Paste - Endless Clipboard

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Paste Team
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1 month ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paste - Endless Clipboard

3.8 out of 5
523 Ratings
4 months ago, Rami Nguyen
Good Paste Stacking
I love this app, and use them for a second year. It is really productivity for me as it allows me to stack my content together and paste them simultaneously. I would love if they can improve this function by allowing users to put all content in one category faster rather than looking for each individual category in the clipboard history. It would be awesome to have a dynamic clipboard. The clibboard will immediately showing at the place where users copy their info.
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6 years ago, ddebrewski
The main thing I wanted to achieve with a clipboard app was the ability to open it with a shortcut, and then immediately paste with another shortcut. It wasn’t totally clear in the description if I was able to do that, but I figured there was a good chance it would, and at least the other features would be useful. Turns out it does do that, and those commands are customizable. I’m so pumped. And it’s even more useful than I expected. As a designer I have my color palettes right at my fingertips all the time… it saves hex color codes as colored cards which is crazy useful and was a totally pleasant surprise. The UI is awesome and smooth and the more I use it the more the more I like it. My only pieces of feedback would be to have numbers on the snippets so I don’t have to count when pasting, perhaps only when you have the direct pasting option selected. Also would be great to have the option to keep the interface on screen so I’d be able to keep copying and pasting without having to open it each time. And would be nice to have ability to change sizes of snippets or have some sort of text-only option so I could see more clippings at once. Great app guys, thanks!
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7 years ago, mkrewson
Best app purchase I’ve ever made...
I’ve been using Paste for over 6 months now, and I can’t imagine not having it now. As a designer, I’m constantly copying, pasting, and moving things in Sketch and Illustrator and with Paste it is so easy to just go back and grab anything I’ve ever copied. I no longer worry about whether I should copy something because it will overwrite something I will also need. With Paste, everything is made so easily. Not only that, it has a gorgeous UI, showing items in my Clipboard beautifully and easy to find. It still blows me away sometimes. And the search feature works absolutely wonderfully. It is so great, I wish Apple would integrate it into macOS and iOS as I really would love this feature on my iPhone and iPad Pro. If you use your computer for productivity, Paste is an absolute necessity and a joy to use. You won’t regret purchasing it.
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3 years ago, TheXash
Works, but not as good as it looks at first glance
It seems that drag'n drop of images doesn't really work - at least for my use case. In Safari - on github - I get a "This file is hidden" error when I try to drag'n drop an image from the clipboard. When I drag'n drop an image in the Finder it does nothing, I would expect it to just drop a file with the image... The other issue I have is that its supposed to save the clipboard and it seems it does in my iCloud Documents it creates a hidden `.Cloud` folder. I'm puzzled, creating a folder without asking in my Documents folder is really messy, I have a bunch of folders of my actual personal documents putting your app's folder in there is just kind of rude really. Now, if you really have to do that please at least label clearly "Paste's History" or something of that kind. Even better let me choose where to put it. Also it would be tremendously better to save each clipboard entry as a single file. 1) as a sqlite db I'm pretty sure iCloud doesn't do partial upload of big files like Dropbox does, so it'll sync the whole DB at once every time you make a change which won't be pretty when that db file gets big - aka when you have been using Paster for a while and have a lot of clips. And 2) I could just use the files in the history directly, so much more useful than something opaque - I get that you want ppl to use Paste as much as possible, but well...
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4 years ago, Joel D. Arnold
Good app. Before I stick with the subscription I would expect some deepening.
I am just beginning to integrate Paste into my regular workflow and it seems super powerful. Obviously on the Mac there are lots of ways to quickly and easily access it, and iOS is going to be more limited. But the answer to that is iOS shortcuts. If we can get a Shortcuts actions for Paste or even a basic URL callback scheme, we can do anything. iOS automation is hot right now. Paste is ideally suited for productivity and for advanced users. I would call iOS shortcuts integration or deep URL scheme integration non-negotiable if Paste is going to stay competitive. In fact, in general, the iOS app needs to reach parity with the Mac App. For instance, I want to be able to title my saved clips on pinboards from withiin the iOS app.
