Papaya: Securely Pay Any Bill

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SnapPays Mobile, Inc
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Papaya: Securely Pay Any Bill

4.77 out of 5
112.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Amarenima
App improvement suggestions
They read it! This app is normally great. I recently had some issues with getting in touch with customer service, but those have been resolved. Some suggestions that I feel would greatly help reduce customer confusion and aggravation: A) Within the app, list the help email so that customers can directly contact customer service if the automated ticket system is down. You could tell them what information should be included in the subject line and the email itself. B) Break down the “in progress” bill status into different categories. For example: - Verifying, part 1 (Verifying that the information on the bill is correct) - Transferring (Money from account to virtual card or check) - Verifying, part 2 (Verifying that the money is still owed) - Delivering This will help customers feel safer knowing how their money is being handled. C) Somewhere in the app, perhaps in the auto chat help area, explain the process of how the customer’s money is transferred from the account to the virtual card or check. D) In the same area, explain how refunds are dealt with. As well as the timing.
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2 years ago, KDA_18
Don’t use they take the money but bills don’t get paid!
I paid a bill on the app, the money left my account but the biller can’t find my payment. I have sent countless emails 10 + asking for help with zero response. I get an automated response when I send the email that they have received my email and someone will be in touch soon. I have been waiting for a response for over 2 months. This app worked great for other bill payments but seems like when there’s an issue no one can help. Update…. Since writing this review I have still not received any communication from Papaya. Guess they take your money and then don’t care. My bill has gone to collections thanks to this app!!!!! So now have to pay double just so I don’t get in trouble. It’s a scam!!!
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1 year ago, FR Sims
You give your SSN, they give it away
Read the fine print. This company demands your social security number if you want to use its services, and when you dig thru fine print you’ll find that they can share it w/third parties. They don’t demand your SSN upfront. First you pay a bill, enter all your info, name, phone, address, cc and/or debit/bank acct, pay your bill, and then you are taken to the inescapable lock room where your birthdate and SSN are required for exit. No going forward or back. I just closed the app and went back to the App Store and started digging around. I found a spread sheet showing item by item how all your info, including your SSN, which you freely give them, is turned around and shared? Sold? Disseminated? to third parties. I even deleted the app which my iPad said would destroy all data. Then I tried reinstalling. Surprise! Somehow the papaya app was able to remember the stuff that was erased when it was deleted… amazing. I’ve sent an email to the company asking them to delete all my info. But how in the world can I trust that? I know we live in a world where we are losing more of our privacy every day. Come on, papaya, why be so sneaky? I had to tap a star or it wouldn’t let me submit this review which probably won’t be put on the site anyway. FRSims
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3 years ago, Yanxfan49
The best in every way
I started using this app after I was diagnosed with cancer when the bills started rolling in from every direction. What could be simpler than snapping a picture of the bill then entering the simple information and not have to worry about it? It’s safe, it’s easy and you don’t need stamps or envelopes. It keeps a record of all the bills you paid and all the pertinent information. I’ve only had one issue and thanks to their excellent customer service it was handled in no time at all. If you have any questions or issues they are there for you. No service is absolutely 100% fool proof ( the mistake was not the fault of Papaya) but having customer service that genuinely cares about customer satisfaction is peace of mind.
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3 years ago, armonyrose
Disappointed/didn’t work for me
Wait times might be different for other customers/users, but it took the app exactly 2 weeks to decide to send my money back to my debit account for my electric bill I paid last month. I didn’t receive a notification or email about this either, I just randomly got my money back. Kinda glad that I did because my bill is due the 14th of this month currently leaving me only two days to pay my bill (not with Papaya). I was able to successfully pay my xfinity bill with the app, but it definitely took much longer than I expected. I’m really disappointed because I was hoping this would be an easy “one-stop-shop” solution for paying my bills instead of using multiple apps to pay each bill individually. Also the email function in the app doesn’t work currently, so you have to copy and paste their email into your own mail app just to reach customer support. Only reason I’m giving the app 3 instead of 2 or 1 to stars is because the interface is great on the app, it’s very easy to use. I just really wish my bills could have been paid a lot sooner. As a person who worries about their bills being paid on time, I try to avoid unintentional late fees as much as I can. tldr; Very slow and inefficient, took 2 weeks for a bill to get paid and it wasn’t even paid/didn’t get notified of this.
