Paysend Money Transfer App

4.8 (11.9K)
147.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Paysend Technology limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Paysend Money Transfer App

4.75 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
2 years ago, tppost
Very KGB-like customer service, inadequate response on the issue.
I was using it just fine for the 5 first transactions. All of a sudden the “can’t verify your identity” started to come up on on the screen. I requested help from customer support chat option. Was told that the reason I am unable to complete the transaction is because they are having 3D verification upgrade in the system. I was recommended to add a new card. I did. Then I was recommended to add SSN and right away the account was blocked. A very rude explanation was that my SSN was not verified and I needed to submit the drivers license, photo, passport. I have never was serviced by a customer support representative at the bank in a such a rude manner. As if there was a KGB agent behind the chat demanding all the proof. I said that the origin of the issue was not my ssn but the system upgrade to 3D verification. I had requested to remove my SSN. In reply I heard that the identification team will get in touch via email. I requested to close my account and heard nothing back in re of the matter. Only that the team will be in touch. I had to google how to permanently delete the account. Deleted it. Yet, next day the identification team sent me email requesting passport, drivers license and photo. In star review didn’t get posted, had to give it five,
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5 years ago, 23453451435234534
Works! Amazing!
I have to say, everyone in the small country of Belarus (it’s between Russia and Ukraine) pays bills and purchases items by sending money to a business’s or a person’s debit card. Kind of the complete opposite where, here in the us, business charge credit cards. This is the only app I found that worked, that could send money to a debit card instantly. Not just any debit card, but a Belarusian debit card, and do so instantly. So I could buy my Cousin Flowers for her birthday while she was in Belarussia. This is the only app that works after trying like 20 of them including Apple Pay and Google Pay, which require recipients to be in the same country. The flower shop received money directly to their debit card, which I still find weird as an American. Thank you PaySend!
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4 years ago, slobodi
Always having issues with verification.
I started using this app over a year ago, everything was fine from the start because I was still under $1,000 limit. Things started going crazy when I went over that limit, I have to send funds home for my family upkeep, every time they make me send in my ID and even my bank info for some stupid verification, which I did at first. It took a while and my account was unlocked and then locked again because this app decided to stop accepting my bank card after a while year of transacting with them. They will not give me any reasons as to why they stop and I was forced to use another bank card. They eventually locked my account and asked me for a selfie of me, my ID and the card that I’m trying to use. They even went to the extent of asking me for my international passport which is really stupid. Why are you asking me for my life details?? I’m not a new customer, I have been using your app over a year and you have all my transaction history and I don’t know why you’re making life so difficult. All I want to do is send funds home for my family upkeep and you are making that impossible for me. This app is garbage, I don’t know the kind of customer service team they have set up in their office but they really don’t know what they are doing. You guys are really messed up.
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3 months ago, ziza za
Horrible customer service and requesting biometric data and card info
This is my second feedback. My first feedback was not published. First of all they requested me to send them my driver license, requested my biometrics data, requested to send them all my cards photo or bank account statements. I am not able to send 200$ until I they do not collect all my financial information that is actual insane. When I asked why they want to collect all my data and how can I be sure that tomorrow my money will not be stolen from my bank account as I am not even sure whom I am sending my information, customer service said it is regulation I need to read somewhere that rule. Please just let your customers know that we will not be able to use your app as it is claimed until we provide you all our biometrics data, card account information, that will simplify everything and I will use another services. Two days waiting the transfer to be done and no proper communication nor the transfer itself. If the app is not designed to do what was claimed just let your customers know, unless it looks like fraud collecting personal information.
