Parental Control App- FamiSafe

4.2 (4.5K)
202.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shenzhen Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Parental Control App- FamiSafe

4.15 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Bryan K. Elorriaga
Tech and Innovative.
Having a safe home is great. I remember reaching out to even McAfee when I there was threats on the internet and I’m a parent too and I love them. This is when some times a employee gets taken than targeted Ads. I have came back with Hopeso I pray for the ones Portfolio so now I that maybe after 4 years. I pray my kids will understand why I was away. There is 6 accounts that digital life just like currency. Thanks for being focused I wish there was a few calls that we could of finished a project and brought the world together smoother! I look forward to work together in future. Respect , B.
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7 months ago, Sammy the seal33
Don’t Buy
It is near impossible to get in touch with someone from the company to provide help. I eventually figured out how to send a message and was reduced to emailing back and forth….meaning I had to wait to receive an email before I could resolve. The issue is, I was never able to resolve. What’s worse is when they would email me, they sent bits and pieces of information that was incomplete so I had to email them again for clear instructions. Most importantly, the app worked initially but stopped working. It sends me explicit notices from my child’s phone when she isn’t even using it. I let that nuisance go. Then my screen locked for my other child and they told me I had to upgrade controls which I never had to do when I initially installed the app or my daughter’s phone. After upgrading, I had to give control to my computer (because you can only upgrade using a computer) and iPhone to FamiSafe. Now my phone does not work properly….it all of a sudden says VPN at the top and I can’t view the items in my email without removing VPN. If I remove VPN, then I don’t have access to the internet and I can’t download. After searching on the internet, I learned that FamiSafe is using VPN in order to run and has more access than I would like. It also downloaded FamiSafe Jr and I can’t delete without deleting the parent app which the first takes up more storage space. It also required me to redownload the apps that I previously installed.
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8 months ago, awsome game super fun
Tracks and blocks the parent
I downloaded this app to keep track of my 11 year old son and the websites/apps he’s accessing. I was directed to activate it on the computer but as soon as I did, my phone did a restart. When it came back up, I couldn’t access my apps - including my emails and banking accounts - or search on the internet. I spent over an hour at Verizon and on the phone with Apple to fix it and it was ultimately determined it was the fault of the app as it directly correlated with the activation. I reached out to Wondershare customer service (which there is no option for FamiSafe when you call in, it’s every other application they make). I was able to talk to Carlo who repeatedly offered to email me instructions to troubleshoot (the email I didn’t have access to). After 30 minutes of repeating myself, I asked to speak to a supervisor and he refused. He did send me an email requesting screenshots of the issue. However, I had to reset my phone to factory settings as deleting the app and my account didn’t fix anything. This is a complaint from other iPhone users on an Apple thread. I wanted to like this app - it seemed user friendly (according to pictures in the App Store) and tracked everything I needed. But the poor customer service and the stupidity of it blocking the parent has me researching other parental control apps.
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12 months ago, Thought it would b btr
Think it through before you install
The app is very effective at locking things down on your child's device or whatever.... but it's so effective that its intrusive. It does what it says it will do, but I was expecting more control settings so I could customize the various limits. Ultimately I didn't like the app and tried to uninstall it. That was when things got frustrating. Due to some glitch in their software I couldn't uninstall it and regain control of the device. We had just gotten the iPad for our child and they were very excited... but they couldn't install any apps at all. I will say their customer service was surprisingly responsive for an oversees company, but communication was slow with each exchange taking a day or two due to the time difference. Ultimately they did get it resolved but it took weeks while my kid was disappointed. In summary: the app is effective and does what it says, the settings options are too limited, and their customer service is actually pretty good - but I don't recommend unless you want the device on full lockdown.
