PCH Lotto - Real Cash Jackpots

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Publishers Clearing House
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8 months ago
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12.5 or later
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User Reviews for PCH Lotto - Real Cash Jackpots

4.48 out of 5
28.7K Ratings
5 years ago, shirewolf92
Love it
I love this app, it would be nice to win small prizes a dollar here and there more often, but all and all it’s a lotto. I will admit I have a better chance winning scratch offs by buying them outright I win two or three dollars for every 5 cards I buy typically but when it comes to pch at least I don’t have to buy them, I’ve never been a lucky person I completely understand that winning a jackpot is nearly a once in a lifetime chance, I don’t mind the ads they need them to fund it, I just keep in mind that you have no better chance buying an actual mega million ticket than you do with the jackpots here, if you’re playing thinking that you’re going to have a 100% chance of winning anything you should re read the odds they provide. So yeah while I do wish I could win like a dollar here and there or whatever more often it’s really not a bad app, there’s nothing wrong with it, the odds are high like any other lotto. You can’t win anything if you don’t play, and you can’t put your heart into winning something against hundreds of other people, so keep that in mind please. But yes I do like many others wish that at least the smaller prize odds where more in our favor.
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3 months ago, Coston Capital
PCH Lotto is a really great app! BUT the entire experience gets ruined by all the trashy ads that come through. I don’t mind watching ads. Especially ones from legitimate retailers. I’ve come across tons of things that I’ve purchased or added to lists for future purchases that I wouldn’t have thought of if it weren’t for the (legitimate) ads. For some reason, 90% of the ads that come through are the scammy ones. I’ve actually seen one that showed a person (holding a baby for a nice effect I might ad) claiming “I couldn’t pay my rent so I downloaded this bingo app, played for 10 minutes, and I made over $12,000 dollars”. Seriously? I’ve faced not being able to pay my rent at times so this blatant deceit is simply disgusting to me. And there are hundreds more ads just like that one. The PCH+ app is saturated with these sickening ads and I worry they will associate the PCH brand with this garbage. PCH+, PCH Lotto, PCH Wordmania, PCH Treasure Match, and PCH Slots are all truly great apps and I really do enjoy playing them. I trust and believe that I have a chance of winning actual prizes from PCH. So once more, please stop associating with these lousy ads. It’s ruining the PCH suite of apps and the enjoyment of playing. Thanks so much! (I tried breaking this review into paragraphs but my iPad or the App Store return key is not registering the breaks, sorry!)
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3 years ago, NardDog1979
Fun app, but flawed
I have really enjoyed playing this app over the past year and a half. It’s free and atleast it makes me feel like there is some hope of winning. I have managed to get a few 10-20 dollar checks from the scratch off games so it is definitely a legitimate game. However, I have considered quitting this app a few times due to how time consuming it can be. Especially considering how long the ads are. I understand that they need to run the ads, but when you get several 30-60 second ads in a row it starts to slow your day down. I appreciate the ones where you can X right out of it and keep playing. It’s a fun app, but if you want to keep me playing you need to do something about the ads. This app will also wear your battery down too. A lot of flaws, but it can be fun.
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4 years ago, everythingistaken12344321
Read a review
I read a review saying it’s just a game and who cares if you don’t get at least something because you didn’t put anything in aka it’s free. I’m sorry but I disagree. Everyone who gets this app is spending something and that’s their time. Which is the most valuable asset there is. Time for everyone is finite and we all have soo little and that is worth money. Hence why jobs/careers pay you for it. The problem with games like this is that they prey on the fact that people are in need to steal their time. Which time is money. It’s the same reason why gambling is illegal unless it is controlled because it preys on peoples hopes for a a great life which is unattainable for most people because capitalism favors a very small percentage of people. It’s a terrible thing and a shame that people live and die without being able to enjoy a rich life. Everyone should be able to enjoy everything and not have the restraints of a piece of cloth like money. And yes if access to everything was open to everyone, the jobs needed for those things would be fulfilled simply by the fact that there is enough people with different passions to fill every position. The work would be done out of love and the simple fact that when they are off “work”, they can go enjoy every luxury without the need of a dollar bill.
