PCH+ - Real Prizes, Fun Games

4.6 (112.1K)
915.2 MB
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Publishers Clearing House
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1 month ago
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12.5 or later
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User Reviews for PCH+ - Real Prizes, Fun Games

4.62 out of 5
112.1K Ratings
2 years ago, pattym55
Pch app
There’s issues with the app some of ad games freezes so that you can’t click the x to get back to game was playing it was slot game on some casino app I had to shut my phone off three different times and back on to go on to next game to play so there’s bug issues or something wrong the game is huuug casino slot machine has bug issues need fixing or I’m deleting app Still having same issues with huuug diamond jackpot won’t let me go on past it so you need to fix issues or delete game completely I’m tired shutting off my phone or deleting history all time fix game or I’m deleting app you want people to win money but when there’s issues you don’t want to fix it App is freezing up not loading I deleted it once just added it back and still having issues with it and not browsing history I’ve deleted that so should work but not working correctly May 3rd 2022 App is freezing not wanting to load so can play games getting tired of it have to keep shutting my phone off and turning it back on and it still doing same thing I’ve upgraded from iPhone XR to iPhone 12 Pro Max and it’s still doing same thing I’ve also cleared browsing history still not working same thing happens with PCH Lotto app something needs improving
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3 years ago, The Wynnster
Find a new engineer please
This is the worst I am a dedicated sweepstakes player averaging six to seven hours a day seven systems a week. Everyday new glitches I can only play a total of maybe three hours a day because of all the glitches it’s now more and more every day freezing up is the biggest problem after June 30 th I dimly quit I’ve fill as if I’ve lost any chance at winning because I can’t complete certain games I even too frustrated to continue righting what problems I’m having with the app . How do take a snap shot when you have two or more apps with SEVERAL glitches and bugs. This is simply bad engineering. I’ve even taken my phone to apple universe and they performed every check in there Arsenal, the phone checked out a+ besides when I see oops, error, sorry video could not load that’s a problem on the game providers end. When you guys have something half way right you screw with it and make it even worse, and was not working properly from the beginning. I be called your tech department and they haven’t a clue how to repair or advise you how to fix it.. W. Williams . This really screws the serious players who are trying to win the sweepstakes or any part there if.
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12 months ago, Xyz random
Don’t play expecting to win actual prizes
I have played this app for a lot of years, often finishing multiple levels a day. They recently updated the games, and the new ones are not as good as the old ones. The new basketball game doesn’t count any baskets in like the last 3 seconds (of the 30 second timer you get). It is a lot harder to reach the maximum token amount per game. The games are okay as far as fun. The biggest problem though is that PCH keeps increasing the length of the ads!!! When I started playing the app (many years ago), the ads were not at each level and only about 10-15 seconds. Now after every game you have 30-45 seconds of commercials/ads. Playtime is less than 30 seconds per game (some are less than 10 seconds to play)! So you are spending more time on commercials than game time. I understand that PCH needs to make money with commercials so that they can give away prizes, but when you spend more time on commercials than the games it is a no go for most players. None of the games have instructions either, or tell you how they are coming up with the total tokens you earn. Some games you can figure out, but others will leave you baffled. The odds of winning anything are also pretty low. I hope this review helps you if you are on the fence about downloading the app.
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1 year ago, Hanks-Thanks
I agree with others who find the PCH apps freezing up, causing players to have to reboot their phones. Once you turn your phone back on and go back to the game you were playing, the game takes considerable time to rework itself, so once again you are waiting. If you don’t want to shut down your phone, you can leave it for an hour or two and hope the game will re-right itself, and often it does - but that’s also inconvenient. Please fix this glitch! The new games have a fun factor to them, but are also more difficult than the previous set. If you like challenging, they are that! However they are trickier, very touchy, and require you to do SEVERAL things to earn the 25,000 max tokens, not just hit the mark once. If you tap the question mark on a game before playing it, you get a very brief explanation of how the game works, but nothing more. As you know, the less points you make, the less tokens and value for the time you’ve spent. I’ve looked for information from PCH on how to improve skills for the various games, practise opportunities, or helpful tips, but so far have found nothing. If anyone has found this kind of help, I would appreciate knowing where to look. :) Right now I earn about half the tokens I did with the previous set of games!
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11 months ago, Kc-Potomus
PCH Rocks !!!