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2 years ago, gorbin352
Some features work some don’t
The tracking and geofencing work. Downtime scheduling does not work. You can set the schedule and it will lock app on the phone but will not unlock. I have to turn the schedule off and on every time to get the apps to unlock ie school time schedule or bedtime schedule. Tech support will have you uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times this is not work and a waste of time. I have ask for a refund and keep getting the run around with the same repeated steps. The main reason I wanted this app was for the remote scheduling of down time. The app is not working properly and reading the reviews and forums this has been a issue for years now. I have been asked for screenshots of the issue. Ask for more information on what tech support wanted and sent it to them. Was asked to agin uninstall and reinstall. The app will just not do the downtime schedule. I have spent hours researching to make sure everything was setup correctly. Have done what tech support has asked and they will not issue a refund. I ask for a refund on day 7. Update I did receive a refund.
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2 years ago, cn2be
Too many issues
After downloading the app and purchasing a three months subscription for two devices I had nothing but inconsistent results. When setting the daily schedule and designating times the device would not be able to be used we found that it was inconsistent and more times than not did not work. Also after Blocking or unblocking apps it did not work as well. Even after downloading the program on my personal laptop to control the phones. I requested a refund after only 1 week and was denied. Even though I communicating it was a issue with the app not just a change of mind. Then one of the devices disconnected very easily from the program a second device I went back-and-forth for two weeks with customer support not being able to remove the program. Which left my daughter Phone unprotected and not able to download a new parental app. There was no resolve on their end just run around and no answers. I ended up having to factory reset my daughters phone and not being able to back up the previous profile so my daughter lost a lot of personal items. Think twice before purchasing!
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2 months ago, Dogenkitty
Not Reccomended
My parents have installed a lot of different “device limiting” apps and this is just another one of them. It worked fine initially, but then it started acting up. First, the WiFi was very very spotty. I checked the settings app and found that there were SIX different VPN’s active on my phone. Then, it started to glitch and refuse to give me app time even though my parents unrestricted them. It overall just stopped listening to their inputs and locked all my apps. Now, I am logged out of the app and can’t access and apps. Everything is restricted and, get this right, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to uninstall. It’s like a virus. It says that it’s unable to uninstall because it is required BY itself. So now my phone isn’t mine anymore because all it allows to be used are basic communications apps. Overall, it worked fine initially, but then turned into a stalking, restrictive virus. EDIT POST RESPONSE: I open the kids app and it just says “loading” forever and I therefore can’t access anything in the app, including setting or feedback.
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2 years ago, 50492053
I am a child who has this app on my phone, I am 13 years old (girl). The app works good in all but sometimes when I would try to talk to my friends it would block me from the whole app then I would try to go back in and it would log me out of my whole account. This app makes your whole phone SLOW. If your parent set a screen time limit it WONT even give you a heads up saying “5 minutes left”. Its so annoying because I would be listening to music or having a conversation and it would just say “screen time limit is up” then when I try to go back in and everything gets all glitchy. The app makes me feel like If I do one thing wrong I will have a really bad consequence. It also makes me feel untrustworthy of my parents. Then I see other people being able to be free and FaceTime there friends and make plans to hangout and I’ll be just watching them have fun while my screen time is all used up. When I’m on my phone the app causes me to have anxiety because i feel like someone is over my shoulder and i don’t know what is finna show on any of my apps.
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2 years ago,
Avoid. Avoid. Please, avoid this app!
It had potential but lacks control power. Totally useless for our needs—-we need more specific customizations for a broad variety of apps. There was also a huge lag between the time I had altered settings (such as allowing more time) and the device being updated. ***** The worst part is trying to cancel the subscription without getting charged. They have set up their cancellation/refund policy so that they don’t have to give out any refunds. Read what reasons are not acceptable and what would qualify for a cancel-refund. Lame. I cancelled less than 24 hours of the monthly subscription that was purchased on the 22nd of November. I followed their guidance by contacting support through the account. Since then, I have had nonstop back and forth communication with their support team asking for an egregious amount of information. I believe that they’re making this process painful for the purchaser/user, as a greedy business tactic $$$. —that is downright nasty. ….and my patience has run out. Thus, turning my focus on posting reviews about my experience.