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2 years ago, aleyd1
Don’t expect to get support or your bill paid
Shame on me for choosing this app to pay my doctor bill.I paid the bill over a month ago it said it was sent via USPS and it would take seven days. I got another bill in the mail stating that they will take legal action if I didn’t pay the bill.I called the biller who is Peachtree billing for patriot urgent care. They said I wish they wouldn’t put papaya as a way to pay the bill on our billing statements we have continual problems with them. And then the lack of customer service you have to talk to a bot. Meanwhile the bill has never been paid it’s been sitting out there for a month and I could’ve literally called the company and just paid it over the phone. I don’t know why it has such high ratings because I have went on websites and the Better Business Bureau and thousands of people complaining about it. It’s a joke can we just please go back to the old way of paying bills was alive breathing human behind a phone if you need assistance.
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3 years ago, Deigo1915
No contact, no help, no service.
A bill that I learned about papaya from via advertisement. I tried to pay said bill using papaya. It was rejected, no big deal. The big deal is a customer asking for a simple explanation of why a payment was rejected besides “your payment was rejected,” is ignored for a week. I sent a photo of the bill showing that it was supported by papaya, no response. I reach out through the app, no response. Send follow up emails, blatantly ignored. I won’t support a business that is just there for quick take, and don’t care about the actual customer. It will probably work great… until it doesn’t. At that point, I wish you the best of luck my friends. Edit: I did receive an email from a customer service rep apologizing and asking me what she would like me to do, saying that she could make the payment. I responded almost immediately requesting that she did and thanked her, follow up email after two days, the weekend has passed and it’s the end of a Monday. Nothing.
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3 years ago, Patimen
If you pay bills, try this app!
I cannot say enough good things about this app. For one off bills, like medical billing especially, this app is a life saver. When you have medical bills (and the medical issues that accompany them!) the last thing you need to be worrying about is how to get money to the billers. Every biller seems to have a different website or system, or no system at all, requiring you to mail checks. Enter Papaya. You take a picture of the bill, and they literally take care of the rest. I’ve paid over 20 bills (15 the day I got the app!) and have not had a single issue. The ambiguity is gone, and you get a record of the bill and a receipt of your payment. Thank you Papaya team!
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2 years ago, Nicholas 26
Another rotten fruit in the bucket EDITED
I knew it was too good to be true. I paid a bill using this app a few months ago and got confirmation that bill was paid. I just received a phone call from a collection agency saying a derogatory remark was added to my credit because bill is not paid. I sent them screenshots showing that bill was using papaya app. It seems bill was paid but it wasn’t communicated to the merchant properly from papaya. First and last time using this app. Changing to 5 stars. Papaya tried paying my bill 3 times but my credit card was rejecting the transactions without notifying me. Overall, this app isn’t at fault and is helpful in paying your bills.
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5 years ago, sbraham
...can I give them six stars please??
So I have used them for many bills, all paid without a hitch. Then I had one payee being difficult, and after a friendly convo with the folks at papaya, I come to find out that they paid the bill in question, paper check, postage paid, just to resolve the issue, none of the costs passed on to me, even after offering to pay the associated costs. They are amazing. When they say they will pay any bill, I know for a fact that they will pay ANY bill. Even my HOA, who say they only accept paper checks, apparently accepts payment from papaya. I couldn’t be happier. This is what app-based payment systems were always supposed to be.
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4 years ago, YourNameHere____x____
Can’t choose which Push Notifications you get
There appears to be no way to set what push notifications that this app is going to inundate you with. Besides the ones that you would need, like confirming your payments, and confirming your requests for individual payments, they constantly remind you that you can pay bills with their app. If you want push notifications that say things like, ‘Happy Holidays from Papaya’, then download this app. Within the app, you cannot turn off different types of notifications. This leaves you only one thing to do: Go to Apple Settings➞Notifications➞Turn Off “Allow Notifications”. I get plenty of notifications, I don’t want, nor do I need imbecilic dribble from Papaya. I just want them to tell me that they received my request to pay, and then a notification that the payment was initiated. Period. I don’t care what Papaya wants to send, I want the ability to stop types of notifications that I don’t want, without shutting them all off.
