Paperless Post: Invitations

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Paperless Post
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Paperless Post: Invitations

4.81 out of 5
98.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Whiterose7
The new efficient way to send invites
I never leave reviews but boy is this a app amazing. The flyers and greeting cards are well designed, even the free ones! That’s the one I used for my baby shower event. EVERYONE kept complimenting my invites and asking me what app I used so they can use for their special occasion. You can see whose open the invite, who can’t go, whose going and guest can respond to your invite. I have so many thoughtful messages. I can add the link to my registry as well. One feature I discovered is “broad casting.” I can send out reminders to RSVP to people who have yet to respond. The first 50 invites you send is free after that they charge “coins” which for me came out to about $10. Each invite was about 40 cents! They also start you with coins to use so you might not even have to spend $. I only sent out to the main person in the house hold. Please look no further you will not be disappointed. I will be using this app for every occasion moving forward. No more hard copies for me. Everyone just throws them out anyway lol
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4 years ago, roccee
Terrible for on the go-not made for phone/iPad use
App is NOT built to support creating invitations on phone or tablet. I used both and IT TOOK HOURS TO FINALLY SEND ONE INVITE. I’ve used Paperless post a few times before and was just reminded how much the apps are so frustrating to edit, grab correct text to edit, shrinking screen doesn’t work well, the keyboard function while typing text covers the invitation so you can’t see what you’re typing. THE ONLY REASON I CONTINUED WAS BECAUSE I HAD COINS ALREADY PURCHASED, OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE JUST QUIT AND USED ANOTHER APP. Option for location to be virtual was not available on mobile app vs on IPad app?? So I just customized my location. Why can’t I customize the email message that goes out? And when I was ready to send invite from my mobile phone it asked me to verify my account 5 times! I received a verification email, clicked verification link, it took me back to the app, I tried to click send, then said I needed to verify my email again. I did this 5 times. I finally just clicked on the link to open in Safari and got into my account in my browser, which then I couldn’t even find my saved invitation. Went to menu bar and no option for drafts, my invitations, nothing. There were sent and received but no drafts. I could see my flyers but not invitations. So I went back to the app and pushed sent and finally it went through. OMG. You seriously need to fix this. It’s not made for on the go.
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4 years ago, Kaaaaaaayyy'
Please Read
I am not one to write reviews but this program has not only saved me but continues to amaze me! I searched through many websites who say they will provide digital invitations, tracking, etc, but this is the ONLY website/app I found that lets you upload your OWN. Other websites/apps only allowed you to use their services ONLY if you used their templates. I will say the website or desktop version exceeds 5 stars and the app is simply useful for keeping track and receiving notifications once you have entered all that is needed. Bottom line I will use this website/app for years to come I’m sure from birthday parties to holiday parties to simply just small weekend get togethers. I have not tried the new “flyer” invites but I am already looking forward to using them as well! Everyone LOVED my baby shower invites and loved the personalized envelopes even while digital! The coins part is nothing to complain about I gladly spent a few dollars on extra coins (to design and send invites), especially for all the tools this website has to offer! Love it. Download it!
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5 months ago, Old mom 3
This is a game changer!
I beg you, please use this app to send your party invites. I’m an old mom now. With my younger daughter this heavenly app did not exist. I planned a tea party for my then 5 year old, sent out 12 paper invites. Heard back from one or two. Day of, I was frantically calling family to recruit cousins and strangers to come so there was *anyone* at this tea party. 10 years later my daughter still talks about what a disaster it was. Fast forward to today when I’m planning a party for my youngest. I clicked send and 2 MINUTES later get my first RSVP. The app can send reminders too. We’ve all been there, the paper invites just go in a pile to be dealt w later and then you find them a month after the party. Best app ever!