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7 months ago, monkafp
I need my money refunded
I am writing this here with so much displeasure in my heart because I feel like I’m a victim of some kind of scam on this app. I have been using this app for a long while until it started acting funny. Every transaction I made using the my bank will give me security warning meaning it was becoming less and less trusting. I made a transaction transfer of like 400€ and this payment deducted the money from my account but never released my money. It was pending for days I write them they keep giving me flimsy excuses claiming it will be refunded after 3 business days which finally came to pass and I still didn’t receive my money and now I write them they don’t respond anymore. Please this is totally disheartening because that money was for an urgent course , they didn’t only fail with the processing time they failed to refund back my money . From an agent replying me suddenly I was been put on automatic robot replies. All I see is a professional case of scam. If you are using this app be very careful cause you might be a victim to someday just like me
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1 year ago, Galina Chzhen
The best and budget-friendly
I support/transfer money to animal rescues outside of the US. Western Inion is a ripoff. PayPal withholds some money for the international transfer from them. And then because in other countries they don’t have routing numbers you can NOT add foreign bank accounts, you only can add cards and then they charge because you transfer your balance to a card and not to a bank account - so these struggling nonprofits are being charged twice! So happy I learn about this app and money I transfer arrives directly to their account and don’t require extra steps - and already available couple minutes after the transfer! Thank you PaySend!
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1 year ago, MND19
Horrible customer service !
I was using this app for a while ! Than for some UNKNOWN reason they ask me to confirm my BANK STATEMENTs to the random app o should provide my routing and acc number!! More over before I provide the my driver’s license with a picture ID! Next what? When I was trying to send money to my family who needs them so much. This guys from customer support are rude and do not care about the real customers now at least 14 of my friends left this app and will write an honest review shortly ! Respect your clients and be customer oriented app. ! It’s not even a 1 star it’s below that how they treat me after using an app for a long time ! I close my eyes on their robbing currency exchange rates! It’s hilarious, but I was ok. Loosing way much while sending. But this block me and ask for my papers from the bank !? I’m not willing to give any of my personal info to anyone specially to this rude guys ! Be careful with them !!!!!
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2 years ago, anavik23
A true lifeline
After many years of being unable to transfer money to my family in Russia, Paysend has been a true lifeline for my family. They are not tech savvy and every attempt with banks account numbers and swift and iban, etc have always failed us. This was a huge relief to find Paysend and have the ability to transfer debit card to debit card. I beg you, please open up the ability to send to Russia again. It is the only way I can help keep my dad and little sister and handicapped uncle alive and fed during this hard time. The people of Russia do not want this war. Please, I beg you, allow us to make USA - Russia transfers. Their lives depend on it.
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3 years ago, denmiamibch
Terrible customer service, account frozen
I have been using this service for more than 3 years, been a dedicated customer…. I don’t know what happened but it became impossible to use it, all of the sudden they froze my account and requested bank statements, debit card and ID pictures and my selfie holding my debit card. I sent everything they requested and it’s been over a month now and my account is still under review… I am afraid now what are they going to do with my sensitive information….
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10 months ago, Max1235813
It works until it does not
Service works with multiple confirmations through your bank, my bank always suspicious about transfers via paysend up to temporarily blocking my debit card. That said transfers worked until paysend all of a sudden decided to do verification on my recipient over $60 transfer, after that you cannot do anything - customer service is terrible at best, verification documents were emailed but after waiting for days still no result. In the end it was easier to abandon Paysend and pay ridiculous fee to my bank for wire transfer rather than go back and forth with Paysend customer support for days. If you get into this situation don't waste your time with their customer support just look for other ways to transfer right away - you’ll save yourself good amount of time!
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11 months ago, wes4445
So far , So Bad
Signed up to use the service and there are some intense verification features to use. Fine. I get it, protect my money and track transactions by asking to provide a passport and a card with a picture. No problem. I do this and multiple rotating support agents send canned responses without reading my replies and responding like a human. I have verified my passport and debit card i want to use and they are asking me for Apple Pay information too. I am not using Apple Pay? Why do I need to send information about my other personal financial accounts that have nothing to do with my transactions? I have other bank accounts and cards too ? Do I have to verify all cards even though I will never use them and paysend will never see them ? So far this seems to be the only app that sends to the location I need but searching for others asap.
