Parental Control App - Kidslox

4.3 (34.3K)
304 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kidslox Trading Ltd
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Parental Control App - Kidslox

4.32 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
6 years ago, edarby11
Good app
Overall, I’m finding Kidslox to be a useful, easy way to have limits on my daughter’s screen usage. The weekly reports are informative and give me assurance that she is not abusing her screen time. Controlling it all from my phone is great and so convenient. I also like the ability to add or remove time on the set daily limits. I use that a lot for when she earns more time by doing chores. One improvement that could be made would be to have the ability to shut down text and phone calls during certain hours, except for emergencies. Because while I can set a daily limit and control app usage so that even if she has more time before she reaches the limit she can’t use it after a certain time at night, she can still text freely for hours on end and I have no able to track or limit that. So I still have to confiscate her phone every evening so she isn’t up all night texting her friends. I wish there was a way to set limits on texting too other than taking away her phone. But overall, it is a good app and I’m happy I bought the lifetime subscription so I can also use it when my younger children get phones when they are older.
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5 years ago, Laurapoo13
PC app required for set up & its a pain
I downloaded this app a year ago, tried the free version and eventually paid for premium subscription. I was able to successfully restrict access to certain apps, inappropriate content and screentime for my daughters phone very well. I gave for the success of that time. However, we upgraded phones recently and the set up has been so very difficult!! In order to set up premium features it now requires me to download the PC app as well. Well, whatever it tries to download NEVER downloads and stay stuck at 5%. i have tried downloading again, rebooted, deleted and reinstalled and never manage to finish set up because its get stuck at 5% download. PC app is so irritating. Wish I could do everything thru the phone app like I did before in my initial set up. I tried reaching out for help and haven’t heard back in two days. Didn’t get an auto response acknowledging my email so I’m not sure if anyone will eventually get back to me. *Update* i eventually received a response and they tried getting more info to fix it. Replied back and said that it had been fixed and they released a new ISO version BUT it still doesn’t download past 5%. I really liked this but I can no longer use my paid subscription and only get watered down features that are hardly helpful on their own. It doesn’t seem a fix is coming before my subscription expires, so I definately won’t be renewing to $50 subcription.
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5 months ago, none -,-
I don’t know what’s happening with the app
Okay so I’m the kid who’s writing the review but there are some problems when my parents give me time. The first problem is when my parents give me like 30 minutes, the app takes out literally half of the minutes and I had 18. I know this because I stayed on Kidslox looking at my minutes but like 2 minutes later it turned into 18 minutes but this isn’t the first time. My mother gave me 1 hour but it turned into 50 minutes. When my parents give me minutes I always check first. I don’t understand this app. My parents are saying it keeps me off the phone but I can barely talk to friends but what I’m saying is that it ruined my life. Some of my friends don’t even talk to me and I wanna talk to them. Okay, I’m going to stop talking about something stupid and talk about why I’m really typing. This happened a few months ago but kidslox kinda glitches and the glitches are when I can’t type or see the messages my friends sent and I know because I had minutes and I decided to delete kidslox to see if the problems was from that and when I deleted it. All my messages came back But than my dad installed it again. But that problem is gone I don’t think it’s going to happen again. But what I’m trying to say is that you could read this and fix the problems cause I don’t what this to happen all the time, where for every minute I have to look at kidslox to see if it is gone or not. Please fix. Thank you.
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3 months ago, camilamacio105
I don’t know what’s happening to the app
Hello developer im asking u to fix what’s happening with this app so when my father told my mom about the app she finally could control and time my iPad to 1 hour and she decided to download it, a few minutes passed and it wouldn’t let me enter my favorite game because of my internet, but I didn’t understand because I had internet and then I found out that it was the app so I deleted it but my mom noticed so I downloaded it again but when my mom wasn’t around I deleted it again to play my favorite game, but when I was in the middle of the game, ALL OF MY APPS DISAPPEARED AND THE KIDSLOX APP WAS THERE. I didn’t understand why it was bookmarked because I already deleted it so I deleted it again but when my father told me that I needed the app to get all of my apps back i couldn’t download it again so I cried a lot until my father calmed me down then I had to wait all the night for my mother to help me download the app again so I could get my APPS back but she had to go to work so I felt hopeless that day, then when I woke up this morning and the apps weren’t there so I was still disappointed that my apps weren’t there, then when I was reading of the reviews I really felt hopeless, furious and also sad but my father told me that my mother could fix it and I had to wait and I still waited i don’t know about this app but maybe it has A LOT of glitches so I hope u fix this soon.
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12 months ago, Ihatekidsloxx
Horrible app
I have read a lot of reviews on this and they are mostly bad so parents if you want your kids to hate you for the rest of their life for ruining the best years of their life this is the perfect app and I get it you want your kids to be safe and all but this is not the way to go instead try and set boundaries talk to them plus this also deletes storage off your mobile device instead I would recommend using another app that is less expensive and annoying parents if your reading this don't waste your time buying this thinking you've done something when in reality you've made the problem worse. Kids will always find another way weather it's another device or figuring out the password. My advice is to save your money and your kids relationship and not get this app. Other ways is approaching your kid(s) with a deal that will make you both happy like trying to set(I say trying because there at other ways to approach this) boundaries talK tO them plus this also deletes storage off your mobile device instead I would recommend using another app that is less expensive and annoying parents if your reading this don't waste your time buying this thinking you've done something when in reality you've made the problem worse. Kids will always find another way weather it's another device or figuring out the password my advice is to save your money and relationship with your kid (s) and not get this app.
