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User Reviews for Payactiv

4.76 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
2 years ago, kellonc2
Great service and easy to use app
My new employer is enrolled in payactive. I had started on the first day of the pay period so waiting almost 3 weeks for my first check was hard. With payactive all I did was enter my basic info, employer name, and without having to verify income or accounts just with my name address phone number social and employer name, I was able to get what essentially was a payday loan but only this will be automatically taken out of my next paycheck, and for less than $5 in fees total the money was instantly transferred to my debit card (less fees if overnight transfer to bank account).!!! If you need a payday loan and can get your employer to come up when registering with payactive then this is there way to go!!! The app was very user friendly and for those with accessibility friendly needs is 5 stars in the readability and ease of comprehension and use scale! The interface and menus are very simple and clear, plus the colors and fonts make it just a very easy and great app!!!
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3 years ago, Lexybby189
Great Concept, Poor Delivery
When my employer sent out an email saying they were partnering with Payactiv and the benefits of it, I was excited! After using the app though, I was extremely disappointed. It seems like there is ALWAYS some kind of issue. At first I struggled with the “help chat”, and that seems to have been resolved. Then I struggled with my app updating once a month and showing pending for disbursements that had already been deducted from my paycheck (hasn’t been resolved). Now I am struggling with inaccurate fund availability. They tell you to send your time sheet to payactiv@notifyops and NOTHING EVER GETS UPDATED. I had a tire blow the other day and got it towed to a shop. I was short a little bit of cash, and had to get to work, so I told the shop I would return after work to pay for and pick up the vehicle. This happened in the morning, so I reached out to payactiv to see if they could update my balance, and waited, waited, WAITED... never updated. I reached out again in the afternoon, and was told it was sent with high priority to the concern department and they clearly weren’t concerned because my balance NEVER got updated. This company has a lot of work to do, especially in their customer service department. I know other companies that are partnered with this one too and if some of the things myself and others mentioned aren’t fixed, I will be putting in a request to partner with a different company. I hate payactiv
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8 months ago, TheWuwk
BBB Complaint
BBB Complaint On Jan 26th 6:30am Gamefly made a temporary authorization hold which they release immediately after speaking with them. General merchant policy sais to allow 2-5 business days for the pending charge to fall off. Depending on the bank they have seen it stay on longer. I’ve called dozens of times to only be asked “Did you use your Payactiv card for this purchase” After saying yes they just route you to “Card member services” Which is basically what you see on the app in Voice text! Absolutely no real help around for 2 weeks. Do they trust the fake reviews, they’re a start up faking it. They have given me the run around for 2 weeks. I have given up on even disputing the hold this bank has made. They obviously will let it fall of nature after 31 days. Imagine if we were talking Hundreds of dollars. Who would ever known some random rural bank in nowhere land Kansas partnered with low budget high overhead Tech company in California was a good idea. The app takes decades to load, no customer service available anywhere and you get the worst banking service imaginable. Out employer boasts about offering EWA and we opt into it. Yet, Payactiv in all their glory fail to even set that up. The customer service might as well be Roast master General from Comedy Central telling everyone to F off. Desired Settlement: Billing adjustment
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4 months ago, Nlbmarc564
They will steal your money they do not give out big amounts. The picture with $412 is fake they would never give that much money out to you. They will cut you off if u even get that much after two weeks of taking money here and there. They will start giving you $10 a day then when I get paid they like $50 out for that day they gave you $10. You can’t get ahold to these ppl i been calling for a hours and 10 minutes and 25 seconds in on hold they hang up and tell you to contact them in live chat. They put a text verification on there without telling anyone about it and used a number from my paychex that has nothing to do with them and guess what that’s a old number so I don’t have it and can no longer log in so what does this mean to for me? That I will never be able to log back in because they do not take there job professionally and will slack and not work. They won’t answer any calls or emails or messages on social media. They responded on Facebook said they can help straight a way then never responded again. They will even take a portion of the money u owe just to wait til your next paycheck and take the rest with a whole different pay periods money just so they can take your whole check. I do not recommend a bunch of crooks
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4 years ago, porsha carter
Chats with customer service agent
I am not completely sure how you can have started a chat and went through the entire spill of explaining of what you need assistance with, then it takes the customer service agent so long to reply that the chat session times out. So you start the chat over, re explain your issue and another “customer service 2” agent comes on the chat and asks “how can I help you”. Please work on this with the customer service agents and please express importance of timely responses so the chat does not time out and the customer is not feeling like we don’t matter. Also if a PayActiv user has recently been promoted to a supervisor position and the PayActiv account has been deactivated it would be nice to get an alert and or email notification about that change so that it is known and can be reactivated sooner than later. As far as the advances goes, it is a great benefit to have access to, I love PayActiv for the convenience of pay advances. Thank you !!