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3 years ago, Илджрае
The worst
This app has so many bugs. I've been dealing with paysend for two months now and it's terrible. The application: not working properly. As the result they ask customers to send highly sensitive information (bank details, picture of debit cards, IDs) via email! After two month of our email exchange they still require me to “validate my email” on the app. When I am clicking on the option to validate the email nothing is happening. This application is a joke. Customer service does respond quickly but it's no use. It feels like they do not exchange the information internally and keep asking same questions over and over again. Very annoying Most importantly after two month I am still unable to complete a single transaction via Paysend! I guess it's better than losing my money like other customers reported. I would have given up on Paysend already but I need to pay for a service and my provider does not accept Paypal. My advice is run/do not deal with Paysend. Find a better and more reliable money transfer company. PS: based on my experience and reading others' horrible experiences losing their money I suggest you take with a grain of salt all the glowing reviews. Especially the ones that offer a coupon ;)
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1 year ago, Atoyf
can not close the account for a week now
Downloaded the app to try it out, never even got tuning any transactions through it, UI is terrible, not intuitive. The overall feel of the app was - scam. Well, and so is my interaction with their support team - I worked with about 3-4 different support folks who were asking the same templatized questions over and over and over again. At the end the case was closed abruptly with the last comment that someone else will be in touch with me to look into closing my account. It’s the second day after the tech support case closure and no one has gotten in touch with me. They keep my account and personal information hostages. Do not use or download this app, in fact someone needs to bring this to apples attention via official means. These people are charlatans.
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4 years ago, sofiasmirnovaaa
Horrible customer support via email!!!!
Horrible customer support via email!!!! They taking forever to reply!!! If you have any trouble go to their office website and require live chat !!! Fast and easy!!!!! And if your payment is not going through gets decline! First call your bank to figure out what’s going on and then contact Paysend! That way it would take less time!!! And you can do your payments faster! I only figured out what was wrong only because of live chat! They replied to my email after 5 days! And btw i didn’t had that much time because the person was waiting for money and because of the time difference it was even harder! So if you in a rush, I suggest you to call your bank first and then request live chat on their official website!!!
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2 years ago, i-need-a-babysitter
Does not transfer money from visa gift card, and definitely not instant.
When I attempted to do that, I was asked to send a picture of my ID and the card (with my name clear on the card) to customer service, I sent picture of my ID but not the card (because what if the CS steal that card info? I’m paranoid like that) I was contacted after 2 days/48 hours with questions like: 1. What’s the reason of the transfer? 2. Send PDF with official bank statement proving you own the card. It’s a visa gift card so definitely there will be no bank statement and my name isn’t on the card… I understand the reason for security but why to tend to false advertising and mislead customers by claiming it’s instant and can help transfer visa gift card funds to bank? I removed the app as it definitely does not help me.
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2 years ago, Alko557
Very buggy app, worst customer service ever
I made several transactions with this app and it was fine, but then all of a sudden I tried to do another transaction some time after, with the same payment info for both recipient and receiver, and it doesn’t go through. I contacted their support and was told that this is my bank’s issue , and the bank says that it's Paysend who is rejecting the transaction. So I was trying to go to Paysend support again but it’s chat bot doesn’t prompt any conversation at all, and I tried logging out and even re-installing the app but it doesn’t help. Even before this recent issue I had issues of the same kind with this app. Overall: poor customer service, and super buggy app with main functionality not working.
