PBA® Bowling Challenge

4.7 (123K)
138.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Concrete Software, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PBA® Bowling Challenge

4.65 out of 5
123K Ratings
6 years ago, dmswickrath
Very fun app
Been playing this app continually since 2014. I play every day every time on iPad since I have all the power bowling balls so running out of energy never a problem. When I first started playing game was a little annoying having to wait to recharge but over time saved up to get energy charging balls which eliminated waiting. When enough adds watched to save up to ultimate ball and after then never had to wait again . Never bought gold pins would just watch ads and win to earn, Love the added venues when they appear. Love the special balls, daily spins, weekend events, and other challenges. Only problems are Sometimes locks up after a game and have to restart. This occurs during certain times of year while other times never locks up and works flawlessly for weeks. Sometimes the sound goes away and have to reboot to get back. Sometimes to get spins the videos don’t play and get playback errors. All seem minor compared to the overall experience of the game. Tech support was fine when needed One time at beginning of 2018 the game lost all my settings (special balls, points, gold pins etc....) and I had a LOT of points gold pins and special balls that were all lost, and I was really bummed out. sent email to support which sent me special file to restore my stats and recovered all successfully. Thank god otherwise I would have probably stopped playing game altogether. Hope this game last for many more years as endless entertainment
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2 years ago, Sorverus
Very fun game!
The control’s smooth and the graphics is beautiful, along with extremely fun and challenging A.I. pros of the PGA! Multiplayer is extremely fun and smooth too. This game truly is realistic and sounds of the ball rolling and hitting the pins is amazing! A top 10/10 game rating for sure. The only thing I seen honestly that is a bad is the grind on how you have to win tickets to get more better bowling balls. You get a small amount of experience points and talks along time to level up. I had to pay with real money to get a ball that randomly gives you gold pins exp or tickets. Some bowling balls are way better but in the 50+ level range, and require 7,500 gold pins when you normally win just 1 golden pin at random like my bowling ball and that’s if you get one. So just saying you can play and win rewards or pay and gain the bowling balls. But other then that you can a lot of rewards through tournaments and multiplayer mainly tickets. It’s my honest option I wish we didn’t have to seriously pay for gold pins to unlock the better bowling balls that reward tickets exp and gold pins each throw or strike, but that’s how it is. Still a fun game if you save up money. Experience points is 100 each throw when you get a mid range ball like level 20. But hey it still a very fun game just a major grind to get anywhere in it.
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2 years ago, Camdensmommy28
I’ve been playing a LONG time.
I hadn’t had any issues much at all with the game. Other than it will lock up and I have to close it out. Now when it happens and you have to restart it, I preferred it starting the match over because usually when it would start acting up, it would end up with me getting a bad frame because it would freeze so I couldn’t finish the frame. Now when it restarts, you have to keep whatever you had when it would mess up so much. So in turn, I’m losing events and regular matches because I can’t start them over again when it would glitches like we used to be able to fix. Now we are just out our games and it’s causing me to lose events already. Also my only other issue would be that usually events get harder to beat the further you advance, but now I’ve played the same event twice and both times the “computer” got 2 300 games in a row and knocked me out of the event. It’s so frustrating. When it’s towards the end, it’s understandable but when it’s the 2nd or 3rd match and they are getting 300s continuously, it’s very frustrating. They just updated recently and it made it worse for these reasons. Overall it’s still the app I play the most. I have played less since they “fixed” stuff a couple weeks ago, but it only benefits the computer and not us as players. Their game glitches and we are stuck with bad scores and lose events. That makes us pay to play again. I don’t think that is starting to ruin it for me. But I hope they will change it back.
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3 years ago, Lisa Charlene
Best bowling App
There are many venues to keep you interested. For example, during October, there are Cemetery Lanes. There is a daily challenge, weekend challenge and other challenges to earn gold pins and money to buy bowling balls. There is a bonus section that has High Rollers and a slot machine spins. A Game of Thrones bonus section along with many others. Just fun and creative. It’s worth it, in my opinion, to pay to remove the ads. If you really like the game, invest in the Ultimate ball above all other balls as your energy charges faster as do the split ball and bomb (strike) ball. It’s very realistic and you can tilt your phone to fix a bad throw most of the time. There are trophies and a stats section. In addition to the levels in each venue, there are challenges where you can earn additional prizes. Most bowling balls have one or more special effects.
