope they can add new feature in the future. Thanks for bringing back memories :)
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6 years ago, DestinyCherea25
More games?
Please, please, please; make all of the papa Louie games for the iPhone.. I enjoy playing the ones “to go” for the phone, but also enjoy the pc ones and the iPad ones. However, not everyone knows about the pc or the iPad version. Since I play mostly on my phone, it would be nice to have all of them conveniently there.. AND please make a new game soon-one for all electronic devices..PLEASE!!
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6 years ago, ihess48
Add more?
This is a very fun app but like after day 35 you get no more new ingredients. To me, I enjoy seeing the new things I get every time I get a rank up. If you could, add some more stuff. It doesn’t have to be just toppings it can be like different cheeses or dough or add like another station like bread or something. Also maybe you could add some more games like the sushi one
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6 months ago, iiiSxphie
Awesome Game!
I’ve been playing the Papa Louie games since I was little. This was the very first one I played, and having it be a mobile game as well is so fun to be able to play on the go. One thing I will say is that it is very difficult to get a perfect score, but other than that, I love the game. Keep it up Flipline Studios!
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1 year ago, Hankbeans89
Progress not saving!!!!
I am extremely disappointed by this game. The fact that I spent money just to play a game that doesn’t even save your progress is ridiculous. I was up to rank 15 when I got off last night, I ended right after my shift, then I wake up this morning to see that I have somehow dropped to a rank 5??? I am so angry that I spent so much time playing this game, decorating my lobby, and buying upgrades just for non of it to save. I wish I could give zero stars!!!!!! Hope you enjoy my money!
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3 years ago, oryan2016
Amazing game; however…
This game is incredible. I remember sitting in my classroom playing these games while doing my work. I only have one downside to this game. I believe this game would be 100% better if it has the same mini games and customization of the lobby like the other games has, such as hot Doggeria.
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2 years ago, chuyts
Add holidays and more ingredients please
The game is is really fun but the quality isn’t like the newer ones and the id version has holidays and specials and also more characters. flip line if you read this please add more stuff please
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3 years ago, Lady Asteriam
Great game
I remember playing these games on Coolmathgames as a middle schooler. The only reason it’s not 5 star is because there isn’t customization options like the PC version used to have. Bring that in and I’ll totally change my review!
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5 years ago, Zgt02
Love it but...
The game is awesome but I wish papas pizzeria to go was like papas pizzeria had where the customer are able to pick different doughs and sauces and I would love to see some of the other games from pc like the doughnuts and such i pie and grilled cheese and maybe wings too but besides that keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, NoNickname_01
The game is nice. But there’s something wrong.
First of all. I was playing the game. I was making the foods and one of the people say that it’s bad. And Waiting is not a type of percent. And people wait patience. If you think this is something I’m wrong about or right about. Please tell me Flipline Studios.
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2 years ago, Silvallyowo
Not worth it :/
I used to play this game when I was a kid a lot and was hoping to play it again, I bought it and then when it shows the orders the thing where it shows the day cycle gets in the way of the receipt making it hard to see, the roping’s one the receipt are really hard to see and I can’t tell what’s what, was really looking forward ro playing too :/ I want my money back and it won’t let me.
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5 years ago, Mr.Awesome1.0
Good but...
You see the game is good but they need to add some of newer features from games like pankaria I don’t know if I spelled that correct and I feel like the newer ones need to be $.99 or less just because they will probably sell better.
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4 months ago, Mr.coolguy4000
The original
As a mega fan of this series I was super excited to get this for such a cheap price and it is the one that started it all so I can’t hate this game for bad graphics so this is one of my favorites
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3 years ago, EJC638352
Overall good BUT,
I really love this! It’s very good for my brain when I need a break. However, the part I don’t like is that it’s old and doesn’t have some of the features the newer To Go games have. (Special recipes, Customer coupons, stickers, etc.
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3 years ago, Vodoking
Jojo the Game critic
It’s a good game, I like unlocking new things but I have an issue when cutting pizzas. Whenever I try to cut from the top I accidentally tap the tickets so I end up getting the wrong order.
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6 years ago, Wyatt1290
Great Game
I’ve always liked the PC version of papa’s games and I’m happy that they brung Papa’s games to mobile devices. Papa’s Pizzeria is a great mobile game and is well worth the money. If I had more money on my iTunes account, then I would buy more Papa’s games.
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1 year ago, FlankerCrusader
Classic cutting
I love this I have beaten the game twice, now, if I was more interested, when would the next costumer plaza come out? Also where can I even play the HD (iPad obv) but I wanna play the HD on computer
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2 years ago, Claire Mazure
Love these games!!
Hi, I've been playing these games forever since they were on gaming sites, love them all and own them all. Was wondering if there any new games coming out?
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4 years ago, Mookkiiee1
Great game
It’s a good game, especially to pass the time. I think there should be a newer update though cause this is the oldest one and it looks kinda blurry and older on the screen compared to the newer ones.
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6 years ago, Jatana Nejla Gist - Johnson
Add more
This game is fun you guys should work on adding papas donuteria , papas sushiria , papas bakeria and papas cheeseria to mobile devices also. I would spend my money on those games as well specially for people who dont have desktops or laptops to play them online.