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5 years ago, Swag7956
Thank you
My grandmother played through the mail since I was a baby. She even gave me permission to play when she raised me. She passed away December 25, 2017 from Dementia and I wasn’t able to be there due to my issues. I know she’s with me in spirit because I feel she’s giving me the signs to keep playing. She always believed in PCH. Thank you for giving her happiness through out her life. I always imagine her dancing just like she danced around on the holidays. Thank you for giving me the excitement, hope,and,faith to keep playing. 😊❤️ Good morning I am wide awake and full of so many emotions. I apologize if I get off track due to distractions however I’m becoming stronger than I have ever felt since I was 19 years old. I’m really an open minded person however I’m different now and preparing for my life now in hopes that I will someday have a great relationship with my 14 year old son. You have kept me on my toes as well as my angels above. Thank you so much again for this amazing opportunity regardless of what happens I owe it all to you all with my grandmother by my side. I always say this is for you grandma. 👍😊😇
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2 months ago, Bala296
Not bad
They used to have more games, but it also used to take so long to play that I wuld only do a few and forget the rest. I won $10 once through this app. They sent me a check a few weeks later, but nothing since. I’ve been doing it for 2 years. It seems like all the sweeps rarely have winners since the odds are so much worse than powerball, but of course, people do sometimes win, but it takes many years to get one winner for a big prize. I don’t mean the superprize ones. They at least guarantee that one to have one winner, even if not superprize. So don’t get your hopes up. I take it as this is just a game to do while I watch tv, and if they ever show up at my door, fantastic. Just don’t plan on it ever happening. My only issue is the repetitive ads. They literally play the same ad over and over again to the point I am so sick of seeing it, I want nothing to do with it. When they rotate them, it’s not an issue. It’s not just pch, it all the apps. It must be some algorithm. But it makes it not effective because you are so sick of seeing the same ad, why would you then try it out? Mix it up a bit please.
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6 years ago, Sammaslamajama
Still Hope threw 3 generation believing becoming a winner
Well I’m 60 now and still entering this PCH ♥️ We all are struggling in these uncertain times across America!!!! I also was hurt at work and forced into early retirement/ disability. I still have some HOPE that I could win and also be able to help someone else that really could use the money to live our last years of living. I became widowed with 2 young children. I worked very hard at work everyday and weekends was house work ‼️‼️ I still love being able to work those last years with my disability which I became paralyzed in right arm and have chronic pain everyday. I do want to say , ma dream of when I was older I could live in a townhouse with others my age . That dream was crushed when I lost everything because of work injury. I will never give up on hope and happy both my kids work very hard for their own families. Remember Jesus always is right there for you ALWAYS ♥️
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4 years ago, mrbangbanger
I thought this was a scam for a while but I did an experiment and played every day at work on my lunch breaks and any time I had down time. After playing consistently for about 2 years they sent me a $10 Check along with a crap ton of additional coupons I didn’t order. I have never spent money on Publishers Clearing House. But At least I know now they are kinda legit even tho I still kinda think its a scam. In a sense that yes I did receive ten dollars but it could be a trick to keep me playing and coming back. I have never seen or heard of anyone in there 20’s winning a big prize, its usually the elderly. I know its supposedly a random generated system but Maybe they give the little prizes to the younger generations and save the big prizes for the old people. Makes me less motivated to keep going because of this. Would be more willing to play often if I knew the prizes were being spread along all the age groups more consistently. Hook up an 18 year old or something go outside the box that would be exciting.
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3 years ago, RealisticOne23
Fun to play?
I play this occasionally-mostly because it shows up in my email and hope springs eternal. But I’ve read a number of the comments and feel compelled to chime in. I was struck particularly by the individual who made the statement about capitalism favoring only the few. I completely disagree. Especially these days, with all the opportunities available on the internet. It’s never been easier to start a business, especially a profitable one. There’s a ton of information online about how to go about it. This country is full of opportunities. You just have to do some research, connect with the right people/opportunities for you and decide to go for it! Though it’s a nice dream to have money just fall in your lap, I wouldn’t wait for it to happen till you decide to live your life.
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4 years ago, Shadow 24/7
Too Many Ads, Not Enough Time!