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3 years ago, aida09
Great concept
I loved the concept of this app but have had a good bit of issues with it to be honest. I use the smart schedule daily with my kids as they watch their iPad for a few minutes before turning them off and going to sleep and the schedule functionality just hasn’t been consistent. Sometimes it works great and other times it doesn’t block the iPad at the set time (like last night) and sometimes doesn’t unblock at the set time (just about daily). I then have to go and toggle on and off several times for it to FINALLY have their apps back... very annoying when you have an impatient 4 year old standing in front of you. The toggle to block everything right then also takes a long time to react. In all I like the concept but wish it worked more consistently. I also don’t like that the new update doesn’t show when an iPad is currently blocked, that was something important for me to be able to check that the app was working right and it’s gone now
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5 years ago, Churchill312
Great idea .......however
Location services are not accurate or reliable. Often shows the phone in the same place and just stays there for days on end. Nothing seems to resolve this, tried removing and reinstalling on the kids device ,tried the same on my device and still it doesn’t give accurate up to date information. If you are looking for location tracking etc I don’t recommend this app. The app is not free, it doesn’t work as intended and if there is two factor authentication on the device don’t waste your time as 90% of features will not work. If two factor authentication is activated on an apple account it can not be switched off it’s permanently on once set up. Knowing this and understanding the need for good security I find it strange that an app developer is aware of this and can do nothing to make a relatively expensive app work the way they advertise. If they would sort these issues then I would say the app would be 5* but as it stands at the minute it’s a long way from that and I would stay away until the developer has fixed the app to be used as intended and as they advertise.
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1 year ago, BonnieJL
Customer service isn't good
We've been using this app on my husband's phone since December. I have found that sometimes it still allows him to go to websites that I have blocked. Sometimes it just seems to quit working. The explicit content detection stopped working for about three days and then started back up again. The browser history and search history completely quit working as well three days ago, and I think I've discovered that the app only works with certain browsers, and it appears my husband switched to a different one. I have tried speaking to Customer Service about these issues and I just get the runaround. None of the issues have ever really been solved, and they bounce me from one customer service rep to another every time I respond to an email. So the app kind of works, but not all the time.
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2 years ago, Disappointed Mom49
Very Disappointed!
Based on the reviews, I was very excited about using this app. However it did not live up to the expectations! I downloaded it yesterday afternoon. Upgraded to premium, set all the parameters, and saw the confirmation that everything that I needed blocked or set to a timeframe was successfully done. Went to my son’s iPhone 11, all apps still available. Decided I would give it some time, thinking it may have to update. Left it overnight, tried it this morning, and still nothing blocked. Rebooted the phone, checked my phone to ensure all parameters are set and they were. STILL nothing. I’ve been working on this the better part of my morning, for about 3 hours off and on, and nothing. Went to the website to attempt to send a message, it wouldn’t go through. Finally I canceled my trial period and subscription one day into the trial, smh. And decided to leave a review. Others apparently had great experiences but not mine.
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5 years ago, @wikipeterson
Don’t waste your money on this
Don’t buy this. Not worth it and doesn’t do what it promises. Just bought the yearly subscription. Installed the app and tested the location on my Kids cellphone. The location showed that it was at our neighbors house. I had this subscription for two hours and then emailed customer service to cancel. They didn’t give me a refund and said they only refund if there is a problem with their app. I then notified them that their location isn’t accurate and they agreed with me and said that if phone is indoors the location service will probably be wrong. See below for actual response. “I'd like to explain a few things about the location. We used Google Map service to show the location of the target device, actually, we found that Google Maps sometimes is not accurate, which makes Famisafe not accurate. Also, if the target phone is indoors, the GPS signal is very weak, which will probably make the location service wrong. “
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12 months ago, Hopefully this one not taken
Don’t do it!!!!
This thing reset my phone. I lost all kind of data. I also had to reinstall every app and all passwords had to be reentered for everything. Then it has some VPN that doesn’t allow you to use safari. After hours of getting my phone back to somewhat normal and removing the apps completely. They will not refund me. The kids phone still says it is being monitored by this app even though I got rid of every trace of it on both phones. The customer service is a joke too. They say they can’t talk to you. Only through email. And just ask for screenshots of what I describe. As if that matters. “Did you try resetting your phone”. Of course. Anyway. I spent about 8 hours messing with this. And I am tech savvy. An engineer. And I couldn’t get it to work. Also. While it was on the phones I tested it and texted all kind of bad things. Not one was reported. This is the worse app I have ever seen in my entire life.