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2 years ago, not for me5
Deleted and won’t use again
This app came recommended on a utility bill statement. Used it first time no issues nice and easy. Second time I got an email stating it could not be processed unless I added a payment number. There was no number I’d have to make the payment to get a payment number. It didn’t ask for one the first time. None the less, e-mail gave an option to cancel payment so I just cancelled. Once cancelled it held my nearly $200 dollar payment and the next day there was a second hold for the same amount. So now they’ve got nearly $400 held hostage. I emailed support and got a automated response saying it may take up to 3 business days for a response. Well it was 8 days later. Both eventually cleared and I was credited my money back. Support blamed the second hold on my back even tho it was identical to theirs. Took 5 seconds for them to get my money but nearly a week to get it back…. No thanks, bye papaya!!
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5 years ago, MikePowellVC
Works every time, smooth, easy to use
Papaya does exactly was it’s supposed to, after inputting your credit card or banking info into the Papaya app, bills are paid simply by taking a photo of them and confirming the amount to pay. It usually takes a couple of days for the transaction to clear, but this is the case with most CC transactions. I also discovered that invoices emailed to me can be paid just as easily, ie, by downloading the email attachment directly to the Papaya app, and presto, after confirming the amount paid, it’s done. That was a nice surprise, that I did Not need to print out the attachment and take a photo of it. Mike Powell
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3 years ago, kokogeo
Really easy
You download the app. Take a picture of you bill and fill in your payment information. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I could have taken a picture of my debit card rather then having to type it all out. How lazy am I becoming. Lol . So without that option it could take up to 30 seconds more. From start to finish including downloading the app and doing this review took about 7 min.
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1 year ago, SundayGrrll2
Decent but
I would’ve given this app five stars because of the ease in which I paid my bill, it was super easy but they scan the bill that has your account number and your name then they get your credit card information or your bank information - which they prefer - then they want to know your address and your name and your phone number ….and then to “boost your credit score” they want to know your birthdate AND Social Security number and that was just the last straw. **Nobody needs that much information to pay a bill! All that should be needed is my debit card - that’s it. This made me very uneasy, and I will be watching my bank account.
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2 years ago, Michele and Greg
Declined payment
I first thought this app was a great idea, until I received a notice that on if my bills was past due and that my he payment I had made was declined. The app showed that my bill was paid, and my bank showed that the payment had cleared my bank. When I called the number on the past due bill I received, they said that I called them to make the payment and that the Mastercard I gave them was declined for insufficient funds. First, I never called them, and second, I don’t own a Mastercard. I tried contacting customer service at papaya and they don’t have an actual phone number, it’s a very impersonal series of questions through an automated “chat”, only to end up having to send them an email. I’m still waiting on a reply from them, and an explanation as to what happened and where my money is. I do not recommend this app!
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3 years ago, mvguehjf)$:37?0
Nearly got my bill sent to collections!
Do not waste your time with this app. I had three medical bills to pay and one suggested this app. Appeared to work fine. After a few days all three showed paid in app. A month later I got one of the bills in the mail again saying it was unpaid. I thought no just a mix up. Then they started calling me. I looked into it. My card never showed any charge for payment ever going through. So while the app says paid. It was not! I contacted the app and they said they would look into it and I would hear back in three days. I just paid the bill through the providers direct portal. No messing around with waiting days to hope hear back from papaya. They could have sent my bill to collections while I was waiting around. Not worth that chance at all. Just pay directly. Skip the hassle of papaya!!!
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2 years ago, Mrs tuel
Do not use this app! Scam!
Horrible company, do not use. I found them because a medical bill had them on the statement as an option. Decided to use for utilities to see if the credit boost works. Paid my water with my checking, they debited my account for the payment and over a week later the actual check shows up debited again. Both charges still in my account. They took the money as them as the payee and the water company got the ach. They would not have done anything if I hadn’t emailed repeatedly. They also have no contact info other than a generic email. The credit has been in my account for 4 days now. Just this morning they finally emailed a response asking for details so they can refund me possibly. This company is trash and a scam. If I hadn’t of been balancing my ledger I would have never caught the double charge.