Ever since October, 2020, I've been getting an ad every other number pick/cards flip. It used to take me 3 hours to complete everything on the app for the day but now it would take me like 6-8 hours. I don’t have that kind of time to spend/waste on this app. It’s not like I’m some old grandpa or grandma with nothing better to do. I can squeeze a few hours a day, but that’s it. Be nice if y’all could tune down on the ads. If I had $0.10 for every ad, I would have like $10,000 by now. Just from this year alone! No joke or exaggeration. I’ve watched hundreds of thousands of ads and they’re now taking too much of my time. Only gave 3 stars for the annoyance and the fact I haven’t won anything yet. Not even something small that would convince me. As of now I’m only playing out of boredom mixed with faith/hope. Without faith/hope I would’ve been... gone... a long time ago. It’s all we really have these days.
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6 years ago, #thenaber
Just play!
I’ve gone through and read a few reviews..mostly by people who think they’re going to win a bank load of money, and are disappointed that you don’t. If you win...fantastic, if you don’t...then you’re in the same boat as everyone else who plays. After you play a couple of times and see all of the ads, but continue to play and complain, then you must like the misery. All of the ads help support PCH. If you are spending most of your day playing the games, and still don’t win, don’t complain about how rotten your life is. Think about this..for the people who only receive PCH by mail, they don’t have the opportunity to play online. They have one chance of winning with every mailing. If the games, ads, and slow downloads bother you...don’t play. It’s a simple conclusion
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5 years ago, BunnyLuv30
What Happened to the Games App?
PCH has made changes recently, where the Games app (goldish color) is no longer available. The games are accessible on this general PCH app, but they do not work the same (or at all) on mobile devices with iOS! What is happening? It would be nice to know. Also, with the separate games app that was available before, there was a daily prize that could be played for, and I don’t see that anywhere now. That isn’t such a big deal, but all the games that were on that app and page seem to be gone, as well. After playing for years, it’s just a bit frustrating that PCH made so many drastic changes without ensuring a decent replacement was in place. The majority of people today use mobile devices, so for these games not to work properly on them is ridiculous. It would also be nice to receive an email advising of all these major changes (especially since I receive SO many other repetitious emails reminding me to sign up for a chance to win)! 😠
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5 years ago, Hisrain4u
I have been playing PCH for awhile. Not as long as others. It’s been a rough 2 years. Going through a bad separation. Health issues. I hope and pray that one day I could afford to buy a house of my own. To drive the car of my dreams. Have the money fund my youth Ministry. And to help those in need. All my life I have given of my time, my talent and money. Regardless that will never stop. But deep down. I would like to be in the the that circle lined up for a blessing. Don’t get me wrong. To wake up everyday is a miracle. I thank PCH for the opportunity to make my dreams come true and to be a bless to the others. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making my life possible and for blessing me everyday of my life. For without him I’m nothing. I wish blessings to everyone who enters these sweepstakes. ....Peter Taylor.
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1 year ago, Jacobace1
The dream
I have been playing this sweepstakes for years and the odds of winning anything is very slim to non. Most of the people that I have seen win this are old. We have a better chance of being struck by lightning five times before winning anything let alone a dollar. With that being said it is still free and the possibility is still there. You can't complain about the app when it's free and the possibility to win is still possible. I bet you will never stop playing it, so stop complaining about it. A coworker of mine won $17,000 from PCH so I know it's possible. What I would do with $7000 a week for life will change my life forever and the people around me. Money is nothing when that is your only Objective. What the money can do is where the dream lies and that is in serving and helping others. All I can do is dream and imagine the what winning this sweepstake would do for my family and I.
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3 years ago, Asdfgfds
Ads becoming too long
I have been playing this app for a couple years now. I’m that time I’ve won about $100. Recently though they have change the way the ads work and make it not worth the time to even go through it. I understand that they are a company and their goal is to make money and ads are the best way to do it on this app but what they have done with the latest update is not worth it at all to even play. There are 13 categories of lotto cards, 12 have 16 in total to play, 1 has 12. If you were to play through all the cards you would be subject to about 2 hours of ads. It takes about 2 second to play a card and after that they want you to watch ads. They can be short or long, sometimes just 1, sometimes 2, I’ve even had 3 before. They keep pushing more and more ads along with longer ads. I always joke that my time is worthless, but my time is worth far more then playing this app.