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4 years ago, M. Bubblez
An app I love
I've found this app really useful when wanting to keep track of a number of things at the same time. The syncing is nice, except that now apple does that, and better (my company network blocks icloud access, and thus Paste's, but apple's sharing of pasteboard seems to still work). With pinned items it's pretty useful as an alternative to putting something non-secure into 1Password for long term storage. It's a one-time thing, but the developer really muffed the introduction of the subscription model. Nothing engenders "I'm not paying for that!" like having a popup when you're in the middle of your work telling you "You must start paying NOW for this app (that you aren't even thinking about)." At least the dev has provided an old version for the curmudgeons.
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2 years ago, NoahjChampion
Moved to Copy'em App
I had purchased this quite some time or years ago. I had issues with the iCloud sync, in which I lost all my clippings. After that I was searching for other clipboard apps, because Paste only had backup to iCloud, and I didn't want to risk it. I contacted support about this, but don't recall the communication, but at the time, no other cloud backup/sync integration was planned to be supported. When not finding anything to suit better than Paste, I came back to it, and found my previous purchase was not honored, and a subscription price was in place. And that might have been ok, but still only iCloud backup/sync was supported, so I didn't want to pay and just end up losing my data. Anyway.... after awhile I found an app called "Copy'em" which has been much much better than Paste. it has more options, and has allowed a faster workflow of clippings and various clipping manipulations and etc., per their features.
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4 years ago, Bloubum
I just bought this a few month ago based on its feature set at that time. If I want the new features then it should be my option to pay an upgrade fee after at least a year of free updates and not be forced into a subscription. All these developers are out of control with their subscription just like the tipping system in the USA. If you need more revenue than introduce something that will entice the customer to pay for an upgrade. These subscriptions are really like a communist system. Get monthly revenue despite how useful or needed the new content is. Magazines are subscription because they have to print a new one every month with new content. Think about all the apps that want a subscription now. No wonder Americans have no savings. All the corporations are scheming to find ways to keep leaching on us. Give me a refund or give me a permanent license based on the current version, I do not need or want future bloat ware copy/paste program
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1 month ago, Vondrook
Essential to my workflow
I've been using Paste for over 2 years now, and it's invaluable to my workflow. The simple "Cmd Shift V" combination is intuitive and quickly brings up the menu on the bottom, then the search function lets you find anything you've copied (make sure you set the length of time in the settings). I also like that I can open it on my iOS device and it works like Handoff (Copy/Paste between devices built into Apple devices). The only issues I've had is every few months, the search bar seems to stop working or indexing, and I have to quit the app and launch it again. Not a huge deal and worth the slight inconvenience since the app is so useful.
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4 years ago, bishless
Huge time saver and productivity booster
I can't imagine going back to working without this specific tool. I love the way I am able to quickly grab 3 or 4 sets of clipped data, move to where I need to drop it and then quickly drop each piece precisely where it needs to be without having to switch back and forth between apps for each one. Paste's UI makes it really simple to keep things straight, search for older items, and store frequently used items in a dedicated Pinboard. Quick tip: I work in marketing and manage the websites for a few different companies. I have Pinboards for each brands' set of colors. So I can quickly and consistently retrieve the hex colors via Paste whenever I need them.
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5 years ago, smirking
Well designed, but gets in the way if your needs are minimalist
This is a beautiful app that works well, but it's just too much app if all you want to do is have a history of text clippings. I'm a developer and I often want to keep short strings of text around to use and reuse. This will do that just fine, but it's not very efficient for such a minimalist job. It gets in the way. Consequently, I've gone back to a more bare bones clipboard manager that I used before this, ClipMenu. I do like this app though and was using it side by side with ClipMenu for a while. I configured Paste to ignore stuff that I would be relying on ClipMenu for anyway so they each got to play to their strengths, but in the end having two clipboard managers got too confusing with all of the competing shortcuts I would need to access either one conveniently.
