Passport Photo - ID Photo

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Vitalij Schaefer
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Passport Photo - ID Photo

4.53 out of 5
18.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Mrconner09
App worked for my PR card
I used this app to take and send my Photo digitally so that I could be approved for my Canada Permanent Resident card. The first photo I sent was rejected and the explanation said, “Other”. I don’t think it was rejected because of the picture itself but of a couple other factors. I resubmitted my photo the same day that I received my rejection email, and within two weeks, my PR card was at my address! If you are in the middle of this long and annoying process, DON’T give up! You got this! Most importantly- it didn’t cost me a cent for gas to drive anywhere or for the picture itself. I just sent a black and white copy to my email, for free, and it worked!
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6 years ago, missywilky
Super easy, worked well... rejected by office!!
Fast, simple, straight forward. Was irritated I had to pay to unlock the colored photos in different sizes (aka, in order to print on certain sizes of paper and not have it just print a giant face to fill up an 8.5x11), but $2 is way cheaper than a service somewhere so NBD in the scheme of things. Take it to the office, rejected. They held it up against this clear print out with the tracing of where the face should fit and it was way over. And I followed instructions and fit it to the parameters exactly. I wish I could include the photos. Useless if the passport office won’t accept it/ it’s not actually the correct size. It wasn’t the height of the head or point of the chin that mattered, the face was supposed to fit inside the oval and it didn’t. Even though the head hit right and the chin hit right. (NOTE: it was a baby, so I tried to argue about head size but it didn’t matter, so good to note for those using for babies).
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3 years ago, Dasp19
Works and saved me $$$
I needed passports for my family. The cheapest place locally was $15 per person. It was going to cost me over $100! Downloaded the add, paid to unlock color images. I didn’t unlock ad free, the ads played while set up the next person to be photographed. Downloaded photos, sent them to be printed as 4x6’s at local drugstore, and just cut them out at home. Altogether with unlocking colors and phot prints, it cost me less than $10 to get seven passport photos. All the photos were accepted except one. But that one was my fault. Dept of state let me send a new one (used the app again) and that passport came two weeks after the others.
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4 years ago, Patweezy1981
Email function
Great ID but does not secrecy the outlook email app to send e-mail you have to use the IPhone Mail app in which I no longer used. Please add a function to to send picture via e-mail app such as gmail or outlook. This is my review update: forgive me as I completely forgot the share function. I give this 5 stars and very satisfied. I also like the fact that my response are being read and I got a reply. Thank you
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3 years ago, NoHardFeelings4U
Should have listened to other negative reviews.
I usually do not write negative reviews. I purchased the app and wanted to try and see if it really does what it says since most of the places stopped taking passport size photos at the locations due to COVID-19. I followed every single directions the developer gave in the responses to other negative reviews and in the app but it does not work properly. I selected 2 passport size photos to be printed on 4X6 and they were more than 2X2 when i printed them at Walgreens. I also tried the option for 6 photos on 4X6 and all of the 6 photos were less than 2X2 when I printed them at Walgreens. So basically i tried but it did not work for me. If it really works for other people than i must be doing something wrong.
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5 years ago, Tango Amy
Not free, waste of time and money
If you need to print and send your photo with your application, this app is not worth it. They don’t mention that you have to pay $2.99 to get a color photo. That’s a reasonable price to pay if you can actually get the photo to print the correct size, but after messing with printer ratios and reprinting about 10 times, I finally got the photo at the correct size, but the top of head to chin measurement was off even though I was placed correctly within the guidelines in the app when I took the photo. Rather than starting the process over, I went down to my corner mailbox store, paid $12 for them to take my photo and print it correctly and it took less than ten minutes. Don’t be cheap. Support a local business and save yourself some time and frustration.
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5 years ago, CrossSwords
Nice idea, poorly implemented
I need unusual sizes for visas to Asian countries. I selected the correct country. Nonetheless, regardless of the country selected, all of the photos are US sized: 2”x2”. Also, the app is not very intuitive. You cannot save the photos directly to the Photos app. Instead, you must email them and THEN save them. There should be a method of saving the, directly to your phone and photo stream. If you don’t email a photo you have taken immediately, you lose it once you take the next photo. On the plus side, the app does make it relatively simple to properly center the photo and take a good clean picture.
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1 year ago, Unfortunately Disappointed
Works Well
Worked well - used for my passport photos. Very effective, showed me where I needed my face placed in the image and everything. Hoping not to need passport photos again soon, but I'd recommend to friends in this situation.