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4 years ago, Berdiche
Obnoxious, Screaming Ads
I’m a fan of PCH, but I’m on the cusp of deleting the PCH Lotto app. The ads are out of control. I’ve received up to three ads in a row, some as long as 40+ seconds (30 second initial ad, then a slow-counting “5” additional ad on the next page). Some ads utilize manipulative, tiny Xs to close the ads. But due to the tiny size and placement on the screen (if they’re visible at all), you’re just as likely to be forwarded to their auto-opening app page. But the absolute worst offender is that most of the ads jump in, with volume automatically on, and at a screeching, high volume. This happens even when I have my phone on “Silent”, and I haven’t seen any way to change or improve it. My wife is asleep, I’m winding down for the night, and an obnoxiously loud ad comes blasting out of my “silent-ed” phone. It’s to the point that I can’t play the PCH Lotto at night. Maybe that’s just forecasting me not playing the app at all...
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5 years ago, jaswillis
Problems with this app
This app is not Ollie’s great too many commercials too many in games in between playing cards. Also the bingo books scratch off is not accurate does not pay right if you have three numbers is supposed to pay 750 in Tokens but only pays 500 of the nine. The instant win cards when you get a bonus to win extra tokens the second bonus when is time to pay out to play it always has experience technical Problems and will pick give you bonus tokens but does not pay out any bonus tokens when he sees that he’s going to.. They act like you have plenty of time to play with you were at work you only have 30 minutes but they do have commercials all in between the games.
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6 years ago, laybackmode
Wow 0-0
Why people bashing this app it’s a game which clearly telling you, you might get lucky and win money. Now why are people using the poor card seriously if you that poor which I doubt it the last place you should be is on a app dreaming of a miracle. You can get two jobs or watch how you spending the money you do get. This game isn’t targeting nobody and sense it’s free to play with a small chance at a miracle win. Should get 5 stars and I’m not rich nor am I poor. Some of you really need to look up that word and understand the meaning of it before using it. Now the ads or annoying but it’s needed for them. And remember it’s a app with free games to enjoy and if u get lucky great and if not oh well. Because u can’t lose what u never had. :)
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2 years ago, kayla blevins
Not sure about them but trying to believe in it because I do love public clearing house
I haven’t won anything that I know of but I have a million emails and a million letters that has came in the mail that I won but I haven’t got anything so I’m afraid it might have been a scam but I’m not giving up on public clearing house I think their gonna b my life savor because I have so many health conditions really sick and been turned down for disability and I’m so tired of living miserable I have lived like this my whole life I’m praying because as soon as I do my mom and I will both have a home I worry about her so much she’s so sweet and been done so wrong and I can’t wait to say goodbye to the crap I put up with from the person I live with
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6 years ago, Maymilbybuff2011
I guess I love it
I like to play pch lotto, I love that I don’t have to spend like the Texas lotto, I was spending $10 every week for Texas lotto and not winning anything, I won $50 one day, but since that day I didn’t win anything so I decided to give it up before it became a vice, I’m not expecting to win anything right away, maybe in due time, but at least I’m not throwing money away, and it motivates you to play everyday knowing that you might win one day and helps you release stress , it will be nice to win, I see that elderly people win a lot, but why not the young people like me, I could use that money for college or to take an online course instead of borrowing student loans which will messed you up, but anyway I love Pch lotto app 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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5 years ago, TabbiWytch
App Support does not exist!!!
I have an iPhone and have been trying to get the Lotto app to work for over 2 weeks. But every time I sign in, I automatically get Oops! We’re having technical difficulties right now. Apparently the Front Page app no longer works, but no this too? I’m afraid to try the Slots! Which I know all had worked before. Now they don’t. And I’ve cleared the cookies/cache, in case someone is wondering. Also from here I click on App Support and it goes right to the same place within the app for support, yet there’s nothing that I’ve found that actually helps with the app. Sigh. I wanted to start using the apps again so it would be a little easier but I might as well delete them and continue using safari. Sometimes that’ll freeze up, but I can just start it again in a new window. But I’m starting to remember why I stopped playing before. Just a big hassle and tired of being disappointed.
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5 years ago, BrandiBee 🤩 foreva
Ms. R.