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2 years ago, asabirdflies
Customer service non-existent, renewed even when I said not too
Last year, I was unhappy with the inaccuracy and glitchiness of Famisafe, so I tried to contact them for help and was super frustrated to find no phone number or customer service options for support available. I sent a message to them to cancel my subscription, and found a way to deactivate automatic renewal. They never responded to my message, but it did show that it was set for “No renewal” on my account. Apparently that meant nothing, as it renewed and charged my card… what? I’ve tried to go online to find a way to call someone (no way listed), and their “chat” is an automated robot who knows very little. Unlike other businesses with robot chats for customer service, it did not switch over to a human when the robot was insufficient. I feel I’m stuck with a never-ending subscription nightmare. It shouldn’t be this hard to reach someone.
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4 months ago, Frofgo
It kinda worked!
I got the app to help my 15 year old son stay on the right track. I had it for a few days and the app worked ok. It was really challenging setting it up. The link codes didn’t match, and they couldn’t be edited to put the right one in. I had to do several resets of the program and my phone to get it to work. When it did however it was great! It did allow me to disable apps on my sons phone (they just disappeared on his phone during the disabled times); I could see his location, etc. However, after a few days the app just went haywire! I couldn’t see any of his activities, it didn’t allow him to access school required education apps, even when all apps where enabled. It just became difficult. I like the idea of the app. It just didn’t work out for us.
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2 years ago, tigar04
Needs to work out the kinks!
This has promise but it has some major issues. And their unfortunate solution for everything seems to be “delete and reinstall the apps”… well let me tell you the set-up process is pretty tedious and the last thing I want to do is delete and set it up everything every time there is an issue! I am on the 3 day trial and will be canceling for this reason. The biggest issues we had were the new apps downloaded on my sons phone did not link to my app, so if he hadn’t told me about them, I would’ve had no knowledge he had them on his phone… which is a terrible glitch for software that is meant to protect our kids! Also, the schedule does not work correctly. I set down time to end at 8am, and everything was still blocked at 10am. Work out the issues!
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3 years ago, meeeeeeee🤡👻
This app is great if you want to control your child’s every move. Honestly, if you don’t want your child to do certain stuff, don’t buy them a phone. I understand some parents don’t want their child to watch or do inappropriate stuff, but, if they are, just take their phone away. I also understand that parents need to contact their kids. But seriously, don’t punish your kid with this app. Especially if your kid is over 12. Obviously, if you couldn’t tell, i speak from experience. I’m in high school now, and don’t have it, but back in 7th grade, my parents put this on my phone and it really hurt my confidence as I was already struggling with friends. This takes away your child’s sense of freedom and it honestly feels awful. Especially when you see other kids being able to do anything and everything.
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3 years ago, mattbenbillsdad
We’re not off to a good start!!
Hello. I just downloaded your app today on the advice of my (3) kids therapist. I gave my middle son his phone back after downloading the app. He literally had his phone for about 5 seconds and he asked me, what would you do if I deleted the (FamiSafe) app?? I said, go ahead!! Not really thinking he would be able to actually delete the app!! He looked at me and said, I did, I deleted it. I thought to myself, there’s no possible way!! I looked at his phone and sure enough he did. He really deleted your app. I was in shock. Isn’t that the whole point of your app?? I mean am I missing something?? And not only all of that but I tried to leave you this “feedback” inside your app and I kept getting an error “feedback submit fail”message. I did this not once but twice.