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1 year ago, ishmaeladdams
Account got hacked and they’re telling me to get over it
I’ve had this app almost a year. My account was recently hacked and I’m asking them what proof I need to show them that I paid for it they won’t respond in a timely manner and have told me that I basically need to get over it and buy a new one. It’s clearly not a secure application when they can’t even provide you proof that you paid for it I showed them my subscription through my iTunes with my connected emails and they still will not give me my account back I don’t know if they have any of my other phones information but if you value your privacy I would not trust this company Update: Even after showing them my receipts when they finally asked me for them they did not provide me with my account. They are allowing a hacker access to my account so hopefully they don’t have the ability to see what my children’s phones are searching, gps location, and all the otherSensitive information the app gathers I am not sure as this company might only send one email a day. At the end of the day I had to contact me bank and they gave me the money back as kidslox is not providing services after purchase. In short I would not recommend would give it less then a 1 out of 5 if I could. Edit. After all this. They just now weeks later want to see my receipt. I have already asked the bank to give me my money back which they did for kidslox breach on contract after I got hacked. Don’t trust this company folks
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5 months ago, ......hioohioohioohioohioo
Difficult, confusing, stupid. Creepy.
I’m the child. About 2 years ago my mom put the app on my phone. I had no issue with it, whatever oh well. My mom had told me that she deleted the app and that she hadn’t had it in months. Today I was going through my phone and I was like “oh hey I still have kidslox, mom said she didn’t have it anymore so I can delete it, it’s just taking up space”. A few hours later all my apps disappeared and a kidslox “bookmark” appeared. I texted my mom asking her to put more time and she said “we don’t have that app anymore. I don’t pay for it” we texted a little more about it and I asked her to redownload the app and try to fix it or see if it autorenewed. She redownloaded it and it said that I sent her a link. I never sent her any links. It was a link to this random site called cliqly. We’re both confused and tired. I just want my apps back and she wants whatever is happening to stop, as do i. Please fix whatever is happening because my mom doesn’t pay for it anymore so it shouldn’t be affecting my phone. What I’m guessing is happening is either someone from Kidslox or inside kidslox hacked my phone, hacked my moms bank account, both, or something different. What’s the most scary about this all is the fact that I had just deleted it a few hours ago, and then a bookmark of the app appeared, not even the actual app.
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6 years ago, ELSun
Purchasing lifetime subscription
I really like this app. I also own the Circle and used that for a few months but then my brother in law introduced me to Kidslox. I tried the 14 day trial period and today is the day it expires. I had to decide if I wanted to keep using Kidslox. And I decided to go for it. I love how I am not limited to the WiFi in my house and I can still control my kids devices outside of the house. For the most part everything works smoothly except the timer. For example I generally allow my kids 2 hours of iPad a day. The devices do lock after 2 hours but the timer keeps running for some reason. There are times it shows my kids were on for 3,4,5 plus hours. Which is confusing and when I want to give them more time I have to extend out to the end of day instead of just 30 min or 1 hour. Are we doing something wrong how come the timer keeps running? Other than that I believe I love the app... look forward to more features and upgrades. Thanks Update Comment: Is there a pause button? It would be great if there was the ability to pause my children’s iPad instead of having to put it in lock mode.
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6 years ago, Suspicions jjang mans M
Scary, never downloading this again
At first I thought this app was shady as it asked for some management control which I understand from the contexts of using this app you have to give up some control. Now I did check the reviews before I downloaded this app, and I decided to give it a chance. After downloading, I followed instructions for the files and powering off your phone situation but I’m not sure if it worked properly which might explain why this happens, so I was brushing my teeth some notification popped up and I clicked to open my phone to find all my apps deleted!! This was impossibly frightening, my privacy was exploited and I felt extremely vulnerable like I’ve been hacked. This was even more freaky as I had deleted the app after following instructions for power off your phone because I didn’t want to indulge in such complex stuff and it was getting increasingly more “shady”. But Thankfully the internet helped me as I searched up how to get rid of the app completely by going to settings and etc. ALL IN ALL BE AWARE OF WHAT YOUR DOWNLOADING AND DO IT PROPERLY. (I didn't want to rate this app because I know a lot of effort probably was put into producing it but from my traumatic experience I just want to warn some customers I also understand this worked for some other customers perfectly but I didn’t for me)
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7 years ago, ninjapod
Good start and shows promise
I’ve been using the app now for the 14 day trial and decided to subscribe. I’ve been a Qustodio user and gave another iOS app a try, Screen Time. They just were not meeting my expectations for iOS management. What is winning for me is the user interface on my phone. It’s easy to manage the accounts and changes are a breeze. From my review, there are some things missing, like the ability to schedule texting access, but this cannot be an easy feat to overcome with Apple. Qustodio does this, but there are compromises. I can parent around this for now. Kidslox is in active development which means they are working on and delivering new features. So, if something is missing, suggest it directly to them. I work with development teams, and we LOVE to get nice, thoughtful feedback so we know what to build! Whining and complaining about an app just makes you look like a dunce and motivates no one to work on your features. Keep up the good work and I look forward to new releases!
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5 years ago, mom23blessings
Be VERY aware!!!