I’m a regular player: been playing along time. Just disappointed because not sure if this was my fault, or PCH. I couldn’t get into my account for awhile: only way was through old emails: it wasn’t remembering my sign info. Sooo I couldn’t keep up with my VIP status. Because I was in serious shape due to my health. (In Hospital: trying to fight for my life. Again:) so couldn’t use application daily: let alone get into my account: gave up for awhile. Just came back today: and by magic it let me in using: the same info. Finally- again: ) so now I’m backkk. Let’s see what happens. Ty PCH for being around always. 😎 now I have to fight the application : play all my fun games again :to get back my VIP status: which is frustrating: but, I’m going to continue: Carry on!
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3 years ago, LaurasProofs
The ADS!!
I completely understand that apps survive on subscriptions and ad revenue, but the number of ads is ridiculous!! It seriously makes using the app quite unbearable. I have not seen another app with this many ads. There are some lotto games that require you to watch an ad when you submit the *first part* of that game, then you play the second half and it makes you watch more ads! The same activity takes 1/3 of the time on the website. Very disappointing. UPDATE: Something else that irritates me is that you only receive a point toward the bonus game once for every 3–4 cards you submit, but you get them for every game online. Seems like you could at least give us the right points since we have to deal with all these ads!
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6 years ago, Advisor2020
Barely usable for those with visual impairments
As a visually impaired customer, I have to live on what we call supplemental security income. The government gives us barely enough funds to survive. Me personally, I would like to be able to use this app, and all of the apps by PCH, however they are either not accessible, or just barely meet the accessibility standards that are needed for the apps to work with the voiceover screen reader built into iOS. PCH, please fix! Me and possibly other customers like myself could possibly feel excluded because of the fact that we can barely use your apps, or not use them at all. This is, in my opinion, extremely disappointing, and extremely disheartening. Again, please fix! Accessibility is a right, not a privilege.
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4 years ago, !!!!!:;()!!!!!!
If you’re playing to win REAL money you’re wasting your time.
Have you ever won money through PCH? Do you know anyone that has won real money through PCH? It’s a company that makes money off of selling your info. You put in your full name and address, as well as your email to open an account. They in turn sell your info to online marketing agencies(most of the time foreign agencies) giving them a nice profit and leaving you with spam emails and more ads and junk to your mailbox. Go ahead and do your own research but they have NEVER payed out REAL money or prizes. They keep you intrigued with games and the possibilities of extravagant prizes just so you keep playing to view ads for them to make revenue. You are welcome to do your own research or a simple google search instead of complaining that you have been playing for years and have never won anything besides tokens to claim gifts that they have never given out.
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5 years ago, @earlofberl
PCH Lotto
My family and I have been entering the PCH for many generations and have not ever won anything but we appreciate all the fun games and chances to win. As well as the wonderful products and low priced magazine subscriptions. I am still entering all your contests and hope one of these days you will contact me that I am actually a grand prize winner. But as my recently departed mother used to say; “If wishes were horses, then donkeys would ride.” I know that my chances or odds of winning are small by percentage but I shall keep on trying and hoping my lucky number and name will be picked. So thank you very much for these fun applications. PCH Lotto is a lot of fun and I truly enjoy it. Thank you 😊 very much for all the years of pleasurable fun and entertaining our whole family.
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2 years ago, KC3CDU
very accessible for the blind
I'm totally blind and so as a result I rely on something called VoiceOver which reads everything to me that shows up on the screen. This app works very well with that on my ipad. It doesn't work so well though on my iphone but, playing it on the ipad is fun, rewarding, and simple. Apple has this thing called Direct Touch which this app uses and it just does such a great job. This being said, this app is not without it's buggs. The app will sometimes frease up and I'll have to close and reopen it but, other then that, they did a great job making this app user friendly.
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2 weeks ago, JDC517
3 star but holy cow… WAAAAAAY too many ads!
Seriously! It takes like a half hour just to get through 10 drawing cards. I totally understand having to play ads to make the games free, but when it takes 2 to 3 minutes per check mark (I do a quick pick that literally takes 2 seconds to complete, then need to maneuver through 4 ads that take 30 to 45 seconds each) I mean… it gets absolutely ridiculous! I spend less than a minute total to actually pick the numbers for ALL THE CARDS, and about 30 minutes watching ads, just to get through 10 cards. Please make it stop! I don’t mind the ads, but when I’m spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game, that’s a problem! It’s not fun. It feels like a chore.