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4 months ago, AK - Marty
Real time saver
Until I got used to Paste capturing my copy history, I didn't use it very often; however, it saved me on several occasions having aaccess to data that I thought was gone! It is great being able to go back into the "history" of the copied items to retrieve information. Not only that, but I am quickly learning that I can just copy information that I think I "may" need later becasue I know it will be there and I don't have to worry about it being copied over. I also appreciate the control it provides on how long history is retained and the ability to delete large copy events, saving disk space.
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2 years ago, Deva@hawaii
Paste Legacy Owners Are in Trouble
To the developers: It is common courtesy to change the name of the app when you change your business model. Call it Paste 2 anything. Now that a subscription is required the customers who helped to support you - recommend you - help get your software to where it is today are left having to delete and get a back up copy from their storage drive (hopefully they were smart engouh to do that) as your website link to the Legacy copy is broken. So now when an old customer of yours elects "update all" in their system prefrences - all their back up data is locked because the name Paste refers to another product model with a subscription for a clipboard manager. You have to delete 'Paste' find your back up copy (if you have one) and then go back to work. That's not a good thing to do to people who helped build your client base.
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4 years ago, M. Lemaire
How did I live without this for so long
Seriously this app is the best. I'm constantly using it throughout my work day to keep track of everything I've copied to my buffer. I'll often find myself crafting messages in Slack and needing to reference links and upload a few corresponding images. Being able to just pop open Paste and locate everything in just a few keystrokes is a huge quality of life improvement. The search tool has save me on more than one occassion as well. Being able to refer back to content I copied three weeks ago is just mindblowing. Everyone should get this app.
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3 years ago, TyCaton
actually worth the subscription
having used clip menu for years, i was dissapointed to discover the app store version was a subscription, but i thought, "$1/mo is at least worth trying." Glad I did! There are benefits to cross-device clipboard sync and history I hadn't considered - especially phone access. I don't use it often, but it's nice to copy something on laptop or desktop and, when it's needed, pull it up on your phone. History goes WAY back, which has been helpful a few times as well. Visual clipboard took some getting used to, but I'm a fan now.
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6 years ago, CLS
This is one of those things that you thing, well, maybe I’ll try it out. But once you use it — WOW, you never want to live without it any more! Really useful, particularly when you have to copy two or three different things in one context, and then switch to another one (e.g., change programs, or another program on another desktop) and paste them both in different places. It’s just so nice to be able to do that in one context switch, not three. Oh yeah, and go back to something you copied earlier? It’s right there, and trivial to find… I just start typing, and there it is! As I say, fantastic.
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4 years ago, Chernickov
Paste drastically improvement my qualify of life
Few apps have had such an immense impact on my workflow on a daily basis. Paste completely changed my life. Copying text, forgetting to paste it, and then copying something else used to be the bane of my existence. Or realizing I needed that information again a few hours, or sometimes minutes, later only to have to go find it again. Or simply just copying multiple things to paste together. Paste just... works. The UI is clean and stays out of the way, and is delightful whenever I need to invoke it. I love this app. You will, too.
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3 months ago, Arizona John
The Best Multiple Copy & Paste App
I have used several Copy & Paste Apps including CopyClip, Copy 'Em and some others. I was always frustrated with their ease of use including finding the specific item you want. That is until I found Paste. You simply copy the text or image you want, including mutiple text & images. It's easy to select the ones you want in whatever order you chose. This includes email addresses including a group of email addresses. You can also select the amount of "History" you want to keep. It's a joy to work with.
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2 years ago, YanGa
Excellent implementation... when it works...