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2 years ago, nonicknamesavailable56
Good… for a while… then ….bad
I used to really enjoy playing this game. I was able to bowl in the high 250s, even up to 270 and 280. I was really enjoy participating in the PBA tournaments. But then it seems like the further along you advance, The bowling balls seem to lose their effectiveness. I went ahead and purchased several types of bowling balls and lanes, practicing daily in the hopes I would improve. But it seems like with this game, it will only let you improve about so much and then you just let you lose more and more. Even if I throw the ball perfectly and hit the pocket, there are a lot of splits. Sometimes the background noise is really annoying. For instance the sound effects with lanes like bowl-o-Rama have someone constantly YELLING words that sound like “ab it oo ee” and “yippee” during a looped 10 second Span that repeats over and over during gameplay. I wish there was a way to turn that off. I spent a lot of money on this game and see now it is just another pay to win scam, where they expect you to buy newer and supposedly better bowling balls and equipment in order to make you think you’ll do better in tournaments. I was dumb enough to fall for it. It was fun while it lasted but I guess all good things must come to an end. Developers don’t bother responding because nothing you say or do is going to make me come back.
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5 years ago, Howieb4
Love/hate relationship with game
Been playing everyday for last six months. You need to to keep your spin streak alive or else need to pony up points to revive it. No biggie there. But a big issue I see is as move up in levels, the cost of playing a game grows too. So if you have 400 energy points showing it costs 250 points to play. If you have 1000 points if cost 800 points to play. So you never can play two games in a row without using pins to buy more energy. And I would never ever use real money to buy energy points . There is also times when the game slow and unresponsive. Not sure if it's my iPad, but many times the game will freeze up during a roll and before you know it the ball rolls not how you threw it. I have had many perfect games ruined by this lockup. You get into a rhythm on how you throw the ball and these annoying delay breaks that. On the plus side when the game is working as it should it's fun to play. Many, almost too many ball choices(of course very pricey to get the better balls). But controls are nice. Oil patterns do affect ball play as you move through the tourneys. Some special events require you be at a crazy high level to even be able to launch. I've been playing every day for six months and at level 33. Some balls and events require you to be at levels 75 ad above. Of course you can play real moneyto progress faster, but you know what they say about a fool and his money.
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6 years ago, Broken Bridge
very good app
Still a good app but VERY frustrating when ads tie up the game and you have to shutdown your iPad and reboot in order to continue playing. Such a waste of the player’s time. The app still has the problem with some of the daily spins. Emails have not been answered. It is a shame because it is a very good game which they obviously put a lot of work into. Since the app is a couple of years old now, they probably want to put minimal resources into it now. This is a very good and realistic app. Not perfect, but very good as long as you don’t mind investing some dollars into better bowling balls and energy. I think you will get frustrated waiting for the natural course of events to take place. The costs are reasonable but I think you should be prepared to spend some money. One thing that sticks in my craw is the number of times pins just spin around as well as spin around and never go any place. The natural odds are just not possible to calculate. Pins move, even if they do not help you. They travel, sometimes they hit other pins, sometimes they don’t. But overall it is a very good app that gives much enjoyment and brings back memories for many of us.
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5 years ago, Kikimasutrap
Higher pin rewards don’t show up. Update
Now I’m missing my cookie jam and cookie blast rewards. Back down to 3 stars. It instantly gives small rewards. I just got 10pts idk why I still have not gotten my rewards for the cookie games. I like this bowling game quite a bit but since the rewards don’t show up the rating drops greatly. Spider solitaire and castle crush and tiki solitaire are all games loaded and played and never received pins. Received my missing points one day after posting this review so I increased the star to 4. If I could it would probably be 4.5. The game gets hard pretty fast. Expect to get stuck about 200 unless you are really consistent. You must learn to use the tilt curve feature if you are not consistent. I am a new player and it looks like I will need to upgrade balls to become a pro. There are tons of different balls with different powers and plenty of alleys you can purchase. I have not played league but the a multiplayer feature should be fun. I loved wii bowling and this is a decent replacement although if I could stand and bowl like wii it would be amazing...but that would be a different game I guess.
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3 years ago, Un1que428
Empty potential
I gotta say this is one of my favorite games to play. You ask, then why the 2 stars? Well that’s just means that the service and losing purchases and money. Giving out free information when u hate to do it because of all the calls from companies I’ll receive but then only 10% of the time honoring their debt to our survey taking and other “free ways” to earn pins. Which as most of u know all these games have that high form of currency so if you ask me the two stars were a gift because of how disrespectful and dishonorable their word is they shouldn’t have even been around after that but I truly enjoy playing the game and if u want me to pay or jump hoops for ur product that is officially the biggest waste of time and money then PBA BOWLING YOU NEED TO HONOR UR GOOD NAME AND PAY ME THE PINS THAT IM FIGHTING AO HARD FOR. But let this be a promise!..... if I don’t see my large amount of pins on my counter under my account in the next 24 hours I will, in a timely fashion delete and spread the social media word through all the social networks about you guys and well.... u get it by now don’t you? Lol 😒😡🤬🤬🤬
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2 weeks ago, Plentyofjacks66
🤬Player disadvantage when it comes to any of the tournaments(weekend tournament at times, but the zodiac, surprise challenge, winter surprise, or any of the special tournaments. I always love the same developers response to me by saying, sometimes you have to bowl a 300. Yeah I do, but when it’s early in these tournaments, and the bot is bowling a 109, while throwing them in the gutter. But when you get to the last one, two or three games left on say the weekends 16 games. Your ball is a glitch waiting to happen, as the bot rolls a perfect game, or gets a 289 or 299. Or how about my last glitch to the second to the last game of this weekend’s challenge, I’m up by 10 in the 9th with a strike in the 9th, in the 10th, I get a strike, and than the spare. The bot has a spare in the 9th, but gets two strikes, and change. But I lose by 20?? Thats a 30 point verse??? How does that happen??? Do all the glitching you want. This game is free, and I don’t pay a cent for anything. The ads are easy to avoid, without playing them. That’s how developers make that extra little money, by glitches. So sorry to hear your response bullsh…!!