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5 years ago, rlpeebles
Works great but
When it works it's great. But: 1. When attempting to charge with a credit card the message pops up this vendor charges $1.25 fee. The last 3 vendors I have send a payment to DO NOT charge a fee. Explain. 2. If you make a mistake half way through the process you cannot cancel or go back. You have to go ahead and finish the process and then go to the list of your actions and cancel. This can be a little nerve racking if for example you sent $500 instead of the intended $50. 3. Today I prepared a payment to an heating and air company and the app wanted my name and birthdate required whenever I pay a doctor?? I plan to keep using but your development department needs start removing some of these bugs.
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2 years ago, A nonymous76
Poor response time. Frustrating interface.
I’ve already deleted the app, and would not consider using the service again. It took so long to make my payment, and even longer to get any response to two separate inquiries: regarding my payment and then a request to cancel my payment so that I could pay my doctor’s office directly. Thankfully the payment finally went through, but not having any response was frustrating and frightening considering how much money was at stake. I will be mentioning my issues with this service to my doctor’s office. Finally receiving a response to my inquiry a week-and-a-half after making it is not acceptable, nor is the excuse that the company has “a higher than normal volume” of customer issues. This shows poor infrastructure, and poor planning. Never again.
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2 years ago, <:3 )~
ZERO customer service!
The app worked flawlessly for a few medical bills but another that I submitted has yet to be paid after a month. The status says “delivered” but I called the doctor’s office and they never received a payment. The app only gives you an option to text an automated response bot which was no help. There’s no customer service phone number listed anywhere on their app or website. I finally located a customer service number but when you call it plays a message that all reps are busy and it sends you straight to leave a voicemail. No option to stay on the line to speak with a person. I also sent an email to no avail. I just want to speak to a human being and figure out where my money went and figure this out before my bill goes into collection.
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2 years ago, Elsi71
Easy to use, but too slow
Papaya is a great concept and I want to love it, but payments are WAY too slow - I could end up in collections by the time I get a payment confirmation, especially if it’s a bill they send by paper check. And since I don’t see the payment clear in my account, I have no way of knowing if the provider has accepted the papaya payment. I only see Papaya has taken out the money, then I see the payment as ‘pending’ for weeks! I have one from early January that says delivered by USPS but still not marked paid/accepted. Did they accept the payment? Was it credited to my account? Am I delinquent? I have no idea! I’ll go back to just writing my own checks or paying online through Zelle or the provider portal. May take a few moments longer, but at least I’m in control and in the loop.
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2 years ago, Hannah988
Not worth it, I’m still waiting…
I used Papaya to pay my bill because my bill said I could use this app to pay my bill. I used papaya to pay my bill over a month ago. Papaya says that the bill was delivered but I have yet to see a charge on my credit card account. After seeing all of the recent one star reviews I am getting more worried that my bill won’t be paid, should have just mailed the check myself. UPDATE: I called the biller myself, turns out my account has a zero balance, so I must have payed that balance at the office. So what I have to do now is wait for papaya to charge me AGAIN and then call the biller for a refund. I looked at the Better business bureau and I am not the only one that this has happed to. Just use a check and mail it yourself to save yourself a headache.
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2 years ago, you can't have my nickname
Paid wrong provider of service
I do not trust this app. They processed my claim and prepared to send the payment to the wrong company, that I’d never heard of. There is no customer service phone number listed anywhere in the app. The chat option is a joke since it is just FAQ’s with no actual real time assistance. I was able to Google how to email them and did finally get assistance and got the correct provider paid. Now a few weeks later they emailed me a phone number that I can call for future reference. I am trying to delete my profile and account but cannot seem to accomplish this either. I would proceed with caution before you use this app. What this app tries to do is a really nice idea, but the lack of real time assistance and how to get help is incredibly poor.