I have been using this app for a number of years. The shortcuts are sensible and intuitive, the UI is snappy, and it's smart enough to know not to store passwords (in many cases) in its history. Unfortunately, at least since Mac OS Big Sur (possibly Catalina), the application would quit unexpectedly and quietly. Because I have come to rely on the clipboard history, I often won't find out until many copies in. When finallyu getting to the point to utilize the clipboard manager, I find that it hasn't been running. I have not been able to reliable reproduce the conditions under which it would unexpectedly quit. I hope the developers address this in the coming months (yes, despite this inconvenience, the app really shines. And so I am willing to give the developer more time). If not, I will be on the lookout for more stable alternatives. ** I have found that if you leave the 'About Paste' window open in the background, the application continues to work as expected without quitting silently and unexpectedly.
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3 years ago, Alifornia
Used to be amazing but really ZERO STARS now.
So this was absolutely one of my favorite productivity apps and easy 5 STARS. Then it was revamped and became a subscription app where the previous free versions became "lesser" apps, and to keep the featuress that used to be free, you had to upgrade. I upgraded after looking for alternatives, and the experience has NEVER been the same. It constantly looks like it is active but is not recording the copied items. The pop-up drawer does not even open until you go into your apps and click it to reopen...where it brings up the preferences (weird) and acts normal until your computer sleeps again. Several updates have occurred but the problems still exist. Bummer that I can't leave zero stars because one star seems generous until fixed.
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3 weeks ago, brocktoon86
An essential tool
I don't know how I worked without a clipboard manager like Paste before. It is an essential tool productivity. Without Paste, copying and pasting multiple pieces of data is App #1 - copy App #2 - paste App #1 - copy App #2 - paste App #1 - copy App #2 - paste Now I do App #1 - copy App #1 - copy App #1 - copy App #2 - select 3 items -> paste When you switch back and forth between windows, you constantly have to reorient yourself. With Paste, you can deeply focus on the content, scanning and grabbing everything you are going to need. Then it is just 1 switch to the 2nd app to paste everything in. Also, how many times have you cut something and then accidentally overwritten what was cut by copying something else? It is lost forever. Or how about when you copied something a few hours ago that you suddenly need again? Which email was that? Which slack? Or you can just search your Paste history and boom - there it is.
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9 months ago, ACGarland
Use every day, responsive developers
Paste gives you a capability which is critical to productivity -- the ability to copy multiple items and then select them to paste later on. Plus be able to peruse your clipboard history for something you clipped previously that you may not have realized you'd need again in the future. Had an issue with one of the updates -- wouldn't run on my older (2015) iPad Pro. Sent a report to the developers and an update was available the next day which fixed the issue.
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9 months ago, mindthump
Paste makes my Mac life easy every day
I use Paste so many times every day I can't understand why the MacOS clipboard doesn't work like this natively. Why would I ever obliterate by clipboard every time I want to copy something new? It makes no sense. I have tried a lot of clipboard managers. Yes, many many of them. Paste is the best so far, it works when it should and otherwise gets out of the way. The non-standard best features are the pop-up clip selection, the "Pinboards" (collections of clips), and the "Stack" for multiple sequential copy/paste actions. Just get it.
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4 years ago, nulluserid
Bad model for existing users
I bought this app on my iPhone, and iPad, and used it for years. Fantastic app! However, an update out of nowhere, told me now I needed to subscribe to pay for the same thing I already had. Not only was it nagging me to do that, but it kept having me re-sign in to iCloud/iTunes on all my devices. If the developer had wanted to get a new revenue stream, make a new app, add new features, make it a subscription. Then just simply say they weren't going to update/support this current one any longer. That way, it could continue to function as is, for the people who paid for it. But to switch existing paid users to a model like this, while offering no immediate large benefit or improvements? Just bad business. Uninstalling on all my devices.
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3 months ago, TheStephGreen
My work is so much more efficient with this app!