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4 years ago, Narcosnelly
World class app
I still can’t believe it that this app works so great as it has been working for me I have been all over the website for about 4 months or more looking for how to send money abroad I really can’t believe this app, it work so great and wonderful I have been using it to send money now about 3 weeks ago, The comfort it this apps gives me tempted me to come drop this review on it I don’t know how they do it But I know when I ask for a money to be send from my debit card, within 30min my recipient sees the money I haven’t seen anything as efficient as that all my life, even world remit doesn’t work that way, If there’s any rate better than 5 you people deserve it Kudos to you for making such a app for people like us 🤲🏾🤲🏾❤️
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1 year ago, Asadillo Nurmatov
Not compatible
I use iPhone 11 with up-to-date iOS which is 16.3.1. I have been trying to install this app for almost 3 months, but no use. Every time I try to sign up and enter my phone number, it automatically goes back to the homepage. There’s nothing forward. It just goes back to the homepage. I don’t know why it happens, I need some software experts to solve this. I tried to reach the customer service line, but I guess it takes more than a year to get response. Nobody responds on a service chat which is used for customer support. I put 3 stars because my friends have been using this app really well. If I get able to use as well, I will change it to 5 stars)))
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2 years ago, tppost3421
Personal data issue
I registered to pay a small bill and got no choice but choose this system by a service provider. That was $70 bill. System rejected my debit card so I contacted support to figure out what was the reason. They said I need to provide my selfie with my ID (both sides) plus another selfie with my debit card according to their internal procedures. I can’t even imagine where those pictures may be used in the future. I asked them to remove my account with my personal data and guess what? Neither a response from customer support nor a way to remove my personal data from their app. What’s funny there’s an option to recommend this app to your friends LOL
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3 years ago, Llamathon
Don’t use, possibly a Russian scam.
Attempted to send money to the Ukraine to purchase some stickers. For whatever reason they failed the transfer and requested a selfie with my ID and picture of my card, which I regrettably sent. Now they’re requesting documents from the recipient who has been a regular user. Also even though they didn’t allow the transfer they still took my money. Which hasn’t been refunded and they stated it could take several days, even though they can supposedly instantly transfer money, but can’t instantly refund it. Their customer service is a joke with just the same generic responses, like the same one they respond to all bad reviews with.
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2 years ago, June15690
Horrible app and horrible service
So many issues with this app. Either account is frozen or some other issues. I sent all the documents they requested to activate but no response. They want all confidential information over the email and even after you send no response from them. Customer service is Zero! Update: finally worked and was able to send money to my family and cheaper than western union. Will update again if any issues
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5 years ago, Bïsî
I have made two transactions successfully
The money entered into the account less than a minute, i read a lot of bad comments about this app so I decided to try it with little money at first and it works out so I made another one and it’s all successful no fees I’m free from western union, if it’s doesn’t work for you it might work for another, that it my little experience I’m in just one day
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6 months ago, frCare
Terrible verification process
Installed it to send money for a person. After verification sent money twice. Both transactions failed because apparently they need to verify recepient too, and money is out of my bank account. It took them 3 days to resolve the issue and refund my money, by the time I had to send money urgently which I didn’t have anymore. If app needs verification of receiving person, by looking at their passport and relationship details, then state it before sending the money. I was going to report it for Scam to FTC because money wasn’t refunded for long time.
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4 years ago, Шейва
Completely incompetent
Maybe for many who study or work in another country, this is a very convenient application, but unfortunately it does not correspond to what they promise. So if you are ready for the fact that you or your relatives will not receive money for more than two or three weeks, as well as they will not return to your account back and also if you are ready for the fact that that company will ignore your letters and brazenly send detailed information to the place of what happened and in what time frame your money will be returned to you, then I do not recommend you to use the services of this company and do not waste your time!
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2 years ago, Muffy Joe
Not working anymore
The US banks are blocking PaySend. I’m not sure if it’s due to the Russian sanctions but ever since this war started, I haven’t been able to transfer money via PaySend. Customer service has not been helpful at all. I tried 3 different US bank accounts. PaySend reps keep saying “try using another sending card”. Capital One definitely told me that this “merchant”, i.e. Paysend has been blocked. Chase bank says it’s not blocked but the transactions are still not going through. - - Very frustrated customer.
