Passport Photo - ID Photo App

Photo & Video
4.7 (6.2K)
93 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yarsa Labs
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Passport Photo - ID Photo App

4.71 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
1 year ago, HonestlyCharming
I love this app! I used it to edit passport pics and visa pics for me and my family. I simply took pictures in front of a white background and then used this app to edit and it worked wonderfully. I especially love the many countries requirements it supports and that it gives you the option to print multiple copies on one sheet of photo paper.
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7 months ago, Luna57746
False Advertising
Wanted to remove a background and paid 3.99: the purchase said that I was getting “10 credits” whatever that means which I interpreted as 10 background removals. Turns out I had to pay $6.99 more after the initial background removal didn’t work on the picture / cut it off incorrectly. Very confused about false advertising and the inability to see the result with a watermark or something before paying for it. Please give a refund of $3.99 as the photo did not work for me and i was under impression that I was getting multiple background removals as thats what it said when i was making a purchase.
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3 years ago, ram24375
Fraudulent premium purchase
I purchased the app and it worked well but suddenly it started asking to purchase again , there is no proper support number or channel provided , one can only send email to support email box but no reply even after a week , I reported issue twice and there is no other way to reach to the app company, I’m planning to file an complaint and request the refund. Price i paid was just around $4 and I can let it go or purchase again but just providing my feedback so people can be aware while app is great and does what it claim but in case of any issue expect no support.
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12 months ago, Racasa
Great option for document pictures
I paid almost $40 for passport pictures for2 people(4pics total) at cvs, and they came out horrible, bad lighting, bad definition. I didn’t look like the pic. This app is very easy to use, you can try as many times as you want for as many people as you need. Love it
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1 year ago, Dan K in Ohio
background removal service not available
I purchased this app today in the hopes of cleaning up and printing a passport photo I had taken at CVS. Whether I took a picture of myself or imported the photo I already had I continue to get background removal service not available. I turned Wi-Fi off on my phone and it actually managed to work once however when I tried to complete the photo on the finish screen it just sat there with a spinning circle and did nothing. I assume the finish screen was ensuring that the photo met US passport guidelines. Definitely regretting this purchase.
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3 months ago, Mustafa7ya
Good app
I would give it 5 stars if we can add background color what I mean here not photo pic background talking about after I am done with pic ready to print print file let’s say 4x6 color white and pic background white now I can’t see where to cut it I hope that make sense and allow us chose color that we want and ads still show even I paid for full version app
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2 years ago, theOClady
Totally worth the download
I actually downloaded another app before and did touch ups and then this app is great because it lets you create a picture size photo of many 2x2 passport copies , full color and save as picture and download ready to send to printing, is great and absolutely free
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3 years ago, HMPserial
Terrible - Don’t waste your time or money!
App was not working, asked for help by email and never heard back. App was not allowing me to make the ONE selection of wallet sized images I needed…but was allowing me to select everything else. I tried contacting support and that was a joke. Followed up and asked for a refund, still never heard back. Don’t waste your money, this was a complete waste of time. I’m embarrassed to say I actually spent money on this when I was able to go to CVS and take them for $9.99 and I got them right there and then.
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10 months ago, CBSunni
Fantastic passport picture app
We submitted our passport applications the other day. And it was almost comical how much the folks who there processing them raved about our pictures - how perfect they were. They told me I should take passport pictures as a profession. Me: “I just used an app!”
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10 months ago, Frid147
Best Passport Photo App
No problem with app took 5 of the same pictures to one 4”x6” picture and printed at Walmart for 12¢ each. Passport photos for 60¢ for all 5 is better than the $7.49 each. Already submitted to get passports and they were accepted.
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2 years ago, Raivexsias
So frustrating
The app works in generating a passport appropriate picture, but then ONLY supports printing, and only on preconfigured sizes (for example doesn’t include 2 inches by 2 inches), and adds a white gap as a result. I want to be able to save these to photos ! Not just lock in the app and print. Especially annoying as the app requires access to photos. Also the “finish” button makes the app get stuck whenever I use it
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3 years ago, Doubloh
Cuts off photos and makes them useless in multiple photo option
I selected the correct paper size but they came out too small with only half the face. Single photos worked fine when you didn’t select paper size.
