Party Casino | Bet Real Money

4.7 (2.6K)
200.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
ROAR Digital, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Party Casino | Bet Real Money

4.7 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
1 year ago, indaindonuts
Small issues overall good
The only con i would say is they don't have a system where you can take your old payment method and dividing withdraws which i hate which they have to fix asap and occasionally their deposit and withdraws fail other than that i like it alot it’s practically same as borgata but they have a better cash back system n give bonus pretty frequently unlike other apps they never boot me off a table during a hot streak over all i like this app a-lot the games run pretty smooth never any connection issues and have acess to alot more tables then regular apps as a live player it’s definitely the app i prefer
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4 years ago, Slurpeeburp
Do Not Use!
I’ve always gambled on Betfair casino, but I saw there was a promotion going on when you sign up for this site matching up to $500 so I put a couple hundred dollars in and it matched my money, cool. After turning $300 into $1900 in 2 days I went to withdraw my money. What they fail to mention is YOU MUST GAMBLE $14,000 in order to withdraw the money won! AND it needs to be done in a 30 day span. If time expires you lose all the money you won. It said I could withdraw only $100 of that money the rest was tied in to the “bonus”. So if you are crazy enough to use this site which I never will again, don’t use their bonus it’s a trap you’ll never be able to cash out. Also it’s very glitchy. It happened multiple times while I was playing these last few days where it would have my balance I would be playing a game and all of a sudden it would pull my bet off the table or out of the slot and say I have insufficient funds and in the top bar it’ll say you have 0 dollars. You’re forced to close the app and reopen it and itll show you your balance again. None the less it cost me $150 in bets I would have won. If you’re asking for a soild opinion from someone who gambles a good amount, use Betfair 100% better
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9 months ago, rlnerime322
The app has no problem taking your money but when their app messes up and takes your money for a bonus that you don’t get to play. They will tell you they clearly see the mistake and that the money will be returned to you once they clear the game within 48 hours. However with each 48 hour close they will say we have contacted the relevant team and have not received a response please give me 48 to have it escalated and repeat and repeat and repeat. And three weeks later will still be getting same response even though no game stuck will prevent you from adding money and continue to play. It is a scam and a joke. U know for as many people use the app taking small amounts like 28 from everyone on different occasion will definitely add up and together can be defined as grand larceny. This is disgusting way to be especially when ur app Probally makes millions a year on the fact people give up fighting if it’s a small amount. The amount of money you steal wouldn’t matter to me a penny or a million dollars I’d still fight the same. It’s not the amount it’s the principle.
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5 years ago, mbert0013
As soon as you cash out they shut down any chance of winning
After several deposits and chats with live support for game errors, getting bonus games and losing them because the site crashed, and not getting promos added to my account, I was finally lucky enough to make a cash out. After that when I made the next several deposits, nearly ever single game would just take everything with no return, it was a completely different experience. I am talking thousands of spins on multiple games and not a single bonus game. I completely understand that it’s gambling and I completely expect to lose, but this site just flat out robs you. Hopefully they are investigated and lose their gaming license soon so people stop getting robbed. You’re all adults making your own decisions, I just wanted to put my experience out there in hopes people avoid being scammed by this site. If you do proceed, I wish you the best of luck and hope you don’t end up with the same story as me.
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5 years ago, anthalbu
Wish I could leave zero stars
Where to begin. The other night I was playing live roulette. I put a bunch of chips down on several numbers. Then I lost the live feed of the roulette table. It turned out that one of my numbers hit but when I refreshed the table it didn’t pay me out. So I figured I didn’t make the bed but when I hit “rebet” there was a chip on that number. They have a cash back option. You spend a bunch of money. And they pay you back in small increments. Once you hit a dollar they pay you out. I went to claim my cash back and collect collect and my balance went to zero and I got no cash back.