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3 years ago, Alexb8989
More expensive than Wis
Overall, the app works ok and it’s pretty quick. I have this app and Wise on my phone and every time I need to send money, I compare the rates. And every time Wise is cheaper, even when Paysend has promotions with $0 transfer fees, Wise is still cheaper. Another downside: the app stores your past transfers if you want to send them again quickly. I’d much rather prefer the app to remember recipient’s details so I can quickly send any amount to them instead of what I sent last time.
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4 years ago, Jasya2019
Wish this didn’t have any stars for rating
That is terrible company to deal with! I tried to purchase an animal in Russia from the US and I tried to make a deposit payment of $400. This literally took me all day going back and forth with fraud alert of this company, I provided so many evidence that this debit card is mine!! I am at the point where they’re holding my money, I cannot use it, recipient cannot have it and I do not have a straight answer from the Paysend! I am very frustrated and scared in the same time because they seem to be like scammers! This company collected so much of my information and still did not deliver the service that they supposed to provide!
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2 years ago, Iralolita
Very unprofessional support system
Last month I was using this application to sent people to the families in Ukraine. They asked me for supportive documents of my income taxes for 3 years and ID everything was sent to the at the first request, they asked me several more times already the same documents, I sent $350 to evacuate family from war zone, they need this money now, support team bill review my documents in 10 days after they already reviewed them several times, by that time that family could be dead, I am looking for alternative way to send money, but support of this service is very unprofessional
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4 years ago, Maddox graham
Nothing but a identity stealing scam.
Wanted to send money to my friend in Russia for Birthday and their dog rescue charity. The first attempt resulted in a error telling me the recipients card was wrong and to try another. I thought maybe I entered the wrong number and retried it. The second transaction also failed but not they wanted me to send a selfie with my drivers license or passport and the card. The transaction was approved by my credit card company and went though their 2 factor authentication. Customer service is non responsive and just says it was declined even though I have 2 charges that are not pending on my card. Total scam do not use.
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4 years ago, Movsisyan_777
With every update app is getting worse and not its the worst
I used to be a loyal client of theirs and by saying loyal I mean doing 2-3 international transactions/week. Everything was going smooth, I had my account upgraded but with recent updates the app is starting to become a crap. First they didn’t allow any transfers from the US, then they said they’re updating the systems for a few days which were very crucial and no prior notice was sent to customers (maybe at least could've sent a notification to loyal customers who use it weekly?). Because I was stuck having no other option to work with. - Also have been told after the update it’ll be free for a month but never happened. Still got charged all the fees. - Got downgraded account for no reason. - SSN verification doesnt work. - Support doesn’t exist at all. Sent several emails and 3 business days still no response. Just ridiculous, looking at my alternatives now and you lost one loyal client for sure. Good luck!
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5 years ago, stuppppud app
X20 times fee charge after couple transaction
Please read this before downloading. I started using this app since they mentioned it would only 2$ fee for each transaction from USA, guess what after couple transactions that I made they started charging me x20-up until I noticed after making big transfer even though they still were showing that the fee would only 2$, tried to contact their customer support to see what’s going on and why they charmed me higher than they show on app, no response. Hope someone will learn from my experience and use different service with accurate information.
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3 years ago, sitanosik
Beware! Paysend isn’t responsible to delivering money to recipient, only to recipient bank
Read the fine print. Paysend DOESN’T guarantee that the money will appear in recipient bank account. And they won’t make any inquiries on your behalf. And you can’t contact recipient bank directly because you are nowhere stated to be either the recipient or sender. Go figure. If your recipient can’t step in and help resolve the issue, you’ll lose your money. Not sure why Paysend is still in business. Money transfer company that can’t deliver money. No phone number to call. Takes them weeks to respond the inquiries. Such a joke. Looks like scam.
