PayPal Prepaid

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User Reviews for PayPal Prepaid

2.58 out of 5
486 Ratings
5 years ago, Sudiddidi
Would really like to see the Touch ID feature
Why is there no Touch ID feature??? I read a review from one person mentioning this feature. And the developer responded they were looking into it and that was a year ago. Please add this feature!!, Other than that I have been using this card for over 6 years and never have had a problem. I get my direct deposits 2 days earlier and paying only 5 bucks a month really have no complaints
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2 years ago, Aronhgjdh
Ingo has a lot of your info
Yea I just now updated this app because I had a pretty big check to deposit so I figured “hey, I used to use PayPal prepaid and it worked well for me” but now? No. I’m one of those people who complain another new UI but everything was just THERE for you to find and then they decided “you know what would make this even better? A million branches!” Anyway, the company or software or what that they use to upload your your checks actually take literally ALL your info and your literal location which is SUPER invasive to me. Like PayPal already has my social why do I need to double down on giving it again, along with my freaking location. Then reading further it says if you want to remove consent for all this, THEY have to determine if enough time has passed for them to remove. Sounds a little R-wordy to me….oh you no longer consent? Well we’ll see about that! Yea no, I deleted the app immediately and I will be calling them to remove my info from their platform
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4 weeks ago, Anjedu
0 stars
Your apps don’t work half the time and so I’m constantly getting locked out and having to call somebody which is insanely ridiculous because you make talking to a real person who doesn’t know English extremely difficult adding to the problem and your company is so focused on the business aspect that you are completely out of date with your prepaid card service. You have never updated the cards to include chip and your prepaid online page is barebones at best. You have never taken the time to make the accounts easy to access or to send and receive money to anyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account specifically. I’ve been a customer for years and I’m finally done, so done in fact I’ve been rolling over to an actual bank account and I despise banks but at least they are “with the times” so to speak. I still can’t decipher how to transfer money to and from my prepaid to my business account going on 10+ years. If you’re considering using PayPal for anything other than business account services DON’T.
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3 years ago, Parker Clarkson
The app would be awesome but is by far the lease developed app I’ve used in the last decade. When logging into your account it seems like it redirects you to PayPal’s website, not only does this seem like a very insecure way or setting up the app but it also forces you to enter all of your information every time you need to check your balance, because of this redirection the app also takes forever to load. This app would be 90% better if it was updated to include Face ID or at the very minimum remember my email. If your thinking or PayPal prepaid. This alone would lead me to a different choice of card. The fact that this card is not integrated into the PayPal platform in the same way as the PayPal cash card is a huge let down. I’ve also seen a similar comment from over 3 years ago. Don’t be fooled. NETSPEND has no intention of updating this or fixing it in any way. I’ll be clear though. PayPal is great. NETSPEND is a joke, wish PayPal didn’t skimp and hired some app developers that care about user experience.
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10 months ago, Timbofosho
Your fault if you do!
Read em all and respond correctly! It’s a scam! You know it is before you even got here, you just wanted to have faith in the PayPal brand! NOPE! They are quite literally robbing people of their money. Fees if you order a new card, sure. Buy one in a store and BUCKLE UP! They are just going to take whatever you put on the card in store and leave you without any option of recovery. Register online, and you’ll get an error with a phone number to call. Call the phone number and they’ll say “invalid card number or social security number”! Eventually, they hang up on you! It is literally designed to rob you of your money and frustrate you so you just give up and won’t spend time trying to recoup your loss! I bought one for a child to take on an out-of-state trip so I would have the ability to reload it as needed. Trip is tomorrow and all I’ve done is hand over $23 for a piece of trash and a waste of my time and energy with nothing for him to use! FRAUD OUT IN THE OPEN! Read them all!