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1 year ago, nice chatters, save yourselves
Horrible system, but you get to chat with nice people.
I’ve had this Pay- inactive for two weeks now. My account has only updated twice in two weeks. Even though the nice people I’m forced to bother over and over again tell me the system updates every 24 hours, no one can tell at what time it updates. According to their information it DOES update every 24 hours. During three conversations I explain you must have a technical problem because my account has NOT updated for 3, then 5 then 4 days. Everyone assured me there is no technical issue. Go figure? They nicely offered to manually update my time sheet if I took a screen shot of it and emailed it to them. Still no technical problem? I activated my card three days before I used it only to have it embarrassingly declined for insufficient funds. I get it costs a dollar to transfer to my bank account. But get this - it costs a dollar to put it on my Payinactive card and then another 1.99 if I want instant access to it. And even then it did not work! Never mind $15 to recommend this to coworkers. I’m actively telling coworkers NOT to sign up but I can’t wait to cancel this myself.
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1 year ago, Rulabo
Very frustrating app
I saw at the pump you can save on gas (who doesn’t need that, right?!?)… so I downloaded the app… ordered the debit card and received it. But the problems started when trying to fund the card to actually use it. I tried several different cards from different banks and it shows several of each card/bank. It says I have ‘successfully’ added a bank/card, but I have yet to be able to fund my account. Every time I click on ‘add funds’ it lets me choose from the list I’ve already ‘successfully added’ but the next screen wants my bank/card info AGAIN!! Every time. I have the 2 small deposit amounts, but no way to enter the info to ‘connect’ them.. I finally just deleted the app. Too much hassle just trying to actually use it…
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1 year ago, willow the pup
I downloaded Payactiv a week ago. I linked a debit card and it’s corresponding bank account. I received a text message telling me that both operations were successful. But when I tried to add funds to my Payactiv card from the linked debit card it would not proceed. I could not even type on an amount. The “add funds” tab was not highlighted. When I pressed on the drop down menu it prompts me again to add or link a card. I tried linking two other cards and banks and got the same results. Yesterday after a week I tried to add funds again but to no avail. I called their call center and I was told that My sequence was wrong, that I should have linked the bank account first and then the debit card. Although I found it ridiculous I tried it anyway. I deleted the linked cards and accounts, as instructed, and relinked them per the suggested sequence. Lo and behold! The same result. I still could not add funds. I don’t know what’s going on with Payactiv but this has been a very disappointing initial experience with them, to say the least. I hope they get to resolve this issue soonest.
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4 years ago, Pgo041289
Customer Support Function Needs Work
First off, the way the app charges your pay periods is confusing. I’m not sure why the balance of the second pay period is affected when I had withdrawn within the first pay period. Second, this app is terrible with the Customer Service Chat. I appreciate the agent trying to help me understand how the app works, but while typing out my response, the app times out because I was waiting for them to respond first. Honestly, I’d rather just use Earning because it’s a lot more clear about how the withdraws work, and it is actually optimized for my phone. It takes me 10 minutes to withdraw money from this app because of how poorly sized the app is. It just looks lazy and ugly. The most important buttons are on the bottom of the page, and they don’t even fit on my screen. It’s incredible how poorly adapted this app is to iOS. Not to mention, I’m supposed to have access to 50% of my check, but I was told my company is only allowed 20%. It even tells me my income accessible is 50%. Never touching this app again.
