Park National Bank

4.7 (8.5K)
36.1 MB
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Current version
Park National Corp
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Park National Bank

4.69 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Al & Di
Park National Bank Review
We’ve used PNB since January 1996. Bank personnel have been very helpful facilitating our home Mortgage & home equity line of credit (HELOC). All loans have been paid in full and we have an exceptionally good credit rating. PNB was able to construct loans on very favorable terms allowing us to pay off those loans without incurring any past due situations. They worked with us an we followed through based on the commitments we made. This bank is easy to deal with. We highly recommend them for all your banking needs !!!
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3 years ago, 3lwMMA
Online banking
I would give 5 stars if my online banking was better. Over a period of time I have had my online chat banker get me in to someone else’s account when I forgot my password. I explained it to them that they gave me the wrong account and they said “it matches the information you gave me “. So that was a pretty scary experience that they didn’t seem to care about the mistake. So I logged out of the chat and started a whole new chat to hopefully get someone different and luckily I did and recovered and got into my very own account. Also today I got with someone in the chat to inquire about savings accounts to see if someone would be available to help me make the best decision for me. And my response was “you can see our savings accounts online quote. And I stated “yes, I see them “I would like to speak with someone about them and never got a response back. Unfortunately just those two incidences in a couple more have put a bad taste in my mouth.
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3 years ago, karaashbrook
Terrible layout and design.
We previously were under first knox and loved their app. So easy to use and convenient. Since everything switched to Park we have had nothing but issues. The app takes forever to load or errors out and you have to type everything in again. Face ID only works about 75% of the time. The balances also don’t match up. Items falls off that are pending and then pop back on. My husbands card was denied at the store the other day because we checked our balance and it said we had plenty of money. Then three items that had fallen off posted and it wouldn’t allow him to use his card. We have plenty of money in savings that we transferred but it would have been nice to have a clean clear cut picture. Considering changing banks because of the poor use of the application.
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4 years ago, eye95
You would think that a new app would be an improvement over the old one...
You would think that a new app would be an improvement over an old one...but in the case of the Park National Bank app, you’d be wrong. You still can’t get any details about the transactions in an account. [on edit: Actually, you can. There are just problems doing so. Sometimes you have to tap the button several times before it responds. And then, you have to wait an inordinate amount of time for the app to actually bring up the transactions. There are no dots or spinning circles to confirm that the app is actually working on your request. Mortgage accounts don’t show escrow balances or transactions. You can only get 120 days worth of transactions in a single query.] Security is overbearing. Can’t use Touch ID. I finally found the setting page for Touch ID, but there is no way to turn it on! The app is no longer an iPad app. You have to use the iPhone app and expand it to fill the screen—almost. This app is garbage. Let me make the same suggestion I made in my review for the earlier app: Park should check out the Max Credit Union app. Park National Bank needs to drag itself, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century!
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3 years ago, ThisnicknameBSisuseless
Good, but strange to a newby. I did 2 checks for identical amount from different people. I was looking to press the “deposit” icon on the second check when I paused over the “cancel” icon and I think I canceled the transaction. I entered the second check a second time. I cannot find a record of the transactions, so I don’t know what went through. Can you make these two items easier? I know that a record of the deposits would have to be labeled “pending” until the checks cleared.
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4 years ago, LucasMiller8562
New update
My mom and I have always enjoyed the app park National it has been easy to use and we loved it but now with the new update it is awful it makes me want to switch banks I hate it so much it is hard to make a transfer it is confusing with all the buttons on it the app is now confusing and hard to navigate through to even enter my finger print I had to hit what seemed like a million of tabs to get to the finger print point I do not like it please change it back
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2 years ago, Farmall Hauler
Very frustrating that this app has not been updated for at least one year!! I also do not like that the Bill Pay service is not accessible from any of my devices!! I'm also frustrated that everytime I log into my account, I am forced to identify who I am by it's sending me a text message. Yes, when I do contact their technical support for these issues, they have been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, however they always seem to reappear within days of my calls for help! So no. I do not and will not recommend this app to anyone wishing to do what I now consider to be a more quickly growing trend, and that is any form of online interacting with your financial information.