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3 years ago, Junglejimrr
Love it best iv tried
So I would give it five stars but there’s no option to unblock certain apps that my kid uses like Facebook so he starting to catch on to it I wanted to be kind of a almost a secret so I know what he’s up to not to be I mean I just know who my son is and it helps a lot another feature that I would like to use is to see text messages at least it doesn’t allow that it doesn’t allow to listen to calls which is fine but it be nice
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3 years ago, May5star
I purchased this APP and regret it!! I downloaded it through my sons laptop first and then to my iPhone and sons iPhone. Within minutes some of the applications my son uses for school became unresponsive as if they were glitches. Black screens on both laptop and phones. The iPhones were rebooted, we tried deleting the apps and spent hours trying to do so. We downloaded the apps multiple times thinking it would help resolve the problem to no avail. Do not waste your time trying to get a refund. You will receive there “No Refund Policy”. Scam! There is no phone number or help readily available. They communicate via email. Not happy and would never recommend to anyone. Our phones and laptop had to be restored to the time period prior to installing the FamiSafe software.
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3 years ago, norcal2427
Not great user experience or technology
This app isn’t a quality monitoring service. It can’t even decipher between my phone and my child’s device we want to monitor. I can’t access the profile right now cause it wants to force me to turn on location tracking at all times on my phone and I cannot bypass this. This is dumb. I was able to use it before on my phone without this prompt and now it thinks my phone is my kid’s. As soon as our year is up we will be finding a new service that actually has the technology to determine this. Additionally, the service doesn’t even track and/or monitor that effectively. It’ll say a site that isn’t allowed is trying to be accessed when that isn’t the case. Overall I’d never recommend this product/service.
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6 months ago, Reader743
Nothing but problems
Downloaded for child monitoring and restrictions. Primary issues: 1. Forces you to disable Apple “find my” feature on iPhone, which creates other challenges. 2. Support for Mac is riddled with bugs. 3. prevented kids from accessing school content even after I removed ALL restrictions. 4. After receiving a message that the installation had been corrupted on child pc and being prompted to re-install, was prevented from either uninstalling old version or re-installing new version. 5. email tech/customer support is inadequate and requires entirely too much (wasted) time and effort. Finally gave up. Took me several hrs to remove the corrupted app on the pc. Then uninstalled from every other device. Earnest effort on behalf of wondershare, but don’t work for me.
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2 years ago, Joe2266
Waste of money, not parent friendly, child is still exposed
Does not block sites, chat rooms, location is not correct or updated often. I made the mistake of paying and thinking it was a great reliable app based of other reviews....only to find out its extremely limited and very hard to use. Complete waste of money. When trying to contact support they sent me a complicated email with poor explanations and asking for a screen video of me trying to fix something through their complicated verbiage. My child overcame this crappy app and I caught him chatting in a sex chat within an hour of giving his phone back. When I thought it was safe to give back. Company should be ashamed of its self and Apple should pull from the Apple store.
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4 years ago, corieanna92
Not like other apps
It’s been four business days since I contacted The email trying to get a refund and no one has responded after their first message. I tried messaging the support number to get a refund because the app does not work on my sons iPhone or iPod and you can’t restrict a lot of apps and you can’t restrict a lot of activity like you can with family link for Google. I tried to restrict camera and browser and Safari on the iPhone and on the iPod and I can still get into them. I said a time limit for him to be off the phone at 7:30 PM and be on it at 8 AM and he’s able to be on it all night and he’s up all night on the phone and on the iPod. I just want a refund back to my card because I paid for like three or six months and it was 20 some bucks or more.
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2 years ago, nnn467
Works But Bad Quality
The app interferes with banking and other important apps on the phone and eventually makes it useless. The VPN makes it terrible and by interrupting the VPN it is still possible to access the internet and sites, and the permissions in the parent app and what you need to sync are so difficult to understand. The kids’ app makes their phone’s location revealed to the parents’ phone and makes them contact their phone for the settings profile to be installed which seems deceptive. It will be necessary to explain to the kids what you are doing which means they might remove the parental control. I like an app which doesn’t allow kids to remove it, it keeps the profile in VPN configurations under settings.
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4 years ago, gb837
Smart Schedule Issues
I recently downloaded and signed up for the app and established a few smart schedules for my sons device. The app works great for locking access to the apps on the device during the times that have been set in the smart schedule, but I am having significant issues with access to the apps after the smart schedule time has expired. On each occasion, I have had to go into the parent account and shut off the smart schedule, and then restart my sons device. I’m not sure if this is the intended sequence for the smart schedule, but this is very cumbersome and way more involved than I was originally intending. I intended for a one month trial of the app, but I won’t be continuing if this can’t be corrected.