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1 year ago, DrCharityTV
It was AMAZING at first but then…😡
When I found PAYSEND it was a Godsend. It was exactly what I needed to send money to my family in Zambia from the states. For 6 months it worked like a charm but then all of a sudden, it started asking me for verification again. I submitted the requested passport photo and a photo of my bank card (which was super sketchy and I was extremely reluctant!). Then I received a rude email saying that I needed to submit photos of ALL OF CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS ON FILE with the numbers showing!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I responded to the email saying that I didn’t feel comfortable doing that and received yet another email saying that without this kind of verification, my account would continue to be locked. WTH, PAYSEND?!?! Needless to say, I deleted the app and started looking for alternatives immediately after that. I don’t know what y’all did to destroy this app but you need to undo it…NOW.
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8 months ago, Aquarelbka
The app is great but constant requests to update
I use this app for over 2 years. Great way to send money to family back in Ukraine. But gosh, it asks for an app update EVERY SINGLE TIME I open it.. and I use it 1-2 times a month 🙄 Does it really need that many updates?! And I cannot opt out of updating, there is just 1 button “Update Now” and no option to close or skip, so you have to do it if you need to use the app.
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3 years ago, stan74577459
Super expensive service
Worse service for international transfers from my 5 years experience in business: griddy company, super expensive (look at exchange rate it's crazy this is where they make the money ) also after a few transfers they start asking a bunch of documentation like I'm applying for a mortgage. Stay away . Use wise or other services . Also if you pay with credit card they won't tell you that they charge it as cash advance so you end up paying to your bank big fees like you withdrawing it in ATM. Типичный российский бюрократический проект супер дорогой и служба безопасности сумасшедшая .
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3 years ago, Jay Tresor
The best so far..
It is quite fast reliable and just unbelievable. I never imagined money could be transferred internationally within such few minutes. It’s the best I have used so far and I can boldly say it has come to stay.. Pay send all the way.... I enjoyed using the app
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6 years ago, francisusa
Bad - bad - possibly a scam
They will take your money , then possibly cancel transfer in order to verify your account ( why would they not verify before they take your cash is beyond me) they will ask for very sensitive info - and i gave via email, within 60 seconds after sending sensitive personal info , i got a email, seemed like a robot auto email saying my account is under investigation and i cant use anymore, seems very much as they were planning on banning my account before i sent sensitive info and that scares me. Now i will need to get my money back - who knows how long that takes - beware!
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1 year ago, Nikolaus9166
I installed to send some family money in another country. Everything was fine until it was denied and asked me to send pictures of my whole life haha. So I just used different money service with no problems. Then I tried to delete my account but no such luck. I’m sick of these scammers not letting me delete my personal information. Contacted them but only sent me emails with the same run around. I wish I would’ve read these reviews before I gave them any information. I’m going to contact Apple so they know how this company operates
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3 years ago, Carterbenson
Sketchy and annoying
I got this app to send someone money for a beat they made for me and I was sending 60 dollars and it declined because of my bank. I got it cleared through my bank and it was good to go through. And now the app declined it and sent me an email wanting my license and pic of my and my card. I wish I had another go pay the guy I did but he said only through this. This all seems very very sketchy to me and like a scam almost. Like why would you need my stuff to “verify” me if I already got it cleared through my bank and it went through
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9 months ago, "el Vikingo"
Customer Service for this company is WORTHLESS!
To use this application you are required to provide credit card, bank account and personal identification. This is all understandable. But, when a problem with a transfer happens… you are offered support by a group of useless people who have no interest in resolving the issue but instead act like children trying to point fingers at useless directions. All funds collected by Paysend was automatically returned to my source accounts. But, my personal information required for the many unsuccessful transfer attempts is in the hands of what appear to be less then professional individuals. I have attempted to work with anyone at Paysend that would be interested in resolving issues preventing a successful transfer. Paysend’s customer support appears to have no interest in resolution,
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2 years ago, Youruser152
I just spent 2(TWO) hours trying to use this app to send $300 to my friend in another country. They made me give them all my information, then use my debit card then they had to verify my debit card and charged me $2 for NOTHING and then their app just froze and kept saying Oops, something went wrong. I quit the app and opened it again, I deleted it completely and installed again STILL NOT WORKING!! Beware, this is a Russia based company and they are harvesting your personal information charging $2 to “verify” your debit card and then disappear. SCAMMERS!