I play all the apps everyday !! Super fun and I have won 4 times on the Lotto app ! They really do send you a check in the mail !! Haven’t won anything over $50 yet , but I am determined and I will update whe it happens ! For the best chances of winning , Play this PCH app, the Lottery app, the slots app and the word app ! There are other games on line as well . Another tip, make sure you have an up to date and complete profile so they know where to send prizes , and if you want to you can shop for cool stuff {( I recently got a Spinbrush Power Mop-as seen on tv -I checked around at prices, but PCH beat everyone ! Lowest price I could find. Shipping is extra so make sure to add that when comparing prices. They have occasional promotions on shipping cost, as well as on the items they have for sale . All and All , if you enjoy gambling but don’t want to spend/and or lose money, this is a fun and exciting way to do it with zero risk ! Literally nothing to lose + you can’t win if you don’t play! And some of the bigger prizes are life changing !! I really Love and Enjoy my PCH apps and Highly recommend all of them !! Good luck everyone !! 💚💚💚⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💚💚💚
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2 years ago, MrHook777
I really like that PCH continues to leave reminders on my phone daily! It does encourage me to keep going. I’ve come to the understanding that PCH owes me nothing (not being sarcastic) With that in mind I focus on building my token score to get to the next level. But I would really like the super prize win (like everyone who plays) Im disabled (triple amputee) and work for Target as a cart catcher and greeter. I am also single parent of 3 boys (50% of the time) my oldest is a Freshman at a community college and still lives at home. He is in the Air Force ROTC there. He’ll be transferring next year to UW-Milwaukee. I’d really like to be able to afford to put him in the dorms. I have 2 other sons in High School that will be moving on to college in the next few years. My middle son wants to be a firefighter and will go to a tech college. My youngest son is super smart and very active in school and wants to go to UW-Madison…needless to say I’m nervous about that. I’m saving now for that. As for me if I ever won I’d like to go back to school part time and start my life over. Dreams….Take care PCH, Michael Maki-Pewaukee Wisconsin
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8 months ago, gypszy
I used to love this app UNTIL RECENTLY SOMEHOW SOMEONE FIGURED OUT EXACTLY WHAT GAMES I PLAY IN THIS APP WHICH IS INCREDIBLY SUSPICIOUS BC I THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE AND SO WAS OUR INFORMATION BUT THIS PERSON KNEW MY PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS AND EMAIL TOO! They called saying I had won the exact prize I always play for and emailed and said I was going to be receiving a visit from the prize patrol the following day And I would be receiving a big huge check for 500,0000 and a brand new car. I was so skeptical but they had all my information so I couldn’t understand- my family has lawyers they say PCH IS SELLING OUR INFORMATION-& we should not use this app & SUE THEM BC THEY ARE STEALING OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH LIES ABOUT WINNING AND THEN THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO KEEP SENDING ME INVITATIONS TO THEIR GAMES!!! And SAYING ILL WIN!!! I DID NOT WIN. I started to feel & act as if I had though and it FELT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IF ONLY FOR 48 FULL whole minutes…& I could literally afford ANYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE FOR 48 whole entire minutes!!!! I WAS SHOOK & pretty much just messed around and took pictures but imagine I bought something significant!? It’s crazy they would ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS YET CLAIM THEY HAVE PROTECTION AND FRAUD PREVENTION TACTICS AND ALGORITHMS BUILT INTO THEIR SOFTWARE AND PROGRAMS!? What!? Then where’s the malware detection!? Where’s the PROTECTION OF MY PRIVACY AND INFORMATION!? Even my ADDRESS WAS MADE KNOWN!
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2 years ago, Manadragonlord
Great dream seller but no proof of ticket entries.
PCH does pay out to winners however for some reason they cannot give me the amount of tickets I have entered into a given contest. This would be helpful as sometimes the game crashes and I am unsure if it really did get updated to them. Calling them they do not know the answer either. This is odd to me as for instance if I entered the lottery I would have physical proof I entered in the form of a ticket lol. Also I like to reach goals and knowing how close I actually am to one of my goals would really help me focus. Note sometimes the mini games just give you 100 points in the balloon game. My thoughts are the balloon game has the background marked as the actual count because sometimes when I pop the 2500 point balloon I get 100 points even though no other balloon was popped. Might be an engine limitation just mentioning it. One more note, pleas make it so I can see how many entries of a given game there are so I can see how many more entries I need to satisfy my personal quota?
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1 year ago, NekoTheSpook
Blah games, but great prizes
I’ve had this app for about 3 months, and the games have gotten monotonous. They’re all mini games that consist of pulling back on a ball/dart/bat/club and attempting to hit a target for tokens. Bearing in mind that this isn’t exactly an app for games ( it’s more of a way to get bonus entries into the PCH sweepstakes) it’s okay that they’re not more involved, but I feel the could mix it up a little more - even when you play the bonus maps, it’s THE EXACT SAME GAMES (one notable exception is the Night map, which does offer a few different ones, but same play - pull back on something and hit a target). You also get hit with ads after each game, which takes longer than the game itself does. It does offer weekly prizes along with entries into the PCH Superprize sweepstakes, which is the main reason I’ve stuck with it, because who doesn’t want to see the Prize Patrol van in their driveway? Plus, I can enter it without being subjected to tons of junk mail. Overall, I consider the monotony worthwhile but I hope the developers get a bit more creative with the games and maps.
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8 months ago, Mountain Man The Gremlin
Thank you PCH Sweepstakes
I Have been trying to win Your PCH Sweepstakes for many years now Its My turn to win. My name is Richard Fjellman. I Reside in Beautiful Southern Oregon. We Have The Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival in the Summer. We also have The Britt festival. Because we are Strategically located between Three Major Cities Seattle , Portland and San francisco, We GetTo See Some Big Time Entertainers. Last Summer we had Bonnie Raitt at The Britt Festival. This Past June we had Carrie Underwood And Eric Church. This August we had The Steve Miller Band. Ashland Oregon Has A Film Festival For Independent film producers. We Also Have Three Small Theater Venues Within Walking Distance from downtown. I Have Entered a small Local Karaoke Competition,With a One Hundred dollar First Prize. Wish Me Luck! I Would Also Like to Set up a Foundation to help Struggling Singers and artists get a chance to get started in the music industry. You At PCH Sweepstakes Could make This happen If You Select me As Your next Winner. Keep The Sweepstakes Coming. Thank You Very Much . Sincerely yours Richard Fjellman.