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1 year ago, mother in the west
Not worth the money.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Had problems with the app within the first 2-3 weeks. I emailed the company and they sent me a list of things to do to trouble shoot. I did all of them and app still wasn’t working correctly. I asked for a refund and company denied saying they don’t refund for any reason. I was asked to send screenshots to the company of my daughters phone. I just gave up at that point because I didn’t feel it was worth the effort to prove there was something wrong even with the “no refund” policy. So I paid for a full year and used it for only a month. I think there are better options out there.
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5 years ago, Sluther07
Uninstalling issues
I gave this app 3 stars because ever since I’ve had it I have had to reinstall the app numerous times on my phone and on my child’s phone. It doesn’t even alert me when it stops working. I have to check my child’s phone to make sure it’s still blocking all the sites I have set. When the app does work, I’m very pleased with it and would give it 4 stars. 4 because the app doesn’t update my child’s activity continually. I have contacted the customer service department numerous times also and they take over 24 hrs respond. However they have yet to find a solution to my issue. I’ll be cancelling the service.
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5 years ago, Rochester, WA
This app is trash!
The only notifications I get are when the kids leave a known place that I’ve set up and that’s hit and miss. The only way to set up a place is when they are at said place! The app hasn’t picked up and info from my youngest daughters phone in 2 day!! Seems that it’s one issue after another! Took me a week to even figure out how to get the settings right by that time my free trial was up. So I just let them charge me for the month because I was I bit desperate. Then find out that it’s not just me and not knowing how to work the. It is actually trash! The only reason I gave it two stars is because the concept of the app is great but the functionality needs ALOT of work!
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4 years ago, Karrie B.
We downloaded this app because our 11 year old just got a phone. The first two days were great! GPS notifications when he hit places we ID’d, app control so we approve what he downloads. Then all of a sudden I wasn’t getting notifications. I checked the app and it was disconnected and wouldn’t reconnect. Uninstalled then reinstalled and it connected but now I can’t get real time location for my child. Contacted support and they said to make sure the app was updated (it is) and if I’m not happy they will refund me. WELL.... I tried everything they said - it still doesn’t work properly and NOW they won’t refund me because it’s clearly his NEW phone, our internet or Wifi. I downloaded Life 360 and what do you know?!? IT WORKS! Goodbye FamiSafe - wasted $$$!
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3 years ago, sophhhhhhhhhh2005
ABUSE!!!!!! (i put it at 5 star to get it ranked higher)
this app is pure abuse of power with your children. if your really so worried about your child’s whereabouts on the internet or apps they have learn to trust your children. parents like these are the reason so many people get anxiety at such a young age, the pure stress of apps like these cause a surge of sneaky children and mental illness. so karen you’re right it is the phone this time but it’s the phone because of you. if you really wanted ur child to be safe on the internet just block sites and set age restrictions on apps, don’t helicopter them. and also you can’t delete it??? shouldn’t that be illegal? the rise of parents in crusty old retirements home will happen in about 5 years.
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2 years ago, Daily meditation
Find another parent control app
I am so frustrated with this app. I hate it so much and am so disappointed that I cannot just cancel it and get reimbursed. I have asked for support and it is practically impossible to get support. I make requests and get a response from some tech person 3 days later. And that point I don’t have my child’s phone w me and can’t explain what the problem is when I don’t have the phone in front of me. I would never recommend this app to ANYONE. I would like to make the comment for everyone to know. I am going to add this to whatever app rating this app may have. If I can access it. But perhaps I can’t access it like many other things on this app
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2 years ago, bdjdifjw81825nabx
The app locks my son’s tablet intermittently during allowed usage hours. I even went as far as wiping the tablet and starting g with a fresh install with the same end result. If you attempt to contact them, the chat will only allow predefined questions and the email system will only allow for brief statements. If you write a longer message it pushes the SUBMIT button off the screen and you cannot access it to submit I’ve submitted a few emails and none have been returned. We uninstalled after only 3 days, which should be the “free” trial period, but since we paid for the year already we do not get a refund, although it is within the trial period. Useless!