While I originally gave this app a 5 star rating, I have since changed my mind and would tell you that although this app APPEARS to offer great control over your kids ipads(and it truly does) the power, security and privacy you relinquish is unbelievable!!! At first I was excited that this app appeared to offer an excellent way for me to control and monitor my children’s iPads, I was horribly mistaken. Not only do you release control of each and every iPad to the app and ultimately the people behind the app you relinquish much of your security and privacy also. They can gain access to EVERY system on your iPad including data like your iCloud, FaceTime and messages. I had this actually happen to my parental control iPad and had to take it to a Verizon store where it took us well over an hour to figure out it was this sneaky app that was the culprit and had to delete and restore my iPad as a new iPad so that it couldn’t reload on it!!! Am so angry that I just had renewed for another 6 months also🤬🤬🤬. Now I’m stuck without a good alternative and trying to figure out if sensitive credit and financial info was accessed and trying to reset eversingle password I had. Not to mention if you want to remove it COMPLETELY, you HAVE to message them. Just removing the icon like most apps does NOT work!!!
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11 months ago, DonutFilly
No thank you
I understand that this app wants to help, but my mother and I have never been so far apart. I usually need to have something to keep my hands busy, and mg phone is the first thing that comes to mind (when I’m in the car or on the couch or at my moms work). This app made me think about the thin chance of my mother hating me. I know that the developers mean no harm, but every time I ask my mom for screen time she yells at me for not wanting to do something else. When I start something (I’m very artistic so maybe a painting) she also yells at me for “making a mess”. When we go on road trips, even though neither my brother or I are doing anything, when I ask my mom to unlock my phone, she makes an annoyed shrug sound and says “Fine, but only for a little bit”. I know that the developers worked very hard on this app, but it’s just ruined my mother and I’s relationship. I’ve read other people’s reviews, and I’ve seen some of the responses from the developers. Devices could be harmful, but sometimes they are vital for education and learning. Without devices, there would be no online learning or audio books for kids who need them (Dyslexic and/or Autistic). Children do need their limits, but I insist that talking it through can help.
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4 years ago, tmoff325
Don’t try this as an accountability study aid.
I downloaded this as a way to make it slightly more difficult to use distracting apps while studying. I was careful to change the settings to allow everything but the two apps I wanted to restrict. It worked initially, but I noticed my gmail in my email app would not stay logged in. I couldn’t log back in until I put the app back into parent mode. This became too annoying so I just left it on parent mode to get some work done. I should have just deleted it right away. Later that day about 90% of the apps on my iPad randomly disappeared. I thought maybe it was the app so I went into settings to remove the blocker and sure enough they reappeared. Only thing is it deleted my organization and dumped all the apps out of my folders so now I’m stuck manually rearranging everything the way I had it. These things might not be a big deal if the app were being used to safeguard a child’s recreational tablet. But I am a professional student and rely heavily on my iPad for school. It is essentially my textbooks, notebooks, folders, etc. The app has some potential if some of these more serious bugs were fixed. But I will not use it again for my purposes for fear of it deleting anything.
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2 years ago, HeroRobertBrine
Good, just make sure you offload apps in folders
I got my first phone in January and my papa set this app up so he can see what I’m doing. It even gives you a notification saying it’s in “Parent Mode” to let you know that they have access which I don’t really mind tbh. I got nothing to hide lol. But what I really hate hate hate ( can’t say it enough) is the sheer fact that in lockdown mode it takes all apps that can be deleted and aren’t offloaded and deletes them till it goes back into “Child Mode”. And I naturally turn off my phone at night ( saves time so I don’t need to during the day) and it’s been good at preventing this. But for the past 2 days it’s been a headache putting allergies my apps back in there folders. Everything used to be alphabetized but lately I’ve just been throwing them in. If the developers can somehow remove this, it would be 5 stars. I honestly love that my parents can check my phone w/o taking it. The app works really well but the app deletion seems redundant as screen time settings naturally turn these apps off. :)
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5 years ago, M. Spates
Best parental control app I’ve found
After trying my cellular service provider’s parental control app, and finding that I could delete the companion app from my child’s phone, I went looking for another option. Let me tell you, there is a reason this is so well rated! When lockdown mode is engaged, the gaming and social apps disappear from my child’s phone. The icons are gone and there is no way to access them at all. Kidslox leaves the calling and texting features available for use, which I appreciate, so that she can contact me in the event of an emergency. I found the parent user interface to be thorough, yet intuitive. It is easy to navigate and itemizes the features and apps that will be locked out during each type of mode. Knowing that even when child mode is engaged, she will still be protected with safe search browsing and content filtering, as well as the requirement to request permission before downloading apps, has actually increased our communication about what is appropriate for her. We can talk about why I declined a particular app so she knows what features to look for before she asks to download. Overall, I’m very impressed. As a person who has almost never downloaded a paid app, I can tell you that my standards are high. I just signed up for the lifetime premium service and will be downloading the companion app on all of the devices in my home, as well as recommending this to my friends.
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5 years ago, DanaWalsh
Dramatically reduced my stress level until it didn’t work at all. Also some functions
This app has been great! It is easy to use and has dramatically reduced the arguments over the electronics in my house, making my home life much happier. Instead of me saying “you have 30 minutes or 1 hour” to play on whatever device, then yelling and fighting ensuing when time is up, I can simply set a time limit in the Kidslox app and when it’s done it’s done. I don’t have to do or say anything else. Yay! It has also made it so that there is no sneaking the device when my child is not supposed to be on it. Also Yay! I like the ability to limit accessibility of certain things, though honestly I don’t use that function as much as limiting and restricting time. Finally I like that the full app is reasonably priced after the trial period. My only issue so far is that the app locks all the programs, other than talk or text. It would be nice to be able to restrict some programs like games while allowing others like music. Then day 5 it would not let me unlock my child’s phone from any location or his tablet. Great idea, but not the best setup.