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3 years ago, Bob Dewalrus
Warning: Don’t be fooled
The bowling is fine but there’s a HUGE problem with this app. An ad for some totally unrelated game will take over your screen, and Give you NO option to get back to bowling. You can’t wait it out, you can’t leave and come back, the unrelated game ad just stays there, taking over from the bowling game completely, with your only option to “GET” it. And even if you do GET the unrelated game, it STILL won’t return you to bowling. I even uninstalled PBA Bowling, then downloaded it again, and the same unrelated ad came back! I got about 5 or 6 fun bowling lines out of this before I realized the app was going to keep on actively preventing me from playing, and deleted it for good. I guarantee all those good reviews came in BEFORE they put this in the app because, yes, the actual bowling is fun, but in its present state, you won’t be bowling for long before some match 3 or spaceship game that you don’t want takes over your device. Someone needs to tell the PBA about this—they would be appalled that the license they granted to this developer is being used to swindle and abuse its customers.
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6 years ago, gavficusnzn
Some days I like it other days I don’t
So the game is pretty fun, but the glitches and never failing pins get really freakin annoying when you are in the later tournaments that are excessively long and require a ridiculous amount of energy to play. I get that they are selling stuff, but when you are in a tournament that last 5+ rounds and you can only get a couple spares before you get ranked ridiculously low and can not recover, but you have to wait 2+ hours to play the next round. And pins pass through others without hitting them or inexplicably rock to the point they couldn’t possibly stay up, but do anyway ruining your whole tournament, really upset me when I have to spend so much time to play each round (because I ain’t spending that kind of money to play an app). Sometimes my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish would wipeout and force me to play it over. I hate the qualifiers with a passion... especially on the badger lane, where all opponents are insanely better then any other tournament (why?).
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5 years ago, DallasFantastic
After update it crashed my game and lost all my progress
Game was fine for months but then starting last Friday the game would not open at all. Finally a few days later when it still would not open, I deleted the app and re downloaded it. Well it starts up fine now but I literally lost everything. I put money and lots of time to unlock pretty much every ball and every single level. Have tons of gold pins. I even logged in through Facebook and somehow it doesn’t remember my profile and won’t restore any purchases. Stay away from this game! I’ve tried to contact the game developer twice and have heard nothing at all. Very disappointed *** Update*** they fixed the issue and most everything came back to me. Except for a few bowling balls I had purchased before. Not too worried about that. Recovered mostly everything so gave 5 stars
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2 years ago, mightythor2000
Great if you spend just a little
Initially this game is fun but obnoxious. You get an ad between every game and you run out of energy fast. You can literally play one match at the higher tournaments and be out of energy and have to wait two hours to play the next. However there are special balls that restore energy. Of course to get them for free requires hours of grinding, but I simply bought a special offer for $5 to get one and now I can play about as much as I want. Also that purchase seemed to turn off ads as I haven’t had one popup since. I didn’t see this feature documented anywhere but that’s what happened. It’s definitely worth a few bucks to get full enjoyment out of the game. It has a nice amount of variety with the oiled lanes and tournaments.
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6 years ago, ~DanMurseMan~
Overall a good app
I’ve spent a ten of hours over the years playing this game and I have to say, it’s pretty darn fun. With any gaming app there are going to be hiccups and glitches and so forth...this app is no different. You can level up and earn enough and get by with winning games, tournaments, and earning enough pins to buy things as you go, but for the avid gamer, you might want to prepare to spend some money. Concrete Software has the right to charge whatever they want, but man, they do charge an arm and a leg for pins (game currency) in this game. I’ve spent some money here and there, but I just can’t justify spending 20, 50, or 100 dollars just to buy some premium bowling balls. I’m at level 576 and I’m still hundreds of levels away from getting the best balls in the game (that’s with me playing nearly 4-5 times per week for almost 10 years). But again, it’s pretty darn fun and I’m sure it’ll keep me coming back for years to come.