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4 years ago, moose201086
I downloaded the app at the suggestion of my doctor to pay a $40 bill without mailing a check. It gave me the option of credit or debit, so I used credit as I usually do for bills. I use my credit card and pay it at the end of the month in full, so I never pay interest. I saw a mysterious $10 fee appear on my CC, so I called them. It was a CASH ADVANCE fee!! This app used my credit card in the form of cash advance, which triggered a $10 fee and began accruing 25% interest rate FROM THE DAY OF THE CHARGE!!!! Luckily my bank was nice enough to waive the fees and interest, and I made an immediate payment to stop the interest. I am deleting this app and will never ever use it again. If I hadn’t noticed this on my statement right away, I would have paid way more than my copay in fees and interest when all was said and done 😡😡
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10 months ago, akurybo
Does its job, but painfully
Pro: recognized bill photo, seems to have sent payment. Con: everything else about the experience. (1) Impossible to add credit card on mobile. When adding card info, the CVV field was impossible to tap into. The only solution was to connect a bluetooth keyboard and use the tab key. I tried the website, but Papaya doesn’t have a web presence, just app. (2) “designed for iPad”, but doesn't offer a landscape layout. Bit misleading and annoying. (3) Doesn’t connect to Apple Wallet or native payment methods. Great, now I have to enter credit card details in a new app, when the API is literally right there. Why make things complicated? (4) After finally completing a payment, Papaya unprompted decided to run my personal info in “ID protection scans” and “Free Credit Checks”. What?! Unprompted, uninformed, and without consent. After that, Papaya is deleted from my device and never to be used again. Papaya seems like a good idea, but it needs work. The app developer seriously needs to improve the UI and remove unwanted scammy-feeling ID checks.
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3 years ago, Sabsstone500
My Bill didn’t get paid
My Utility bill was NEVER received by Payaya. They don’t have anything for that specific dollar amount anywhere in their system. For any accounts. Yet can I get ahold of Papaya for help? NO! They have no customer service phone number. They will only send you ONE email, if you reply to that, they won’t reply back. They are insisting that they paid, our bank account says it cleared. But we NEVER got a receipt from the Utility Service saying we paid. And again, I’ve been in conversation multiple times with my utility service. There. Is. No. Dollar amount for that which we had paid to Papaya!! Terrible customer service. I had been paying my bills for 2 years through Papaya. No more. $100 GONE! Poof! Into the void. Thanks a lot.
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3 years ago, Bri635
My personal information that I gave on this app somehow landed in a scammers hand. This is the ONLY app I gave all of my info to so I know who it was. I got a message claiming I owe 572$ with my full name, address, phone number, and DOB. I got the message the exact day the money went through. I am NOT happy because they may or may not have my card info so now I have to go to the bank today to change it. BE CAREFUL. The money did go through to the people I am paying though. (It in fact did not go through) **UPDATE After 1-2 weeks, the bill was in fact not paid. I checked the place that told me to pay it and it was paid but then I get a notice from the hospital itself saying it was in fact not paid
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2 years ago, BeeCee303303
Frustrating way to pay a medical bill
I’ve been sitting here paying a handful of medical bills and when I got to this one the experience was very frustrating. I had to download a pointless app and give it access to my camera to take a picture of the bill so it can be paid. Its then obvious that the app doesn’t even use the picture to retrieve the bill right away. After you submit the picture and payments it has to go through a review process. It’s a total waste of time and a desperate attempt to gather personal information and harvest data from my phone. 0 stars is not an option so I gave it one. Delete the app as soon as you pay your bill as it it completely useless.
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7 months ago, Marcus408
I love this app
This app does what it says it does fixes your problems they pay my AT&T bill with no issue took about 3 to 5 business days the only issue I have with this app is it doesn’t tell me how to pay them back. I think they need another button or you can click it and make payments or start paying it back. But besides that I love this app, I can’t wait to pay them back and ask for help again because God only knows I’m gonna need it
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3 months ago, Etxxx
Could be better..
Papaya does the basics, no whistles or bells. Will they in the future start pulling in monthly debts? I don’t know. They do make it easier to pay my bills overall using my preferred payment methods. Today, I am having a problem. Every time I pay a bill, the app locks up with the spinning wheel, even after I receive an email saying that payment is has been received, and is in process. The app is locked up, can’t fix it except by turning off my phone. Very clumsy. Fix that and I’ll be satisfied with the app.
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3 years ago, ArjayTee118
Thank God For papaya!