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2 years ago, shakia w
I love pch
I have been playing everyday since 2004 and I have still not won anything at all it seems like only older people over 50 win on this I do not owe anything from purchases I play every day all day and I really actually need the money and will put it to good use I have 4 small children and and chronic illness I work everyday but everyone I see that wins is either old or well off already which to me isn’t fair at all it also keeps restarting my time line of how long I’ve been playing everytime I move I hope I win soon I will continue to play but not expect to win until I’m over 50 or 60 years old or in unpopular state or town that gets picked. I have even collected debt for pch through my job and still my luck has not been good I hope to win something soon I tell my family every month for years that you all are coming to my house on the 30 th of each month because I feel like I’m going to win and they laugh at me when I don’t
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3 years ago, Street Sense
Love to Play PCH Games but HATE excessive Pop-up Ads!😡
I’ve been playing PCH App games for a few years. I play for the challenge & relaxation. Recently, pop up ads have taken over after every step in every game including within PCH Apps. Not many people pay attention to the content in pop up ads. We spend the lag time watching the timer or slide bars go across the screen. The amount of pop up ads and the time they consume is extremely irritating!! Advertisers pay PCH for product exposure to a broad audience but no one wants to see repetitive 30 second ads for the entirety of the gaming experience. Players don’t expect to win PCH sweepstakes, we just want to play the games unmolested by pop up ads. The amount of continuous ads & their length ARE driving PCH gamers away. No one has all day to wait for pop up ads to play in order to progress through a game!!! PCH & advertisers will both lose their audience’s attention as gamers lose their patience. Sounds like a LOSE - LOSE situation if the amounts of ads keep appearing. Opting-out is a joke… read the fine print. Too much trouble to play any game that becomes bogged down and stress filled! Annoyed, Frustrated and Dissatisfied!!!
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1 month ago, sjrem
Pch*. VIP elite with the red diamond.
The last 20 years I’ve written several times about Pch plus not working once again each individual game goes down after turning yours 2 billion points at least more than two dollars but I guess it’s not true, especially when the apps don’t work for some reason the end of the month everything goes blank after several refuse and comments to PCH+ any better and my think it’s about time ordered it was worth much. Can you still collect when you’re dead lol that’s what it’ll take. I’m sure quit you’re ahead. When the Pch plus works at not a bad app other than you never win however, right now for the last three days it hasn’t worked on the PCH+ and it turns to two tone blue with nothing. I don’t know if it’s a year things you do at the end of the month or what but most of them are, good till June they still don’t win if you can’t get them to work your hip they turn to tone so what’s the problem? I’ve already hit the cookies and cashe to delete them and it still hasn’t worked you can’t win if you can’t play time you don’t win if you do play keep on trucking, but I’m about done
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1 year ago, Ehalladay
PCH players from 2006
I been playing PCH for a long long time I don’t give up and lately I have been having a lot of glitches, I try to by pass them but now there telling me to update and when I try to update the system freezes up and won’t let me follow instructions like you ask of me, please help get this errors straightened out also I cannot answer you guys and that’s very frustrating, like why I can’t finish a questionnaire it just pops out, or they shorten it and say your not qualified for this survey, and then the messages that you guys send say I didn’t finish it, when I feel I had. So that was frustrating, it is very hard on this end. I am trying to follow your instructions. Hope I can still, follow along you guys are great, oh and I live in Grantsville 348 East 60 North not at the PO Office where are Box number is 1196 it’s where we pick up mail. Sincerely Evon Halladay Strong player since Summer 2006 and even earlier 1993 somewhere in there…….
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8 months ago, Ed Dittoe
PCH - a mood altering legal experience!
I never played one game before getting into the world of PCH. I feel I met the graphics guy (?) after eating a killer mushroom and cheese pizza while listening to side two of the Zeppelin 3 album. I'm going through a trying time with my health and diving into the games helps me forget about the day-to-day and distracts my pain. Creative Graphics are incredible and progressive with the times. We all need a bit of hope and I'm banking that at some point the sum of the total can be a game changer but I still have no clue what I'm doing at first (first week) I had all this money stacked and my best friend said, it's fake? Lol, maybe your glass is half empty but PCH makes me feel there is gold at the end of the Rainbow!! I like staying busy bc I'm newly disabled and you must stay sharp why stare at another episode of RAW when you can be planting seeds of possible good luck? My motto is if you're gonna spend some time doing games you do the best. I still want to know where I can get a guitar with my “bazillion” points but in time it shall reveal itself… PCH is what the others wish they could be and the bottom line is it's creditable. That above all brings me back to knowing it's a go if you hit gold bc so many say they produce but never do and that is what I hear from people who know this industry well. Keep it up Team PCH!! Edward M Dittoe DittoeMusicLabs
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6 months ago, cm6621
Time consuming to complete all the worlds
Again, an ad appears whether you Max out or not after every game. Up until now, if you chose to Max it out, then you get an ad. If you win all 50 tokens, then you didn’t see an ad. But now you see an ad no matter what you choose, whether you win the max or not. This makes the time spent to complete all the worlds way too long. Not everyone has 5hrs to spend to complete it all with an ad after every single game. Up until now, I could complete it all within an hour and a half, which is more manageable than double or triple that amount of time. You can’t even multitask with the current games. Unlike the previous games where you could multitask because all it took was one touch per game. Now you have to sit there and repeatedly touch for every single game, making it so much harder to work or do other things while playing. And it also adds to the time consumption. Can you please shorten the time it takes to complete all the worlds? Cut back on the ads or change the games or something? Revert it back to the way it was before today. Do something to help with time consumption, please.