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3 years ago, asdhknijvddhjn
Beautiful cards, bad UX
I love the cards offered on this app thus the couple stars in my rating. I don’t even mind the price because I think they are really nice for digital greetings. However, the app itself is very cumbersome and buggy to use. My biggest problem is that is sllllloooooowwww when you’re trying to do things like change text properties, and it freezes and crashes so often when I’m working on a card—just simple things like editing the text or trying to pick out a backdrop. It’s so frustrating to lose my work part way through, often multiple times. Sometimes I can pick back up if it saved the card mid way to drafts, but even then sometimes it’s only partially saved things or I have to search for the card again and start over completely. This has been an issue for me (iPhone 12 Pro, latest update & fully updated PP app version). It has been a consistent experience since the first time I used the app, but seems to have gotten worse recently. The last couple cards I sent were such a pain to get through. I really like the cards that are offered but I’m not really sure that the experience warrants the cost and effort anymore.
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3 years ago, alleesocal
Love the product, frustrated by the tech
As an app developer, I know just how difficult creating an app can be. There are so many technicalities that make things complicated and frustrating. However, paperless post is a sizable company and it continues to have so many technical glitches that at times it is unusable. Many times the app (and website) will be down and there are so many technical errors (unclickable buttons, pages don’t load, automatic log-outs, pages freezing, error message saying wrong password when the PW is correct, to name a few). Sometimes, like today, it’s impossible to even login! These are mostly backend issues I imagine but guys, get it together. The designs are really beautiful and managing the events is simple but unfortunately these technical issues make the app incredibly frustrating. On an app improvement note, if I have created upcoming events, it would be more intuitive for the first page I see when I open the app to be my example management page instead of creating a new event. Also, if I have drafted other events that are not active, they should be displayed later in the queue as opposed to at the front.
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1 year ago, llj8
Pp +1
The app has been a decent solution for wedding “STDs” and invites, in some ways. Very easy to use, attractive elegant visuals, reasonably priced. My biggest issue with the app is how it handles letting people know who is invited. I painstakingly assigned a specific number of guests to each person (plus one, plus three, etc) in the feature of the app that is purpose built to allow you to do this. But the email invites that folks received do not have this information. No one is rsvp-ing to my wedding because they aren’t sure if they can bring their spouse or not, let alone their kids, and it’s an awkward question for them ask. So I’m having to follow up every invite with calls and email, to explain. Maybe there is a way to alert people to number of guests but it certainly wasn’t obvious. And I thought about updating people names to include this info, but spending another $80 bucks to resend all my invites is just too annoying.
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10 months ago,
pricey and has some hiccups
I wouldn’t mind spending my money if I were certain this worked well. I used this for my bridal shower about a year ago and everything went swimmingly, however I’m trying to create an event for my baby shower and things have changed. 1) It’s more expensive, at least from what I recall. 2) My text message invites don’t send at all. They’re not hidden in a different folder - they just do not send to the recipient. I don’t prefer the email invitations because if people don’t click on “view card,” they cannot see the option to RSVP. There should be a clear RSVP link in the email preview. This app has a much better interface than their competitors, so unfortunately I think I’m just going to create my own personalized website through Wix or something similar for my events going forward and send the link via text from either my or the host’s device. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Jin-gyeong
Cute invitation designs terrible app
I love that this app has some fun and original designs. I don’t mind paying for them because I love them so much. The downside is that the user interface for the app is terrible. It’s not intuitive to navigate, the section where I need to add recipients to email the invitations is very annoying to use. I can’t edit any email addresses that I enter manually. So I have to delete all recipients until o get to the address with the typo. Then I have to delete that address and then retype the correct one AND re-add all the other addresses. There’s got to be a better way?? There should be an address book feature that I can select addresses from. If I don’t have the addresses prepopulated in my phone I have to type everything in manually and risk typos. It’s just unwieldy and frustrating to use. Oh and once there was a bug and some of my guests received invites and some didn’t. Why do I keep coming back? Oh right. Cute designs. That’s only going to keep me for so long...