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6 years ago, SGonzo2011
Very easy to use but one issue so far
The app is almost dumb proof. However, the print out should have marks that tell you where to cut. My pictures weren't rejected yet but they were not 2x2. Perhaps I cut it wrong but since I didn't know I just cut the picture alone. The office just said that they may or may not be rejected as the picture did not had the right width. Saves money but since we have to pay for it, the app should have enough features to really reduce the chances of the picture getting rejected.
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3 months ago, 22JELC
What happened to this app. I’m so disappointed
I’ve been a paying user of this app, relying on it for passport photo needs due to its once-handy grid feature that ensured photos met passport requirements. Unfortunately, it seems this essential feature has been either removed or restricted, greatly diminishing the app’s usability and value for me. Additionally, despite having paid for the app, I’m now faced with ads and prompted to pay extra to remove them. This change feels unfair and diminishes my satisfaction with the service. I hope to see a return of the user-friendly features and more transparent pricing to restore the app’s value.
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1 year ago, Hsulliva
Now $10 to “unlock color photos!”
Previous reviews mention $2-$3 to unlock color photos (other than just the 2”x2”) size. So for example if you want to order a 4x6 print of your passport photos, you have to pay $10. That’s pretty steep when I can just pay $15 at a drug store to ensure my passport photo is done properly. The app itself is cool and easy to use, but I will shop elsewhere for other apps or will just go to my local Walgreens. $10 is too high to justify.
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6 years ago, Verified app purchase
I want my money back. Crappy app don't buy
First of all, when I buy an app I expect the advertisements to be removed by default. I paid $2.99 for the app thinking I would get all the features. Turns out, the app only gives you the ability to save, the ads just keep on popping which is extremely annoying and they want you to pay an additional $1.99 to remove them. Now for quality, the app is terrible at capturing accurate format photos for countries listed. It also does not possess the ability to modify photos. I want my money back!
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2 years ago, nanalcazas
Do not buy this app!!!
You pay $9,99 in this app and it does not offers a white background for you to place your picture. It has so MUCH ADDS that is impossible to not click in one by mistake while trying to take a picture. They offer for you to pay $4,99 for them to take out the adds for you on top of the $9,99 that you already will pay to save your picture. I regret to bought this app because now I will need to buy my picture from another app that adds a white background.
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6 years ago, HazardSyd
Awful and buggy app
Trying to get a Chinese Visa photo taken, but on occasion when taking the picture with the guidelines, after the picture is take , the guidelines are totally different. Also, the size of the photo is useless because it does not conform to any sizing standards with a local US pharmacy. So I need to use another software to properly size it for printing. I wasted my money on this app. I should have just done it all online for free using a web service. iOS device is iPhone 7 Plus on latest version of iOS 11 and would like a refund.
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6 years ago, Eac4610
This is quite an insistent app. Perhaps if I write a review it will shut up about that. So far so good. The “annoying pop over ads”, when weighed against having to go out to get photos done, are about equal in irritation level. Just keep your hands OFF the screen as soon as you choose save or print! It remains to be seen whether the pics I used will pass the test of the State Dept. I believe I recommend using a better camera than iPhone SE.
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6 years ago, KLCardwell
Not worth the trouble
Wouldn’t transfer from my iPad to the iPhone without purchasing it again. Had to try and use the flash on the phone. Barely worth it at 1.99, not at all at anything more, unless you are a family of 6. I see they raised their price 350% to take advantage of the vacation season. Pathetic practice. Have to use a device with a flash. Pictures sent to Walgreens for processing at 4x6 were different face sizes between landscape and portrait orientations. Just too much trouble. Post Office suggested other photos after all the effort.
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3 years ago, Cridder131
Downloaded to take passport photo
Not impressed, right away any real usability of the app seems to be linked to in app purchases. The free option was unimpressive, therefore I don’t feel spending money just to see if it’s good is worth it. I would recommend the developer allowing people to have access to all of the features at least once to see whether or not they want to spend the money for a good app. In this case, based on the initial available features I’m not risking it.
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6 years ago, Atlanta Eric
App was cool but can not activate color
The app made it super easy to take a single picture but I can’t get it printed because I can’t actually activate the color functionality. Every time I click it in the app it says an Internet connection is required. I’m actually on The Internet which is exactly how I’m leaving this review. The app just can’t figure out that I’m online and won’t let me enable color so I can actually get them printed in the right size. Without that it’s useless
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4 years ago, tabbycoram
Wrong size
This app would be great if the results were correct. Selected US passport photo, sized it appropriately per the app, paid the $4 the app requires to access the file, sent it off for printing on 4x6 paper (per my selection in the app). When it came, the images were 2.5x2.5, rather than the 2x2 required. I painstakingly trimmed them with scissors, but my photo was still rejected because the head was too large—even though I had sized the head to fit within the guidelines provided by the app. I feel annoyed and ripped off.