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3 years ago, klimovichsokolova
The worst money transfer app ever. Do not install.
Don't install this app yourself. You'll transfer money until you get bored with checking and closing your account later. You will have to account for each transaction. Provide a salary statement, a photo of the card, a license, a bank statement, and a bunch of other documents. What is this, a tax service? I have a place to report my income and expenses. It's the worst app I've ever seen. Utter nonsense. There are small transfers. Mostly for $ 10. And because of this, have such problems. Disappointed.
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1 month ago, ProfJim1968
Terrible experience
I used the app for about a year and all seemed well. Suddenly, I was locked out of My account because it said my birthdate was incorrect. The customer service is the absolute worst! It must be staffed by a computer or idiots because they repeatedly misunderstand the situation and ask for the birthdate that they have incorrect and insist that I do not know it. What a ridiculous joke! There are better services out there, but I had one international client who insisted on using this one. What a terrible experience.
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10 months ago, Bashoooor
WARNING !! Horrible customer service & too many issues
I have used this app several times sometimes it works the other it does not which confuses me moreover the chat on the help section on the app says they are available 24/7 but they take days to reply !!! have lost money from different recipients and its taking months now to resolve with back and forth conversations on non ending emails They will ask you to get transactions history from the recipient bank !! This is non sense when you ask someone to share his bank transactions they will refuse since its private information .. Still i was able to get it but again they just did not refund me yet !!! I am frustrated and advise no one to use this app at all i will finish all my issues with them and delete it forever
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3 years ago, HawaiiDrew
Duplicate charge never payed back
This app has horrible customer service. I had a duplicate $250 charge that they said was reversed, but after 5 days, no refund. I had to dispute the charge through my bank and they said they would work with me to recoup the money. Also, the process to validate your identification is a joke. I just tried to use the app to transfer more some money and they deleted the card I was using. I just deleted the app, found another one that was easy to use and moved on. Good riddance
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2 years ago, MayNataMay
No customer support. Failed transfer. No money back after 5 days.
It look like a scam. My transfer failed and it’s been 11 days since. I still haven’t received my money back. Chat is the only way to communicate and it takes them days to respond. When they did, they told me that money never left my bank, on hold, and I should contact my bank. I did, and was told money is not on hold, and left the bank. I have to file a claim. Never again I will use this horrible service.
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4 months ago, Braff94gad
Excellent service
Saw this app on instagram and said I was going to try it and trust me it’s the best thing I have ever done cause it’s easy to use and really simple. Also the transfer fee is wonderful. Will be telling my whole family and friends about this app
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2 years ago, Dav Jayhawks
Using this app during the war in Ukraine. Told about it to all my friends. it’s super convenient and fast ( takes about 30 min). The only thing I don’t like that it charges sending fee from receiver, but I would prefer it would take fee from sender ( me)
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11 months ago, Joseph19:$
Money didn’t transferred, and didn’t give it back to me
I sent the money through the app and it didn’t reach , and they didn’t sent it back to me, and 2 days ago happened the same . 2 days I am waiting the support to answer to me , zero reaction. Awful customer service , and everyone time problems the transfers gets declined, and the money doesn’t returns back. If I would knew I would use the WU, at least I would know that it has sent. I am deleting this app. Too much nerves.
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3 years ago, Imalahat
Stay away , unprofessional , horrible
So I read reviews on app, still decided to give a try , big time mistake , tried send money to the friend In Russia, she never received, transfer was canceled, and now why do you need me send my pictures with my ID and my card ? Who das that ? Shouldn’t you ask before you collect all info ? So fishy !!! Was trying delete my information from account , nope , couldn’t do it , need to write letter or chat in order to cancel my account . Stay away , give yourself break .
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