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3 months ago, bearielfdancer
PayActiv DOES NOT care
Ever since I have started my new job, and I have started using Payactiv. I have had nothing but difficulties with the application and services. PayActiv DOES not update wages and hours like they said they do. My account had not been updated in THREE WEEKS ( since June 14) . I have had to constantly reach out to payactiv to update my hours/accessible wages everytime I have needed to do something. I am being told the same thing constantly with no answers and am extremely frustrated. I was talking to support again not too long ago and the support tech closed the chat out on me after talking for a bit. I am quite livid at how I am being pushed off to the side with my inquiries. I just want answers, but it has been made very VERY clear that you guys do not care. Not to mention, I do still receive confirmation texts talking about withdrawing funds from my check even though they have already been withdrawn. I have asked about this before and have not received answers as well, if money is still being taken from my checks. I want it back.
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1 year ago, Tired of the back & Forth
Not being told the facts
I first started using this app back in 2020 it was a great app to have when I 1st signed up I stopped using it for about a year.. I just recently switched job so I wanted to use this app again so I called & chat to get the correct work information on the app.. That was Monday I was told everything would be escalated to ensure my problem got handled.. Than on Wednesday I was told they deactivated my account why when I was only asking for my info to be updated.. And again I'm told it will be escalated, Now here it is Friday (5 days later) and the issue has not been fixed at all & I'm being told yet again my account was deactivated & it's been escalated.. Why have customer service if they are no help & can't give me any REAL answers on how to fix my account.. Im just being told it's being escalated as if I'm being told to shut up.. This is horrible customer service & it's shouldn't take them 5 days to fix anything if the correct time is 24hrs they had an extra 96hrs something should have been corrected by now...
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2 years ago, me im furious
Buggy app
I usually don’t write reviews but congrats you earned it. App worked fine when I first updated then afterwards it started to bug out anytime I would clock out at work. Usually I would get an update of how much I earned at the end of work but suddenly now it takes a whole day once you take lunch. I don’t know if it has trouble adding the hours due to lunch breaks or what. Another issue is the app will lag BADLY. I was trying to click connect to talk to customer support and I had to click connect multiple times before it even changed screen. Also i don’t know if it’s the place I’m working at but it doesn’t update the deductions after being paid I have to wait in some cases until the next week before I can access funds after working a whole work week.
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3 years ago, nicolera813
Where’s my loan
I don’t even know where to begin!! I was skeptical to even use this place but my work offered it ( big company) so I took an advanced loan out of my check oct 3 I even paid the extra money to have the money in min right? Wrong 🤬🤬 so Sunday comes I chat with them they said since it’s the weekend my money will be there Monday. Okay so Monday comes still no deposit I chat 3 times that day and they all had no clue what they were saying or doing one person said because my pay date is Thursday the 8th I’ll get it that day.. but why take a loan out if you get it the same day I told them to cancel my loan they said you can’t 😡😡😡 Thursday comes around still no money deposited into my account🤬🤬but sure in the hell the took all that money out of my check on the 8th but still no money from this place and now iam waiting on I.T to look into this !!! I’ve been to patient to long I want my money!!! Where is my money!!! I will get my money I was supposed to get! If you guys are thinking about a payday loan PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! Save yourself the trouble and headache!!!
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2 years ago, jojoortiz426
I was so skeptical!
I was weary of doing this kind of thing. But I often find myself low on cash by the end of the second week of the pay period so I really wanted this to be quick easy and effortless. And not just be robbed blind. My employer actually sent out a mass email to all our employees and informed us of this wonderful ability to gain access to you pay AT ANY TIME before payday! Which is amazing. So ….. I tried it. And y’all!!! I got $150 a week before my pay date. For only $1.99!!!! And they say you can remove available funds up to five times before payday and you’re charged that amount per withdrawal. I got it instantly on my bank card after linking it to the account. So easy. It really can be PAYACTIV simple.
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2 years ago, Britpackfan
Your app isn’t specific in saying you must link a bank account first then card in order for it to work. Everything in the app starts with the card first. Also the process linking the bank account is a headache. After finally linking my bank (chime) after multiple attempts, I saw they deposited a small verification amount into my account. But I saw it staying in pending verification mode on my card for 2 days and I couldn’t add any funds onto my card. I called customer service. I was told I WAS WRONG because the card was linked first. But when you start the account it prompts you with adding a card first….and no instructions saying your account won’t work if done first with a card. Anyways…. So I was instructed through customer service to unlink and start over again. I’ve spend 3 minutes multiple times trying to delink my bank account and delinking. It would get successfully added then the app would say unable to link. Im giving up. It isn’t worth this headache. Don’t recommend.
