PC First Mobile

3.1 (59)
59.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
City & County Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PC First Mobile

3.05 out of 5
59 Ratings
2 years ago, A_Concerned_Stoner
Right idea, needs improvement overall…
Honestly most of the issues I’ve had in the passed with this app, have for the most part been remedied. Like I saw another person here who left a review about the credit card hub going away for some time, that has since returned and works pretty well most of the time. However (and I don’t know if others are encountering this problem) the quick access function doesn’t function anymore. I had it set up for a long time and it was really convenient to be able to access my accounts at a literal glance for Face ID. Then randomly one day it just stopped giving me the option, and the prompt to set up quick access returned. And every time I’ve tried to get quick access back by setting up a pin, it doesn’t work and is always followed by a “Accounts. There was a problem” pop up. I’ve tried several different pins to no avail. I tried just ignoring it for like a week and trying again but still wouldn’t work. Then I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and trying again. However I still get the same error message every time. This has been for well over a month now and I feel like it’s finally time I left a review so hopefully this issue can be resolved. Thank you and hopefully this review helps and this issue can be resolved.
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2 years ago, Beav763
Needs improvements
The app works fine for basic functions. Quick access still does not work properly to integrate with Face ID or using a pin to log in. There’s an error every time I try to set it up which leaves me typing in my whole password every time I open it. Also, I’ve yet to get CCCU to work with any money management program (intuit, rocket money, etc.) That’s prob not a fault of the app but something I’d like to see improved.
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3 years ago, noneyadamnedbidness
City and County Credit Union actually cares about people!
City and County is by far the best credit union/bank I have ever had an account with it’s not even close! I don’t like nor do I trust the big banks and their money siphoning practices but C&C is the opposite they pay you bonuses and most of all treat you like a person and no I am not some paid review man I am a real member and just want to help other people.
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1 year ago, DoubleBri
Can you please fix the mobile deposit?
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12 months ago, Summerav
Can’t even sign in my account. I’ve tried to sign in and every time I do it kicks me out. I’ve called the bank a few times and they took information. They informed me IT will reach out. It’s been at least 6months and the issue has not been resolved. I’ve tried to delete the app and reinstall but no luck. I can view my account on a computer but not on my phone. I give up!
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2 years ago, Brahambaseball
Somethings always broken
If you like to be constantly frustrated with your mobile banking application you’re in the right spot! Inevitably every update fixes something that’s been broken for a long time and breaks something else!! For the last month FaceID has been broken and will likely be broken for weeks to come!! It’s 2022 and people exclusively use their mobile devices to bank. Make a product that works.
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4 years ago, Andivari12
Great app
This app has been extremely helpful lately with this pandemic going on. I have been able to monitor and care for my money with no issues limiting my reasons for having to leave my home.
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3 months ago, Toffee1919
Some good, a lot of bad
Design is very poor for it being 2024. Allows basic things like seeing balances, check deposit, and making transfers. However, the log in is confusing/poorly designed, and there are a number of important functions that are either difficult or impossible to access like viewing secure messages.
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2 years ago, MoonstoneMama
Quick access/Face ID hasn’t worked for 6 months
The ability to login to my account with Face ID stopped working about 6 months ago. Each time I call to ask about it I’m told they’re “working on it” and there’s no estimated time frame for it to be fixed. I generally like my credit union, but if anything will make me switch, it’s going to be this.
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2 years ago, gearswinger16
Needs better Credit Card interface
Just recently they had updated this app to show more info about credit cards you had through the Credit Union, like a hub. It was great! Now when I click on my credit cards it’s back to the way it was before. Boo.
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2 years ago, mika.girl
Quick access no longer works with update.
I hate having to re-enter my password if there is an option for quick access. It doesn’t work with the update.
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2 years ago, emilycar2256
WORST banking app
I don’t understand why they can’t figure out all the glitches in their system. When you call, even the employees complain that they have constant issues. If you send more than three transfers, the app kicks you out. Depositing a check mobley? Says check failed. Login in? System failure. GET IT TOGETHER CCCU!
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2 years ago, SouphaD
It was good.
I used this app regularly and had no issues and loved the mobile deposit feature. However, when I upgraded to an iPhone 13 I’ve been unable to register my new device and it won’t recognize the security sent to me. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, KD1029123
Boo this App No longer works
Since the app update last week I can no longer open this app o my phone. It says compatible with my OS but the app just doesn’t open... i wonder if there is a way to uninstall the update or download a previous version?
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1 year ago, Mcl2mn
only portrait mode on iPad
This app only has portrait mode. That makes it horrible to use on the iPad. I submitted a comment and was told to delete and reinstall for landscape mode, it had been updated. Nope. Only portrait mode.
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1 year ago, Dwlast
What a piece of ****
Mobile deposit never works. The camera never lines up with the check and the app is always crashing.
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2 years ago, BriP419
Face ID no longer works
It hasn’t worked in months. It’s obnoxious to type in my password each time. I use this app a lot as it’s my finances. Making me reconsider banking here to move somewhere that keeps their app working.
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2 years ago, lillie04
The worst mobile banking app
We love this credit union, been members for almost 10 years, but the mobile app is atrocious. We moved all of our main banking from Wells Fargo and don’t miss them at all, except the app.
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5 years ago, alexlolok
Has issues. Not the best app.
Like other reviews say, have had a delete and reinstall app to get some features to work again. Works for a few weeks and needs to be reinstalled again. Not sure why. Face detection and check deposit are a few of the main issues that break. Hopefully CCCU fixes these soon!!
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6 months ago, Logan_graff
Please fix this app before I could see quick access and use card control and now it don’t work since I logged out once!!!!
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2 years ago, Hiawatha GC
Bill pay works on iPhone but doesn’t on iPad?