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6 years ago, P.J. Young
Great concept, buggy app
I love the idea, and the invite designs are wonderful, but trying to use this app on an iPad pro is very frustrating. The editing tools are not very intuitive. When I attempt to edit text the keyboard covers the invite so I cannot see what I’m editing. There is also a lot of stalling and lagging as other reviewers have mentioned. I also wish I could easily copy and paste my customized text into different invite designs. It’s not easy to test different designs, and a little frustrating to spend some time customizing one design, then realizing it’s not quite right, but having to start over in another design. I would also like to be able to export my designs. I would pay for that, as the built in invite system isn’t going to suit my needs for my office party and I wanted to be able to just send the invite graphic through our office calendar. Maybe this IS an option? But I couldn’t find it.
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6 months ago, KatyYumYum
My Favorite Way To Send Cards
We first discovered Paperless Post when we planned our pandemic wedding. At first it seemed like the thing we had to settle for since mailers were a health concern at the time but it ended up being so beautifully designed (both the look and experience) that I’ve started using it for everything! I’m a graphic designer by trade and love a good print design but this is so easy to use, it’s faster, less expensive, and it’s better for the planet so this is always how we do cards now! I love this service.
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4 years ago, Cher B
Many improvements would make this great
Great service but the app is not very intuitive. For example- make it easy to add text to a card. Make certain customization options easy to find. certain functions that are available on the desktop/website are unnecessarily not available on the app. Another strange difference between the app and website- on one it showed my RSVPs including the plus 1s toward my total guests and on the other it didn’t. It caused confusion about how many total guests were coming. I think it would just make sense to streamline the two so that the user doesn’t have such a drastically difference experience, not to mention that most ppl are probably using the app to create and send invites so why not have the all have full functionality. Today that app crashes every time I try to edit a card so definitely has been a frustrating user experience.
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2 years ago, RTBlanch
Paperless Post App is terrible for IPad
I am usually a big fan of Paperless Post….BUT, The updated Paperless Post App for IPhone and IPad is very frustrating to use on an IPad or IPhone with latest version of IOS. It constantly freezes, so that the user has to stop editing/typing message, and completely exit the app, then re-enter and hope that the message portion one typed was saved as draft, Took me two hours to finish a simple message card on my IPad because the app kept freezing and losing the message I had typed. Using the website on IPad was no better, it also kept freezing and losing message that had been typed. What gives, why is ut so very hard for Paperless Post to make a user friendly app and website that works on IPhone and IPad? It seems Paperless Post is only good to us on a regular Mac computer, forget trying to use on an iPhone or IPad … unless you want to get really frustrated. RTBlanch
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4 years ago, Summer Girl1985
Doesn’t load right, slow
I used the website to create and send invites for my daughter’s birthday last August. It went so smoothly that I downloaded the app to create and send invites for my son’s birthday this month... and I have been trying ALL DAY now to create and send one of these ‘flyers’. I can’t seem to get it done! I found the perfect layout and design, but when I ‘edit’ it I can edit MAYBE one field before the app freezes on a white screen and I have to exit and restart the app. I’ve tried on WiFi, using data, not signing in, multiple times throughout the day, uninstalling and reinstalling the app... at this point I’m so frustrated at having 1/2 an invite finished that I might just text everyone the details. Save myself the frustration of typing them out yet again to have the app freeze before I can save my changes. Not a great first experience at all.
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6 years ago, NWH Apple
Such a simple business so poorly executed
While Paperless Post has deserved plaudits for its designs and the simplicity of its services, it beggars belief that their website and app services are so uniquely poor. I had been struggling with the app on my iPad and iPhone so I asked friends who use the product frequently. They told me they had he same experience and to check the app reviews that further confirmed the poor UI, bugs and regular collapses of the app. I had hoped to use the website, thinking that app coding can be tricky but websites UI is well established utility that any business should be able to apply. The website has so many bad links that I spend most of my time trying to remember where the faults are to avoid them rather than tracking my events. From “Dashboard” all of the “track event” buttons are misdirected to the home page. Most of the “view event” buttons are also bad links. Disappointed.
