4.5 (286.9K)
289.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 3D

4.55 out of 5
286.9K Ratings
4 years ago, @LMM. hello
Amazing game, I’m already addicted
This was an awesome creation of a game. I’ve only been playing for a little while, and I’m like sooo addicted! I want to give credit to whoever came up with this app and who made it into what it is now. I love the idea and the ads aren’t as bad as I expected when I got it. It’s like an ad for every other round. Plus there’s no glitches and I like to reach the goal of covering the whole dimension, and it’s actually pretty easy to do, but not so easy that you get bored of it. It gives you a challenge, and it’s actually pretty satisfying when you accomplish a big circle. I just was playing the game a few minutes ago, and this is the first time TODAY that I’ve gotten off the phone to write a review just because I just couldn’t get over how the game is so fun, and I just wanted to share that with others and encourage people to get this game. It is soo worth it. I hope this review contributed to your decision of whether or not you should get it. If you do, great, because it is worth it. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this game.
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4 years ago, super ashley #1
Loved it until...(also PLEASE read this)
I loved this game and it was totally my favorite for, like, two weeks. It is super glitchy, and one time, I was playing then got killed, so I watched an ad to revive. Well, when the ad was over, I had 0, literally, 0 percent of the shape. My line was gray and I could not kill myself and couldn’t be killed. So what do you think I did? I killed 30 people and got the wolf/dog character I really wanted. Then I got out of the app and went back in, and did a few games with the wolf/dog for about 15-20 minutes, until I was called for dinner. When I came back the next day to play it, it loaded and said VOODOO as normal, and then went to the home screen loading place of the game AS USUAL, with the square going around the circle. Then, it kicked me out of the app automatically. It got out of the app, and i was like, ‘huh!’ So i went in again, same process. I didn’t have WiFi for 20 days after that, but, then I came back, and guess what? It still kicked me out. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and then all was well, but I had to restart my characters. Also, this is weird, every time I die on a non-satellite, even if I don’t watch an ad for a second life, it always picks me up where I left off. This is kind of cool but kind of you don’t care if you get killed anymore. But on the satellites nothing goes wrong it’s all fine I love your game but hate the glitches!!! PS please respond and DON’T BE A BOT.
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4 years ago, 💕Unicorn💕
Better Before the Update😐
I got this game around the time it first came out and I was having a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I had trouble beating the levels, but it always felt like they were possible. Once I got the update I thought that the new skins were really cool and I liked how stuff appeared in your land. I do not like some of them though, because the stuff is too big and distracting. I also like that now you can choose your zone shape, however, I wish there was a random button so if you didn’t want to choose you could do that. I feel like ever since the update the other players are much more aggressive and hard to beat. It’s okay to have a little challenge, although, now I feel like it is almost impossible to beat the levels. The players can still be challenging, but, right now they are so hard that it annoys me and makes me debate on wether or not I should keep the game. The last thing that bugs me is how the game is so glitchy. Sometimes the game won’t let me get more land until I’ve gone out of my land and back in like five times. Also, sometimes it glitches me out of the game when I have covered a lot of the shape and then I have to restart when I get back in. I honestly find that this game is more glitchy with WiFi than without it. This game is really fun, but, sometimes it frustrates me. Please take some of these ideas into mind so that the game can be better.
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2 years ago, kamiya_26
Worst Game Ever!!
I always play this game. It’s fun and easy but it gets annoying all the time. 1.) when I finish half the map somehow the part I finished disappears and it just weird because there is no way someone went through my color and took part of the map. 2.) these glitches get on my nerves! When I’m playing the game there will be spot that I cant go on the map so it really messes up the game when you find a spot to go and you cant cover the spot. 3.) I have recently seen a glitch when I try to get in the game. When I try to enter the game from my phone, it goes to the VooDoo logo then it kicks me out the game and sends me back to the Home Screen. I’ve tried to reset my phone multiple times and I have kept trying to report this bug but I’ve been getting sent to what seems to be a fake iCloud website asking for my email and password. I have been seeing way to many problems in this game and it makes me not want to play anymore. 4.) This game lags out so much. When I play this game I can really only play one game and if I don’t this game will lag out. For example the dot will start to move super slow and it comes to a point where it stops the game and sends me to the Home Screen 5.) all the ads. This game has way to many ads. There’s an ad when I get out the game, when I’m in a game and when I try to get out a game. This game needs to be fixed if you don’t want to delete your game. Hurry and fix it!
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4 years ago, 🤫🤗😁
Great but Glitchy
I really like this game, it’s one of my favorites, but it glitches a lot. And it has way too many ads. I hate when it has ads in the middle of games, which it has a lot. It also glitches a lot, in multiple ways. One way is that sometimes when I cover up a lot of land, it’ll close my game and then I’ll lose all of my progress. Once, I got 100% of a satellite that was really hard for me and then it glitched and I didn’t get the prize. I love playing on the satellites, they’re the best part of the game. I also love the cute skins, especially the wolf, meat (literally, ham and bacon), and unicorn skins. This game also glitches when you kill people. Sometimes when I hit people they don’t die. Also, sometimes when no one is around I take big loops and then a little guy spawns right there and kills me. I don’t think that that is fair. I also wonder if I’m playing against real people or not. One of my friends said that they were probably just computers programmed to go in a certain pattern, but I honestly don’t know. I would give this game 5 stars if they fixed the glitches, but so far they have not. It’s still a great game, and I totally recommend downloading it!! Thanks for listening!!
