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User Reviews for Paysign®

1.63 out of 5
353 Ratings
3 years ago, Drummer8088
There always seems to be an ongoing problem with their mobile app. You go on it, and it will show you, you have $0 balance and no transactions when you know you have funds, and transaction; or the pages will just come up blank to where you don’t see ANY information on ANY link you go into; so you end up calling checking your card information. They need to do something with their mobile app. Nevertheless; I’m not the only one having this problem; and it doesn’t matter what type of phone you’re using.
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2 years ago, kklncfjn
Zero star
Doesn’t even work at almost all ATMs. Has worked twice at my banks ATM and then stopped. Got a new card, didn’t help. The ATMs suggested are out of commission. I’ve been to four locations and all of them had signs that said they’ve been decommissioned. Support is useless. Saying to visit their ATMs (the ones that are decommissioned) and/or get a replacement card (even though I’ve already done that). They just keep repeating that. Literally just keep going back to that even though I’ve said that’s not the issue, as I’ve already done that and still am having issues. So support is no help whatsoever. Even using it to just get gas, I have to walk into the store and prepay…guessing how much will fill my tank because prices are constantly changing. So never being able to top off my tank. This card is nothing but problems and I’m literally done donating plasma, unfortunately until they switch cards again and stop cheaping out. Sorry CSL, but do better. PaySign, no hope for you.
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3 years ago, CaitJo97
App is okay, company is not
!!Update: this loophole has been fixed and no longer works!! Here’s how to avoid the fees you’re charged every time you want to use your card in any way. You’ll need two PayPal accounts—your main and second. Add the prepaid card to your second PayPal account. Then send the money from that card from your second account to your main account. You’ll only be charged a small PayPal fee depending on the size of the transaction, but it’s better than the multiple fees from PaySign and the prepaid card. The money will appear in your main PayPal balance and you’re then free to use it without fees from there on out. If you have a friend that you can trust, you can do this same thing without having to make a second account. Just add the card to your own PayPal, send the card’s money to your friend’s account, then have them send that money (not refund) back to your own PayPal balance.
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1 year ago, MikeNdoordashareidiots
Developers are becoming greedy.
Last month attempted to pull money out as half the places I go too don’t accept this card. I’ve kept track of the transactions so I know the amount that is on the card. Gets declined, look at my account magically it is 7 dollars below the amount I was attempting to transfer out. Try again this time a few dollars lower than what it claimed was there, still decline magically it was 3 dollars lower than the amount now, tried again declined again magically it kept going down until I pulled out half of what I was attempting to transfer out. So they stole about 10 dollars worth out of the account just from that, next day find out they charge me a fee for every decline failure that was a fault in there system. Before I also didn’t get fees for transfers, now they are charging every time I transfer out. If you can go with someone else pick anyone but this place.
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1 year ago, Cece9007
Can’t Access My Funds
They have a lock/unlock feature but once your card locks you cannot swipe back to unlock it, for 2 hours I have been trying to unlock my card but it won’t allow me to do so & now I don’t have any access to my funds & they are stuck on a card & when I tried to reach out to customer service & they asked for my PID number I type it in correctly twice & they kept saying it wasn’t valid & hung up on me smh I JUST WANT MY CARD UNLOCK, & before that happened I tried to transfer my funds over but now they started charging a 55 cent fee to do that which I wasn’t aware or notified about this new thing because it never charged me before when I transferred my money to my cash app & even though the transfer didn’t complete they still charged me the fee.