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7 years ago,
It couldn't sync invite with account
This is the worst invitation app I have ever seen. Okay the only other one I have seen is Evite, but still. I was invited to a party. I tried to upload a photo. I had to be signed in. I created an account to do that. It couldn't recognize it as linked to that invite. I relogged using that invite. Still no luck. Created a new account. No luck. Finally get it to accept a photo. Can't use the app to find the invite again. The event responses to the photo even shows in my app inbox but when I click to view, it says it can't find it and try to log in with a different account. What? It sees it but it can't see it? Total waste of lots of time. I have to go to the original invite each time to view it. App does nothing for me, even creating an account using the same email address the invite went to. Hope none of my friends use Paperless in future so I don't have more wasted time!
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1 year ago, lorojo2021
Greeting Card
I wanted to use this for a greeting card. I think in the end it worked out. However it seems the program is formatted for invitations more than greeting cards. I wish it was formatted to create greeting cards as well as invitations. The program wasn’t as “smart” as I think it could be… it could be a little more intuitive allowing the user to more seamlessly transition a card from an invitation to a greeting card… without the user being afraid of it somehow still looking like an invitation. I think there should be one click and everything in the program is adjusted for a greeting card. It should then no longer say anything about an event or guest list or invitation.
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3 years ago, Addicted tweeter
Adding Guest on Mobile
The app is great so far, but leaving one star in hopes this review is seen by dev or qa or design team. Adding a guest is not quite the simple task as I would hope it to be like it is on the desktop site. I would like to be able to put my guest’s name along with the email address without having to connect all of my contacts to the app. Many of my contacts are named something different than how I would like to address them on an invitation. If not connecting to contacts it appears to only accept email addresses and unable to add a name to go along with it, so how will it look when they receive it? What name will display on the invitation envelope? Now I have to wait to get back to WiFi to be able to add a person to my guest list on my computer. If there’s a different way to do this I’m all ears and will update my review accordingly.
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1 year ago, awpz
Gets the job done eventually
The app honestly gets the job done, and the free options are awesome for planning things…but the app crashes so much. I regularly get kicked out of even being logged in and I have to log in again, and start over. When I launch my contacts to send a flyer, the app goes insanely slow. Also, when adding contacts to an event from your phone there’s no search bar. So you have to manually flick your phone until you get to the letter you need but by then the app is so delayed that it’ll scroll by before you can stop at the letter you need. I find that I use the web more than the app to send invites. Using the app after you’ve sent the invite is where it works fine.
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3 years ago, Badison123
Many UX bugs and blockers (iOS14 iPhone 12 Pro)
While trying to send a card I ran into a number of instances of UI not responding or UX not functioning when I was far into a card which cost coins working on its formatting. Sometimes these are trapping the user, for example, I was unable to delete a recipient email from a greeting card and unable to see if the email was correct for the alias it applied from my contacts until I sent it which involved spending coins. It would not allow the delete key on the keyboard to delete the recipient address on the screen where you first fill it in. I’ll file the other UI issues directly. That being said: Really nice cards and products however, recipients always love them and they’re nicely presented to recipients across all sorts of digital platforms.
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4 years ago, philippebigar
Took forever to make this work. I have been a client of yours for the last 10 yrs. it gets harder to work out your website. Very frustrating. Also when you they come to ask you for money, it’s never the correct amount. It says $100. Which I pay. It doesn’t work. Then asks you for another 100z. Which I pay. Still doesn’t work. Asks again for another 100. Like going to the pharmacy to get a prescription they tell you one price. You submit your credit card for pmt. which it accepts. Then you wonder why it’s not working. Asks for another 100. Not a very ethical way to run a business. Use to be fun to get cards through you. I suggest you fire whoever is taking care of your website, and higher a bright 15 yr old. I am sure the results will be much more satisfying for all concerned.
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6 years ago, Audrey650
Used to be Good, now super buggy and terrible
I’ve used this app for a bunch of invites over the years, including my rehearsal dinner in 2014. I’ve never had problems before. Currently this app has so many bugs it has been in almost impossible to use for my latest party invite, Easter 2018. From not letting me add extra guests, to not being able to change the “saved” name of guests, and crashing frequently when I try to edit details of the event or send a message to guests. There’s also no way to see your Address book that you made online, or text people invitations, and you cannot simply import a guest list from a previous event, which is idiotic. I’m definitely using a new party invite app from now on. I’m going to check Hobnob, Hopefully they will be better. I know at least you can text people invitations through that platform.