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2 years ago, hello my name is avery!
Pretty much awesome!
This game is amazing, super fun! Here are some pros and cons. The first pro is u can play this game with no internet it entertains me for hours during road trips. Second pro is that there are so many different skins u can choose u just do different challenges to unlock different skins. Another pro is that if you die once you can choose to watch and add instead of giving up or restarting. The last pro is it’s totally kid safe and fun for any ages! Here are some cons about this app. One, there are many ads. For example if you die once then it lets u watch an add or just restart which this can be annoying or useful for different people and different times. Other than the million ads I really can’t think of anything bad about his app. Overall it’s an amazing app and if you are looking for a entertaining app that you can play during a road trip or something that’s this is it. I hope this review helped you get the idea of this app and find out if you might like it or not. If you decided to download this game then I hope you are having a fun time playing it and enjoy ur day/night wherever you are! Byeee :)
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4 years ago, Olivia hizon
Really though.
So I love this game it is so fun and just a super satisfying game I know that sound weird but I just love how everything flows anyway I like all the skins but, I was at 97.3 almost done with the cube map using the unicorn avatar and the game went completely dark and it removed me from the game and to my home screen. I thought it was something with storage cause I have the IPhone 6 and my storage was at 12 out of 16 witch if you know is pretty low considering all the pictures and texts I have and seeing how low it was made me realize it clearly wasn’t that so I logged back into the game thinking “maybe it saved my progress and it just glitched” but when I got there the high score was still at 70 which was my old high score and it wouldn’t log me back into a game. I am very disappointed with the app knowing I love the game and I don’t know if this is a constant problem or if there trying to fix it but I just thought it was a bit unexpected because the game had been working fine before NOTED it is still doing this and this was published on APRIL 30th 3020 so if your playing the game and you don’t have this happening to you don’t blame me please they could’ve fixed it and everything else overall I love the game just the game quality could use some work.
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2 years ago, paper.io2 was better
It’s fun! But the Glitches and adds.
I like this game but I hate the glitches. Sometimes when I’m playing this game at different houses, (My family or friends houses) It glitches and I loose control of my character. I try to get back in control but it’s like me and my brother fighting over something or like a tug-a-war game. After I loose control and I travel outside of my land, someone comes and kills me. Is this game rigged? Are you trying to get us killed and loose are progress?! And I think all the players are actually bots that are rigged because there always targeting me. The “players” spawn around me and then start to to try to kill me. My best is 50.6% and I can’t get past that. And then the adds. I HATE adds and if a game I like has a bunch of adds (LIKE THIS GAME) it makes it less fun so I don’t play it as often. But when I die and I decide I don’t want to revive it still makes me watch an add. If you don’t get this game fixed Voodoo I’m sorry but I’m gonna get rid of it because it’s just to much anger after every game I have to deal with because it wasn’t fair for me to just glitch and then die and have to watch a bunch of adds and loose all my progress. I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like adds or have anger issues.
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4 months ago, Stellabellamagicpants
Fun game, really glitchy, phone gets SO HOT.
This game is a lot of fun, but good Gods, the glitches. I've played it enough to recognize when the game is about to crash, but that means this game crashes so often you can start predicting when it'll happen. Progress will delete itself, sometimes I'll die upon re-entering my own color pool (even when No enemies are near me), and sometimes the game itself will freeze my whole phone- even making music I was listening to freeze & make horrible scratching noises. I think the Biggest problem for this game is how hot it makes my phone run, and how fast it drains the battery. I went from 93% to 32% within an hour of playing this game. Playing while plugged to preserve the battery in is an option, but the phone gets so hot the phone's safe guard measures kick in & it'll stop charging until the phone reaches "a normal" temp. There are times when I play this game and my phone gets hot to the touch like a trampoline in the dead of summer. If another update comes out, Please- Please, if you are able, find a way to fix the batteries on the smoke detector.
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5 years ago, OnurTLegoboy7
Good game with terrible glitches
I know this game is new and all but the glitches in this game can make people rage quit. First of all, the worst glitch of them all, the most annoying thing in the game is,.. THAT YOU WAIT 15 SECONDS FOR AD THEN YOU DONT GET EXTRA LIFE!! Imagine getting 75% on a shape then somebody kills you. The game says you can watch an ad to get an extra life. Half of the time the game decides to not give you the life, which means people will decide to not play the game😕. Second, minding your own business, making your area bigger, the game decides to kill you. Yes, you read that right, it just kills you. It's really annoying, or sometimes the game takes away some of your area. I don't know if this is a glitch or a hack but try to fix it. And third, when you are playing, the screen goes black then you are on your home screen (with all the other apps). This is probably a glitch but I can get really annoying because if you get like 85% or something and that happens it doesnt even save what you did. ALL of that progress, goes in the trashcan. That's annoying. If you fix the glitches, a lot of people will be happy.