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3 years ago, hlsu
Passport photos accepted
My wife and I received our new passports today. Everything was smooth while using it to take our passport photos. I printed the photos at Walgreens. Submitted the photos with our passport renewal applications. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Stephmens
I haven’t seen a passport app this good. I like how it automatically gets rid of the background. I also like the way it places your head in frame for each country’s passport picture.
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3 years ago, App pass
Great App But…
The App does a lot of things I like especially changing background color, but I can’t get it to print on photo paper, it only prints on 8x11 paper. It does not allow me to access printer options so I can resolve this issue. Suggest developer find a way to get it to print on 4X6 photo paper.
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1 year ago, Zeus@Delhi
No way to contact support
App requires my email to send a support request, but there’s no way to provide email in the app. App Store listing has a support link that goes to a page that doesn’t exist - 404 error. I purchased the premium version on another phone and am trying to get it here - no easy way to do it. Was trying to reach support but can’t figure out a way to reach them.
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1 year ago, admaleon
One time payment? I don’t think so
I’ve been enjoying this app very much. But I’m considering deleting it because now every time I try to use it, the app asks me to pay again the “one time payment”. I paid it again two weeks ago, but today the app is asking again to pay the “one time payment”
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4 months ago, Dislike Trip Advisor App 1973
Worked perfectly
Took and edited my own photos and used this free app to align and print out multiple copies. Easy to use, perfect for what I needed. Had to watch a few ads but worth it.
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2 years ago, 若松旻
It’s a must-item!
If you are not satisfied with a typical drugstore passport photo, this app is the one for you. You could take a picture as many as you want. My friend and I took 12 photoshoots. Then, I could get a nice one.
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2 years ago, SeniorReader55
Almost perfect
All steps went smoothly for me after I learned from multiple mistakes. At the end I wish there are grid lines to separate the pictures in multiple prints. This lines can help me cut the pictures exactly to the required size.
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2 years ago, miamibob
Best App
I checked out all the ID/Passport photo apps currently available. I found this one to be the most flexible, simple to use an with the most reasonable priced premium features. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, BanksyG
Doesn’t work!
I upgraded to the pro version for my digital my passport pictures and tried many times to upload the pictures created within the app, all Of which were rejected by the passport website! I tried just taking a regular picture on my iPhone without an app and the actual website accepted both of them straight away! Big waste of money and time
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2 years ago, quantresearch
Photo accepted
I am so happy to have found this app. I went twice to the nearest CVS to get my photo taken and both were rejected. I then tried this app and my first picture was approved. Thank you so much
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2 months ago, FreddieJay
Very good! Lifesaver. Worth it.
Highly recommended. Though double check official sources to make sure the set size (width and height) is correct for your needs as per the country you’re applying to.
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1 year ago, Neuro2011
Love this app!
I’ve been using this app making passport photos for several years. Easy to use. App developer responds to my feedback quickly. Great customer service!
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2 years ago, Mike GLI 'S'
Use your printer software instead
Where do these high ratings come from? This app is a waste. I was unable to get past snapping a photo within the app’s grid. This was followed by promotions for a “Premium” version and other promos that appeared to block my way. I ended up loading a photo onto my laptop and using my printer’s editing software which includes a “2x2” photo setting for “4x6” photo paper.
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1 year ago, RickRiver DR
Works like a charm
I rarely leave reviews but I’m very satisfied with this app. It worked like a charm and it’s very simple without trying to make us go premium and the ads are very fair.
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1 year ago, Pretty good though.
Passport pictures
App is simple to use. Only problem is if you decide to print more than 1 picture at a time, like the option they give you, the size isn’t actually a 2x2. It’ll be best to print 1 picture at a time if you need multiple.
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2 years ago, NurseClairey
I used this to make a US passport photo of my baby. It’s was quick and easy to use! And free for color photos too unlike some of these other apps! Thank you!
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2 years ago, fooled-by-ad
Waste of money
Thank goodness the cost was less than $7. First got the freebie but upgraded for the background fill feature which auto fill did not work. Got into endless loop trying to print. App does not seem well thought out and seems to the same value as the freebie version. Just don’t make my mistake and upgrade. Now I feel stupid. There was not a zero star.