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1 year ago, Didjerator
They deleted my account
They deleted my account two weeks before our wedding. The most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. They told me that I sent a delete request for my account over a month ago and they suddenly deleted it yesterday, two weeks before my wedding. They told me they sent me an email and I had found it in my junk mail when I did a search for any messages because I could not log onto my account to check to see my RSVPs They told me in their emails how they could see that I was using the account but they also had to delete request so they just deleted it because they did not get a response from me. And the only reason they didn’t get a response was because they’re message went to my junk mail, and my mom had went into the hospital for a stroke, so I was unable to check my messages for quite some time because of her health issues and now we are unable to contact all of our wedding guests to make sure they are up formation for our wedding Worst customer service ever Most other apps have a way that their customer service will contact you through their app. These people do not be where it feels like they just want to steal my money.
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3 years ago, The Able Baker
Is everything OK?
I’ve been a big fan of Paperless Post for its design AND user interface. After a long break from socializing, I recently returned to the app, and was greeted by Halloween invitations. It’s December 5, and they’re still there. Other than the new flyers, holiday options are lean, and mostly rehashed from prior years. Have you stopped supporting iPads? Are you going out of business? Or just getting a late start on the holidays? Functionality on the iPad wasn’t great (read: lousy), and this is coming from a big fan of yours. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app a few times, gave up, and switched to the website. I’m on an iPad Pro.
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3 years ago, 19927hwkksbb
My invitations disappeared
The app is wonderful in concept but my invitations have now been deleted. Strong backend issues are apparent and need to be solved. Update: Customer service reached out to me. A team member mistakenly made my invitations hosted to someone else. Weird. I’d proceed with caution about privacy issues/breaches. Clearly there was not a pipeline to prevent this from a developmental standpoint. The invitations are absolutely beautiful and the fact that this app is being offered for free is absolutely amazing, I wish that it worked more flawlessly on the user side. The ability to send broadcasts and RSVPs and reminders and everything in between us so awesome.
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6 years ago, therichtia
Not free, time-consuming
This is my first time using Paperless Post and it will probably be my last. I have used Evite for my previous birthday party invites and save the dates. The only reason I continued on Paperless with the design of the evite and ultimately the purchase of “coins” was because it was a group party and the other mom liked a certain invite. It was a tedious process. Unlike evite where I enter my information and it gets plugged in Paperless makes me enter the information after the fact. I had to double check my party info countless times. The evite itself was cute but not something I felt was worth $1 an evite- an electronic email not a tangible invite. I have read the reviews and it seems that a recent update has changed the process for the worse. That being said I would not recommend not will I use the app again.
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3 years ago, Drto bug
Just use evite
Honestly, I cannot believe how bummed I am that I sent out my sons birthday invites through this website. I have used it before and it was great but have not needed to use any of the functions of it until now. The cards are very cute and waaaayyy better looking than evite, but it is not very user friendly. No way to text link to recipients. (I checked the internet 3 times and downloaded the app and tried to follow all of their directions. There is no “share” anywhere that they say it should be) If you could share through text, the website says you have to have 50 coins to share through text even though you’ve already used a bunch of coins to send the invite through email. Every time I change the message for the comment wall it keeps reverting back to the auto generated message of basically “leave a message on my comment wall” When I try to message the entire group, I have to manually add in everyone’s names. Or send an event reminder, which I am not trying to do. So basically, all you can do is send out an invitation and see who rsvps. Which can also be achieved by sending out a paper invitation in the mail.
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3 months ago, 3hourlunches
Must get better for me to continue to pay too much!
This is not a good app. If I add an email to my contacts I have to shut down the PaperlessPost app in order for it to find an added email. Several of my guests were dropped off the list without my knowledge. This app needs to be way more user-friendly! I should not have to double check it at my every move. I do not like that. I have to pay for every single person that I invite so I cannot send an invite to a husband and a wife or costs double. When I get an email that says somebody has posted a message to my invitation, half of the time it takes me to the homepage instead of the message page. Too many glitches, especially when Evite is free.