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3 years ago, SteveRoss2021
Terrible Customer Service
Terrible customer service. No one is willing to take responsibility for addressing an issue. They claim my pay couldn't be verified, so they need my time card. I sent it. Then they needed a pay stub, I sent it. Then they had to escalate it. Nothing happened. I followed up: they said they would escalate it again. Nothing. This went on multiple times over a 3 week span, with no resolution. Every customer service representative I speak to has to escalate my issue to a department that either does nothing or does not exist. For some reason they won’t call my employer (who was also made aware of the issue) to verify my employment and income. Every customer service rep guarantees that it will get fixed THIS time, because they are going to PERSONALLY escalate my case to the “concierge” escalation department, where it is ignored and forgotten. There is no ownership of a problem, no effort to address an issue, Payactiv just treats issues like a big game of hot potato, rather than caring about address a customers issue.
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2 years ago, bloooiio
The Referral Promotion Fiasco
Up until Friday, August 6th I was being paid $10 per each person I referred to PayActiv. The rewards suddenly stopped, but the referral info was still posted. What is messed up is the responses I have received from Chat Support. Each agent tells me something different, a lie or they just simply close the chat.. I am owed for 43 referrals which means PayActiv owes me $430. I have already sought out a lawyer and have been told I have a winning case. I have tried giving PayActiv the time to make this right but I am coming to my wits end with the responses from Chat Support. Don’t try to promote the app for the referrals, they won’t pay out.
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5 months ago, Tiffany Persinger
Over it
This company is truly not helpful. Currently petitioning my best workplace to go with a different company. We don’t give out advances at my work anymore because we have Payactiv. There was a mistake on my paycheck and here I am needing to use Payactiv and they can’t help me. My hours have been updated, but no money they’ve told me now for three days that tech support will take care of it immediately. I have actually had a gas and nothings happened. I am a supervisor and was really excited for the company to have this. When people ask you for money I could for them to Payactiv I didn’t believe them when they told me how much a thing it was to use this app but let me tell you they are truly not helpful. This was supposed to be fixed at 7 AM Pacific time on Tuesday. We are now on Friday and they haven’t done anything. They have my hours for my job. They just haven’t made my money available, so what’s the use and even having them?
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3 months ago, skyet123
It’s okay!
Every time I open this app I log in but it doesn’t load and I have to open the app 3 or 4 times before it finally logs me in to access my money. My phone & the app are up to date so I’m not really sure why I keep having to go through this. I’ve had issues ever since I downloaded this app. They really should fix it cause I never had this issue when I used DailyPay and this makes me not want to use it at all. Also having to pay 2.99 EVERY single time I want to cash out is a bit dramatic. Really should have something where after a certain amount of times cashing out you can do it for free cause quite frankly it’s ridiculous. Everything is expensive now a days and I shouldn’t have to pay $3 dollars anytime I need to cash my money out. I’m already broke lol
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9 months ago, Scubasdarlin
Amazing App/Benefit
Amazing benefit to be able to access your paycheck when unexpected things pop up instead of doing the check into cash places that want the other half of your paycheck just to give yourself a loan. Only downside I have run into is since my employer has this set up the app won’t save any of my information not even my employer from the list (no matter how many times I check the box). But that is nothing compared to being able to cover the light bill because you had to take your dog to the vet earlier in the month.
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1 year ago, mrswinnerwinnerchickendinner
Rep said it’s not a complain line just doing my job
Not to be a Karen, I have been trying to access my funding for 48 hours+ and Emil that it would be great to just say that my company didn’t submit the hours…but it was updated already in their system so who is really at fault? Arthur B said that the system glitches everything out on top of it being my fault that I don’t have a time sheet…Aldrich said it would come in 30 minutes and stopped contacting to save face because I asked him to wait 23 minutes to see if it would update. Felix H said that I couldn’t access it due to the pay cycle starting today? Last time I checked the pay cycle was August 22-September 4 th which would make it the last day??? So what’s the truth? Honestly if you’re thinking about using this application, don’t. You’ll be in a mess of issues every two weeks. Honestly Dave is better!