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1 year ago, bella💕🫠
Glitches and things I can’t understand👍🤗
It’s a great game honestly just a Couple glitches I don’t understand 🤨 1# how come when someone is in my plot I try to kill them and yet I did but then I die?? How? 2# one time I had 88% and I needed 23% more so I do some circles and then 1 more circle ⭕️ but then the game’s glitches and it closes the app and I Lose my progress and I know it’s not my phone because I got this like 6 days ago 3# there are way to many ads I get the whole respawn or and stuff yea it saves ur progress but still an ad and 4# why would u offer some people to buy a skin for 3$ sure a good price if u had a lot of money but after a while I delete the game and then how many skins u buy u wasted over 12$ let’s say u buyer 4 and however u wasted ur hard worked effort money like people can just earn skins by playing and stuff if they wanna buy it sure go ahead I’m not forcing people to buy it or anything but like u should save ur money the government is not very much helpful but thank u to the good people!🥰 and have a good day to whoever is reading this👍🏾💕❤️🫠
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4 years ago, Jonahfied
I love this game I play is almost every day but...... I almost finished all the maps or what ever there called so can you add more pls I would love and I would play even more maps or what ever there called so plssssssssssssss do it and I don’t know why every one is getting bugs and glitches in the game I don’t get any no adds cuz I got the no adds thing and I still want new maps or what ever there called oh and can you put a name for them so we you get a new one it says you got a new mo or what ever so plssssssssssssssss do it I LOVE THIS GAME and I would love even more if you did updates oh and when I press the big ones again after I die I have the same amount of my skin as it did before so when I’m on the big one and I die and press it again it’s saves so if u covers like 98 percent of the map and kill myself and press the big one again is stays there but it’s not the same for the small one but pls don’t fix that that’s one of teh thing I like about teh game
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4 years ago, Kay.luhxo
Minor Glitches but AMAZING game.
This is an AWESOME app and it’s by far the best! I’m so addicted and can play this game for hours! However I do want to mention a couple glitches I JUST experienced in the game. While playing on one of the boards (specifically the whale one’ I was making my circle to color in, and random specs of the picture began to show I colored right in the middle of my area, no matter what I did it didn’t color in. So I continued coloring and then (literally) about 5 seconds later the picture glitches and showed me having colored it at 100% when I was only showing at like 16-17%. Also while in the Heart picture and coloring it randomly glitches as well and showing some spots uncolored right in the middle of my colored area. Then while I was within my color area randomly killed me. Hoping these bugs gets fixed soon, I don’t want to quit playing. Also, if I may make a suggestion, I love that this app has more picture and coloring options, but it would be awesome if it had it like .io2 has with the achievements and getting a certain skin pack for coloring. Like the duck, or pink plaid, or car, things like that. 😌🥰
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4 years ago, ArianaLaton
So i gave this game 4 stars because there needs to be fixed some bugs I don’t know if it is that but in every game I die in an stupid way and when I want to revive it’s not working...nothing is popping up like the revive thing like nothing I just die and then i just have one button to press and that is to continue and then I can just start all over again and I can’t even get the parrot or the unicorn because they are for 5-10 revives and it’s really stressing me then because I really want it to work even tho I had so many steages unlocked and everything I download the game again and it’s not working again... I thought it would be working by this time but it’s not so then the next day I ask my friends is there a problem with my phone cause on their phones it’s working and they have a parrot and they are going for the unicorn next and I just can’t get why it can’t be like that on mine.. I know it’s a well rating game but pleas fix that I beg you..I also have an iPhone so I don’t get why it wouldn’t work for me and my friend has an Huawei pleas help and get this bug fixed...thank you🤕
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3 months ago, Ciao Bella! Hi Beautiful!
Good But Not The Best.
I really like this game but it just has so many ads and glitches way to often. Sometimes I would be about to win the level and then an ad would come and it would glitch the game. The ads would freeze and I would have to log out of the game which makes me lose my progress. Also, I will touch another player to kill them and they just won’t die. I will try to kill them multiple times and they still won’t die. I will also be about to claim lots of land and then I would glitch back to where I started or be killed by someone who randomly spawned in the game. I love all the cute skins that the game provides and the different maps to play on. I think that this game would best fit someone with lots of patience and who can stay in one spot for a long time. I have ADHD and this game can be hard for me to play sometimes. It gets boring after a while and I just can’t sit in one spot for long enough to finish the map. I still think you should download it and I hope you have fun! Thanks for reading this review!
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2 years ago, $$$pinkpotatoedonkey$$
A few problems but still good
Ok, I’d like to start this off with a problem. The problem is that sometimes, in the middle of a game, the screen starts glitching. It pauses and I can’t control where it is going. You really need to fix this because I was getting a high score and everything just froze. I am soooooo annoyed because then the screen just goes black and I can’t do anything. The second problem is that when I am making my area, some of the area goes back to white and if I go over it then it will stay the same so it’s pretty much my area, just white. But you need to fix this because when it does this, then it leads to the first problem. The third thing I would like to say is that I wish there was sound to it because without it, it seems so boring. If you could put on the music or sound that would be nice. But other than these problems, I think the game is pretty good and I enjoy playing it after school when I’m done with my homework. This is a great game but PLEASE just fix these problems. 😁
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2 years ago, Toad7773
I’m convinced it’s rigged
So I would play this game a lot. I thought it was really mindless fun to relax. It didn’t really feel much like a challenge as all of the other players are obvious bots but that’s totally fine. The game however would glitch ALOT and usually only in the highest percentages. Around 60-70% I would randomly die or loose control of my character. This frustrated me but I kept playing thinking I would eventually get lucky and finally get 100% of the map. And today was that day, I had finally gotten to over 90% and made it all the way to the tip of the diamond map. As soon as I made it to 100% BOOM, half of my progress disappeared. I began to try and pick up the pieces now at 50%. I was so confused and saddened but determined. Then BOOM again the rest of my progress was gone and I was literally at 0%, I didn’t have an island at all. I had two options, to be killed or kill my own character. I exited the app and had a good think. This game is just a stupid instant dopamine high followed by a long winded annoying ad with no chance of actually achieving anything. So I deleted this app, and I do not recommend it, save yourself some time and play something that’s more rewarding and actually fun.