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3 years ago, reneeb143
Adore Paperless Post but app could be better
I love PaperlessPost cards. There’s a great variety and they’re cute, sleek, and fun. The app does a pretty decent job of allowing you to purchase, select, customize, and send cards. My one big complaint is that it can be pretty hard to write (and read) the actual message [you want to write] itself—the view doesn’t move, so the keyboard you’re typing with can start to block your text, even if you still technically have space left. I still send most cards from the app since I’m not on a laptop nearly as often. I just wish they’d improve that since the message is the most important thing to me.
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6 years ago, Natasha1201
Great concept, poor performance
Glitches out whenever I try and make updates to invite info. I trashed a RECEIVED invite (I’m 100% positive) and now when I re-enter the app, I still have the received invite but my SENT invite is missing. Now I’m going to look like an idiot reaching out to all those people again to confirm their addresses and RSVP status. I also don’t like that there’s no preview on the invite as your guests will receive it before you hit send. I mean everything, how the event details are displayed, the invite coming out of invite, etc. I learnt the hard way that having “guest list” checked off meant all my guests could see each others email addresses. Needs a lot of improvements.
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3 months ago, Debithegr8
Almost there
The app is good for designing and sending invitations. But the back end of it when you’re trying to manage the RSVPs is not great. For example, I can’t add myself as a guest unless I paid to send myself an invitation. Also, there are other people that you know are coming and don’t necessarily need to be receiving invitations, but you can’t add anybody. Also, you can download your RSVP list, but it downloads everything not just the yeses. So if you’re trying to manage the event, you have to weed out the nose from the spreadsheet. Very annoying! I’d say that they have the best looking invitations, but they could do a lot to improve the management of the event.
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4 years ago, Katie Palermo
Love the concept but very buggy
There are such cute designs, but when it comes to actually designing the invites the app becomes very difficult to use. The zoom function does not work as described. Whenever I try to click on an area of text to edit, it automatically highlights an entire word or section forcing me to click several times until it unhighlights. When trying to edit text the screen jumps and I can no longer see where I’m typing and it does not allow you to scroll to move the screen to where it needs to be. I would love to be able to add a background color to the invite itself, but there is no option to alter the cards.
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3 years ago, azipse
Great design options & easy to use- but…
I love the design options, ease of use, and prices, but I have some suggestions for improvement — Better integration of contact list. You HAVE to have everyone’s email address for this. Would be nice if phone number also worked. Also, many times I type someone’s name and their email won’t come up so I would have to switch back to my contacts app and pull up their info then go back and start typing in their email address in order to get it. Add option for additional hosts. I’m hosting a baby shower and I would love for my husband to be able to view the dashboard and invite his own people to the event also. Allow people to input their name, or use their name from my address book. The list of people attending is just a long list of email addresses (privacy issue?) which takes time to decipher. People want to see the NAMES of who’s attending — and so do I. Thank you for providing this awesome app!
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7 years ago, D. Hill
Paperless Post
Paperless Post is a well designed stationary application that makes it easy to choose from and customize invitations and e-cards for all different types of occasions whether they be for weddings, dinner parties, birthdays, Thank You's and many more. The app allows you to save favorites and view cards you have sent. What makes this app different from others is that caters a bit more to a upscale demographic with exclusive partner designs from Oscar De La Renta, Kate Spade and others and it allows you to manage events with its smart tool features. Paperless Post is well worth a download for those who use invitation services and/or e-cards a lot.
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6 years ago, CowboyBebopFan
Can view but not edit.
The website on desktop works well without any issues but this application and be mobile site do not work. I can not edit my cards on this application. It would be okay if you said this application is for viewing only but you’re saying I can edit my cards or event details which I can not. Either pay an outside company to create or fix this application or completely redesign this application. For now this rating is going to be a one star. Please fix this application and the mobile website. At least on mobile allow me to access the full website. You will drive more business to your service if it works on mobile. Everyone today has a smart phone and have moved away from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Thank you.