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4 years ago, Countryroad2020
I love playing all the games online it’s a lot faster but being persistent now to get all the lotto done online to. I love how you can play keno now to online. The only thing for me is that I wish when you play the scratch off on the keno, that it had the timer on each scratch off you play so you know how much time you have left. Sometimes to it freezes up and sometimes I don’t have any more scratch offs to play because I played them all. So sometimes I have a long time still on the timer with nothing to play. Other than that I love PCH and keeping the faith! Stay safe everyone during the COVI-19. God Bless❤️🎈🎈🎈❤️🙏 Thanks PCH for all that you do making dreams come true! ❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Marez-
PCHLotto App
This is frustrating. I have been playing this consecutively for a while- everyday. But lately the app won’t even open. I tried deleting the app & reseting my phone a few times. But nothing is making a difference. Like the last person said- we are all here because PCH was always considered reputable and I haven’t won anything yet, not even a small prize so not sure if I can continue doing this as often as I try to. (Bathroom at work, driving to and from work, during dinner at home, before bed, in bathroom at home and while watching show- yep a bit obsessive lol) But when it is out of my control and still a consistent loser that makes it harder to continue- especially when the app isn’t working. I use this on and the PCH one and also the Front page one.
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3 years ago, DavidWitzig
PCH has ruined the gameplay experience
I’ve been a customer of PCH for over 35 years and spend way too much time playing their online games. For many years, I was able to tolerate the amount of online ads since these were free games and there was a very small chance that you could win something. Over the last few months, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of advertising on the PCH lotto app. I would love to meet the genius in the marketing department who thought it was a good idea to play three consecutive, non-skippable 30-second video ads between each game. Do you need to maximize your revenue that much by driving up your impression count? Your revenue must clearly be dropping along with you clickthru rates for your advertisers. You have absolutely ruined the gameplay experience and have lost a very loyal customer.
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5 years ago, Mars715
Year’s later & still playing, For fun only..
I started signing up for PCH when I was 18, I’ve never expected to win and still don’t expect to ever win, it’s always been for passing time and having fun, Sometimes I order because I need something, I’m now 65 and still playing, knowing I’m more than likely Not going to win real cash, but I do win free points to play games or use the points to buy tickets to try & win.. At my age I’d probably have a Cardiac Arrest if I were to win.. so it’s probably better a young person wins.. lol.. Thank you PCH for giving people like me something to dream for 😊, Dreams are free,& give’s people hope.. That’s all that counts...Again TY...
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3 years ago, Furry146
Three out of eight
I only get two to three numbers that get pulled when the do the winning pull of numbers. I don’t think that there really are a lot of prizes. I have only seen the power prize picture of a winner one time ever, and there is no way to know how often or who the winners if there are any winners of the prizes. Same with the PCH app , I like the lotto app cause I can close the app after entering my numbers and avoid all the annoying bogus scam artist commercials that sponsor the app. And junk game apps commercials . I keep it just to see how good I can get at guessing the winning numbers . Oh yeah I got the ball number right once , the ball that supposed to be worth $500 but all they gave me was tokens . So that was a disappointment.
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5 years ago, Jacmatran
My Mother used to enter PCH when I was growing up. I remember getting the packets in the mail as a kid. She would fill out all the necessary paperwork and sometimes order stuff from you!! There is no telling how many times she entered!! I’m almost 50 years old now. We didn’t even have cell phones at the time!! She passed away almost 20 yrs ago with cancer . She would be amazed at all the differences in the games and just all the different ways to enter and win!! I’m playing for her!! I want to win this for her so badly!! Because she entered PCH RELIGIOUSLY EVERY TIME YOU SENT IT OUT!!! GOD BLESS HER SOUL!! She wanted to win. But each time I play it’s in memory for my mommy!!
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5 years ago, ermadd
Sept 12th(?) I got the newly formatted PCH Lotto App
I received no word it was happening! I received no instructions on how to play the updated app! I forged ahead anyway—I am an addicted player of PCH. There is no visible 10 count to know when I can go for instant $10/20 payout; when I can earn an extra $10k by watching a video; and, new “star” bonuses. I think PCH owes me at least an email that changes are implemented. Also the new bingo portion of the app has major flaws in awarding the correct tokens per play when 3 matches are turned up. Please, let me know how to come into the “know” of the redone app. Thank you for any help I can receive from the PCH game designers.