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6 months ago, Kellywahine
About 90% perfect
We downloaded this app for our kids devices. The interface is user friendly and the QR codes make setup quick. I like the ability to restrict not only time and apps, but browser and tv content, etc. you can also pop a device into Parent mode to make changes. Some people complain this app deletes apps. It doesn’t do that, however if you have passed your allotted time, you can’t see the app anymore. Our second issue has to do when traveling. It was very difficult to use the VPN on things like a hotel Internet connection. The app blocked the popup, but you can’t connect to the internet without the popup. So we eventually had to delete Kidslox all together, do what we needed to, then reinstall. It would not allow us to turn of the VPN if we weren’t in parent mode, which we couldn’t do not connected to Internet. But all solved now.
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1 year ago, hsisbsbs
I absolutely hate this app. All it teaches your kids that trust and freedom aren’t real. Its an insanely insecure app and it is just so controlling that’s not how kids should be raised. The kids that where raised by trust and the most freedom are the kids that are most confident, resilient, and just overall good human beings. If your thinking about buying this app think again because it really hurts your kids instead try talking with them and set boundaries with them and it benefits both you and them. Also if your child is a teenager especially don’t get the app it makes them the most depressed and it affects them the most because parents, believe it or not times have changed and the world is evolving. The best thing for a teenager is a friend and you can’t just bike over to their house anymore a lot of the world is on social media and they want to talk and call but they can’t even do that because this app monitors all that. Just let your child be free and talk to them. That’s the main thing your child wants they want you to talk to them about things like this and give rewards when they do things that you told them to.
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5 years ago, shop4evr
Service terrible; wouldn’t sync for over a day
It worked ok for about two days. I had two children with devices on it. Loved the idea but it really is glitchy. Twice my kids should have had their time restarted the next day and they were stuck in lockdown mode. I would get notifications all day about zone entered and exited when my kids were just sitting In different parts of my house. One other time I couldn’t even manually get it fixed and had to remove the apps and still was having problems. A real jerk of a guy called me to tell me how stupid I was because “it’s supposed to work that way” um no she had not been able to get into her device for two days when it should have reset and I couldn’t do anything to unlock her device. Then he told me I wasn’t getting a refund. Yeah no. I got that refund btw. Even if this was glitchy that fellow sealed the deal for me of not even trying to fix it. Horrible service. All in less than a week. Then I received up to twelve messages by email after that notifying me they were glad to “resolve my issue”. Is this app created by teenagers? I’ll try another app. Steer clear of having to call these rude people.
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6 years ago, Raeofsunshineandlove
So helpful
My son and I sat down and discussed rules and terms for phone use. He loves video games and would play all day if I allowed that. I was able to customize the controls for his phone to create reasonable amounts of game time. He HATES it! Haha. It shuts off access if your child goes beyond their set time or if you don’t want them on at a certain time they won’t have access to apps then too. It filters out adult content when online. We haven’t gotten to social media yet, but you can have some control with that too. My child cannot delete the app not matter how hard he tries. Trust me he tries, often. I can control all of this from my phone. Being able to regulate phone usage and not having to be right next to him is so convenient. I also feel that he’s safer going online bc I know it’s been filtered. Btw, the one star reviews are often kids bc they can leave a review. My son has left several one star reviews!
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6 years ago, Dakman007
Works well, mode change is unacceptably slow
My son got used to it just shutting off his Iphone X; like we get used to stopping at red lights. The daily use limits were discussed and agreed upon. I created a morning "ready for school" and "study hall" plus other lock out times. He'll ask if he needs access while in locked mode. The problem is that the system server is EXTREMELY slow to change from locked to child mode or back. It is so slow it's a problem. As more people buy and use the app it will get slower. Example: He texted me to unlock the phone so he could use it for after-school Spanish and by the time it unlocked the class was over. Unacceptable. He was supposed to be getting ready to leave and I selected lock but it took several minutes. I pay extra for super fast internet access and have extensively upgraded wifi so I'm 100% it's not my internet access and it is on the Kidslox side.
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2 years ago, Chuckz71
Terrible-device locked after free trail-Difficult to delete app
The apps features are nice for the most part. But there are many issues. If a schedule is was previously made (day and time to change control like locking device down) the app forces you to rename the schedule to a different name each time, even if the only desire is the change the scheduled time. Frustrating and dumb. After the free trial ended, and I hadn’t had time to actually upgrade to the paid “advanced features” yet, the app locked down the iPad completely making the device unusable, instead of just not applying the schedules. This is when I decided to not purchase the app. To add more problem, finding the instructions to remove the app’s controlling profile from the iPad was difficult! Have to go to website, perform Q & A search, log in, enter pin, to get instructions, which will timeout after what seems like 30 sec. After that, you have to repeat that process. I ended up taking screenshots to have them longer. While paid features do provide nice control, there are many frustrating issues.