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4 years ago, markiemew
Awful bugs, too many ads, broken buttons.
SO MANY bugs and glitches that every time I think I’m playing so well with this one I gain no area or someone else doesn't die when I hit them. Also, I understand the importance of ads, but there are WAY too many ads in this app. Even when I click the “x”, I often get redirected to the app store. And 30 second ads? I think the heck not. Also, settings buttons are broken when I tap on them. To remove ads is $2.99. They absolutely do not make that much money on ads to justify that price. They charge that $3 for every game and I’ve bought it in some, but it’s absolutely not worth it to pay to remove ads from each game. If it was $0.99 maybe I’d go with it, but for $2.99 I’d hope I got an advertisement pass from all of this developer’s apps. There’s just no way the amount they profit on each player on ads is that much, so that price tag is not justified. The removal of ads should give them the same amount of money as the ads themselves would normally generate over the time period one player uses the app. Overall, I would not recommend just to not support this disgusting company. This gives the entire mobile game industry a bad name and I will not stand for it.
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4 years ago, definitely not worth it
After the most recent update, the game often glitches. For example, when you die after having a higher percentage than last time- say you had 54%. If you go immediately back into the map you were on it’ll continue as if you never died, defeating the purpose of the “dying” at all. It can even happen when not playing for ages, as well. Also, when did y’all start playing ads randomly when playing on a map? I’ll kill someone and then immediately it plays an ad, which can often get ME killed bc I often have sound off so I don’t realize when the ad is over. Also when you “complete” maps? I was just on the clock one, had about 65-70 percent of it, killed someone who had about 20 percent or so, and it immediately said I completed the map. Um.... no I didn’t? I have to say the game was MUCH more fun before the update- that includes the new skins. I tried using them but they move at different speeds than the original blocks. Please take my review into consideration!! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore this game- I just want it back to normal so I can enjoy it again. :)
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3 years ago, mrb731
Just a few things...
I really like this game, but It could use some improvements. First, why are there no sounds? The game is quiet and there is no sound at all. It feels very odd and I feel like this game could have benefited from catchy music that changed just a little depending on your skin or what map your on. Also, it would be cool to have a team based game mode. You could have 4 sets of teams (each a different color) and have the team who takes over the whole map or the last team standing win. If you die, you could have a count down timer and then you can join back in the game. I feel like it would not be too hard to make because you don’t need to make a lot more things for the mode. Although, honestly, any new game modes would be cool. Lastly, I really like the skins and it’s always great to get new skins and maps in the updates. For more things to add, you could also make character trails that follow behind the character. Anyway, keep making this game awesome! (P.S it would be cool to get a free skin for removing ads 😉)
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4 years ago, reyxae
It’s an amazing concept, but glitches make the game boring.
Overall, the game gives a structural component with how you should move on to different shapes as you collect stars as a reward for how much space you cover with your ink. The problem I repeated come across is these glitches that don’t let me collect more space. Additionally, colors glitch within one another if two colors are too close to one another. The 3D model on the left is a very useful method to benefit the player, yet it should be improved when showing other players as well. Finally, I feel as if the adsense on this game is excessive. Due to this, I’ve bought the “No Ads” pass in order to prevent this from happening, but $2.99 was personally too much for my liking. Every time you lose or “die” in the game, you’re greeted by an ad which can be potentially annoying to the player wanting to desperately start another round. The game is overall a good way to be “hooked”, brings an overall cool new way to pass the time, and is very entertaining. If the changes were made, would most likely play this game continuously.
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2 years ago, X E G G X
great concept, bad glitches.
so i’ve had this game downloaded for a while, and at first it was fine. then, i’ve got some glitches. i would die and watch an ad to revive, and the screen would just go black. i waited but i ended up having to close out the app because nothing was happening. it didn’t bother me too much but it was annoying considering i have a good phone that doesn’t act up. i’ve had other glitches as well, such as when i’m able to make a huge round around the 3D shape in one go, then when i get back to my base, it doesn’t give it to me. this happens a lot and it’s very annoying. then, today i was very close to 100% of a shape. i was happy because it took a while. i’m at like 96% and filling in the last park that is unfilled. then, BOTS START SPAWNING IN MY FILLED AREA. it ends up ultimately killing me and i’m unable to revive. it made me so mad because this had never happened before. i wasn’t able to even fill in the last 4% because it wouldn’t let me. this needs to be patched, along with all the other glitches.