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2 years ago, roy2867
PayPal prepaid debit card my MasterCharge
I purchased a card at Walmart and loaded $50 on it. The recipient could not use it, so I went online to activate the card. Well, it is a nightmare. It sends you a text and it lures you into getting another card. If you select to remain on line to activate it say, “invalid key” and hangs up. I have tried every thing. PayPal stops you by say the card is not linked. And the online tel number they give won’t do anything but send you another card.I am in the process of filing a complaint complete with online script to the FTC and to the Conumer Affairs for my state. I am alerting Local TV stations that have “ on your side”segments. I am asking the BBB to alert those who purchase those cards that they are a sham! Also, I will complain to Walmart for selling the duds. You people should be ashamed of your behavior on these items. Taking peoples money and not allowing them to use the cards and, get this, they charge you fees until the money on the card is gone!!
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5 years ago, Airborne82ndSF
👍👍VIRTUAL Card+And Security👍👍
I like this bank a lot. I had a bad charge placed on my account they fixed the problem Immediately without no hassle. No paperwork etc. A MAJOR Plus Is The Virtual Credit Cards They Issue And The REAL Time Notifications When Your Account Is Billed For ANY Charge. The Virtual Cards Are Awesome For Online Shopping 🛒 Or Anywhere the Physical Card is NOT Required!!You NEVER have to put your Main Card on the Internet. Virtual Cards Are Disposable TOO. Pay Once and Expire the Virtual Card . No more worries about bogus charges again. Another Plus Is You ALWAYS can get to your own Money. I had to get replacement cards . Instead of tying up my money until I received my replacements. I just used my Virtual Card. They Are Awesome 👏 when the physical card is not required. Nice Job
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4 years ago, javier000222333
Pending transactions.
I use this card to pay child support. I made a payment for $600 using this card. They put ahold on the card for $600 dollars and it’s pending. Child support fever made that charged and cancelled the hold. I had to pay child support again $600 dollars Thant came out of my account. I tell PayPal that I have a double charge on my account they say yea we see it. I tell them to where’s my money and the say well even though we took the money out of your account it’s pending so your good. But I can’t use that money it was subtracted from my account and the only way I can get that money back is to get the comapany that never got that money because they only requested a hold and they never got the money to rite them a letter and the company said no PayPal never gave us the money. Is pending in my transaction but PayPal refuses to cancel the pending transaction when is my money and my account so if the transaction is pending where is my money
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4 years ago, Yu china
Worst App I’ve ever used
This is literally the worst app and service I’ve ever used. 1 star is not enough to express how frustrated I am with it. Simply put, I have got a Paypal Prepaid Master card but I just cannot make it useable no matter how I try. Trying to activate the card online or in the app will just hang there forever, showing the rolling loading sign. I finally managed to activate the card by calling customer service (which is super tedious process as well), and now I’m stuck again at Register for Online Account Access, which is necessary for transferring from my Paypal account to this card. It just hangs there forever. Calling the customer service just keeps me on hold forever as well. How brilliant app design and service this whole thing is! Never going to use it ever again, and this makes me just want to just quit using Paypal all together because if a company can make such garbage app and service, the company is probably not trustworthy.
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2 years ago, Zellvintine
Horrible experience
Had to download the app just to write a review. I wanted to purchase Eth crypto and needed an acct balance on my PayPal. So I bought a prepaid card. All self activation fail due to the web page not processing the “use this card” button. Gets stuck on use this card. No way past it. Used 2 different phones and a desktop PC. Finally getting frustrated after driving to the store putting money on it driving back only for the poor activation instructions to leave you empty handed I called customer service. This guy activates it and I jump through more hoops to link that card. Next I find you cannot transfer the balance to the PayPal acct. then I try to use it for buying the crypto. You can’t. Wasted hours of time and money for nothing. Wish I could give a negative rating! Guy from customer service says this is most of his calls. Redick! HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!
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7 years ago, RMOBCHICK
Can’t use mobile check
I absolutely love PayPal and my MasterCard and how easy it is to reload... however the mobile check feature doesn’t work for me and gives me an error every time saying that it cannot verify my identity. I find this really annoying because I don’t have any other place that I can go cash my check without a fee. I tried calling tech-support and they were absolutely no help to me to try to figure out why this was happening. I had ordered another net spend card at one time and when I activated it this mobile check feature stopped working. I have been trying since to deactivate that other card so that maybe I can use the mobile check feature. Please help.