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12 months ago, Hopemessenger
Zero Stars would be more accurate
Reading the paperwork that came with my PaySign card indicated that I should use the PaySign app to find a no-surcharge ATM to withdraw money from my account. Generally, if you are referred to a no-surcharge ATM by your card provider, you would expect that to mean that by using the recommended ATM you would not incur a surcharge. Not the case with PaySign. Unfortunately, there was no indication that I was being charged as the ATM was labeled as a no-surcharge ATM and the on-screen message also stated that there was no charge for balance inquiries, so I started with a balance inquiry. Imagine my surprise when I logged into the app afterwards and found I had been charged multiple surcharges at $1.50 each to use the specific ATM the app directed me to. 😡
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2 months ago, Shakeeyla
Hate this card
They were already charging fees for every little thing and all of their fees have went up from $.25 and $.50 to $1.00 and a $2.50… you can’t put the card on Apple Pay which means you have to physically always have your card with you.. and they charge fees for every little thing just to check your balance when you call into customer service everything cost when you use this card…. And combine with grief folds now lowering their donation amounts and having a horrible card service. It’s not even worth it I’m going to start winding down my donation process this to avoid getting paid low fees and then getting charged every little thing just to use this card.
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1 year ago, Dijon K.
Failure to stop theft
So the app is very faulty in notifying you of transactions because someone was able to steal nearly $120 from my account until the balance was insufficient. I’ve tried to dispute the fraudulent transactions because it would be impossible for me to be buying gas from Sacramento while I was currently in LA but the dispute center claim insufficient evidence to refund the loss funds. Do yourself a favor and withdraw cash from a supermarket and add the cash to your checking account, once thieves steal your funds Paysign won’t help you, don’t carry a large amount in that account. I wished my plasma clinic can deposit my money to my credit Union who has state of the art anti-theft transactions alerts and account freezes.
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2 years ago, ChrysBconcept
cares more about taking your money
rather than helping you check it. I hope they add a feature will we can submit screenshots and videos of the issues we might be having to further help others out and the companies if they really care to try to make themselves useful. I tried signing up and registering and I got an error message after the interface itself was kind of stupid because it would not let me scroll down far enough to see what I was typing putting the keyboard overlaying the text so I couldn’t see to confirm the passwords that I was creating. even after I was able to it’s still gave me an error so this is a pointless at that waste my time
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5 years ago, SuziebobSum
Horrible app, horrible company. You’re probably reading this because you were given this card by a blood plasma donation center. What they don’t tell you is that Paysign literally nickels and dimes you to death. 50 cents to PAY FOR ANYTHING. 25 cents to check your balance at a non-authorized ATM. So you think you’re going to get the app so you can be responsible and figure out your balance for free? Nope. It requires a cell phone number just to register an account. This company literally preys on people who are already poor. Do yourself a favor and go look up an Allpoint ATM locator and make that your first stop after you get paid. Withdraw everything you can and avoid falling victim to this scummy company.
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11 months ago, Ferretmoe2373
Very fishy company
They have different times on the app when I am getting money loaded on the card vs what the company sees. I called and spoke to someone and she said she sees different times than what is showing on the app. Why would they do that? She told me she would send what they have showing, but it has been 15 minutes and no email. Very sneaky. Keep an eye on them. May report them to the BBB. Also I noticed they took $1.50 out twice when I took out money. Seems a lot of these plasma places have similar problems, but they get a lot of money for the plasma just find ways to not pay us or take a little here and there.
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12 months ago, Mp4G
Truly terrible, this app barely functions
I won’t mention the ridiculous ATM charges, which I will assume have nothing to do with the app. I will say, the app is slow. The fast balance feature takes longer to load than if I would call the 877 number. For a long time Face ID was loading an old password and wouldn’t work for me. This app has so few jobs to do, and does most of them poorly. It’s the only option, so I’ll continue to use it. People who need to use a PaySign card can only get their money with a PaySign card. Since we as users can’t do anything but suffer with a mediocre app, PaySign has very little motivation to improve it. I will say that the multiple times I have had to call customer service, they have been very friendly and helpful. Also customer service is available 24/7.
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2 years ago, the_white_knight_1
Not Too Bad
I’ve had the app for over a month now, & the only negative experience I’ve had was not being able to log in from time to time. With the “Fast Balance” feature as a backup to the log in issues, it makes up for it. The card amazingly seems to work everywhere compared to other prepaid debit cards that don’t.