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3 years ago, JGar01
Great when it works
We’ve been using Kidslox for about 5 years. They’re the only parental app that understands what parents need control over and it’s everything we always wanted. They’re affordable and very helpful whenever we’ve had a technical issue. Which you’ll need because it’s quite a mission to get Kidslox Premium up and running anytime your child changes over to a new phone. But it’s always been worth the mission. This last time that we had to change our child’s phone again, I did the entire process of installing Kidslox Premium onto the new device, it just wouldn’t work. I connected the new device to 3 different computers, tried multiple cables to be sure it was connecting properly- nothing. I’ve been at this for months already- meanwhile I’m still paying for premium without the access to it. I reached out to tech support and for the first time ever I haven’t heard back. I hope someone reaches back out to me and we get this resolved. If we can get this fixed I’d definitely rate them a 10/10. Until then, I have to give it a 1 star.
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4 years ago, TDNIXON
Time limits a breeze on free version
First- easy setup for us. Took me all of 2 minutes. Have to have child’s phone in hand. Secondly- I thought I would have to get the paid version, just assumed because that’s how it usually goes right? No. We were able to set time limits, set bedtime, lock when we needed to, and see location. I’m sure there may be more but that’s what I got to, and I’m happy with it. I really just needed it for time limits because as you know, kids want to be on the phone ALL. THE. TIME. Oh one more thing, I can see the apps she has. So instead of having to approve every one, I just go check to make sure she didn’t get anything she wasn’t supposed to- at any time. Overall extremely happy with this app and may upgrade as she gets older to be able to access other features. Thank you Kidslox for making this easy for us!
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6 years ago, Liv_y
I downloaded this app because I wanted to restrict use of certain apps. At first it seemed good, but after it goes into lock down mode the apps disappear, once out of lockdown mode they reappear. The only problem is that if you don’t download the other thing all the apps reappear in a random order. The other thing would not download on my phone so I didn’t think it would be an issue. Until later I found myself reordering my apps. I then deleted this app because I didn’t want it anymore, 30min later my phone shut off and I opened my phone to find that the app somehow re downloaded itself and went into lockdown mode again reordering my apps randomly. I finally figured out how to delete it by looking it up and going into the settings. If you download this app and the app icon thing won’t download, don’t get it. Other than the apps problem, the app seemed ok there are definitely some other minor bugs that need to be fixed though, so I would not pay until they are fixed.
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1 year ago, Shaila🫰🏼
Wow. Just wow.
I am a 14 year old. I feel as if this app is invading my privacy. I’m all for screen time control and location, that I’m fine with and understand. But knowing that they can see my search history and every move I do is unsettling. Not that I’m watching bad stuff but knowing my mom she will send screen shots of my screen to everyone. She can also see personal things I do that isn’t really her business such as my friends secrets. I don’t want her seeing that I search up things that she avoids me from learning about such as real world political things and tips on things such as Menstruation. I also don’t want her seeing emails with a teacher I’m very close with and is almost like a therapist to me. I’m curious and I don’t want her taking that away from me. I feel violated as to my whole device is being controlled. I feel as if you got your child a phone, you should be able to trust them and what they do on the device first. Don’t get your child a phone if you can’t yet trust them with what they do on the device. I feel like this is unfair.
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5 years ago, Val_Wafflez
Really useful but sometimes not
I really like this app even though im a kid, it tells me when to get off my phone at the right moment. My dad usually puts it for 12:30 PM And that is cool because before i even got this app I was so addicted to my phone that i would use it for the whole day Even night! But with this app it has saved my life. I can play with my toys again! But there is a few bugs that you must fix. 1. The VPN just goes off sometimes but i dont know why! I tell my dad and when he tries switching it back on it wont work! 2. When ever i go to school (im in middle) i text my dad to put child mode on so i can search up answers and or stuff to help me while im in class, the internet is SO slow that by the time it gets on my phone, the class is over! You really need to fix these bugs to make parents or kids experiences better, either than that thanks for making this app!
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2 years ago, SosoFluffleBunny9
Worst App EVER! 🤬 (please read all!!)
My daughter has an iPad mini. Unfortunately this app is not completely compatible with my daughter’s type of iPad. Also, the creators have you go on a wild goose chase whenever something is wrong, and none of this software is intuitive. Whoever created this app dose not understand the difference of having a device near by, and actually using the device. My kid was listening to music (please note she was just using the speaker, not the screen) when the app put her IPad on lockdown after she was “using” it after 2 hours. She had no idea that the app has this feature, and she spent 2 minutes frantically trying to recover all her storage she thought she lost. Finally she came to me, and I spent a while explaining that this app DELETES all the other apps until the next day. I had to reset the app, but it just wasn’t the same. All the apps were replaced (with all data in tact) but, some were hidden, and all of them weren’t organized anymore, and my daughter spent 10 minutes organizing her apps again. 😶😡😤
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6 years ago, nchiz
Really great, five stars with room to keep improving...
I’ve had the app for about six months. It’s very handy to be able to see just how much screen time my teenager has on a daily basis. And it’s nice to be able to automate the duly schedule to whatever we need it to be... There are some areas I wish it could be better in... Firstly, I wish I could monitor and disable/enable texting. There are just some nights where I forget to collect her phone, and even though she can’t use it for Instagram, she can still spend her night texting friends without us knowing about it. Secondly, being able to set time restrictions to entertainment apps specifically... there have been many times my daughter has complained to me that her apps shut off simply because she had music playing without actually using her phone for anything else. It would be nice to have some sort of control over that, but I’m not sure how you would practically implement that. Lastly, I’d love to have the weekly reports reflect exactly how much time was spent within specific apps. Which kind of ties into my previous point... my daughter complains that her apps shut off because she only used the music app, but I don’t actually know if she’s being truthful, I have no evidence of that... All-in-all, great app! Hopefully it continues to improve!