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3 years ago, Lindsey@emerald7
Don’t waste your money
It was easy for my child who is only eight to go into settings and turn off GPS tracking and other monitors. If you need to keep an eye on your child it’s best to create an Apple kids account under yours on each device, that way they need your approval to change certain settings. Honestly, I would recommend an Apple Watch with a kids account and pay the $10 dollars monthly through version to have unlimited call, texting and gps tracking. Under this you can also restrict contacts as well. Also, this app was not user friendly and rarely provided the current information on my child’s location and activities. Please don’t waste your time or money on this app!!!
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2 years ago, Annapeachy
Doesn’t control iMessage
I was drawn to this app bc it can control app limits. I only want my children to have education apps available some days at certain times. This can do that, which is great … BUT … on a Mac is can’t control the Apple apps, including messages. So texting is available all the time —which isn’t what I wanted. It also took a long time for me to sync the app with my computer. Developers, you’ve done a great job for what it can do. Pretty easy to use overall. It would be helpful if down time limits said days of the week against the time. Ie: 10pm Friday to 7am Saturday. I got really confused. Haha! Tips for Mac users: If you try this, turn off FInd My before even plugging it in. If your device doesn’t show “trust this computer” when you plug it in, you have to reset location and privacy settings (when unplugged) to get it to pop up again. … 1.5 hrs later I’m uninstalling. :(
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4 years ago, Flimflam12321
I downloaded the app on my phone and on my child’s phone and it has been a complete disaster from the first second!!! It nearly destroyed all functionality on my child’s phone and rendered most of her other apps unusable. We had to eventually reload her phone completely and then reload all apps. The GPS feature on the app didn’t work and would never refresh. Background refresh was NOT turned off either! I contacted tech support and they were useless, rude and extremely slow to respond. They also refused to give me a refund for the year’s service I purchased. I will be starting a social media campaign to let others know NOT TO DOWNLOAD THIS VERY DANGEROUS APP!!!
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5 months ago, johnwhite7789
Amazing customer support
I had some issue with kids’ iPhones. Some of the game were blocked communication between app and their servers. It was distracted to start up the game and never be able to the games unless to skip installing profile/update via Wondershare FamiSafe Connect. Without this control, FamiSafe cannot perform their full potential. I requested to fix this issue and Customer Support Team rapidly responded to me even it was the end of year season. They kept posted update, and within a few weeks, their development team made a magic! Now, my kids can play their game without any issue (except parents’ rule), and we can supervise their device fully. I wish I could give them 10 stars! Thank you for this fantastic job!
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2 years ago, Aidyns
7 day money back, worthless.
I gave it 1 star because they have humans that answer the phone. I didn’t realize I had problems for 7 days. I had blocked everything I wanted blocked. But somehow my son was still able to access the blocked stuff. I uninstalled the app. Reinstalled and made no changes. All my info was still there. This time it took 12 hrs for the blocks to work. Now mind you that’s just 1 kid. The other device wouldn’t let me change anything because it said I was using the wrong password. But I was not, just another glitch that when uninstalled and reinstalled started working. Don’t waste your money.
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2 years ago, mandal252d
Not good
This app is just a big hassle. Don’t know how many times that my kids have said all their apps are gone when there is no active time or other restriction. I had no time restrictions for the last couple of weeks because it just doesn’t work and enabled again last night. Even though it is not in the restriction, all their apps are gone. Deleting every possible restriction and rebooting their phones did not resolve. Ended up just uninstalling so they could use their phone. Searching for a better solution, this is just horrible.
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3 years ago, Varnj00
Teenagers are a little safer.
Having a teenager with a cell phone is already dangerous enough, but this app gives some controls back to the parents. You can completely block social media sites, chat rooms, and websites that are inappropriate for children. It also helps if your kid has an attitude and it will shut the device down completely until they earn it back. I wish I found this app sooner.