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4 years ago, esoto1317
Terrible App and company
First of all, the app ALWAYS makes you type in your full password despite having the fingerprint/Face ID option. It’ll say you can use the fingerprint/Face ID option “after logging in for the first time” but it never works. Second, the company charges you FOR EVERYTHING, even for not using the card. They even charge you for pulling out money, $1.50, and most banks only let you take out multiples of $20 so not only can you not pull out everything on your card but you also get charged fees on top of fees to pull money out or pay for anything. Plus the customer service people are very rude. My advice: Stay Away.
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11 months ago, Blaree
The worst company ever, most customers are plasma donation patients, so they’re preying on people who are already not financially well off. Card doesn’t work anywhere, and they slap you with hundreds of fees for trying to do anything. My advise it to go to an Allpoint ATM, and pulling out all the money you can. Don’t get a balance check with your transaction, it’ll screw you over. You can’t use and payment apps (cashapp, PayPal, etc.) to pull out any money you can’t from the ATM (increments of $20). You only get one free ATM visit per donation, so keep that in mind as well. I don’t even understand how this is legal at all.
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1 month ago, Gopuff worker
When yall going to fix this app
All the money yall making right now with plasma companies alone and yall can’t invest to fix this crappy app? This app look like a 13 year old made it .. very slow , can’t lock and unlock your card , yall killing us with the fees , balance fees and all Type of fees ..fix this app already cheap company for sure .
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3 years ago, Paul-Sack McGee
God Awful
FaceID is just a button, doesn’t actually work. App is completely useless except for checking your balance (which you can do without actually signing in). There are 0 ATM’s in my entire state that are zero fee ATM’s, and since there isn’t the ability to directly transfer money from your account to a bank account, you either have to pull cash from an ATM (which incurs fees) or use a third-party cash transfer app (ie. MoneyGram) which also incurs a fee. Scum company taking advantage of already financially strained individuals, wish my plasma donation center would switch back to WireCard.
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12 months ago, 2014AO
Card is trash, App is trash, Company is trash
The card doesn’t work most places and doesn’t work at atms. Even if you have enough on your card for the transaction your card will decline and then you will get charged for your card declining. So if your card declines DO NOT swipe it again! You will get charged for every decline. The app is horrible and barely works. If you are dealing with a company who uses paysign please please encourage to find another company to go through for their payment cards. Paysign is not worth the hassle and you will lose so much money.
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4 years ago, kjhsdgfjhhdbvg
Features needed
This app is OK I mean it does what it supposed to do it allows you to check your balance and stuff. However it should have the ability to transfer money from the pay sign card or directly from the app to another bank account or card for better money management. In my opinion the app is good but it needs a little more updating I needs to be be more user-friendly with the features that it has.
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1 year ago, Ghengis Khan 9
Misclick? Good luck.
Received my card from a plasma donation center. My first complaint is that it wouldn’t let me use it online, which is kind of a big deal. As for the app itself, its interface is simple enough and does what it needs to with some glaring flaws. I could not figure out how to set it up for use online. Not only that, I locked my card with an accidental misclick, the app won’t let me unlock it, and the robo help line immediately stopped recognizing my card, and now I think all I can do is get a replacement, if I even want it.
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3 years ago, Bagpipe player
I went to a so called “free ATM” and they charged me for accidentally checking my balance. However I didn’t know the fee was charged so I attempted to withdraw my money and it said “insufficient funds” and charged me another fee. Absolutely the biggest piece of crap app ever made. I will NEVER recommend this app. I will make it a priority to tell people to avoid the app. Now I’ve got a stupid balance on the card I can’t withdraw because it’s not in a multiple of $5 and if I swipe the card anywhere it’ll charge me yet another fee! Garbage. Bunch of penny pinching piles of crap.
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3 years ago, Just tryna have fun
Gets The Job Done
The app is overall good, it tells you your balance for free, and shows you all of your transactions. However, there is an option to use Face ID when signing in instead of manually entering your password each time and it doesn’t work. I have to manually enter in my password each time. It’s not horrible, just a slight annoyance.