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11 months ago, Austin Chapman
Commissioner’s cup rigged
The developers can say that games aren’t rigged all they want but the commissioner’s cup is definitely rigged. Not only do the lanes become impossible to strike on regardless of where you throw it but the bowlers always seem to bowl a 300 throwing exactly the same way as you do. I have lost to Ryan Ciminelli 12 straight times now where I have bowled a 270 average but he has bowled a 300 in all 12 games. I’m sorry but no pro bowler could ever throw 12 perfect games in a row. This game needs to be more realistic when it comes to the challenges where every loss the computer bowls a 300. It makes the game less enjoyable as well as making me not even want to try challenges because of the unrealistic expectations of having to bowl a perfect game just to tie the computer. Also, Jason Belmonte isn’t in this game and he’s the best bowler there is. Why isn’t he in this game? Why have EJ Tackett but not Jason Belmonte? It is quite the oversight on the developers to not add the bowler who has won more major titles than any bowler on the planet.
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5 years ago, Noah from A2
Fun game but ads are out of control
I really enjoy the gameplay but the ads are out of control. You have to watch a 30 second ad after EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Also, there is an “energy” mechanic that means you can only play 1-2 games before you have to either watch more ads or spend real money to “recharge.” I understand having to pay for the premium balls and all that, but can’t I just play with the basic ball and slowly grind towards better rewards without having to constantly watch the same ads over and over? Making me watch ads just to play the basic game with a basic ball is gross. There’s not even an option to just pay $10 or something to make the ads go away. I’d probably do that if I could. As it is I can’t even take it anymore and will be deleting the app. If I have to watch that video of a dude holding a baby and telling me to try this new game where I can make REAL MONEY one more time, my phone is going through a window. Such a bummer because the game is good, but the ads are unbearable.
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6 years ago, Kutss
Good Game
Great game to play with fantastic graphics. Only complaints are that, no matter how many balls I own, I almost always have to buy a new one for the weekend and other challenges. The other issue is when you get to that one game, usually the 7th game or so in a 9 game challenge, that the computer all of a sudden goes from averaging in the mid 100’s to bowling a couple of 300 games in a row and at the same time I make adjustments and hit pocket strikes that constantly leave the 7 or 10 pin. It makes for too much of a swing between myself and the computer. One suggestion would be to give more than two losses in a challenge when the challenge has more games, such as the challenges with 15 or so games.
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4 years ago, Cash or trash
Great game, but not a single way to get free golden pins
I really like this game. It is realistic and isn’t laggy for me. I will say that the game was better a year ago. All the devs care about now is money. If you try to watch videos for free pins, it says there are no ads available but 10 seconds later shows you an ad that doesn’t give you anything. A year ago the free pins offers like taking a survey worked but now after you spend 15 mins completing a survey for 100 pins, once you finish it or enter your info it never gives you your pins. I would only play this game if you have had it before because if you get it without having played it before everything will be too expensive for the game to be enjoyable. At least if you have had it for a while you might have bought some things a year ago when they were cheaper than they are now.
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5 years ago, Wickedlilg
Fun but glitchy
I really liked this game a lot at first. I had a different bowling app that was ok, but this one was way better in comparison. And then the glitches started. A few times now I’ve been in the second game of a qualifier round, but needed to wait for more energy to move on. Exit the app to wait and when I come back, I have to start all over again. I’ve also won the championship east final 5 times now and instead of giving me my trophy and keeping my star, it keeps resetting me back to having to do the qualifier all over again. It’s a good thing I wait to play a game for a while before I consider spending money because I will not spend a dime on anything that consistently glitches and “forgets” my progress. *Edit- I did email the developer and just got a generic “we’re working on it” response though judging off the reviews on here this has been an issue for quite a long time.
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6 years ago, HonestAbe74
Ok game if you like groundhog day
I downloaded the game because of the overall star rating but it didn’t live up to the hype. As a mindless time waster the game is fine but other than that it’s boring AF, l played several times and every time I left the app and came back none of my progress had been saved; I earned a 300 ring for a perfect game to go in my trophy case and when I came back to play again later on it had vanished and all of my tournament progress was gone, this happened every single time I played so it wasn’t a fluke. Basically if you want to play for a few minutes and lose your progress and have to start back at zero this is the game for you; however if you are looking for a game that is more challenging and will save your progress so you can pick up where you left off and continue up the ranks to the PBA this is not your best option. So download something better and whatever you do don’t spend any actual money on this one.