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4 years ago, galaxyssprinkles
hi so as you saw by my star rating i gave it 2 stars. why i did that is because they game is hella addictive but there are flawsssssss!!!!! i hope you guys come out with new levels because i have reached the last level but that's not the point. it bugs me on another level when i don't complete the satellites but the lemon and the weird dimensional shape satellite are broken. and as far as i know the last levels satellite is broken too. second say im doing a level with tons of detail (like the clock) when i get closer to the detailed areas my screen legit starts spazzing out and the brightness of my screen gets darker and darker. third some on the different skins aren't good quality. like for example the penguin, when you use it it's just annoying how it makes your screen "move" sorry i don't know how to explain it. forth i love how it saves your progress on the regular level but not the satellite I hope that's fixed. and lastly fifth, i don't really know if this is the app or just my phone but it starts making weird noises. by noises i mean like sports announcer's talking and stuff. thanks sorry that this is a lot but yeah
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4 years ago, shinydiamond675
Good...but SO MUCH ADS
This is a great game but... THE ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t give this 5 stars because this game has sooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to say that you (a.k.a., the people who worked on this.)should fix this game because sometimes the game crashes,randomly kills me,BUT mostly... you probably got it, ads.😭😔 Please. Just. Please. Fix the issues. Please! Do It Soon!🚜———On to the good parts. I have all of the maps. I don’t know what map is my favorite, but I do know that I will get a favorite map soon!(I have a question for you. What is your favorite map (If you played this.)and why?) After all that typing,I know what my favorite map is,the diamond map.💎I’ve been having GREAT luck when I play this game. 🚜———Extra stuff. I know this is a lot of lines to read,but it’s keeping my hands busy(The typeing I mean.). Thank you for reading this!(If you could make it.😂)Bye!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖😽 From:me. To:you. 😀😁
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4 years ago, ninjapancake37
💪Real players or AI🦾?👀
I have my suspicions that I’m not actually playing with other human beings. I think what is actually happening is that I’m training a neural network or other forms of AI to play against me. For one thing, the usernames are just regular nouns and not weird things that humans would make them; most human players would just stick with the default “player”. Also they to all have a similar play style which would not happen with human players except for a few outliers who play erratically. Thirdly, the games always start immediately which could not possibly happen unless all players in a particular game pushed start simultaneously (unrealistic), and there is no option to “jump in” to a game that is already started, however you see new players jumping into games all the time throughout the match; that is my strongest piece of evidence that these are really AI’s and not other humans I am playing with. It makes the game more challenging and interesting, but why are you pretending it’s not so? Why are you hiding it from those who play it? Is this some sort of social experiment?
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3 years ago, WinterBløssømUwU
Very fun, it just gets boring after your finished with all the levels..
My honest review on this app is… I think it’s great. I don’t exactly understand why it says it’s 12+ 😳 But it doesn’t have any material like blood, gore or anything? I really like all the levels on the game, but once your finished with all the levels.. it just gets boring and there isn’t much to do anymore in the game. I really love the graphics and gameplay to the game n’ all. In the game, you can collect skins for your character, and choose what model you want to start with when you start a new level (if it makes sense, but you’ll understand once you play for a while) Although.. I feel like there are too many ads that get others frustrated. I dunno what else to talk about.. but this is my honest review. Everybody will have different experiences, based off of how you see the game from your POV.
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4 years ago, says every name is taken
Problems since update
UPDATE 4/2/20- app updated again today for “minor bug fixes” and yet the below issue is still happening. It saves whatever my prior best was and starts from there on each level every time. I have stopped playing except to check it after this update because I feel it would be major cheating if I completed all these levels without much challenge. Please fix this issue. Since I updated it yesterday, whenever I start a game on any shape, it starts me with my last most-covered amount for that shape and then I keep going from there. No matter what I how many times I die, it puts me back into a game with a large section already covered that matches up with my previous high score/coverage for that shape. I don’t want to complete any of them because I feel like I didn’t actually do it. Besides this, it is a very fun game! I just don’t like all the things that pop up when you cover an area with any of the fun skins so I always keep my player as the plain/solid color block.
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4 years ago, ShadowNuke
Great game, some bugs
Current Bugs: The satellites on the last three planets won’t play, just locks up the game while filling the screen with stats (?) of unknown origin. 16% 45% Player Player 23% Huh? No recovery, you just have to quit the fame and start over. So the last three satellites are unplayable. Other than that, I’ve completed everything else. I wish there were more achievements or scores to unlock. Replay value is okay, but no sense of purpose once everything has been cleared. Would love to see new planets, or challenges that aren’t all about watching ads (“number of continues”, I’m looking at you). ;-) Maybe a time challenge? Maybe you are told at the start of the game that you need to kill a specific player? Kill them before they die another way? Or maybe teams where you and another player both have to not kill each other? How about a planet with some spreading poison you need to avoid... can only be killed by encircling it? So many things that could be done!
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4 years ago, Paige⭐️🔥
This game has SO many adds when you die it takes you to an add no matter what you you press it’s a ok ish game but it has Many glitches too but I like playing the game it’s fun and I like how you have to earn points to get to the next level too. But quit frankly sometimes it will take forever to move and you want to Rage quit, but over all it’s an ok game but I’ve never had a game, with just so many glitches lags and every time you die no matter what you press it just gives you adds, sometimes even in the middle of when you are playing and then you obviously lose your spot so then you just want to rage quit because of how annoying and stressful this game is. Now some things I do like. I do like how when you Sphinx you can get a category of shapes(if you earn them). And how its friendly. Over all I give this a 1 star because of all of the glitches and stuff. But I do home that this game does up grade and you fix the fact like you could play that game for 10 minutes and you’d get like 15 adds because it’s just ridiculous of how many adds tho. THIS GAME IS ADDS ALL IT IS, IS MF ADDS EVERY GAME AFTER YOU DIE THERE IS A ADD THIS IS NOT EVEN A GAME IS SO BAD DONT WAST YOUR SPACE ON THAT CRAPPIE APP THATS SO BAD
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4 years ago, Tnourse427
Fun but super glitchy and currently unfinishable
I really enjoy this game. It’s a fun app that isn’t too easy or too challenging in my opinion, but it glitches so much that I rage quit more from that than the actual challenge of the game. I die more from ads popping up in the middle of my game than from other players. Sometimes I’ll draw my line out of my zone and it just doesn’t connect or gain anything. Often times the game will just crash completely. I used to thing it was from my phone being overheated, but even with full battery, every other app closed, and low brightness, it will just crash. And most infuriating of all, on the seal level I currently am unable to complete it at all. I spawn in with no land and I make no line. I can’t die, but I can still kill others. Nothing in the world frustrates me more than knowing I can’t ever compete every world. The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting and re-downloading the app, and I’m not sure I’m willing to unlock every skin again just for this. Fun to play, but absolutely aggravating.