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10 months ago, CV 99999
They can’t seem to fix the app since it updated
I have tried all the things they suggest repeatedly before and after going to the help link on their site on the computer but with the exception of 1 day before the latest update it hasn’t worked now for well over a month. It was always hinky and would freeze a lot but then it completely quit working just giving you a screen that says they’re updating the games etc. I even wrote to them through the help site as I was annoyed by the emails asking me where I’d been. But it was readily apparent that no one actually read what I wrote or the AI needs work since the reply I got suggested I try the things I specifically listed that I tried repeatedly to no avail. So don’t waste your time trying to email through the site as the canned response makes it clear no one reads it. Made me wonder why it took so long to get a reply when it was a canned response. During this period it’s been updated twice but I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it when I thought just updating it doesn’t help. I officially give up. Most frustrating app I’ve ever had on my phone.
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2 years ago, centheeah
Thanks for your reply on my question. “Do your team ever have winners in Milwaukee- Portland. I do live in Milwaukee. It must of been before I started entries to win. I bought things from your site. I still owe you too. I will take care of that bill. I have been injured by City Bus. In Dec 2018. However I can still walk. My vertebrae was fractured & memory lost. I couldn’t recall the date of no fault of mine injury. So there went the compensation. I found I had written it down before I found myself in excruciating pain 10 days afterwards. It was past week the due date they had on the injury report. Just my Luck. Now I have pain everyday. Since you have had winners where I live. I will use these last four days and to enter. I never win anything. Regardless I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for your time reading this long message. I got carried away. I miss going out & friends stopped coming. For this injury.
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2 years ago, Brittany9m
I like and dislike the newest update.
I like the update due to the fact things move along a little faster, it’s less glitchy and doesn’t force close on you like it did before after playing for a while, and you can access your VIP/Elite section first if you want, instead of passing the first few levels before unlocking it. I dislike the update because for the past few days, specifically with the balloon pop game on every level: Now no matter which balloon you hit, you ALWAYS get the purple balloon coin amount. (100 x 10 = 1,000.) For example, if I hit a yellow balloon worth 1,000, or a gold balloon worth 2,500, or green worth 750, you ALWAYS only get 100 now. I’m good at the balloon pop game and it’s the first time in all the years of playing that it has happened, so it’s really annoying. I know that is minor, but I hope it gets fixed soon. Missing out on a ton of coins. 😅
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2 months ago, Coston Capital
PCH+ has some of the best games (balloon darts, shooting range, ski ball, and many others) that make it feel like a mini state fair or carnival. BUT the entire experience gets ruined by all the trashy ads that come through. I don’t mind watching ads. Especially ones from legitimate retailers. I’ve come across tons of things that I’ve purchased or added to lists for future purchases that I wouldn’t have thought of if it weren’t for the (legitimate) ads. For some reason, 90% of the ads that come through are the scammy ones. I’ve actually seen one that showed a person (holding a baby for a nice effect I might ad) claiming “I couldn’t pay my rent so I downloaded this bingo app, played for 10 minutes, and I made over $12,000 dollars”. Seriously? I’ve faced not being able to pay my rent at times so this blatant deceit is simply disgusting to me. And there are hundreds more ads just like that one. The PCH+ app is saturated with these sickening ads and I worry they will associate the PCH brand with this garbage. PCH+, PCH Lotto, PCH Wordmania, PCH Treasure Match, and PCH Slots are all truly great apps and I really do enjoy playing them. I trust and believe that I have a chance of winning actual prizes from PCH. So once more, please stop associating with these lousy ads. It’s ruining the PCH suite of apps and the enjoyment of playing. Thanks so much!
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3 years ago, app review guru 45
This app has stopped working
This app used to work but now if it even loads a sweepstake challenge it makes your phone hot and then freezes up before you can get back to the road to move to the next challenge. I can’t even get the first game to finish counting the challenge competed and to the first advertising. It just freezes and goes black screen and the phone gets hot. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. When I get to the App Store this app is not considered deleted but the only option is to open the app. It’s removed from the phones Home Screen even though.. I repeat “ deleted the app “ doing this usually stores deleted apps to the cloud. This is acting like it’s still installed. It’s probably just a mega spyware app. Sorry this used to be a fun app and the possibility of winning something was a hopeful allure. Not worth the headache. App review guru 45
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5 months ago, smithke79
Used to be pretty fun
I have been playing PCH+ for about 6 years when I need something to zone on out for a bit. But it seems as if selling magazine subscriptions and cheap Chinese made tchotchkes aren't paying the bills. You can't do three things without an advertisement popping up. I wouldn't mind if it was an ad that I could just close but they are all timed. Oh and if it says it's 5 seconds, it's 5 seconds until your taken to the App Store to download whatever the advertised app is, then you clear that and hit the X in the upper corner but that takes you to the App Store also. So you have to back out of that and hit the X one more time. Ugh!! I know they have "rewards" if you watch an ad and that was bad enough. These useless ads every where you turn is absolutely ridiculous. And to top it off, they are the worst ads ever made with products I have zero interest in like Bingo and Solitaire scams for cash or "you are entitled to $6400 from the government, this is not a scam." It was pretty fun to play in my spare time but I am literally about done and ready to delete the app.