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6 years ago, sa8ers
PBA Bowling
Where is your games sound? There hasn’t been any sound for months now This game just took ovev10,000 tickets away Why is this game constantly taking tickets away?Why did your game just take 3000 tickets away from me twice? Your prize wheel has frozen You need bug fixes bad! You have a lot of nerve taking the 3000 tickets away from me! Stop penalizing us for missing days! Stkp taking my experience away too! All of this video games videos are crashing! This game just took over half of my experience again Please stop taking my experience away! It is bad enough that you make it hard to use by not letting us into this app right away! I was just about to level up to 308 and the level meter went backwards to almost 306 Will you please let us in by taking your ads out of the opening of the game? These ads wil not let us in My game just took away a lot of experience just now! From Michelle This game never lets us in We keep getting ads that won’t let us into the game
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3 years ago, G-Capo
Fun but frustrating
The app can be fun and addictive. I have been playing for years and up to level 194 with >2,700 points although I bought 500 once early on. It takes a while to master the different balls and lanes especially badger. One thing I don’t understand are the ads. There was a time - many times - when the ads were relentless - so many of us would gladly pay $2.99 I think for an add free version but the developer or PBA is greedy. Then the ads would stop completely. I must have gone four months or more with no ads. Now they are back after EVERY GAME and you lose momentum and it’s not fun to play. I have stopped now and may come back. I refuse to download any advertised apps based on principle and yes there are some casino apps that force a shutdown. Make life easy on yourself and offer a paid no add version.
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6 years ago, Angry Admin
OK but....
July 10th 2018 Decided to give the game another try but found performance problems, primarily lag. Another problem was how a recent update rolled back a level of progress. I was working a level and after the update that level was locked and the previous level was not played. In addition the previous pop up challenge had major flaws. The last challenge bowler consistently rolled 300 thereby preventing completing the challenge. The update also rolled back any gold pins I earned during the challenge. If I had spent any money on this game I would be seriously po'd. Peviously The game is challenging enough and I spent hours amassing over 200 gold pins. However, after one update those pins disappeared. My requests to customer support went unanswered, so all the hours I spent getting those gold pins has been for naught. This has had the effect of poisoning my attitude with the company and the app.
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3 years ago, Ahall0302
Ads and Crashes
While I know the ads help the developers make money in order to run the game, the over abundance of ads is ridiculous. After every games it’s an ad that at least makes you sit there for 30 seconds and then you have to click on the ads multiple times for the close button to pop up. And then the game will crash after I try to do anything that isn’t play the game. I start looking at stuff and maybe willingly watch some ads or do some stuff to earn the gold pins and then the game sits on the concrete loading screen and won’t go any further until I delete and reinstall. I’ve played this game since it came out. Not religiously, but I’ve had it since it came out because I played the very first PBA challenge game. It’s a great game, but the low rating is due to the hassle I’m having to go through to play the game.
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5 years ago, Pac-manscaping
So it’s official
I have recently begun to follow the professional bowling scene and on the telecast, the announcers mentioned this app. I have been playing for something like 175 days straight and still have fun doing it. I like the variety of pins, lanes, oil patterns, balls, etc. I am a fan of grinding to get the perks...old schooler in me I guess. I was sad to see Jason Belmonte leave, but it was expected. The three things I would love to see a reality here are the following: Instant replay - there have been so many shots I have made that I felt deserved it but instead I was quickly moved along to the next frame. A bonus would be a save the clip feature, but that is probably pushing it. Point difference - in all of the telecasts I have seen, there is a +/- point counter on the left of the score tracker. I feel more satisfaction seeing how much I am ahead of my opponent by actual pin count. One ball roll-off - whenever there is a tie in the game, the app just chooses a winner. I would enjoy having to go until there is a clear winner. All of these requests are taken from what I see on television and think they would make an already enjoyable (and free!) experience to the next level. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, KibblesNBits13
Fix Bugs
This game is in I’m not sure what iteration, but when I started playing it again it clearly has been redesigned to gravitate toward in app purchases and ads. Previously, bonus lanes were not 200 gold pins per and bowling balls were not unaffordable. There is no reason I should be able to beat every aspect of career mode and then still have balls you can’t afford. The game is also much more buggy now. Tournament placing a are forgotten. Errors that lock up the app force a restart and loss of progress. When returning to tournaments, I’ve been given alerts that I must forfeit to enter the same tournament I was in the middle of. The game mistakingly states that I’m in the middle of a different tournament that I’ve not even unlocked yet, making it impossible to continue. It’s gone in a sad direction and the PBA should be ashamed to continue to put its name behind it. It used to be a very enjoyable game.
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3 years ago, E24K
Great game. Just one teensy little nitpick.