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5 years ago, Lramirez131
Only got worse
So far, on two separate occasions, I have purchased something using my prepaid card and then immediately getting deducted but a week or so later, the payment would end up missing from the other companies. I would get emails saying payment returned to bank but nope. So where the hell in my money? I have almost $200 dollars missing because of two payment mishaps by you guys. I filed and reported the situation and my responses would be, not only days later, but they will never be solved. On top of that, I’m trying to transfer money now into my card and they are giving me the run around on why it’s not working. This problem is the last straw. PayPal prepaid, I’m done with you. And I want my money found.
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3 years ago, Cadidlia€
Not a necessary app
This app takes me longer to sign into then it does from my regular browser. My regular browser remembers my email and even has face recognition for my password. Every time I go onto this app, it forgets my email and I have to load it manually. So, I really see no need to use this app. When the app becomes user-friendly and easier to use than my browser, then maybe I will revisit this app.
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6 years ago, LPdubya
Have to sign in, two step, every time...
The amount of time I have to waste logging in and doing two step with my PayPal account, each time I open the app is absurd. Five a month for a checking account and debit card that almost every bank in my immediate area offers for free is not a problem if you have simple features like iOS Touch ID support.... or you know.... a “remember this device” check box.... It’s like this App has amnesia in regards to my account details. Would put money on it that NetSpend doesn’t forget my details when they go to sell my transaction history to 3rd parties for the “Your Offers” program... I can respect the side hustle, but seriously you should make it so the user experience is seamless, before you start hocking user data. This isn’t even a first world problem... Almost every app INCLUDING my local “small town” credit union supports Touch ID, and “remember this device” when it comes to two step. Step up your game NetSpend and for the love of Steve Jobs, don’t blame it on PayPal, get it done.
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5 years ago, GiggyHorn
Great Company Great Card PayPal
I have been using this company PayPal and using there prepaid cards since 2007, buying on eBay,Amazon,online shopping, I absolutely love this company and there prepaid cards I have never had any problems and if there is any they are handled very professionally and with the PayPal prepaid card App makes things just that much easier with keeping up with my bills and how much I have spent and have available 5Stars from a very happy PayPal Customer..
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6 months ago, Uchee her
The app takes time to load.
I have used this app for more than a year and most of the times it takes a lot of time to load. I also have to turn off and turn back on my phone for it to open.
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4 years ago, Kyleesdaddy
No refund when your account has fraud
Last weekend someone used a card scanner at an atm and must have made a duplicate of my atm card. A total of 600$ was taken from My account before I could pause the card. I asked them for a provisional 600$ to be put in my account until they complete their case (which is what they told me to do) and a week later I haven’t heard a word from them. I’ve had the account for 5 years. Show some loyalty like I have and understand how much 600$ means to your customers these days. At the very least message an update... I know to you guys 600$ is nothing but to my family it was everything. Shameful, it really is.
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8 months ago, CRMEPO9
My prepaid card has fraud within 5 minutes of activating so they shut my card off - I called which btw is difficult in itself as you have to maneuver 20 questions to even get an agent . That agent stated they were sorry they could send me a new card within 3 days - I bought this card because I needed a very specific purchase TODAY. So I ask- we’ll can you transfer it to my PayPal account ? NOPE. Apparently you can send funds from your PayPal account but no vice a versa- oh and a refund takes 10 days. I paid for this in cash?!?! Waste of time horrible service I’m closing my PayPal account
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2 years ago, Disappearing Seach Bar
Why can’t paypal get it together?????
I’m back trying to write another review because I hate this app/ card so much! Why doesn’t the app or site connect to my acct unless I’m connected to wifi? My network logs in and connects to every other site/app but this one just goes around ans around even when I have full bars! Not to mention I have to constantly put in all my info than do 5 security checks before it does connect. It makes me put my email and password every time, like get it together!! Why are u taking $5 a month? Your app is garbage and I’d give it neg stars if I could. PAYPAL COME ON STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!