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5 years ago, Ewalkaceblu
Fun to play but needs work.
As far as the game play experience goes it is fun. Yes there are ads, but that is why it is free for you & me. Don’t expect to when because the odds are astronomical. Just play to have fun. If you are the one in less then 1% that win then good for you. I like this app a lot. Now for the bad news. This app crashes constantly. I have to reopen the app at least a dozen times to play all the games. There is even one particular ad (Manjang Journey) that even reboots my iPhone. This app is not stable at all & needs the bugs worked out asap. This app get 5 stars if it didn’t crash so much. For developers to know I am using a iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12.4.3 P.S. Don’t trust the Manjang Journey Ad or even the app. It causes the actual iPhone to reboot!
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4 years ago, samfjim
It would be a great app if it worked consistently...it kicks you out of the app about every 5 minutes, or it gets hung up in a loop when playing keno and keeps going back to the homepage so you cannot finish the game. It’s very frustrating. Also the app for the iPhone is different from the iPad. Tonight, when you get to the fifth keno card, the app kicks you out and won’t let you back in even though there is one scratch off and 10-15 minutes of playing time left, and, you never get to see the results of the drawing on the keno cards.
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3 years ago, Myth-Bunny
Ads update??? Must be...
I used to love this app. However since the latest update, it takes 2 minutes, or more between sweepstakes entries. The ads are 30 seconds each, and there are anywhere from two to five ads between one sweepstakes entry to the next. ((Sigh)). Please fix this so that I can continue loving your app. I’ve already deleted the app. Then, being hopeful, I reinstalled... still full of advertisements.... oh, and since the update earlier today on the pch Wordmania, there are now two to five ads on that app, as well. This is not a good thing.
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1 year ago, t man tom
Please make app accessible with voiceover
I am going to be playing PCH Lotto a lot I was wondering if there’s any possible way to have this app accessible for voiceover users are use an iPhone 12 pro max on iOS 16 and if you can make all your apps accessible, that would be really great thank you and keep up the good work hope to hear from you soon i’ve been entering PCH sweepstakes every day all day but I can’t use none of the apps so I have to do it online but it would be better if the apps were accessible for blind users. Thank you. keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, BethAnn@99
Keep telling me I am sooo close
PCh keeps emailing me how close I am but I never even win a small prize . I am in some pretty difficult times right now so winning would be a blessing but this like all the other games is just a way for them to get more money ,yes , spin 20 times for a number spin ten times for the tokens spin again and again and win ha I don’t think anyone real Ever wins or its the northern states not here in Texas or Corpus Christi I have never heard of a winner here . I want to keep playing but like everyone else who loses over and over I may have to stop .
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5 years ago, Al1918
Have Fun, release so tension.
Sure we all would love to be the big winners and help our families, our friends and community, and it could happen. Keep on hoping, don’t play with negative emotions. There have been many of us here that may have won a few small prizes but as long as you enjoy it and keep up your hope that means you still believe you could be one of the big winners. I’ve been playing a long time, actually a very long time and I still play. Some games I like more than others and I’m not particularly fond of political ads on the site. Something I wish wasn’t necessary but , I also know that the advertising helps pay for the site along with the items for sell. There are days I am physically not able to play as much as much as I would like to but I do the best I can. So for everyone playing , just enjoy. There’s no guarantee of winning anything. , only the hope that you might be the next big winner. Peace Everyone.
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2 years ago, Mona Beach
Pch games.
They are lots of fun to play but I have to be honest when I say that when you play a lot of games and the advertisements ( I know that they are a necessity) and they take 40 seconds and sometimes longer between each game, it takes hours and hours to get through the games. I think a lot of families get aggravated that it takes time away from them. I find myself getting up at 4 in the morning to get through playing them so I am present for my family. But I am in it to win it. So I keep on playing.