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3 years ago, Oscar - Philly
To the reviewer who doesn’t understand wager amounts
Every casino has Wager Amounts. It is the amount that has been multiplied by a specific denominator by the amount of the bonus awarded. Once you hit that amount everything is yours to withdraw. I do it all the time and you said you gamble a lot so you should know this already…. Also this App is owned by MGM/Borgata and both of those apps have the largest wager amount out of any other casino. It’s usually 25X, I’m guessing Party Casino has this as well. I haven’t registered yet so I can’t say for sure.
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4 years ago, TatanGg328
Easy to navigate
Site doesn’t have as many glitches as some sites, loads fairly quickly. Withdrawals are handled quickly , Down sides : need new games, Few games don’t load and have not for months. Customer service does need improvement as well.
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2 months ago, Saint Genovese
New comers warning
Bet high the first 24-48 hours as a new account there just like the other online casinos they will let you win to get you hooked don’t let it happen take as much as u can in the 24-48 hours after that you will onily be filling there pockets with almost no RTP so crazy every game I played after cash out nothing bet 1$ get back 30c on every spin just keep your money to you…these NJ online Casinos made 16 billion just online alone we’re talking profit here dose that sound like fir gaming no one fines it odd that when covid hit casinos was just fine as well as the hackers in Vegas that dident make the papers or the news just stop and think that is how bad there robbing people online they don’t wanna cause attention
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3 years ago, Joanna.Wilson
Can’t deposit
I play all casino sites and do not have any issues depositing no matter which deposit form I use (PayPal, VIP, or Visa) but for whatever reason I can’t deposit on the Party Casino app. Each time I try to deposit I automatically get a “unable to deposit” error message. It’s almost as if it didn’t even process before I get the error message as the message pops up so quickly. Customer service has not helped me with this issue though I’ve reached out to them numerous times about the problem. It’s unfortunate as I would love to give this app a try but I can’t since it does not allow me to deposit.
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10 months ago, Zooweemama98
Don’t waste your money here. I was told to submit my verification information after playing on this site for over a year. Mind you, I had already submitted this information. They said it was for “a routine check”. Fine. Sent over the information, 1 week rolls by and my account is still on hold. Fast forward to today, I get an email saying that my account has been permanently banned and that “they cannot go into further details”. My mother in law went through the same issue, and she has been waiting for her withdrawal for 3 weeks!!!
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1 month ago, No55555655
Don't waste your time .
Totally got scammed on this 200% sign up match. Use your money elsewhere definitely don't suggest this as a casino app that you used to win money they take your money and they lock it into this promotional credit that you can only use on a couple slots and the only way you can get your money back out is if, you wager up to $2000. So you got your initial hundred that you started with plus $200 which would equal 300 bucks. You better hit some lucky slot machines to turn 300 into 2000 totally not worth it. Totally a scam.
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8 months ago, Wildcard151
Consider yourself warned
I don’t know what it is. I play a lot of casinos. I always win a little something always on the other casino ‘s out of all the money . Here I spend $$ I never even got a bonus free game I definitely think the odds are against you on this one
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8 months ago, HandyUser124
Con man n thief
Stole money from PayPal won’t fix n the say pending like your cash or transfers will appear later. Never in casino history has that or should that happen. Please use a better online casino
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3 years ago, User55173
Worst payout percentage. Party casino is a scam
I wish I had heeded the warnings posted by others. The payouts are absolutely awful. I only had 2 bonuses after hundreds of spins and betting $1k. I understand slots are volatile but it seemed like the games are extra fixed. Also the deposit match terms and conditions are purposely misleading. I would hire a lawyer to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from “party” casino. Any other NJ casino app is better (borgata, harrahs, Caesar’s etc.) Such a scam.
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11 months ago, Patty Supreme
Impossible Withdrawal
Larger withdrawals take longer. Customer service is incompetent. You can’t get a straightforward answer from anybody. I have uploaded and re uploaded my documents and have tried to withdrawal 8 times and I can’t get a solid answer from anyone on what document is inaccurate and why the withdrawal keeps getting declined. Also, they ask for front and back of credit card and only allow you to upload one picture.