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10 months ago, FourWildJokers
Really bad
This app is completely worthless. If I were you I’d just use the text feature to check your balance instead of this atrocious app. It’s non responsive. It’s an act of congress just to get logged in and god forbid the Face ID actually work. Won’t let iOS save my password. Just an absolute trash app. On top of that there are fees just for existing. Pull your cash out and don’t swipe your card. They will nickel and dime you to death. Shame on you for exploiting people that donate blood and plasma.
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8 months ago, Jesse882737474
I saw all the one star reviews and thought “how bad could it really be?”
App is literally so horrible it won’t even let me register my account. Every time I enter the information and hit register it just loads for a few seconds and gives up. How does an app like this get approved when even the most basic of features don’t work?? Like, I imagine a lot of people register their account through the app I’m very shocked something so basic doesn’t work.
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9 months ago, Sharkeisha Sister 👏
Beware if you attempt to add the card to cash app and take your money off because they want a $1 transaction fee. I must’ve missed that in the paper, but I was charged a decline fee of 0.55 cents for trying to take the exact balance. Customer service informed me of this $1 fee for external apps so remember to take off $1 of what you actually have on the card!
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2 years ago, FitChicFL
Works okay!
I read a lot of other reviews and have no problem with the app on my iPhone 13pro. It’s a basic app, but allows you to turn off the card and check balances. There are a few glitches, but it didn’t affect anything I needed.
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4 weeks ago, Player04’
When transferring the whole amount of money on your card it declines because there’s not enough money when you do indeed do have the money. There should be a system where when you transfer all your money it doesn’t decline and just takes your money there should be an automatic charge fee when transferring your money it takes the fee from the transfer not decline and steal money. This is a scummy app
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2 years ago, Cherese23
App won’t let me log in
I downloaded the app to be able to check my balance and after registering and verifying my email address, the app wouldn’t go passed the login screen. The log in screen would load and load but doesn’t go to the next page and allow me into my account. Undownloaded app and will just call the number on the back of my card to check my balance/transactions. Not worth downloading.
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3 years ago, imnotcorey
Only useful for checking balance
This app has only one feature. It should have the option to freeze your card if it's lost or stolen, or at the very least have a working "Find an ATM" menu. I still don't know where to go to avoid getting charged withdrawal fees. I wish they would make it easier to find out which ATMs were participating so I don't have to pay what equates to a 1-2% fee if I want access to my money.
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1 year ago, Hate PaySign
I accidentally locked my card and it would not let me unlock it. Tried to pay a bill online and it declined even though there is money on the card and now charges a fee to use card as well and no notice that was changing. When tried to call to get my card unlocked if it asked for PID number that is in card and entered it twice and then hung up on me. Disgustingly gross company and should be SHUT DOWN!
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4 years ago, tbat2010
App needs to be fixed
The face login feature doesn’t work. I set it up multiple times and every time it asked me for my password to login. Overall the app doesn’t work. I can easily check my balance through text vs this app. It’s a shame that everyone seems to be having issues with the paysign company. I haven’t had any issues pulling out money or being charged for my transactions. The paysign card does have “rules,” so you don’t get charged.
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7 months ago, CrazyHizpanic
Rarely Works
Crashes all the time - hardly works and sometimes you have to put in your Pswrd 100x just to log in! The quick balance does not work because you have to log in every time. The remember function does not work either because when you return to the application it asks you to enter you log in , over and over and over ! It’s annoying
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1 year ago, heycaptainradio
This app is as bad as their company
Terrible UI, glitchy data, no visible options to add a new or different card or to delete an account, the deactivate card button doesn't work, takes forever to load, and they charge a $0.50 fee every time you use the card. PaySign is an exploitative company taking advantage of their monopoly on many plasma donation center payments to screw over vulnerable people... AND their app is terrible to boot.
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2 years ago, LionessSarahB
Could Create a New Login
I received a new PaySign card. I tried to create a user account using the app and it didn’t work. I also went on the website to create an account and still could not. There is no error message telling me what the problem is. I am able to use the card and I can call and get the balance on the card. The app and the website are ridicules.