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11 months ago, racoon21
Did the job but
App is easy to use and did the job Only complaints are even after paying the money the annoying pop up adds continue and the email function was glitchy (use share instead)
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6 years ago, oiiwopl
Poor Photo Quality
I paid to "Unlock Color Photos ($2), yet you still get annoying ads. I exported the image and went to Kinkos. Opened at Kinkos and the image was 9 inches by 9 inches. No quality option, poor export and sizing. Why did I get this app? I'm going to pay $30 at Kinkos now. Sorry, I changed to one star because two stars for an app that doesn’t do what it is advertised for is too many stars. 0 stars if I could. Of course after the upgrade you aren’t getting your money back. Seems like a scam.
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3 years ago, LadyG01
Passport approved!
This worked and my passports were approved. Just be sure to follow the government’s rules. No, you can’t use a filter because that’s not what your real face looks like. No, no pics on the beach either. Adorable fall hat? Save it for your ig. Don’t be dumb.
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3 years ago, Jane's Papa
Pay twice for color and no ads?
Needs cropping template specific to country requirements. Also, the built-in camera option requires pictures taken from too close which distorts face. Surprised to see additional charge to remove ads after paying for premium to use color photo.
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5 years ago, Scott7171
Frustrated but could’ve been me..
I was frustrated with the image quality when I printed the image at home. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to edit the photo at all either which didn’t help. This could’ve been due to the quality of paper I was using, which was image paper btw. I’d say give it a try, but make sure you have quality image paper!
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3 years ago, Hydroseeding
Awesome and free
I’m happy to watch the ads because I always get great results with this app. I would recommend it to anybody who needs a passport photo. It’s amazingly easy to use.I would give it six stars if possible
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3 years ago, Hollis1920
After you buy the app, they still bombard you with ads in the app and request that you pay them again to remove the ads. Other passport apps don’t have this scam. Stay away from it; it’s nothing special. The dev always make the misleading statement that it is a “free” app. Free only to download. To use a picture in color, you have to pay.? Only the black and white photo usage is free. Who wants a black and white passport photo in 2021. Total scam.
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2 years ago, LeighJones
Super easy to use!
No issues taking or printing the photos. Did it on my home photo printer. They seem to match the dimensions required by the state dept. We will find out tomorrow at our application appointment!
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6 years ago, veebs3
Good Idea but I feel ripped off
I am using this for passport pictures after a being dissatisfied with my Walgreens passport pictures. App is easy to use but It made me purchase the color option multiple times. It seems that when I close the app it also means I have to repurchase the upgrade. Going to contact Apple customer service for help.
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5 years ago, ChewyCookie21
Limited features unless you pay
Concept was good, taking the pic was easy with the guidelines. However- Free version appears to be limited to 1 color photo, unless you pay. Printing from the app had no print settings/customization so only allowed for printing on 8.5x11 sized paper, maybe unless you pay. The hassle and headache of this, prob just easier to go to the local drug store for the photos.
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6 years ago, Vikmet
Didn't work for Schengen visa
My only purpose to use this app was to get photo for Schengen visa and this app totally failed. I paid extra to unlock color versions for a 4x6 print, in the hope that I was getting 8 copies of 35 cm x 45 cm, the official requirement. Instead each photo turned out to be 30cm x 40cm, with the balance dimensions grayed out and in a different color than my background. Such a waste of time and money. Developers should be able to catch such simple bugs.
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3 years ago, NickyCeee
The best!!!!
I’ve been using this pic to make passport pics for my toddler and it’s the best! I don’t have to take her anywhere, just edit pics I take myself. So much more convenient!
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5 years ago, Evanml1
Ads make this unbearable
When it works, the app itself is fine. The pictures turned out great which is a testament to the camera and not necessarily the app. But if you took a picture that was unflattering, the ads caused the app to freeze if you tried retaking the picture. If the ads didn’t cause this app to completely shut down at times, this would be a great passport photo app. I had to delete this and download a less temperamental one.
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6 years ago, chopchip
Not as it seems—Don’t use!
I downloaded app. Took photo using dimensions. Went to print and discovered I have to pay $2.99 to unlock the color photo?! So I pay the 2.99 to unlock and then print the 2 photos on one piece of photo paper—and they print in black and white. When I paid the $2.99, it only unlocks a single color photo that can only be printed one photo at a time, that I would have to print twice and pay the 2.99 each time. PATHETIC!!!
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6 years ago, Need a vacation
Great idea, but can’t print directly
Love the ease with which the app creates the required ID photos and prepares them for printing. Sadly, can’t print directly to my HP printer from my iPhone because the app tries to print on a full-size page only, and the printer won’t do it because I’ve loaded 4x6 photo paper into the printer (HP printer sees a mismatch in paper size and cancels the print job).