I remember playing this every day during my summer vacation in 2014. I decided to download this game again after a long absence, and it's still as fun as I remember it to be. However, there's just one thing that's been getting on my nerves lately. Each and every time I finish a set, the game takes me back to the home screen and tells me that the game updated my progress. I wouldn't mind this as much if there were an option to disable this persistent--and useless--notification, but alas, nothing can be done about it for the time being. I hope you guys can remedy this in a future update. Until then, take care and keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, Azblackman71
Reason I am giving this game a 3 rating is solely on the fact that it hard to earn pins unless you buy them. The free pins are the only way to get better bowling balls with purchasing them. The game offered a free way to earn these pins by doing surveys or doing other offers to earn these pins. I took 20 minutes of my time do the survey only to not receive the pins. I contacted the support for the game only to be told that it would take a few days corresponding by email. They also told me to go to the progress tab to make sure that the survey I had taking wasn’t still in progress. I went anyways knowing that I had completed the survey because at the end of the survey it said complete. It’s been over a week now and I haven’t received any pins for taking the survey. I believe that all of that was just for nothing.
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1 year ago, Digitalzen5150
Continually robbed of winnings
Top notch game to bad the “you missed a day” says I did not play yesterday! The program that tells you I did not play? Does not work. It lies. It’s wrong. I am sick of complaining to be told “ our records show you missed this and that day so we took your winnings” Maybe, since it does not work, just maybe you could fix whatever it is that obviously gives you false information. Why have such a great game if you keep someone from being able to advance . I can never buy the balls for new events because you keep me at the lowest winnings due to the fact I REFUSE to give any more winnings to keep my place. As soon as I get up be able to win 2000 or 3000 tickets on the wheel….here it comes. “ oh…..you missed a day. “ Back to 100 tickets again. It’s just wrong. Fix it or maybe quit using it maybe….I would give 5 stars every month if you could fix this flaw.
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5 years ago, 1478rad123
PBA bowling should have 5stars but when you lie with dogs(tap joy/con) u get flees
Never use tap joy (con joy) to get gold pins within this game. They don’t honor there offers not to mention u need to have passed the bar to understand all the ways they have written into the stipulations just to avoid paying you what you are due. Frauds!!!!!! Concrete Software you can’t hide behind your generic response to the hundreds of complaints about the same thing and expect to give your users the ultimate experience which will lead to more time played and more in app purchases. Instead I do nothing. By the way tap joy is well versed I wasting people’s time, not only in the obtaining of gold pins but in talking in circles with no results wasting more of your faithful users time. Claim some responsibility and please don’t respond to talk to tap joy as we have already established their time wasting cons
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1 year ago, Pinkcin
I have 20billion gold pins
So when i was not very good at this game i would play and play and play but one time when i went camping i played when we where there on no internet now i have no idea wat happened but one mornin i woke up and i got on the game and i had 20billion gold pins i have no idea how this happened becuase i have never ever spent a dime on this game but just sayin i got a glitch and i have 20billion gold pins and i bought everything so its not fake i have every single ball (accept for the high level ones) and every single purchasable lane with in game money so bassicaly i have everything that u can purchase sorry for the super big passage
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7 months ago, cosmixstardust
Was a fun game; now runs choppy
I’ve played this game for years on a variety of devices from an Alcatel Raven to a Samsung Galaxy S8 to an iPhone 2007, iPhone 2020 SE, Google Pixel 5 and iPhone 15. On the iPhone SE & 15, the game’s performance is horrible. The frame rate gets extremely choppy as the ball travels down the lane. The pinnacle of choppiness occurs as the ball strikes the pins. It would be tolerable if it just impacted the appearance, but the choppiness impacts the ability to play well, score points, & win tournaments. The ads have also increased a LOT, and that says a lot considering this game has always been heavily ad supported. Devs please look at reviews; most recent ones mirror my complaints. With all that extra ad revenue, game performance should be better. An iPhone 15 should not be having difficulty playing a regularly updated game from the App Store.
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4 years ago, Pismojoe
Best bowling app but..
Honestly it’s more than just the best bowling app, it’s the best sporting game app I’ve played. It is very realistic, they include all of the small details that you’d find in real bowling. It has tons of venues, events. tournaments, equipment upgrades etc. that keep you playing and playing while constantly challenging your skill. The draw back is how they run ads in different formats causing the app to lock up or not give you your reward. The worst are the ads that try to trick you into clicking on them by making the x super small. PS I have never been able to find the place in the app where you can create a profile/account.
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4 years ago, IDontCare05
PBA Review!
This is by far the best mobile bowling game I have played as of yet. Physics seem to be pretty much on point, and there are a ton of different competitions. Or if you want to just practice and rev up your game then you can do just that, and go to practice mode to hone your mobile bowling skills. Definitely recommend downloading for all fans of bowling games, this is easily one of the best not only for cell phones but also most console bowling games as well, I could be way off in that assertion including all bowling games no matter the console. So download it if you DARE waste hours on end playing this game!✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿
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4 years ago, Endgame222
PBA Bowling Ripoff!