It’s either IOS compatible or not. Don’t try to gaslight me and say it’s not compatable to iPads.
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4 years ago, Autothrottle
Face ID
Please add Face ID. Everyone of my other banks has it along with every credit card app.
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4 years ago, J33465
Highly Recommend
I love this app. I never have to go into the credit union anymore because I can do everything from my phone. I can check my account balances, transfer money to and from savings, make credit card payments, electronically transfer money to friends and family, and deposit checks! They also have a cool feature that shows you your credit score over time... highly recommend the CCCU mobile app. It has always been a convenience... but even more so now that COVID is forcing me to stay home.
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5 years ago, Carri007
Mobile deposit issues
I’ve also recently been having an issue with the mobile deposit button disappearing. Also, the fingerprint ID hasn’t been working, and I’ve frequently had to retype my password lately.
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9 years ago, totheemax_
Super late...
I love this app in the face that you know I don't have to go the an ATM anymore to check my balance, but with the new ISO 9 update, the transactions are super slow and I totally miss counted and almost went over draft! The older one did the card transactions real fast and that's why I liked this app, but now they are very slow and I'm not so sure about the app anymore.
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5 years ago, davis870
Lots of app issues
I have had to delete and re-install app multiple times because the mobile check deposit feature doesn’t show up on the app after a few uses. It will only appear within the account features after a delete and re-install. Not convenient
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5 years ago, anything for a nickname
App problems
I am up to date with all of my updates and like the last review I can NOT open my loans to see any info not sure what’s going on but please fix this ASAP. Thank you
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5 years ago, Nuselee
Mobile deposit
App works great to see checking, savings and loan information, but I’ve tried numerous times to use the mobile check deposit function and even though I’ve endorsed the back of the check. It still says that it failed and I must endorse my check to use cccu mobile deposit.
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5 years ago, Splintaskic
Cannot see loan info or enable Touch ID
The most recent version of this app doesn’t allow a user to see any loan info or enable Touch ID. App use to work great but not any more. I have contacted the credit union help line and re-downloaded the App but that doesn’t fix it! I am up to date with the iOS version on my phone. Please fix this to its former glory!!
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4 years ago, DaveQ09
Great mobile banking app!
The CCCU app has been awesome! It’s by far the best mobile banking app I’ve tried. It does everything I need in a banking app, and more. Plus it’s very intuitive to use!
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5 years ago, SHRN1961
Can’t find account
After a recent update the app will not open. It started saying unknown error has occurred and the changed to say the account could not be found. I went to the credit union and worked with 2 different people. They told me the problem was my phone. I went to Apple, there is no problem. I am very frustrated!! Please fix it. Thanks.
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5 years ago, slick76
This app is horrible learn to build an app. Only can view amount in accounts. Unable to make alternate amount of payment. Have to press numerous times for it process payment. Do a little research on other financial institutions apps and learn how to build a banking app. If I can as the president of developer I would be disgraced. I’ve seen children develop better functioning apps.
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5 years ago, SikuMiyu
Check Deposit
I really liked this app because it was easy for me to just deposit my check just like that. But....recently that options been disappearing so I’d have to wait the next day for it to reappear. Hopefully they fix it or I’ll just probs delete the app. 😕
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5 years ago, 50345678543
Quick access
Quick access doesn’t work and hasn’t for a while please fix.
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5 years ago, Vaipulu
Such a bad banking App, bring back Mill City App
The recent merger had me switch from Mill City’s app to this one. Such a poor quality app. Do not expect any functionality beyond checking your balances. It’s worth going to another bank and maybe just using this one for a savings account. The online experience feels extremely dated.
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13 years ago, BarbyW
Was a great app.
App worked great when I installed…5 days later all I get are errors. Deleted it and reinstalled a few times and no luck. Fix the bug and I'll give the 5 stars it is worth when it works!
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5 years ago, maek14
May switch banks
I can’t bank without mobile banking, and that’s basically the situation because there are so many errors with this app not working, me needing to uninstall and reinstall, etc
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5 years ago, Welcometothenextlevel
Check deposit and quick access issues since last update.
Check deposit option and quick access keep disappearing requiring a reinstall and app verification to function. Please fix this!!!!!
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4 years ago, jbot2020
Great App!
Everything you need in one location!
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6 years ago, JZ81314
New update needs fixing
I thought the update was to fix bugs, not cause everything to stop working! Had to access my account online because the app wouldn’t recognize me or let me see my account. Needs serious work!
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10 years ago, Leigh MacDonald
Love it!
Wonderfully handy little app! I'm very happy with the additional features in this update.
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4 years ago, amykins8383
App works great! I’ve never had any problems!
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5 years ago, debster007
Mobile deposit
The mobile deposit functionality is missing
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5 years ago, marthamaes
Issues with mobile deposit
Mobile deposit keeps disappearing with this version. It makes me want to switch banks.
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10 years ago, Stpauliegrl
Doesn't work
Similar to their web site...This app doesn't even allow you to log in 1/2 the time. I just switched to this small credit union for a change but sorry. Not having online banking in 2014 is like....well... The 1900s
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13 years ago, Flipyaforresl
Well Done
Ridiculously easy to use and super slick. Thanks for investing in your members.
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5 years ago, Bambino mama
Only works once in awhile
More often than not, the app isn’t working or can’t connect. It’s very frustrating!
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5 years ago, Dean's the Man
This app does not always have the ability to deposit a check! There is no easy fix and it randomly goes away. This makes me want to change banks. Need things to work.
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5 years ago, olson235
Can’t deposit a check ever.
Now that I updated to the new version I have yet to be able to deposit a check, at least I can see my loan info now that didn’t work before.
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5 years ago, NativeChic18
Quick Access still doesn’t work after bug fix
Quick access still not working after bug fix😕
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