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5 years ago, ScooterBook
Have to pay to get required color photos
While it is free you must have color photos for passports. Then after paying for color it makes you pay again to remove adds. Probably best just to charge up front.
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6 years ago, Katgirl82x
No instructions to print to size. Not easy
Literally No one has printers these days! There are no instructions to print using a photo service! Do I have Walgreens print on a 4x6, 5x7 or something else? Which one gives me the required 2x2” photo that US passports require? Even the app has an ad to print at Walgreens with no instructions on what to order from them. This app is useless to me if it won’t produce the exact size to send to a printer.
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6 years ago, ChristinePaints
Great app
Worked really well. Only issue is I did not realize that I needed to select the number of shots I wanted before it would save the shot. Could’ve been better explained.
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9 months ago, Михаил11
Overly compressed photos
After paying for color photos and downloading one I immediately tested it against US Passport photo tool and it throws the error saying that the photo is overly compressed and can't be used. How come the only thing this app is for doesn't work well?
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4 years ago, M3Christina
Have to pay to even print in color
So annoying that you have pay to even do anything! If I wasn’t in a hurry and had time to look for another app I would have! This is a scam to just get you to pay then once you do pay they want even more for you to edit and save! I am so tired of these stupid apps charging us constantly for every little thing! DO NOT GET THIS APP! YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF JUST GOING TO WALGREENS OR CVS TO HAVE YOUR PASSPORT PICTURE DONE IN LESS TIME AND FOR LESS MONEY
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11 months ago, Cotton Clan
Just what I needed!
This app was so easy to use. Very self explanatory! I was able to print in color and it worked on the first try!
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2 years ago, Ζ `Ε Φ Υ Ρ Ο Σ
The app is okay
But I wouldn’t buy it again (15$). I don’t find it very self explainable. A video would be helpful how to place exactly the head. Another thing is the background. You mentioned that the photo is not allowed to be manipulated but 100% of all photo studios I have ever been do it. But you provide all he useless filters which we all have in several photo editing apps. All in all, I don’t find I sponsored a developer which is dedicated. The app doesn’t resonate a lot of passion from A - Z. I should have researched better..
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6 months ago, American Geriatric Millennial
Photos are black and white
I don’t recall the app description stating that the photos you edit will be turned into a black and white copy without in-app purchase to “unlock color”. During the editing process your photo is in color so it is not until you finish that you realize you are given a black and white copy with pay for color. Not a free app.
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7 years ago, tehehe4all
I’ve tried 6 different apps and 3 different sites and this is the best option to get multiple passport and visa photos done on the cheap. Here’s the breakdown: 1) $1.99 to unlock this app 2) Save photo using 4X6 double print 3) Go to CVS and upload photo. WHAMMMMM!! You can get 8 passport photos for $1!! Your total cost is a large coffee at Starbucks People forget that some countries require photos when you apply for visas. Make extra and you can save time as well.
Show more
1 year ago, IT5668
Feature request: It would be nice if you could have four or six 2 x 2 pictures on a 4 x 6 instead of just two pictures.
Show more
5 years ago, Fressiittaa
Awesome app for passport pics!
I went to Walgreens and paid $15 for a blurry passport picture. I was able to take a selfie with white background and this app helped me cropped it for an acceptable passport picture.
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2 years ago, Nick roop
Pictures rejected for Us passport
The app doesn’t have capacity to edit out shadows which is a main requirement for us photos. Also, when printing even though US photos 2” selected, the pictures are 3” and when cut out the proportions don’t work. And to be able to edit you pay $6.99 but then it can’t edit out shadows.
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4 years ago, ReedD68
Did Not Give Enough Information
I tried this app, and it did not work for me! Cancelled this, I did not see a price for this service, do not want to use it, it does not give enough information about how to operate! Took one pic, could not delete or take another one!
Show more
3 years ago, Fluffu boogaass
Easy peasyyyyy
Fricking love this thing- let’s you download it email it whatever you need. And it’s so simple to use. Took 10 seconds to get the passport photo for my virtual visa application!
Show more
5 years ago, Richardgford
Please add a zoom feature
I wish that you could zoom in. Currently you have to use the widest angle lens on the phone, so to get your face within the designated lines your phone has to be 10 inches from your face. It makes it look like it was taken with a fisheye lens. Not flattering
Show more
4 years ago, Trivaddict
No editing
No way to even background making it impossible to take an acceptable photo. After you pay for color it still has tons of ads. Frequently saves in weird cropped sizes. I cannot believe it has so many stars. I had to pay at the post office to get an approved photo. Don’t waste your money on this app. Not even worth 3.99, which is saying something.
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