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2 years ago, rich3434k
Needs to be upgraded
When I first downloaded the app the graphics weren’t the best. And my screen would only let me zoom in and on the top and bottom it was black. I would really think a update would be awesome!
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7 years ago, XxFirestrikexX
Excellent Game
I've made a great choice to buy a game like this. I've started with the original version to a better cheap price version with an easier addicting gameplay.
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7 years ago, Theme park maker
I wonder
Would you add things from had to to go or am Is it going to be the same way it is now either way is just fine I'm just wondering
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2 years ago, irllydontknowwhattoput
Mediocre at best
This game is alright not to good not to bad. The building isn’t fun. The cooking feels like it takes to long. Sometimes the cutting feels unfair. There isn’t much to say about this game its just mediocre. If your thinking of getting this game, please dont. Even the hd ver isin’t any better.
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3 years ago, TheGDCreeper
Great Game! And still holds Up!
This Game is a great distraction! Many levels and fun challenges! Great features and upgrades! This flash legend is a must play even for those who aren’t familiar with Papa’s Gamerias.
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5 years ago, Mymbrules12345
Love but could be better
I love this game because it’s part of the Papa’s franchise, but it could use the daily specials like the newer ones. It helps keep it interesting. Also, I’m really wanting Sushiria for mobile or iPad. It’s my favorite Papa’s game 💛
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5 years ago, Ericaaa_0229
I think you should be able to talk to the customers that would be fun I love the game but that would be very appreciative thank you 😊
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4 years ago, Ashleyvanity96
Does this ever end?!
I have reached level 99 and normally thats when the game ends and you go to the next shop like pancakes or something. But it is not doing it. So does it ever end?
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2 years ago, nick bois reviews
this game is the standard it is the past it is the present and it is the future of our generation i think in order to have a successful life you need to play this game now of days kids aint gonna play computer games so good job for papa bringing his food-eias’ to app stores on mobile devices he is currently making more money than ur faves tbh #papaforprez!
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6 years ago, Gonzo4949
Awsome but...
This game is the best for killing time and it’s fun but on day 9-10 the guy with the cat screws up the game by getting the wrong pizza and you have to restart if you want a good score. PLEASE FIX
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6 years ago, Emmew
Not cool!
I’ve been playing these games for awhile and every time I get back on to the game, it gives me the same people and orders as the one before. I haven’t gotten any new customers or toppings/types of things in a few days. Please fix this so it will stop repeating this!!!!!
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5 years ago, bob duncan #2
Waste of a dollar
This game is a waste of money. You don’t even make the pizza (dough, spread cheese & sauce, etc.) you just heat up the pizza then put toppings on. basically the pizza is premade all you do is put it in the oven for a few seconds and then when it’s finished you place the toppings and give it to the customer. I want my money back.
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2 years ago, lphillips1994
Accidentally deleted a save
Is there any way to recover a save? The kid I babysit pressed delete and now it's all gone ☹️
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3 months ago, hdb hxhhxhxhcvvxbxbxh
Not fit for newer iPhones
I’m on an iPhone 13 and the game is extremely cropped and looks terrible. Overall, pretty fun game. Love how they added upgrades and unlockable ingredients.
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5 years ago, hi my name is troy
Brings back memories
This is the greatest game I’ve ever played and it’s so fun and it brings back child memories
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3 years ago, ice queen l
Don’t bother
The quality is so horrible it’s not even worth the money. Also you barely get to do anything. Just take an order, add toppings, bake and slice the pizza. I’d recommend you spend another dollar on one of the better games.
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1 year ago, tangiluiso
I know it’s a (classic) it’s good but it has low quality unlike the other games and in general I honestly don’t like it and want my money back
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4 months ago, Dingding09 erniemilo mi famila
This game looks different.
This game looks kind a different then HD version and released In 2007.
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6 years ago, Howdeez
Amazing and addictive
I would recommend this game for anyone and make more games, plz👍🏼🦄💩🤟🏼🙏🏼
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7 months ago, Kgawth
Really great concept, but executed poorly. Was fun for 15 minutes. Never playing again.
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3 years ago, please do what I want
This game
It is fun but after a while it gets boring. Can you add mini games like In the other papa games.
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5 years ago, Meanie junior
Why does this game cost money
The game is fun for about 2 days maybe. I wish they would just run ads so all these games could be free :( definitely not buying another one
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1 week ago, bratlasha
l’m very disappointed
I have almost every other game and I wanted to add this one but just the quality is not very good and it’s just not worth it (I wish a could get my money back😹)
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7 months ago, v for vendetta :)
You teach how to do topping in all the other games like Pasteria but we just have to guess how the toppings go for this game?? I love this game but wow… it’s plainly hard because of bad execution.
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1 month ago, noobman-
This game is fun but a bit buggy and the guy you play as is kinda cutie patootie
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5 years ago, So Random Guy
Quick Fix
I pay for the game but it’s doesn’t even load(the loading circle is not moving) and I delete it and download it again but it won’t work please help
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1 year ago, ddrakecs
good game
Old but fun my mom got me this game for 99 cents good price
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7 years ago, Aid.N
The best thing ever
This app is awesome but can you please add more games
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