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3 months ago, Jxvans
Great Idea - Poorly Developed App/Website
The idea was to allow payactiv users to get a payday loan, shortly after working their scheduled hours for their employer, however, in my experience it could take up to 48 hours for Payactiv to update your “available balance”. I find it more difficult to use their app as it doesn’t load any information half the time and in some instances, even if you have an available balance, you’re unable withdraw any funds because of app/server errors. I find that the recent transactions are slow to update, sometimes taking up to 2 hours before I’m able to see results of the most recent transactions. Overall, this app is more of a headache than it’s worth. If your employer doesn’t offer this service, it’s not worth bothering to download. The Even app works so much more smoothly than Payactiv.
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3 years ago, LeeMeeLee
I have been using payactiv on and off again for about 2 years now. Recently, my hours have not been updating and I have to constantly send in timesheets. I email the time in sheets and only half of my time on my timesheet is accounted for by Payactiv. I worked 75 hours one week and 20 hours the next and only a quarter of that is accessible. I do t know what’s going on, but people who want to use this app need to know this problem. Also, when I brought up the issue to customer service that my hours were not updating, customer service suggested I wasn’t clocking in and out correctly. I’ve been at my job for 5 years, I know how to clock in and out. Also, my timesheet hasn’t indicated that there was an issue with that.
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2 years ago, Mrs.Ripley
Over this service
When I first started using this service I loved it now a few yrs in and it’s become so inconsistent they say it’s your pay when you want it but that’s not the case it’s when they decide to update your acct more times than not me and my coworkers have to send numerous emails to get them to update our hrs we worked the previous day. Today is the day all our accts should’ve been reset here it is the day is almost over they have yet to reset our accts and my emails have went unanswered! I would advise anyone not to use this service!! UPDATE.. So tonight I emailed y’all with a screen shot of my time sheet to hopefully get a manual update my email has gone ignored as well as my messages on the app completely ignored I’m guessing due to this review but I just wanted to update everyone so they know things don’t get fixed they get ignored
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3 years ago, ess023
I woulda gave them no stars if it was a option !
This is literally the worst customer service I have ever had . I have called and used the chat about 10 plus times today about the same issue . I have tried to link my bank information and keep getting the verification failed even though all my information is correct . Every rep wasnt on the same page as to what I should do or even what they were telling me . I was told to submit my statement proving My paycheck proving my acc., 5 min later I got another email from another rep telling me that basically he can’t help me . Nobody could answer my question and i was clear they were skimming over my emails to try and pick what they wanted to read . My issue is still ongoing and I have had no assistance even after using the online chat , email and over the phone function . I have NEVER WITNESSED SO MANY INCOMPETENT REPS IN MY LIFE .
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4 months ago, Tripandutch
Horrible and no customer service
I got this card with my employer and have had nothing but issues from the beginning. The card I was given and that is linked to my account on my side won’t let me see it but shows in their side, so I can’t do anything with it. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling app, jumping through hoops, emails, etc (because you will NEVER GET THROUGH TO CUSTOMER SERVICE.. the number just rings then after 11 mins hangs up on you). Also don’t plan on changing any information like your phone number because again it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Things that are so simple on other sites are down right impossible with this card and being that their customer service is nonexistent I would run away fast if you don’t need to use this card. I honestly wish I could give them negative stars,
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2 years ago, 0bana
They slow
They all slow customer service slow everyone that’s under this app is slow . I had multiple problems with them with MY MONEY I worked hard for ! Each person I got on the phone with didn’t even know what to do and sounded illiterate ! I struggled with trying to talk to them and make them understand what was going on with my problems I wouldn’t even use this app again if I was down bad to get my money I told them multiple times I have a car note to pay today and they hold my money like it’s the secret crabbie formula. Y’all got bad reviews because y’all don’t know how to run a app ! New people need to take y’all place that know what they’re doing I don’t know nothing about the card services but how I got teach the people over the phone doesn’t make any sense ! I’m not satisfied with this app
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3 years ago, andrew.b.pope
So many issues
Like many others I was interested in the idea, but very skeptical. At the end of the night I would usually go home with cash tips, now I have to wait a day or so for the money to be transferred to a card which I can’t even transfer to my bank. My tip money is basically unaccessible until my employer puts it in my paycheck in two weeks. This is frustrating because it adds an extra step to the payment process and makes funds harder to access. Not to mention the multiple problems my coworkers have all experienced setting the card up and actually getting their funds processed. It seems like no one is listening to their concerns or solving them. My manager has tried contacting people involved in this transitional process but nothing is still being done. Hopefully something changes and this app is fixed.