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1 year ago, Barbnussb
Doesn’t get the photo size right for Schengen photos
This is s total waste of your money. It’s impossible to edit again or adjust a photo. The frame feature und lines alter the size of the photo. It’s impossible to get a pass photo in the exact size for a Schengen passport. Why do they ask ahead of time for the size when that’s not what you can get from this app. Really outdated.
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7 months ago, Frequent Traveler10
Led to a Scam Charge
I downloaded this app and tried to set up an account. Based on the number of reviews, I was okay with giving my credit card info. Luckily, my credit card company declined the charge and sent me an email. When I reviewed the the address of one of two different charges that were attempted, it appeared to be from a Chinese pornography website.
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3 months ago, TKJP5
Awesome App
This app came handy when I had time crunch and no photo labs around. This app is so easy to use that even 5th graders can use it.
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3 years ago, Absolutely Postal Rebecca
Keep getting charged
This used to be a great app. We’re premium users at our postal store, where we provide passport photos on a regular basis. Now, all of a sudden, it wants to charge us $3.99 every time we need to edit a photo. I’ve tried to get in touch with support, with no response. Going to have to find a new app if don’t hear from them in a day or so.
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11 months ago, titarosal
Poor service
The application itself is very good, the bad thing comes when you have to remove the background from the photo, you have to pay again!! I've had to pay 4 times $3.99 because I needed it!! Fix this!! It's not possible that I have to pay every time I have to make adjustments to my photos!
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2 years ago, jhfdeo
The app is easy to use. However, I purchased this app few years ago for life time use, after I took several photos today and to last step to remove background, it says I have used several times today and need pay additional $3.99 for 10 + 5 credit????
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12 months ago, Osmanyurkl
Get the premium
Background removal works great. Being able to save it on a known paper size is also great. Worths every penny.
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4 months ago, This app is crap!!
Am I missing some?
I purchased the app, so far great, but why can’t I print in color? I’m trying to print for passports, but it’s not letting me print in color, it automatically switches to black & white when it’s time to print.
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1 year ago, cb hcxvvxjx
Easy and efficient
Nice app and easy to handle and save the money for our family
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3 years ago, GJ.Nick
No fuss, good results!!
Straight forward and easy to use. Especially helpful with printing multiple copies on a standard sized photo paper.
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2 years ago, sdvrma81
Asking for more money
I bought the app a year ago and it was good. Today it asked $3.99 to remove background which I paid. But when I tried another picture to remove background, it is asking for money again. Not recommended.
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2 years ago, petnikota
Convenient, easy and quick
It is easy to take passport size photos
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2 years ago, Clinical Radiologist
The app freezes at the end when you press ‘finish’.
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6 months ago, DannyTheJet
Saved me 35$ on 2 passport photos
$18 for each passport photo at Walgreens. 86 cents with this app & I got 5 extra photos :) thank you all!!!!
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1 year ago, Mirza s Baig
Very easy and helpful app
I have to take my father passport picture at home. Work out very well
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2 years ago, geoffstahl
Just okay
App works pretty good after paying $7 for no ads and background removal BUT… seems no way to export your photos. They disabled the share sheet and as far as i can kind find they only allow in app printing. Pretty crappy options.
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1 year ago, Neviuslepus
Can’t import photo
I LOVED and used this app for a while now, but when I tried to do a new photo for my kid’s passport, it wouldn’t let me import photo. Every time, it comes out as “photo could not be imported. Try again.” :(
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2 years ago, krlcomm
App Did Not Work
Selected 2X2 American Passport photo, saves photo to photo gallery (iPhone 12) as a full page photo. Only way to make 2X2 is to send photo to desktop and edit the size and I sure didn’t need this app to do that… pretty irritating. 1 star - use your phone’s camera and save yourself some aggravation.
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1 year ago, LuckyQueenBee
Definitely recommend
I really like this app. Easy and Free. Make your life easier. Thank you
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1 year ago, trovert6970
Hidden charges do not buy this app
I bought the premium version of the app for the background removal used it great for a couple of weeks now it’s making me pay 3.99 every time I use the background removal. What a scam. They should remove this all from the App Store for their misleading customers.
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