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4 years ago, XxFoxyPlayzxX
Meh game but awful amount of ads
So I know this game is fairly new, but it has a lot of problematic things. First of all, I hate how (as far as I can see) your character’s look and color isn’t customizable. Another is how the bots are everywhere and they are on way too hard of a difficulty sometimes, but other times they just avoid you completely! The thing I hope that is fixed the most is the ads. Every time you die or select to play, it gives you a 30 second ad. This would be a fine game if you removed the ads. Also, it is VERY obvious that the other “players” are actually bots. The final thing is, like many other games by Voodoo, when you die it gives you the option to watch an ad to revive yourself. This is all swell, but most of the time even if you don’t select to revive, it still makes you watch an ad. Reading the other reviews, this problem is persistent, and you, Voodoo are either not reading these reviews, or are deciding not to solve this problem. If all these things were fixed, then I would enjoy this game.
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3 years ago, I just like it!
Things went wrong in this game 🙄😑😶
I love this game but i have some issues in this game.😐 One so when I loose the game sometimes it might froze the game so I was talking oh maybe it’s wrong with my internet so I play a different game and then 30 seconds later it was still Frozen so plz fix the game😒.Second when I die from a player then I click the extra live than after the ad ended it’s not letting me have a extra live and also there is a chance you may loose the extra live when you die. I was trying unlock the skins🤷. Three when you almost there to complete the 3D shape there is also a chance that there might be a player that take down the your Thing and that’s so annoying. And also when you start the the game there just going to take down your thing. These things that you should fix except for the 3rd one at least the first one and the second the 3rd one is so annoying like the previously Thanks so fix it I love your game!😀 Sorry for the long reply!🥲
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4 years ago, Earowo
This game is single player
I’ve been playing this game since the original launch of the first version and I was honestly fooled for a very long time. While the developers never actually state that this game is multiplayer. They do a very good job of implying that it is with their simulation of an .io game. But once you play for a while and win five times in a row you start to notice the patterns and buggy pathing of the other players. Then you put your phone in airplane mode and the game doesn’t change at all. You were just up against an AI the whole time. In some ways ai is more challenging because they always know when you are vulnerable. But it is also wayyyy too easy to beat. I want this game. But I want this game to actually be multiplayer. Three games later has shown this company is not capable of developing a multiplayer function so we need somebody else to step up and make this game the way it was meant to be. The satisfaction of killing your enemies is absent when you realize there is no crying child behind the foe you best. Shame on you voodoo.
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4 years ago, Wiredpanther
Too many glitches
This game is pretty fun especially when you get 100% on an map, but theres way to many glitches in this game that make it more infuriating than enjoyable. The game definitely has potential, but theres too many glitches that the fact of getting 100% or getting an higher score than before is too small of an reward in itself to make up for the raging crashes or glitches. Theres way too many glitches in this game for the gratification from finishing a map. It definitely needs work, theres too many glitches to count really, one is when your game crashes in the middle of your game and another probably the most annoying and raging is watching the 15+ second ads but not being able to continue after doing so. Also theres an glitch that i have been experiencing where from just going into another player’s “boundary” you immediately die and it has no reason when the other player is totally on the other side. Overall this game is ok but really needs work to be enjoyable.
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4 years ago, arina lol
Amazing game 😘😘😍😍😍
this game is amazing i would be honored to give credit to the person that made this game! You can unlock new skins and beat levels and have a lot of fun!! This game has lot of good characters like polar bear and bird and more and they make pictures and everything is soo much fun!! 😍😍 i really recommend this game its easy and relaxing but not sooo easy i would recommend it a lot it helped me with my anxiety. The game vibrates so even better. i really hope you get this game it’s just fun relaxing and great 👍! And all the other games i played have so many ads and with this game its not even a problem! it’s just fun and helps you deal with stress! so i really recommend you getting this game cause it’s great 👍 it’s just awesome 😎! and whoever created this game did a very good job! And u really should download this and try it i fell in love 😍 with this game because it’s soooo awesome 😎!!!
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4 years ago, kittenrainbow08
Red Glitch
I first got the game around when it came out. It was good the skins were cute and I like how there was different levels. Until I got to the last 3 planets/maps I would beat the bigger map. Then normally I would go to the smaller one to get the new zone. But every time I go into it I can’t move and I can’t see the map it’s just blank and nothing is there. It’s only like that for the last 3 then all the others I’ve cleared. It shows the top 3 people are red with no name and you’re red with 60% filled in. It happens every time I try to complete those smaller maps. There is also this glitch where you’re about the complete the map and then people start joining into the space you already completed. The last glitch that there is the space you already have glitches away as well as when you try to get more it doesn’t let you. The red glitch is the most annoying because I cant get the last 3 zones and it kinda bugs me. I’m just waiting until either it gets fixed or new planets/maps come out.