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3 years ago, Cveman
App doesn’t work
FamiSafe seemed to work ok at first for a while but then wouldn’t transmit data from the child account to the parent account anymore. Location info would update only once every couple of days, no longer in real time. I was in contact with the developer, Wondershare, who, after four months, was clueless as to how to fix the issues with their app. I can only presume that they’re not keeping up with phone operating system updates. Despite the frustration and the waste of time for months in trying to get this to work, Wondershare also refused to give any amount of refund. Do not bother with this.
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1 year ago, Deuteronomist
Good App, Expensive
This app is great, tells you battery percentage, location, shows messages and searches, shows location, it's the best parental control app I've found. Three stars due to cost and false advertising. When you download the app it doesn't tell you that you need to buy anything and offers you a free trial of premium features. All the words and phrases used in the app give off the idea that the bare minimum is free which is just false. After three days it asks you to pay extortionate amounts.
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1 year ago, Mynameisamegomontoya
won’t block lots of apps like news, maps
I got this to prevent kids from having access to maps, news, store, etc. Messed up all their setting. Allowed access to passcode changes & News even when Apple blocked. Worse when paired with my phone on computer app. Lost access to several needed apps & App Store (even when allowed) they were just gone on kids phone. After computer pair it wouldn’t lock all apps either. Best part of the app turned out to be how easy it was to delete off parents & kids phones. To get rid of Siri search with just Apple controls: 1. Disable controls 2. Go to Siri search & toggle off each individual app options 3. Reset Apple parent controls & add 1 minute (least possible) time on all Apps including Maps. Now nothing should pop up for more than 2 min a day through Maps because kids can get 1 min extra time. Put all apps on one list so if they open one the time starts on them all.
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2 years ago, Alannah xoxo
It messes up constantly. Sometimes it won’t actually block apps (the app/apps will still load on their phone & it won’t even show on Famisafe) the location is all over the place. It won’t always block inappropriate websites on chrome or safari etc (it won’t even tell you on Famisafe they were used in the first place like it’s supposed to, so you won’t even know that your kid loaded up something inappropriate) you have to uninstall & reinstall the app once or even twice a week sometimes just to make it work properly but even then it doesn’t last too long.
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6 years ago, hello MrL
Thanks Famisafe
This app has made tracking my child's time and content use on their phone vertually worry free. The button that kills their ability to use their phone works amazingly well. Test it with your kid first because it can kill their ability to text or call but we were able to figure out how to get those to futures to work while keeping everything else turned off. Thanks Famisafe.
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3 years ago, Liz0813
Don’t purchase
So many problems with the app. The location service stalls out. Wouldn’t update until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my son’s phone. The screen time usage did not show on the parental app. Also very little was blocked when I tested google on his phone. You tube, I searched some key words that should have been flagged and never got a notification. Finally the phone wouldn’t keep connected to WiFi with the vpn on. So I requested return within 24 hours and am stuck in an email battle where the company keeps requesting screen shots and the list goes on. Frustrated.
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4 years ago, Sambo600
Do not buy this app ever
This is horrible service and a horrible app. I just bought this at 6am and 3 hours later I have not received a registration email or anything. My card was charged from Hong Kong immediately, I’ve already canceled my subscription and submitted a refund on WonderShare. The section to submit a refund on FamiSafe doesn’t work at all, not a surprise a this point ! Please take my advice and find another way to protect your children. Horrible service and very disappointed. At this rate of service I am concerned that I I may not get a refund so I know this review will save a lot of people from this app.
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12 months ago, Nate Wolfgagne
What a pain
Super laborious to setup, made one false mood and it jacked my whole phone up. Long story short - they make you download the app to 2 phones and a computer to get the actual features you need. Then it says plug in your phone, doesn’t specify which so I thought my phone (the parent and account supervisor). Apparently wrong. Next thing I know my phone is resetting, no internet connectivity of any kind, and it is trying to re-download every app I’ve ever had, including every app I’ve ever deleted, all at the same time. God how I wish I had never done this. Anyway, buyer beware.
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