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5 years ago, conorjennings
Great app with one serious flaw
I’ve used Kidslox as a paid service for nearly a year now and wanted to share my experience and why I’ve chosen to stop using it. The sole reason is that the Kidslox app blocks location tracking on my kid’s phones when they are on cell network only. It works fine when they are on WiFi. I’ve contacted the company several times and reported these issues yet no resolution has been made. I’ve used Kidslox on 4 different devices since both my kids upgraded phones mid year. They had iPhone 6s, 8s and more recently Xr. We’ve tried it in multiple locations. Sometimes it works but most times it only show “offline” or “no location available” when both kids are in “child mode” on their devices. Anyways I was hoping Kidslox could have fixed it. In fact they even reported they couldn’t recreate this bug? My wife (iPhone 8plus) couldn’t track them either. So I uninstalled the app on all family devices and straight away I was able to see location of my kids again whenever they’re away using the iOS native ‘find my phone” or “find my friends” apps. Everything else with Kidslox worked fine but the location glitch is our reason for cancelling this service as it is a serious flaw for parents who want to keep track of kids outside the house. Hope this feedback helps. I’d sign up again if this bug is actually fixed this time. Thank you
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5 years ago, comprof
Update destroyed this app
I wrote a review the other day but it seems to have disappeared. I’ve been using this app for at least a year and a half and it’s been fabulous. With this new update and the requirement to connect to a desktop to get the premium content working again, it’s been a complete disaster. I spent over two hours the other night trying to get this re-installed and working on my child’s iPad. I kept getting messages from the desktop version that it wasn’t working. Eventually I got it in installed only to realize this morning that whenever I click on an icon to block some thing it doesn’t “take.” I’ve read other reviews in which people said the customer service is horrible so I’m not about to waste God knows how much time trying to email back-and-forth with somebody who’s likely going to just tell me to turn my device back on and off and uninstall and reinstall the app. I’m done and now looking for a new app. What a waste. They should’ve just left well enough alone.
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3 years ago, Ocean25wave
The best parental control tool
I waited some time to submit a review because it took me awhile to fully use its features and kidslox improved and fixed bugs over time. I admit there has been some frustrating moments when the app glitched but compared to other tools I tried, it’s still the most effective and easy to use. The ability to lockdown individual apps as well as whitelist others is nice. The schedules and time limit functions are good. I love the new reward feature, haven’t used yet but I could see it being very attractive. I just wished I could see usage for each app or do limits for types of apps but for that I have to use screen time. When paired with iOS screentime, it’s pretty powerful. Just make sure the two are in sync or iOS will cancel out kidslox. If I could rate a 4.5 I would.
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8 months ago, hbyhyvrvf
庹 汞檪谷水
I hate this app, I don’t have a problem with setting limits on your devices but what I do have a problem with is that it doesn’t let you do anything not even text and before y’all say “ if you are a child” or something I am a child but my mom hates this app too because she gets annoyed when I ask her to unlock my phone i wouldn’t recommend this app there’s so many options they have a lock-in setting it on settings on apple settings but this is unacceptable and unnecessary and I hate it I love the concept of being able to have limits I almost lost a game and honestly if y’all could change a few things then I would probably love this app but that’s not the case 1. It won’t let me ask for minutes 2. When I ask for minutes it freezes 3. When I say momma my phone is still locked she says that it’s not locked so I have to wait for 12 minutes and then the minutes appear there’s so many ways to go about this but y’all ain’t doing it right mkay That’s on what PERIOD BOO SLAYYYYYYYYYY IM TALKING ABOUT THIS REVIEW HAHAHAHAHA HAGS
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2 years ago, DGalle13
Horrible customer support
I tried to use this application. I paid for a membership however, I could not get into the application. When I asked for help from the Customer service group, they would not speak to me. I sent them at least three or four messages and they sent me messages back, telling me to do the same thing I had already done four times. I kept getting confirmation emails that my password has been updated but when I tried to login, it would not accept the password. Customerservice refused to get on the phone with me and would only deal with me through email. When I tried that every email was the same thing a day later they would tell me to do what I had already done. Very frustrating and they would not refund me my money nor did they offer any voice help. I finally had to go through Apple Pay to get them to cancel my membership. I never did receive my money back even though I never used their application. I do not recommend this app.
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5 years ago, angry_McSaLly
One of the worst apps I ever downloaded
Not to be dramatic but this is probably one of the worst apps I ever downloaded. I installed it so that I could try to limit my usage on the internet and help me focus on school work(yes I know this is for kids but I procrastinate a lot and don’t stay focused) I downloaded it and it deleted all my apps and I was so confused at first and it took me a long time to get it back this happened continuously for three days!!! I had no choice but to delete the app shocked again that after a day when I went back to my phone I see that I can’t find any of my apps and the same app is back it had control of my phone and deleted it!!! I was so surprised that somehow it installed itself again..after I deleted it!!!! If I could block this app I would. Just to let you know before you buy the app. Statistics don’t say as much and are rigged most of the time at first seeing the 4.5 rating drew my attention towards it but after having many disappointments I checked the reviews and they had similar problems.