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3 years ago, l8karma1975
Not a fan
Every other time I try to use this app I have to answer security questions. Even from same location and up address. This on top of their local atm tells me out of order when I use my debit card to get cash, and then I watch the next guy come up and get cash out of the atm. Currently seeking another financial institution for my banking needs
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4 months ago, William, Ohio
Poor Application Performance
It is very rare that I leave a review in the App Store. However the latest update to this app warrants some feedback. Moving from section to section along the bottom toolbar is very clunky and slow. There is a very long lag time between the time you tap, and the time you get a response. Face ID is no longer working and I am unable to enroll. I am also no longer able to save/remember my ID when logging in. I’m also not able to go to bank-to-bank transfer from the bottom toolbar, I can only access it from the side menu. Overall, the latest updates to this app are poor to say the best.
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12 months ago, alexisciara96
Stop removing pending transactions!!!!
I can not deal with the fact when I pay something the transaction isn’t taking affect or even showing as a pending transaction, or sometimes it will show as a pending transaction but then it disappears completely and the money never moved…. But you’re getting text saying payment completed but yet moneys not moving or showing as pending so you don’t actually know your true balance for days unless your keeping track outside of the app. Super annoying. This is how People overdraft !
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4 months ago, Verge of leaving
Reason for 1 star
I only rated this as 1 star because 0 was not available. I have never had this much trouble logging into my account before. I literally had to either go to the bank in person or call in 4 times because I was locked out. Last night when I tried to log I was locked out again however this morning I was able to log in. I am on the verge of changing banks because of all of this but do not want to go through the hassle …however… I also do not want to go through the hassle of calling in again if I get locked out again.
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1 year ago, Alec Dale 96
Best banking app I have ever used!
I use park national bank for my mortgage and auto loans along with my main checking and savings accounts. I love the ability to just snap a pic of my checks and upload them within seconds. Also, this pairs well with the Park Direct app for any transactions or questions that need a real life teller for assistance.
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3 years ago, atheenaparks99
Never had issues until the new updated version
This app logs me out from time to time. It says my faceID isn’t working to sign in. I’m trying to check my online transactions/balance and it’s currently logging me out of my account back to the login screen. I’m trying to do online shopping and wanted to confirm my transactions have been made. I liked it much better when I had the unity national bank app. It never failed if I need to immediately transfer money, it was a breeze. Now I have to wait forever for my account to login and load! (that is if it doesn’t immediately login me out)
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3 years ago, Aratai13
Not so great!
The new features are wonderful. However, the app itself is slow and glitchy. It becomes frustrating, to have to wait for everything to load etc. I think more testing should have been done before releasing so you aren’t playing catch up now. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Auntyaya96
Update is awful
This app makes me want to pull my hair out. If it wasn’t foe the wonderful tellers I would change banks because of the app. It will NEVER log me in the first time. Sometimes it takes 2-3 times for it to show that yes I do have accounts there. It is just an annoyance all around!
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3 years ago, UpdateDestroyedit
This last update is AWFUL
It makes the app essentially unusable. Face ID never works and it won’t log me in, manually typing in my password still takes about a minute of the page loading before I can see any of my accounts and then god forbid I’d like to see the charges because if I click into an account it just loads and loads but never actually shows anything. This new update is much harder to navigate and all around clunkier. The old version was a beautifully simple easy to use app for anyone. This new one is god awful and I wish I never updated it.
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2 years ago, deployers
gReAt cOStUmEr sErViCe
I’m deployed and every single time I try to log on I get locked out. Don’t have phone service to get a call or text to fix it and the security questions lock me out regardless it’s kinda crap if you ask me. If you have phone service to reset it every time cool. But if not then have fun lol
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3 years ago, App Crab
The previous app worked great. This new app was difficult to register and it takes no less than three logins to open. I have very little confidence in Park National Bank because the app is so terrible. If not fixed I will be withdrawing the $75,000 account and depositing in another bank.
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3 years ago, UGH 02
Very slow
Sorry but not impressed with the new app ... It is very slow and doesn’t feel as user friendly . It makes your balance very confusing , with all the pending versus actual transactions .