You need to earn “gold pins” to play this game and enter tournaments. You can take surveys or sign up for offers to get your “reward”, aka the Gold Pins. That or buy the pins for a ridiculous price through the App Store. But here’s the thing...once you complete the surveys or offers, they still don’t give you the pins you’ve earned! Total ripoff and waste of time! I contacted the developers several times showing that I had completed the surveys/offers, but they still did not reward me the pins I had earned! And when I went to pay for them in the App Store (after giving up on getting my reward that they refused to give to me, even though I had clearly earned it), they gave me way less than I had paid for...this app is a joke and these guys are thieves! Don’t waste your time on this app, you will only end up frustrated like me...consider yourself warned!
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5 months ago, marc49gill
No point in continuing to play this game once you’ve collected all of the bowling balls.
I have been playing this game for several years now. I used to enjoy accumulating tickets and gold pins, so that i could buy all of the cool balls. However, once I accomplished this i found that there really wasn’t any point in continuing to bowl… I have over 20 million tickets, and 80 thousand gold pins… and Concrete hasn’t provided a Single thing to do with these!! Even more unique balls would be better than nothing! I’ve written to their Customer Support, but that is a joke. Their non-answers seem like they come from a Bot (?). Concrete is obviously Not concerned that their long-time, loyal customers are getting BORED with their game. They only cater to rookies. Not very professional, Concrete. (Oh, did I mention all of the bugs? Wow.)
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1 year ago, Connall-e
Good game with a couple of big issues
First off, I’ve been playing this game since 2012 so I really enjoy it. However, there’s a couple of issues I’ve been experiencing. The energy recharges way too slow; I get this is just how it’s designed so there’s not much to do about this but it’s kinda annoying. The main issue I have is with the Tapjoy rewards. There’s been multiple times where I’ve completed an action and didn’t receive any gold pins (and there’s been times where I have received the rewards; very inconsistent). It’s kinda frustrating, especially for the larger rewards to not get anything. If we’re talking specific examples, I completed the Futurescapes quiz and the Survey Junkie thingy and didn’t receive any pins.
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1 week ago, Keon__
Great game
It’s an amazing game. Mechanics are great and I feel like I’m bowling in person. But I did have Two things I didn’t like about it. 1) There are tons of cool balls to choose with different abilities and all. But what’s the point if they’re going to be so expensive in in-game currency. You’d have to play dozens if hundreds more games in order to get to unlock them. Playing dozens of games wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for my second point. 2) The energy and ads are so frustrating. The energy wouldn’t be as big a problem if it wouldn’t be depleted after one or two games. For a game I’d hope to play in my leisure time, it’s annoying having to close the app and doom scroll waiting for it to recharge. Following that, right after any game you’re smacked with a long unskipable ad. Which you’re better off just closing the app and reopening rather than watching the entire thing. Overall I truly love this game. I want to be able to play it more if it weren’t for the minor details. I would consider spending a dime or two, but with everything behind a paywall. It doesn’t seem anytime soon.
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3 years ago, jonny.lumbley
Awesome game!
This is a really awesome game! Regardless of whether you’re into bowling or not, you’re gonna have fun with this one. &…If you’re into bowling, then it’s super awesome! Plus they have tournaments that you can enter to win real money! And I’m not talking about chump change, I’m talking like $50k! So stay playing this now to practice up so that you can enter a tourney someday soon & have your shot at winning big! Now, the one downfall I’d say is that the crowd noise becomes quite competitive at some of the alleys. Perhaps the developers will work on fixing that. If not, you can just turn the volume down low or mute it entirely so that it won’t annoy the crap outta ya! BUT…I sure do hope they get around to fixing that feature because it’s just not quite the same feeling without all the sounds in full effect! So…hey developers, fix that repetitive crowd noise nonsense! Haha seriously though, please fix it. Other than that, I highly recommend giving this bowling app a good shot because I have a feeling you’ll love it if you do!
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5 years ago, SteamTrainDog
Bowling is Cool!
I have 1 & 1/2 years of play time and haven’t missed a day. I enjoy all the features and different events that are offered. One thing though, some of the different events cost so much more than they pay out! By the time you buy the balls and pay the fee, you have spent a lot more than you get winning the event! Please look at that! Finally, we get to play against some of our hero’s from the PBA, so why don’t you add a feature that promotes the PBA and the tournaments when they’re being bowled? Give me a heads up! This event on that channel, at this date and time! I mean come on it’s about Bowling!!!
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5 years ago, jbugster57
Enjoy this app very much!