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3 years ago, Good Times Louie
Total Scam
I purchased a card from DG to make safer online purchases. I loaded the card at the time of purchase, only to find out I have to literally apply for the card. What the heck?? After submitting all the info required on the app, my card was still blocked pending further verification. I’m only getting refunded the amount loaded onto the card and not the purchase price. Someone is making the purchase price and should have been refunded as well. Stay away from this preloaded debit card, might as well apply for an actual card. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CARD!!
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4 years ago,
Mobile Check Isn’t Working, Can’t Move Money TO PayPal Accnt
Have had this card for a few years now. The only useful thing about it is having bank account and routing numbers. Other than that, not worth your time. Currently, the mobile check function isn’t working (and yes, I’ve looked to make sure there isn’t a man update) and you were never able to move money from this card TO your regular PayPal account. This causes quite a bit of restriction with what you can do with your own money.
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1 year ago, RachaelM39
High class 2 trash
This used to be a pretty good app.. now it’s garbage. I’m going to have to figure out something else for exchanging funds with someone, deposits, etc. I don’t know what PayPal did but this app is terrible now. I cannot even get it to log me in. I either get a blank screen or it takes me back to PayPal homepage. I used to be able to log in, load cash back offers, check my balance, set notifications etc. it was quick & easy. Could check my balance anytime. Won’t do anything now. Finding a new bank
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6 months ago, Kushinadr
It’s hackable site!
Do not use paypal. They are being hacked. I just got off the line with them for nearly 3 hours trying to unlock my account. While i was on the line the hacker was attempting multiple times to get through. They denied me my right to even try to verify my identity and would not even offer anything to help out in the meantime. Your account could be next, they don’t respect your authenticator or anything else just calling in and retrying multiple times is good for them to attempt and change things!
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7 years ago, sharyn belieber
Love it
Well I love this app since I put all my payments in my PayPal Account or in my debit PayPal prepaid it's really easy to use and good To go ! This is my bank right lol because I have my TD BANK account closed for the moment but I really like the PayPal prepaid u can transfer your PayPal money into this prepaid card it is so good n better for me now I can use my PayPal money anytime whit my prepaid debit !
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6 years ago, liz soria
Add finger print password please.
Love the app been using it for over 4 years now. One thing that it will be nice is if you put the finger print for password like other banks do now. Hopefully in the future you guys can add that to the app. Kind of annoying putting password every time when you try to login.
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4 years ago, Wcoolnana
Useless App! Can’t login using PayPal Account!
Bought a PayPal Prepaid card at CVS. PayPal has nothing to do with this company, Netspend — only uses PayPal name rights license. Once you finally are able to activate the card — only by phone call. App is incapable of activating cards — after giving your life’s story, SS# and answer credit bureau questions & promise your first born child to Netspend; you still CAN NOT link the PayPal Prepaid card to your PayPal account. The app is also incapable of registering the card for paypal-prepaid(dot)com online account access. You get the circling drain GIF for all your trouble. WORTHLESS!
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6 years ago, Jbelanger80
Major help needed
This review is strictly on the log in portion. I really hate having to type in my log in email and password every time I use this app. Needs to be more like the regular PayPal app and have fingerprint unlock option and able to memorize email address. Will update review once fixed thanks. Update. 5-2-18 Still waiting on a good update. I really wish companies would actually listen to their customers for a change and fix the products they use.
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5 years ago, cant detet
missing money
i signed in to this app with my paypal login transferred $10 from my paypal balance to my prepaid card and it shows completed but there la a zero balance on both! i called paypal and they transfer me to the number on the prepaid master card when i call the number on the card and they transfer me to paypal and both sides acknowledged that they see the transaction it doesn’t seem legal lose customers money and not offer a provisional credit at least my money has been missing since Friday and i fee helpless
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4 years ago, nwnqksowmbwbkabwhjqkamajw
This prepaid PayPal MasterCard is the worst prepaid card I have ever had! PayPal is rediculous and trying to access the card balance is such an unnecessarily long process involving setting up multiple accounts. And once I loaded money on this card it has not worked and will not work for any online purchases. When I tried activating the card it says it’s been declined by the bank issued which makes absolutely no sense because I paid almost $200 to put that money on this card. PayPal where the hell is my money!?