It's hard to guess just how much time this app has saved me over the years! It makes copy and pasting between apps a breeze, and the saved pin boards make it easy to reference specific information. I have mine organized by client, and am able to easily paste hex codes from their brand colors, disclaimers into social posts, and so much more. And I can access them and my laptop or phone! This app is so good, I've actually gifted it to people in my life. Definitely worth the price!
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10 months ago, RDaneel Olivaaw
Great app, great support
I have been using Paste for a few months and it is great, not sure how I got along without it. The ability to store multiple items and paste them later is so useful. I read a lot of professional journals and other documents and like to save quotes and snippets for later reference. The Paste app is perfect for that. There was an issue with a recent update and their support team fixed the issue in the next release but also followed up with me to make sure it was fixed. I highly recommend Paste!
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8 months ago, MikeSlug
Paste is essential
I have used paste several times a day, every workday for the last several years. It is extremely useful and has become an absolutely essential tool for my workflow. When doing tedious tasks that require a lot of copy and pasting, it makes life so much easier. In programming or jobs that require a lot of writing, it's great to have quick access to my most useful snippets, categorized according to their purpose. I recommend Paste to everyone, it's such a great tool and I hope it never goes away.
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4 years ago, Mougoo
This should be a default feature of MacOS
The first time you use this app to recover something you copied, then accidentally copied over, you'll find you would have gladly paid 10 times the purchase price to not lose that data. On top of that, if you're a developer or work with content on a regular basis (I'm a web programmer), you'll find you can really shortcut your workflow by batching your copies into one operation, and batching your pastes into another. It's beyond me why Apple doesn't just buy this company and include the feature by default -- it's such an obvious win!
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5 years ago, BobYourUncle
Incredible sync action
A good sign of an app to invest in is one that is updated on a regular basis. In the case of the macOS app, it was updated 4w ago as of this review. It needs dark mode but other than that works exactly how I want it to. Also the iCloud Sync is amazing. Even with the iOS notification widget -- it updates almost immediately. I just wish the iOS app was updated more regularly (last update was 1 year ago) and also supported dark mode. Please update your apps, Dmitry! This is the best I've tried, and I've tried FlyCut, Copied, and several others. Thank you!
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3 months ago, Manchego Star
Best clipboard manager I've used, by far
I used to use v1 and v2 of CopyClip, but Paste goes way beyond. It feels like a full fledged app with complete features. I rely on it every single day. The abilities to search what you've copied, favorite items, and sync across devices make this app stellar. It also recently stopped working for some reason, and support was fast to respond and got me back up and running within a week. I highly recommend this app to get the most out of your clipboard, it's the best - hands down.
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3 months ago, Lee-Zammer
Use it every day!
I bought this years ago. I'm on the computer daily. And I use this tool constantly. Even if we don't thing about it much, we all move information around from one document to another or a sentence from a web page to something you're writing in a message. Paste makes the process faster and more efficient and it soon becomes a part of your muscle memory to the point where not having Paste on your computer seems strange!
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1 month ago, Soybean
Mostly great clipboard manager; annoying prompts
I mostly love this app and the powerful clipboard management it provides (great search, easy access to previously used items via keyboard shortcuts, generally reliable), but the app constantly begs for reviews and it does so in the most productivity-busting way: the prompt appears in one of the clipboard slots so if you're used to using the aforementioned Cmd-1, Cmd-2, etc shortcuts to retrieve a clipboard item, your muscle memory is now offset by one and you choose the wrong thing. Absolutely infuriating. I'd have given this 5 stars were it not for their obsessive and frustrating approach to begging
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4 years ago, And, by the way...
PROMPTS FOR APP STORE PASSWORD! Nice app but it would help a *lot* to be able to give clips a name
UPDATE: WARNING! I just deleted this because it periodically puts up a dialog prompting for the App Store password, and doesn't say the name of the app or why it needs it. It was hard to figure out it was Paste app doing that, and now I'm wondering if it is a vector for a security breech! This seems to be a very thoughtful useful solid app. However it would be very helpful to be able to tag clips with a name and/or description as they accumulate to assist with the search for them later. For example, a link in and of itself is too abstract and may be meaningless without other identifying information.