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6 years ago, Rboozy
Pin and Touch ID issues
The app does what it’s designed to do-for the most part. Every now and then, switching modes gets hung up and doesn’t switch like I need it to. The main issue I have is the Pin and Touch ID. If I enable Touch ID, it also allows my kids (who all have Touch ID set up in their phones) to unlock the app and change modes! If I take off the Touch ID option to open the app, I’ll set up a pin that works to unlock it a couple of times. After that, I’ll try to open the app and enter the pin I set and it tells me that the pin is incorrect!!!! It’s very frustrating. Why have the option if it doesn’t remember the pin when you set one?! I have tried to disable the Touch ID in Kidslox settings and that will work the same as the pin issue. It will turn back on again in its own. Thank you for your reply. Hoping the pin issue gets fixed and please look into the Touch ID setting as well.
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3 years ago, Jjcutiewenna
doesn’t function correctly most of the time and violates privacy. use screentime that comes with the phone if you are that bad of a person to do that to your child. you are ruining a lot of happiness for your kid and i’m serious. please don’t download this app. don’t PAY for your child to hate you. if you do screentime your kid will not like you in the future. pick out you nursing home because that’s where your kid is putting you. it seems silly but this app is very awful to the mental health of your kid. VERY inconvenient because you have to ASK to use a stupid app. if you use this app and think you are doing a great job go to the mirror and slap yourself so you can see what you deserve. if you spend more time on your phone than you give your kids literally leave. i plan on leaving my mom and never speaking to her again when i’m old enough so yeah if you love your kids don’t do stupid stuff like this just because you are a CONTROL FREAK with much hatred and loathing, j
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3 years ago, trobbins26
Over promised, underdelivered
Admittedly, parental control apps are pretty scarce for iOS in general and screen time does not provide much flexibility, so I was on the hunt yet again for a third party option to gain more control in managing multiple devices for our kids. At first glance this app looked promising, featured a very intuitive interface and was very clear in the steps required to set up (that’s what the 1 star is for) However, once installed it was pretty difficult to manage schedules for more then one child, plus scheduling down time did not actually lock the phone when it was suppose to. PLUS, manually locking the child device through the parental controls, reorganizes the kids apps, which is just another headache to deal with. Overall this app has a nice interface, but does not work. I spent over 2 hours trying to set up schedules and rewards, Only to find out that the app was creating more hassle then help, and frustrating me all the while. That sort of defeats the purpose... so it’s a no for me.
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4 years ago, ~~~livi~~~
Horrible app
At first this app looked good to control the time limit on the phone. But after using it I realized it was just terrible. My phone was organized in neat bubbles and it completely ruined it! It took hours to fix. I wasn’t able to delete the app from my phone and it caused a lot of trouble for me. The screen time for the hyphen would be 2 hours a day but just 19 minutes after using it in the morning it told me my screen time was up! Along with this when I went into the app to exclude certain apps from being deleted like my workout app it constantly froze and made doing so very difficult. All in all this app is absolutely horrible and I don’t recommend to anyone ever. Last night I deleted the app. Today when I went back on my phone it was back!!! What!?!? I’m horrified! This app has something wrong with it! It ruined all my organization once again and it’s going to take another 2 hours to fix!!! WORST APP IVE EVER USED!!!!! IT ISN'T EVEN WORTH 1 STAR!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Amir Sneaky
How do you cause depression, anxiety, and mistrust in kids? Use this app!
This app scatters everything around so you have to spend a long time putting it back together. AND deleted half of your apps without permission from the kid or the parent. If you have an issue, you don’t get a response from a real person, you get it from a bot. The solution is not to stop kids from getting screen time. That’s how you cause anxiety. If they are up all night playing on their phone, let them! The enjoy it and it helps them sleep. Studies have been done that playing games can actually help kids with our flawed school system. A horrible app. This is how anxiety depression and mistrust is created between kids and parents. No one seems to care about kids mental health any more. Also to remove it, forget the VPN, delete the app, and go to settings —> vpn and device management, profile and then delete the kidlox one. You can also see what the profile permissions are. Horrible app
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2 years ago, dsyijfdj
I hate this
Hi so I’m 12 and my mom decided to put this stupid app on my phone I don’t know why tho. I’d o my chores get good grades I have been on the a b honor roll all this year so I don’t really understand who ever created this app I hate you you must not know what it’s like to be a kid and also we’re kids to have a childhood we have to have fun and learn new different things in our own way and you timing us on how long we could do that is ruining the fun but when you’re kids grow up and leave the house and doesn't talk to you again then it’s our fault no it’s you’re fault parents for taking advantage of our childhood just because you didn’t have a good one doesn’t mean we can’t let us live parents and I give this app 0 stars I can’t just learn new things without think oh am I running out of time I shouldn’t have to try ink in my childhood when I get kids I guarantee I will not put an app like this on their phone hopefully they don’t exists when I do have them.
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5 years ago, Merlinea
terrible customer support for a terrible app
This app is completely inadequate for good parental controls in my opinion and did not work well for my needs. the built in apple Screen Time settings work just as well for zero cost. Often the Kidslox app completely restarts after you log in for no reason at all. Kidslox doesn’t even have the most basic controls that i would expect such as weekly quotas or fine grained controls on specific apps for many apps. and it can’t provide different time limits for specific apps either. It has no way of specifying specific apps allowed at specific time periods. There are no provisions for specifying periodic screen breaks. when i tried to cancel, customer support would Not Cancel my subscription! This is the most basic thing that customer support should be able to do (they claim it is all under Apple’s control to do that). They did send instructions for me to do it but, i expect they should be able to cancel it when i request it.