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4 years ago, sosfiam1
I find the games great especially the bonus games my winnings help with groceries at this time of need keep up the good work for those of us during stressful times.
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10 months ago, sebfromnj
Paid me off of free rolls
Deposited money and got lost my deposit playing. Got a notification for 100 free rolls and got paid 18$. Wound up hitting a jackpot for 500$. They paid me out. Give it a shot they’re legit
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1 week ago, R2O2B2
Change phone number
Need to make it easier to change a phone when being locked out of your sign in. the process to change a phone number is ridiculously complicated to just change a phone number.
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4 years ago, Nicolexo86
Highly recommended
Such a good app and amazing customer service. Great games. After winning money it’s a very quick and easy process for it to go into ur bank account.
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4 years ago, pete2!21
Stay far away
Downright terrible. Withdrawing funds was impossible, the “deposit bonus” they give you is a joke. You have to clear an absurd before you can start even trying to withdraw your money, and by then, it’s all gone anyway. (Yes it’s gambling. I know) but this is by far and away the worst app I used. Draft kings seems to be the simplest and easiest way to deposit and withdraw. And customer service is very quick. DO NOT DEPOSIT INTO THIS
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5 years ago, stay/away
Stay away
I never wrote a review ever, but to my fellow gamblers, this is the WORST NJ online casino. Free spins never rewarded, u got to call in to receive the promotions, and even after that you’ll have to wait til “Support” emails you 🚫. Betfair, Borgata, Tropicana etc I’ll put anything before this b.s. & no it’s not like i lost money and I’m just mad like other reviews... they whole system is dumb. On a scale from don’t sign up to i hit a jackpot, i give em a ... stick to the regulars... 😫😒... TRUST ME!!!!
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3 years ago, LTB0123
Deceptive bonuses, bad games NEVER USE
The play through requirements on the bonuses are insanely large to the point where they are borderline impossible to win. While customer service response times are great, I had a very bad experience with payouts in a blackjack game which felt deceptive and truly unlike any other game i had ever played before. You may think this is just a sore loser review but in all honesty go elsewhere. These guys are a waste
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2 months ago, icu now
They may let ya win a few hundred in the beginning but you won’t win a dime after that don’t use this app
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2 months ago, big daddy boss😉
Great Bonus Hits
Yesterday I was constantly hitting bonuses on jackpot slots. Started off with $1.00 bonus money from the butterfly promotion..
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9 months ago, ke1457
Down spare
This app can give a little bit when it takes it takes and for months in. I’m bout to block this app for good because I’m not happy with losing alot of money. They bonuses doesn’t give you a chance to even get money back.
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2 months ago, Iris33166
Our weekend getaway
We love party casino. It’s a fair game and we won quite a few pieces.
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7 months ago, kuz54
Worst online payoff
Without question the absolute worse payoff of the online. You can play a thousand games without a bonus like they have the capacity to shut the games payoff down at all. So many other better choices.
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2 months ago, Manuman2k5
Awful win rate
Been playing for a while, can’t win anything. Bonus spins/promotions are a joke. Their “random number generator” seems to be broken if the loss rate is this high. At least other platforms i get big wins on occasion. This is just me paying them.
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2 months ago, Theresa@132
I love this online casino literally won 500$ 3 times on a 20 cent slot I definitely recommend this app !
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4 years ago, pony 112
Keep up the good work always give free spins and money every day of the month 👍🏽
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1 year ago, Jersey0205
Awful service
Gave me a 2 promo codes to use for my deposits. I proceeded to deposit and they didn’t work. Customer service didn’t honor the codes they asked me to deposit again. Basically wanting more money. Stay away.
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3 years ago, christina1986
Probably the worst
Probably the worst casino app I’ve ever experienced. I opened it and closed my account immediately. They have zero odds and it’s completely rigged. All other apps have better odds so stay far away from this one it’s just a money pit!
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12 months ago, Georgee1919
Bait and Switch
It clearly says “we’ll give you $25 on the house just for signing up.” After creation of account and asking live chat why I hadn’t received it, they told me there was no such promotion or bonus for signing up. Beware.