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10 months ago, Car Analogy
I like it
Had a little trouble getting sync to work but I checked out their website and they had an easy to find faq question about sync trouble, followed the troubleshooting steps to delete icloud data and then resync. Whaddya know, it worked. They figured out a way to work within the limitations of iOS to give me a real working cloud synced clipboard. Universal Clipboard quit working for me some time ago, and let me tell you troubleshooting sync was a lot easier to figure out than that.
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10 months ago, carpedavid
My favorite clipboard manager
I'm a software engineer who likes to tinkier with my tools, so I've tried just about every clipboard manager that exists, and Paste is my favorite (PasteBot is a close second). Having an enriched visual representation of the conent in my clipboard pushes this over the top. I also had the chance to interact with dev team to troubleshoot a bug, and their support was really excellent. Bugs happen, so seeing a team respond quickly makes me feel confident in relying on Paste as an integral part of my toolkit.
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1 month ago, briancarlosgreen
The Devil is in the details
Paste is what happens when you have a perfect app idea and then execute it with so much style and love. I love the different view options! Even the little preview showing what app each item is from is great. The subtle blurred backgroud helps ground the app and keep the context. I would love some more options for automatically sorting and deleting certain items. The subscription price is well worth it in my opinion and I don't normally like paying this way.
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1 year ago, MeJohnC
One of the best mac apps for Productivity
I have used paste since 2017 and I can go back many years to see everything that Paste has captured and saved for me. It's an invaluable tool that has converted several pople in my life to the Mac. When i got into a role that required the reu-se of a lot of random snipppets, it became next level. Sometimes I dont type at all and just rely on Paste. it is very powerful. I would be devastated if it ever disappaeard, as this is the slicket and smartest clipboard manager I've ever used. BUY it now.
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4 years ago, DrtLawson
PASTE - CLIPBOARD MANAGER is undeniably the single most frequently used utility on my MacBook. Whether working in text, graphics, video editing, or accessing online resources, the versitility this brings to the MacOS clipboard, copy & paste is a time-saver and often a game-changer. I've used it for the past four years, and this is my first review. Here's the bottom line, when a friend makes the move to buy a MacOS computer for the first time, this is always on my short of list of must-get APPS I tell them they need to get.
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4 years ago, jsonArray
Beware!!! Useless subscription required
If you use this app for 5 years you will be paying $60 for a clipboard history app that stores data in your iCloud account. This is way too much. This app was $9.99 before and the annual price is that or $1/month. Not every app can work with a subscription model! I'm not buying this same app every year. This is a joke. Paste is not worth paying this much for. I'm going to start looking at alternative options. I refuse to fund nonsense.
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4 years ago, MRobert
Accessible and does what I need
Paste is accessible and does what I need, quickly. Otherwise it is out of the way and allows me to focus. No permanent dialogues to clutter the screen. Easy key strokes to get them when I need them. I wish there was a way (maybe there is already, but I am unaware) to clear out the minor repetitive Copies I make in the normal course of a day. That would reduce scrolling and deleting by hand. I would like an automatic feature that would quickly expire a designatied clipboard entry after a time period
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6 years ago, apple user - 007
very good.
Paste for MacBook is very good. (Paste for iPhone is so bad …. history push to iPhone from MacBook or push to MacBook from iPhone, speed so slow) But I has two idea. 1. COMMAND + [] can go to tab. but if i want go to someone tab, i nead COMMAND + [] touch more time. hope support shortly go to tab index, like ctrl + command + 1 2 3 …. 2. All history just support copy to paste, not support edit it. some time, I want update the text, but i must copy and paste it to IDE, update it, then copy it, move to someone paste tab, delete last history. Too complicated.