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6 years ago, notworthit49505
Not user friendly
In the beginning, meaning years ago- I loved Paperless post. But after using it this time, I was frustrated at the fact that the app kept adding my guests 2 Or more times, while adding coins. I chose an invite that was categorized as “free” But I ended up paying $20 to the app store to be able to use the invite that I had worked on all day, going back and forth. I did not want to start all Over again with another app so I ended up paying the price. I don’t see the point for paying for an invite that was supposed to be free.
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5 months ago, rathernotsay
So easy! Our guest loved receiving the wedding invitations via text or email. The awesome features for guests to add the date to their calendar and Google maps to the venue is perfect and less stress for all. One of our favorite features is seeing them sent, opened, accepted and receiving answers right away they are or are not attending (not worrying if they got it in the mail, correct address and receiving response cards). The personal messaging from our guest is great. We would recommend Paperless to everyone!
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1 month ago, asdchhylfrh
This is what you need!
So much better than Evite! My friends had me use Evite for my other baby shower, but it was twice the price and less than half as easy to use as paperless post. The designs are so CUTE on paperless post, and putting the invitation together was a breeze! One guest email bounced, and the platform will make it obvious to you who received, opened, bounced, or rsvp’d whether you are using mobile or desktop version. I will always recommend and use paperless post for my events from now on!
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6 years ago, mlithaca
Fail! App not sending right message with right card to right email
Had used this app last year for shower invites May 2017 and process went relatively smoothly. Found the user interaction and GUI a little clunky during drafting design and purchase, but since I found a card that I liked and the tracking feature was nice, I stuck with it. Fast forward to this year, May 2018. Set out to personalize 1 card design, for multiple recipients. Created 1 draft for each person, customized message, associated each draft with a different email. Clunky flow for design and purchase still existed, so made a point to repeatedly confirm the personalized message was set to right email. Encountered delays and hang up in saving each separate draft but again kept confirming match of email to message. Time intensive process overall and come to find out, what I saw in interface of app is not what was sent. The last message input was sent across all cards of the design to all the emails! So buyer beware. Free mode for straightforward invite blast might be fine, but I wouldn’t recommend using it for sending cards. Looking for replacement app now.
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7 years ago, crankerchick
Flawed App
I've been using This app for years every holiday season to send cards and invites for my December baby's birthday. This year the app is so awful! The biggest annoyance was that it routinely wouldn't respond to screen taps. I had to exit out of the card and then open it back up. It's stuck sending an invite, so I don't know if that recipient will ever even see it. I'm running the newest iPad, restarted the app and my iPad, and went between my phone and my iPad with the same glitches and unresponsive behavior on both devices. The app needs work.
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2 months ago, dmaj1414
Love Paperless Post, but their app is lacking.
I am a long time customer of Paperless Post, and a major advocate for their website. I use it regularly. The app I tend to avoid. Editing is complex on the app, searching designs is not nearly as easy as it is on the website, and adding guests is fine, but a little convoluted. I pretty much only use the app to track my event RSVPs, add more people to my list if I’ve forgotten someone, and I will use it to send messages & reminders. The last part is the easiest to navigate. But the app could be better. Hard for me to pinpoint how, but suffice it to say, make your invites on their website!
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3 years ago, Ms. Che-rene
This App is the best
This app is fantastic!!!! I have used PaperlessPost with 4 events. It was so easy to create personalized invitations and link them to my contacts from my phone. The invites went out professionally and the app allowed for easy tracking of who it was sent to, who opened it, who replied and who was left to rsvp. It even has the feature to resend a message to those who have yet to respond! It’s really great and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants less stress when planning an event.