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6 months ago, Gamaliel Bridges
Customer service is rude
My Payactiv card was stolen and money was used I call the card hotline and I disputed transaction that wasn’t mines and I was order a new card and my new card came in the mail a few days ago but I still haven’t been able to set my new pin for the card and the app just keep saying system unable to perform this action so I have call the card hotline to many time just to here they say I don’t have a card In the system I just want my account fix my app fix my card to work and my money from my disputes put back in my accounts I honestly don’t understand why this is so hard to understand I am filing a lawsuit against Payactiv I’m not calling no body no more I’m not chating with them no more I’m just filing a lawsuit they are rude and no help at all I wish my company will let them go
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12 months ago, Best dayum deliever driver
Impressed- Next Gen
I found out about this app I guess through my employer in form of text message. I had secondary thoughts, but signed up just because I was in a tight situation. I always work and put in them hours at work. Only thing is I always have to wait on money. This app is allowing me to work get them hours and get rewarded right away. This app is truly next generation. I always thought, why should I have to wait for my pay for hours worked when the labor or service was completed? It’s 2022 going on 2023. Pay me if I work. Some bozos don’t that can work choose not to so reward those that do. So much more to say.
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2 months ago, Thoroughbruh
Horrible compared to Daily Pay
This app is not great at all. Does not update quickly. If you withdraw funds you must wait until after payday to withdraw any more funds even if you have funds available and it’s a new work week. Then they have access to your bank account and can tell you information that they shouldn’t even know or have. Like total monthly deposits/average daily/monthly totals and withdrawals for the year even though haven’t been signed up with them for only three weeks. They have info consolidated that my bank doesn’t even broadcast. I smell class action because I never authorized all that and I’m probably not the only one that feels that way. Daily pay was a much better app and service.
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2 years ago, KeyboardComplxn
Ridiculous Update
Seems like ever since I got this app updated I’m always having a hard time logging into it. I’ve changed my password countless times and even tried to update my settings so it could just log me in by face ID, and even then, it still doesn’t recognize my information when I’ve had an account since last May. It’s ridiculous how many times I’m required to have my stuff changed over and over because this garbage app doesn’t work. 😤😤😤
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1 year ago, KodyN512
Poor Customer Service/Hours Reporting
I was able to use this app once, it showed considerably less earnings than what I actually made. The money I borrowed came out of my next paycheck just fine. Fast forward to the next week when I actually need to use some of my earnings to help pay bills because the first of the month is coming up. It only shows I’ve earned $14 after working all week. I then manually logged my hours and still nothing happened. Fast forward to today July 30th, I chat in because it seems to be the only method of customer service besides a ticket and an agent takes the chat, says his greeting and never responds after I continue to follow up. I waited 10 minutes and then left. Tried to chat again and nothing. No agent even took the second chat.
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4 years ago, pfons47
Website is broken. App is broken.
I came onto the App Store just to write a review and noticed it’s currently a 4.4 star app. They must be buying positive reviews because not only is their app AND full website broken, their entire company is trash, especially their customer service department.(if it even exists) I’ve been trying to link my bank account for months, customer service lines are always busy and if you stay on the line and wait to speak to someone it forces you to leave a message and wait for a callback. Every week I call to try and get this set up and not once have I been able to speak to a representative nor have I gotten a call back. Spoke to my employer about it and they have not been able to get in contact either. Almost seems like a shell of a company. Would rate it a 0 if possible.
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1 year ago, Bvaria897-6123
My payactiv account randomly stopped working and customer service is not helpful
I haven’t been able to use my account (not sure why) I have tried resetting my password but it just keeps sending me back to the log in page. When I emailed customer service about it I explained to them THREE TIMES what happened and they said 1-reset your password and 2-let us know if you need help. Those were two separate responses to my emails trying to explain to them that despite my attempt to reset my password, I still can’t use my account. They didn’t even try to read my messages or help me. They were very rude. After the third email in a row still not making any progress I gave up. This app doesn’t deserve a 4.8 star average rating. It’s garbage.