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1 year ago, robbie bop
This isn’t the old PCH !
Do you remember when you used to get so much mail from PCH? You would have to look through it, sort through it, find the stickers… And find a place where they belong. It just didn’t seem worth it if you were busy person. Now, it’s fun, it’s easy and enjoyable. I love playing Wordmania, helps keep your mind sharp, and as you go to the levels, they get a bit more challenging! After playing board Vania, you can go and redeem your coins for prizes that are called out daily. When you download the PCH icon it’s playing fun, little games to help you earn more coins! Then you get to go through and look at all the prices and decide which ones you’re going to put your coins into! Even if you don’t win… It really is good for the brain and fun. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, Jdbp0110
Buggy and Cheats VIPs
For months I’ve played this game and reached a high level of VIP. The last two months it has been very buggy, getting stuck on the way to the treasure chest and not going anywhere. Over the last two weeks, it has seized up at the treasure chest seven of the fourteen days. Once on the very first level. I even receive emails saying I’ve completed the level, don’t I want to keep going? I hit the link in the email thinking that might boost the game past the block, but nooooooo. In order to reset, I have to just wait for the next day. This means, for that day, I have been cheated out of the two VIP levels I’ve earned by playing all these months. Let alone all of the play for those levels. The programmers for PCH don’t seem to be fixing this issue. So when it says that it is updating the game, they aren’t truthful when it comes to reliability. (When they updated the game a couple of months ago and changed the van is when it started to have this problem.) If you don’t want to get frustrated with a buggy game that periodically gets you nowhere avoid this like the plague.
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1 year ago, Tmt1954
I love this game and I’ve been playing every day for almost a year. I have never won anything but it’s still fun playing. Problem is don’t change your email because if you do you lose everything and have to start all over again which really upsets me. I had over 40 million tokens and my rank was really high. Then I changed my email because I had to and when I signed in to play again, I saw that I had lost everything and have to start all over again. Needless to say I’m very unhappy about this. I actually got in touch with support, but never got any worse with them so I’m still starting from scratch because and only because I had to change my email. That’s the only reason why I gave them four stars instead of five otherwise, I would’ve given them five. And I’m still undecided as to whether, I’m going to keep playing or just give up. And delete the app.
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5 months ago, ditanium
Need More Game Directions
I am disabled and I love to play games on my phone. I am a first time user on the PCH app and I just completed the Cruise Ship game. However, not including the Whack A Mole game, I could not understand how to do the swipe games like Golf, Darts, Basketball, and Knock the Bottles Down. I read the directions at the beginning of the game, but I needed more directions to understand the swipe mechanism. Such as; do you swipe up? How hard do you swipe? Do you aim your swipe? How do you get your ball or dart to go higher? Therefore I ended up watching a LOT of ads to get my full allotted amount of entries in the prize drawing. I don’t mind watching a few ads because I know they keep your site running but one after every game is a bit much! Other than that complaint, I like the graphics and the games are challenging but not so hard that you want to give up. Thank you PCH for developing this app and saving trees in the process by not mailing the entries to potential clients.
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1 month ago, Bala296
Emails don’t work often
Mostly fun games. They take a long time, so I play while I’m watching tv mostly, or waiting in line. Considering the odds, I don’t have my hopes up, but it’s free to enter. It makes me happy when I see others win. I think good for them! It saves me from spending money on lottery tickets. I won $10 once from them a year after I started, but nothing since then. I like the new VIP section just added. The only thing is when I updated the app, it reset all the worlds to new. I am not going to do them again. I don’t know if my previous entries went through. You can get extra entries through emails, but half of them don’t give me any entries-front page, search, games, extra emails to get superprize entries, or other prizes (ex. $100,000 entry, tokens). Sometimes they work. For past 6 months or so when it started. I’ve started to just delete the emails. They say it works, but I’ll do search entries, and later on will get an email saying the search didn’t go through, that I opened the email but didn’t search. Which means it is NOT going through. I wish there was an entry list of what time, date, and sweepstakes entry list people could click on to see their entries. Other sweepstakes do that. I do state lottery website, and they do as well. You can see all the details of when you entered (date and time), and which 2nd chance drawing. Please fix emails.
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8 months ago, AddictedGamer#...