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2 years ago, Ebaroda
Lovely invitations but not user-friendly
I’ve used this app for years and always loved it. I though it had by far the greatest variety of stylish invitations. Because of Covid, I haven’t used it in a couple of years and now it seems almost impossible to do anything BUT design an invitation. The tracking freezes up, I've paid twice for coins because the first purchase did not go through in a timely manner, and I can't see a list of my invitees until AFTER I send the invitations. I’m really trying to figure it all out, but it never used to be this hard. I’ve given up on the app and just keep signing in to the website.
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1 year ago, Buddy914
Good but needs some work
Whether you use app or website, the interface can get cumbersome sometimes. For eg. if you have list of dozens of guest it’s not clear how to select just one or two and send them the invitation as opposed to everyone. Also CSV import doesn’t support mixture of email & phone It expects email as one of the fields and it doesn’t have capabilities to include number of guests column to be imported. On the RSVP section it would be nice if they provide one note section where we can put in some instructions.
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6 years ago, Nika719
What in the world?!
I downloaded this app because it had great star ratings but what a mistake!! Idk if it’s my iPhone (which I haven’t had for long) or if there’s some updating going on with the app. I have perfectly good working high speed Internet so it definitely wasn’t that.. But this app had subpar selections in the free category and then whenever you did see a decent selection it REFUSED to work!! I saw so many different nonsense error messages it was ridiculous. The app was force closing or just kept loading and loading the card selected forever! One time I left my phone, cooked food, ate the food and came back and the card was STILL loading smh! Not sure what exactly the problem is or why this app has good reviews but I’m so happy I didn’t spend a dime on it.
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1 year ago, Mrs603
Waste of my money
So I thought this was going to be an awesome solution for a very large party to save on keeping track of guest lists and RSVPs. But it’s not. I spent $100 to send out invites by text and almost NO ONE opened them. They come from a random number with a small photo photo and a link. With the large number of spam text messages out there everyone thought that’s what it was and deleted it. I only know that because I have now spent HOURS contacting people after seeing 95% of my invites were sent but not opened. Their functionality is neat if people open it and for those I was able to tell to do it, it worked great but it wasn’t with my extra time. I wish I could get all my money back.
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4 years ago, seth e
Extremely Frustrating App
I was brought in by the idea of a free e-card but I guess you get what you pay for me. While their cards and their app look pretty, the functionality makes their app infuriating and unusable. After 15 minutes, I gave up and paid the $5 to get the card from Hallmark. I had so many issues just trying to type the card with the text being hidden, difficult to edit and pinch to zoom not working at all. And most frustrating, is that the app does not let you copy and paste or autocorrect for misspelled words or automatic capitalization. This is something that almost every single app offers but for some reason this one does not.
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5 years ago, Ben P 55
Much more buggy and difficult to use compared to desktop site
I began a save the date card on my iPad but finished it using the desktop version. The app crashes unexpectedly, and is much more difficult to use as compared to the very friendly desktop version. In the iOS app, accessing messages from guests doesn't seem to work, simple operation of the editing tools is unreliable, and the app seems to stutter and stall when changing functions. It gives the impression this was a very incomplete and poorly designed attempt at converting a good service into an iOS app. I would recommend sticking with the desktop version and using this version only in emergencies.
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6 years ago, J1207$@/;)
Content & Designs Great, App Not
The content on the website and the designs and control you have are wonderful. Paperless post has created a really great product. However, the app has been virtually unusable for me. When I try to manage my event and guests on the app, I can't. On my "event" page, I cannot scroll down. I try to scroll down to manage guests and IF the page moves down it all, it will immediately pop straight back to the top of the page. It's very frustrating and continues to happen after several tries and several updates. So, I would say, use paperless post. But don't expect to use the app for much. Maybe only for notifications.
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2 years ago, krispyk61
App Does Not Work
Paperless Post has beautiful cards, but the app is probably the worst one I’ve ever used. I couldn’t remember my password, but they never sent me an email to reset it, even after multiple tries. So I created a new account and bought more coins. The app crashed after I made my card, so I had to start over. Now it won’t let me send the card. When I try to type the recipient, it covers up the line and the page freezes. All after I bought more coins! I would like my money back. Why has this app always been so amateur? How do you make money if people can’t send cards?
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