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1 year ago, Colleen Margaret
lied about my employer no longer using Pay Activ
i reached out to Pay Activ over the weekend, as i had gotten paid, and my account showed no hours worked for a week and a half and also showed i had no money available. after speaking to someone via phone and twitter, they had told me that my account is in default. they called me back later to let me know the reason why my account was in default, was because my employer is no longer utilizing Pay Activ services. my job is really great at keeping employees in the loop on everything - so this didn’t seem right. i reached out to HR at my work and i explained that i was told we were no longer using pay activ, to which hr said thats absolutely NOT the case. i’ve been waiting a few hours for pay activ to get back in touch. this app has failed me multiple times, i’m extremely disappointed. this is supposed to help people in emergencies, who need access to money asap, etc. it’s not a game and individuals and their paychecks/accounts should be treated with more respect and security. on the behalf of people struggling really bad right now with finances, please do better.
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3 years ago, Clr409
Poor Customer Service
For 4 months I have had this app on multiple occasions I have contacted customer service to have the issue resolved to no avail. They have all of your personal information but cannot provide you with adequate assistance for their app. Issue: my bank account has been linked and verified for about 4 months, every time I have tried to add my bank card I am getting and error message that the card already exists (even though no card on file🧐) doesn’t make any sense. Contact customer service was told to delete my bank account add it back then try adding my card did that twice nothing. I don’t understand how the support team doesn’t have adequate knowledge on how to troubleshoot issues customers are facing. The app is essentially useless
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2 years ago, bella-rey
How Pay Activ rates out of the rest
Well I’ve been using Pay Activ for over two years since I’ve worked with my company that I am employed with I’ve never had any problems today at the proper but it wasn’t y’all it was me so I wanted to make you aware that y’all are always there for me and you don’t charge me five dollars anymore which is so much better because I was giving you about 40 a week or more and that was something that being poor that’s diapers in now anyway thank you
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4 years ago, Ayoo'Ki
Worst Customer Service
The app has a great idea when it was created however this app is unrealistic and not helpful. It takes 2 days for funds to be available to you, so the hours you work on Monday won’t be there until Wednesday and it’s only half of what you worked. By the weekend the app will reset your time even though your house for Thursday and Friday have not yet been added. Customer service is all around HORRIBLE! In the chat, they never respond. The customer service reps and supervisors are all non helpful and very rude. I’ve used the app and deleted it after multiple experiences with customer reps. Much rather use EARNIN which gives you access to your wages as you work them. The 1 Star is only because this app was good idea it’s just not being executed properly.
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3 months ago, pvnts
If I could give this sorry excuse for a company a zero, I would. The app constantly has issues, constantly does not display the correct hours worked, only allowing up to 5% of earnings to be withdrawn instead of the up to 90% they offer. When you contact customer service through their app, they will constantly disconnect you to a new rep. Call their customer service number? You’ll be on a mandatory 5 minute hold before getting to a person, followed by being HUNG UP ON MULTIPLE TIMES, ESPECIALLY when asking for a supervisor for being hung up on. I have spent over 4 hours in the last two days trying to get my account figured out and the customer service team just does not care.
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1 year ago, JDM107
Worst app
This app deserves 0 stars I’ve been having the same issue for over a year every time I try to get into my acct it dosent let me then when customer service would answer they would say that it was my fault that I had forgotten the password when that wasn’t even the case, they said they would escalate the situation over a year ago !! And still nothing. Atleast before customer service would answer the lines or chat now you have to log into the Chat numerous times to see if you even get a response and call over 20 times for someone to answer the line, last time I called and someone answered they said it was because in the week they are short staffed it’s the weekday now what’s the excuse ?
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4 years ago, beauty8914
Great to help when falling behind
PayActiv is a great app, this program is really beneficial when your in need to pay bills that you may have fallen behind on. The fact that there are no interest rates like there are for payday loans is great. You can borrow from your own money that you’ve earned and just simply pay back from your own pay check is also a good thing. Without PayActiv I don’t know what I would do. I’d probably be in debt and in an even harder position if I had to do through a payday loan service. I recommend using this app.