One major flaw and a bug, Update
The first issue I have with this app is that unlike the PCH lottery, we don’t know what numbers are assigned to our entries, nor do we know what winning number is drawn. So when you say the number that was drawn for the $10,000 a week super prize didn’t match anyone’s number, how do we know that’s true? We can’t be expected to trust a company that’s already faced a lawsuit for shady behavior. I would either suggest that you keep drawing until you get a match or make the operation more transparent. Otherwise, it feels like we’re wasting our time. The other issue is that sound effects continue to play in both this app and the PCH lottery app even though I have all sounds turned off in the app settings. This is very annoying, please fix it. Update: A warning for those considering doing the latest update in October 2023 - the update says ‘bigger and better’ but the only difference I see is more ads.
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6 months ago, 49BentSamNo
Be warned
I believed That PCH was such a reputable company… I always thought, well Some one has to win!! Right! I enjoyed playing the games, was super excited about the PROSPECT of Winning! It is like going to the casino! The excitement of a scratch off! But then you start getting the phone calls, the emails… I literally get no less than FIFTY Phone calls a day for disability insurance that I absolutely do not qualify for… my emails have gone up 300 to close to 500 on some days.. it is absolutely completely overwhelming.. Now, whenever I RARELY DO ANSWER MY PHONE… if they ask if this is Tonya… or my I speak with Tonya… I immediately ask, is this regarding insurance… and they will always hang up.. you ABSOLUTELY NEVER WANT TO ANSWER YES… They are recording that to use it for future scams.. be careful Loves… so SHAMEFUL that PCH would be associated with such obvious scams and harassments… ESPECIALLY since this is obviously targeted at the elderly
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3 months ago, EvyR33
Fun but too many ads
I've been playing three of the PCH game apps for over a year and the games are fun to play with a bit of a challenge to keep you from getting bored. I like earning tickets to win prizes but realize the odds of winning are probably measured in millions to one. The app where you go to different places and play games you might find at a carnival are fun to play but the number of ads has increased lately. You used to be able to play two or three of these short games before encountering ads but now it's every other game and if you earn all the tickets your reward is to have to watch another ad every time you hit the max earned tickets. I get you need to run ads but it's getting to the point where I don't play as often as I used to because I'm getting really tired of all the ads you run especially when I have to watch the same ads multiple times in a 30 minute period.
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9 months ago, Brian Burwell
Too unresponsive
The games that are placed are too unresponsive and inaccurate to find even remotely worth the time doing. Some have a time limit to get the maximum amount of token, and you'll need the full 30 seconds to get all the tokens. Of course, if you get distracted by something while waiting for the game to load, you might not noticed the timer has started until the time is up. Other games don't have a timer but you'll wish the did because they don't always recognize you doing anything and when they do don't seem to correspond to what you did. There needs to be an option to skip the games, because they're not worth playing. At least with the old games they were over with one action on your part and there was a chance to get more tokens with most of the games. I didn't care for that old Frisbee golf game because it was all but guaranteed to get you the lowest amount of tokens, but at least it was over quickly. Now, you have to delete the app and reinstall it in order to open it.
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5 months ago, Jaybo257
I wanna win something for the 1ST TIME IN MY LIFE!
Please, I would really like to win some thing and I will continue to keep playing. The controls are funny with your games you would think they would be simple enough but sometimes things are backwards sometimes sometimes it doesn’t give you enough time sometimes it overshoots stuff the Plinko Game is right on. The golf game is all wrong. The control doesn’t work properly the knockdown the pens always unders shoots. The dart on the balloons game is OK. Getting used to it. I’d like to try it over and over before it just kicks me out of the game the beer pong game you have to shoot way before the ball. Otherwise if you just hit the ball it goes way over all the cups, I love God I love my family and I really deserve to win so please vote for me allow me to win something for the first time in my life I promise I will brag to everyone I can about publishers clearing house. Thank you.!!! Jason H Druktenis
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2 years ago, jewelcap
Years of play
I’ve played PCH for many years now and even won small amounts a couple times. Nothing recently though. I keep hoping for that weekly 10k prize and entering the smaller contests. The odds of winning a million or more are small, but I’ve been seeing people do it long enough to know it is possible. If you don’t enter, you can’t win. Don’t obsess over winning, just enter as often as you are comfortable with daily and remember you may never win money, but a few minutes a day and you COULD win. The ads watched is where revenues come from to pay for the big prizes. So when you watch ads you’re still contributing to someone else somewhere being handed a check. Congratulate them on their win because your participation made it possible.
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10 months ago, 12sam34
Still broken Go back to old version older than 3 months
Still broken after sitting on 2 nd screen with van for way to long goes to a screen with out dated prizes from the week before to try to win and can’t go for super prize say 10 entrees then it glitches between 10 and 2 and then says you have 2 entries no games just a bunch of adds and who ever is doing the update have ruined this game and it’s not a game anymore to many long adds and can’t play any games you can actually play they are all broken hire your old programmers back or give the game writers the resources to fix this app sad you ruined this app. Release a old version this one is terrible beyond!!! I would give no stars if allowed. I want this game fixed it was fun when I first started playing it years ago then you added to many long adds that it took to long to get to the end of a game now you just totally réunied this and not even a game anymore. said you were updating for the better haven’t seen that yet!!!