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1 year ago, Akiranamejin
Used to Ditto on PC? Use this!
Was a software developer on PC for 10 years and then switched to a company that uses Mac. Went to go find Ditto, which I was used to, and saw it wasn't on Mac. Found this and it works the same if not better. Needed to switch out my macbook for another and couldn't access my paste cloud account because of my company's policies, the Paste crew told me exactly what file to move over from the old macbook to the new one to get my history back.
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10 months ago, adeling
Works well
At first, when I switched to Apple, I was disappointed that this wasn't built in, like it is with Windows/Android. But this application is one I'll keep if they ever build that functionality into Mac / iOS, because it does more. I use the categories to work like universal bookmarks so that, as well as syncing between all my Apple devices, just what I copy and paste, I can also keep a list of links or phrases I regularly share in Teams chats, etc.
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5 days ago, Carving Charles
i can't live without it
I can't live without paste. It saves me so much time when creating graphics to have the last few images, shapes and text I worked in a keystroke away from being re-inserted. Take a few minutes and save some default replies for e-mails and messages and you will save hours every week by recalling frequently used text instead of retyping it or finding a past use to go copy. Thanks Paste!
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2 years ago, LightBrite99
4.999 Stars ... just one tiny thing
The app is a life saver. Powerful enough to be extremely useful, simple enough to always have available. The one feature that I'd desperately like to move out of my Script menu is "Paste as keystrokes" ... The number of times I hit websites have inane java script paste blocks, or particular password windows need actual keystokes may behigher than most the struggle is real. I heartly recommend Paste ... with "Paste as keystrokes" I'd shout it's praises from a mountain top!
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4 months ago, tracydewitt
I can't live without my Paste app for Mac
I've become so reliant on my Paste app for Mac. When I forgot to renew and I couldn't access it anymore, I dicovered my job tasks and correspondence were significantly harder without all my clipboards full of saved documents that I could insert with 4 key strokes. The clipboard manager houses my documents and I can access them from my phone or my computer. I LOVE IT!! I would recommend Paste app for the better way to copy and paste.
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4 months ago, drq883
A must for a software developer
I write software for a living and Paste has been a life-saver. I love the Paste Stack feature which will allow me to gather several snippets into a stack, then paste them into another program with a series of Cmd-V key presses. Another huge plus is the Abilitiy to pin things in the clipboard history into groups that are related to a project. Any issues that I have had, were dealt with very promptely. I highly recommend this app for anyone.
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5 months ago, MarieLizette
Works until it doesn't
I have an annual subscription and I have the app installed on my iPhone, iPad and 2016 M2 Macbook Pro. It's not great on the iPad and iPhone because iOS disables it so one has to open the app right after copying if one wants it to appear in the clipboard. The "Copy to Clipboard" feature only works when accessing the share menu and infrequently at that. The real value for this app is on the Macbook. It works similarly to the Microsoft's Clipboard, one it's cross-platform and one can pit clips and use the app as a "Quick Parts." When it works it can cut one's workload in half. However, it has been very buggy lately. When it stops responding, you have to force quick the app and then go to the mobile app to delete the history in the hopes it will clear a bad cache. Whe that does't work, one has to leave a semi-negative comment to hopefully get the attention of the Developer for a fix.
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3 years ago, aikidavid
The BEST app for multiple copying and pasting!
Paste is an amazing program/app. I have (over a few years) bought multiple different programs for copying & pasting, mostly looking for a way to copy multiple things and then be able to paste them as desired either in different places, or even different times - like paste a few today, and then paste some other ones several days later! This
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3 weeks ago, BillHorvath
It Just Works
I've been using Paste personally for a year or two now, and I appreciate it enough to have installed it on my work machine as well. It has a great deal of valuable functionality, including the ability to store frequently-used data (text, images, etc.) for inserting as needed. And I haven't run into any bugs or issues using it, which is unusual in softwareland. I don't have any hesitation recommending it.
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