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3 years ago, Stellabella218
great! but started glitching
i’ve had this game downloaded for about a year or so now. gotten fairly far, bunch of skins and shapes and whatnot. i really enjoy it. well recently i went to greece and i had to turn off cellular for every app and on my phone for the entire trip due to the fact that i would’ve been charged ridiculous prices had i left it on (screw u too verizon). i tried to play multiple times during the trip to pass the time as the island i went to required a lot of driving just to get anywhere. multiple times it would start me on the map i chose before just freezing. ok, whatever, i chalked it up to the app not being too happy i turned off my cellular data for it. as soon as i touched back down in america about a month ago i turned my cellular back on. since we taxied for a while i went to see if it was working. still would freeze a second after i started on a map. it was rather annoying but i let it slide again and assumed my phone just needed time to adjust. it’s been a month+ and it still won’t work. this is super annoying as i have a bunch of skins and shapes i would love to save. and i don’t want to delete the app just to find out it still won’t work. i’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem or just me, but because it’s been going on so long i’m giving this 4 stars. thank you for reading
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4 years ago, Cooky Cookie Weirdo
Good, but bad glitches
This game is fun, but you need to fix the bugs. As a game creator, I understand that sometimes things are going to go wrong. And I except that. But it’s also good to know the problems and fix them. Number one on my list is that a lot of times, the game crashes and I can’t finish my game. Or maybe, I have just beat my high score and it doesn’t save because the game shuts down. I have also experienced my entire territory being completely cut and having less than I started with. Another issue is that sometimes, I’ll be minding my own business and going across my territory and someone will go across my path on my own territory before I know what’s even happening and kill me. This happened when I was on 94.8 percent of the map. I kind of raged, but I love this game and appreciate your time and effort, and I would love it even more if you fixed these glitches. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, Nomers83
Good free game, not best Yet
This game has entertained me for hours. I really like how there are so many new levels, skins, and you can choose what you want your starting area to look like. However, there are WAY too many adds. During the game, WHILE I AM STILL PLAYING and ALIVE, an add video pops up. This normally happens when I take a large piece of land. I am tired of this. Aren’t you a very large company? Do you REALLY need to show that many adds? Though I like that we have more chances to revive with an add. This is the only reason I stay online. Please PLEASE make the adds less numerous. Thank you. Please. Also, I was about to beat a level that I have been working on for a month, but most of my land just disappeared and left triangles in its place, then I died. Both SO unfair. Also, I completed the lemon but the satellite is not working. In the leaderboard, there is all red with white tags that say ‘1- 25 Player’. There is 4 of them. I can’t see my avatar either. All I see is white.
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4 years ago, Trailblaizerz34
It is OK…
What I mean by OK is that it lets me play for like 30 minutes and then it actually turns off my screen and then comes back to my home screen and please read this if you are trying to think of downloading this,but what I want to tell you that I love this game is so should download it you but like I said in the other sentences it isn’t very good because it turns off my iPad screen and takes me back to my home screen which I don’t like about the game I do like the part where it actually has 3-D shape and not just the flat round part where it has water on the edges and you can’t get there like you can go all over the place you but you can’t fly up I’m on level one and it’s fun really really fun so I think you should try it out even if you don’t like video games or something it’s a good logical game and if you don’t like the logical games, You don’t have to play it but I’m saying it’s like a mix of a fun video game and logic game of logic puzzle.
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4 years ago, hermionegranger1217
Good game
Ok so I rarely ever write reviews. I am just trying to let you know the concept of the game. First off the people who say there are some glitches are right... Partly. I have only experienced minor glitches not extreme ones as some may have experienced. The glitches I have experienced are hard to explain but basically I die sometimes when I kill a person. Another glitch that gets me a little frustrated is that when I press the revive button, it no longer works after spending 10-30 seconds of my life watching an ad. Anyway now we’re talking about the concept of the game. The concept is actually pretty fun. I really like the game.. But anyway the concept is you basically try to get as much land possible.. pretty simple really. It’s harder than you think though. My high score is like 83 point something. It’s very hard to get 100. Anyway, that’s all I have to say here. I like the game overall. Keep up the good work Voodoo!! 👍🏻👍🏻😁😁
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4 years ago, HounddogElvis
I like the game but......
So when you play and when you die you return and can play again as the same amount of space you died on. I do not know if that is a glitch or what and it makes the game way to easy. The ads are pointless. Also it is pretty obvious that the players are bots because they play horribly and the game is still way to easy in general without the regeneration thing. The people are terrible. Other then that the game is fine if you want a way to cool done or if you are bored. Plus the game makes no sense. So the problem has not fixed and it is the same so my rating is going down and I was way to nice mine is now done to 2 stars. I think that they use the usernames of other players but they are now bots. Like in the first 2 it is not noticeable they are bots but this one is sticks out like crazy. Now that I think about it 1 star the way to go. So get something else to relieve stress this game has to many glitches.
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8 months ago, readysetfit
I love this game, honestly. It’s a blast and a fun way to kill time. My issue is that I like to play these games while I listen to podcasts, and the tendency of this game is to start audio ads randomly while I’m playing and either A) stop the podcast or B) play both, but with the ad using 70% of the volume and the podcast using 30% of the volume. Both things are very annoying and have made the game unplayable. It’s a shame, really. It used to be that the ads would play at the end of a round or a level. That was annoying, sure, but it was predictable. Play the game, tolerate the ad, play the game, tolerate the ad, repeat. Now, however, I barely start playing the game and the ad starts. Ugh!! I was sometimes able to mute the ad and play the podcast, but it’s gotten less true. I get it: these games have to have ads to make money- fine. But having *audio ads play constantly during gameplay* is too much, and I’m choosing to close the app rather than play it, which is unfortunate. It’s unplayable so long as this is the case!!!