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1 year ago, Matty B 420
Breaks for the afflicted
I was reading the reviews when i saw a man who is disabled writing about his experiences with the app. I myself have lived a life of horrors, abused and neglected as a child, sick as an adult diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at 28 years old. I am a single father struggling and working when i should be collecting disability bc i need more money than that to raise my kids, so i wake up extremely ill every morning to go to work. It really bothers me when i see rich ppl given free cars and homes and money and it seems everyone who doesnt need it gets the breaks and the people who really need it are forgotten about. If somehow Steve could hear this, if you mean what you say HELP US!!! Please Steve, i dont need a million dollars, i just need to be given a chance. We just need a chance.
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2 years ago, UrsulalZ
I like the games and winnings but I have never won anything in all the time I have spend with them. Neither do I know anybody that has ever won a price . I feel like a fish getting lured in. I don’t buy anything any more . Last time I ordered I got the wrong thing and jar had been open. I called it in. Never got a message back and now they still want money from me for something I did not want. That is the reason I don’t purchase anything any more. I have yet to get an apology. I love to purchase items from PCH but sure don’t like their customer service. I am not interested to purchase items from anyone else. And sometime it is hard to continue with whatever you are interested in because a certain advertiser don’t let you get out until you do something. I am still waiting for an apology from PCH
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4 months ago, TouniJ
My grandparents used to play this
Now that I am older I feel that I am going to try my luck on this thing. I feel that one day I will be lucky and get some sort of wealth from it. It only takes one ticket. I am going to try my luck. That I am going to submit as much as I can. This app is fun. Too bad you don’t have it that with a paid membership that you cold allow us into twenty ticket for every drawing and issue out players cards. That if we play the app we could win some free stuff . Like nights at a hotel and give us some spending money. I think you would sell. Look me up if you decide to take my advice and do it. I might want some compensation! I think it has too many adds. They are way too many. But if I won then it would be fun.
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4 years ago, Jungle420
Mr. Kyle Martin
I have personally been playing PCH Games for many years. And I can honestly say they have come a long way with their bonus games and overall user experience. At one point it was minimally basic, As it primarily consisted of tossing a coin into a bird bath for coins. Now, with recent updates, The App for PCH games and PCH sweepstakes entries are not only entertaining, they are fun. Wether your just getting started with PCH, or a veteran player like me and have been a fan for years. The PCH App is another great addition offered to increase your chances at becoming another lucky winner. Among the many winners that have come before you! To conclude. The App is Fun to play, Easy to use, and a good challenge for all ages. Good luck to all! And remember! You can’t Win if you don’t Play!!!
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2 years ago, addie-30
Slushes an Freezes Everyday
This application needs to be monitoring. It’s crashes a lot. It freezes 3-5x a day. I have lost a lot of time just trying to play an fight to make sure it works. I have tried installing it an re- installing it. I have tried only playing on high speed Wi-Fi. Then just through my cell network. Either way the application is poor. It crashes looses count on tokens an where I left off at. I have been working on VIP Elite round an kicked off. Then go back in to just find it was all lost. NEEDS regular updates NEEDS monitoring. It’s not a fair to players. Trying to engage an win a prize. I really begin to wonder if it’s accurately logging all my super prize collected. There should be a viewing option for all the things ballots for. Like each prize an a true count of how many times for super prize. STOP crashing an FREEZING everyday an almost every hour…
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3 years ago, Irenie123
Disappointing, of late
While I'd love to be able to write a Sterling review--because I'm good at it, I'm afraid that this is not the case here. Although I've played many of PCH's games for many years, lately I've found all of the ads and quizzes (mostly personal ones; designed to usurp even further definable data on us) to be intrusive, and major gobblers of our expendable time! The seeming-endless marketing efforts boggle the mind; because the faster one flies past merchandise offers--on one's way to that ubiquitous 'submit entry' button, the longer and longer lists of add-on offerings it seems almost impossible to avoid! It used to be a pleasant experience to play pch's games, but now it's a more invasive and exasperating experience! I've all but given up the temptation to revisit pch sites!! It's a choice to come here, BUT my time is not theirs to waste! Irenie123
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9 months ago, enjoy PCH
I need help. I’ve tried on line. No results, some years ago I reached
4 billion tokens, was told I needed to go to 5 billion, I worked many hours , everyday of my life to reach that. Some months ago was pushed into casino playing and after many hours, was congratulated on the job reached. No results, now I’ve been told my red diamond is now joined with another stone, also was told I had a metal level. Now I’m being pushed to casinos again instead of lotto. I have so many pictures of the screen postings of how great my work has been. I have had Such Faith in PCH And am crushed. I’m 84 years old, completely have supported every area of the games and the company. The games are a great part of my life. I am crushed. Help. Talk to me. PLEASE
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4 years ago, KB3SLN
I guess PCH does not believe that blind people or those who are blind or visually impaired! Have the intelligence to play or participate in trying to win money. I guess they think that because we are blind we are retarded and or stupid or leftover garbage! Like all other corporations and app developers out there. Or that we live in nursing homes or group homes and we sit in corners and make retarded noises all day long. And that is the extent of our intelligence. Because if they would think differently then they would make their app accessible on all Apple products that would work with voice over so people like us who are blind or visually impaired could participate in trying to win money like all sighted people out there! I do not recommend this app for anyone who is blind or visually impaired I give it 100% thumbs down. You would think after all this time they would update your apps to work with voiceover! A poorly made app is a poor company. And a bad reputation as well. After all we are human just as well as the side people
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1 year ago, George Lass
It’s Fun to Play and Hey, You Never Know!