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4 months ago, JCappy12
I have no idea where the positive reviews come from. They have disgusting payout percentages and half the games don’t work or do not load. This site is truly horrible. It’s laughable how rigged this site is. Stay far, far away from Party.
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1 year ago, Ho est12345678912367
Just don’t
The payouts are really really awful. Even the high return slots are like an extremely expensive video game on this site. There are other casinos that will actually pay out
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2 years ago, Moodsss
Worst casino app and nothing come close
King of the losers!
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5 years ago, merk52522525
Customer service
I’ve been waiting for over a month for them to resolve a problem. I hit rebet on live roulette had $25 on 2nd and 12, the ball landed on a number in that section but I was not paid. It’s been over a month and I’m still waiting for my payout.
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4 years ago, CJLJr
Don’t get this app if you don’t live in New Jersey. It will allow you to set up an account but then displays a message that if you try to wager outside of New Jersey then legal actions will be taken against you even though the app allows you to register
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12 months ago, Island 1967
Enjoy 😊
I enjoy the games online great 👍 fun
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5 years ago, jessmont89
Worst app ever
I have never felt compelled to leave a review before this app. First: the welcome bonus are garbage you have to clear a ridiculous amount. Second: I’m really not sure how the win/loss goes in terms of casino apps most apps you’ll get a bonus even if you don’t win anything off the bonus you still get a few, not one. Third: glitches the entire time you’re attempting to play. It’s just not a great online casino.
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3 years ago, Xznzn
The worst. Customer service can never help you here
App crashes constantly. Geolocation issues. And by far and away the absolute worst customer service ever.
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4 months ago, RtL93
False advertising
Why does it say 100 free bonus spins for signing up on the app description, never got them contacted support and they said that promotion is no longer valid lol
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4 years ago, BRwnSugar13
Great Game!!!
This game is great to play; free spin bonuses are great too!
Show more
5 years ago, Yuenglingjoe
STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
The is not one reason anyone should ever play this casino!!!! By far the worst in selection/service/payout/outcome. Gambling in New Jersey may actually get banned due to Party Casino Stay Away 15 better choices.
Show more
1 year ago, ncikstick
Non existent customer service
I have been in a routine security check that will take 3 to 5 days for well over a week talk to about 10 people of all which gave me the same blanket response is to speak to a supervisor manager or member of relevant team so that my two simple questions why is this taking so long and even happening anyway, when I have made multiple multiple multiple deposits that have all cleared up and was never security check for any of them went to make a amazingly huge withdrawal in the amount of $15 and was then hit with the security check which is kind of funny because when they were on the receiving end everything was beautiful and right, but the one time I go to make a withdrawal the account is shut down in the latest customer service experience I literally just got told that they felt as if they gave me enough information to satisfy my question when they didn’t answer not one of my questions, asked to talk to a supervisor manager multiple times in the conversation and literally and not so many words got told no and this is all after I was compliant, gave everything that was asked of me and waited patiently the maximum amount of time that was allotted for the situation by them the only reason I even put stars up there is because the actual app itself is easy to navigate doesn’t glitch and has not called me any problems but a good site is nothing without good customer service to back it up, especially when it comes to withdrawing winnings that were fairly earned and also missing out on bonuses that were fairly earned but that are no longer valid due to the time it took, and it’s still taking to resolve the issue
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4 years ago, DJVero
Worst App Ever
I signed up for the bonus and couldn’t even play anything on their website or app. Same stupid authentication errors every time...what a waste of time.
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4 years ago, Myk45
For whatever reason you get logged out while playing and don’t realize it till you change out to lobby. This app is a $$$$$ grabber
Show more
1 year ago, Catherine9979
Worst casino app out there
You’ll never see any winnings. Save your money. Good luck getting a bonus.
Show more
4 years ago, john john stud
Great features no problems
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1 month ago, no longer customer
Not great payouts
When you lose $500 in 5 minutes on $2 bets…. That’s a problem with randomizers and robbery.
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