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3 years ago, beastmodelylah06
Good game horrible glitches
I really like this game it’s actually pretty fun and good when I’m bored I guess but it’s really glitchy like seriously y’all really need to try to fix that. It was perfectly fine for the first few days I had it and then it started glitching really bad. Every time I open the game and go to one of the shapes I start playing and then after a minute or so it’ll just freeze and it won’t let me move and sometimes it’ll freeze as soon as I get into a shape, also you know how it says Voodoo when you first open the game well sometimes I’ll open the app and as soon as I open it the screen is just black and it freezes. Again, like I said I really like the game itself but the glitches are horrible so bad to the point where there’s absolutely no point in having the game if it can’t be played right so I hope they get fixed even though they probably won’t
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4 years ago, #Sara Kathryn
It’s hard not to want to give this game 5 stars because if it weren’t for the not-so-minor glitches I would absolutely love it. Love the concept behind the game and getting 100% on each map is challenging and fun. But it’s worth nothing when you can’t make it through a level because you’re randomly killed while within your own color, or the robot player you just killed doesn’t die, or you make a line and it doesn’t fill in or you attempt to revive yourself and watch a 30 SECOND AD (🙄) and then it doesn’t actually revive you. These glitches need to be sorted out ASAP because this game would be a whole lot more popular. Just another quick suggestion... way too many ads! Take a few out so you aren’t watching 30 second ads between every round especially when you die 70 times in a minute because another player just spawned on top of you with absolutely no warning! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Otherwise and with the potential for glitch fixes: Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Justhoops
The change that made this game garbage
I like so many others loved this game more than all of the other paper games I’ve played mostly because it didn’t reset the level every time you played it the challenge of the satellite was a one time completion and I enjoyed that as well but the ability to progress through the game and keep going with your progress was the number one reason I loved it and suddenly there’s an update that is taking that away from me. On top of that I am guessing because of that update I had to delete the game and it’s entirety and start over to get it to play at all so now all of my progress of 11 levels is gone with 100% completion on all of them I only had one character that I had not collected and was working on that aggressively. please fix that or I will continue to not use your game I even paid to have no ads because I liked it that much but now I wish I had my money back and I might actually contact my credit card company to get my money back that is the worst change please fix it!
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3 years ago, Beachysweet83
Please add more....
I liked this game so much that I paid to remove the ads. Well it’s been a long time since you’ve added any new planets even though you regularly provide updates. I think it’s past time that y’all add something new to the game. If you need suggestions for planet shapes I’m sure we, your fans, could help come up with several. If and when you give us an update with new planets I’ll update my review. I can live with the occasional glitch but in its current state I’ve conquered all planets and satellites and have every character. Which means sadly if there isn’t anything new added or even in the progress of being added I will delete this app and I probably wouldn’t buy any of your future apps. Currently I have all of the apps you’ve offered and I’ve paid to remove the ads. Please listen to your customers. We’re asking for new content on current existing games. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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9 months ago, Chuck the duckie
Let me start off by just saying I get it. I will admit this is literally the only game that I play on my phone. I’m too cheap to pay for it so I get the ads. Most of the time I put my phone in airplane mode, so I don’t have to deal with them. I’m OK with starting over every time if I don’t have to sit through an advertisement. but even when I am playing the game during gameplay, you have advertising as well no matter where I am at whether I am on Wi-Fi or on data… It glitches every time while the ads pop up. It causes gameplay to be nearly impossible. Suggestion would be to fix the glitch or lemonade, whatever it is either the sound or the visual that is causing the problem. Oh, and one more thing one of the avatar selection should be the cube where you get to keep the color you want every time. Outside of that great game keeps my mind moving.
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4 years ago, MYRICAL LINX
At first when I played the game, i did it for one minute and then the screen went dark and I ended up at my home screen. And It REALLY HAS TOO MUCH ADDS!! I couldn’t stand all the adds. Also the game GLICHES REALLY BAD too... but it’s still ok... then my friend played it (to see if she could beat my score) it gliched the screen went dark again and it went to the home screen again, and then when she went back to the game... we found out it totally lost our stuff! (High scores, skins, persents, EVERYTHING!) I totally got SOOO MAD, I ovoided playing it for 3 days. Needs to fix gliches, losing ur everything on the game, stop it from gliching off and making the screen dark then ending up on your home screen. Thx if u do! (What parents need to know about this game when your kids want it: It’s a really cool game, it’s cool for every age, it’s fun and inspiring, and mostly... it’s the BEST GAME EVER) Thank you for reading what the game is like! ❤️
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4 years ago, PugMaster7734
Great idea, but issues
I was really looking forward to this game, as I really enjoy the original game. When I first started playing I thought the app was great, but as the game went on, I noticed a few things. First of all, sometimes I will be most of the way done with the shape when I will be kicked out of the game. Other times, when I die, I will watch a 30 second ad for an extra life, and I won’t even get it. There are other bugs and glitches as well. Some times my area won’t add, and the area colors glitch out frequently. Also, sometimes the other players will spawn right next to my trail, and occasionally touching it. Lastly, I am pretty sure I’m not playing against real people. I’m always the first person to spawn, not once have I ever joined a game. The names seem like they are generated. Once I even had two Skull Crushers in the same game. My biggest indicator is that when I exit out of the app and go back in, the game hasn’t changed. Same thing after ads.
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