I was trying to pay my outrageous medical bill (that the TWO insurance I have SHOULD have paid in full!) using the online QuickPay Here, but the greedy thieves REFUSED payment, so I tried the next option; QuickPay With Your Smartphone. After waiting for a text that seemed like it would never arrive, but did, I had to download the papaya app. Quick, easy, and I was FINALLY able to pay this ridiculous bill. Pleased that they had the smarts to ACCEPT my payment! GREAT service!!
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2 years ago, Poppa Plantz
Great, if you want to add 5 extra steps to paying bills
My pediatrician forces patients to use this app to pay. Forget about going to a website or entering an invoice number…you have to actually scan the entire bill (which is a hassle), then you have to manually enter your address, the credit card numbers, patient info, birthdate, etc. I didn’t have my wallet with me the first time (but have my credit card info saved to my phone and PC), but couldn’t pay the bill because I had to physically have the card to enter all my info, so it took me two days to pay a bill when it should have taken 10 minutes, tops
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5 years ago, Roncase84NY
Bill Pay Game Changer
This is the easiest and fastest way to pay a bill! I never download apps on my phone but I downloaded Papaya since I can pay ANY bill. I would forget to pays bills since they require me to call or go online...all time consuming. I ended up never paying paper bills that came in the mail..... Now I pay my bills and doctor bills because of the ease of Papaya! I pay my bills standing at my mailbox with taking a picture of the bill with Papaya. I don’t know how they do it.... Magic!! This is a game changer!!
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2 years ago, Chiamom6
You use to be a good company. I refuse to pay your company 8.00 a month now that you decided to start charging, when I call call the payment in myself for free. It was just more convenient since I was paying all my other bills to just add this one. I say goodbye to you papaya now that you want to charge me 8.00.I will inform my Dr. offices I will no longer be using your services to pay them, they had recommended your site to me over a yr. ago. Bye bye
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2 years ago, SWLIesha
Worst most exploitive payment app ever
Just be prepared if you use this app: it will try to wring every bit of sensitive information out of you it can, including your banking log in information (yikes!! :( ) and your telephone number (not necessary at all...they probably intend to sell it), your age, and your credit card information, even if you are paying the bill by a bank draft. Worse, they have a (ridiculous) offer to "boost your credit score by up to 30 points!" (absurd) if you just give them your Social Security number (only the last four digits, but that's bad enough). I will delete this app from my phone immediately and never use it again.
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3 years ago, Warrendylan
I still enjoy paper bills because I have something I can hold in my hand that makes me remember to pay. But I’m just sick of the “snail mail wait” to pay and want to just get things done. Papaya has made it so easy and they have payment opinions, so if I don’t have all the money right away I can pay a portion of the bill and still have the comfort of knowing the bill is payed and I still have time to pay the rest.
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3 years ago, RenoRog
Poor interface
This is the second time I have used the app. The first time I finally gave up in disgust and phoned the doctors office and paid the bill. I had the same problem this time. When sent to the pay page on my iPhone the top of the page is actually concealed. It contains a space for an email address. If you don’t fill in the email address because you haven’t seen it, the continue button never lights. This time I had mistyped my name and I swiped up to fix it. The swipe pulled down more of the page revealing the bottom of the email box. Ah-so!
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1 year ago, seemant_sri
Awesome app!!!
What an app this is, Medical bills always haunted me and paying them is like a nightmare because they come from numerous sources with different payment methods. Because of tediousness I used procrastinate. Now with this app I don’t have to worry about the biller or method of payment. It’s all seamlessly taken care by Papaya. I haven’t used this for anything other than medical but It can do any types of bill payments. I truly recommend this. Kudos to the creators and developers👏👏
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3 years ago, MollyPocket90
ADHD Life Hack!
Being extremely ADHD, I am terrible at remembering to pay my bills. This app has literally changed my life. Instead of placing my bills off to the side and then forgetting to pay them because “out of sight, out of mind” I pay them right away. It’s so easy and fast to use that I am actually organized and on top of my bills for once in my life. Plus, it’s an easy way to keep track of what you’ve already paid.