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8 months ago, KatWha21
Doesn’t work anymore
This app used to work like a charm. However, it began to be unreliable about a year ago. My earnings use to update regularly then it suddenly stopped. I contacted support via email and was told to send a photo of my time sheet. I did this and still nothing since then. My earnings continued to not update, and now it won’t show me the information regarding my payactiv card. It continues to tell me to apply for a card or link an existing one. So, I tried to link my existing one, and it gives me an error. When I tried to see what happened when I apply for a new one, that doesn’t work either. So overall, this app is too unreliable and doesn’t work anymore. No point in bothering anymore.
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4 years ago, Kokoels2019
My Account never updates
I repaid the money I borrowed on the app I’ve had 2 pay periods since 10/25 and it still says I would have to wait till Dec to use again. December is here I was able to access $46 out of $1400 biweekly. Out of working 10 days it only allows me $46?? My Son was laid off and I had to pay his rent and utilities twice and my own mortgage and car payments, etc so sometimes I may need a little help get through the week. What’s the purpose of downloading this app if it doesn’t update?
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2 years ago, CJ420
I signed up for Payactiv to take advantage of the Murphy Express gas discount, but could never link my bank account and debit card to the buggy app despite numerous attempts. Called several times and would always get conflicting info from each rep (their call center is outsourced and the operators are impolite) about what to do or what the issue was, and some would promise to “escalate” the issue for resolution but nothing would happen. Finally I was told to re-add my bank account but ultimately I decided it was not worth the hassle and asked them to cancel my card and close my account. It concerns me that this company has my personal info and I worry whether it’s safe with them. I would advise against using this “service.”
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4 months ago, Jenluvdan
Fixes with pay
I just think there needs to be more customer service and there needs to be more people that can tell you exactly what is going on with your pay. I have had multiple times now where my page does not make sense and does not seem correct and I don’t seem to get anywhere with the customer service. There was three days that I was not able to access this weekend and I just think that with such a huge app that we pay so much money to use it needs to be fixed to work perfectly. I know nothing is perfect but at least try to fix it so that we do not miss out on any pay at all.
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2 years ago, OverIt08
Waste of time
Because of KNOWN problem I have waited over a month to get a card. First they say it was sent to wrong address … my twin is my mail carrier and the carrier at the other address. Nothing with my name went to the WRONG address! After waiting a week for the replacement they are now saying it’s a known problem that several people are experiencing and please be patient. I think over a month…. I think that is patient. My deposit goes in tomorrow. Guess I will take a hit and pay a transfer fee so I can get my money. Will be closing this useless account. Oh and they say your deposit goes in 2 days early. My payday is tomorrow and my balance is “0”….. I can get paid tomorrow at my current bank!
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3 months ago, blawlz
Beware of getting stuck in the cycle…
Not only will no one work with you if you have an emergency, or are trying to budget to not use this anymore which gets you stuck in a self perpetuating cycle of anxiety from getting less than half of you paycheck, now it takes F O R E V E R to even login. What’s up with that? It’s been on average five minutes putting in your password, waiting for it to tell you to do it all over again, just for it not to work. This is not a user issue, I know my password and my thumbprint obviously hasn’t changed. Now it takes forever to even access your “earned wages.” Loading your livelihood? Yeah right, more like “Loading the most frustrating cash advance app ever.”
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1 week ago, FrownyFace88
Funds no longer available?
For the first month or two this app was amazing. I was able to get a percentage of my earned wages transferred to my debit card whenever I wanted as long as I had already earned it at work. Now all of a sudden I can’t do that. In the app it says I have money that I can access as I usually would, but when I select “get” money the following page shows I have no money I can access. This is very frustrating because being paid bi-weekly I had come to depend on the few hundred dollars I was able to get halfway through the pay period. I’ve tried chatting with customer service but got nowhere.
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1 year ago, justme58264628
Needs improvement
It definitely helps in a pinch however they get there moneys worth and then some by only giving you small increments at a time. So if you don’t minde being nickeled and domed to take $40 here or $60 there your good. The only true issue I have is that when I try to log in I am nicked out by the apps harassment to use my facial recognition. Doesn’t matter that I have hit do not ask again it does it every single time mocking g out my password each time so I have to type it over. This is a feature I DO NOT USE on my phone so stop harassing me to set it up! Fix your app don’t ask again means don’t ask again!
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