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3 years ago, Candace1177
Horrible Now
2 years ago I use to play the app and would be done in less than 2 hours, now this app is HORRIBLE to play , after every single play you have to sit through the ads and most of the time it freezes and you have to go out and come back in, now it would take me from 8am to 11pm to finish the entire app, they have completely taken the fun out of this app and It must be on purpose because clearly they have read all these reviews and have done NOTHING to change it back to how it was 2 years ago. So I will no longer be playing the app and I don’t think they care or like I said they would have fixed it back to the way it was, It’s a WASTE of time to play now, just go to their website and do the emails they are MUST easier and fun!
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4 years ago, Rod(:munch
Hope and Enter
I watched my mom enter Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes via mailing when I was a kid. It was then that I decided I would enter too once I was old enough. I’ve won 8 small prizes over the years, ranging from $5 - $50, and I continue to hope and enter for the large prizes. Entering through the PCHLotto app is easy and fun. I like that I can choose which one I feel like entering if I’m pressed for time and unable to enter them all. I do wish that the sweepstakes did not use the Eastern time zone for their clock. Midnight in New York is only 9 p.m. my time and I always run out of time to enter.
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5 years ago, Chili Wili Billi
PCH story.
I like to sit in the evening and play the games you provide. I also sit and imagine what I would do to help the community at large if I would win the PCH. Prize. I have been blessed by being able to work with people from all financial backgrounds and I’ve the rich do things to provide for the poor, but I’ve also seen many people who were under privileged at one time rise up and go to college and become a contributor to the economy and in many cases, reach out and help the communities they live in. If I win, I will get back to helping others. God Bless PCH and all you game players
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2 years ago, sfheriford
Where is Tri Peaks solitaire?
I have searched every PCH app until I finally decided this one has the same setup that I used to find tri peaks solitaire in. Sadly, after all that wasted time in the App Store, then scouring both apps, no TRI PEAKS. Please do not tell me you removed such a relaxing and popular game for older adults? Please just point me the right way and I promise you 5 stars for helping me locate the best app in the entire set up. No other tri peaks compares to the one Mom and I played together a zillion times right before bed each night. My hopes in finding that app was that it surely could help fill the monstrous void created when she passed in June, 2021. Can you help me out please??
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2 years ago, Gayr Vv
Fun & Free lotto
Instead of wasting my time and money on playing the state lottery, watching my money burn, and never winning a prize amount to cover my cost of playing; I started play PCH’s free lottery app! I can play scratch cards, millionaire making lottery sweepstakes, and even Live Keno drawings for free! I can play on my phone during my down time, free of charge, and without going to a gas station. I’ve already won $5 from publishers clearing house and hope to win more. I just have to take the Big Winners advice and keep on submitting my entries if I want to win :)
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6 years ago, keycannon
I agree is this really real
I feel the same way and in the same position as you wit h two kids and two days to get out my hotel room and all I have left is my faith and a lil hope kids dad past two years ago and it’s been rough for me also and I’m just holding on to my faith and the little hope I have left I play both of these app everyday just to when tokens that I can’t do nothing with that’s a waste of my time but yet I’m just playing and hopping that I’ll be next to win🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️hopeful thinking 🤔 I guess praying 🙏 this to be my blessing knowing deep down it’s never going to happen anyway I’m feeling you my girl I don’t know what more we supposed to do to win are is it’s really real or not
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2 years ago, Candyland24
Ads are ridiculous!!
I remember now why I previously deleted this app. It would be fun, and there was one time I did receive a small check for winnings a couple of years ago. I re-downloaded the app today, and was instantly reminded why I stopped using it. The ads are insane. You cannot get through one of the games without watching at LEAST 3-6 ads. It’s basically ten seconds of play, 5 minutes of ads. I was looking forward to using the app again, however, it seems as though the amount of ads has increased over time. I understand ads = profit, and we are all in the business to make money, but why in between every single game play?? I’ve lost interest already and I’ve only attempted playing one of the games so far.
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1 year ago, PoxxyG1
72 years.
I have for many years been enjoying my struggles to enter as many PCH games as possible. PCH , is celebrating 70 years of operation. I being 72 years of age is proof that I like many have been in to win it for a very long time. Although I have never won , I can say that over the years I have fully enjoyed my efforts to play with hopes of winning. The best part has been that with each entry . The candle of hope was always another reason to try again.!!! Thanks PCH, it has been fun . And yes … I am still in it to win it…. Percy Grant….
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