I found this app and have enjoyed playing very much. Always just watch videos for free pins and energy to keep playing. However, reached level 27 and all of sudden app locks up after watching video. App want give free pins for watching and only way to get app to work is to close and try restarting. Doug this if enough after enough time has passed allows me to bowl one game. I see that I can reset app but afraid that doing so I lose where I gotten too playing in app and have to start over. If I end up losing accomplishments to date. I believe I get frustrated and end up being uninterested to want to continue playing. Wondering if there is a fix for this. Thanks
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4 months ago, MrChapman!
It's a fun game BUT
The fun I get from this game is overshadowed by the stupid energy system. You need energy to play the game. They start you off with a little. You think you're buying more energy so you can play longer, think again. All that does is increase the amount of energy needed to play, you're no better off. You are still limited in how much you can play at a time. It's the stupidest thing. Most games encourage you to play. Not this one. It seems they're trying to limit how long you can play at a time. Makes no sense. You can either buy more energy or it replenishes itself at a snail's pace. And keep in mind, the more energy you have the more energy you need to play each game.
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6 years ago, AceThreeSuited
Good app and getting better with updates
It’s a very fun game and fairly challenging. I enjoy playing it and there are lots of objectives to keep you busy playing. My only complaint is how expensive it is to refill energy. I wish it only cost 1-2 gold pins to refill. Once you get towards the later stages you can only play one game on your energy and even with a good energy recharge ball you don’t get enough to refill. I would like to be able to save up my gold pins to unlock the bonus levels but that means only playing one game every hour or so. But don’t get me wrong this game is worth the download and will stay entertaining even if you don’t buy any gold pins.
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11 months ago, Naflin
The game is fun but…
The only real issue I have with this game is that your forced to watch a video after every round. I can understand watching videos for things like getting extra bonus spins and for currencies within the app, but after every game while getting nothing in return. Obviously they don’t value our time at all. Every time a video pops up that I didn’t choose to start (for both my and the developers benefit) it feels like I am being insulted and spit on. What I’m asking for is reasons to click on ads. Not being forced to set through them without receiving any benefit for my time. Playing one game is not enough to warrant wasting my time for your revenue.
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2 years ago, jakesjdj
I’ve been playing this game since the release and I’ve always notice some brand balls came into the game and then left and i don’t know if I’m the only person who plays it who would like to see some older balls from the earlier 2000s in this game from brands also another idea would be as you build you’re career you can upgrade you’re statues like youre hook, speed all of that instead of picking a ball that has a lot of hook with no power or a ball with a lot of power but no hook just some ideas I hope could get put in the game to hopefully give it a resurrection and possibly make the game better
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4 years ago, Knarf130
Fun with problems though
This game is extremely fun to play but... Expect to lose your progress on a regular basis. At first I thought it was my iPad but after reading other reviews I realized differently. I have been playing for years and the longest multi-player steak I have is 45 days. Every time I lose progress the help center restores everything except multi-player progress. Starting over at day one is common place now. If this kind of frustration drives you crazy, this game is not for you. On a positive note, the help center has been more efficient about restoring progress. Instead of having to wait a few days for restoration, it is now a few hours.
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2 years ago, J Jo Joe joey
So sick of these wusses on multiplayer
The better you get at this game the less people will play you on multiplayer cause they want to have a higher win to lose ratio it’s ridiculous that this game gives an option to not bowl people after you match when it literally takes 2 minutes sometimes to find a multiplayer match these wusses (watching my language so this actually gets posted you know what I mean) need to leave this game idc how good you are if you’re afraid to play me on your phone you wouldn’t last one real life bowling tournament all you are is a bunch of fat greasy nerd wusses sitting on your phone keeping people that actually bowl at a competitive level in real life too from playing this game without it taking 5-10 minutes to find someone that’ll actually play
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3 years ago, CrystalRoc
My issue was fixed... until I logged into the game last night
I was having issues playing videos for the daily spin. It got to the point where I had to uninstall and then reinstall the app, and I had lost my progress. Tech support took a few days to get back, but they were able to recover my progress for me and I was able to view videos for the daily spin. I logged into the app last night and encountered the same problem. The app is crashing every time I try to watch a video and the wheel is blacked out with the hand showing me where to spin. I do not want to lose my progress again, nor do I want to keep purging tickets to keep it up. Please fix this problem.
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4 years ago, Jrbmeb
Earning gold pins?
Love the game. However, I have tried to earn gold pins by getting deals and taking revolving surveys which have no end to them. Open a page, that page opens another survey page and it just goes on and on. When you finally make it to the end, agree to the terms and deal, you return to the game and what do you know, NO additional gold pins. VERY frustrating and time consuming. I play this game RELIGIOUSLY every day and love the game. Are ads not enough to be able to earn gold pins. Since after every game you have to watch an ad!!! Other than that, the game is pretty awesome! Complete a survey to earn gold pins and it just keeps revolving, survey after survey. Gotta do a better job with this.
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