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4 years ago, Pvteye62
Net Spend Nightmare
What an absolute nightmare this card. Don’t do it. Spent over an hour trying to set this up with my store bought card. After an hour trying to set this up with no luck I had the misfortune of having to call customer service . What a joke, I reach a rep who failed English class. After over an hour on the phone with this agent I gave up. Do yourself a favor and have a interpreter with you if you need to call CS. Don’t use this card. Not worth the headache. A day later and I still can’t use this card .
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7 years ago, FrenchMajesty
Bad usability
This is a great app because it’s very useful but its unfortunately very difficult to use.. The UX is really bad. For example I hate having to sign in with my PayPal account every single time I open this app... even if it’s 10 minutes later! This app seems more like a wrap for an HTML5 App but even then it still needs serious improvement. Make the login simpler! I shouldn’t have to enter my ID every single time I open this app... Why not use Touch ID?
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4 years ago, Yahweh loves u
Don’t buy paypal prepaid!
What a hassle! Needed this money on my card NOW but COULD NOT ACTIVATE. Foreigners for customer service asking for my social security number, etc. Now they are making me email a copy of my license, my Social Security card and a piece of mail to confirm my address. I have to wait up to six hours for their approval to use the card I paid cash for. Unbelievably frustrating and I can’t return it now because it’s pending in their computer. Worst policies! Very inconvenient and quite infuriating! Thanks for nothing PayPal!!
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1 year ago, dvgsrh
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t even work, when I went to go activate my card, I went through all of the steps until it got to the part where it asks you to use your current card or get a personalized one. No matter which option you select it doesn’t allow you to click continue like no matter what it just glitches. I don’t really have high standards for apps however, I do expect them to actually work.
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4 years ago, Holdereric76
Just funny how people giving bad reviews it works great for me no problem what so ever can load a check with no problem can transfer money from PayPal to bank with no problem what so ever
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4 years ago, JustSayNo....
F****** Joke
I was out of town and had no money in my bank account, and no bank nearby to deposit any, so I bought one of these cards so I would b able to get a hotel room for the night. They promptly locked my account for identity verification and needed a copy of my social security card to unlock my account. I don’t travel with that so I was out that money plus no hotel room. That’s ridiculous that I have to verify my identity to use money I just put on the card minutes prior. Rip off
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4 years ago, dudebro157
For the biggest online financial middle-man, you'd think they could pay people with half a brain to develop an app that loads properly. I usually have to sign in twice for my totals to show, unbelievable. My internet is fast and reliable, nothing to do with the garbage one of the richest companies on the planet has created. Thanks for nothing, paypal. Then again you ban people for wrongthink like dailystormer, so I can't blame you for not making an app worth salt.
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2 years ago, marvelicious88
Not getting access to the prepaid app
Hi I have the PayPal prepaid card and I downloaded the prepaid mobile app and recently when I login the app is sending me to PayPal app and not the prepaid mobile app. I can’t even see what’s my balances are or any transactions or deposits at all. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled with no success. I do not know what’s going on with the prepaid app but calling on the phone just to check is very frustrating and unhelpful.
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4 years ago, ownsjan
Do not buy!!!!
I bought this card 3 months ago and still haven’t activated it. I got required to verify my account like 4 times and have done it all 4 times, and then go in to sign in and it still says to verify your account. And don’t get me started with the customer service it is even worse. I got asked the same things over and over again throughout that whole conversation. The whole thing is a waste of time and a waste of money.
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3 years ago, tdogjames1217
I bought a reloadable prepaid card from Walmart thinking it was the same as a non-reloadable MasterCard. I often buy prepaid MasterCards and link them to my PayPal account to buy things online. However I was not informed that you need to be 18+ and provide your social security number to even activate the card and spend money. Now I can’t return the card, and I can’t use the $100 I put on it when I bought it at the register. I was basically scammed out of my money.