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2 years ago, chto1013
Wait, wait, and wait
I downloaded the app after my hospital bill referred this app to pay my bill immediately. After making my payment, I was contacted by the hospital and app that my bill had already been paid for by my insurance, my payment was declined, and that I would receive a refund. It’s been two weeks since I was told that I would receive a refund and have yet to get my refund nor get a response from customer service. I’ve sent nearly four emails regarding my refund since the payment was a very pricey one and could use that money to pay my other expenses. Overall very disappointed in the app hoping to hear a response soon.
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1 year ago, Alyoopsiepoopsie
Painless Bill Pay
Love it! I can pay any paper bill with only a few taps of my finger! I hate having to have online accounts for everything and I can’t seem to remember my stupid usernames and passwords. Papaya takes away all of my excuses for waiting to pay bills. I have quite a few specialist doctors so I am constantly getting medical bills in the mail. It takes only seconds to pay them now!
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2 years ago, Wiselyne
Save time
It’s really a great app, you just have to scan and everything is good to go. Once the bill is pay, you’ll either receive a notification or you can just check it on the app. You also be able to review past payment. No stress about not being to login to your account if you were to pay via online on the website attach to the bill.
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4 years ago, I vibrio
Easy enough to use but.
They charge a 3% fee for using a credit card, I don’t have a debit card so that’s not an option. They have an option where you can pay directly from a bank account, great. Problem being they want access to your account via your online account password. My level of trust isn’t that high, I passed. The two rating is only due to the ease of use.
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1 year ago, jeffz816
Fast and so easy
Papaya is the easiest way to pay bills. I use a Flex spending account for all my families’ medical bills, and with Papaya I simply save the card number, scan the bill that comes in the mail and Papaya does everything else for you. You get an email to let you know your payment is processing and another when it’s delivered. So quick and easy!
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2 years ago, Rodney1122334455
Hurry and wait
I signed up because it was only option for a doctor bill. I sent payment and was notified that I would be notified when bill was paid. It asked if I want to sign up for credit boost stating I would get boost using app. Unfortunately after I said yes it said come back when you have a utility bill to pay. I already have those direct with near instant payment acceptance and transaction number. It sounds to me like this app likely takes the money from your account holds it getting the interest and paying your bills after a few days of collecting interest. I won’t be keeping this app.
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2 years ago, Tsamsm
Took my money and didn’t pay bills
I thought this was great but I have many bills that I have paid and I have now to come to find out that none of them were paid. I emailed them on Wednesday since that is the only form of support and didn’t get a response by Friday so I shot them another email which I did not receive a response from. These bills are now two months overdue and they are holding over $300 of my money. I shot them another email today hoping for a response but when dealing with your finances you can’t wait days for them to resolve and overdue bills. This can severely impact hour credit,
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12 months ago, Jaileer
Spammy Trash
1.) I abhor being FORCED to download this app to make a payment. This isn’t strictly the fault of the app, but the company made the agreements so eff them. 2.) I’m charged to make a credit card payment. You can use a digital check or debit card for free, but I don’t want to give my bank account info to an app I had never heard of ten minutes ago. 3.) Once the payment was made, there’s no receipt, just a message that says the bill has been submitted and I will be notified once bill payment is confirmed. So I just gave my card info to a third party that isn’t even able to make an instant payment. So I haven’t *really* made a payment yet, have I? That’s trash. 4.) Once the “payment” has been made, I get taken to a spam page that tries to scare/trick you into paying a monthly fee for “removing” personal information from the web — which is NOT possible. Fearmongering spam is not what I expected to see after paying a medical bill.
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6 years ago, ldandersen
Great way to get rid of that paper bill pile
In this digital age, it’s frustrating that we all still have to deal with paper bills. That’s where Papaya comes in—rather than taking time out of your busy day to figure out how to deal with that obnoxious doctor bill that somehow has no online payment option, just snap a pic, enter your payment info, and let Papaya take care of it. No calls, no stamps, done.
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2 years ago, Kstrom
Contact Info
I’m always hesitant when an app does not list contact info. However, I had to get this app if I wanted to pay a medical bill online. My first experience was good, but now today, i used the app for a second time. I have an urgent issue and I can’t reach them. Their app has an email address, but the reply I got said it can take a few days for them to get my request. I repeat, this is urgent and I can not wait a few days. Yet, I’ve not been given a phone number even though I’ve asked. Not sure I’d recommend because of this.
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