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7 years ago, Stoopidj
Not ready for prime time
This is a good concept and I really wished it would work. But it's got too many bugs and issues for them to be charging a monthly fee. I have been supporting them for a while in hopes they can improve the app, and have held off on reviewing. But I'm sort of at the end of my patience with it. Too often it locks my kids' devices permanently and I have to manually reset the following day, even though it should automatically reset. Then when I try to do so, it seems to get stuck resetting, not always, but often enough that it's a hassle for everybody. There are some other issue such as the apps becoming all disorganized. But I could live with those if the other basic functions worked as expected. I'll give it another month or so and then just try to manage my kids' access through a router. Hopefully they can get it all to work because it's a great concept. I wish Apple would just make this all native to their OS. That may eliminate some of the issues.
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1 year ago, babybelleunderfire
Not worth it
The app doesn’t work half the time. You’re constantly having to mess with the settings because it doesn’t work half the time. On the iPhone specifically the screen time settings work better than this app. If I didn’t have the screen time controls he would have more access to the things that Kidslox is supposed to block and lockdown. I barely have had this app for a month and I’m spending more of my time messaging the company wondering why it doesn’t work than it actually working. This is why I wanted for them to make it a month to month service because $50 for this app is a joke don’t waste your money you’re better off for iPhone specifically using the family share and screen time locks then this app. As for Samsung they warned it doesn’t work as well for that either as there’s videos out there showing how to disable it.
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2 years ago, mom of 5 little humans
Content filtering is not working
I am having to go and block each website individually as the content filtering isn’t working and porn sites keep showing up on my child’s phone and she isn’t going to these sites at all because I have the phone in my hand and it’s being done in the background as I am looking up stuff on her phone. Editing to add I didn’t want to pay for the subscription after the very extremely short trial that should have been a little longer to get the full experience of the app but somehow I have paid for the app for the next 3 months. I’m not very fond of paying for something I’m not using since it keeps going to porn sites on its own. My child keeps bringing it to me daily to say it’s gone to a porn site and I don’t know why this is even happening because she has never gotten porn sites before on her phone. This is the worst app ever and for the price you pay it should be better.
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3 months ago, 13245376597 the best
I hate when this app because my dad uses it for my and it has ruined my life. First of all it doesn’t let me watch the shows I want to watch in my other apps because they are “inappropriate” for my age level and I am 13 I think I am mature enough. Second of all anytime I do the littlest thing my dad say if you keep it up I will cut screen time off. I then tell him “how would you feel if you screen time got cut off.” He then says that I am talking back and cut my time off after all I was just stating my feelings but you know take it in whatever way you want. And lastly none of my friend have parental control and if they do it is just screen time limits not my dad stocking what I am doing all day and stocking what I am searching. I am a 13 year old girl I have some interesting questions that I want to know the answers to but don’t want my dad knowing I’m searching them. Also I feel like I have no privacy. This is my review. -Emily
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11 months ago, Gmoneytmo
Great Alternative to Apple Screentime
Hardly ever write reviews, but I noticed a bunch of disgruntled kids wrote reviews lately. Wanted to say from the parent perspective this is a very helpful app. The 3 day trial lets you test it out. Then I recommend $80 for lifetime access (vs. $50 for one year). We’ve had nothing but issues with the native screentime app from Apple and appreciate Kidslox as an alternative. We always hated how Apple only gave us the choice or 15 minutes or an hour of additional time. Kidslox lets you choose in 5 minute increments. They also monitor google searches and let you know as a parent what your kids are searching for. It’s a great app if you’re sick of Apple’s default screen time.
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4 years ago, appetiteforapps
Awesome product and Lifetime Subscription!!!!
This app is the best of all the screentime monitors I have tried and is the absolute best value when you purchase the lifetime subscription. They have really great customer service via texting within the app and traditional phone support. I have used both and I highly recommend Kidslox if you need help limiting your child's screentime or want to make them focus their screentime on educational apps during school hours, etc. There is a lot of flexibility in the app. You will need to set up advanced features to really enjoy this app to it's full potential. Thanks to Ana at Kidslox for walking me through the process over the phone on a saturday...This mama is sooooo happy!!!
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2 years ago, MustBKing
Pushy app permissions and limited functionality
The app insists that tracking permissions are required on the monitoring phone that it wouldn’t need to do its job as a remote. It also asks every time it is opened to enable push notifications to function properly and you will have to skip the prompt twice before you can get into the program. When I contacted support about how to disable the prompt they were not helpful but simply repeated what the permission prompt said that the app cannot work properly without push notifications enabled. I told them that they hadn’t explained anything new to me and that designing their app to need push notifications is a flaw. The app only allows time in general to be limited and does not provide the ability to limit the time of specific apps. It is more likely this app is spyware designed to data mine both the parent phones and monitored phones.
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5 months ago, KawaiiKayla12
So my parents got me this app since I been on my phone too “much”. And my mom put to disabled comments and chats on yt and on Roblox. And I wanted to delete it cause on my saved yt music, it took away all my songs I saved. Some songs didn’t even have bad words, but they still took it away. Then after I tried to delete it and after all my apps came back but the next day the app came back. So I tried deleting it again and all my apps disappeared! And I went to download the app again to see if they would come back, and it didn’t let me download the app again. So if ur a parent and going to get this app and ruin their life, this is the app because I am still trying to get my apps back. And when I tried to download my apps it said I already downloaded them but my whole Home Screen was blank. SO DONT GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN UR KIDS LIFE! Please fix this. Bye and thank you.
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