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3 years ago, Aquaticgiraffe
Logging in is a chore
I’ve been with New Dominion —> Park National for Many years and seen many of the apps. They have all been very basic but easy to use. Just want to check my balance and maybe deposit a check. This new app is extremely glitchy, it won’t consistently log in using FaceID or password. I either have to try multiple times or get a “your account can’t be accessed” error. If try a few times, every time, I get to see my balance and navigate the app.
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3 years ago, 12/23/
Park national
I gave them only two stars because they aren’t able to fix problems on the mobile app . They have had two weeks still not fixed .
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3 years ago, Smeizo
Not user friendly
Liked the old version better. This one is not very interactive or easy to use on a mobile device. Feels like it is built for desktop use only
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4 years ago, SalAlVal
Worthless (not even one star!)
This app is worthless now. It was fantastic before the update- it was simple to use and easy to understand. Now, since the update, it’s slow and confusing and some of the parts of the app won’t even open. If whoever controls this at Park is smart, they’ll change it back to the old app (or make a new update that is similar to the old one) because this new one is absolute garbage. Negative stars, honestly.
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3 years ago, 614ohioan
Worst app update ever
This is the worst app update. Park decided to update the app and then proceed to make everyone create a new password for their already established banking accounts. I have had to to update passwords on both my business and personal bank accounts due to Parks inability to make a seamless transition . Customer service is non existent. This app is in no way better than the previous one. No support available at branch banks either. I will be moving to a new bank.
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7 months ago, Gvhdfcbjfcbhf
It’s time for another bug fix
Either I’ve been hacked or my info has been stolen, if not something is very wrong with the app. It’s not even letting me into my account anymore and it’s not responding to half of its requirements giving me an excuse about the internet connection.
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3 years ago, 093020
I’m a new resident of Charlotte and a new customer of Park National and I have never had better service! And the mobile app is so easy to use!! I highly recommend Park National to anyone wanting better banking services in our increasingly remote world!!
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3 years ago, scanman75
Always doing maintenance
Never seen a business that is constantly doing some kind of maintenance on their app and website. Hire some new I.T. People, they are making a mint off of you with all these ridiculous updates. Your app is so slow to log in it’s sad and the new alerts are horrible, before you could get an alert with the amount of the debit or credit but now it doesn’t provide that. Again hire new I.T. People and a new app developer! They are ripping you off.
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3 years ago, kep380
Too slow
This app is too slow. It doesn’t seem like it was fully developed when they pushed it out. I am not a fan at all. The previous app worked much better
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4 years ago, Crazy466
New update
Not sure if this can be considered and “update”. I feel like I’m looking at a mobile site from 10 years ago. All of my accounts nicknames were gone (I was able to replace them but it was still an inconvenience). It just seems like a major downgrade from the old app which was simply and made everything big and obvious. I’m not on the app to do serious banking. I just want a easy way to check my accounts and make sure that my bills have come out.
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3 years ago, 92TMC
This app is really easy to use . Like it because I can deposit checks. Also there is no errors when loading my account . Also like the idea I can name all my accounts
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1 month ago, urmom1357
An error has occurred
Nearly every time I try to log into this app it gives me an “An error has occurred” message. I used to have Face ID, but after changing my password it will not set up. I haven’t never left a review but this is quite possibly the least user friendly app I have ever used and I am finally frustrated enough that I will be switching banks.
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3 years ago, Hsnardo
Constant problems with this site. Supposed to allow face verification. Half the times it doesn’t work. This “new” online system took me two hours to finally finish
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4 years ago, shmnshmn
This new update is absolute garbage
Can’t even log in, I sit on a screen for several min without it doing absolutely anything. Very unresponsive update, now I have no way of checking my funds. Thanks guys
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2 years ago, Daisymeo
Poorly designed
This is a very poorly designed app. It’s almost like it was designed by an amateur. It does not work well on my IPad or phone. It does not center on the screen correctly. I had to constantly scroll left to right or up and down to use it. The previous app we had at Fairfield National was much better. I avoid using this app and use my computer when possible.