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5 years ago, Barazor
PayPal MasterCard
I tried to apply for a card on the website , and it kept giving me an error. I guess it’s because I am applying from Africa which might indicate that the PayPal MasterCard application is limited to Americans. So disappointing because I am not able to withdraw money from my PayPal account using the ATM. At the moment, I can only do online transactions. Please fix the problem and stop geo-blocking services based on location. PayPal should be a global service provider without discrimination.
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10 months ago, A tired & fed up person
Nope doesn’t work
PayPal & this company require you to go thru PayPal the website if you have a PayPal acct to look at your PayPal prepaid acct. Even though there is no way to access your PayPal prepaid acct from the Paypal acct. You just click and click and hope it goes to your PayPal prepaid acct. This app is useless! Just needed an easy way to look at my prepaid acct. PayPal in general has more ways to mishandle your money & keep you in the dark about your acct that most companies.
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2 years ago, drewdav
The worst
Terrible customer service, money grabbing, clueless, just a deplorable service. PayPal should be ashamed to put their name on this. PayPal doesn’t understand it, and the card issuer doesn’t. I called PayPal to resolve something with my card and got transferred to five different people in two depts who eventually told me to call the card issuer. The card issuer then told me that they couldn’t help and I’d have to call PayPal. Trust me, avoid this app and service like covid.
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4 years ago, jridweird
early direct deposit
the worst card to receive money on ever if you want it early! Everything started ok for a month and i got my check early! Then they stopped making my money available early! My work deposits money the same time every week but paypal prepaid card will not make it available the same time every week! A terrible company! Do not get if you want for early direct deposit!
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4 years ago, sanibel 082
Total scam
This is the absolute biggest scam. I had to jump through hoops to activate the cards that I bought, then could not load them to my PayPal account. Finally figured out a workaround to get the cash off of them that I had loaded!! Then had to jump through hoops to cancel, I still have gotten a confirmation email if me canceling! I need to sign up for LifeLock now in case they stole my identity. And customer service was total jerks. Save the hassle and DON’T get them.
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3 years ago, betsy$101
Worked great at first
Everything went fine the first week. I loved I could instantly see my purchase and how much money I had left. Then just like that my account locked 🔒. I have reached out to customer service, so I’ll see if the problem is fixed and how long it takes. I’ll write another review when I hear back from customer service.
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2 years ago, xCluex
They’re a scam do not use this!
I had 400$ sent to me and they just took the money. When I spoke to a representative she insisted that the money was never sent to me when I proved the information to prove the money indeed was sent she said she sees the transfer now but they money didn’t go thru. When I asked why she proceed to yell at me telling me there’s no money. I am going to move forward with this to receive my 400$.
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6 years ago, ryeckley82
Easy interface, doesn't remember login
The interface is easy to use, however it would be even better if the app actually remembered the PayPal login credentials. Any other app I use I only have to login once and then I can link touch ID or I can have it remember the user ID and password. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, Laila's_Mommy
Card Compromised x2
This is the second time my card has been compromised and what do you know, my paycheck is deposited to this card. It’s now Wednesday and j inn without any money AT ALL. My Birthday is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday to me I guess, SMH!!!! It’s going to take 7-10 days for me to receive my new card or I can be charged extra to have one shipped sooner but it will still take up to 3 days.
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6 years ago, Ru812freak
Nightmare to activate
Worst service ever!!! Why did I pick this thing up. I only wanted to pay with cash online. I already have a PayPal account with A 5000 dollar credit. They can’t verify my ID why ? They have no affection with PayPal, and their ID verification process requires a Social security number???? I provided all of my information, minus DNA! I have state identification, and a passport. Yet, this useless overly expensive card service can not verify identity for a prepaid card?
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4 years ago, spend-money
My Money
This app do not show my my money! It directs my to the other PayPal cash card app. When you call PayPal Prepaid they act as if they do not know what they are doing before someone comes to inform you that the card do not work that way. I can not transfer my money from my PayPal Prepaid Master Card to My PayPal Cash Card! So my question is what is the purpose of PAYPAL & IT’S SERVICES? I am thinking about just moving on to a bank or credit union any suggestions?
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