The games are a bit longer and more complicated now, but I’m disabled, so I have time. I can just do them while watching TV. They still have the patented PCH cuteness! Love their graphics. It beats all heck out of playing some dumb matching game with zero chance of ever winning anything. Even though the chance is super remote, here, it’s nice to know it exists! Plus, the games are always telling you how well you’re doing. It’s upbeat and charming. I appreciate that little bit of programming. Addendum: Now that I’m used to the new games I’m bumping this back up to 5. True, they take a little more time, but it’s also easier to rack up a lot of tokens now. So then you have those to trade for other entries!
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3 years ago, Caladosha
Poo on them. I have been buyer for many many years have not won 1 prize never got my discounts or postage page or free delivery ever. When I play the games they cut off on me and I get higher scores never to be recorded. Also not to mention o have won the gift box prize and no where can o go back to the next and find out how to claim the reward. When I call pch they say Mam do you want me to enter your number into the sweepstakes they don’t tell me which one I’m entering or they say you can call as many times as you like or enter as many times as you like. I know that! Also my question is when you enter these different advertisements do that knock your previous number out of the current race and like you start all over again meaning you should keep that one entry Numbers instead of sending you new ones in each mailers
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10 months ago, sierra shines
Update is terrible!
I do like the new layout, and the reduction in ads, but the issues just don’t make up for it: ~ The app shows an error message saying that I have no internet connection when I try to open it, but I’m on wifi. I was only able to get it to open twice so far since the update. ~ The games are much harder to control; it feels like the touch screen is often glitchy and lags; and is simply impossible to hit certain targets, etc. (I don’t have this issue doing anything else, so it’s not my phone.) ~ Lastly, the token payouts are about 10% of what they used to be, and the value of the prizes that we’re earning entries to seem to be lower than they used to be. It doesn’t feel fair to us players for you to have reduced the rewards so drastically. Please, fix the bugs asap - or go back to the previous version until it can’t be done.
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2 years ago, PC 333
Wow! I thought I was the only one
After reading all the app issues I now see that it’s not just me with every issue that I’ve read here. I have the exact issues everyone has mentioned. I have deleted my entire email as well to try and clear issues. I don’t have to tell you what a pain that can be. I have tried calling technical support as well, with no avail. I believe that some of these files are corrupt files and are run by China when I researched. Similar to using TikTok I have heard. I’m still playing though, everyday, spending hours and hours all day long. Still hoping and praying as I too could very much use the money. Nowadays who couldn’t. Good luck everyone we sure need it. Inittowinit! PCH
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5 months ago, Beauiful Greeneyes
The Grabber Game
Last month right before Christmas I played the grabber game and it grabbed the sack with $money 💰game today I played the grabber game and it grabbed the 💰sack again so the whole time that I’m thinking that I won money and I did what is the use of having a money sack with zero 💲dollar sign on it and thinking that you’re gonna win money and you only win tokens from that’s the way the game goes but you have people thinking that they’re gonna win money when it picks up the money 💰 Sec that’s twice that it Happens to Me grab the money sack and get nothing , You Really had my Hope Up I will keep playing the game, but not the money grabber I will keep my hopes up my Dreams, my wishes, my praying… Thank
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2 years ago, sharacon
This game is great some days then other days it won’t work, it makes you watch the ads but won’t let the entries go through after so you’re stuck watching ads repeatedly for hours and when you try to close the app and go back it shows more ads then the screen is just stuck on the processing entries and tokens, I’ve uninstalled this app and reinstalled and nothing changes, this would be a great app if it would work properly but I’m beginning to think they just care about people viewing their ads instead of caring about the people trying to put in the entries. Someone needs to fix these issues, if they can give out thousands of dollars I’m not sure why they can’t afford to fix these issues, hopefully something changes soon or people who have issues like I do with this will be forced to give up the app forever instead of wasting time waiting for it to work properly.
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7 months ago, Kyhoneybee
I just want you to know that thru the years I’ve spent enough money from each mailing that if I had it all now, I would be rich. I helped build PCH , and every mailing comes real close to making me think that the big prize I’ve been waiting for all these years is just about to happen. Maybe not the big one but SOMETHING for my years of loyalty and waiting patiently. But never , and nothing. I wonder just how many of your customers have bought as much as I have, and have been hanging on since ( 1972 or 1973. ). That’s 50 or 51 years !!!!! And still nothing ????? A mini award at least would be nice. But I’ll still keep sending in my chances and keep hoping.
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2 years ago, jab2473
John Brooks
Hmmm what is it about Pch not working anymore the only one left working is slots the rest update and only let me play the game part crashes and it reboots to play the next game with no credit or entries I’m only playing it for the entries just one more way not to pay the settlement Pch promise me and google will be made is Pch fraud or do I not have enough money to win the money owed to me because I do this every day now for over year and half I’m in a prison waiting for my life Pch has had me lie to my friends and family in video chats with google police and everything else the promise to make things right with me and the other parties not been nothing but trying to hope that they don’t have to pay me for winning all must be fraud or they really don’t care about if any one gets anything they win I’ve one many times and many things and never get anything but the 5 or 10 buck wins not worth walking to Walmart to cash
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