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3 years ago, brymel1951
Quick and easy. If you don’t want to leave your home, this is the easy way to get it done. No waiting in lines. I’ll do this more often. 😀
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2 years ago, Ashnicolebak
Park National Bank is the best!
I have banked with Park National Bank since I was 14 years old. They have been my trusted banker for over 20+ years! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Park! Nora is the manager of the Eastgate branch, and she is so amazing!
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3 years ago, Annoyedkanyefan
Poor transition
I had the century national bank app and it was always fast and responsive and easy to figure out but since they have switched to this app I’ve had nothing but problems and just to see my balances it takes several minutes to load the page it’s anything but ideal. I would like my old app back and not this new but terrible app that’s hard to use
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3 years ago, Squee.
Oldie was a goodie...not that way anymore
The last version of this app was simple and easy to use! Never had crashing issues or troubles managing my account. The new update had been out for a few months now and I hate it. Wish y’all never would have changed. It may look sleeker but what’s the point if you can’t rely on the it when you need it?!?
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4 years ago, Boocool123456789
Hate it!
I give zero stars. I hate everything. I don’t understand why they’d change something that worked. 1.) security is unbearable (thankful but how many times can you verify it’s you) 2.) ITS MY SECURITY QUESTION! 3.) I hate that your transaction history is only printable through a spreadsheet or apps that I’m not wasting storage for. What was wrong with just the simple print button?! 4.) Laggy (if it even loads). Worst update in history in my eyes. Change it back please!
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4 years ago, Brad Sheely
The old first Knox app was more user friendly. This one take forever to process and trying to pay bills is a nightmare. Change it back.
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3 years ago, atimicgreens
Very poorly communicated upgrade
I can’t see what I am even typing in this review because the app isn’t working properly. I have spent two hours trying to undo the information that was posted in my account including a phone number of another person not even on my account! All my addresses reverted back to our old address. Also-these surety questions?? How would anyone remember the name of their best friends dog growing up?
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3 months ago, HappyBankers
Great bank
My husband and I have been with this bank for many years now. The service and people are wonderful.
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3 years ago, biscbeans
Bad update
Since the update where the entire app was revamped, the app has only become more difficult to use. It’s less user friendly, runs far slower than in the past, and is more prone to random errors that prevent you from using the app. Being that this is my bank app, I don’t have much of a choice whether to use it or not but if I had the option, I absolutely would not use this app anymore.
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2 years ago, Dissapounted Too
Digital deposits
It is frustrating when I have to make half a dozen attempts in order for it to deposit.
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3 months ago, wisecooksey
Love the new design
What a nice surprise last month, to login and see the new design. It’s super clean and easy to find my way around the new interface.
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3 years ago, free rollin
Why break something that doesn’t need fixed
The new app is horrible. I used the old PNB app for iPad and was perfectly happy. The new mobile app does not fill the whole screen n my iPad, only about 1/4 of the screen. It is so tiny, you can barely use it. Also, I have to sign in every time I use the app. I didn’t have to do that before. The user interphase is terrible. Why did you break something that didn’t need fixed?
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4 years ago, Jessicanauer
Worst App Ever
The original app was fine. It was ok. It showed you what you needed. The new update on this app is so terrible. Worst user interface ever. So hard to navigate and find answers. Everything takes too long to load. I don’t know why they updated to a worse version. I wish they would go back to the old app layout. Just terrible and not user friendly at all.
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3 years ago, park natioanl bank monile ap
App review
Horribly slow Deposits don’t allow you to enter correct amount until hit ok then go back and modify the cents. Being a banking app I would think dollars and cents are equally important unless you are trying to get me to allow you to keep my cents. It errors or is not available a lot which makes me wonder how safe my money is with this bank.
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2 years ago, Bobby H K
Customer Support
Park Nat'l App is extremely user friendly, and the same for their Customer Help staff. Staff is always available, helpful and responsive to any situation I might present.
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3 months ago, Oaktg
Terrible Interface
I don’t understand why they constantly change the interface of this app. This app runs slow, freezes, and sometimes locks customers out randomly. After banking with park national for 20 years I don’t understand why they can’t have a more user friendly app similar to Huntington or other competitors.
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