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3 years ago, dfyilnseullbdwj
New account problems
It’s impossible to create a new account through the app. When you type in your email, it won’t let your continue your registration process until you verify it through a link. The problem is that in order to verify your email, you have to log in. The account isn’t created, so it’s a never ending loop
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3 years ago, tedsharp1
Money Transfer
I was told, we can’t transfer money to another account because this doesn’t have a routing number. We’d love to be able to transfer our funds from here to any accounts we’d like. Add that route number so we can be even more happy.
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7 months ago, Wpheonix
Does this app work
I’ve been trying to log in all day. I am new to the app. It took 5 hours just to create an account it would just load then go back to the Home Screen and do nothing and say my card was not found then finally, when registered it is still unable to login. This is garbage.
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4 years ago, PurpleBewty
Needs Work
What's the purpose of having touch id if it doesn't work because it doesn't save your password? If I have to enter my password every time, I can just login online making this app unnecessary. Fix those issues and I may rate higher.
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2 years ago, Jejainc
This app is the worst app I have ever tried to use. I’ve spent 30 mins trying to register my card only to get error messages every time. So, I go back and start all over and it tells me my card is already registered but I never got an email and it won’t take my user name and password. I am astonished a financial entity would be this inept!
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5 years ago, prop55
Horrible app since the new update
I give this app 0 stars. It worked perfectly well before you updated the app 2 weeks ago. I have deleted the app because it wouldn’t let me log in saying there was an error in my password but I could use the same password to log into the website and everything would be fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
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7 months ago, TheBaldNerd
App stopped working, can’t log in anymore
I have been using this app since I began donating plasma with no issue. Last week however, I enter my login information, and I cannot get past that screen whatsoever. I even tried registering my card again, and nothing happens. I really hope this gets fixed.
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2 years ago, Joshua5589
Not so much to do with the app. This company steals your money. The app/website doesn’t list all transactions so you can’t keep track of your balance. Aside from the .25 transaction fees money seems to disappear with no listed transaction. If you use this company because you donate blood or plasma take the money off the card asap.
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11 months ago, CountJefula
It’s difficult to like a card that charges you to use at stores, charges you to not load, and charged for inactivity. Usually you get cash back for using a card. This one’s bogus. Surely it’s making some executive money at the expense of all users. Difficult to find an ATM where you can do cash withdrawals also.
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8 months ago, CrownDreamer
Terrible app and company
App use to work fine but suddenly, it can’t even log in. I’ve changed my password on the website in case I was remembering it wrong but the app can’t even get past the log in page. Charges for almost everything. I hate this card company
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1 year ago, Dorian😎
Sh t doesn’t work
I just downloaded this app (10 min ago) I I couldn’t even make it into my “profile”, once I clicked into “verify email” it crashed every time I tried to log in. You better use the web site, first time I tried in the website I was in no problem.
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7 months ago, JessFortuna
Can’t even log in!
I had no issues with this app until today. I can’t log in, thought it was my password so I changed it, but nope. Still can’t log in. Just spins until it comes back to the login screen with all your info still in the fields.
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3 weeks ago, BFriedrich
Not a good app
Out of the blue, every time I try to use the app on my phone I get “Error” after logging in. I have deleted and re-installed the app half a dozen times and nothing changes and the issue has not been fixed. Zero stars would be better suited for this.
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2 years ago, Fro.TT
Lock and unlock card issue
I locked my card because I couldn’t find long story short found the card tried to unlock the card the app was not letting me I hit and hit the unlock bottom and nothing, hope they fix that issue.
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2 years ago, WinWin🎱
PaySign app
I downloaded the app and I can’t even register, it keeps on saying either I used the wrong email or password and still can’t register. I’ve tried tried different emails and passwords and I still can’t get it. Oh well I guess I won’t be using this app anytime soon, Good Luck fans!
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6 months ago, Raidraku
Not a good app or service
Aside from all the fees which may or may not be avoidable but are certainly a hassle either way, the app is slow and it’s easier to log in using safari or chrome just to view the card balance. Don’t get the app.
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